Black Man Poses as Scooby Doo With White Friends, Sparks Outrage

A young black man poses with white friends in a Scooby Doo costume and sparks outrage.


Last year, a (what many revere as) disturbing photo made its rounds on various websites. The photo features a group of friends dressed as the gang from Scooby Doo. Based on that description most people would assume that this was probably nothing more than an innocent Halloween picture; however, the person portraying the Great Dane Scooby Doo is a shirtless Black male with black spots painted on his naked upper body.

Many believe it’s insulting to see a black man degrading himself to a dog  — on his knees, wearing a collar with a white man placing his hand over his head, as if he’s petting him. Many people believe the smiles on the faces of the four white people look gleeful and sadistic, as if they were being malicious in taking the photo. Readers of Bossip weighed in on the photo.

One commenter with the screen name TheDevilPoopsToo, doesn’t believe the photo is racist: “As a black man, I see nothing wrong because I’m pretty sure he made the choice to dress as Scooby by himself. He’s an adult and I’m pretty sure is capable of deciding for himself. Peace and Love.” Eradicate The Bullsh!t, another commenter on the website, disagrees with TheDevilPoopsToo. “C00n Breeze! Why you let those white folks dress you up as Scooby? Let them paint black dots all on your skinny black 95 pound a$$ and everything. Sit! Good Boy! Heel! Dance for your crackas, c00n for ya crackas!!!!!!,” he/she wrote. If this brother had dressed and posed the same way with brothers and sistas, the photo may not have acquired so much negative attention.

Is this a racist photo? Why or why not?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.

151 Responses to Black Man Poses as Scooby Doo With White Friends, Sparks Outrage

  1. He made the choice to dress up on his own. I’m pretty sure they didnt tie him down and force paint on him. As men, we should be held accountable for our own actions, and that guy made a decision to dress up as a dog and make an a*s out of himself. Do I think the pic is racist? No. Do I pity everyone in that pic for their naivety towards history? Yes indeed.

  2. As Johnny Gill said, “My My My”.

    Yep, I guess it was the guy’s decision to act like a dog…its his right!
    What would be interesting to see is how those white people generally treat him…I guess thats the only way we would know what really made this ‘brother’ decide to play Scooby!

  3. Need better stories for Black History Month

    • You need people who know their history. I glad they did not gloss over this story because it is black history month.
      Print these stories so we can all see what is going wrong.

  4. The original cast of Scooby Doo was white, I think that they are portraying Scooby Doo as we know. Stop being so sensitive and thinking that everything is done to degrade black people. Have you ever thought that maybe he might have even come up with the idea?

  5. The brother played himself. Just may be is he suffering for low-esteem, acceptable tends of the past, or just love looking like a dam fool. He doesn’t represent all brothers. Get off your knee and stand up like a man/human.


  7. Coonery at it worst!

  8. You know what’s really sad though, is that him and a lot of other black kids don’t really appreciate what our black leaders had to go thru to stop and fight this stigma. And truth be told it still a fight today. IMO, yes he is a young adult and can make his decisions, but I fault the parents of this kid on this. As a parent it’s my duty to let my kids know what went on back in the those days. Not to plant any seed of hate but to walk with your head up in this world we will live and have some dignity about yourself.

    • He is a prime example of the baby doll syndrome. He is what occurs when your child feels another race is better. When your child doesn’t know their own history. The most many of these people know about black history is harriet tubman and martin luther king. That is all they know and you know what, they don’t want to know it because their parents didn’t teach it and they don’t desire to learn it either.

  9. No the picture is not racist. The person playing the part of Scooby-Do has either such high self esteem and knows his worth that taking this picture does not negate that, or he has no self esteem and will do anything to be part of the group and taking this picture did not negate that. In any case the picture in and of itself is harmless.

  10. The picture isn’t racist, however i notice that younger black folks simply don’t have racial pride. so quick to lighten the line by having biracial kids outta wedlock and think that they’ve accomplished something. SMH.

    i checked this black male teen the other day because he allowed his friends to utter the n-word while did nothing but follow behind his non-black friends.

    punk azz kids nowadays…

    • I agree with everything you said but this picture isn’t racist. It is racist but only to this sellout fool that was willing to do anything to kiss the azz of those in that picture.

      I know many of these black male and a lot of black females as well allow all sorts of disrespect from whites and others. Calling themselves ugly, etc. And allow themselves to be called the N word or it to be used.

      Black parents also raised their kids to cherish and honor whites, above themselves. They will do anything to get into their graces. I have seen some older black adults doing the same exact thing. You have some blacks that will do anything for their acceptance.

