James Meredith On Black America: We’re ‘Failing Our Young People’

Dr. James Meredith spoke to a crowd of 300 people at J.F. Drake State Technical College in Huntsville, AL.


In recognition of Black History Month, Civil Rights activist Dr. James Meredith spoke to 300 majority African-American people at J.F. Drake State Technical College in Huntsville, AL. Dr. Meredith, famously known for being the first African-American to attend University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS, spoke to the audience about carrying out the work of God and raising children.

Dr. Meredith said society today is turning its back on the Bible and children. “My present mission from God is to get the black people in Mississippi to do for themselves all they can do to improve their lives,” he said. ”The truth of the matter is we black people are failing our young people. Usually, we’re blaming somebody else in the past as being the reason.”

The 79-year-old author of 16 books also encouraged the audience to mentor a child. ”Why did the religious leaders pass their brother by and not help him?” Dr. Meredith asked. “It may be the same reason we old folks today fail to do our job. Those preachers probably asked the wrong question: What will happen to me if I help this manLike the elders of today, when we see a child in need of guidance, we ask, What will happen to me if I help this child? The question should be, What will happen to this child if I don’t do my job?” The most popular point that Dr. Meredith made during his speech was when he addressed the need of providing children a structured upbringing, and with a 72 percent out-of-wedlock childbirth in the African-American community, a structured upbringing is becoming less and less popular.

Dr. Meredith added that children who have a potential to be a famous athlete get most of the attention. ”Every black boy 9 years old with extra athletic ability has got somebody following them daily,” he said. “Any dumb person can tell if a child has extra special talent – whether they are smart, real smart, average or slow. Right now, we’re losing all our young people because nobody is monitoring them.”

Dr. Meredith accepted questions from the audience and signed copies of his latest work titled, A Mission From God.


Do you agree with Dr. James Meredith?

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network and Dr. Boyce Watkins. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. 

46 Responses to James Meredith On Black America: We’re ‘Failing Our Young People’

  1. Not only are some negroids failing our children, the government is also doing the same. Malcolm X once said, “anytime you’re still runnin around here, talking about, we shall overcome…the government has failed us.”

    Nothing has changed, since James Meredith attended Ol Miss! There is still racism on the campus, Black athletes are only being used as ‘atheletic studs’ to make money for these racist institutions, and the Black presence on the campus has very few Blacks in authoritative positions.

    “My present mission from God is to get the black people in Mississippi to do for themselves all they can do to improve their lives,” he said.”

    If ‘god’ ain’t helped Black people yet, what makes him think that ‘god’ is going to help us now?


    Looked what this so-called ‘god’ put him through just to get an education! If this ‘god’ was so righteous, why did he send this man through so much HEII???


    • Not only are some negroids failing our children, the government is also doing the same.


      Private citizens cant go into homes and make drug addict parents do the right thing or lose custody of their child, but the govt surely can.

      We have about 30 to 40% of people addicted to drugs who cant even take care of themselves. They need to be jailed for their own safety, and their children need to be in controlled environments like juvenile detention centers or foster homes.

      The govt can stop all this madness anytime they want. Drug BOYS and their mothers need GOVT protection from the drug cartels. It is just that simple.

      • @carol: “The govt can stop all this madness anytime they want. Drug BOYS and their mothers need GOVT protection from the drug cartels. It is just that simple.”

        You are on point! In Georgia they had pigs, who were PROTECTING the drug dealers!!! As a matter of Truth these pigs were buying drugs, while they still were on duty!!! I keep telling these negroids, ain’t no such pig as a good pig unless he’s on the grill…DEAD!!!

        This racist government aka willie lynch, is bringing the drugs, guns and death into our communities via the cia, fbi, and these racist pigs!!!

    • I have noticed too that since Obama has betrayed and tricked old negroes out of their vote they refuse to admit how wrong they were, and duped and live in denial. So they turn to God, when God GAVE THEM A GOOD MIND TO USE TO HELP THEMSELVES.

      Admitting you are wrong is not a sin.

      Staying wrong is a sin.

      As long as people are in denial, they cant move forward. If they would stop listening to paid negro leaders they could think for themselves.

