Joe Walsh of Tea Party Chides Mrs. Obama for Attending Hadiya Pendleton’s Funeral

joe walshHadiya Pendleton lived a short life. She was only fifteen years old when she was shot and killed in a Chicago city park. The shooting came just one week after she returned from Washington DC, where she performed at the Presidential inauguration. She had a life full of promise and was a smart girl that generally everyone liked. She was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There was a “We the People” petition floating around, insisting that President Obama should come to Hadiya’s funeral. Even Reverend Jesse Jackson signed the petition in support of the teen and her family. The President was not able to make it, but his wife Michelle was. She showed up on Saturday for the young girl’s funeral. What seems like a heartfelt act is being criticized by Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh. He says that the only reason that First Lady Obama showed up at the funeral was for political push.

Walsh sent out a few tweets about the First Lady saying “”Heartbroken” Michelle Obama attending funeral of Hadiya Pendleton. I guess the other 553 murder victims didn’t break her heart. Most of the 553 Chicago murder victims in 2012 & 2013 were young black males. Is she attending this funeral to make a political point?”

Hadiya Pendleton was the 42nd homicide in the city of Chicago this year alone. If the city keeps going at the pace it’s on, it will be the deadliest year since 2002. Gun violence has been put into the media spotlight, and the petition to get the President to come to the funeral was a part of people reacting to the gun violence and gun control laws. There is a reason Chicago is also called The Bl0ody City.

59 Responses to Joe Walsh of Tea Party Chides Mrs. Obama for Attending Hadiya Pendleton’s Funeral

    • Anytime a cracker says something to PASIFY you negroids, y’all agree with them!

      What you failed to REALIZE is…WHERE WAS THIS mother/fuka? Was he at any of those funerals, or is he just getting some airtime attacking FIRST LADY Michelle? Black people must be aware of these demonic demons, who are posing as, saints and xtians, but are nothing, but haters, heathens, hypocrites, and devils!!!

      This redneck yankee don’t give a d**n about Black people!!! Just look at this devil!!!



      • Truer words have never been posted. Yeah, where was his pasty white a**? Who is he to criticize the First Lady? Crackas like this guy are just like Satan, they’ll find any crack or even create a crack or flaw and exploit it trying to raise the voices of their ignorant, inbred minions out there sucking on the FOX “news” teat. Here’s what I say to him and his ilk: Whitey, please.

        • This is why they are CRACKERS!

          They CRACKED that whip on us, they came through the CRACKS releasing their venous religion of xtianity, and they’re always CRACKING jokes!

          The True niqqaz and devils are CRACKERS!!!

      • Derrick, I could not have said it better myself

  1. JOE WALSH is a deadbeat dad who does not pay his child support. He is also another rightwing fanatic tea party clown. The Tea Party does not want to fund our public schools, or to help anybody in need. He could care less about the youth in Chicago. He is also the clown who rudely yelled “YOU LIE” while the President was giving a speech. WALSH is a sorry excuse for a man.

  2. This blog should not even heighten what Joe Walsh is saying. All he is interested in is getting black people to react to his craziness. We are way beyond reacting and are about the business of finding solutions to all of the violence in our society, especially in the black community.

    It is interesting to note that most of the guns used in Chicago for gang-banging, etc come from Mississippi???

    Hats off to the black churches in Chicago who are coming together to work with the schools and communities to use their facilities and buses to provide an outlet for after-school programs and community watch forces. Now is the time to circle the wagons and protect our children and neighborhoods! Where there is a will there is a way!


  4. When Trayvon Martin was killed conservative teabag whites like him bashed the president for even commenting on it. Yet they are silent when the president and first lady comfort and speak out against violence against whites. I agree with others that this racist clown should not be given any credibility. Unfortunately the president and first lady opened themselves up to this sort of criticism by letting white public opinions polls dictate to them when they show any concern about issues like violence in America.

  5. Joe Walsh’s mouthings don’t amount to anything. Just ignore the fool.

  6. Joe Walsh needed some publicity — did not work!

  7. Though Mr. Walsh obviously has a political motive for his statement that Mrs. Obama’s decision to attend Hadya’s funeral was due to a political push, he is correct. President Obama was simply forced to send his wife as his representative because of mounting pressure from the black community and some white activists. Prior to Hadya’s unfortunate passing, hundreds of other black children–who were as special as Hadya–had died in the city of Chicago because of gun violence. However, neither the president nor his wife had even cared to make a public statement. On the other hand, when the gun violence in Sandy Hook took place, the president naturally knew that it was his duty to shed tears publicly in order to demonstrate how hurt he was for the loss of those children’s lives. He was also quick to make a personal and presidential visit to that town to further demonstrate his hurt. The president’s obvious and seemingly deliberate lack of attention to his hometown children certainly reflects the same double standards that have been used against Blacks for centuries. Therefore, we must ask ourselves if President Obama is truly a friend to the black community. I would personally point out that he is simply a “wolf in sheep clothing” whose sole interest is to help sustain the status quo.

