Jesse Jackson Wants Obama to Come to Chicago, I Just Want Him to Do SOMETHING


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Since the shooting death of 15-year old honor student Hadiya Pendleton, millions of black and brown eyeballs have turned toward the White House, wondering if there is a racial disparity between our beloved president’s reaction to the deaths of white vs. black children.  Millions saw the president cry in front of the press after the tragedy involving the kids in Sandy Hook, but have watched him respond coldly to the slaughter of over 500 black children on the south side of Chicago.   If those kids in Connecticut had been black, I dare say that the whole gun control conversation never would have happened.

Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow/Push and other ministers are now calling for President Obama to come to Chicago to speak on gun violence in the same way he went to Colorado and Connecticut.   Rev. Jackson recently made this statement:

Chicago is in a state of emergency. Lives are being lost. Fear is growing. Local officials, ministers and community activists are working diligently but cannot break the cycle. We’re seeing more than one funeral a day. Our children are traumatized. Many are afraid to go to school.

In this crisis, we need the president’s leadership. President Obama can provide the knowledge, vision and inspiration to bring us together to address the crisis. He can speak to the children to calm their fears.

“We are making this call collectively that the president bring the weight of his bully pulpit and bring resources,” T. Lane Grant, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, said.

“We have a modern-day Sandy Hook every day in Chicago. We didn’t have 20 kids killed in one place. But we had 26 kids shot at Harper School alone,” Bishop James Dukes, Helping Hands of Englewood, said.

Pendleton’s death struck a cord with many because they can’t find a way to explain away her murder:  She wasn’t a gang banger, she wasn’t “running with the wrong crowd,” and she wasn’t hanging on the corner in the middle of the night (black kids are rarely considered innocent victims, for they are not allowed to make mistakes).  Hadiya was just a good student, waiting with her band mates for her mother to pick her up.  You see, people (even black ones) have a way of concluding that when a black child dies, it’s somehow his/her fault.  This is how many of us become convinced that black kids deserve the violence around them, thus giving our leaders a reason to pay more attention to dead white kids.

The “blame the black child” racism is sickening, and what’s saddest is that it usually comes from black people seeking to excuse Obama from performing his presidential duty.  The three-fifths clause, which once declared black people to be far less than human, is still administered by some of “us” who believe that we don’t deserve the same respect and attention that the president has served to gays, illegal immigrants and white people.  The president’s decision to compare a fight in a gay bar to the civil rights march in Selma Alabama  is a firm reminder of just how little he and Valerie Jarrett think of the black struggle for real equality.

The mere request for equality, even if made humbly, is often blasted by those who seek to discredit the messenger  rather than actually determine the validity of the message:  For instant Obama defenders, the words “I care about Hadiya Pendleton” will surely be replaced by the words ‘I hate Jesse Jackson.”  Or, perhaps they will blame Hadiya for living near a neighborhood where black people are killing each other, without recognizing the fact that white people kill each other too.

Oddly enough, we’re being more than generous to the White House by only asking that black people receive equal attention relative to other groups.  The fact is that we actually deserve MORE attention, since we gave the president MORE support.  For some reason, this logical math equation doesn’t compute for those who seek to worship Obama rather than simply support him:  When you give more, you get more, unless you are naive and ignorant enough to ask for less.

“The area of Roseland and Englewood is where he was an organizer, so it would be so meaningful. So we reach out to him not as a political challenge, but as a moral appeal,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said.

Even a request presented as humbly as the one stated by Jackson is likely to be met by vitriol from those who would rather talk about how much they dislike Jesse Jackson than to speak up for the poor little girl who died.   Suddenly, some of us have decided that we don’t need Rev. Jackson’s voice any longer, and have gladly traded it in for a voiceless man in Washington who doesn’t even care to say a peep about nearly depression-era black unemployment or a documented discriminatory effort by the prison industrial complex so astonishing that it has ruined most black women’s chances to find a suitable husband (Clinton or Bush would never be allowed to get away with such a thing).  This is the era of Black McCarthyism, an odd period in history where even those who voted for Obama are handily persecuted by those who feel that we must bow to the president as if he were Jesus Christ himself.  I reject this notion entirely and believe that all truth-tellers must make it clear that no one man’s political success is more important than the protection of our community.

President Obama, who earned the extraordinary distinction of being the first bi-racial president in American history, is at risk of having his legacy in black history tossed into the trash.   Even more interesting is that I don’t think he really cares, not unlike the man who wonders why his mistress loves him so much when he rarely picks up the phone to call her.  The black community, who supported Obama more than any other group, has sat to the side and quietly allowed the White House to put every group in the front of the line except for us.  The meaningless chants about Obama being “everybody’s president, and not just the president of black America” have even been echoed by the president himself.   I dare the White House to respond to calls for support from gay rights groups by saying, “I’m not just the gay president,” or tell Latino groups that Obama is not the president of illegal immigrants.  If he were to do such a thing, they would never give him their votes.

Of course, there are those who might read my words and somehow conclude that I’m a traitor because I refuse to worship any politician. They might be livid over the fact that I’ve openly questioned whether a bi-racial man raised in Hawaii by white people can truly connect to many parts of the black experience.  As much as we hate to admit it,  Obama may have cried for the white kids because he was once a white kid himself.  Obama was never a poor black boy on the south side of Chicago.

I respond to the critics by saying that anyone who will let black children die in the midst of an unnecessary mandate for silence is not a friend to African American advancement.   Those who refuse to speak up for Hadiya  Pendleton might as well have put the bullet into that little girl’s back themselves, since countless deaths of children living today can be avoided if the president takes decisive action.  In spite of what we have been led to believe, black children are people too, and those who care must strike the fear of God into those who dare act as though the suffering of our children is irrelevant.

It’s time for black people to show the self-respect that the Obama Administration believes we do not possess.   If the Obama Administration’s treatment of black Americans does not match that which is provided for other constituencies, then one can only conclude that his presidency has been a disaster for the black community.   When even the NAACP president (long a strong ally of President Obama) says that African Americans are far worse off under this president, we can see that the cat of racism has been let out of the bag.  Racism is most sinister and destructive when it has a black face.  I challenge anyone to present evidence to the contrary.

Dr. King reminded us that people must be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.   This also goes for Obama and the binder full of white men who shape his presidency.  It’s time to open our eyes.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.


