Detroit Teen Shot To Death By High School Basketball Coach

article-0-17541B5D000005DC-69_308x425By Victor Trammell

A 16-year-old male was killed and another young male was injured right outside the school they attended classes.

The man who is suspected in the shooting death of 16-year-old Michael Scott (pictured) and the injuring of his fellow student is a basketball coach at Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School. The suspect is 70-year-old Ernest Robinson. The other shooting victim’s name has not yet been released.

Robinson contends that he shot the teens in self-defense as they allegedly attempted to rob him with a gun. He also said he was escorting two female students to their cars. The double shooting took place around 7:30 p.m. EST after a basketball game at the school.

However, Michael’s mother, Priscilla Scott told local WDIV News that her son peacefully attended the game and was not involved with guns in any way. She also said that she attended the same high school and played on the basketball team. In an interview, Priscilla Scott quoted the following with the local media:

‘He said mom we’re getting ready to go to the  game and we’re getting dressed. And I said ‘ok’ and they got their jeans on and  shoes and they were happy. Michael does not even carry a gun, no. He wouldn’t even  touch a gun. I lost my son and I want answers.’ (WDIV News)

The second shooting victim was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he is still recovering from a gun shot wound to the stomach. Police detectives are still investigating this case.






76 Responses to Detroit Teen Shot To Death By High School Basketball Coach


    We have become the WILD WILD WEST…all over again
    except with a touch of WILLIE LYNCH and “blame Obama”
    syndromes — added !

  2. You only get bits and pieces to a story when it has to do with a black man. d**n shame..

    • You are right. How do we know that that 70 year old is not a black man himself? That is how riots get insited. Give half of the story.

      • You already know the coach has to be a black man also — if he weren’t every news outlet on the planet would have played up the racial aspect of the story. Yet, since in all liklihood, all parties involved happen to be black in this situation (after all, it is Detroit), there is no mention of his race.

        By the way, Michael Scott, the boy who was unfortunately killed, was awaiting trail for . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . ARMED ROBBERY. Hardly the innocent little boy that mommy is trying to make him out to be. I can tell you this much, if my boy was awaiting trial for anything whatsoever, he wouldn’t be out running around at night. His b**t would be grounded so bad that by the time he went to trial, he would be hoping that they would throw his a*s in juvy so he would have more freedom. This is a classic case of BAD PARENTS. If I were in charge of the world (good thing I’m not), I would throw both his mother and his sperm donor in jail for 20 years for child neglect.

  3. Robert Leland Smith

    It is time for each of us to closely monitor the attitudes and behaviors of those around us!… We must learn to share and care about information in each community and take steps to ensure that fairness and equality becomes strengthened on behalf of each family striving for stability!…. We must look beyond the class system and racial distinction! We must respect the human rights of every living being!

  4. Starting to think that the genocide/fratricide of our babies and other good folk is God’s way of rescuing them from purgatory/h**l.

  5. Who cares. Hispanics are taking over.

  6. Dalton A Roberson Jr has got the story correct. The coach was simply escorting his female ball players to the car after the game when they were approcached by the individuals. One of the young men was a past student of the school, he had been expelled. Times are so hard right now for our kids and life is so precious, young people have got to understand that message.

  7. Hispanics are no better Don Jose. Just the new and future n****s, and your fooling yourself if you think anything different. You azz is here getting over now because we overcame the institutional bullshit and demanded better. That’s when they took their eye off the boarder and let your azzes in. First farmers, and a few intellectuals. You better be paying attention. You happen to be riding and benefitting from our civil and social struggles. Care to go deeper, check out supreme mathematics and find out what those Olmex Head (with our features on them) on the beaches of South America mean. See, your not from Mexico, your from Mixico. Ever hear of Dr. Yacub! I don’t think so. Deal with your own graft and then come again.

  8. @Matt Fowler The better question is, since Lesha was responding to your statement, how do you know they were wannabe thugs? The story made no such mention of motive. Just because a commenter says he’s from Detriot and he heard such and such makes no matter to me, and even he steered clear of that stereotypical language. By your photographic representation, you appear to be from hickvill somewhere. Go posted on stories regarding your mass killers or the recent story about the 2 getting shot at the Texas gun range. Really don’t need you drivel here!