  8. I commend FLOTUS for making her presence known. She shifted the atmosphere satan is mad. What other first ladies is known to visit a bereaved family who lives was taken by gun violence.

  9. Only a dumb a*s tea pary redneck would think the first lady could attend every d**n funeral of Black children that have taken place in Chicago, this child had a connection and was a very bright young lady.
    The President and First Lady cannot do everything nor be everywhere for everybody. Political reasons??? What is she going to get out of this? Some white folks were just born to be idiots with or without an education!

  10. I don’t know that walsh person but I do believe he’s a idiot. Why does the media print c**p like this. What Michelle did was great. People need not expecting them to be everywhere and do everything they ask of them. When I signed the petition for President Obama to go to Chicago and speak to the youth there I also told that young lady not be upset if he can’t be there. It would be good but I am not sure if it will make a difference because he can’t make them stop killing each other. He can plead with them but if they continue to do what they’re doing then his speaking will all be in vain. Blacks all over the world need to realize that we’re only helping the white do their jobs. They’re sitting back watching us kill each other and saying to themselves that’s less than we have to kill. The more we kill each other the better for them. Stop killing each other. We’re all going to die one day so why are we rushing to do so. You’re dying younger and younger everyday. It just doesn’t make any sense. President Obama can talk to you until he’s blue in the face and some of those same ignorant a*s people standing there listening will leave and go shoot and kill someone just because. No rhyme or reason. Some of those killings are wannabe gang members form of initiation. Just stop because you’re killing innocent people. All the marches aren’t going to change anything either. It’s the people with the guns that need to decide they want to live to get old and tired of dying young.

    • Your comment is so dumb it is amazing. Where the heck does black teenagers get the money to buy high powered weapons that cost thousands of dollars fool? Have you ever tried to buy a gun? They cost tons of money.

      Why do fools like you want to blame TEENAGE CHILDREN who are innocent too? Obama’s govt used to jail parents for neglecting children and put them in a foster home or juvenile home so that they’re protected from predators. If obama cared one iota for the safety of children he would be doing this now. ALL DUMB NEGRO LEADERS GIVE IS LIP SERVICE. Almost all of the selfish fools are not fit for public office.

  11. who the –f– is he to tell anyone anything? just a deadbeat. stfu and sit down, –m–f–r–!

  12. Everything the PRESIDENT & First Lady does is going to be put down by the right wing. They show their ignorance at every turn.

    • Yes, the obama’s kiss white b**t big town and they still dont like them. Maybe they arent doing it right. instead of waiting for chicago’s kids to kill themselves off, maybe obama should use them for skeet target practice. He’s probably thinking about that. He has done everything else to try and get some rascist white love.

  13. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    Joe Walsh is a loser in the worst sense. He rightfully was drummed out of his seat in Congress. Too bad more of his likes survived the Obama landslide. He and Allen West both got what they deserved-a boot out of the House.

  14. Tea party folks are just p*****s that stay in the can and think of bull to attack folks. Who care what his party folks think? Does he have work to do since they care so much about the economy?

  15. OK, where do I start? First of all Walsh is a PWT racist Tea bag loser whose opinion means nothing to me. HOWEVER I was upset by the slow response of the President and his wife to this case because the child had just honored him by performing in the Inaugural parade! I was there I saw the pride in those kids faces and the joy and honor they expressed in their performance. WHY did it take a PETITION to get their attention to this case! The honor student was gunned down in his city and neighborhood! A friend of mine said maybe this hit too close to home for them considering their daughters are of the same generation and I say all the more reason to respond to this particular tragedy! Chicago I pray for you and plead with you to not give up on fighting these Ignorant killers and bring the Rap Hip Hop industry to task! This mess didn’t happen when Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire, and the Chi-lites were around!

    • Yeah it did. Ever read “Makes Me Wanna Holla” by Nathaniel McCall? It may not been as bad, but it was pretty d**n bad.

