“Black Agenda” Discussed With Pres. Obama Is Revealed

In an article written by National Urban League president Marc Morial on Politic365.com, the agenda that black leaders have been meeting with President Obama to discuss has been revealed.


A little over a month ago, prominent figures from the black community met with President Obama to push agenda items that are specifically affecting the black community. For a while, actual details about the agenda seemed to have been a secret, as no one revealed exactly what the agenda items were prior to the first meeting. Even after the meeting, no one seemed to know exactly what the prominent figures of the black community brought to President Obama on behalf of the community.

In an article published on Politic365, National Urban League president Marc Morial provided more details regarding the agenda items he and other prominent community figures brought to the president on behalf of the community. The group just met with the president for the second time to get him to address at least one of the agenda items during his upcoming State of the Union Address.

Here are the agenda items Morial discussed in his article:

  • Reintroduction and passage of the Urban Jobs Act allocating resources for job training, education, and support services for eligible young adults, including many who have not finished high school, to prepare them for entry into the workforce.
  • Reintroduce the American Jobs Act, President Obama’s proposed package of tax cuts, investments and incentives designed to put [Americans] back to work and speed economic growth.
  • We support the President’s recently announced push for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and his call for universal background checks.  In addition, we recommend a stronger focus on violence prevention, including investments in programs that create safe spaces for kids after school and improved mental health services and treatment.
  • We also call for citizens to mobilize around the upcoming February 27th Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires states and counties with a history of discriminatory voting practices to undergo Justice Department review of any change to their voting rules.
  • Finally, we call for reforms of the nation’s dysfunctional and discriminatory criminal justice system.  As NAACP President Ben Jealous noted, “Study after study has shown that students of color face harsher punishments in school than their white peers, African-American students are arrested far more often than their white classmates, and African-American youth have higher rates of juvenile incarceration and are more likely to be sentenced to adult prison.  One in 13 African Americans of voting age is disenfranchised because of a prior criminal conviction. That’s a staggering statistic that reveals the desperate need for reform.”


What are your thoughts?


58 Responses to “Black Agenda” Discussed With Pres. Obama Is Revealed

  1. I think that is great how the black agenda wasn’t really a black agenda as much as it was about fairness. It’s like we are not asking for special favors or attention, just provide us with the same opportunities. It sounds like the Civil Rights Movement to me.

  2. It’s good that this event occurred and the items on the BLACK AGENDA are good ones. There are not many specifics given…for example: HOW TO REFORM THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.

    They should have included more about “environmental racism” because it is the Black people and poor who live in inner cities who are suffering the most from pollution and global warming. Factories spewing smoke, cars emitting toxic fumes, building with the least insulation, and garbage dumps, etc. ARE IN BLACK COMMUNITIES.

    When the major storms, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires hit — like in HURRICANE KATRINA and HURRICANE SANDY….guess who gets the most suffering?


    VAN JONES should be consulted to have some input on creating “green jobs”….like he had been doing in Oakland for years.

    • As I have said before… we need to have some of the BLACK MILLIONAIRES… the rappers, athletes, preachers, etc. — who have more money than they know what to do with….AND PUT UP A FUND for some of these projects… like URBAN JOBS and SCHOOL REFORM.

      To read the entire BLACK AGENDA that was submitted to Pres. Obama…go to this site –


      No matter what is in the AGENDA… Pres. Obama will have to fight all the rightwing nuts, TEA PARTY and the rest of the Klan to get anything done. I just hope he presents it to everyone.

      • “Negroes should be more determined today
        than they have ever been, because the mighty
        forces of the world are operating against
        the non-organized groups of people, who are
        not ambitious enough to protect their own interests.”

        ~QUOTE BY Marcus Garvey


  3. What Black agenda? Those clowns ain’t worried about a Black agenda because everythang they brought to the table is to help foreigners, also.

    Look at all the agendas Tavis and West had when they were on tell-a-LIE-vision with their so-called summits for Black people. What happened to them? Did they really help Black people, or were they just on tell-a-LIE-vision running off at the jibs (mouths)?



    • Absolutely right Brother…what agenda?

    • And the truth speaks. AMERICAN NEGROES NEED to stop this BLACK UNITY lie. It is killing us, and no one honors it but OLD negroes. Even africans are divided by TRIBES, and dont even pretend unity on their own continent, so how the h**l does american negroes think we can achieve black unity in america? These old b8stards need to educate themselves on what is going on TODAY, and stop talking like times havent changed since they were kids. I’m sick of these overpaid dimwits being in leadership positions. They do nothing but harm to black america. We need young intelligent black men to rise up and lead the way to the future.

      • You are absolutely right Gaye,The first slave owners in this country were black,we sold our businesses to incoming Europeans,sound familiar with today.The history of human beings as a whole is not a romance novel.Our existence is filled with murder,thievery,may-ham,and will continue to happen as long as we live(humans).What role will you play.Will you be a sideline critic.Or an in the game warrior?