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  1. I was humbly impressed with this article. You touched on very valid points. SALUTE

  2. I hope the Obama sycophants and apologists watch this very closely. This will perhaps awake them from their slumber. Should Obama go to Chicago and at least shed some tears? Yes, he should. Will he? Probably not. It has to be understood that there’s no political payoff here–no one cares about black kids dying and since we’ve given him our vote with no strings attached, he really has nothing to lose by not doing anything.

    I’ve long felt that we need start facing facts–no one is going to help us but us and we need to pursue an independent course of action on the challenges we face. To do that, a true group of leaders must emerge who are interested in things other than basking in the klieg lights and engaging in photo ops, but who are truly interested in fixing things within. I’m convinced that any movement, no matter how slight, towards addressing our issues will garner more “help” then we’d ever get begging–the reason being that our going off the farm independently will end a few political meal tickets as our question would become “why the h**l do I need you? I’m handling this myself”. (The “help” will come as a tactic to control at that point or to take political credit rather than to really help anyway). Basically, we need to cry a river of tears for this girl and start working to fix the issues ourselves. I’m not saying it will be easy, but only other choice is to continue to give up our vote and beg and cajole folks— and the jury is in on that one–it ain’t working. Obama don’t give a d**n and neither do most of the other politicians we’ve been voting for.

    • You need to STFU with your stupid ideas that will lead more blacks to the jailhouse for violating the criminals rights. They have more rights than the innocent and everyone knows it.

      The river of tears should have started years ago for innocent toddlers.

      • STFU? Doing what other people do by helping oneself is a stupid idea? Who said anything about becoming a criminal by violating criminals?

        I was getting ready to spend my valuable time writing a rebuttal, but you have an apparent reading comprehension problem and I don’t have time to provide remedial education for fools.

      • @ James, omg another good one….falling out of my chair!

    • Greg,
      What would happen if our President goes to Chicago???What is going to change after e speaks???? There is nothing that the President can do to stop idiots from killing one another. People in the community need to stand together to get that done and there is no President tha can stop it unless he sent in the armed forces and there became a shoot out between the armed forces and the gangs in Chicago and then that is another issue. In Louisville, KY there were shootings everyday for a quite awhile and I never thought that sending in the President to visit any of these senseless shootings. It is a terriorty issue that has nothing to do with what happened in Aurora. These killings are between black people killing black people. Jesse Jackson wants recognition and he is not being recognized after he starting hating this present President. Jesse needs to do his thing and not bring attention to himself. He should be embarrassed and just work quietly.

      • Toni, we one the same page. There’s nothing that an Obama visit would do other than be symbolic. That changes nothing as far as the work we need to do ourselves to address our issues. The problem with our folks is that we lack the capacity to even accept the help and that’s the sad part. Let’s say Obama started a jobs program, how many of our kids have the job skills to even take a job? Many lack the basic work skills to even show up on time or show up at all. Let’s say that Obama decides to set up some grants to assist with some other issue. Who will manage it? There’s a paucity of people within the community that can even manage such a thing. Basically, we don’t even have the capacity to accept anyone’s help because of the lack of basic skilled folks within the community and this is why things are so jacked up. The only way to develop the sort of capacity that we need is to help ourselves and once we get about doing that, we’ll find that we actually need less help from others and if they do help, we’re better positioned to utilize it. It is in the course of helping oneself that you figure out stuff and gain confidence in what you can co. Above all, this is a leadership problem as well as a vision problem. No one has a vision for the black community other than begging for someone else to solve the problem and our so called leaders lead by begging rather than doing.

      • “There is nothing that the President can do to stop idiots from killing one another.”

        You b***h… these are misguided and abused kids that don’t know any better. What they need is just a tiny bit of guidance and positive influence to get them on the right track, and the president’s words have more power than you think they do. They just happen to have easy access to assault weapons, which is terrible. If he speaks in Chicago, and calls on the police force and the mayor to increase security and the sweeping of guns out of the hands of minors out of these ghettos, that can solve A LOT of the problems right there. He’s very capable of doing that, he won’t get involved though unless white kids or white people start getting hurt.

      • what did he go to CT or CO for? Will his going there stop gun violence?

      • So you think that our non-aggressive religous leaders are more able to fight vicious drug cartels than the mililtary who are trained in warfare??? You are one piece of dumb horse doo doo.

        Black people are shooting black people over DRUG terrorites. if dirty dumb leaders would stop protecting the drug cartels, the murders would stop.

      • @ Toni, u making sense!

    • @Greg, you’re right but for all the wrong reasons. Blacks in America have been on a downward spiral in this country for a long time. We’ve stopped going to school, we think selling drugs and rapping is going to get us through life. We’ve allowed the foreigners to come into our neighbors and take the only businesses we had and in turn treat us like s**t in the process. The American economy is based on production and if you aren’t producing something of value to everybody you ain’t worth s**t to anybody. The only things the masses of Black people are producing are crack babies and prison inmates. I hear people talking this s**t about our vote and how we overwhelmingly voted for Obama; well newsflash, our vote is the only thing we have to offer the American Economy. Until Black people realize some of the things you stated and start acting accordingly and stop looking for somebody to bail us out of this downward spiral we are going to lose what little leverage we do have and pretty soon that precious vote you speak of won’t mean s**t.

      • James,

        My response to Toni would be a response to you as well. We gotta put it in some work. That’s the only way.

      • Are those lies you wrote, ordained by the kkk and obama sounds like it.

        Why dont you tell your precioud leader to enforce civil rights and job discrimination so that blacks are not harassed off their job?

        Everybody I know goes to school, dont sell drugs, will rap if that is what they choose to do (it is their civil right to do so).

        obama gave the foreigners $60 billion to open businesses and made sure they got licensed. We allowed nothing. Blacks dont live on a reservation with their own govt like American indians. We are not a nation of lawless mob action.

        We offer a lot to the economy inspite of our handicaps, and even our people on welfare create jobs when they buy food, and other goods. They pay taxes into the system, and make white landlords rich on section 8 programs.

        You know nothing about economy.

    • @ Greg L. Right on!

