Dr. Boyce: 10 Honest, Borderline Embarrassing Thoughts about the Life and Death of Christopher Dorner


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Like the rest of the country, I found myself curious about the unfortunate events involving late Christopher Dorner.  He was, like myself, an “angry black man.”  He also appeared to have a good reason to be angry, since the LAPD is one of the most notoriously racist and abusive police departments in the country.   But the way Chris expressed his anger was a bit unconventional, turning him into one of the most wanted human beings in American history.

Here are a set of honest thoughts I had about Dorner, as I watched this law-abiding patriot transformed into an alleged danger and menace to society.  May he rest in peace, for it appeared that this poor brother had little peace in life:

1)      Was the LAPD trying to kill him?  First, there was the incident during which a 71-year old woman found her truck (and herself) riddled with bullets by overzealous LAPD officers who didn’t seem to want to give her a chance to surrender.  I’m sure that if they’d stopped the old woman and asked her to “come out with your hands up,” she wouldn’t have given them much resistance.  Then, of course, there was the cabin that the LAPD “accidentally” burned down with Dorner inside it, despite significant evidence that there was a plan to burn him from the beginning (how can you claim that it was an accident after throwing something called “burners” at the cabin?  Aren’t burners usually meant to burn something?).  My question is: Why were they so quick to go for the kill?  The convenient reality here is that dead men don’t talk.

2)      Nearly conscious black person can identify with Dorner, including myself:  As much as we might want to pretend that we have nothing in common with Dorner, the fact is that most black Americans know the pain that he experienced:  Being fired from your job for no reason, being told that you were “out of line” when you actually tried to do the right thing, watching police do horrible things to the people you love, without you being able to do anything about it.  Yes, Dorner was an uncommon man, but he went through a very common set of racist experiences.  The fact that he chose to retaliate with violence should NOT be used as an excuse to delegitimize the concerns brought forth in his manifesto.

3)      Chris Dorner and Barack Obama represent two Black Americas:  As commentator Yvette Carnell stated, “Having one black man on national television as the most powerful human being on the planet, and another as a dangerous fugitive on the same night is a telling way to describe the dual reality for millions of black people across America.”  The election of a bi-racial president served as a tremendous source of pride, but this election did nothing to take away the day-to-day struggle that many of us feel while trying to breathe underneath the massive weight of unaddressed, pervasive, institutionalized racism. The Obama family’s success has been wonderful for some, but the majority of black America continues to struggle.

4)      The LAPD should be made to answer for Dorner’s manifesto:  It’s not as if anything that Dorner said about the inner workings of the LAPD lacks credibility.  Before he died, Chris was detailed and precise in his description of what he saw behind the blue wall.  The efforts to kill Dorner before he could talk and to write him off as a deranged lunatic are really meant to distract us from real and meaningful evidence that the LAPD is what it has always been:  A corrupt and racist institution, sometimes built upon terrorizing black people rather than protecting them.  Even one of Dorner’s fellow officers is speaking out, stating that nearly everything Chris said is absolutely correct.  Is the other officer going to be labeled a lunatic too?

5)      Dorner didn’t appear to be crazy, just obsessive:  The media’s decision to portray Dorner as a maniac is largely due to our desire to make sense of a situation where someone has killed for reasons we do not understand.  In all of his fanaticism, Dorner reminded me of many outstanding people I know:  The wide-eyed All-pro  linebacker who is determined to stop you from scoring a touchdown at all costs, the overzealous Secret Service Officer who will take a bullet for the president in a second, or the angry 50-year old woman whose husband left her for the 25-year old babysitter.  We’ve seen this kind of rage before, but we don’t always see this kind of rage in the face of a trained killer.   For anyone h**l bent on maintaining racist oppression, the only thing scarier than an angry black man is a highly intelligent angry black man who is not afraid to use a gun.

6)      Killing is only immoral if people don’t think it’s for the right reasons:  Christopher Dorner was trained to kill by the United States government. Nearly every tactic he used to evade and attack police officers would have earned him numerous medals had they been used against soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan (in fact, Dorner had received awards for his military service).  So, the idea that someone is crazy because they choose to kill doesn’t make sense, given that we have hundreds of thousands of trained killers in our country.  The difference with Dorner is that he did not possess a popular cause that gave him popular permission to retaliate against his enemies, and even I would not have suggested that he kill in response to his frustrations.  At the same time, the irresponsible actions of Dorner’s superiors created a man who had nothing to lose.  This was an unfortunate waste of talent, and reminds us that racism hurts all of us.

7)      Dorner actually reminds people of what it means to be a soldier:  For every rapper who claims to be “gangsta,” they should probably realize that they don’t know the first thing about what that term really means.  As Dorner explains in his manifesto, the LAPD should be most concerned about him because a) he was well-trained, b) he was determined to meet his objectives, and c) he was willing to die.  There was a reason Dorner was so readily-admitted into the military and police establishment; it was because he was a perfect fit.  Had he committed to socially-acceptable ways of expressing his outrage, he could have been viewed as a great man.

8)      The million dollar reward and use of drones to find Dorner tells us something about police elitism:  One of the biggest reasons for persistent brutality and disrespect by rogue cops is this belief that an officer’s life is more valuable than the rest of us.   There is also a false perception that officers are more honest than regular citizens, which makes it difficult to get governments to take brutality claims seriously.   Had Dorner killed a bunch of random people who were not police officers (or related to them), the reward wouldn’t have been one-tenth of what it was.  Had he been wanted for killing a group of black people, there probably would never have been a reward issued at all and scant resources would have been used to try to capture him.  Even though several people knew who killed my best friend Greg Wilkins 17 years ago, police barely looked for his murderer.  Police don’t usually work for black people, and typically work against us.

