Education Administrators Are Calling for More Black Men In the Classrooms

Education administrators are calling for more African-American male instructors. According to the U.S. Department of Education, black men make up 2 percent of the nations 4.8 million teachers.


Education administrators are calling for more African-American male instructors. According to the U.S. Department of Education, black men make up only 2 percent of the nations 4.8 million teachers.

Educators believe African-American men have the wisdom and strength to handle situations in the classroom that are more challenging for women and other races. “When you have a well-prepared African American man teaching black boys, the impact can be phenomenal,” said Brenda L. Townsend Walker, an attorney and a professor of special education at the University of South Florida in Tampa. “I have interviewed African American male students who had pretty much written school off, whose teachers had given up on them, but whose lives were turned around when they got into a class with African American men. Generally speaking, they just have a better ability to relate to the students and mediate situations that others couldn’t handle.”

The idea of children having a better chance to succeed under the leadership of African-American male educators may be why Gemar Mills was able to bring his mathematics department from functioning at a mere 17 percent to 26 percent in just one year as Department Chairperson of Mathematics. Today, Mills is a 30-year-old principal at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ. Thirty-six-year-old Bakari Ali Haynes is an assistant principal at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, MD. His impact on the youth started seven years ago when he ran an after-school program named Gentlemen of Distinction for African-American and Hispanic boys. He found that the boys were eager to spend time with him, as he was the first black male authority figure many of them had ever met.

When they come into my office, two things get their attention right away — my academic certificates and photographs of my family,” Haynes said of his students. “They won’t come right out and ask how you get those things, but you know that’s what they want, and it’s my job to show them what it takes to get it.” Although it’s a struggle to work with youth who have no history of interacting with an African-American male, Haynes knows he’s making a positive impact on his students’ lives. “As much as they may curse you out or say they hate your guts, at the end of the day what they are looking for is someone who understands, someone who can say: ‘I’ve been where you are. This is how we’ll deal with it,’” Haynes said. “Sometimes they act out simply because they are hungry but don’t want to tell anyone.”

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network and Dr. Boyce Watkins. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. 

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  1. People can go to college for FREE when they reach age 62 in Georgia!!!

    Older teachers ALWAYS care for their students better than these youngsters, who have just graduated from college! All these cracker female teachers want to do is ‘stroke’ these young Black males!!!

    I would take advantage of this free schooling, but the he.ll with moving to Atlanta with those country hateful negroids!!!

    I’ll tutor BEFORE I go to racist Georgia! Those negroids kill each other too much for me to make a move there.

    Black male teachers are the best, as far as, I’m concerned. Black women are beautiful, too.


    • As BM, many of us have been conditioned that- to be successful you must earn $80k+ per year. Oh yea, BW have also been conditioned that- if a brother isn’t making at least $80k/yr then he’s an underachiever, which explains why a large % of my contemporaries chose careers in mortgage finance, residential and commercial real estate, petrochemical, stock broker and other associated fields. Since BM are valued by the income they produce; that’s why many educated, go getter type BM won’t consider teaching as a viable career. I’m willing to admit that our way of looking at this issue must change.

  2. Definitely need more good conscious brothers in the classroom to be a good example for our young brothers coming up to follow.
    Maybe our greater presence in the schools would counter and check the bad behaviour of negro teachers, white female teachers, school admin. boards etc directed against our young black brothers in particular.

  3. I agree with this article! Todays young teachers go into the classroom speaking the same slang as the kids they are supposed to be teaching, respect goes out of the window right away. They dress just like the kids they are teaching. Teachers need to dress like adults and speak good English. We truly have too many female teachers in the classrooms. Todays young folks are looking for someone they can respect and someone that respects them but will not take any bull! The young males need someone that looks like them, that has overcome so that they know it can be done if you want it bad enough.

  4. I agree with need more males in the classroom—–not because they have more Wisdom or more of anything, but because we need BALANCE thru out our Educational System and BEYOND! PEACE!!!

  5. Yes. More males are needed along with parent training.

  6. They just make it so hard for blacks men to get into teaching esp if you doing it as a career change…

  7. Forrest W Offord Sr.

    There is not only a strong need for teachers, but also African American Social Workers

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  9. Hazel you are right on.

  10. Remember that we are the only people against whom laws were passed in the United States forbidding us to learn to read.African brothers please make a real genuine effort to support your children in school. I knew all the teachers in my daughter’s school from the principle on down.Go to the meetings,please get involved and know everything that is going on in school.My daughter was not good in math. I slept in my car or walked around the parking lot until she came out of night school she became so good that she did not have to take the final exam. I thank Olodumare for its wisdom.Donot watch the mother just do your part.

  11. Why is that a photo of black man in a pool hall???
    That is racist! Why didn’t they show a black man in FRONT OF A CLASS–Or would that be showing a black man in authority?!?!?

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