John Lewis’ Message To Justice Scalia: Voting Rights Are “What People Died For & Bled For”

imagesBy Victor Trammell

It can go without saying that Congressman John Lewis, (D) Georgia, (pictured) is a legendary hero of the centuries-old struggle for civil rights in America.

Rep. Lewis was one of the demonstrators who marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on March 7, 1965. The voting rights demonstration became known as “b****y Sunday.” Rep. Lewis and other participants in the voting rights march were savagely beaten by Alabama State Troopers.

Yesterday at the Supreme Court, oral arguments were raised over the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. During the heated debate, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia referred to the 1965 bill as a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” Rep. John Lewis and other civil rights leaders attended the Supreme Court debate.

In an interview on MSNBC’s Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Rep. Lewis decried Justice Scalia’s comments as “appalling.” During the interview, Rep. Lewis quoted:

It was unreal, unbelievable, almost shocking, for a member of the court to use certain language. I can see politicians and even members of Congress–it is just appalling to me….It is an affront to all of what the civil rights movement stood for, what people died for, what people bled for, and those of us who marched across that bridge 48 years ago, we didn’t march for some racial entitlement. It is an affront to all of what the civil rights movement stood for, what people died for, what people bled for, and those of us who marched across that bridge 48 years ago, we didn’t march for some racial entitlement.” (MSNBC)

To watch Rep. Lewis entire interview with Al Sharpton, click on the following link:

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  1. Anytime this old negroid slave lets cracker’s spit on him, beat on him, and call him names, his words don’t mean shyt!

    I remember this negroid during the civil rights era where he TURNED THE OTHER cheek when a cracker tried to BEAT HIM TO DEATH, and he forgave the racist klanner.


    “Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), one of the leaders of the civil rights movement, was attacked and suffered a fractured skull on May 9, 1961, in a whites-only Rock Hill bus station waiting room. In February 2009, his attacker, Elwin Wilson, apologized to the Congressman, who forgave him. Their reconciliation represents, as Rep. Lewis puts it, “the power of love” epitomized by the man whose legacy we honor today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”


    • @Derrick. These black people you refer to are mentally handicapped in so many ways, but one thing many of them have mastered is the ability to adapt and survive under any circumstances. That doesn’t make them good leadership material, but in this topsy-turvey ‘Eurocentric’ American social-structure it rewards them, if they are smart enough and lucky enough to be ‘yes’ men and tail-kissers.
      There is a reason why “white” conservatives and their Klan membership upper-echelon insists on accumulating and keeping guns, etc. It’s that they don’t know how to turn the other cheek, and they thrive on violence, plunder, slavery, and murder! They outnumber us by more than half, and they are much more violent and aggressive than we are for a myriad of reasons!
      The Japanese had nuclear bombs dropped on them and they are still very humbled by the power of these whites! Most of our (thoroughly) “beaten-down” community cannot fathom the level and power of these Anglo conquering hoards, and there are abuse-induced psychological reasons for that! The “whites” of our country have been just as psychologically manipulated to think themselves better than us, or anyone else, and they unconsciously hold a permanent grudge for being made to allow us to progress just a little too much for their taste! They long for the day when they can call us the “N” word anytime they address us, in any fashion, and they long for the day when they can commit nationwide genocide on us! They believe that day is comming, and I believe they are well organized and well ready, and at the same time we are totally disorganized and totally unready for anything they wish to do to us! Individually we have our own ideas about what we might do to fight back, but we would never be able to withstand their ability to control and manipulate the general public, policing agencies, military, and some of ‘us’ in order to reign down terror on us, similar to what the Syrian president is doing to his own in Syria, or any of the other nations that have leaders who are controlled by these same ‘Anglo-elite’ puppetmasters!
      The psychopathic tyrants who control this, and many other countries, are so sick of mind that they don’t even care enough about their own “white race” (if you will) to stop destroying the planet and our lifegiving resources, because they are too twisted of mind to stop plundering the working and those of us they have driven to abject poverty and starvation! As for voting previleges. These tyrants have worked their way around voting ever since we were given the illusion that our votes count, or mean anything substantial! They fool us at every turn, and most of us are unable to see the reality of this because our minds have been thouroughly assimilated, brainwashed, and made literally ‘insane’! Our richest and most capable of helping us are too mentally handicapped to even stop accumulating the kind of material things that they see their white captors flaunting! We have no leader willing to put his head on the chopping block since the whites conspired and murdered ML King which sent a serious message to any would be ligitimate “black leaders”! Most poeple of other nationalities have their own countries and heritages to help them progress, but we have literally no country and no culture or heritage to protect and unify us, and many of us are poised to turn on each other. Whites have no fear of us, but we should always remember just how vile and foul they are capable of being.

      • “Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone lays a hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

        Brother Wizard:

        Excellent commentary, and I agree with all that you stated! Let’s go back to ANCIENT OURstory, and see how Hannibal DEFEATED rome with LESS soldiers, than the romans.

        Most people think, that Hannibal Barca was a caucasoid, but he was a Black Carthaginian (Afrikan) man, who was from Afrika! Although, Black scholars, such as Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben Jochannan, and Bobby Hemmitt have DOCUMENTED PROOF that Hannibal was Black, there was also a recent PBS special, which showed where scientists did a DNA study of the ancient Phoenicians, who were also Black Afrikans, traced Hannibal’s bloodline, and he was a Black Blooded Afrikan.

        His-story/his-LIE books has falsified OURstory for so long, that negroids, and some Blacks have come to beLIEve that Hannibal was a caucasoid. Even Hitler said, “The bigger the lie…the more people will believe it.” And, this is the mindset negroids have come to beLIEve, if a cracker didn’t say it; then they won’t beLIEve it!!!

        I said that, to say this; if Hannibal could defeat rome with LESS men, than the romans; then we can defeat these caucasoids if we would just UNITE. That’s our problem, like you have stated, we are not UNITED! UNITY is POWER!

        We were more UNIFIED back in the ’60′s, and this is why these caucasoids want to keep us DIVIDED because they know, if we would UNITE, it would be all over for them. This is why these ‘planters’ are on this site, to also keep us DIVIDED.

        They are calling us ‘niq.qers’ in their code language, by the cartoons and ads, they have depicted of us, such as the bloomberg magazine, whole foods, and the other khazars that have degraded us threw print. They don’t use that word any longer, they use other methods to demean us, such as, their media outlets.

        What we must OVERstand is that, they are the ORIGINAL niq.qers/niq.qards/niq.qars/niq.qas on this planet. They even called their dirty deeds of our forced enslavement niq.qardly deeds!!! DO THE MATH

        I call them niq.qers anytime they disrespect me, and belive me, they turn redder than a beet because they knew I spoke the Truth. That hurts them more than a good old azz kicking, so don’t let this word affect you.

        These caucasoids FEAR us, believe that! If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be buying up these gun stores. The bottom line is…negroids FEAR THEM, and they are doing what these yankees tell them to do by turning in their guns for a trifling $100!!! Once we open our eyes, and see how much power we would have, if we would just UNITE, we could rule them and the world again!

        “We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, UNDERSTANDING creates love, LOVE creates PATIENCE, and patience creates UNITY.” -Malcolm X

        Kwame Ture (Stokley Charmichael) said on his dying bed…that Black people must UNITE & ORGANIZE!!! We must get back to LOVING each other, UNDERSTANDING each other, LOVING each other, having PATIENCE with each other and UNIFYING with each other, then we can have some PROGRESS!

        ONE LOVE!

    We are so blessed to have you, John Lewis.
    I salute you for all of your sacrafices, dedication, and WISDOM!
    Thank you.

  3. Derrick all that rage is going to destroy you. You may not agree with his methods but Lewis is an honorable man. Tell what you are willing to do to advance the cause of black people? Your language sounds way too destructive to be of any real value to anyone with some sense. Some of the freedoms you enjoy today can be tied directly back to those actions demonstrated by those folks at that bridge in Alabama.

    • To you yankees: This may seem to be rage, but you yankees ALWAYS call the Truth, a RANT or a RAGE!!! I ain’t one of these pitiful negorids, who agree with your LIES and bullshyt!

      I wasn’t a FOLLOWER of MLK, or Lewis because I ain’t turning NO CHEEKS. Look where this slave-like mentality got King…KILLED!!! How come those crackers didn’t show LOVE for King and Lewis; why did they kiss those cracker’s azzes when they were fighting for PEACE & INTEGRATION? Was that a FIGHT, or was that a SURRENDER FLAG? MLK had mock settings to TEACH those negroids, how to get their azzes kicked, but he should’ve showed them how to FIGHT and PROTECT themselves from those racist demonic devils.