9)      I would have loved for Dorner to have a chance to tell his story:  Of course we all knew that the LAPD wasn’t going to bring Dorner in alive.  I knew that from the moment they shot up a 71-year old woman without even giving her an appropriate opportunity to identify herself.  Also, bringing Dorner in and convicting him would have forced the LAPD to pay the million dollar reward for “information leading to the arrest and conviction” of Dorner (but, conveniently for the LAPD, dead men don’t get convicted).  But had Dorner been able to talk, he could have helped blow the roof off of one of the most corrupt police organizations in American history.  Many lives would have been saved in the process.

10)   Dorner is not the biggest killer in all of this:  As much as the media will surely make Dorner out to be the sole bad guy, the reality is that the LAPD has killed more innocent people than Christopher Dorner ever could.   So, for the LAPD to talk about Dorner as a crazed killer, the fact is that this would be the pot calling the kettle black.  How many people have been killed or falsely convicted due to LAPD practices?  How many grieving families are out there who’ve been victimized by rogue cops within this organization?  How many good cops have had their careers ruined for speaking out about the corruption?  Now that Christopher Dorner is dead, the world may never know.

My final question is one that I am not sure how to answer:  What if you were a black police officer who confronted Dorner, and he said, “I’m not going to hurt you, I’m only angry at them for the things that you and I both know that they’ve been doing to our people.”  What would you do?  Most of us don’t quite know the answer to that question, and I am one of them.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition and author of the book, “Black American Money.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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    • you apparently love us too are why are you over here among the black peoplke spouting off.Could it be your people don’t want you either?So you hang out with us.

    • Would you say George Zimmerman is a cold-blooded killer? What about the LAPD “gang members”who have been killing people of color for decades? All the years that Blacks have been lynched, murdered….white folks don’t say a word against it. They usually say that the Black person must have done something to deserve it.

      Why are you on this site making inflammatory comments anyway? Seems like you would be more comfortable and welcomed on the Stormchaser website…you know, the site where the white hate mongers hang out and denigrate Black people saying we look like apes and such.

      • Yes they are cold blooded killers too. there are good and bad cops. the worst is a bad cop with authority and a racist..I don’t think he should of got fired,chris was probably a great cop.I can’t rap my head around all the killing he did and that started the end of him..

        • lil john:

          Where are the ‘good’ pigs? You crackers NEVER cease to amaze me with your bullshyt. Ain’t no ‘good’ pigs on the pig force…they’re all a bunch of racist and heathens eager to kill Black people, mainly Black men.

          No ‘good’ cop ever comes forward when one of their pig counterparts uses excessive force, kills, beats, and shoots a Black person. These yankees have a code of honor to kill Black men, and nothing is going to change until more people like Dorner come forward!!!

          Take your pale face azz back to your mountain!!!

          • You are absolutely right! he was not killing humans he was killing those racist pigs! those cowards that hide behind a badge I personally condone that former pig he is a hero real n***a in my book. and the new generation coming don’t see nobody!

          • @ Derrick thats like saying all blackmen are criminals, you are using a blanket indictment. I have more faith in the police, than a reactionary like you, who offers no room for difference in opinion. Black on black violence,still tops the list,remember Haydia Pendleton in Chicago ask her parents about black men. I wouldn’t trust you no far than I can see you,talking all that smack! you know some history true enough, but examine yourself first.

          • @brotherscore? “Black on black violence,still tops the list”

            Are you really a ‘brother’?

            Or are you are just another slave negroid, who has been brainwashed beLIEving, that Black violence is the norm, and that Blacks are the ONLY people committing crimes.

            I love to put negroids like you in ‘check’ because you beLIEve everythang these yankees put on their tell-a-LIE-vision and media (mindless evil devils in action).


            FACTS AND STATS

            From 2000 through 2006 here are the stats of Black and white arrests percentage distribution for ALL crimes:

            TOTAL CRIMES COMMITTED IN THE U.S. was 10,437,620

            Black: 2,924,734
            white: 7,270,214



            These corporate owned newspapers, documentaries, and FALSE CENSUS REPORTS, done by caucasoids have MANIPULATED Black people into beLIEving, that we commit more crimes, than, these demonic devils!

            FACTS & STATS

            Burgarly Total: 222,000; Blacks committed: 65,000, while caucasoids committed: 153,000

            Possession of Weapons Total: 147,000; Blacks committed 59,000, while caucasoids committed 85,000

            Vandalism Total: 220,000; Blacks committed 49,000, while caucasoids committed 166,000

            Prostitution Total: 60,000; Blacks committed 23,000, while caucasoids committed 34,000

            Arson Total: 1,134,000: Blacks committed 333,000, while caucasoids committed 773,000

            Murder Total: 9,800; Blacks committed 4,990, while caucasoids committed 4,600 [these are crimes in the metropolitan area]

            Murder Total: 622: Blacks committed 189, while caucasoid committed 401 [these are crimes in the nonmetropolitan area]

            Murder Total: 3,073: Blacks committed 1,254, while caucasoids committed 1,775 [these are crimes in the suburbs]

            Drug Abuse Total: 1,377,000: Blacks committed 483,000, while caucaosids committed 875,000

            Driving Under Influence Total: 1,035,000: Blacks committed 95,000, while caucasoids committed 914,000

            Family Abuse Total: 92,000: Blacks committed 28,000, while caucasoids committed 61,000


            The Color of Crime by Kathryn Russel-Brown

            Bureau of Justice Statistics Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (2000-2006)



            THEY NEED TO CHANGE THIS SHYT TO white-on-white CRIME!!!

          • The one thing he did wrong was kill innocent people. The devil got inside of his head as for what he was doing was evil. It sounds like he once stood for dignity but he turned in to an evil man just like the people he was speaking against. Turning to violence and a killing spree of innocent people will lead you to your death. EYE for an EYE. How come nobody is saying rest in peace for the people that were murdered? But you say rest in peace for the man who murdered these people? I think you need to look in to your own soul and ask yourself what you stand for.

