Trey Coleman: Is It Possible for the Republican Party to Attract Black People? Maybe

by Trey Coleman
It’s not far fetched to say that the Republican party is out of touch with the African-American voter.  The party has alienated the black vote so much that blacks vote democratic at a disproportionate number. The demographics in the US are changing and the Republican party can no longer depend on the white vote to win the presidency.  The party has to begin a courtship of the black vote. I believe that the core values of the Republican party appeals to blacks. Before I’m accused of being a traitor or Sambo, allow me to explain my position.
First, the Republican party must effectively communicate our core values which are God, family, a strong community, and education.  Secondly, tone down the rhetoric and adverse speech.  Third, the speeches have to be of inclusion of minorities rather than excluding.  It’s a fact that most blacks strongly believe that the Republican party is racist and listening to some of the rhetoric, I can understand the apprehension. At the same time, I’m open-minded enough to see past it.  Theodore Johnson, Naval Officer and White House Fellows alum stated that it is not our ideas and goals that are wrong, it is our expression and execution. We believe we have the best solutions to all of our country’s challenges, but we need you. Without your voice, our approach will always be tone deaf.
According to, since 1977, African-Americans have voted 85-95% Democratic. Mitt Romney garnered more African-American votes in 2012 than Mccain in 2008, but he didn’t do enough. In my opinion, he should have been knocking on doors in the battle ground states, allowing people to get to know him.
The past two elections proved that people want change.  The poor and disenfranchised have been crying out for help for years.  The Democrats have campaigned on this, but are blacks truly getting the help they need? The Republicans want everyone employed because if you’re working, you’re supporting your family and building a strong community. When your productive, crime is going down, taxes is going down and your spending money which benefit the economy.
Lastly, the party must vote on a immigration bill and stop labeling Hispanics and Mexicans when they come to this country as illegal immigrants.  They come for a better quality of life and are looking to support their families.
My name is Trey Coleman.  I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music and entertainment. I’m a Republican. I believe in a capitalistic society and the separation of church and state.  Check out my website and follow me on twitter at Treys Truth.

12 Responses to Trey Coleman: Is It Possible for the Republican Party to Attract Black People? Maybe

  1. Republican can win black votes easily by promising to:

    End institutional rascism and express a concrete plan of action – not just give it lip service.

    They need to have a plan in place and give stiff penalities (fines and jail time) for violators of:

    housing discrimination
    loan discrimination
    education discrimination
    job discrimination
    integrate these churches more
    do away with Bush’s education plan
    Care more about America’s poor
    Stamp out drug cartels who prey on the black community

    but they’re afraid of alienating the white rascist poor who feel they need and are entitled to extra help.

  2. Faye

    I agree, now we can take your manifesto and apply it to the Democrats!

    What Republicans do in theory is the same as what Democrats do in practice!!

    You want proof?
    Just look around you, did the game change under pres. Clinton??

    Its still the same with a Democrat currently in the Oval Office, and pretty much the same as when ‘Yosemite Sam’/John Wayne/Clint Eastwood -pres Bush jr. was around!!!

  3. Trey, when people (regardless of where they come from) enter the country illegally, they are, by definition, illegal immigrants. There are immigration laws in place that need to be enforced.

    Faye, I’m curious as to how you propose churches can be “more integrated”. The right to worship in a place of our choosing is inherent. Though there are many churches nowadays that are nondenominational and are attended by many different races and nationalisties, most people still tend to worship in a place that feels and looks familiar to them. As a Christian, I would have no problem attending a “white” or “mixed” congregation that suits my spiritual and Christian education needs. However, the Black Baptist church I attend meets my needs just fine. Why would I go somewhere else? I’ve attended worship services with some of my white friends and some of them have attended worship services with me, but we don’t feel the need to uproot from our church homes just to help satisfy some quota.

    Also, you can’t “stamp out drug cartels who prey upon Black communties” when Black folk are racing to the nearest corner to get their supply. Nobody force-feeds you to do or sell drugs- it’s a personal decision. Stop blaming everybody else for your shortsightedness and poor choices.

    What is “Bush’s education plan”?

  4. So long as the republican party is overt in it racist attitudes towards black people don’t expect anything to change. It doesn’t serve voters especially black voters to have only one party to vote for. That’s why we are being taken for granted by the democratic party. I wish the republicans would get their act together and stand up to their white racist teabag base.

  5. The current battle going on in the Republican Party is for the ideological “soul” of the Party. Therefore it is foolish to ask the question that was posed here as long as the Republican Party touts a party platform dedicated to the political and economic disenfranchisement of African-American voters.

    The well informed black voter simply has to look at the WRITTEN & DOCUMENTED platform of any political party operating in the United States to determine if that party will be sincerely concerned about the things you need to advance yourself along with others in your minority group. Look at the Party platform of the Democratic Party,then look at the party platform of the Republican Party, and then make your decision. Promises made by any party spokesman are meaningless, as what exactly the Party stands for is all written in the respective Party’s platform.

  6. The present Republican Party is starting to wage a civil war within itself. The Tea Party with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, black lackeys Allen West, Herman Cain, and others will ultimately destroy the Republican Party as we know it because the moderates are being run out/voted out so there is no room for negotiation nor compromise. But, mind you that is a good thing because most Americans across ethnic/racial lines are moderates as illustrated by the re-election of President Obama. Most people want the same things in life: freedom and liberty, equal opportunity, decent education, jobs that pay livable wages, unhindered upward mobility, treated like human beings no matter where they live or travel in the continental United States, protection by law enforcement instead of harassment and racial profiling, no discrimination in housing anywhere. I admire Colin Powell, Nelson Rockefeller, Jack Kemp, Edward Brooke, and other Republicans I grew up who tout Republican ideology but were socially progressive when it came to discrimination and unfairness. The “now” Republican Party does not want Blacks and “others” as participating policy making members, they believe in “white privilege” really. Just look how they treated Michael Steele former Republican National Committee Chairman during his tenure, shamefully. Lastly, I welcome the demise of the current Republican Party I hope it as an institution burns in h**l. “Burn, baby,burn”.

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