      Why do Blacks ALWAYS have to kiss you yankee’s azzes in order to get along with you racist devils? When are you critters gonna start kissing our azzes? YOU PEOPLE ARE THE ONES, WHO SHOULD CHANGE; NOT BLACK PEOPLE!

      I don’t give a what my language sounds like because I ain’t gonna bow down to you serpents. That’s whats wrong with these Chicken George negroids today; they feel, they have to bow down to you yankees, and when a STRONG BLACK MAN speaks up, they’re too scared to agree with him or back him!!!

      What freedoms do I have today? We Blacks are still fighting for LIBERTY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, and our Voting Rights are being taken away from us, as I type! IS THAT FREEDOM? Is FREEDOM getting shot in the back of head in pig’s police cars? Is FREEDOM being shot down like Trayvon Martin? Is FREEDOM being taken to jail for crimes we Blacks did’t commit? WHERE’S FREEDOM?

      These bootlickin’ negroids have been marching, singing and praying for 50 years, and you caucasoids STILL AIN’T CHANGED!!!

      If it wasn’t for Malcolm X, Kwame Ture’, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, H.Rap Brown (who has changed his name), and the other unsung Rebels, we would still be enslaved!!!

      You honkeys love submissive negroids, who talk all this non-violent, turn-the-other-cheek bullshyt because you will be able to keep your shoes on their necks, which is another form of CONTROL.


      Where are the ‘honorable’ caucasoid males, who are like Lewis and King? When are they gonna come forward?

      If all those negroids, who STOOD THERE and died on that bridge in Alabama, they wouldn’t be so WEAK today, if they would’ve fought back!!!

      “I’ve never seen a sincere white man, not when it comes to helping black people. Usually things like this are done by white people to benefit themselves. The white man’s primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.” -Malcolm X


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  5. John Lewis, seems to forget where he live it’s still America, and Scalia, is of Italian decent. The nation where the pope reside, the nation where Christopher Columbus came from. Mr. Lewis, please educate yourself on who and these nation represent for black people. You maybe an elected member of Congress, but DONT GET IT TWISTED, Amreica is still America

    • You know the old saying: “You can’t teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks”?

      Well…you can’t teach this OLD DOG new tactics because he suffers from “OLD TIMERS” which is a mental dis-ease that a lot of negroids are suffering from!!!

      ONE LOVE!

  6. Dr. Watkins,
    This Derrick character should not be able to place his opinions on your website. He is absolutely off the chain with ignorance.

    He does not understand what people like John Lewis, Martin L. King and others went thru how it paved a way for him to be able to one, have freedom of speech. His freedom of speech is so disrespectful and he does not deserve to be on the same page with John Lewis.

    Please erase his responses and keep him off the site until he is able to act like a law abiding citizen.

    It is so funny that he may have to one day eat crow.

    John Lews may have to bail him out of trouble one day where his rights are violated and someone points a finger at him where he gets in trouble with the law and it may take a John Lewis to stad up for him.

    So be aware DERRICK on what you let come out of your mouth…ONE DAY YOU MAY REGRET IT. UNTIL THEN PEACE WITH YOU.

    • Toni you are out of line demanding anyone’s censorship.Derrick’s valid and fact based critique undoubtedly makes you feel uncomfortable.BE CAREFUL of that word IGNORANCE it may actually bring you face to face with the reality of the real world that we are living in and your own IGNORANCE.

      We all appreciate and are able to recognize the efforts of men like Dr. King and Representative Lewis, however the type of resistance and the techniques required to be formidable have changed.Their style was questionable back then by many such as Malcolm,Dr. Clark,Kwame Toure formerly Stokely Carmichael as well as many others who shared more of a Pan African view of the world.
      PLAIN AND SIMPLE Dr. King’s integration methods were ineffective.The effectiveness in a movement lies not in the misplaced gleefulness of temporary allowances but in the sustained overhaul of the entire system aimed at equality.
      If you are satisfied with 84% of our fourth graders not reading on grade level,the continual attacks designed to disenfranchise our vote,the not so subtle attacks in portraying us in the worst possible light in all media genres,the intentional misleading of our people by both black politicians as well as the black clergy,mass black incarceration,spiraling black unemployment,no real black economic empowerment then you are out of order and a stumbling block to our progress as Black People.
      Toni there is no instance in History where turning the other cheek has led to any meaningful and sustained change from the status quo.


      Please Read Brainwashed by Tom Burrell

      • Well said Mr. Gates

      • Brother Gates:

        Much Gratitude and Respect! We must realize, as Black men, that this site has ‘planters’ (people who claim they are Black), but are caucasoids to cause division and confusion.

        Unfortunately, most of these negroids cannot OBSERVE these demonic devils, who want them to continue to be Passive and Weak. Most xtian negroids live in a world of fantasy and denial because they feel, that dropping on their knees, praying to an UNKNOWN diety called, ‘god’, will get them to a place, called ‘heaven.’

        What they don’t OVERstand is that you cannot fight these demonic demons with 1960 tactics! As, you are well aware, this turn-the-other-cheek, and love-your-enemy garbage are the main reasons we are in this slave-like mess today.

        Personally, this guy/gal name toni, is a planter because any BLACK man or woman, who is consciouis can see through this character. If they cannot OBSERVE, how our people are being put back in slavery; they have a hole in the center of their Soul. If these demonic devils love MLK and Lewis so much, how come they haven’t changed in the last 50 years?

        I have that book by Tom Burrell, and read it two times, and it’s ashame, that our people are still BRAINWASHED to this very day!

        Don’t get me wrong, MLK did some good deeds, but his non-violent approach WAS WRONG! How can you fight your enemy being PEACEFUL? Are these demonic devils PEACEFUL toward us? Why are negroids so BRAINWASHED to beLIEve in the LIE, that going to an unknown place called, ‘heaven’ will gain them their justly rewards. THAT IS SOMETHING YOU GAIN DOWN HERE ON THE GROUND when you help your fellow brother. When you’re dead, and six feet underground, how in the he.ll can you help anybody? OUR PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED!!!

        Just think about this my Brother, what if there is a place called, ‘heaven’; don’t these negroids know that caucasoids are going to be ‘flying around up there’ with their racist azzes? WHAT STUPIDITY!

        This is why these negroid screachas are BRAINWASHING these negroids every Sun-day with that going-to-heaven-bullshyt because they ARE TOLD to keep xtian negroids in this sub-servient condition, but they have to PAY FIRST with there (tithes).

        In closing, I will quote a page in the book by Tom Burrell;
        He said negroids are PASSING THE PLATE FOR TRUTH, and Blacks are Addicted to Suffering:

        “Provides a bibical rationale for our perceived wretchedness. If it’s our natural state and birthrite, then we can tolerate suffering with the hope of heavenly reward.” (Burrel p. 202)

        Brother Gates: Our people are still suffering, and thinking of a ‘heavenly’ reward, and they feel, that they are the Wretches of the world, but it is the caucasoid, who is the True Wretch of society.

        wretch = A miserable, unfortunate, or unhappy person. A person regarded as base, mean, or despicable; performs some wicked deed; devil

        Aren’t these caucasoids MISERABLE because they are pale? They’re unhappy and unfortunate becasue they are MEAN, and they PERFORM WICKED DEEDS toward Black people on a daily basis. They are the ‘base’ (low-life/at the bottom) of society!

        AMAZING IN GRACE was a song, which was written by an ex-slave maker, who changed his wicked ways against his enslavers. He went from being a WRETCH to become a xtian…DO THE MATH!!!

        ONE LOVE!

      • Derrick is indeed entitled to his opinion, but let us not get carried away with “fact-based” analysis… I see no citations, or any other proof of his assertions… Carry on…

  7. my question or concern is this….if the choices in presidency are between satan and the devil….do we still exercise the right to vote solely because people fought for the right…or do we use our voice by not voting….

  8. Thank you Mr. Lewis

  9. Scalia has no idea what rights are, which is surprising for someone we assume went to law school. What he basically repudiates is the idea that race should be no bar to vote. In the free democracy that America claims to be, this should not be an issue. Just another example of the racism that people claim has disappeared. How this man became a Supreme Court Judge is beyond me- the fact that people like him can decide America’s future is disgusting.

