Joshua DuBois, President Obama’s Faith Advisor, To Leave White House Faith Partnerships

16231402--228x171By Victor Trammell

President Obama made an announcement Thursday that confirmed Joshua DuBois (pictured at podium) the director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships has officially resigned.

During his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama confirmed that DuBois’ resignation would be effective February 8, 2013. Joshua DuBois was only 26-years-old when he was selected by President Obama to head up the faith-based organization’s office. DuBois has also been known as the president’s closest spiritual advisor.

A White House official disclosed that DuBois is leaving his post to author a book and teach theology at New York University. DuBois also is planning to launch a new organization of his own alongside Michael Wear, a key assistant to DuBois in the White House’s faith-based organization. Michael Wear has confirmed his resignation as well.

Elizabeth Tenety, a writer and correspondent for the Washington Post wrote an article about DuBois that detailed turbulence during his tenure as the director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships organization. Tenety wrote:

Over DuBois’ tenure, the office been criticized for failing to address one of the core issues around government funded programs run by religious organizations–that of faith-based hiring and firing. A 2012 report left ‘critical questions unanswered’about how the government could work with religious groups within the limits established by the First Amendment. DuBois at the time called the findings ‘an important step’ and said the recommendations would ‘strengthen the government’s relationship with faith-based organizations in a manner that protects religious liberty and the separation of church and state.’ (The Washington Post)



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  1. Its funny because we were just studying about this in Public relations the other day on this prayer breakfast. Also the front for a church on C Street that secret society groups gather in but yet or write off the property as a church non profit but they really use it to discuss thier dirty politics. Google frat house for Jesus and they post who is investigating this since the feds are pressed to investigate on Jesse. Who is going to jail for the non profit church used for other use???? Maybe Jesse Sr. may want to look in on this one. WHats good for the goose is good for the gander is what I always been taught.

  2. They call themselves “The Family” lol

  3. Type error: I meant to say THEN POST who you know investigating on this. From what I learned no one is fessing up to owns this property. is there an update we should be aware of on this?

  4. The idea that Obama has a “Faith/Spiritual Advisor” is as ludicrous as the fact that he does not support the unrestricted aborting and murdering of the unborn and the inclusion and acceptance of homosexuality in every facet of American life!! And, at this point, every American except the most obtuse or uninformed should know by now that Mr. Obama has never met an abortion that he did not approve of or a LGBT that was “not in love!!!”

    Obama is about as perfidious as they come yet many of his staunch supporters will defend him to their death avowing that he is decidedly Christian when his protestations are undermined by his policies and actions!!!

    Obama has been given a pass to wreak havoc on our social, marriage and family structures and I believe that it is rooted in his past: his mother’s ties to Marxism/Socialism, his early relationships or influencers to include William “Bill” Ayers, a noted domestic terrorist and anti-capitalist radical and Saul Alinsky, a community organizer and Communist writer and rumors that he has been involved in several homosexual affairs to include one with his Pakistani roommate at Occidental College, gay trysts with rich and high-powered older men at gay bath houses and clubs like “Man Country” in Chicago and even his rumored affair with his former Personal Assistant and ex-Duke University basketball player, Reggie Love.
    Although widely dismissed or suppressed by the MSM, the assertion by former classmate, Larry Sinclair, a convicted felon and drug abuser who wrote a book describing in detail his cocaine use and homosexual liaisons with the president. There have also been links to three male members of Jeremiah Wright’s Church in Chicago of which two of the men were reportedly murdered “execution style” and the other died of “natural” causes.

    Tell me, why was that not reported in the MSM when he was then candidate Obama? Certainly, the media had heard the rumors but decided to focus on the “radical black church” diatribe of Reverend Wright and Michelle Obama’s so-called lack of patriotism There was never one peep from the MSM who fell in love with Obama and became “vested in him” in his quest to make history as the First “Black” President.”

    If the media had done a better job delving into his past and vetting him, perhaps we would have been better informed and all of these extreme radical leanings would have been revealed and if people still wanted that for our country, then, at least, they couldn’t pretend that they were not informed or that they had no idea that he espoused those views.

    Now, some people, to include many blacks, are a little uneasy about his devotion to gays and de facto amnesty for illegal immigrants and cannot fathom why he refuses to speak openly or address collective black issues. Could it be that Obama only used the black community as a means to an end and has no intention of personally linking himself to “black issues” unless they are the ones that are already incorporated in his national agenda?

    Obama’s almost maniacal obsession with gay rights and abortion is both astounding and confounding given he is supposedly in a loving and committed heterosexual relationship with the “woman of his dreams” and “loves to pieces” his two daughters. One could see him having compassion for LGBTs but it seems that his fight is personal.

    But, what I find even more incredulous is that he has such an affinity for furthering the demise of millions of unborn children when he professes to love children (once brought into the world) and wants to protect “their sanctity” outside of the womb. He does not seem to be able to connect the dots that the killing of an unborn LIFE is murder plain and simple and there is no getting around that fact.

    It is abominable that a culture considers it “health care” to kill over 55 million children with many of them being black children and there is not a national outcry!! Yet, some people excoriated Michael Vick for his heinous act of dog fighting and even staged protests where his jersey was urinated and defecated on by dogs. These animals were given a higher level of humanity than those unborn children!!

    President Obama is full of lies and contradictions and has proven to be very dangerous for this country and the world. Take a look at who he has placed on his Global Development Council administered by USAID and you will see that he is more interested in population control through broadening so-called women’s reproductive rights with abortion on demand being the focal point of this body rather than ridding those affected nations of health-related conditions that kill children once they are brought into the world like malnutrition, diarrheal diseases and others associated with lack access to clean water and sanitation, immunizations, etc.

    Yet, many people, especially black folks continue to see him as a “Messiah” and on par with God, himself. Obama and God should not even be used in the same sentence because he is no more following the word of God than God’s greatest adversary for the soul of man – Satan!!!


    Of monumental importance in the new parting of the road of history, most marching left to world oblivion. If footnotes show truth, and not verbal manipulations and lies, what also proves beyond doubt the Truth in the stated litany of political horrors is that no left wing paid/unpaid/volunteer/white house official/Pres’s high paid PR office, etc., you name it, has questioned any of these facts.

    If lies, they are the least questioned long, long list of horrifying lies in historical history. Which kind of proves they are facts, as stated. And that this country is in deep deep deep s..t. As in so deep we will all suffocate soon. Or, it’s all lies. And Obama is actually 100% pure Irish, and related by blood to not only FIVE American presidents (per some questionable geneology website) but all 43!

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