    • Naghma Samadhi-Gray

      Why should Mr. Obama go to Chicago if he feels it’s not in the best interest of anyone ? sounds like a set-up to me. His move is a wise one in my opinion, and I am black from my head to the bottom of My feet. But clearly just being BLACK PPL is not the issue. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE THE PRESIDENT CRY OVER PEOPLE’S LOSS OF LOVED ONES TO KNOW HE CARES. I DID NOT CRY, AND I DO CARE Give the president a break and let him do his job according to the dictates of his own heart, integrity and what . So treat him like you have treated all the White Presidents you have lived under If that will support you in not losing your own perspective. I recall studying about the line-up of government officials ( as a youth ) and the President was to be respected just because. Disagreements/grievances, etc could be expressed through our state Representatives in congress. Now we elect them just to go and receive fat pay checks and we let the world know about how we disrespect our leaders. I also learned through living; A NATION Divided AGANIST ITSELF WILL NOT STAND. watch out AMERICANS, WE ARE BREEDING HATRED THAT WILL ONLY ERUPT FROM WITHIN. GOD SAID, FIRE NEXT TIME. OK. I HEAR YOU LAUGHING !

  3. Jesse knew obama wasnt going to do anything for black people when he got up there before the election and begged negroes to vote him back in, so why the outrage now?

    Could it be because the fools in chicago who washed the blood of poor black children run through the streets of chicago like water and said nothing, have finally realized that playing the decent person game doesnt matter to bullets.

    Could it be that the drug cartels they support setting up shop in the black community, have broKen their commitment to TARGET ONLY the poor?

    Affirmative action negroes who are nothing but poor blacks dressed up in monkey suits, taking money to kill their own, are getting what they deserve for turning their backs on the poor.

    Jackson’s outcry should have been made when the first INFANT was killed in the backseat of his mother’s cry. WHERE WAS JACKSON’S OUTRAGE THEN????

    • Our President did not beg anyone to vote for him…He did what other politicians did and ask for the vote…It is not unusual for that to happen.

      The word negro is being used quite a bit in this site. Is it that you are really wanting to use the other word that starts with an “n”???

  4. I am sick of dumb negroes continuing their racist rhetoric against former Bishop Mitt Romney when they know nothing about the decent Godly man he is, other than the lies spewed out by those wishing to elect obama by any means necessary.

    Negroes can try to justify their stupidity of electing a negro just because he was black, but dont try to destroy the reputation of a decent, good man, who said he would be president of ALL of American and look out for the welfare of ALL of America while you’re licking your wounds..


  5. I’m so disappointed with President Obama on how he has turned his back on the Blacks community it’s like he is know only black in color and his politics is his white side he is catering to the Latino and Gays and not the people who supported him in both elections over whelming.All the tears for white children and none for our Black children he can’t even have their backs . So was he lying?

    • Would someone please tell me how President Obama’s visit to Chicago will stop crazy out of control young people from killing each other. How do you pass by your police commissioner, local officials,state officials, community groups, churchs and lazy parents, and blame the president for what is happening in the black community? Would you like him to send in the National Guard and blow everybody away? Help starts within you! Obama has no magical wand. Get up and take your streets back. If you are afraid they will not respect you, what makes you think they will listen to the president? He cannot raise your kids, nor stop a silver bullet!

      • Virginia, I believe the whole idea is for the President to TO try and rally the people like leaders use to do back in the day. Like someone said earlier ALL of the so called Mega Church preachers needs to descend on Chicago.

        If nothing else, “publicizing” the senseless violence will least start the tide rolling toward change.

        Yes, there are lots of underlying reasons for this that can only be resolved in the community taking a stand against violence, reporting it anonymously, neighborhood policing and etc.

        This is a cycle that will likely continue well after we have left the planet.

      • How did his visit to Sandy Hook help those people??? He should show Black families the same respect he has shown those white families. Obama is a coward. He does not want to be seen as catering to the needs of Black folk, because he fears the wrath of racist whites, as they roast him for being in bed with the Blacks.

    • Barbara Turner if our President were to start crying for black kids that die he would be crying for the rest of his administration.

      He cannot stop those gangs from killing over drugs & territory. As I said before he could bring in the military and then when the military and those gangs get involved in a shoot-out then you will be angry with him about all of the gangs that left the city b****y.

      If you live in Chicago, the people there can do it themselves by going to the local leaders and banning together and turning those criminals in. Those fathers, boyfriends, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins know who some of them are and they can report this activity.

  6. If the President go to Chicago for this young Lady’s Funeral then he would be called upon by other Parents of children who have lost their lives to be present at their Funeral’s as well. I don’t recall him going to any of the Children Funeral who were killed in Newtown however he did visit the Parents of these children and knowing how compassionate he is I am sure he has reached out to her Parents in some way.The President can not solve every problem and crisis and him going to Chicago is not going to stop the violence it is thugs that run the streets of Chicago and if the Mayor and other officials along with the Chicago Police dept.can’t do anything just what is the President going too do.Jessie Jackson has talked until he is blue and still murders are happening everyday.Perhaps there could be some kind of Gang Summitt in the near future but even that want help there was one in L.A.years ago between the Crips and Bloods and it worked for a while but soon they were back too business as usual (Murder).I still say what the leaders in Chicago need to do is request the President to send the National Guard too help bring some stability to the streets.

  7. The “I Just Want Him to Do SOMETHING” comment makes no sense — Obama can’t be everywhere to stop every bullet flying in every city. People are responsible to a great extent for what happens in their own communities, starting with the families. Blacks need to stop thinking Obama’s presence will make a difference — he is not a Savior. Neither is Jesse Jackson. He couldn’t prevent MLK Jr. from being shot even though Jackson was in Memphis with King Jr. when he was assassinated. So how can Obama “do something” about random killings when he cannot predict them anymore than Jackson or anyone else can. Since Jackson lives in Chicago and his organization is there, what prevents him from being the big man to stop all the murders? Should he hold himself more accountable than he holds Obama accountable?

    Obama cannot respond to every individual situation. As far as we know, Obama might have called the parents of Hadiya, the young lady who was killed. I saw an interview with Hadiya’s parents who obviously raised a bright young woman they could be proud of. The parents themselves were dignified and I feel compassion for them in their loss.

    The person or people who shot Hadiya are to blame — no politician at the national level is responsible for the everyday behaviors and general stupidity of other people. Why are these thugs killing innocent people on the streets? What about friends and family who should intervene and talk to individuals who they know might try to harm someone? Parents should have more influence than politicians.

    Dr. Boyce’s statement: “The fact is that we actually deserve MORE attention, since we gave the president MORE support” is comparing apples to oranges. Hasn’t Barack Obama said many times that we need to do all we can to prevent senseless deaths of children and youth? Does Dr. Boyce assume black children are not included in the general statement made by the POTUS because Obama didn’t specify “black?”