          • @jb:

            Where in my comment did I say, ‘rest in peace’?

            You crackers are some of the most lying azz bas.tu.rds on this planet!!!

            AND, Y’ALL WONDER WHY I CALL YOU PEOPLE, crazy crackers!!!

            Since you mentioned it…REST IN PEACE BORTHER DORNER!!!

            Satisfied now, boy?

    • I hear that almost every negro, outside of entertainment, is being so mistreated that they feel they have to flee their homes.

      We dont need Dorner to tell his story, we just need media for other people going through similar problems to be given a voice.

    • Watch this video, then call Mr. Dorner a blood killer. The REAL BLOOD KILLERS ARE THESE RACIST CRACKER PIGS!!!


      Go look at this video, then see why our Black Hero, Mr. Dorner did what he had to do:





  2. WFor some reason I needed clarification,after reading this,I now have it THANK YOU Dr.Boyce for the great article!

  3. The Christopher Dorners of this world is a reminder of the sick festering racial hatred that continues in this country. People refer to the United States as the greatest nation in the world. I don’t think so. America has been blessed by the Creator, and could have been the greatest, but some of the white people of this country refuse to accept black and brown people as being equals. They continue to see us as less than, and will never accept anyone who is black or brown who dares to stand against their sick racial prejudices. There are some white’s who do not agree with the racial injustices and have stood against this behavior. Dr. King, Brother Malcom, Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer, Nat Turner and so many others dared to stand against the brutal treatment inflicted upon people, and they were beaten, and killed for their refusal to continue going along to get along. The LAPD is gangster and every body know’s it. Yet the city continues to allow this kind of behavior to continue. This nation is known for drug traffiking, and excessive sentencing for non violent offenses. This is all a part of the sickness within this country. I believe they burned that structure to shut Mr. Dorner up. I hope and pray an independent investigation will be done. Corruption is probably all the way up the chain of command.

    • I concer. I don’t want to put a damper on the thought of independent investigation, but all of the authorities are corrupt including the FBI . There was a documentary several years ago that showed a large portion of the FBI were KKK members. I am just happy that the majority of the comments on this blog are the same as mine. I am go glad that you and other see the picture. Thank you for expressing your thoughts.

  4. You are 100 percent right he was going to die and i said that you see i had brothers who stood forb the causes.They had one of them in jail and while transferring him let him run so they could shoot him.Mama was a praying woman and the Lord answered her prayer They final killedv my brother before he could be released from prison.They hung him and said he hung himself but if you knew him at all/you knew that could not be true.He was one black brother who loved himself,

  5. i don’t care how angry he was; he murdered a young woman & her husband! angry black man my @$$. he needed to read about our ancestors & thank his lucky stars! now he’s known as a serial killing cop killer & his poor family are his victims too!!! i wish he wuld’ve gone to therapy & hired a lawyer; or went to the media or the NAACP[anything] but what he did! of course we will never know all the facts but d**n!!!

    • You say he should have read about our ancestors…maybe he did and discovered great black people like Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and the white John Brown. Serial killer to you, a strong black man to me like Nat and Denmark.

      • David, with the exception of the industrial prison complex, none of us are being held physically captive. There needs to be an intellectual revolution, not one of violence. We need to buy out of the lies we have been fed, en mass.

      • Elam..Harriot Tubman said she could have freed millions of more slave if they would have known that they were no longer slaves. It’ not always physical, some of our people have chains around the minds instead of their hands.

    • Lisa, this is exactly what we always do. We go running around trying to rectify someone elses wrongs. Chris was a very smart, well-read man. He wasn’t an idiot. He just came right down to the LAPD’s level. He saw this as a “necessary evil.” He knew right from wrong. The LAPD has used our people the exact same way for decades. LAPD doesn’t really give a d**n about using us as collateral damage and Chris gave it right back to them! In the end, he took it to all the persons and entities that you mentioned in your post. His death is certainly not in vain, nor the lives that he took in his quest.

  6. People will never know…what is really going on in this lapd department….Doners letter told some of it…but their is more…the manhunt was to volient towards this guy for it not to be.

  7. A truly unfortunate occurance that unfortunately will have far reaching negative ripples in Afro community police relations nationwide!!!


  9. GREAT commentary!!!

  10. I am in complete agreement with your comments, and would like to add a few of my own.

    Dorner’s portrayal by the news media was predictably negative: always referring to him as “hulking”(The only thing scarier than an angry black man is a big angry black man…); Making him seem inept, when it was actually his pursuers who were inept with him camped out next door the whole time; Cherry picking a few incendiary comments from his manifesto and constantly referring to it as “rambling”, As though it was the incoherent statement of a lunatic.

    The actual excerpts that I read from the manifesto (Huffington Post article), show that he was The rare LAPD officer interested in actually protecting the public. Sounds like he was fired for doing his job all too well, Sticking up for an abused mentally ill homeless man, gays, and even attacking the racism of senior black LAPD Commanders, who by ‘getting even’ for abuses that they had suffered, were creating young white racist officers!

    No-you’re absolutely right: they had to kill this man before he could speak the truth!