  10. Well said Bro D and Gates! ! Fvck u Toni, we ain’t taking no beatings anymore and Scalia should be impugned because its not the judicial branches job to make law! ! We are not luved in this country and it shows daily. Too bad we never came together and bought and built a country of our own with the 1 trillion in cash we spend! ! Fvck these crackers and weak Kneegroes! ! Have u read “Of Mice and Men! “? No mice here, only men!! My dad says he always had to fight these demons! ! No ask why? Why? Incapable of being human and doing right! Just want control! Truth to truth! ! Maat

    • Brother Imhoep:

      This demonic devil (toni) is a planter! And, if this demonic devil is a negroid, then I hope IT burns by the woodpile with his/her caucasoid counterparts, that he/she loves so much!

      These xtian turn-the-other-cheek negroids are the True MICE! They will nibble on the caucasoid boy’s ‘cheese’ forever!!!


      ONE LOVE!

  11. Correction – Now. .

  12. And one last thing. .all the turn the cheek men died, without securing control like Ghandi, now would u teach your fam or child how to take an azz whipping or to defend themselves? Really? See how deplorable that sounds. Kneel down look up and take it, IN THE NAME OF JEBUS! ! Really? They kicked azz in the Old Testament! ! Ptah Ra

    • The Black Messiah came with a sword!

      Matthew 10:34 reads: “I did not come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword.”

      These xtian negroids don’t even know the Truth about that bible because they don’t read it with OVERstanding. They will always be UNDER these screacha’s rules and interpretation, which is what these cracker theologians TAUGHT them in their lying seminary schools of LOWER learning!

      ONE LOVE!

      • Peace and Love Brother Derrick,Brother Imhotep!

        The greatest and most effective sales pitch of all time has been the selling and our buying of White Superiority and Religion.
        The Status Quo doesn’t believe in these abstract fallacies because they put them in place for the common man to believe in for the purposes of control and disinformation.
        When you juxtapose Justice Scalia’s words and past voting history with the Ideology of such well known Teaparty rascist as Rush Limbaugh,Shaun Hannity,and Glenn Beck,you can clearly see that this racial perversion has diffused itself into our HIGHEST COURT.

        Justice Scalia”s words sound more like those of a Washington Lobbyist or a Conservative Talk Show Host rather than an Individual empowered to actually rule on Constitutional Legalities.This should Scare the h**l out of anyone Black. If you aren’t outraged you are not Black,Aware,or Paying attention.
        Being Black means way way more than Hue!On the REAL CLARENCE THOMAS should have been put his foot in Scalia’s AZZ.TOO BAD THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON.

        • Brother Gates:

          We are dealing with tricks in poli(tricks) because the demonic devils (negroids and caucasoids) don’t give a about us Black people.

          Religion is nothing, but a drug, which negroids are HOOKED on like a crackhead on crack. They must be deprogrammed, and taught the Truth about this demonic religion in order for them to wake up!

          As long as we have screachas like T.D. Snakes, Dollar, and Olsteen these negroids will continue to get their ‘FIX’ on Sun-day morning, and Wednesday evening’s at bible study!

          These negroids have been so BRAINWASHED that if you come too strong, or cuss and dis-cuss; they don’t want to hear the Truth! Eddye Wrong was molesting young men, but negroids are still flocking to this pervert’s church like flies on shyt! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU!

          I get tired of negroids running around here saying, I’m a xtian, but when it comes to helping their OWN kind, they TURN-THE-OTHER-CHEEK!

          Uncle Sambo Thomas is nothing, but a negroid, and a negroid is just a chocolate covered caucasoid. He has Black skin, but a cracker’s mind!

          ONE LOVE!

    • Now if I am not mistaken, Ghandi referred to blacks as n*****s. He hated blacks with a passion and here we have plantation Negroes advocating non-violence.

      • You are not mistaking, Sister Regina: Ghandi was a devout racist, who kept the Black Untouchables and the Dalits (the True ORIGINAL and INHABITANTS of India), who today, STILL live in the worst conditions in India!

        Ghandi did’t give a about Black people, and quiet as it’s kept, a gay guy by the name of Baynard Rustin went to India to talk to Ghandi, NOT MLK! He also is responsible for the gay rights movement (when he was living), not these yankee gays, who are running around here THINKING it is THEIR bowel movement, I mean gay movement! Rustin, also organized the March on Washington, not MLK!!!

        This is why MLK embraced, that non-violent bullshyt to Black amerikkkans because Ghandi TOLD that weak Rustin, that’s the ONLY WAY to promote peace! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

        IF you listen to so-called Black radio and tell-a-LIE-vision, the ONLY so-called leader, that flows out of their jibs (mouths)…is Martin Luther Cuun, I mean King!

        Much Love & Respect!

  13. Derrick, I am a black father of four. Raised them to be educated independent critical thinkers. My wife (also a black woman) is an educator in a predominantly black school district. We see and are in the struggle everyday. I am a proud black man educated at Howard Univ. I know the pain of being a black man. However, I refuse to raise children to hate. I don’t want them to be fools either. This is a country steeped in racism and hate for the black man. But make no mistake about it, there are those in our own race who will kill me a soon as they would anyone else. Look at Chicago… Why is it unless I am willing to see ALL white folks as devils I am lost, stupid, foolish, without a clue. Hate is evil no matter who or why. I understand the anger but I refuse to be consumed by it. Why does that not make any sense?

    • Let’s keep it real, righteous, and raw!

      Do you think caucasoids love each other? OF COURSE THEY DON’T! Do you think ALL chili chokers love each other…of course not! Do you think ALL asians love each other…you know the answer!

      My Point: These cultures will UNITE when it comes down to HELPING and SUPPORTING each other…we don’t do that! Our people run to their establishments 24/7 BEFORE they go and support their OWN kind. These cultures will UNITE when it comes down to fighting a war…we won’t, but we will go fight for these caucasoids, who HATE us with a passion, but will go kill our own people!

      How many asians, chili chokers, arabs, the people from india, and these caucasoids do you see SUPPORTING our businesses…NONE! I am not going to love NOBODY, that don’t love me, and that INCLUDES my own people, but when it comes to FIGHTING for my people, regardless of how they may feel about me; I’ll be on the FRONT LINE for them, and they would do the same!

      When I patronize a Black business, or a caucasoid’s business, and a Black or caucasoid person disrespects me at the counter, I WILL TELL THEM ABOUT IT! And believe me, when I go back, they’re attitudes are entirely different. YOU MUST DEMAND YOUR RESPECT, or you will be ran over like a bulldozer.

      If these crackers love you; then why are they so racist, and still practicing white supremacy? You don’t have to teach your children to HATE, teach them to RESPECT themselves, but don’t teach them to kiss cracker’s azzes, or anybody else’s azz! THAT’S JUST GOOD COMMON SENSE.

      My question to you makar72: Would you love somebody, who did bodily harm to you or your family? Would you call it HATE, if you defended your wife, children and your home, if someone was trying to take away what you worked so hard to accomplish? Would you call it HATE, if you were STANDING YOUR GROUND against an enemy, who was trying to KILL YOU? Is that HATE, or is that SELF-DEFENSE.

      You have HATE mixed up with LOVING yourself!!!

      Your enemy HATES you, and you cannot LOVE your enemy or yourself, at the same time.


      “You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your OWN people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself…”
      -Matthew 22:36

      Your neighbor is not suppose to be your enemy. When I was growing up; we LOVED our neighbors, and vice versa, but we didn’t love our enemies because they did not mean us any good! WE KNEW, WHO OUR ENEMIES WERE, AND THEY SURE DIDN’T LOOK LIKE US!

      DO THE MATH!!!

      By the way…does that make sense?

  14. It is disgraceful that a sitting judge on the supreme court would dimish the significance & historic importance of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. It is as relevant today as in the 60′s. To have to debate the retention is EXPLOSIVE. The law was crafted for INCLUSION for Blacks to participate in the political process. What other ethnicity has to renew or debate that right???? DEMOCRACY…what??? Mr. Lewis witnessed personally the hate, the indignation of whites as he sacrificed his well-being for all of us. Amazingly, this Supreme Court justice does not respect the sacrifice. In 2013…..our generation needs to get it…..Rise up!