        • And the truth speaks.

          And you know what Charles, I needed a white man to tell me that whites in spain were under HARD slavery for centuries under the arabs, and that is why the spanish are olive complexed.

          These dimwit old negroes dont want to solve problems, they want more affirmative action money FOR THEMSELVES, NOT THE BLACK YOUNG COMMUNITY WHO NEEDS THE HELP. They think if they can guilt good whites into feeling sorry for blacks they’ll get money for THEMSELVES. The white folks are tired of being guilty for what their ancestors did, and so am I.

          The only thing we need from these GOVT NEGRO officials in power now is to enforce the existing civil rights laws, protect our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness, and stop this institutional rascism.

  4. Derrick you are so right…I see the agenda but I don’t see the Black. This is the weakest argument I have ever seen…They should have asked me!

  5. Lincoln, Roosevelt and now Obama, we’ve been here before and still hardly anything concrete put forward by our leaders on to the table for the president to chew on.

    Where the Justice dept. is concerned they could have added police brutality and profiling on to the agenda

    Where the Dept. of Education is concerned they could of put forward a proposal to establish our own schools with our own educationalists/academics setting the curriculum.

    Where both the Justice Dept. & The Supreme Court is concerned they could have sought some redress regarding the inordinate number of black men in the prison population of this country due to various unfair legislation levelled against us, AND..

    … effective dialogue with the Depts. of Education, Justice, Commerce, Treasury, Interior to help formalise a repairation program with our scholars of History, Economics, Education, Religion, Social Science.

    Those are fair terms to discuss…GOT ANYMORE TO ADD?!?

    I also think there should have been a referendum put forward to the people BEFORE they even saw the president!



  7. I think the agenda, that was listed could have more attention, to jobs
    program, but if the President work on getting the listed items accomplished, the life of African American will get better. However, I know that John Bonner (sp) intentially will fight anything that will help the African American community, just so the President will not accomplished any thing that will help minorities. I know that the Black Caucus, has given the President names of qualified Black for Cabinets position , yet I have not seen one person same appear, if not now when.

  8. First, I would like to mention the National Urban League recently announced its $70 million jobs initiative to help rebuild America using public and private sector partnerships. Back in the 70’s, in the Mid-West, the Urban League was well-known for executing its self-help philosophy by providing vocational training and securing jobs specifically for African Americans. The Urban League targeted African Americans to level the playing field due to social inequality and discrimination, similarly, to an affirmative action program.

    I would also like to mention, since President Obama often refers to practices of his predecessors, under President Roosevelt, in 1939, the Works Progress Administration program and the National Recovery Administration program were established. The Works Progress program “provided basic earnings for one million [B]lack families, or approximately one-seventh of the nation’s [B]lack population” (Sears, 1976: 95), and the National Recovery Administration served “to weaken the differential [pay] based on color,” and “to provide equal opportunity for non-whites in Public Administration construction”(Sears, 1976: 95). However, the National Recovery Administration program was later found to be unconstitutional and was discontinued (Sears, 1976: 95). The point of the matter is the fact that President Roosevelt did not ignore the African American plight. While President Obama’s principal objective is to represent “all” Americans, having served as a civil rights attorney and a former community organizer, he is not ambivalent to the needs of the Black community as well as the social inequalities and discrimination that we confront.

    We spend a lot of money in the American economy. If we limited our spending and collectively helped one another, not only would we be taken seriously, but we could also make some real progress among ourselves, and regain our sense of pride and unity. It’s just that simple. As a self-help measure, I recommend a national database be developed listing all African American businesses, foundations, celebrities, athletes, churches, civic organizations, professionals, individuals and their talents, skills and expertise, as well as other legitimate entities. Self-help is not a new phenomenon in the Black community; in fact, it is a part of our traditional culture.

    • Self help is the answer. Yeah, that would work if more than 40% of our black population wasn’t on drugs, mentally ill from drug use, or selling drugs.

      We need INTERVENTIONS and REhab paid for by the GOVT who allowed these illegal substances to be sold right in our neighborhood markets and continue to do so, and continue to grant business licenses to the predators. on the national geographic channel a black drug dealer in detroit said he’d love to set up shops in the WHITE suburbs, but the police have the license plates of every drug dealer programmed into their database and if they even cross the county line they’re arrested.

      BLACK PEOPLE CANT OVERCOME SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION. only the justice dept and president have the power to stop this madness.

  9. Well said s’ann … Now why can a white president like FDR, LBJ, and Clinton do more for black plight than a black president? I know the answer, but tell me what u think…Hotep

    • Because a DECENT white man FIGHTS for what he believes in and takes affront at anyone who attempts to defer him from his mission. The president is the commander-in-chief, head of the armed forces, and soldier number one. A soldier goes down fighting and is willing to die for his cause.