    I do agree with Boyce’s oft-stated view in general that black people should not continue supporting politicians who do not look out for them, but why would expectations be so much higher under Obama when there was not much outcry about blacks “getting enough attention” when we voted in droves for other Democrats?

  8. So, Dr. Boyce wants Obama “to Do SOMETHING.” Please specify what that something should be — because ceremonial rituals only go so far.

    If more black youth had access to jobs and additional training opportunities, maybe fewer would be vulnerable to the lure of the streets. So perhaps the thing Obama can and should do is push immediately for summer and part-time school year jobs (and training for young adults who are not attending school) so that people are engaged in productive activities. This would require major funding similar to CETA programs that were enacted in the 1970s/80s.

    Dr. Boyce, you are a smart man. Please consider offering solutions rather than just whining about wanting Obama to “do something” — as if anything will do.

    The parents and family/friends of these wayward youth also could use training, support and encouragement to do the right thing by intervening and seeking help for loved ones before people go too far off the deep end and kill promising youth who could make a difference in their community.

  9. Oboma can’t do what his owners won’t allow him to do. HE IS OWNEDDDDDDD!

  10. These people are not asking the President to go to Chicago because he’s the President, they’re asking him to go because he’s a Black President. Would they have asked Romney or McCain to go? Obama is doing what is Presidential; things being asked of him now are for city and state officials. If 26 Black kids and adults had been killed by a sicko mass murderer in Chicago he would be there. These killings have been going on in Chicago and other cities for years; is he supposed to go to every funeral? What makes the killing of this young lady different from the other innocent people killed from senseless gun violence?

  11. Peter D. Slaughter

    Overall,this whole scene is just updated black on black self hate,genocide,eugenics and population control.
    It is on automatic now and nobody showing up and making whatever type of speech or begging some of these black people to stop the black on black and violence and self hate is going to put a stop to it.

    Until a vast % of black people finally realize that it is the updated slave type c word music,plus these violence movies and video games that has been programming these shooters to self detruct.
    The carnage will continue,simple as that.
    When the light bulb goes off in many people’s head to leave these white made guns and ammo alone and start rebuilding these urban warfare type areas with peace,love and unity with a new mentally of liberation.Only then will this massive level of destruction stop.

  12. I established a foundation called the vic-ki foundation(Violence Isn’t Cool-Knowledge Is) to address all aspects of youth violence in Middle Georgia.I recently held a Symposium on Bullying with a panel of very knowledgeable professionals. Cyber Bullying, violence behavior,social worker, retired principal/teacher and a law enforcement officer. It has been studied and researched, a child who is a bully is 30% likely to have a criminal conviction by the age of 24 and just as likely to carry a gun. You would think that if parents were concerned about the violence going on especially in the African-american communities they would have flooded the 500 capacity facility, 8(eight) parents attended”. I’m “just saying”

  13. It amazes me how we as Black people are so over analyzing the issue of the President coming to Chicago. Trust me, those white folks in Connecticut expected him to come PERIOD! No one was getting all into ” he is only going to come to town for a couple of hours and then be gone” “what difference is him coming going to make” and on and on with giving him a pass for not showing up which would bring attention from the highest office in the land to the serious problem that exists in the urban neighborhoods of color all over this county. These same negroes are clueless about the new policy to kill US citizens outside this county. Guess what, the white folks are ok with it because it won’t be any of their race caught up in the madness- only people of color. They could only get this irresponsible policy to fly with a President of color in office.

    • Deborah, you would be better served if you would speak on something you know a little about. Sandy Hook is an entirely different situation from what’s going on in Chicago, and if you and others can’t figure out why I’m not about to explain it to you. As far as killing U.S. Citizens outside this country; these are terrorist who have denounced their citizenship and have killed innocent Americans and will kill your azz if they had the opportunity. It’s a very small mind that thinks and expects this President to cater to the all the whines of Black people just because he’s Black. He needs to be respected as the President of the United States by everybody.

      • Deborah is correct regarding black people over analyzing if the President should come to Chicago. Like she said the white folks in Connecticut just expected him to appear, which he did. There a nationally emergency going on the inner cities of America due to the War on Drugs. Hence, the President should appear.

  14. Racism is most sinister and destructive when it has a black face. I challenge anyone to present evidence to the contrary.


  15. Jessie has been in Chicago all his life, now that he is no longer in the public eye he want to gin up his rep by attempting to do what he should have been doing all along, but no, he was shaking down coke cola so his son could be a distributor! Or kicking back $$ from the rainbow “collusion” to Jr to run for Congress and yes Jr screwed that up because he didn’t work for it in the 1st place.

    Obama a Community Organizer before he was anything else in Chicago, what could have been a better project for him! He didn’t care then and does not care now!

  16. Toni yes he should cry for all the children Black and White because it could be his child or yours. I’m raising 6 grandchildren and I do everything I can to teach them what not to do and keeping them safe and the State of Connecticut tells the parent or Guardian how they can or cannot discipline our children but it’s ok for the police to b discipline them by beating them or even killing them and it’s ok!! My grandchildren are taught to LOVE their self and their BLACKNESS and the N word cannot be used in my home and that EDUCATION is the key to success and for them to volunteer and give back. I want to leave you with this my oldest granddaughter is a sophomore at Louisiana State University as a Biology Major she wants to go to medical school and yes I’m a poor black grandmother but I’m not dumb or ignorant and I advocate for mine so yes we all should cry and do something to stop these killings.

  17. Barak Obama is a man. He is nothing more, nothing less. His power as a man could mean a lot to the young men who have no guidance. If he would just speak up and forget about politics, forget about America and just focus on what is right. Truth be told I love that man like a brother but he shows me time and again he is not my brother because he will not fight for me. Anyone who will take from you (your vote) and not fight for you is a backstabbing snake in the grass.

  18. He was here in Minneapolis, MN on Tuesday Feb 5 to talk about gun control.

  19. I think Jesse’s right to appeal for the president to come to Chicago, not just to attend Hadiya’s funeral but also, as someone pointed out earlier, to meet with other parents who have lost their children to gun crime.
    Murder is murder and he (pres. Obama) should show compassion for all people under such circumstances, however he must accept the fact that there are diverse groups in America who have their own unique and exclusive concerns and they would some form of redress in the same way, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that we want pres. Obama all for ourselves because he’s black.
    He attends to Gay issues, who are believe are an exclusive group and the very same is the case where Jews are concerned, however the same principle which is used with the aforementioned groups is not applied to us???
    I think thats shameful, bearing in mind that we Black people helped Pres. Obama to sit in the White House…2 times!!

