ESPN’s Michael Wilbon Says the Academy Awards Got ‘Tired’ of Famous Blacks

ESPN's Michael Wilbon slammed the Oscars' decision to have Seth MacFarlane host, accuses the Academy of being tired of famous African-Americans hosting the awards show.


by Maria Lloyd

Working with the African-American demographic can be quite challenging for persons who have no real understanding of the culture. When an African-American is tapped to play the leading role in a film, for example, there may be controversy surrounding the decision because the actor isn’t light enough or dark enough or simply ‘black’ enough. On the other hand, when an African-American is excluded from an opportunity to be in the spotlight, other African-Americans slam the coordinators of the opportunity and practically twist their arm to get an African-American to have the opportunity.

ESPN commentator Michael Wilbon was not pleased with the Academy Awards’ decision to hire Seth MacFarlane to host the 2013 Oscars. On Monday, while co-hosting “The Tony Kornheiser Show,” an ESPN radio show, Wilbon took the opportunity to slam Seth MacFarlane and question whether or not the Awards Academy was tired of having famous African-Americans host the awards ceremony. “I don’t like him,” Wilbon said of MacFarlane. “Why is he there? He’s not worthy of being there.” Milbon continued: “They got tired of famous black people, so they got to get a white guy — affirmative action Academy Awards host? Is that what this is about? Really? I don’t like MacFarlane. He is a joke. He is not worthy of the people that were up there last night.” The last African-American Oscars hosts were Chris Rock in 2005 and Whoopi Goldberg in 2001.

Some speculate Wilbon may have been jesting, but if he is not, it certainly poses the question of how should mainstream media interact with the African-American demographic. At some point, the decision may be made to exclude African-Americans altogether, thus forcing the community to come together to create their own opportunities on their own platforms.

You can listen to the audio yourself here.


12 Responses to ESPN’s Michael Wilbon Says the Academy Awards Got ‘Tired’ of Famous Blacks

  1. Read my column, ‘Django & ‘Lincoln’ vs Black People.

  2. Let the Europeans have their ‘Oscars’ ceremony!!!

    Why don’t we create something just as, if not more prestigious?

    The amount of money that black actors have these days, are we saying that we couldn’t pool our resources and do something as simple as hiring a venue and having a few statuettes made?

    We earn all this money in the entertainment industry but it seems as though we don’t know what to do with it!!
    Give the white man back his d**n ceremony; we give him too much energy by buying into his facade called multi-culturalism and then we get surprised and upset when he decides not to include us in his ceremonies, or anything else he establishes?!?

    To be honest its ridiculous that Michael Wilbon suggests that the academy wards is ‘tired’ of African-Americans, and he’s mad that Seth Macfarlane ended up hosting the awards….what did he expect?!?

    I’m sure, like other black personalities, that brother Wilbon has a decent amount of cash at his disposal so he could make things happen by way of creating his (our) own ceremony that honors OUR actors’ work & performances.

    If we were to boycott the Oscars you’ll see how quick they’d come and try to accomodate us, however we wouldn’t or shouldn’ do so just for them to do that we would do so on the basis of demonstrating OUR independence and freedom to do for ourselves on OUR terms!!

    Oscars, Grammys, MTV awards etc, we should tell them to go to h**l and start our own!!

    • I’m sick of negro SELFISH trash who think they have the right to pick and choose, and make decisions in matters they have no qualifications to do, just because they’re in the same race as someone else.

      Most negroes are not qualified to be impartial. They will vote for color of skin and not quality of character, intelligence or ability. They will vote based on a relationship. They will hire based on a relationship rather than ability. A black Einstein could apply for a job, and they will throw his application in the garbage and hire their cousin audrey’s half retarded dim wit who barely got out of high school.

      White folks are taking everything back slowly but surely. This generation of entertainers will be the last, and this generation of politicians are only being used to destroy the next generation and they are glad to do it.

      In less than 30 years today’s fool entertainers will drink, smoke, snort, and gamble every bit of black wealth away. If they dont do that they’ll transfer the wealth back to whites or other ethnic groups through marriage.

  3. We have awards shows — NAACP Image Awards and BET.

    • I know we have NAACP & BET but my point is that we need to stop trying to push our way in their awards ceremonies in order to receive the white man’s approval and validation. Michael Wilbon shouldnt worry himself about not being included in the Academy Awards in terms of hosting etc, it was inevitable that they would leave us out eventually.

      Do you really think they want us there in the first place??
      Look at the movies that our prominant actors/actresses have won the ‘best actor/actress category in the Oscars for;

      Denzel Washington – ‘Training Day’ (when it should of been for ‘Hurricane’ & ‘Malcolm X’)

      Halle Berry – ‘Monsters Ball’

      Hattie McDaniel – ‘Gone with the Wind’ (best supporting actress)

      Sydney Poitier – ‘Lillies of the Field’

      There are many movies that we have either starred in or made that could have been nominated by the academy but they’re not interested in promoting a balanced view of black life.
      The movies above, and others, depict us in very stereotypical roles and this seems to be the pattern that they (the academy) tend to follow when it comes to our work & performances and in my opinion, as long as we keep seeking their approval they’ll keep doing this!

  4. You have Kornheiser who got let go on monday night football because he was so boring and a pain, and admitted he didn’t even know who Seth mcfarlane is the the creator of Family Guy and a super voice guy. Wilbon who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to playing a sport and the talent it takes . Yet they both think they know something about the movie industry. I have listened to their show a few times because i give everything a chance but never listen anymore. They are both total losers and the only people they have left are the psycho sport individuals.

  5. Who cares about America’s most racist awards show? F$@k whoever hosts it. Those black actors and comedians need to tell those award officials to kiss their black a$$e$…wishful thinkin on my part!

  6. I have always hard time watching for many reasons as it relates to race in America. Many white people complained abut this guy for some reason so we should really listen to Wilbon. He has racial intelligence and the white people who do not like him have some insight on things also, all this information is necessary in America. If we do not deal with all aspect of thins in this country we will continue to go in circles like the Earth.

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