  11. God bless us. It’s been hard pill to digest.

  12. Unfortunately Mr. Dorner, may he rest in peace, could have used other means to make his point about the LAPD. Trust me, in this day and age, the LAPD, will forever be associated with Rodney King, and so, people would have listened. My proof that people would have listened is simple; Look at the efforts that the LAPD took to subdue this man. He was highly accomplished, and he knew the inner workings of the LAPD. Had he started to talk about what his experiences were, I think he would have seen the level of support he would have received. I have never seen a police department take such extraordinary measures against a man in my life. That alone led me to believe that everything that he claimed in his manifesto was accurate.
    First, the mayor of Los Angeles should be slapped in the face for making the statement that the “solitude that the citizens of Los Angeles enjoy” was disrupted by Mr. Dorner. Clearly he thinks the citizens of Compton, enjoy solitude. I wonder if that family in Compton that got run out of the neighborhood by mexicans enjoyed the “solitude” to which the mayor spoke of.
    Second, let me firmly state that I know some people out there will be saying “nothing would have changed if we went on air.” I disagree. (not that any of this matters now), but I implore you to pay attention to the way the LAPD acted when the s**t started going down. ( I am STILL AT A LOSS, as are the residents of the neighborhood where the two WOMEN were “accidentally shot” by officers under “tremendous stress”. Seriously?!! Since when does a TURQUOISE TOYOTA” look like a GREY NISSAN? And for clarification, the women were shot at from the back, where the tailgate clearly states TOYOTA! Look at the picture.)Such random acts of carelessness shows me that the LAPD were caught unawares, and there actions showed it. These are people that are trained to think on their feet on a moments notice. Now a former officer has gone rogue, and they loose they mind. They were loosing thier mind, because they KNOW if that s**t got out on the street, ALL h**l WOULD BREAK LOOSE. (And this time, they may not be able to contain it.)
    It’s obvious that after the former Chief of the LAPD retired after turning the force around, the current Chief said that things were going back to the way they were. When Mr. Dorner stated that the consent decree shoudl have never been lifted, he was, in effect, stating that the LAPD, could not, and in fact, does not “police” itself. It requires constant and vigilant review of it’s practices due to the fact that they abuse the system.
    And that is why they killed him.

  13. This is a travesty. Had he just gone to the media, and not carried his mission out like he did, no one would have listened, they simply would have blown him off as a disgruntled angry black man. unfortuantely iinnocent lives had to be lost for the cause. But it had to be done. The country is more blatantly racist than ever and we need to stand up to it, but it takes a village. One man can’t do it alone and that one man was willing to die for what he believed in!

    • I concer. I don’t want to put a damper on the thought of independent investigation, but all of the authorities are corrupt including the FBI . There was a documentary several years ago that showed a large portion of the FBI were KKK members. I am just happy that the majority of the comments on this blog are the same as mine. I am go glad that you and other see the picture. Thank you for expressing your thoughts.

  14. This place we call home, from the street corners around this country same dam song! This story hits close to home, LAPD killed my (1st) cousin sad part he could not hear nor speak and the shot him in the back! Thanks Dr. BW for this article, all so true.

  15. Excellent commentary!

    The dark dirty cloud will hang over the LAPD for a long time and now the WORLD knows how filthy this police department continues to be.

    The truth shall set us free!

  16. H. Rap Brown declared, “Violence is as American as cherry pie.”

    I think the murderous mayhem that Christopher Dorner caused in California is reprehensible. However I can empathize with how a large police department like Los Angeles’ can drive people to a state of institutional mental disrepair.

    I have seen my share of administrative headhunting in the military. This also occurs in large police departments when officers have been terminated unjustly and challenge the termination – they can become “police enemy number one.” I can imagine cops’ pictures on the walls at substations because they are believed by administration to be a threat to the department, thus creating a dislike for them by their former peers.

    These large departments have agendas, and if you don’t fit into that agenda, or for some reason become part of a hit list, you can count on the intentional discrediting and ruining of your name. This starts at the top and filters throughout the ‘sheeple’ of the departments. Once you are labeled as being on the hit list, it’s just a matter of time before officers or supervisors, wanting to further their careers, become part of your demise. Young officers within a large department soon hear of the hit list and hope to never become a distinguished member, but it only takes one incident, or to cross the wrong administrator, to make you a member.

    Once becoming a member of this hit list, you can pretty much guarantee false allegations, complaints and sustained internal affair investigations. These complaints can be argued, of course, but you don’t stand a chance in fighting them because your fate was already decided before the investigation was launched. Numerous police officers have been victims of these types of hit lists; and when you are in the bull’s-eye, there is absolutely nothing you can do before they pull the trigger on your career and discredit your service (or actually pull a weapon’s trigger on you).

    For the record, in this case about Dorner, I can identify a clear and definitive line of him being declared guilty from the get go – by the media. I note this content from a news report….

    “Los Angeles cop-killer Christopher Jordan Dorner’s written ramblings were alternately horrific and pathetic, they reveal a man consumed by vengeful bitterness over perceived slights and injustices ranging from racial slurs in grade school to his firing as a Los Angeles police officer in 2008 for – in his telling – blowing the whistle on corruption and abuse in the police department.

    This guy was painted in this light by the news… ‘cop-killer’, ‘written ramblings’, ‘horrific and pathetic’, ‘consumed by vengeful bitterness over perceived slights and injustices’, (and called a liar) ‘– in his telling –‘. Of course the story is that this Negro only ‘perceived’ racist behavior. Of course the order to shoot on sight was given by police. Of course this message was reinforced as justifiable homicide in the media.

    Let me reiterate, this guy Dorner’s behavior is inexcusable. However, what I see here is a continued pattern where a black victim of crime at the hands of institutional racism became a black perpetrator of crime – and an angry black man is treated like a mad dog in white society – they put ‘it’ down fast. There is a historical context of violent tactics that white supremacists have used for centuries in America to ‘keep Negros in their place’.

  17. I am shocked, shocked I say that people are saying such mean nasty terrible things about the wonderful LAPD!

    Why, I even see that these Fine, decent, civil servants are going the extra mile by re- opening The investigation that led to Dorner’s firing. I am sure we can count on a thorough honest and fair investigation, laying out the true facts and letting the chips fall where they may.