  15. Derrick, When in imminent danger I will defend my house against any intruder who seeks unlawful entry bent on doing me harm. The problem is absolutes can be dangerous. All of one group or none of another group is hard to decipher. True I don’t trust most white folks and I don’t trust anyone to put me before themselves so being wise and watchful is most important. How I show love is by respecting my people… even those who disagree with me. What makes us grow is the willingness to examine another point of view. Otherwise, we are no different than the people you see as totally evil. I accept the premise that we need to honor one another. With that in mind I respect any black man any trying to do something positive. So I respect Lewis he is an honorable man… Even if I reject his ideology. I respect you too though I refuse to accept some of your premises. I don’t think you have to destroy a man’s life work to get your point across. No one is all bad like no one is all good. Does that make sense?

    • @makar72:

      “It”s good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you”ve heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you”ll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you”ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies.”
      -Malcolm X

      Anybody, who love their enemies is a FOOL! I grew up in the ’60′s, and was part of the movement; not a spectator. I remember when this cracker tried to kill Lewis, and I remember when Malcolm X, MLK, and Medgar Evers were murdered.

      As you can see, I love to quote Brother Malcolm because he spoke Truth, and told it like it was suppose to be told. He didn’t sugar coat anythang, and he was RESPECTED by his enemies! This is all we want as Black people, and that is to be RESPECTED, regardless if I’m hated or not!

      I know the TRUTH about MLK, and if I told you the TRUTH about him, and some of our so-called leaders, who have past; you would not believe some of the Truth I could tell. Brother Malcolm had problems with MLK because he knew the Truth about MLK, and it all did not have to do with his non-violent movement.

      “I don’t favor violence. If we could bring about recognition and respect of our people by peaceful means…well and good. Everybody would like to reach his objectives peacefully. But, I’m also a realist. The only people in this country who are asked to be nonviolent are Black people.” -Malcolm X

      This quote by Brother Malcolm is TRUE to this day, and Lewis got has head busted open, he was beaten, and spat on (recently), and caucasoids still want us to be NON-VIOLENT, but they are the MAIN PERPATRATORS of being violent, not only towards us, but also other non-white nations?

      I’ll bet my life, if a caucasoid busted your head open, you would not forgive them! That’s just being realistic, and if zimmerboy shot your son, you would not be on tell-a-LIE-vision praying for him and his family, like Trayvon’s mother did! LET’S KEEP IT RAW!

      My point is this: Lewis is a prime example, why our children and some adults are so weak today. The government aka willie lynch wants to keep us in this condition, and as you can see, our children are ONLY violent toward each other, instead of being violent toward their enemies. They take their FRUSTRATIONS out on each other, instead of their enemies! I have seen so-called gangstas talk like babies when they are in front of caucasoids, arabs or any other foreigner!

      Why do you think, the government ‘honors’ King and Lewis…because they are NON-VIOLENT! If they had the Spirit of Malcolm X, and the other Revolutionary Rebels, THEY WOULD NOT BE HONORED AT ALL. You seldom heard Malcolm X’s name mentioned during Black OURstory month. It was only King, and the other non-violent negroes.

      This brainwashing continues today, and until we STAND UP, and stop beLIEving in this non-violent bullshyt; his-story will repeat itself. Life is like the world…it is a circle, and sooner or later, you will end up where you started from.

      Just look at the fashion world. Double breasted suits are back in style. Big heels are back in style for the women. So, let’s not think that being enslaved is not too far away!

      I am not destroying Lewis’ life work, I’M AGAINST IT! Those, who want to FOLLOW Lewis, that is their choice. People, who wanted to follow Brother Malcolm, they had their choice to follow him. The same with me; if people want to read my posts; that is their choice, and if they like your choice of words, and your delivery…you know the deal.

      The bottom line is; we must CLOSE THIS GAP of separatism and division amongst our people. Like I said before; we MUST UNITE and ORGANIZE. We must put our differences in the closet, and put on some new vines (clothes), and come to reality, that the ‘old clothes’ no longer fit, and we must come up to 2013 standards, if we want to be in ‘style’.


      I remember when a .32 caliber pistol was the thang to have, but today, if you don’t have an assault weapon, that shoots a hundred rounds; you ain’t gonna win!

      We don’t practice COLLECTIVE economics; we practice CONSUMER economics. And, this non-violent approach has us in this condition. We became so submissive and weak do to this approach, we have let these foreigners take over OUR COMMUNITIES!!!

      I don’t HATE nobody, I just HATE some of our ways!!! We have been taught to LOVE everybody, except OURSELVES. I get tired of Sharptongue mentioning brown hispanic people everytime he talks about civil rights. DO YOU HEAR THEM TALKING ABOUT HELPING US? DO YOU SEE US IN THEIR BUSINESSES?

      When I hear negroids claim, that there are some good pigs…my question to them is; where are they? They will stick by their OWN pigs, even tho, they know they are wrong when they shoot, beat and kill a Black man! IS THAT A GOOD PIG?

      The same can be said of a ‘good’ caucasoid citizen. When the revolution comes, do you think they are going to stand by their OWN kind, or do you think they are going to KILL their own kind in defense of our struggle?


      • If you have to destroy someone else to get your point across there is something wrong there. There is a type of insecurity that is based on a sense of inferiority, psychology 101. Keeping it raw is just another way of trying to bully someone into thinking the way you do. If you cannot respectful disagree with some like John Lewis that sends up a red flag for me. I understand your angst but to me it is misplaced when you use it to denigrate those who followed their conscience to make a positive difference. Believe Brother I am not knocking your zeal, I just think it is misplaced. Even thought these fools do not show it you will never get me to believe that Love isn’t better than hate. I grew with the CAP movement. I know what they were trying to do I applaud them but. I reject your premise as the proper way of thinking. Would fight next to you if it came to that but as I said in my first post, all that hate is going to consume you brother. One Hope!

        • Amen and well said, but you fall on deaf eyes when the militants hijack these threads… However, I greatly admire and agree with your arguments, and your perseverance…

          • Thanks Mike Jay. The truth is that I am not intimidated by these folks. I grew up as a young child of the 60′s. I remember groups like the Congress of African People (CAP) whose mission was to enlighten. They were out in the neighborhood working to teach but they were NEVER hateful. Even when misunderstood. Amiri Baraka was regular visitor where I grew up not far from Chicago. Bro. Derrick, Wizard G, and Sis. Regina don’t want to help anyone. They don’t want to teach… What they want to do it seems is vent. They went out and got SOME knowledge, but they got just enough to be dangerous. Malcolm started to change his viewpoint, and began to understand that this world is larger than he thought. As a student of understanding he was on a quest for discovery of just that. He understood that he had not cornered complete truth, but that the search for truth is a never ending process. I believe that if he were alive and read their rants he first of all would not belittle them but he would reject their tone and approach as I have. A teacher (which Derrick TRIED to be in some of his postings) does not rant… A teacher enlightens and imparts truth with patience and persistence. A teacher must care about those he is teaching. So I say as I have said already… Derrick and his band don’t really want teach they want to vent, rant, and scold anyone who is not in lockstep with them. They only applaud those who agree TOTALLY with them. The thing is I built for this kind of exchange. He can write a book on this thread but he is saying nothing until he really learns the meaning of a word he has written “love.”

          • Another racist cracker ‘planter’ on this site!

  ! Don’t you crackers have anything better to do than try to brainwash STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS?

            We’re tired of you caucasoid’s bullshyt because you don’t mean a thang that flows out of your serpent tongues!

            If your son or daughter would bring home a Black man or woman, you would DISOWN them. So get outta here with that weak azz shyt!

            AND, TAKE makear0 with you. He’s nothing, but a ZERO…aka NOTHING!!!

      • Bro Derrick, have you read “Strategy for a Black Agenda” by Henry Winston?

        I highly recommend it.

        • I don’t have that book in my collection. If you says it’s a good read, I’ll buy it TODAY, if I can find it.

          You know these bookstores are getting rid of most Black literature because they claim, they don’t sell!

          Much Appreciated!

  16. @Toni, there’s this thing called the First Amendment. I strongly demand that you put your Twilight book down and do some reasearch. If you don’t like what Derrick says, don’t read his posts.

    The phoney Kumbaya speech regarding political correctness is just that very phoney. You are not of the generation that was attacked by dogs to give you stupid African Amerikkkans the freedoms you think you have now.

    Derrick is telling the truths on so many levels,but with your brain washed water-down mentality is not trained or used to think on a honest and logical level. You’re begging Boyce to ban someone because your cage is rattled and your rattle being taken away shows your level of intellect and maturity.