    Its quite obvious that he cannot spread himself around to everyone all of the time but what I see is his actions and they generally tend to incline toward indifference where we’re concerned.

    I think its clear to see for those of us who are wide awake that he was never going to address us an indiviudal group as to do so would go against the aims & objectives of his puppet masters, and he’s not prepared to sell them out anytime soon!!

    Consider the parable of the good samaritan, a man was coming from Jerusalem down into Jehrico and on his journey he was robbed and badly beaten and left for dead on the wayside.
    Esteemed individuals seeing his suffering passed by without helping him, but only the Good Samaritan came to his aide and poured oil on his head to heal his wounds.

    Who is that man who was travelling to Jehrico from Jerusalem?
    Who is that ‘Good Samaritan’?
    I would certainly say that the ‘Good Samaritan’ is NOT Obama!!

  20. Didn’t Obama tell you Negros before that he isn’t the President of “black people”? When will you get in your heads that when it comes to black-he doesn’t give a d**n. You want his attention? Offend the gays or the immigrants…

    • And there you have it, in a nutshell. It is comical how black people, who are obviously brain damaged by too much crack, cant comprehand that obama doesnt love them, but Mz, maybe he does love them. HE made it possible for crack dealers to set up shop right next door, and now they can get their fix easy and cheap. That’s how they know obama loves them and the rest of us non-crack heads keep wondering who the fools are that continue to lie to themselves, when all the time IT IS THE BLACK CRACKHEAD THAT HE LOVES, AND THEY LOVE HIM BACK.

      Finally the truth comes out.

  21. @mister Alexander article was not about Jesse Jackson500 murders in Chicago 315 Philadelphia 175 in Newark I think the problem isa national problem he addressed the problem in Connecticut he’s everybody’s presidentit seems as though he only address the issue that was concerning the white kids in Colorado and Connecticut

  22. Mr. Kendall…”In total, the Obama administration has awarded over $26 billion in federal prime contracts to African American-owned businesses. That has happened with the support of the Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency, which has helped thousands of African American-owned businesses access $5.5 billion in contracts and capital from 2009 to 2011, a 155-percent increase over the prior three-year period”.

    One billion equals 1000 million dollars! Thus, 26 billion is 26 thousand million dollars. You sir, should not copy propagated propaganda off the Internet, but rather do your own research. When it comes to any Federal Agency, i.e., SBA, DOC/MBDA, USAID etc, publishing glowing reports of what they’re are doing or have done for the historically excluded, particularly Black Americans, you should fact check the advertisements of “their good deeds” against the General Accountability Office’s(GAO)Congressional Audit Reports. The fact is, Richard Nixon’s administration did more for Black Enterprise than the Obama Administration has ever done. When the Obama Administration do for Black Enterprise what they’ve done for Wall Street, Investment Bankers (TARP) and Hedge Fund Managers, please, please, give me a call. Until then, I respectfully advise you to do your research and drill down beneath the Obama hype. Ben Jealous is factually correct that “Blacks have [economically] done worst under President Obama”. Thank you

  23. Personally I don’t believe the President would change the dynamics of Chicago. Does I believe the give a d**n about black folks not truly. Does black folks give a d**n h**l naw, get off you’re a*s and address you’re problems. It’s you’re children who’s killing each other. The President kids are safe what about yours? Whine and complaints. But work no it not you’re passion. Unfortunately the real fighter of this community is gone


  25. When President Obama made a comment about responsibility in our communities folks got upset-Jesse Jackson makes this statement just to anger folks again to turn them against President Obama which is as I see it is the crabs in a barrel syndrome-why is it that Jews, Mexicans, Italians etc. can all stick together, but Blacks cannot? If the relatives and friends would start turning these fools in, maybe the crime would slow down or stop-if fear prevents you from saving your streets, what makes you think President Obama can speak and all will be well? How long have children been dying needlessly in Chicago? Did anybody question previous heads of state to stop the violence by a visit to the communities? Will anybody attempt gun control-will anybody take a gun from one of these kids?

  26. Why bash our president? This story sounds fishy to me. And yes, I am Black & supported President Obama twice and still support him.It seems to me that this story could have been told in a less hostile way. Or
    does jealousy play a major role in this report? Does Jessie Jackson expect the president to do with one public address, in Chicago,what he has not been able to do in the past forty plus years? Give it up Rev. Jackson, we see where you are coming from.

    • Could not agree with you more! Nobody can stop these young men from running around with their pants sagged down to their knees, but they want the President to publicly address a situation that neither Jesse Jackson nor Louis Farrakhan have been unable to correct in how many years?
      Sorry Jesse but this is just more BS to throw shade at the President-you missed your chance, get over it!

    • 5 STARS G Dixon ***** (I totally agree).

  27. Wow….Sad but so true…

  28. You’re all forgetting he had a white mother, and was raised by white grandparents after being abandoned by the black father you all so willingly mention.

    • I have thought about that often. The President doesn’t seem to have too many brothas as friends does he? However he does have a lot of white buddies, and female buddies. I think the President has issues with Black men. Reggie Love being the exception.

      • take at look at his cabinet…hmmm…there has to be qualified people of color…men and women. I cant name one right now, but there has to be….

      • and why does that mealy mouth, no sock wearing, uncouth embarrassing reggie love seem like the sleaziest unqualified negro on the planet? what do they have in common? similar habits maybe? hmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting

  29. Do many of us have so little self respect. Just like the killers you don’t value Black life.

  30. How about the communities, parents and relatives of the murderers come together and turn these criminals in and stop with the “no squealing” (whatever the term is). If people STOP letting them get away with their crimes, the crimes will cease because the criminals will know that there are consequences to their actions. I hear Father Pfleger often speaking up about these things. He asked a question recently “What kind of mother are you that you would allow your child to come back into your house knowing that he just killed someone?” As a mother, most times, we know when our child has done something wrong.

    We have to take responsibility for what our children are doing out in these streets and teach them the correct way to go.

    President Obama should not have to come and stand in front of a group of people, black, white, chinese, etc. to tell them that.