    Shame on those of you who suspected that this was a cynical ploy to get Dorner to surrender, or manipulate public opinion! With the LAPD’s long history of open mindedness and fairness to the black community, such accusations are unconscionable!

    • REEELY, dude?! are you seriously THAT “out of touch with reality” or just a member of the lapd clan or law enforcement ‘family’?
      Obviously NOT BLACK, nor do you have any experience with L A law enforcement officers as an alleged victim or alleged suspect, in an alleged ‘crime’.
      Take a few minutes to Re-Read the posts and learn a few things.
      a former employee of lapd, i know for a fact this is how they operate and ‘dare’ anyone to try do stop em.

  18. Dr. Watkins,
    After reading your article about Crhis Dorner I totally agree with every letter you typed.

    My goodness, you could not have said it better. I did not agree with Dorner killing people and I do agree with the fact that he was obsessed. I knew he would either take his life or they would take it. I also knew if he were to survive that they would have beat him pratically to death. They were also obsessed in finding him and their second wind had kicked in as if they were yelling YAHOO. I also believe they were afraid and rightfully so…I would have been. I had worked on a job for 11.5 years & finally they brought in a person to run the company that decided that he was going to let me go. I was defending myself only to be let go & it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am self employed and my income went to 6 figures over the $22k that I was making there. I have the companies president to thank. Dorner apparently got caught up at a time the economy was bad but it appeared he was quite talented and I am sure he could have taken all that he had and made good out of it instead letting things immer into anger. I am sorry for his loved ones and in this case noone wins. Dorner will be lied on and those LAPD will stick to their story & will go to their graves with it. The only thing they do not realize is KARMA..TOO ALIVE AND WELL. So, when things go wrong they need to think how they treated their fellow human being. They all will have to re-visit all of it.

  19. He had kind eyes, stood up and defended the most oppressed and vulnerable, returned $8,000 to a church that he found in the middle of the street. He wrote a manifesto so brilliant, it will be stidied in Universities for years to come. Even the civilians who came face to face with him in Big Bear said the same thing, “He said he wouldnt hurt us, that he only wanted to clear his name.” How does a beautiful soul like him, snap? Thats the million dollar question!
    Did the end justify the means? Only God knows. Will I judge him? No, because I’ve never walked in his shoes! I pray for all those affected…I pray for the Chris Dorners all over the world.
    “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will re-pay!” God has spoken, Chris….You can now rest in peace! (~_~)

  20. There is racism in America, yes. However the problem with Dorner, like most black people with education is that he believed hard work, and accomplishments would shield him from racism. A lot of us like to live in denial.

    The first step towards solving any problem is admitting there is a problem, even if you don’t have a solution on hand.

    Dorner worked hard, and was sorely disappointed that he was still looked down upon by the establishment.

    Even in his manifesto, he revealed his foolish allegiance to the democratic party, needless it’s no surprise he believed he was entitled to others being nice to him.

    The man had other options, but he was blinded by rage. It’s not his fault though, he was a victim of lies fed to him by the government and mass media.

  21. “KING-KONG AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON ME!!!”…. Let’s not trivialize the fact that he did kill 3 people. What he did was wrong and it was just that he suffer irregardless of his motives. No matter what the LAPD did or did not do it still does not make it right what he did. I, however agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Boyce that it was an incredible waste of talent. He, before all of this was an outstanding citizen, and should have been considered very much an American hero for his time in the military alone. He tried to do what was right in his life. But people and life don’t always return the favor in kind. That doesn’t mean you go out and kill everyone in sight. Let us not forget the families of the people he murdered. Racist cops nor a racist system justify that.

    • Let’s keep it righteous. When these caucasoid male mass murderers do their evil deeds, the government ALWAYS find something wrong in their child hood lives! They ALWAYS find excuses for white boys, but no execuses for Black men, who have been neglected, rejected, and unprotected ALL THEIR DA.MN LIVES!!!

      We Black men are fed up with this racist godda.mn government aka willie lynch, that is still LYNCHING, KILLING, SHOOTING, HANGING, AND SODOMIZING BLACK MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

  22. Chris Dorner is a hero in my mind because he went after the people who set him up. He held them accountable for what they had done. I know firsthand what it is like in the average American workplace if you are an AA male. I know how it feels to be terminated under false pretenses despite doing everything in your power to prevent it. There is no feeling in the world worse than having several people write false statements against you. It changes you. I have never fired a gun in my life & I probably never will. I do not have the ability to take some one’s life including my own. Maybe it’s for these reasons I felt a sense of relief & even pride when I saw Mr. Dorner take a stand. For just a few moments I knew I wasn’t alone in my experiences.

    Thank you Dr Boyce for writing a pro black article.

    • @Jay Jones: “Chris Dorner is a hero in my mind because he went after the people who set him up.”


    • Alone in your feelings???? No way. The only black people who may or may not face the same thing Dorner did are minimum wage workers, possibly. Even then they probably get hassled and fired for no reason.

      And then we go through all that h**l getting educated, working harder than everyone else, still getting fired and ganged up on, and the black president says in front of the whole world,

      “They just need more education and training. It’s their fault they have no jobs”

  23. Rest in peace… The lapd should suffer the consequences if this tragedy… I always thought there was truth to Chris’story…. Corrupt cops need to be punished I knew the outcome but I was hoping her would get away shame on the cops for shooting innocent people I hope they get theirs

  24. They just killed my black Rambo because the LAPD was scared his black.

  25. Racism is more prevalent today. People hide behind their job titles or authority and discriminate against us. The most common way white people manifest their racism is through their actions/ behavior(for example refusal to properly accommodate us in restaurants , tell us we’re not friendly and they walk past us in the workplace everyday without a simple greeting, passing us up for well deserved promotions, paying white co-workers more money who either have same experience or less- I could go on and on). I was labeled radical. Things are not getting better.