    Grow up little girl. Anerikkka is not god’s country and it ain’t yours either.

    So sit your sorry a$$ down and try to learn some knowledge and forget tha
    t Dr. Seuss schyt that you was/is taught.


    • @Sister Regina:

      Lawd have mercy! A Black Panther on the rise!

      Much Love & Respect! These negroids and caucasoids are so far gone; it’s almost USELESS to try to wake them up! I know she is a cracker, and that’s why I didn’t respond to that demonic devil!

      These negroids, who want to be NICE to these devils have been trapped in the false teachings of integration and religion. We don’t LOVE each other, and this poison was introduced and forced upon us during our FORCED enslavement.

      When that cracker went along the Ivory Coast to pick up FREE Black Afrikans, he taught them to LOVE A-N-O-T-H-E-R, instead of ONE A-N-O-T-H-E-R, and the results are before us. You are a good OBSERVER, and most negroid females are not as STRONG, as your delivery. I don’t see anything wrong with cussing and dis-cussing because that’s all these yankees OVERstand!

      It’s amazing, how these negroids let these yankees run over them, treat them like shyt, and always talking about a apology, but when it comes to True Rebels, such as yourself, they start crying about some curse words! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

      This little critter is a ‘planter’, and these suckazz negroids will agree with this demonic devil because they don’t know any better!
      Let her be; and keep posting that Truth!

      These negroids have been studying NEGROLOGY, which is self-hate for their OWN kind!

      ONE LOVE!

      • Derrick, where have you been? I’ve been writing to you for months. Hey, I am old school Panther. I am a child of the 60s. I lived two blocks from Bobby Seals when he lived in Denver. I grew up in the NOI when the late Elijah Muhammad was living. This the NOI I missed because they would come to your home, selling Muhammad Speaks and sit down with you to discuss the issues in the black community.

        I can’t get this done in Denver or Houston. I have posted ways to bring the white man down to his knees.

        Here’s what Blacks not African Amerikkkans need to do.






        6) EAT HEALTHY




        What destroyed the black family and the community is White Feminism and Integration. We were more united and a force to deal with when we were together as a village and not some crumb begging Negros.

        When integration was reinstated, we started doing business with whitey. We thought that the white man’s ice is colder. It ain’t. A chemical is added to make it last longer.

        We got the mentality that anything white is better.

        As for Toni, it is a man hiding behind a woman’s name. Tony is for a man and Toni is for a female.

        Ask Manti Teo the difference.

        • @Regina:

          I have been on the battlefield! I was not posting for awhile, but I ain’t gonna let these ‘planters’ infiltrate this site!

          I was a muslim back when they were STRONGER, than they are today. But, I still believe in their teachings.

          Another white boy, who talks about crackers is Tom Wise, who tells it like it is. You have some caucasoids, who know the Truth, but they are a dime a dozen.

          He has videos on you-tube you can check out!

          Much Love & Respect!

    • The beauty of it all is that I can read what Derrick wrote, totally understand it and reject it. Not because there are not elements of truth to it but because it is bullyism. I hate bullies It doesn’t really seek to help, it seeks to demonstrate how smart he is and how dumb everybody else who disagrees with him is. So condescending… the way you talked down to Toni does not make me marvel at your strength either but at your weakness. If you really wanted to help her you would not use the language and bravado you are using to her. If you truly have an enlightened intellectual position you would see her shortcomings and help her. But that is not what you are doing or seem to want to do. Instead you are pontificating/bloviating as would a disciple… A disciple of Derrick’s.

      Yes there is truth in what Derrick says and when he tones down the nonsense he does have valid information. But I reject his overall stance because he is cruel and mean spirited like you. In the interest of “keeping it real righteous and raw” I get none of that. I am only getting puffed up arrogance and haughtiness. If you really have the truth just simply speak it to a people who need to hear it… no need to break people down with an over arching insolence. “So sit your sorry a$$ down and try to learn some knowledge and forget that Dr. Seuss schyt that you was/is taught.” Really? That is what she needed to hear? Wow, I am sure she is going to follow your guidance and do just what you said. Does talking down to people really help them? Or are you really not trying to help but just get your gun off??? If it is the latter then who is the really “little girl” who needs to grow up?

      • Makar72, go slither back under the rock from where you crawled from. I am the disciple of no one. Unlike you I don’t follow anyone or anything that is said to please your ears.

        You and Toni are one and the same. Both of you want to skip through a field of flowers thinking this Utopia, but it isn’t. You claim I am a bully. Prove it. Here you are supporting your better half because she called for censorship. Have you no shame?

        You have not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that what Derrick is saying is not the truth.

        Let me quote you a few white authors that is saying the same thing that Derrick is saying.

        1) Gerald Massey

        2) Michael Bradley

        3) Michael Moore – he said he is a white man and is scared of white men.

        What Derrick and I said is not cruel and mean spirited. We are sick and tired of Negroes like you whining and crying about what society is doing to us and you are not doing anything about the situation. What you and Toni are and that is crumb begging Negroes that is looking to the white man for justification for living, breathing and acceptance into mainstream society.

        Well, it ain’t happening isn’t it? Your boy Odrama has shifted you to below the bottom of the last rung on the ladder and here you go to the white man for permission to reaching up.

        You are what you are and I am what I am. I am a black woman that takes no schytt. I am the same black woman who looked Sheriff Aiken in the eyes in 1964 and would not look down because it was Southern Protocol. I am the same black woman who looked evil in the eye and did not flinch. This is the same Sheriff Aiken that was behind the murders of the 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi.

        So LADY, you and your boy Toni don’t scare me.

        So p**s up a rope.

        • Regina I am sick and tired too! But regardless of what I am, I am never mean spirited. I am also not a plant. The Federalist papers and it’s fundamental thought was that Jefferson(a democratic ideologue) wanted states rights and Hamilton (a republican) wanted a strong central government. I am not disagreeing with your message… Never did. Except… I disagree with the complete dismantling of a man’s life (which this thread is really about anyway) with no regard for his convictions and courage. Those are still qualities worth celebrating, whatever the focus. I am not a plant as Imhotep has said. When someone finds another person so diametrically opposed to their points but not irrational what they do is try to blunt that person’s message with propaganda. My mother was born and raised in Mississippi and it only takes a moment for her to remember the mentality of the caucasian people who lived in that time. She is still very angry about that memory but she also did not teach me to hate. Hate is destructive, even when it is retaliatory. I have met some real scholars in my day. Stokely Carmichael was a regular on the Howard Campus in the 70′s, so was Baraka. I have no idea who Toni is. I thought it was a woman.

          You all are so blinded by rage and so sure of yourselves that if you saw me in person saying these words you would still not believe me. I am proud of who I am. I agree with some of your thoughts but if I am a plant then you all are trolls, patrolling sites just for the purpose of creating havoc. I have been on these sites many many times. If you read my posts you will see that I defend my black ethnicity to the fullest. I just obey one idea: I don’t say something on these sights that I would not say to someone by myself on the streets. I don’t hide behind anonymity with total disrespect. You can use whatever excuse you want but the internet has become a place where cowards say mean things that would get them hurt or worse without expectation of reprisal. In your heart you know I am not some plant, and that I do make sense. Admit where you are wrong and adjust. I went back and read the Federalist paper, my wife and I discussed it. Now read this… It is never right to be wrong. You can never do what is wrong in a right way. That is why white folk are so fearful. They know that the wrong they have done will come back around to them. They are doing everything they can to prevent it but it is coming believe you me. A lot of what you feel, I believe too. But I will never disrespect another black person. If it came to my life or theirs that is another situation, but I honor all my people otherwise. I also seek a connection with every brother or sister I meet. I am trying to do that same thing with You Derrick and Imhotep, but I know that what Derrick started with was wrong. I don’t care how you try to spin it John Lewis does not deserve to be cursed like that. Until I walk a mile in his shoes I would never try to dismantle his life’s work, even though I am not sure I could forgive the person who tried to kill me as he did. I am not on here trying to defend caucasian folk. I am saying getting your point across does not require vicious anger-laden rants. Especially since Derrick’s message was one of getting back to black folk loving each other. Scholars are better than this.

          • @makar0: You’re a ZERO!

            “You all are so blinded by rage and so sure of yourselves that if you saw me in person saying these words you would still not believe me. I am proud of who I am.”

            With those weak words of NOTHING (ZER0), I am convinced, that you’re a caucasoid ‘posing’ as a Black man!