      I almost threw up when one 78 year old said to me that the Mexicans in california who are killing and threatening black people to make them move, is no different from white folks gentrification forcing them out of their homes, through inflated property values!!!

      I was thinking, “Fool violence EQUALS DEATH AND TRAUMA.”

      Gentrification means you get some MONEY for your property to start over somewhere else and you get to live to see anothr day.

      And this woman has a master’s degree!! but she was so brainwashed into hating and blaming white folks for EVERYTHING she couldn’t understand a word of what I was saying.

      How can young people stand a chance with old negroes so bent on hating until the end of time aren’t qualified to lead them anywhere but to death and destruction.

      • where are the crips and bloods at?but really it is a federal issue where can a illegal m**o come in and tell a citizen of that country they have to move out their house. i bet nowhere on earth.the feds should crush

  2. I know I did not create myself–a higher entity created me. I know I cannot be my own God. I understand negative accompanies positive and that I will meet both in my lifetime–my creator makes that so.
    If we collectively promote living vs. dying, we will achieve great things. If we decrease the number of actions we take that support killing animals, trees, and other entities, we will live better. That is how we can help the children. Teach and tell them the truth and they will rise and achieve great things in our name.

    • Your comment is well taken. Any time you teach a child to respect the sanctity of ALL life he will not grow up to be a murderer.

    • Love that comment! Some identical to my own words! I submit that our statements should have been a reply to the statement that included “be your own d**n god”. It would be improved if added that the Bible, Islam, Judaism, and really all other major faiths I know of, tell us that we are already gods. The majority just never read, knew, or paid much attention to it, let alone what they meant. We don’t ask about solution until the preventable is ripping us apart for not being prevented.

      Too many more needed to prevent things now. I beg people with an holistic understanding reach beyond their own circle of friends and activities right now. Into the backwoods and back allies with the knowledge. Help set the captives free with sharing and organizing in consciousness. That’s where the people who are overworked (trapped), distracted(trying to escape the wrong way), abused at home and at work, angry, stressed out, not eating right, and confused, really are. They’re at the game, the reunions, the casinos, the schools the jobs, the Walmarts, on the video-games, and working for the very people who are killing us all.

      More frustrated because their responsibilities to their families have them working for them. They must be warned, and respect you more for caring enough to listen and empathize, and more for daring to propose multiple and unknown solutions (free energy, use of magic jack, Eating healthy, inexpensive alternatives they never considered, power foods that unleash mental clarity and expansion now (like wall nuts, almond milk, olive oil, black rice, Turmeric, coriander, etc). Why? When people enslave, murder, or oppress, survival depends on mental and spiritual health, and ability to absorb knowledge, to use creativity (imagination), research, and faith for the best seeking and finding that which frees you/us from victimization. Thought travels faster than light, learning increases that action, time is manipulated as a result of learning.

  3. @ Bro D .. These are so chicken hearted negroids. U see he asked. ” why did the pastor not help this child? ” why in the h**l does he think? Its not profitable! ! I counsel kids and they may need some change to stay outof trouble and i give it to them. These pastors ain’t giving a kid any change or let alone his parents who may need some help. Ask these kids people who will give them some change? U guess it, NINO BROWN! ! Then what? U already know. We don’t luv one another , and it shows daily. ” Ratatatat-tatatat like that, never hesitate to put a nicca on his baacckkk”….Dr Dre and Snoop…Nuff said. ..Hotep

    • @Imhotep: “We don’t luv one another , and it shows daily.”

      No Truer words have been spoken. I was at a store yesterday, and these negroid fe-MALES and males have so much HATE on their faces, and their actions toward Black men are evident!

      Even our children are hatin’ on us adults because this is what they see in their homes, on tell-a-LIE-vision, and these murderous videos they watch. A child ALWAYS imitates what they see and hear.

      I see negroids, who don’t even know me, have that look of hate on their mugs (faces). These dumb azz negroids are now spitting at each other, digging in their eyes, scratching where they don’t itch, and yawning at each other just like honkeys code language!!!

      This is why I always say, that integration and religion has fvcked up the minds of negroids.