  26. Well said!!!!





    • Derrick, rascist whites love people like you. You help them to justify their hatred when you return hatred, and it helps them recruit other whites to join their hate movement by putting the fear of the hateful negro in them.

      I know it is crazy but a good many white people do have mental problems.

      And it is true that poor whites were duped into fighting the civil war over the rich white man’s slaves. When the war was lost those poor whites suffered extremely.

      The men came back filled with syphillis from prostitutes they used away from home, and passed it on to their women; they were penniless; lost a huge number of their men; their children were left fatherless and they became hooked on cocaine through cough syrups/meds.

      So, yes we suffered, but they suffered mightily and that is the excuse they use to join the KKK and keep the fight against us until the end of time. Now the boardroom is their battle ground. I tried hard to band negroes together to fight them, but I was NEVER successful. They sat by and watched us get picked off one by one, believing their day would never come. So it is not all the white folks fault. It is not all their fault.

    • What about you brother? you talk like,you are a one man army ready to go.I belive though, you are just another signifying monkey, thats on this board talking some real big stuff.Are you just another old uncle ruckus negro sitting around the slave shack with nothing better to do? Black people are to unorganized to bust a grape on anyone, until we show solidarity amongst ourselves. Dorner should not have killed those people, over a job.

      • Take your pale azz somewhere, and go get a deep Black tan…and I hope you catch skin cancer!!!

        You’re a crazy cracker, who has been dumped by a negroid woman, who finally realized, that you honkey males, are SICK and PERVERTED!!!

        Brother Dorner did what he had to do, to show this racist country, that a Black man ain’t scared to die for a cause.

        Remember, you had dumb azz negroids, who were against the teachings of Malcolm X, and you had some dumb azz negroids, who wanted him dead, also! You had dumb azz slave negroids, who snitched on Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, and other Black Rebels, who wanted to kill crackers!

        You had a weak negroid male slave, who wanted to go back to his slave maker, but Harriet Tubman put a gun to his head, and told him, he will die a free man, or he will die as a slave! HE CAME TO HIS SENSES!!!

        Just because you are a negroid does not mean you should not die. Remember, there is a difference between a negroid and a BLACK PERSON. HeII, you had slaves, who loved their cracker massa, more than they loved themselves!!!

        Those negroids he killed were probably stool pigeons for crackers; therefore, he took them out, also.

        Bye the way…negroids/caucasoids like YOU should die, too!!!

  28. I think that it is embarrassing that the author is a doctor.

  29. Nice article, I am in total agreement. I would love to see the Feds come in and investigate the LAPD. There is something wrong there, terribly wrong! Chris was NOT crazy or he would have taken out the man & woman in the apartment. Chris was very angry, he was thinking this was the thanks he got for protecting his country and being honest. To the LAPD I say, Carma is a b***h, and most certainly what comes around goes around and this is coming back around. The LAPD had no intention of taking this man alive. The burning of the cabin was no accident. Apparently they have a bunch of White idiots working for the LAPD or they would not have shot up the car with those ladies delivering newspapers. Chris should have sent his letter to the newspapers all over the country before killing innoncent people, they don’t know crazy, crazy was the guy that shot up the theater, Columbine, his mother and 26 innoncent children and teachers thats CRAZY AND THEY WERE ALL WHITE! Chris was on a mission of revenge but he should have remembered “vengence is mine, said the Lord” Payback is on its way, we must have patience.

  30. Yes, racism killed Officer Donner. I worked as a police officer and it is a shame how the code of silence is rampant amongst certain groups. Someone stated earlier that black cops are worst at times than white cops against their own, this is true. In order for Donner to get a long or any black cop, they have to act like the n**i blooded Caucasian. Not all white cops are bad and not all black cops are followers.

    Having said the above, I can not excuse Chris Donner for killing innocent lives. THAT WAS WRONG! Al Sharpton said it best. “Donner would have fought his case better alive than dead.” The way he responded to this attempts to justify their claim that he was Nutz. My heart goes out to his family and the families of those who lost love ones in this horrific incident. Black Police Officers be aware. You are vulnerable too.

    • Those racist pigs were not going to let Dorner live, regardless if he turned himself in or not! He knew this, and this is why he wan’t afraid to die!

      MLK said it best; if a man is afraid to die; he ain’t fit to live!!!

      These pigs would’ve killed him in jail, then claim it was an ‘accident’. The feds, cia, fbi, and the pigs are ALL racist when it comes to Black people.

      Remember, the cia was buying puzzy when they were suppose to protecting the president when he was in Columbia. If they don’t give a husky fvck about O’Drama, what makes you think they would’ve gave a fvck about the life of Dorner?


  31. I was a cop! cops! In the academy.. they teach you .. that there are Sheep who are the people, wolves who are the bad guys and sheep dogs who are the the cops. they preach that the only difference between the wolf and the sheep dog is that the sheep dog is loyal to the system. The sheep dog wants the same things, the sheep dog feels the same things, the sheep dog even thinks like the wolf. And in most cases the sheep dog was raised like the wolf. So if loyalty is the only difference… thats easy to understand why every police department is severely corrupt.. because loyalty is conditional and extremely fragile

  32. Those of you who do not understand my brother’s actions have no idea of his mission. h**l, you have no idea what you are here to do. You are still slaves and massa can do no wrong. All of you are burning in h**l and do not know it.

  33. I pray there is an investigation….what this man speaks about a lot of people of color have gone through…I believe he spoke the truth and this is why they sought him out so violently,shooting at random people. Non-Whites don’t see it as a problem because they have never lived under this travesty of evil. It’s not just located in the LAPD it is many places and not just police…I don’t agree with what he did in killing people but he reached his personal low. This reminds me of an experiment done call Brown eyes and Blue eyes, where non-whites are treated of lesser value the people of color and they’re reactions were far worse than most would imagine…!!! R I P Chris

  34. Very well-done article, Dr. Boyce. You make many insightful points.
    Thank you for truth-telling in a way that provides important context to a difficult dilemma. I’m sure many black people who are decent (as opposed to the thuggish criminals who are ignorant and without a cause) can relate to Dorner’s situation yet also have empathy for the innocent people he apparently killed.