            Only caucasoids use the words RANT and RAGE, especially when they hear the Truth! The MAJORITY of Black people, not negroids are hipped to YOU PEOPLE’S code words. Anything that is the Truth, YOU PEOPLE don’t want to hear it!

            YOU PEOPLE are so ignorant and stupid to try to keep Real Rebels silent just like you did during our forced enslavement.

            NONE of us True Rebels mentioned anythang about killing any one, those are your lying words. You forked tongue lizards ALWAYS LIE when it concerns True Revolutionary progress. YOUR PEOPLE killed Malcolm X, and the other Rebels, who were not afraid to SPEAK OUT and SPEAK UP to you heathens.

            During our forced enslavement you called us
            UP-PITY, which is a code word for BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS, who spoke “UP” to those racist enslavers!

            I observe these chicken-hearted negroids when they talk to crackers; they’re always skinnin’ and grinnin’ in their faces, but when a True Brother is around them; they don’t even look at me in the eyes. That’s a sign of a WEAK AZZ SLAVE!!!

            These racist crackers use ALL kinds of gestures and codes to degrade Black people. They’re always coughing, sneezing, scratching where they don’t itch, sticking paper up their noses when they are around Black people.


            You heathens DECEIVED the Black Afrikans with false xtianity, stole their land, then enslaved us! These cracker missionaries are still in Afrika DECEIVING my people with those commercials of poor Black Afrikans with runny noses, torn up clothes, and no shoes, who are starving to death!

            These so-called caucasoid screachas use these poor people for their economic advantage, also because they get tax cuts when they contribute to their so-called Afrikan aid programs.

            Now, Crefho and Snakes are running to Afrika with these caucasoid missionaries to continue this deception. This is why Aunt Sambo Oprah built her school in Afrika because it was nothing, but a tax write off because she makes too much money!


            These azz-o-lets (athletes) are the same…they don’t control their money, either! They can only support caucasoid organizations, and businesses, such as UNICEF, and other cracker owned organizations. They can only support and buy from caucasoids!!! How many of them BUY and SUPPORT THEIR OWN PEOPLE?

            Your words: “I also seek a connection with every brother or sister I meet. I am trying to do that same thing with You Derrick and Imhotep, but I know that what Derrick started with was wrong.”

            You are a clown, and I have no respect for your stupidity because you’re a ‘planter’, and a yankee planter on top of that, trying to keep us STRONG BROTHERS and SISTERS DIVIDED!!!

            Brother Malcolm X said these uncle tom leaders will NEVER solve the problems of Black people! Therefore, continue to follow Uncle Sambo Lewis, and get smacked around!

            Just because the caucasoid boy gave you a degree or PH.D, that does not mean you have a G.O.D, which is…


          • @makar0:

            Let me add this Truth! You must OVERstand that a racist, which is nothing, but a white supremacist, is to keep RETARDED negroids/caucasoids, such as yourself, confused, dumbfounded, and ignorant.

            These redneck crackers, and bootlickin’ negroids, such as Lewis are nothing, but jackazz fools, who crackers call RETARDED and DUMB behind their backs!


          • In this case, crawling and begging are shaking hands with each other. Lewis should lay it on the line and let Scalia know the 411 of the situation and Scalia’s ancestry just now coming to age.

            Stop with the political correctness and just say it and let the chips fall where they may.

            Stop bullschytting and start speaking up like a man.

  17. @Makar72…How can any strong minded person be bullied? U r way off base! ! I grew up in the sixties and I served in the military and there is no way a group can be led and have order if it is weakminded and can be bullied! All I read was reason and substance and logic from Bro D yet u refuse to use logic to say that there are valid points there. I have two degrees, yet it means nuthin if I can’t digest knowledge from all sources. To quote Aristotle ” The mark of an intelluctual man is that he can entertain different ideas even if he doesn’t agree with them”! Did u entertain the different ideas here, or did u stay recalcitrant and abolish any reason there? U r ridgid and ..bully, warriors can’t be bullied! !! Hotep

    • @Brother Imhotep:

      It is USELESS trying to wake up a DEAD MIND! Makar0 is just a negroid xtian, who practices tht turn-the-other-cheek, bullshyt! He thinks showing caucasoids how ‘intelligently’ he is, will gain him into their ‘heavn.’ John Lewis, MLK, Messy Jessy, and Sharptongue THINKS the same way! They include every culture, IN OUR STRUGGLES, who has taken over our communities.

      You don’t hear these devils INCLUDING US in their struggles, but these Boule’ negroids are ‘BOUGHT SLAVES’, who want to keep their programs on tell-a-LIE-vision and radio. How can Sharptongue fight for our rights when he’s on the radio 7 days a week, he’s the president of NAN (National Action Network) or Negroid Azzholes & Niq.qaz, who loves them some caucasoids.

      Cuuns Being Caucasoids (CBC) are another group of un-organized negroids, who are ALSO controlled by caucasoids, and last but not least the NAACP (Negroids Always Accepting Caucaosids Plans), who are another group of negroids, who just talk loud and say and DO NOTHING for Black people.

      This cat marka0 is just another weak ZERO, negroid/caucasoid, who thinks being educated aka TRAINED will change the minds of these crackers!

      ONE LOVE!

  18. Addendum – No one told me if they will teach their kids to take an azzwhipping, from a bully or otherwise, ? Who rules the world now and how did they get to that point? Is North Korea taking an azzwhipping, how bout Afghans, or Syrians, or any other group of people who want the BULLY OFF THEIR BACK? Tell me one group! ! How has every wrong evil empire fell? Rome, England, Russia(ask the Serbs or Croatians) ? Talk to me black folks. How? …Maat

  19. @makar72… Oh and we are not here to teach! Get it right! ! We are here to be the opposing force as Jefferson and Adams wrote in the Federalist Papers! ! If you have never read them, then read some. U will call them the same out of line bullies and ranters that u call us. As a matter of fact, u would be here now posting irrational views for it not for those who sounded the alarm. Have u ever read King’s ” Letter from Birmingham Jail”? Who is it addressed to? Why did he use that ethos, logos and pathos with that group of people? What did the group say about King that made him write that letter? And what was his main point? Since u want to be taught, there is your assignment. Get started …Ptah Ra. .

    • Give me a break dude… Your attempt at scholarship is not impressive. You are still condescending and haughty in your tone and I would never respond beyond these words to anything you write. You can try in whatever manner you desire to explain your tactics but they are clear. The kind of name calling and ranting that has been done does not deserve to be validated by a reasonable response. What it does need however is to be rejected. To use King’s letters from jail to validate your approach without validating him is intellectually dishonest, not impressive at all. I am not impressed by you ethos, logos, or pathos!!

      • King was dishonest in his education. Several years ago it was discovered that he plagiarized several documents were plagiarized. Since you brought up intellectual dishonesty I suggest that you stop validating MLK for his dishonesty.

        • @Sister Regina: “King was dishonest in his education. Several years ago it was discovered that he plagiarized several documents were plagiarized.”

          You’re right on time! MLK DID NOT WRITE THAT SPEECH!!! It was written by a khazar!!! Most negroids THINK he wrote this mess, but a fake khazar wrote it to keep negroids in their PEACEFUL place!

          How can these khazars talk that non-violent bullshyt when at one time in OURstory, they also enslaved us. To this day, they are injecting Black women in Izreal with chemi(kills) to keep them from having babies!!! Go look this Truth up for yourself.

          MLK also AGREED with Margaret Sanger with her PLANNED PARENTHOOD PROGRAM, also his Choreta was involved with this bullshyt, too! This was why she was killed in church, so she could not tell the Truth!!!

          Sanger said, she need a screacha because they could SWINDLE the church folks to go along with her program. If you look at these modern day slaves, they are getting rid of their babies like trash in a dump!

          Also, “Booger” T. Washington was another negroid, who helped a khazar by the name of Julius Rosenwald, who was the owner of Sears & Roebuck!!! He asked “Booger” to use Tuskegee Institute for his ‘EXPERIMENT’ on Black men, who had syphilis!!! THIS WAS WHY IT WAS CALLED THE “TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT”!!!

          DuBois was another ‘bought’ negroid, she also used! DuBois said, “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal…We do not want the word to get out that we want to EXTERMINATE the Negro population, and the MINISTER is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more REBELLIOUS members.”