    I understand the frustration of all that is going on, I just don’t understand what Jessie Jackson, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley or Dr. Boyce think that President Obama is supposed to do about it. It’s like they’re telling him, we’ve been waiting for Daddy to come home and fix everything. Until the so called “leaders” and the communities do what they are supposed to do, nothing will ever change.


  31. Wow, Dr. Boyce Watkins, The People’s Scholar, it’s official, you’re a demagogue! Congratulations:)

  32. Why do you want him to shed a tear for somethone he has no kinship. Black people have and will continue to be marginalized , but somehow you bought into hope and change . Maybe someday

  33. Wow. So many ignorant Nyggers on this site hold the President accountable for nothing. Self hate and willie lynch at its worst. You don’t want to hold obama accountable for ANYTHING regarding blacks, but it’s ok for him to cater to every other group. I guess in you simple minded slave nygger minds obama really is just the “President of gay, illegal immigrant, and white america”…….you are the negroes that will vanish and fall victim to the okie doke. Lee you are right. These coons don’t even realize that they don’t value black life. Too many idiots like Maria, G Dixon, James A, Gemgirl, Toni, and the rest of you self hating, nyggyr turds. Good luck to you because you’re gonna be shocked when whitey brings the hammer down. wake the f*k up idiots

    • Blackd.. you were a bit harsh, but I agree with your point COMPLETELY. Black people are really really sick. The self hatred is scary to me.
      And I was a HUGE Obama supporter in ’08. worked my fingers to the bones for him both times. But he is blatantly disrespecting us by ignoring our cries, yet cater to other groups. Yet many of us don’t even see this. There should be a march to the White House by Blacks for his behavior. I’d be right in the middle.

    • Blackd — I am a conscious black woman. People in our communities need to hold ourselves and each other accountable as well as take a stand against injustice perpetrated against us/others. Your name-calling in labeling those you disagree with as “self-hating negroes” tells me you can’t come up with a good argument to dispute people who realize that President Obama is just one man. No one person has the power to solve all of the deep-rooted issues we face in America.

      I know I do my part each day to be respectful and collaborate for solutions with other decent people.

      What are you doing? I bet all you do is talk and complain.

      • GemGirl – you missed Blackd’s point COMPLETELY, smh. Did you tell the White victims families that THEY need to hold themselves and each other accountable…? that Obama is only one man. Did you say that to the Gays, Hispanics?? What’s wrong with some of you Negroes who think only OUR problems should be solved without assistance from Obama??? These black chidren being murdered are MOSTLY innocent victims also??? ‘He’s only one man’ you said. Do you know how stupid you sound. He’s the d**n president who has used his power to to help solve OTHER GROUPS specific problems. Why not ours????? Dayum!

  34. JESSIE JACKSON needs to DO SOMETHING!!! He’s been in Chicago all these years and never asked any other president to “DO Something”. What is Jesse Jackson doing besides trying to stay revelant

  35. Black people are always trying to blame other people for their issues…especially black men. Take responsibility for abandoning your children, going to jail, being uneducated…who’s fault is that? Nobody should give a d**n if you don’t.

    • And now the drug cartels have stolen the boys and trained them to do their bidding. My heart bleeds for them. the drug lords are the only men who paid them any attention and they will kill anyone who comes between them and their father figures.

  36. AND WHAT IS THE PRESIDENT SUPPOSED TO DO???? WHEN you got ppl that don’t give a d**n about another human being or their own lives, just what the hellis he supposed to do? we as a ppl have to stop blaming President Obama for what is happening in Chicago and put the blame where it belongs on the ones that don’t give a d**n about anyone not even themselves. i wish i could just take all the gangbangers, theives, murderers, child mloseters , and blow torch all they behinds.

    • STACCEE — Reading is fundamental. NOBODY is BLAMING Obama for the violence. What people are saying is.. ‘something HAS to be done to stop the killings of INNOCENT chhildren’ The president shed tears when the White children were killed (I did too), it was horrific. But I’ve been shedding tears for the innocent Black kids too – killed everyday.
      SOMETHING has to be done. IT will take time – years, but innercity violence should be addressed and specifics set in place to begin a change. A committee should be formed on the national level by the greatest minds to brainstorm and find solutions. THEY CAN FIND SOLUTIONS if they tried. Obama should lead the d**n way like he did for the white kids. He’s the d**n president! He’s finding solution for other groups, why not us? To you folks who say it’s not his job about innercity violence, will you say the same if he does nothing about police brutality and the injustices in the criminal justice system too? will you blame black people for those problems also?

  37. I’ve been listening to these comments and most of them are absolutely absurd. Try this: Take the face off of Obama. That’s right picture him as not Black or White, just faceless. Now try and picture what a faceless President would do in Sandy Hook, Colorado and what’s happening in Chicago. You see, most of you people are caught up in what you think a Black man should do or should be doing. Obama is no longer a Black man; he’s the POTUS who happens to be Black. Dr. Boyce Watkins, the “People’s Scholar” (as he calls himself) a PhD doesn’t even understand the difference. Dr. King’s dream was to have people judged “not by the color of their skin but the content of their character”. I personally don’t care whether you love the President or hate him; but don’t base that love or hate because of the color of his skin. And for all of you that keep talking this c**p that “we put him in office”; we didn’t. It took Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and every other ethnic group in this country who have the right to vote.

    • And so why were he and michelle having steve harvey and every other entertainment negro on tv /radio begging blacks EVERY darn day for months for their votes. it is ridiculous how they spent all that time brainwashing black people against Gov Romney and now that he is back in office, the ingrate is showing his natural a**e and acting just like the worst “N” word. Wasn’t this negro supposed to be a role model for other black men? So far he has only role modeled on how to:

      lie and cheat
      be disloyal
      use people
      abuse people through his words and deeds
      be cowardly and roll over like a dog for the opposition
      has not an original idea in his head on how to do his job
      and he’s probably lazy too

      if it looks like a “N’ word, acts like a “N” word, he is a “N” word

  38. My heart goes out to Hadiya Pendleton and her family. President Obama may not be obligated to attend her funeral, but his presence along with Michelle, I am sure, would mean a great deal to her family, particularly, when she performed for him during his inauguration. It would also give President Obama an opportunity to do something for her, by elevating her campaign efforts against gun violence to the national level, which complements his recently announced agenda for stricter gun control legislation.