    Dorner should not be vilified — I feel sad at how his life came to an end. He tried to get justice through the system but was failed by that system. This case should make all of us reflect about the human condition because even strong people can be broken. The burdens African-Americans have been expected to carry for too long have become far too much. Too much suffering serves no usual purpose.

  35. Correction: Too much suffering serves no USEFUL purpose.

  36. Police? once the put that uniform on and gun in hand, they are all the same; black white or otherwise including Domer, so stop making excuses for him, he’d treat us the same.

  37. Exellent take on this Dr. We are all perplexed by this as well. RIP Chris. Story UNTOLD.


  39. Jacquie Barbavian

    As a Veteran – The government does the 5 D’s Deny, Deflect, Discredit, Disclaim and ultimately Destroy! Veterans get no respect in this country! When Civil rights violations are as blatant as in this case for how many years, but the one person who speaks out on the JUSTus system where little to no justice exists, then somethign is wrong and Redress is needed!

  40. I know exactly how the Brother felt.I use to work at the top of General Motors for a while until I went back to hourly.But while I was there I was labeled Michael Grump the resident militant,because I carried myself with a sense of dignity that was bred into me from Elders who were disiplined,hard workers,and demanded respect.My father was Exalted Ruler Of The Elks,Malcolm X would come to my neighborhood to converse with President Milton Henry of The Republic Of New Africa,Martin Luther Kings lieutenant CT Vivian would sit at my Mothers table and my neighborhood was truly a village,we took care of each other.So I come from a long line of class and honor.But what I didn’t know was that the people that I would come into contact with would hold me is such contempt.I was first generation affirnmative action and to them I was probably like an alien.I remember my first day at work I was told that we have a cardinal rule around here we don’t discuss salary only to find out years later that the whites were being paid more money for the same work.A guy that I grew up with who went on to become a engineer was fired for bringing this to the light.After going back to hourly I went to hire in and I told a woman that I was qualified to do other work and was told if you don’t want to work you can leave.Now what do you do with that attitude?When I got down to the factory floor I was told that they are out to get me and my thought was who is out to get me I didn’t do anything.But anyway this esculated in to them saying I was late three times and absent 4 days.And I’d never been late or absent.But I fought back and stayed, but got out as soon as I could,so again I understand The Brothers Anger!We Have To Do For Self! Enough of This Mental Warfare and Racial Sickness!!

  41. justice Never looks pretty

  42. These policemen are all the same, until their a*s gets caught up then they start bawling. If there is an incident involving any one of us with police, they act like tin gods in uniform – gun in hand or pepper spray. None of them will ever get my sympathy. If they’re so innocent how come the public never knows until their a*s is in trouble.

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  44. Racism is alive and well in this country, and the world at large.

  45. Most countries use Class as a factor in oppression. Most dont use skin color.

  46. @Derrick, I may not be a brother by your standards and I’m glad of that, but the only thing black about you, is your heart filled with evil and anger, against those who don’t agree with you. For the sake of debate, crime stats do not necessarily reflect accuracy of arrest and murder rates,you know that, discriminatory methods are used and some black murders are not reported at all.Black people have the highest percentage of being killed,by each other.We still need just law enforcement officers in our communities, whether you like it or not, black folks left unchecked would be pure chaos to live with,you know this is real talk brother. Its ok to have a revolutionary mind, for justice, but talk with sense,instead of language that incites violence to get more of us killed.

    • You are so right Roscoe.

      This is not the time for militancy. Those days are over.

      A great many whites do know that rascism must end because a much bigger threat to all americans is REAL and we NEED to band together to save our country from terrorist, but when negroes refuse to forgive and move forward, they feel we our enemy number one also, and take appropriate action to eliminate the threat.

      We need to bond with them, forgive, and move forward for US.

      • Get your bootlickin, brainwashed, boombarded, beanhead, bastardized, bamboozled, bodacious azz outta here with that bullshyt!!!

        “It’s time to stop singing, and start singing.” -Malcolm X

    • You ain’t NOTHING, but a crazy cracker!!!


      • @Derrick,I know signifying brothers like you, flapping them big soup cooler lips and when the fighting starts,they are the first one running.Don’t get caught by the police, you would be the first one to tell on everybody.I learned a long time ago,never do anything with a bunch of negroes like you, its doomed for failure from the start.Quit being so emotional on this board.

        • @roscoe:

          Lil dude…I WAS IN THE MOVEMENT!!! I was beaten with billy clubs, I was brickin’ cracker’s cars and across their billygoat heads, I was taken to jail, and I still suffer from the wounds being hit on my ankles by those racist pigs!!! I went to jail for a cause, not for killing my own brotter, like you would do!

          I WAS IN THE ‘BURN BABY BURN’ REVOLUTION, lil dude, while you were somewhere lickin’ a white bytches nasty cu.nt!!!


          I NEVER have been a snitch, and NEVER will become one, and I don’t kiss these chili chokers, asians, camel niq.qaz, and cracker’s azzes like you. Lil ‘mitches’ like you, who want to get alone with their enemies are SELLOUTS!

          How in the heII can you let your enemy smack you in your cheek, and you turn the other one for him to smack. That’s a sign of a weak azz pu.nk!!! I’m pretty sure you turn your azz cheeks for them, also!!!

          Anyway, lil dudes like you will squawk (squeal) to the pigs in a heartbeat. They love lil negroids like you because you’re nothing, but an Uncle Sambo slave for your cracker massa!