      This photo reminds me of a black person in a sorority. They were doing the same kind of coonery.Except in a toga.

  11. This photo hurt somewhere deep down inside of me. When will our young people regain their common sense?

  12. Young people today are so far removed from the blatant racial struggles of the recent past. As parents of Black children we have a responsibility to empower and arm our children with OURstory. That is the foundation of Black pride and self respect. But noooo, Black people are so caught up in “the church” and waiting on Jesus to come back, that our children are no longer fooled by to those weak fear tactics that once worked on us. If you haven’t noticed, your children are far more intelligent, more advanced and more enlightened, because information is readily available and easily accessed, than we were at their age, so ya better wake up!

  13. I think this group thought, hey let’s do the scooby doo gang. And I think they felt (him includedl it would be funny for him to play scooby because of the obvious skin tone. I don’t think they meant for it to be racist. And I don’t think he thought nothing of it. Here is the problem IMO: younger people really don’t get the pain of our past. I mean black and white young peoplle. Why? The older people didn’t tell them anything. I’m 40. I read a lot so I taught my kids. They would have said no to this picture and they would have been able to explain why. Everybody would have been the wiser for it. Nobody told me anything at all!!! Then they were apalled when I loved rap music, with n***a this and n***a that. Also we might be a little sensitive, but how can we not be, when we have people sending tweets out racially degrading Trayvon Martin and that’s just one example. Anybody would be on guard

  14. As a 50 year old black man, I gotta be the bearer of bad news. We are kind of living in a time where young black men have no idea of the black white issues of civil rights. Our young men live in a world where if their talents, grades, and money are in great shape they can go where they please, be liked for who they are, and yes date the white women that they sit in classes with….WAKE UP AMERICA MARTIN LUTHER KING GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THIS DAY!!!IJS

    • @Mac I totally agree. However, it’s not to put blame because as a parent who experienced the pain of racial injustice your first instinct is to protect your children. At that time, your hope was for them was to get an education, to live the proverbial “American Dream” and to be happy. But today, as we all are bearing witness that the more things change the more things are the same and worse. The point in teaching OURstory is that when young people make decisions, they are not because of ignorance and in this case it was all in fun. Like Latrice, my children would never have reduced themselves to being a damm dog. They would’ve painted someone else brown with black spots. Additionally, when President Obama was selected in 2008, there was this sense of entitlement that young Black men became swept away in. I heard on young brother say, “We got a ni@@a in office, now I can do what I want to do.” So instead of capitalizing on this new found pride, I really believe people felt they got a free pass.

      • @Miss T u are absolutely on target here. When I try to make young men aware of the hidden racial agenda it is quite difficult, and I have to be careful not to come across as ole angry racist uncle Willie…because I can and am a fiery proponent of blackness. With that said our nation and black women specifically have to understand that young successfull black men date the girls that are accessible, I.e. tiger woods in southern cal, the big man on campus sits in a class at u of any state with population 75 percent young white women who is he supposed to date and relate to? Why we as hbcu aa hating on these young men like Grigio…I’m sorry but taquanesh was not at Baylor helping him with economics projects IJS….access breeds familiarity which leads to dating and on and on….so this young man had fun w his friends, but he needs to understand the dynamics…if he was dressed as a pimp and the girl in this photo dressed as a prostitute…would we trip on her or him….great conversations make me think,,,thanks

  15. Codrington C. Dapp

    Coonin’ for white folk…i guess we’ll never learn…smh

  16. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Obviously the brother posed for this picture because it was his decision as a adult, (unless there are some assault guns pointing at him, out of the pic) so regardless of how the public may agree or disagree. Unfortunately, we all are products of our environment in which we was raised in, and that is a hostile negative racist society, whether we like it or not. Being raised in this type of society, one cannot but question almost anything that involves racial interactions being that blacks especially are subjected by being on the receiving end of unlimited racial attacks, 24-7, 365 days a year and this is no joke. Despite all evil, we must Never let Hate enter into our hearts, then we will be no better than the one’s who hate us, who are on a fast moving out of control train straight to h**l, so it is as it is, end of story.

  17. dumb a*s n***a

  18. FYI: There are college educated men who dress up like dogs, wear dog collars, brand themselves, bark and refer to themselves as dogs who do great things for the campus and their communities. No offense to these brothers at all, but what they do is widely accepted, imitated and almost revered. The only difference is this young man friends are white. He could have been raised by a white family and was very comfortable in this situation. The things we [all] did in college I’m sure we look back on now and cringe. Before we cry “racism”, let’s get all the facts first. I wouldn’t have done it, but some of the stuff our young black kids do today is incomprehensible!