  39. I believe that the wool has definitely been pulled over our eyes. the death of any child is not exceptable but, Obama has made a good point of not addressing the the needs of the 90% that turned up to the polls to make sure this country wasn’t turned over to the Republicans and Romney. Listen, Republicans, Democrats. . . They are all the same. Both sides are there to make us feel like this is a democracy. This country was built on the b****y stains of racism, and you know how impossible blood is to clean up. Black people over all races, are still treated as second class citizens. We allow, and except all the racism this country throws at us because we have no unity. No unity= no change. People like MLK would have rather died than face the injustice that we face today. To point the finger at Obama or Jessie Jackson, is displacing blame. Blame ourselves because people can only do to you what you allow them to do. We have Laid down in the fight and are now allowing ourselves to be kicked. We complain to d**n much and don’t do anything to change our situation, and writing your distain on these types of forums doesn’t help either, It’s like passing a secret note in class hoping that the teacher doesn’t catch you. Black people. . . We have lost our fight and are losing the war! The racism we face now is not as blatant as In the times of the civil rights movement but, the racism that goes unidentified is the worst kind. Things will only get worst if we don’t stand up and fight for our rights! Don’t revert back, and stop crying! Leave that to our enemies. That is all.

  40. I lived 25 minutes west of Chicago for 38 years of my life (MAYWOOD, IL). What’s taking place in predominantly black communities of Chicago is NOT NEW!!! We know its NOT NEW!! We as a community is MENTALLY, SOCIALLY, AND ECONOMICALLY CONDITIONED TO OUR OWN INFLICTED GENOCIDAL TENDENCIES!!!! You can try to disagree if you like—-Us educated and certain tax bracket blacks—where do MOST (not all) move when we reach a certain level of success??? Out of our childhood drug, impoverished, jobless, CHURCH-filled, liquor store lined, and boarded up businesses!!!! When we are ready to stop pointing fingers at Rev. Jessie Jackson, and expecting Obama to speak up for our communities—GO PULL OUR BAD AZZ NEPHEWS, COUSINS, and some of our OWN KIDS OFF THE STREETS—that’s doing the killing—- then we will START making a change!!!!!!

  41. A A system designed to be totally controlled by people of european ddescent. Will never allow Obama to adress our agendas 100%.
    Even if he wanted too, and he really dose’nt. Inspite of his wife and children Obama is a mulatto, his mind is not Afrikan,in my opinionour leader should never be invoveld in politics this high of a position in this euro centered system.No I am not a Black racist, our leader when chosen , will focus totally on our plight, our problems, his /her main focus would be to come up with solutions .That will able to prepare us for competing on the world stage. Reintroducing the Afrikan Amerikan people to his place of origin, and his/her families he left behind . Forging alliances with with brothers and sisters im the whole Afrikan diaspora. Obama has no such things like that in his heart. His blood line won’t allow it,he is a.mixed factor the white man’s other greatest weapon.
    So bickering coming from euro centric thought, trying to figure out why he has betrayed us, is a wast of time. He is a shade of black don’t mean he is Afrikan.
    No real help will we find in a betrayer of our people, history proves who betrayed the Afrikan revolutions. In hatiti, Amerikkka in the early 1900′s. ?
    Vrothas and sistah’s we have to handle what goes.on in our communities ourselves. We don’t have allies, Afrikans have no friends but ourselves. Every outsider has betrayed us.through out history, and.history somehow repeats it’s self. Liberation for our people must come from within. Obama is not Tthe Afrikan descedant here in Amerikkka leader.

    • @ Josef Johnson, sad, but I know some Afrikaans from the motherland who wants nothing to do with American Blacks, but that topic is for another day…

      All shades have to learn to come together just like all of the Hispanics people here in the U.S. I believe that is why their census numbers are higher than ours. “Blacks” here from all over—hair kinky like mine, don’t want to be counted in the same group as us American Blacks.

      I’m not sure how the U.S. Census does its count, but this MIGHT explain why the Hispanics are showing greater population numbers—just a thought…

  42. lol, I’m laughing to keep from crying at the self hatred of so many black people smh. We cry blood when white children die yet are so indifferent when black children die!!!
    h**l Yes we should expect MORE from the first black president- to those d**n idiots who say we shouldn’t – HE’s BLACK. Nobody else has cared about our problems (those specific to OUR community) at least a Black president should. ESPECIALLY when he’s bending over BACKWARDS for other groups SPECIFIC problems.
    What’s happening in the inner cities is despair and self-hatred by a group of people (OUR people) who have been oppressed and dispised for centuries. When the locals can’t/won’t make a difference, the government should step in.
    During the president’s first term I said we should wait until his second term – give him a chance. But when I see his d**n agenda and see how he’s responding to black folks DESPAIR regarding the Chicago killings (ignoring them), I’m afraid Obama is turning into a House Negro like so many other Blacks placed in leadership roles.
    I’ve been a huge supporter, donated so much money and time to his campaign in ’08. Worked and voted in ’12. Now I find myself saying I wish I had supported Hillary.

  43. Keith "Tart" Bond

    We have to take care of our own problems – It’s blacks murdering blacks – I want the President to send the National Guard in on the thugs – f**k the thugs – They are destroying the black community with drugs,robbery, murder…..

  44. I am in total agreement!

  45. Some assertions made here that I would take issue with- but some points too:
    1- Do not dimish the scale of tragedy at Sandy Hook. Since when do we classify the importance of deaths by color? What is the President’s crime in crying for these children?
    2- Jesse is right, but will the Administration listen to him.
    3-Aren’t the binder full of white men comments a little racist? Since when do we employ black people to look diverse?

  46. I definitely need to run for Mayor. I really do believe I have some answers. I have even named my political thought and philosophy. I call it Socialocracy. And through it I can create change from the bottom up.

    Yes I am white, yes I have been to the west and south sides. Yes I have been through upscale and downscale white hoods, and of course through various Latino communities here in Chicago.

    My solution empowers us and redefines the goal of Police.

    If anyone is interested in more and also helping me create a stealth mayoral campaign, please feel free to contact me off the list.

  47. Wake-up Family why is it that we Black people can’t get alone? why can’t we not be HATERS? what happen to the common Respect we had for each other? What’s so wrong with agreeing to disagree? Family as I have said many times before for all of you who speak to what others have not done or what they do not do, ask this first What have you done for someone else? and if you have what was it? We meaning some of us always have something to say about others and all along do nothing at all. So I’ll end this as I started it WAKE-UP EVERYBODY for we need each other as one to make the changes that we as a Black People need done in our Community. We have to stop asking and calling for the Man or the Government and The President to do what we won’t even do. Family I Love You All. Peace And Love, With Power To The People. The MellowOne-Jeff. Jeff Lewis {Detroit}.

