Georgia Man Did “Adult Acts” With 3-Year-Old Girl & Gets 220 Years In Prison

hambrick2By Victor Trammell

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Fulton County, Georgia judge sentenced a man to a very long prison term for the r@pe and @buse of a three-year-old girl.

Jason Jerome Hambrick, (pictured) 23, was given 220 years in prison for several charges related to a July 2011 incident. Around the that time, Hambrick had been a care taker for a three-year-old for roughly a month.

According to police investigators, Hambrick forced the little girl to perform “adult” acts with him. Most of the s*xu@l assaults committed against the little girl caused significant injuries, according the police reports on the incidents.

Family members of the girl noticed that she was making gestures that were indicative of s*xu@l activity. The girl’s family began to question her about how she learned  to act out the lewd gestures.

The family notified police and a stringent investigation into the inappropriate relations case began. Finally in August, 2011, authorities raided Hambrick’s home, arrested him, and took samples of his DNA.

This week, Hambrick was sentenced for his crimes by Fulton County Superior Court  Judge T. Jackson Beckford. Judge Beckford sentenced Hambrick to 50 years on each of the s*xu@lly-related charges against him. Hambrick was given an additional 20 years for first-degree cruelty to a child.


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  1. When he gets inside it’s a wrap for this kid.

    • You got that right! Its unfortunate that the mom moved the boyfriend in and allowed him to babysit her child instead of him holding down a job. Some women are so free to give up their precious baby’s innocence just to say they got a man in the house instead of a man with a job! What is wrong with this picture?…so in essence I fault the mother too. This is the part of the story that the distorted (or trickled down) media didn’t report. Still so sad..FYI check this out (’s really watching our kids?

  2. Demonic b*****d!!!! This is the kind of sick idiot that will mount a deadbody. I wonder how many other innocent kids he raped that went unnoticed or unreported. God will take care of the poor child.

  3. True he deserves the sentence; however the same lengthy sentence should be given to vile white/pink/pale monsters who are notorious for the same acts and far worst.If they were issuing life sentences to european perverts they would not be able to re-offend again,as they always do, shown on Parole Diaries. This sick b.ytch needs to be put in a cell with jerry sandusky evil s*x.ual deviant a*s. Females will not be satisfied until their neglectful, careless, need a c**k in their lives selfish behinds end up being charged, facing time, losing kids & all.

    • When caucasoid males do the same crimes, they only spend 5-10 years in prison, then when they’re released, they are not even labeled as ex-cons, or pedophiles; they (the media) only claims, how [they] had a ‘bad family life’ when [they] were young, or how they were raped, as children, and this is why they committed these crimes.

      When a Black man does the same crime, he’s AUTOMATICALLY labeled a MENACE TO SOCIETY!!!

      No matter what kind of crimes, these caucasoids do to their own kind, they’re always forgiven, but when they commit crimes on Black children, there is no sympathy for the Black child, only the cracker molester!


      • Brother Derrick how are you today?Usually I agree with you 99% of the time,however in this case this brother was a menace to society and I think you slightly drifted away from the topic.Why are the white counterparts even mentioned here in terms of comparison anyway?This is too heinous to defend this guy.I do agree though with your assessment as far as lengths of sentences for whites vs Blacks for similar offenses.h**l all offenses for that matter!

        • Derrick you are entitled to your opinion but…with peodophiles, color now days does’nt matter! A sicko is a sicko and the courts are not playing with these scum of the earth. I believe they should kill all pedophiles and maybe we can lessen the sicko community!

          • @cheche:

            I AM NOT DEFENDING THIS PER.VERT! Personally, I think he should be electrocuted. Again, my point was the treatment of cracker pedophiles versus how they treat Black pedophiles.

            The cracker pedophile ALWAYS get LESS time, than a Black sick bast.urd…that’s my point.