          She also RECRUITED the SUPPORT of such luminaries as Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (who was a screacha) of the Abyssinian Baptist Church and, later, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

          She also wanted a BLACK doctor and social worker to staff the clinic in order to GAIN Black patient’s trust!!! (Medical Apartheid, p 197).

          ALL these so-called negroid leaders were Boule’ negroids, and these so-called ‘FOLlOWERS’ we have today, are Boule’ negroids, who were HIRED to keep us in this slave-like condition.


          Peace & Truth!

          • Let me add this Truth

            This is why Malcolm X HATED King’s non-violent bullshyt! Here’s what King had to say about Brother Malcolm X:

            Dr. King on Malcolm X:

            “You know, right before he was killed he came down to Selma and said some pretty passionate things against me, and that surprised me because after all it was my territory there. But afterwards he took my wife aside, and said he thought he could help me more by attacking me than praising me. He thought it would make it easier for me in the long run.” -MLK

            Malcolm X on Dr. King:

            “He got the peace prize, we got the problem…. If I’m following a general, and he’s leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over.” -Malcolm X

            “I don’t mean go out and get violent; but at the same time you should never be nonviolent unless you run into some nonviolence. I’m nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me. But when you drop that violence on me, then you’ve made me go insane, and I’m not responsible for what I do.”
            -Malcolm X

            ONE LOVE!

    • Makar72 – The Federalist Papers is about $10.00 at the most at Barnes & Noble. You can download it for free if you are willing to read it.

  20. Correction – would not be here

  21. And answer this black folks, did King’s own people turn on him from the inner circle and esoteric core? Do your homework before u answer. ..Ptah Ra. .

    • @Brother Imhotep:

      King seldom or NEVER marched in Atlanta (his home town) because they knew he was a fraud! They were also FEARFUL of crackers, and didn’t march! To this day…those slave negroids in Atlanta are scared fo crackers. They still address yankees with…yes sir, and no sir or yes ma’am or no ma’am!!! Code language for yes massa and no massa!


  22. Derrick all you lock on is the bully word? I mentioned that there were valid points. I also mentioned that they were couched in abusive tone and are not really geared at helping anyone. Why just lock on one point? I made many points. Imhotep, Derrick talked about getting back to loving one another, yet you mention that you are not here to teach. Very conflicting messages. Whatever your purpose it is moot, and you are then a non factor talking but saying nothing worth listening to or reading. Your desire to be right over shadows any wisdom you claim to have. Scholarly debate is good… I welcome it. But an individual who is uninterested considering what others who disagree with them have to say is not worth considering themselves… especially if they are vicious, mean spirited, and cold-hearted in their diatribe. That’s not scholarly nor is it intelligent… It’s just mindless banter.

    • You and that ‘bully’ word need to get the fvck outta here! You’re a caucasoid, and I see through you like a window!

      Honkeys made that ‘bully’ word up, and you ain’t nothing, but a cracker on this site to promote division, and to keep xtian negroids passive, and in ‘there place’. The biggest BULLIES on this planet are caucasoids. They’re ‘bullying’ in Iran, Africa, Afhghanstan, Libya, Iraq, and right here in racist amerikkk, so, are you a ‘bully’?

      MLK and Lewis had ‘scholarly’ advice, but where did it get them? It got King killed, while Lewis got his azz near beaten to death by a cracker! Education without CONFRONTATION is USELESS…I’ll CONFRONT anybody, who wants to CONFRONT with me; on a scholarly level, or on a DEFENSIVE level.

      These negroids turned their cheeks, while those crackers SMACKED them on the other cheek.

      That worthless religion called xtianity got you fvcked up too, cracker! This is how those cracker screachas kept the enslaved people weak, by teaching them to TURN THEIR CHEEKS!!!

      You’re running around here calling me, Imhotep and Regina militants, but if you OVERstood what a militant is you wouldn’t be calling us MILITANTS. We are Rebels, who REBEL against this racist system of white supremacy in racist amerikkka! We REBEL against bootlickin’ negroids, who love you caucasoids. We REBEL against anybody, who mean our people no good, including these entertaining screachas, who are brainwashing our people with that TURN-THE-OTHER-CHEEK bullshyt, while they run to the bank on Monday mornings…depositing that money at a caucasoid bank!!!

      A caucasoid interviewer, asked Malcolm X this question: “Do you consider yourself militant?”

      Malcolm X answered him saying: “I consider myself Malcolm!”


  23. Sorry Derrick the Bully word response should have been directed at Imhotep. My mistake.

  24. Way to go Regina! ! Makar72 is a plant and will not read any black scholarship ..lost in the sauce ..I’m done with him. .ill look that book up. .Truth to truth. .Maat

    • I’m done with that ‘planter’, also!

      A waste of my time! They have negroid planters even on talk radio, who sound just like this negroid. They LOVE the rePOOPliklan party, so much, they even blame Trayvon for his death!


  25. Anytime Imhotep. If you need anything let me know. This is an out of print book. It came out in the early 70s. Go to

  26. @ Regina. ..None of these Kneegroes or Makar72 have answered would they teach their kid to take an azzwhipping and how do u silence a bully? Also if that non violent shyt is gold, then why are gun sales at record highs now? Why? Why don’t the right wing folks teach to kneel down in front of your aggressor and let him beat u? Answers people? And how is power checked? By whom? In what way?…Be honest.. Who do sovereign nations stay sovereign in this day and age? ..I await answers! ! Hotep

    • I know. No backbone. I guess Makar72 and his ilk want us to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. I don’t like the song and I don’t buy Hallmark cards.

  27. Correction- How do

  28. Phillip Battle

    Those weak kneegrows-won’t bust a grape with a sledgehammer– makar72 what a joke. As for the lack of progress since the Integration trick that was played on us– our only counter would be to organize our STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS; and try to intercept this out of controlled spending behavior our people,and what can be a better time than this up coming crook day Easter. This is an opportune time to hold the Black Churches and their members accountable for something on a scale of at least having a
    sermon on the inequalities in our communities — or a candle light visual at sunset- some activity that would show some unity amongst the people of the cloth. This can be a change of venue for the celebrating of Easters norm of dressing up for the congregations. How can we network this message to the Black churches?

    Brothers and Sisters imagine if Black Folk didn’t run out their and spend their MONEY on those cheap cloths for that day– that would be a Power move. During these times of desperate measures– to act expediently is our only defense.

    I’ll Pray.

    • Phillip the internet has become a place of cowards and people who say all kinds of things to each other. If you could in good conscience say these things to me face to face it makes you even worse. You are wrong. Most folks who are reading this posts know it. I realize that regardless of what others say you are h**l bent on this tone and focus. That is why you will never be relevant. Continue on in your LITTLE group think cult bent on killing everyone who does not agree with you… even if it is only with words. I am going to leave you all to what you really want, YOURSELVES-your little group. You and the aryan brotherhood need to find a field and have it out. Hopefully you have as many guns as they do because you are going to need them. Revolution is coming? Your problem is you are like pit bulls… When they get to biting they can get confused and bite everybody, even those who are with them. Nobody including them is safe from themselves. It becomes madness. Enjoy feasting on what I have just wrote. I am sure you will have a lot to WRITE about it. One Hope fools, because I ain’t seeing any love!

      • Now that you made me pee on myself out of fear of you—– do you have the wherewithal and the fortitude to assist in the progress of us Black Folk who are’nt as sheepish as those who have a distain for the likes of me-who can identify REAL BLACK FOLK- from those who are just moving their lips because God gave them lips?
        Mr. MaKar72—- your right this is the internet, and had it been not for the internet– I honestly can say– you and I would have NEVER CROSSED PATHS. As far as what most people may say– look at the condition Black Folk are in– now try to think– do you honestly think I care what most people think– because from the looks of things most people DON’T THINK.

        Peace to all members of the Black FAMILY who’s main objective is to live on their feet.

    • @Brother Battle:

      Don’t PRAY for these negorids, let these crackers “PREY” on them!!!

      prey = One that is DEFENSELESS, especially in the face of attack; a victim; To hunt, catch, or eat as prey: DIDN’T Jeffery Damer EAT his prey (Black men)?

      prey = To victimize or make a PROFIT at someone else’s expense (AREN’T THESE FOREIGNERS MAKING A “PROFIT” OFF OF OUR EXPENSE?
      3. To plunder or pillage.
      4. To exert a baneful or injurious effect


  29. @MarKar72—– try reading for COMPREHENSION——never did I mention-and never do mention killing anyone- My DNA is dominated by people of Peace and Love – I’m Black. Actually you never did address the issue I brought to the table– which was how to collaborate and organize a system of monetary protest of Easter– via the Black Churches– now that it’s clear – do you have any suggestions?