      • Derrick,the impersonator, why don’t you go to Hollywood? You are a great actor.You are eighter a teenager making jokes or an adult in need of mental health theraphy.

  4. Ones ignorance can be improved upon,but stupidity is very dangerous.derrick is part of the on-going problem that has to be realized,assesed,and addressed before african americans can move forward.Our ancestors have always had faith in God.Even those who do not perscribe to Christianity,have in most part a belief in a Supreme Being of some sort.What you promote is really atheism.The belief that we are on our own,and should be accountable to noone for what we ourselves do,and that is incorrect.The many challenges we as african-americans face are great and real.The last thing we need are individuals promoting the reckless and false belief system derrick holds.

    • Derrick is an individual created by GOD himself, with certain rights that fools like you can never take away.

      Christianity is about FREEDOM – freedom to choose what you believe. God forces no one to choose Christ/Christianity. If you had an ounce of salvation you would know this.

      If I had to choose who is more Christ like, you or Derrick, I would choose Derrick.

      Your words have an evil undertone. You place the blame on certain individuals and you sound just like Adolf Hitler before he exterminated and placed blame on the Jews and carted them off to the death camps.

      You sound just like Satan himself.

    • @robby:

      I am not an athiest, xtian, or muslim…I AM A VICTIM of white supremacy and racism!!!

      Where was this ‘god’ when Afrikan and Black amerikkkan people were forced into enslavement? This shyt went on for 500 godda.mn years and counting…

      The racist cracker slave maker FORCED his religion of xtianity on the Black enslave people, and told them that THEIR god was ‘white’, which is the ABSENCE of color.

      Today, negroids beLIEve in a ‘white god’, and they can’t cut this false deity loose because it has been embreded in their minds, that ‘god’ was a ‘white boy’. These new age slaves love them some ‘white jebus’, and if I told them, that they are GODS, and THE TRUE BLACK MESSIAH, was/is GOD, they would kill me!

      Anythang that is ‘religious’ is just that…somethang you are taught to beLIEve in over and over; that’s all religion is…a repeating of the same old false teachings. The suffix (re) means to do over again.

      John 10:34 reads: “Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?


  5. I find Dr Meredith’s words very refreshing after reading about out so called leaders blaming Obama for all of the ills of black people. When Sugar Ray Leonard moved out of Palmer Park Md, he built a recreation center for the children and for years returned to buy new equipment. The old folks in the neighborhood bad mouthed him for not greasing their palms. Dr Meredith should take the lead with his wisdom because I am tired of the feuding leadership that blames those at the top when the problmen is at the bottom. The black family used to take pride in family, religion and core values. We are afraid of our kids that are constantly evolving into misguided criminals, drug addicts thug types that refuse to be checked by anyone. Example, Lil Wayne rapped, “I’m going to take a pill and beat that p… up like Emmit Till. Leadership is quick to get at Obama, but Lil Wayne truly has the ear of many of our young people. Arguing with ignorant people can cause one to lose direction, I tend to let them have at the ignorance because they have left the station and will return only when they hit the wrong way wall.

  6. James Meredith says; “The truth of the matter is we black people are failing our young people. Usually, we’re blaming somebody else in the past as being the reason”.

    In the first half of this statement he is actually right, collectively speaking we are failing our young people as most of us have written-off our yong generation as degenerates. He made an interestin analogy with the good samaritan parable in another sentence but I also think that the parable applies here also, as many look the other way when it comes to helping or mentoring our young brothers.
    Personally I think there is a fair measure of culpability on the government where our plight in America is concerned and although many black folk like Mr Meredith often dismiss the historical actions of the US government where our affairs are concerned they must begin to explore the psychological impact of our enslavement as we still suffer from its traumas to this very day.

    James Meredith says; “My present mission from God is to get the black people in Mississippi to do for themselves all they can do to improve their lives”.

    I think what Mr Meredith says here is quite noble as we need divine guidance to get us through and beyond our maafa.