          By the way…if you call the Truth, emotional, then you are one dumb jackazz negroid/caucasoid. You are the type of negroid, who suffers from HATERISM.

          HATERISM = self-hate, hate for his culture; no loyalty and love for his fellow brother; a caucasoid lover


          • correction: brotter s/b BROTHER^

          • I don’t belive you, real brothers are on the set, advancing the black race, you are doing to much talking. You were around, but you did nothing! but talk loud and hide. I just don’t belive you!prove it.

  47. Police bombing and burning of Mr. Dorner is neither a new tactic or limited to the LAPD. Research a Black group called “MOVE.” You will find that the Philidelphia Police Department bombed their house and destroyed the homes of several other Black families in their residential neighborhood. At the time of this police action Philidelphia’s then Black Mayor signed off on the operation. Children were in the residence when it was bombed. A police helecopter was used.

    • I remember that incident very well! It was on tell-a-LIE-vision just like the murder, and bombing of Dorner.

      Let’s not forget that, these racist demons use to burn us in pits during our forced enslavement, if a slave was ‘unruly’ or ‘uppity’. These demonic devils did not like it, when a Black man or woman SPOKE UP to them; therefore, they labeled them as being, ‘uppity or unruly’.

      Those racist cracker pigs in Philly killed some innocent people during that massacre. When you rebel, innocent people will ALWAYS die. It’s just like these senseless wars by the uNUTed snakes of azzholes, who are KILLING INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN.


      “You haven’t got a revolution, unless there’s some bloodshed”
      -Malcolm X


    • @Bob I remember it to and the police were just as equally wrong as Dorner was killing those couples,innocent people who likely didn’t know what their father/inlaw was involved with. Why hurt somebody who was not involved with his crisis? I understand he did it to hurt that retired cop, that ruled against him,but Dorner has love ones that live in the area. What if someone retailiated against him the same way,because he is dead and they need to relive their anger, is it right? I wouldn’t like it all.

  48. I’m so tired of white people speaking on African American People until you have lived in our shoes don’t speak on us do you see us on here talking about how many people of your race have gone into schools and killing innocent people, going into movie theaters killing people when the truth comes out about what happen in the L.A.P.D. and we know most all police departments have crooks for police officers. All racists have issues some good some bad. Hopefully they will investigate this issue. I’m sorry for the people he harmed and took there lives but white people don’t be so quick to judge you are not the jury neither am I, Also check it out they planned to burn him up in there watch the news listen closely.

  49. Yet another incident that ripped the scab off and exsposed the underlying wound that is 400 yrs. old!!!!

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  51. Thank you Dr. Boyce for an insightful article. One thing that comes to mind is that Christopher Dorner was not a “crazed killer”, because he didn’t kill the couple that found him in their cabin and he didn’t kill the man and his dog when he took his truck. We all knew he would eventually be killed by his enemies and the burn was deliberate. Now the question is what will conscientious Blacks or whites do about it? RIP Christopher hopefully someone will get the message.

  52. Dr W’s article is frankly more embarrassing than honest, like some of his writings which are long on rage & rhetoric & short on research, facts & reason…For example:
    #1)The burners he claims are designed to burn things down, proving police intent to kill CD, are actually called that because their ignition point burns hotter to release more intensive tear gas to drive out Dorner from the cabin…Igniting the target is an obvious danger but not the design intention…With a click onto Google, he would have known that…#2) He makes a claim that everyone could identify with Dorner who was reacting to being fired FOR NO REASON…HUH!!! Actually, Dorner was fired for breaking L.A. Police Dept. Regs which was adjudicated & confirmed at a hearing…Conceding that none of us know the Real Truth here, we must also concede that most of those who are fired or commit crimes ALWAYS HAVE AN EXCUSE & BLAME THEIR MISDEEDS ON OTHERS…NEVER THEMSELVES…Does the term “Going Postal” ring a bell here…Also does our profile of heroic race figures now include those, who kill innocents of several different races including their own, to resolve offenses against them PERCEIVED ONLY BY THEMSELVES…If this is the criteria…what a world of chaos we will inherit…#3) While Obama is an excellent example of a good father & family man…there are many better examples of African Americans to use in this article, from Frederick Douglas, to B.L.Hamer to MLK & countless others who have suffered grievances & injustice but found productive avenues to express their anger & opposition…If Dorner is now our model to follow then what a world of chaos we will inherit…#4) Then there was some gibberish about Dorner killing less innocent people than the LA Police, an organization of 10,000 officers, who make mistakes but also suffer their own horrible deaths from the people they serve, including THREE in this rampage alone… This misrepresentation boggles the mind & suffers from an egregious distortion of reality, which if followed, gives us all the right to go out on the streets & kill any police officer we encounter if we feel aggrieved…#5)That the LA Police should be critized for wanting to end the standoff between a person still shooting at them & having killed 4 innocents, including a police officer that very afternoon, before nightfall thereby preventing the increased possibility of escape in the dark & further killings & that they need to justify that to Dr.W. is LUDICROUS!!! Nothing more needs to be said… #6) Dr.W. says that Dorner wasn’t crazy just obsessive…You can’t make this stuff up folks…I’ve run into hundreds of obsessive people in my lifetime; none of whom have gone on a killing rampage when I approached…And the only thing that really matters, anyway, is that he is a KILLER OF INNOCENTS according to our Laws & Constitution…With all its flaws, it’s the only thing we have to keep people like Dorner from killing us, our loved ones or neighbors whenever they feel aggrieved… I could go on but stand little chance of changing Dr.W’s POV & pandering to the WORST in us……TOO BAD!!!

  53. I don’t agree with Mr. Dorner’s tactics, but he was willing to die for what he believed. How many of us would be willing to give our lives for a cause?

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