    There’s a God-

    • Collaborating and organizing is very good. I had no issue with not patronizing Easter. However, you led with calling me a joke. Did you not? What do you expect from me? I am not joking… I believe that Derrick is a fool, a fool that can only be kind to those who agree with him. I am done reasoning with fools. I don’t think that all you said was wrong. I just don’t think that I am a joke. What is a joke is all of this ridiculous language toward a guy like Lewis who at least tried to make a difference, right or wrong. It is obvious to most reasonable people that these reading what Derrick, and Imhotep write is totally wrong and obnoxious. Most reasonable people have stopped reading his words long ago. I have never heard of such foolishness from someone black about black folks. This elitist bull c**p he spits is madness… I’m done with it and him. I apologize for any offense.

      • You are a not a child of the 60s. You never experienced what black people went through during the civil rights movement and you never will.

        I like you embraced integration when I was younger. When I was forced to attend a high school in a white area during the forced integration, my attitude changed big time forever.

        When I tried to change schools I was denied because they were trying forced integration. Here is my response from 1975 to the Denver School Board.

        To the Denver School Board:

        Here I am 15 years old and AGAIN, I appeal to you to allow me the freedom to change schools of my choosing. In case you did not know this, Blacks are human beings and I am not a d-a-m-n lab rat. This is a lab experiment gone wrong on all fronts, all tangents and at all angles.

        I find it ironic that you are experimenting with young Blacks to achieve what you have wanted all along and that is forgiveness for your actions of the past, a pseudo cleansing of your conscious and soul. I also find your logic a very poor attempt at Satire. It is not funny nor is it needed.

        I don’t see Judge Richard Maitch and the Denver School board experimenting with white students. If you are trying to get me to love white folk it ain’t happening. If you think this experiment will force me to love my enemy, I suggest that you look up the word enemy.

        I am forced to attend a high school of a slave owner in order to cleanse the racist history of this country. I never had nor will I ever will have respect for you, this school, this President that this school is named after and this country. Society will never change for the better only for the worse. This form of ethnic cleansing is not good for the black community.

        During Segregation, that black community was a village, actually more than a village, we were a family. A collective family of people that did not need whitey to survive. We had our own banks, businesses, schools, etc. We excelled in what we did. After integration that family was dissolved and it continues to being destroyed to this day.

        The current curriculum teaches that lie that this is a free nation but I am forced to endure another form of slavery. Please when you lie, lie where you will not be caught.

        In 20 years, you will realize that the black-white community will be forever polarized and then you will realize that this experiment is a major failure to the nth degree, by that time it will be too late.

        *To date, I have never attended a school reunion and I never stepped foot on that campus again. Again, I was denied my appeal and I was “watched and harassed” until I graduated high school.

        What Derrick, Imhotep and I are saying is that the road to our “freedom” was and still is paved with begging, nonsense and the complacency to accept second best without telling the Supreme Court and the Disunited States of America to kiss our BLACK A$$E$.

        • Excellent letter at the age of 15! You have had that
          Warrior Rebel Spirit all of your life, and DON’T CHANGE!

          These demonic devils had us to INTEGRATE their schools, but how come they didn’t allow cracker kids to INTEGRATE with OUR SCHOOLS? Was it because we had loving Black teachers, and they didn’t want to be taught by a Black man or woman?

          I took fake classes in Black OURstory in college, and believe me, those classes didn’t teach me shyt! They were WATERED DOWN, and the few caucasoids in the class were there because they had to take the class for EXTRA CREDIT! I could tell they did not want to be around us Black folks!

          Therefore, this integration shyt fvcked us up, and you can see the results of this bullshyt because EVERYDAY our people kiss the azzes of these crackers, while they tap dance down to these foreigner’s businesses to give them their money EVERYDAY!

          These uNUTed snakes of azzholes (usa) are nothing, but serpents, who have bitten and poisoned these negroid’s mind with their venom!!!

          Much Love & Respect!

          • hmm better learn how they really were early in life.we never wanted them to outdo us in class we also learned how to read them early.born in 1959

          • hmm better learn how they really were early in life.we never wanted them to outdo us in class we also learned how to read them early.born in 1959 we had way too much racial pride to carry ourselves the way the hip hop generation of black males have. theywant to be seen as loser, crooks, and bums they want to think that anyway, why live up to up to sterotypes

  30. Phillip Battle

    MarKar72– the courage you exhibit by apologizing is quit commendable, and I except your apology. I also retract my writting of you as being a joke. However I have Love for Brother Derrick and Brother Imhotep—– My reasons for trusting their hearts as Black men is because they are SICK AND TIRED OF BLACK FOLK BEING VICTIMS OF THIS RACIST SOCIETY IN WHICH WE LIVE. I FEEL THEIR SOULS AS CHILDREN OF OUR ANCESTORS WHO FOUGHT AGAINST THE WICKED SLAVEOWNER AND THEIR CHILDREN.
    Both men speak with a fever thats meant to be accepted in one way and one way only. You are more than right to chose your cup of tea – that’s the beauty of being a man– that said–everyone has that same choice. Also– me as a Black man- I haven’t had the privilege to a***s the intentions of others. My entire life was a reality from day to day. My biggest mistake was to read the 1942 (or so) Berlin Conference; and read it with intent to comprehend it’s meaning of European Domination.
    So when I hear Brother Derrick (profanity and all ),and Brother Imhotep,I can safely identify with them having enough of the ignorant arrogance of white folk who don’t respect us– and those black sheepish folk who can’t get their minds right and come together as a people- versus looking or better yet begging to be acceted- by the slave master and his children.

    Now is the time for all Black men and women to believe in themselves, and call out the ones that have not the courage to stand for something.


  31. Bro Derrick,

    Please give me the titles of the books regarding Margaret Sanger and abortion.

    • The name of the book is MEDICAL APARTHEID [The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present] by Harriet A. Washington (a Black Sister)

      YOU WILL NOT WANT TO STOP READING THIS TRUTH, and you will be surprised of the so-called leaders, who were involved with Sanger’s program, and the Tuskegee ‘experiment’!!!

      These modern day Boule’ negroids are no different from the Boule’ negroids of yesterday. MLK was a Boule’ negroid, and so was DuBois! ALL of those politcal negroids are NOTHING, but pawns for these crackers.

      If you OBSERVE, my Sister, ALL of these screachas are not for the benefit of our so-called ‘freedom.’ Those racist crackers used screachas during our forced enslavement to keep us docile, just like they are doing today! Sharptongue Sharpton are you listening?

      ONE LOVE!


  32. @ Bro D, Regina and P Battle, All Praises Due! !! Keep writing the truth, because u can have all the facts and not the truth. Great letter at 15!! And no one answered me on how do sovereign nations stay sovereign? Why haven’t we attacked China, North Korea or Russia or Saudi? Are Afghans taking an azzwhipping? Answer please someone. When u r in a fight, u gotta take more blood to win, than give more. The aggressor has took be met equally with equal force. Ask the North Koreans .. Maat. ..

  33. Correction -to be

  34. @ Bro D ..U r right about the term REBEL! ! The United Snakes support the REBELS in Syria, Libya, Egypt, and anywhere else that viral resources are sought. Good stuff ..Hoteo

  35. Correction – vital

  36. I just received Brainwashed in the mail today and Medical Apartheid will be delivered Monday.

  37. Rev. George Brooks

    John Lewis was with Dr. King, but since he’s more seen now he’s been put up there as if he was King’s top man, and almost on a level with Dr. King. The Edith Pettus bridge was not the WHOLE civil rights battle. And folks need to stop tying to make Lewis Dr. King, because he was not, and NEVER can be anything close to the likes of Dr. King. And he needs to take his old fashoned, out-dated, humble, country-talking self home to Georgia, and allow a younger black to now have that Congressional seat. He talks that same old forgive and love everybody mess. And is now trying to make Joe Biden a great civil rights leader, and “a brother of another color,” as he recently said. Which sounds likes he’s pushing Biden for president in 2016. What great things did Biden do involving civil rights back in the 1950s and 1960s? It’s time for Lewis, John Conyers, Charles Rangel, and a few of these other “ancient blacks,” who have done well, need to retire. — Rev. George Brooks

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