            Just look at this ‘stand your ground law’, which ONLY protects honkeys. As you are aware, a Black lady STOOD HER GROUND, but she is in jail for 20 years, while a cracker female shot a Black man in the face 5 times, and she is labeled a hero!

            Another case involved a Black man, who shot a cracker, who was getting ready to beat him, and his wife ON THEIR PROPERTY. The elder Black man shot the cracker, but he’s in jail for manslaughter!

            Where’s the ‘stand your ground’ law for BLACK PEOPLE? These caucasoid teachers are molesting our chldren DAILY, but they’re still teaching!!!

            THAT’S MY POINT!


        • These cowards are deleting my post, but I am not defending this MENACE TO SOCIETY!!!

          HE NEEDS TO BE CAS.TRATED for molesting this little angel. I didn’t slip away from the topic, my point was that honkeys get less time for the same crimes that Blacks commit!!!

          More caucasoid females molest our children at school, but you NEVER or SELDOM see them on tell-a-LIE-vision!

          Only 10% of all reported pedophile are caucasoid women. Most cases that involve caucasoid women as male or female child abusers are not reported.


  4. I hope he gets the Help that he needs. I was a victim of such a crime, people that do things like this have had some type of s****l abuse them self. People just don’t do things like that. But I for gave and I hope the parents of the child stay strong and forgive this man for his actions ” that he was aware of”. Because holding this issue will only stop the families growth as well as the Lil girl. I hope that they put her through some type of conculing for is Tragic situation. She will need ALL the Postive support that she can get so this Never happens again. People that have been taking advantage of s****l tend to reap what has been done to them or they end up getting re offerned coming from some one that has been their and now is 27 and has been re offened .

    • Zacc I wish you well and I do know that most pedophiles are victims of child abuse but there are other victims who don’t do these horrible acts. Having said that, pedophiles can never change unless you kill them and thats what they deserve because this type of crime not only damage’s the victim but also the whole family! God bless you on your journey.

  5. i shutter to think of what happens to 2,3,4 year old cildren by Step Dads, Cousins and Other people who babysit.

    I’d bet it is more rampant than what happens to older children.

    Children these ages simply have no defense.

  6. At first, I wasn’t going to write anything. I have to say that I’m glad that this pedophile will spent over 100 years in prison. He will be made to “bend over.’ This is so wrong!

  7. I do hope there is a family member of this baby in the same prison that this dirty filthy animal goes to..I hope he suffers 220 years of the same brutal trauma he subjected this child to for a month-I want to know how no one noticed this assault on an undeveloped female body after the first incident. I will pray that this child never has nightmares and I hope she’s getting some therapy/counseling.

  8. WHY ? Y? WHY would the brother do something like that to a little girl OUR LITTLE GIRL! and with all these beautiful grown women out here too NOW go serve those 200 yrs and dont cry your lucky your not dead

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  10. SIGH<<<<<>>never mind him praying for the Little Girl that’s all that should matter that she is helped..

  11. The judge should have sentenced him to death by execution style on the spot.

  12. I hope he NEVER gets out of prison and as for the mother, who was keeping her child before she picked up this garbage? Everytime this happens, they should put the mother away too for she is no better than the garbage she allowed into her daughters life. Women spend money on anything they want but they will not spend a dime to check out the dogs they sleep with!

  13. I’m commenting on someone else’s comment. I’m a victim of s****l abuse. Was my stepbrother. He looked normal, was very good looking and had many girlfriends. My biological mother never left me alone with him, he snuck around while everyone was asleep. Who could of guessed he was a monster. Her fault was not doing anything when I finally asked for help. Then was placed in Fostercare home that was approved by child services, which means back ground checks and everything and the Foster father tried me. So no place is safe for children anymore. I agree women don’t need to trust any man alone with their children. Especially boyfriends. I feel like when it comes to a job, speaking as a victim. My children’s safety is more important than leaving them with anyone for a job. s****l abuse is damaging for life. All we can do is pray and do our best in being there for our children because now the perverts are everywhere even as our kids teachers.

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