    Derrick spoke of a “fake deity” that we tend to depend on…I agree to some degree in the sense where we need to have clear definitions as who at what ‘God’ is. If we think that ‘God’ is based on Michelangelo’s depiction in the Sistene Chapel of Rome, and he lives in the sky or space ready to either zapp you if you do wrong or miraculously give you your ‘daily bread’ then YES that is a “fake deity”.
    However if we look at ‘the deity’ as one being crystalised into the one-ness of the universal spirit/law, i.e. the human being making the impossible most possible, then that is a more realistic example or definition of what ‘God’ is, not anything abstract or ethereal!

    In a way ‘Derrick’ did explain the ‘God’ as such but from a secular perspective….nothing wrong with that!!

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  9. Sorry but the reason the our people is in this condition and will always be in this condition is because we have forgotten the most high. There is nothing that will change. A lot of people say that there is not a god because of all the evil doing happening but what people do not realize is that we have to get back to the most high for results. I am not talking about religion which was made to divide and conquer. I am talking about getting back to the laws, statutes, and commandments of the most high. The reason why our people is in this condition is because our forefathers went away from the laws and in doing so we would be punish until we get back to the most high Deut 28:23 And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.” slavery and the continuation of imprisonment of our people! Deut 28:32 Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long; and there shall be no might in thine hand. Deut 28:33 The fruit of thy land, and all thy labours, shall a nation which thou knowest not eat up; and thou shalt be only oppressed and crushed alway: Deut 28:36 The Lord shall bring thee, and thy king which thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other gods, wood and stone. Us being scattered throughout the land and serving other gods wood is Christianity and stone is Islam which worship the big stone is mecca! the 2 religions that our people is stuck on. Deut 28:44 He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. Deut 28:48 Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the Lord shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee.

  10. Glad to see so many people talking and going so deep on their perspectives and arguments.

    I think it is, and it isn’t about co-existence. I lived on both sides of the street on white, black, and a lot of traveling and hanging out around the planet. Raised in 5 locations of the South Bronx – as an only son to a single Mom. Went through much doo doo that we claim falsely “everyone” goes through. Thankful for being a survivor, defender, and still a brother of the brothas – now then and forever.

    Point being, I definitely appreciate it when I see our people taking the ‘time’ to read (learn) and write / responses that reflect honest but critical thinking, that not only shows you read the others and considered it, but taking the conversation to a whole new level with each meaningful exchange. Just Glad to see people put real effort in learning from one another. I don’t see it enough. Props out to all.

    My point otherwise is that Truth ‘IS’ God and Love. That’s my holy trinity. And the truth does not separate itself from fact. Spirit is real, but our unity in spirit is deliberately divided by other than just ourselves. Yes we can do what we will as Marcus Garvey used to say, and true if you have the will. The will doesn’t come unless somebody loves you, or loves people enough to give of their time to show some love to you. Ask “Tookie”.

    I think the problem is that we are not knowledgeble enough of how the cycle of failure is deliberately greased, monitored, checked and oiled is what prevents us from releasing the profound creativity, learning ability, and legitimate material/economic wealth of which our anscestors made us capable. We who do listen gotta share learning of that cycle (see Dr Henrik Clarke, Dr Diop, Dr Ben Johannan, but especially Dr Frances Kress Welsing, The Moores on our national legitimacy, Just all the black consciousness we can feed ourselves on this internet. But especially the last two. Then go on to check out William Cooper (who they acknowledge), NOT ALEX JONES. Because he twisted Cooper’s teachings, watered them down, and left out everything that would empower us with that knowledge and is leading a lot of people (especially of African/Alkebulan/Ethiopean descent) into instigating their own physical death, instead of increasing the power of ascention and mastery of our condition that the austerity-creeps / fascists oppress. Share some links later. Hotep.

  11. Rev. George Brooks

    I hope James Meredith fully explains in his book just how he thinks this mentoring should take place on a full scale. Because if he’s just simply dreaming that everyone is going to go out and look for a child to start mentoring with no real plan or program, this is simply not going to work. So I hope he has a master plan in mind. He pops up with talk from time to time, but I don’t really recall anything much that he has done since integrating the University of Mississippi long years ago. Yes, we are failing our youth, but no one has come up with a master plan to put in place. So let him take to traveling across the nation with his “Master Plan,” and I will gladly join him. — Rev. George Brooks

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