  16. Why is what this tea publican clown says news worthy? He should be taking care of home and pay up his child support. Michelle Obama does not even know that this circus clown exists and besides what business is it of his. He was voted out of office after one term because the American people recognize that he is a useless blob of air.

  17. If I were as ugly as Joe Walsch I would shut up and be nice to compensate.There are no gun stores in black nieghbourhoods. There are no aeroplanes owned by blacks flying guns here.Blacks are not the ones rushing to arm themselves. Even with the tragedies in the country old stupid white men in authority, including the ignorant so called T party, are still obstructing the Great American President Obama to make sensible gun reforms, but the president will succeed because he was sent.

  18. I don’t care if he is black or white MAKES NO difference.Once again the racists, BOTH BLACK AND WHITE, want to make this about skin color The issue is why did they choose this funeral to attend? Is she more important than any of the other people that are killed her every day? The question I have is what did it cost the US people for her and her entire back up that goes along with her to attend the funeral? Also who paid the fees to have the other Victims family to attend and sit with Michelle at the SOTU speach? This is just a way for politicians to get more votes…had nothing to do with sincere sorry for the family. Yes I am sure she was sad about this murder but what made this so different/ It was in the news THATS WHAT. She would have attended the funeral if the victim was black or white if it was the right move “Politically”..It was an opportunity to make a splash and sell themselves and their party. We need to get rid of ALL of the people in office and start over. Eliminate the legal bribes that go on with the lobbyist SO THE VOTES ARE FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE AND NOT FOR THE GOOD OF THEIR PARTY. Until this happens the circle will continue and nothing will change.

  19. @eddy:

    If this was a caucasoid gal, that got shot by some white boys, you wouldn’t be saying that shyt!

    O’Drama is doing EVERYTHANG for these gays, foreigners, and caucasoid male and females, so what’s wrong with Michelle attending this young lady’s funeral. She didn’t live far from the O’Dramas. It was close to Hyde Park, one of the most distinquished areas in Chicago!!! The O’Drama’s have a home in that area!!!

    Take your racist demonic azz back to your cave!!!

  20. Who really cares about a cracker that’s the son and grandson and maybe generations more of Ku Kluxes. Chicago is the frist lady’s hometown and she can d**n well please go to or go where she wants to. This Walsh was a teenage white boy that participated in harassing blacks and calling us n**gers and now he thinks that because the media “ALLWAYS” focuses on anything negative someone white says about the President or First Lady immediately gets coverage. Well confrontationally he knows where he can go. Keep his white behind business on where his wife goes and what she is doing while he’s away, do that.

  21. Chicago is the First Lady’s hometown, white boy. Anytime you white boys have something negative to say against the First Family it “Allways” and “Immediately” gets coverage. White boy worry about where your wife goes and is than to worry about the President’s wife. She is not any of your European business. Get it!

  22. I don’t understand why everyone is making this about race. I don’t care if joe walsh said it, jesse white said it, or the president of freakin korea said it, its the truth! Hadiyas death got way more coverage than any other death in chicago and I find that to be very offensive to the families of all the other murder victims to be pretty much outshined by this girl as if she was any more important than everyone else. I’m so sick of everyone talking about how”good” and how much of a “perfect angel” she was. So all of the other muder victims were bad? Did they deserve to be killed just because they were not honor students or maybe they talked back to their mother every now and then? I may not be an honor student or be as perfect as miss hadiya was, I’ve rolled my eyes at my mother, disobeyed her from time to time as majority of teenage girls do, but I know I am a good kid. And it p****s me off to know that if it had been ME who got killed in that park, michelle wouldn’t have even offered my mother a condolence because I was not as “good” a kid as hadiya was.

  23. @ Rebecca

    Look deeper at the;
    - current political climate regarding guns
    - political motivations & machinations of politicians
    - media manipulation

    Its tragic that Hadiya was killed, as always should be the case if any human being is murdered in this way however we do have a long pending & tragic issue that has been and is raging fiercely throughout the black community for a number of decades which doesnt appear to be relenting in the slightest.

    Joe Walsh first and foremost is a tea-party member who is venomously a racist at the very least as are his cohorts within that movement and they’re going to take politically strategic swipes at the current administration by using the issues to get some sort of public empathy with surface statements which at the root of it lies nefarious intentions which do not benefit the people.

    I believe it was President Roosevelt who once said, ‘in politics its not about doing whats right or wrong its about doing whats necessary!’

    With all due respects Rebecca, I suggest you reflect on Roosevelt’s words when you look at politicians making statements, legislation etc as they themselves have not forgotten that maxim, nor do they depart from it.


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