  48. Family I had to come back with this, what is really the saddest thing when everyone starts saying what everyone else need to do, let me break it down this way: 1. First of all it’s not the White Man nor the Black Presidents job to rise our Children, it’s our job, Black Mother’s and Black Father’s and our Black Community. 2. We as Black People need to stand up to the fools in our Communities and take them back meaning our Communities and our Children too. 3. Father’s need to be just that Father’s and do the job that God put Father’s here to do. 4. Mother’s need to be Mother’s and rise there Children and stop trying to be there friends, buddies pales and do the job as God put Mother’s here to do. 5. We Meaning Black people in America have almost a Trillion Dollars that we give away to everybody but our selves no Black young person should ever be without work nor should any other Black person with that kind of wealth, But we Meaning once again Black People to many of us don’t see the real for what it is, we do not see our own VALUE anymore, to many of us would rather work for the Man rather then be the Man and I mean that in a good way. Our History has told us what Family it told us we were KINGS AND QUEENS and we still do what think like and act like hood-rats. Those are just some of the things we Meaning Black People need to do and do NOW. I Love You ALL. Peace And Love, With Power To The People. The MellowOne-Jeff. Jeff Lewis {Detroit}.

  49. Obama is NOT God. No one person can solve Chicago’s (or any other big city) issues. What can we each individuallly do to make a difference? Who’s got something going on that makes a difference that we can support?

  50. I swear black people get on my nerves. First you want black politicians because you expect that they’ll get in office and support the black cause. Then they get into office and you expect them to perform miracles on the level of God and can’t be satisfied, no matter what. I’ve always said I’d NEVER want to be president of this country. It may look glitzy from the outside, but it’s the most stressful position anyone can have, everybody wants you to solve their problems not even realizing the magnitude of what you’re responsible for or the limitations you have within your relatively short tenure. Basically you’re signing up to be a glorified fall guy for every person who doesn’t want to take responsibility for their own situation.

    Obama is a man, plain and simple. He doesn’t have absolute power. He can’t run to Chicago to hold the hand of every parent whose kid gets shot on a daily basis. And even if he could, what would it solve??? What.the.h**l do you expect him to do to miraculously solve a problem that existed long before he came into office and is way more complicated than merely stopping the violence? What the h**l are his tears going to do? This isn’t a Disney movie! The only people who can save the community are the people who are either destroying it or sitting by quietly and watching it happen. Every single one of you people who elects a politician into an office then forgets about it, never gets in their face and demand change, and never complains about the problems in your community is responsible for turning things around in your own damned community because you’re responsible for the s**t being shabby in the first place. Complacency should be a crime! It always amazes me how black people sit on their a***s and complain about what someone else isn’t doing for them, when you look around their community and it glaringly obviously they aren’t even trying to do anything themselves. If you act like you don’t care, don’t you think that’s what the rest of the world is going to see? If you don’t care, why should they? It may seem fickle, but people would actually give a little bit more of a d**n about things like this if you simply used a garbage can and kept the neighborhood clean. But even then, nobody understands the dynamics of the community and it’s problem better than the residents, and therefore no one is better qualified to deal with the problems than the residents.

    You want to put an end to the madness? Raise your kids right from the cradle and keep them occupied (so when they grow up and have kids, they understand what being a good parent is all about), and mentor a stray instead of putting them down. Even if you don’t have much to offer financially, a person showing a child they genuinely care is enough to make a huge change in their life – the lack is why they join gangs in the first place. The black community needs to be a village now more than ever. Call it “Operation Save-A-Kid”, or the “Gang Reduction Initiative”. Even if the parents are a lost cause, the kids can be saved. All the marching, complaining, and drawing attention in the world isn’t going to the stop the violence. People need to take action and actually DO SOMETHING. The wealthier blacks should create scholarships to programs that will keep these young people off the streets – invest in these communities by opening some businesses that can serve the needs of the mixed incomes and provide jobs. If church is all you’ve got – drag your kids into one as many days out of the week as you can. An idle mind is the devil’s playground, and when you have what could be brilliant productive minds with no sustainable outlet, you have a recipe for trouble. Get off your a***s and look for the free programs and scholarships that are already available and take advantage of them. I sat outside for more than 24 hrs to get my son into a free music school, I was first in line and there was a thunderstorm, but I wasn’t about to move. When he needed a full sized instrument, I put one on layaway. If he needed me to meet him at his lessons with his cello while he was trying to get there from one of his programs, I got on the bus and made sure he had it. There are no excuses. If you stopped being such label/weave/nail/rims whores and invested that money in your kids education you would see these problems decline. Walking around in designer outfits but can’t afford to pay rent and your kids look like refugees, or worse, your kids are packaged nicely but have empty brains. I’ve never had much money, but I’ve always made sure my child was an absolute priority.

    It’s messed up that sometimes I see comments from people of other races about bad experiences they’ve had with blacks and I can’t come up with any defense other than “we aren’t all like that”. I knew the southside of Chicago was a trap when I was growing up out there, I hated it, the mentality (which hasn’t changed at all) and the segregation, and I vowed to never raise a child in that environment. 1st chance I had I got out. My son is safe away at college, on scholarship, without ever having experienced any of that c**p. I’ve caught a lot of flack for not wanting to live south. I’ve always been accused of not being black enough, and that’s okay, because I’m alive enough and whole enough to be whatever I want without the fear of a stray bullet ruining my life or my kids lives.

    Much respect to the parents who are doing everything in their power to raise children instead of statistics.

  51. And on the subject of the irreverent Jesse Jackson…he can bite it. Look at what he raised and what it married. I’m not impressed and never was. PUSH is full of whores masquerading as so-called ministers and if they’re all the hope we’ve got for black leadership, then it’s time for something new.

    My best friend has lived in Sandy Jackson’s former ward for several years now and streets have been riddled with potholes that have only gotten worse the entire time while she and her husband have been living the good life and laundering money.

    When it comes to politicians, it’s all good intentions before the get there, but after the only color that matters is green. Once black people accept that reality and start pushing for change, they’ll be a whole lot better off.

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