  9. Sometimes Kids, can be one thing at home and another when they go on the streets, even gang banging and the first thing the parents say is my child was not this or that and have no idea until something like this go horriable wrong.He may not have been the ring leader, in the robbery but the fact that he was with someone who apparently thought nothing about committing crime would place this young man at the wrong place at the wrong time if he was the innocent one and had no idea what was going to take place and lost his life because of another person stupidity hopefully the young man that survived the shooting will be able to shed some light on what actually happened.

  10. Sad all around

  11. The girls had to have told their stories too right? If we don’t believe they were committing a robbery, why do we think he shot them? I believe the truth is in the middle. He probably was a good kid hanging with the wrong kid. That kid decides to break the law ,he dies for it. Just think if he would have lived, he would be charged with this crime. I hope they print another story with more facts!

  12. Uh oh, it’s tear wiping time again Obama.

  13. Peter D. Slaughter

    I wonder how many black people get it ?
    ? Who makes the guns and ammo that are being used to kill other black people?
    Name one gun that has a black or afrikan name on it.
    But it’s trip how so many black’s got tricked,turned inside out with all this fake gangsta,scarface, Biggie Smalls,2PAC wannabe stuff.
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    It be set up to be on automatic to even be to late figure out the plan.
    Yehsum,they can call in Jesse and that Louey farkahan guy for a big march to turn all their guns in.
    Once they do that we will sell them some more for sure.

  14. We African Americans have short memory spans and our minds have been filled with white-washed garbage to degrees most cannot comprehend. Our lack of insight reveals itself in many ways. Everything we believe, think and do is connected to the history of white domination, aggression, African pillage, slavery, rape and genocide. Still we fall all over ourselves copying them, spending nearly everything we earn toward their gains and believing everything they say and do. Those of us who have achieved anything, have done so under the auspices of the ‘white-American way’. Just observe what they are doing to Africa even today! Look at what they continue to do to the native Americans. Watch as they stockpile our men, women, and children in their prisons. Watch as they continue to beat and murder our people in the streets. Meanwhile we continue to pratice their ways, traits, traditions and beliefs as if we believe they care about us and are true and good humanitarians. It should be obvious by now that human lunacy prevails! There are too many things wrong with us and it appears that no one is able to get this straight!

  15. I would to read the whole entire story about how these your men were shot. Was it a case of , I want something for nothing? What happen? Someone lost their life. Peace be upon to the families. Truth only.

  16. In truth we don’t even know the full extent of what happened, just that a 70 year old man shot a two teenagers with the outcome of one of them being fatal.

    My questions are;

    1. Why was a teacher carrying a gun to school, was he either allowed to carry one or did he conceal this from the school faculty?

    2. Does the school have security staff?

    3. As there allegedly was a threat from these boys wasn’t security allerted of this threat?

    4. Why would the teacher escort the two girls to their car, armed?

    This doesn’t sound right to me, I guess we’ll have to wait until a full investigation is carried out.

    • 1. Why was a teacher carrying a gun to school, was he either allowed to carry one or did he conceal this from the school faculty?

      Answer: He has a concealed carry permit AND he is a reserve police officer.

      2. Does the school have security staff?

      Answer: I don’t know; however, I’m sure that no “security staff” (other than the 70-year old in questions) was on the scene. Punk kids never think that they will be the ones that get caught.

      3. As there allegedly was a threat from these boys wasn’t security allerted of this threat?

      Answer: Surely you have been around long enough to know that reporting a threat most often means that nothing is done; at most, they principal will call the boys into the office the next day (hardly a solution for such situations).

      4. Why would the teacher escort the two girls to their car, armed?

      Answer: So as to protect the two girls and himself should two punks approach them with intent to do evil.

      Added comments: When will black people wake up and realize that the lack of a father in the lives of young people (matters not the skin color involved) graetly increases the liklihood that they will grow up to be in trouble with the law and to make babies w/o the benefit of marriage. You can blame white people for a lot of things, and some of those things are even justified; but the abject failure of black people to at least attempt to live a moral lifestyle and to take care of their own babies is nobody’s fault but their own.

  17. If you want all the facts of this story, read them elsewhere. I’m forced to do that after being teased with a few details on this site.


  19. Fortunately they are not going to charge the 70 yr old for
    the shootings as cameras verify his story. All white crows
    think their babies are white as snow! No mom wants to THINK
    their children have done wrong but in their hearts they all
    know it’s possible. This was a life changing experience for
    the shooter also.

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