  19. It could be racist, but it’s inconclusive. Did they all dream this up together? Or were the friends like we’re going to do this and we think you should be the dog? Would it have mattered if he had a Scooby Doo costume? On it’s face I can’t say racist per say, but it could be. WIthout knowing their relationship or these white folks I can’t say for sure. Certainly some racist undertones there, but full blast racist? I can’t say and it’s not really for me to say.

  20. Codrington C. Dapp

    If it’s not racist then why is it that it’s always the black guy that is down on his knees, and getting patted on the head? For once, I would like to see a picture where a white person is in a subservient position to black person…it’s always the black person bowing down or being subservient to the whites…

    • It is never going to be the white because the black is being taught that these people are their superiors. What else could come from this type of belief. Many of these parents are teaching this bs of not seeing color and racism is dead.

      They are taught to join in on with them no matter how humiliating it may be they are taught to conform. To assimilate. And they are doing it at the cost of their own self respect and their public and private image.

      All I see is a week sap punk who has no respect for himself. He is unable to stand against a man and this pic displays him lesser than a man; an animal.

  21. Looks like he just had a Scooby snack. He’s cool, he’s full of Scooby snacks.

  22. No one forced him to be a dog. What about all the two legged dogs who do not wear spots and a dog chain? Where is the outrage to these dogs who usually destroy their families? What does racism have to do with this picture? Perhaps, all of them are high and we all know people do crazy things while they are high.

  23. Scooby Dooby Dooooooooooo LOl
    I get it
    . This picture is obvious that they are imitating Scooby Doo
    ~ Get out of you Niggerish BOX (Willie Lynch) Someone has to let it go and it wont be the white PEOPLE that for d**n sure. Black folks we keep ignorance alive.

    • This is not funny. The person they are being racist to is this ignorant trash self hating fool.

      However, it was meant as disrespect. Black trash keeps ignorance alive.

      Stand up and quick licking someone’s but.

      • Hope
        It can be viewed as racist because they are using a black man to symbolize the only character on the show that was not human~~~ a dog. They could have used a dog to represent the dog and the message would have been clear that they were in character (Scooby Dooby Doo) . If you view it in that manner then it is racist and maybe ignorant people ignore it because of their up bringing
        (who do not know any better.) ~So I respect your opinion.

        On Halloween people dress up as all kinds of characters … goons, goblins, animals and so forth. IS that offensive. I would use my only white girlfriend if she and I thought to go as Charlie Brown and Snoopy people might not get it as quickly as two white people going as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It doesn’t stop us from doing it.

        OR the characters of Ghost-busters if five friends decided that the white girl would be the ghost, It doesn’t mean that I am held down by racism. .IGNORANCE IS A MENTALITY AND IT is BORN IN ONE’s MIND……. and resides in ONE’s HEART.

        It doesn’t matter how anyone views you its who you know that you are. People will ALWAYS HOLD EACH OTHER BACK by small thinking. If you view yourself like a dog, slave, or anything belittling who am I to say that you are not that. Respect is due to a dog my parents always said. Now, this innocent black man is now a victim of your slaveman mentality but he is a slave according to the way you painted the picture…. once again racism was given life when it had an opportunity to die. and associates the photo with you >>>> RACISM LIVES IN YOU RENTFREE <<<<.

        As I said and I meant~
        White people will keep racism and slavery alive FOREVER to keep us from MOVING FURTHER. So we (black kings and queens) have to kill it in order for the muthafucker to DIE. Just as we did when we voted for OBAMA not once but twice~We did that. Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King…… didn't let racism get in the way of a dream, our vision that they stood up for and we fought and those days we kicked racism's a*s and p****d A LOT of people off.

        The bible and Dr. King preached about love…THAT'S ALSO A MENTALITY.

  24. I’m just trying to figure out what all the commotion is about! People probably would have complained if he dressed up as Fred….or better yet Daphne! ha ha!

  25. umm i dont see the problem at all so i guss whatever? i though it was kinda cool.. i grew up on scooby and the gang.. i do see one problem though. scub was brown more then black so maby they should have got a mexican?

  26. For all of you saying we don’t know the circumstances, you’re right. But by the same token we don’t if this man was drugged and then put in this position or not. We don’t know if he was homeless and they promised hims money or some food if he would pose like this.

    So don’t tell me or think this is harmless, because it is not. Too many Black people died for us to be treated equally and respectfully. This just helps reinforces negative stereotypes of Black males.

  27. No he can do what he want and for the record I’m black if he likes it I love it.

  28. You all are taking this way to seriously. This was a Halloween joke and they most likely knew the outcome of their decision. All of you are just playing into their hands and making this a big ordeal.

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