      Obama said, “I cant say black, they will kill me” LOL pitiful

    • I believed in President Obama and voted for him in 2008, not only because he was a Black man, which is an added value, but because he presented himself as a change agent and led us to believe that he had our best interests at heart, too. Today, however, I have mixed feelings as it appears that his focus is self-centered in pursuit of his legacy and the h**l with us.

      • giving him one chance was enough for me. the other negroes decided to let the democrats brainwash them again.


        Negroes in the SOUTH under REPUBLICAN rule are happier, have better police protection and better communities.

  10. If minister Farrakhan,Dr. Cornell West,& Tavis Smilley were not their
    then I feel like the meeting was a bunch of bull s**t.They don’t care about black people.Obama told the CBC that he was not president of black
    america(black people); but president of the united states of america.Some
    mention something that is true.All the suckers that he meet with will get
    something in their pockets.Sell outs,house negroes.I get my salvation from GOD,Jesus,Marcus Garvey, Malcom X,Rev. Albert Cleage. The conditioning process that black people were sent through was throughly.
    Michelle Alexander”The New Jim Crow” tell us a lot.”Africa for the Africans, at home & abroad”.

  11. “We as Black people need to start addressing these problems on our own.
    Black people were brainwashed into thinking intergration and depending on the government to make everything alright after centuries of oppression. Equal rights should have been the demand, not so much forced intergretion. The Civil Right Act was only a tool to use to fight oppression and gain equality legally, it did nothing to correct centuries of brainwashing and mental control. It did not end racism. Those that wanted to intergrate with Blacks did, the others didn’t.

    When we as a people start to unify, go back to it takes a village to raise a child, respect each other, build our own businesses like the Black Wall Street in Oklahoma, stop selling our soul to the music and television industry for a fast buck, understand that the African people’s history did not start with the slave trade, but long before, maybe then we will see a change in the existance of Black America.

    Had the Civil Rights Movement and the Nation of Islam worked together for the overall best interest of the Black community and not allowed outside influences and religion to dictate our direction, things maybe different today. Religion and Spirituality are two different things.

    We are not immigrants. We didn’t come here with our name, culture, faith and language. Our existance in this country have been molded by an oppressive fraction, just because it was taught to us does not make it true.

    The mentality in the black community has to change. It’s starts at home, not school. Take responsibility for childrens education. The black community is consumed with material things, be a smart consumer.

    The unemployment rate in the black community is high, and we all know why. Drugs, felonies has half of the black men in this country unemployable. You have some that work find themselves not taking home a full paycheck because they think with the wrong head, which leads to child support payments to more than one woman. Woman who can’t take care of themselves and their first child having more.

    The music industry has taken control of our youth. The myth of easy, fast money has consumed their brain. We are so focused with “keeping up the the Joneses, we don’t save.

    A lot of the problems in the black community can be corrected, but it will take a change in the way we think and how we let society and the powers that be dictate our thoughts. Pick up a book and read. The television is our worst enemy, it’s an idoit box. Understand how imperialism and capitalism works and how we can change the negative affect that it has had on us as a people.

  12. Obama does not see, nor does he think in terms of White and Black. The so called Black agenda and the American agenda must go hand-in-hand. Our ancestors, especiall our recent ancestors, fought and built coalitions to secure equal civil and human rights for us in this nation. The coalition is slowly fading. The only thng the president can do is to fight to make sure that the civil, human and voting rights that we have obtain over the years are not revoked at the hands of racist republicans. We fought to be allowed to attend colleges and universities with whites, yet many of our young folks do not value education. African Americans, and Black folks throughout the world will always have to fight harder then others to gain equal access to life, but we must take advantage of that which we can control. Wite men can no longer control what we do. Our and the Presidents only duty is to continue what our ancestors started. Our Ancestors brought the American constitution to life, and you cannot get more American than they were. The Black Agenda is the American agenda.

    • U mean to tell me that negro obama sat up in black america CHICAGO, and under reverend militant black WRIGHT for more than a decade and after all that time he didn’t understand the plight of the black man in america? that negro is slow

  13. Please excuse my typos, but my battery’s power was slowly fading, and I had to get my thoughts across!

  14. Whose AGENDA?. I would not have Al Sharpton discuss how to catch a dog on my behalf.It scare me to look at HIM.We should take a closer look at how Al Sharpton, rose to FAME. And then look at Abama, and ask why does he choose Al Sharpton, to be his front man to the black community?.They are both dishonest people. LIER, LIER, PANTS ON FIRE.
    As I always said, ALL THE TRUE BLACK LEADERS ENDS UP DEAD, and the LIERS survived.Equal Obama, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and the list is too long to put all of them.

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