UT Lesbian Love Affair Went Public to Halt Bev Kearney’s Raise, Her Attorney Says

The attorney representing former University of Texas track coach Bev Kearney is alleging the university influenced Kearney's former lover to come forward to prevent Kearney from receiving a raise and extended contract.

Bev Kearney

Bev Kearney, the former head coach for the extraordinarily talented track team at The University of Texas, has seen her Hall of Fame career come to an end as a result of a lesbian relationship she had with one of her athletes.  The relationship took place a decade ago, but Kearney is experiencing the consequences right now.

Kearney’s attorney Derek A. Howard is suggesting that her former lover was prompted to come forward about the decade-old affair to prevent the coach from receiving a raise and extended contract. ”Right now I’m in complete survival mode,” Kearney, 55, told news reporters. She said that she has no immediate plans for her career.

Howard said that he believes the timing of the disclosure by the now 30-year-old unidentified former lover is suspicious. ”Bev had been offered a substantial $150,000 per year raise, to a five- year contract,” Howard said. “That was in the works, and I think it’s fair to say that this woman was put up to it by some other person, for the reason that the individual who put her up to it was resentful that Bev was being offered thisWe can’t say what evidence there is of that. But we can say it seems remarkable, let’s say coincidental, the exact timing this report came out of the blue [was] when the athletic council was recommending that Bev be promoted, and offered a raise,” he said.

University spokesman Nick Voinis did not address Howard’s suggestion directly, but repeated the school’s statement that as head coach, Kearney was “responsible for assuring the best interests of the student-athletes that he or she coaches,” and that it “is unprofessional and unacceptable for a head coach to carry on an intimate relationship with a student-athlete that he or she is coaching.” In a statement, Voinis said “The university told Coach Kearney and Mr. Howard that we were prepared to begin the termination process. She chose to resign instead.

The university said that it is believed that Kearney did not have other similar relationships with student-athletes while coaching at the school.

Do you agree with Kearney’s attorney?

65 Responses to UT Lesbian Love Affair Went Public to Halt Bev Kearney’s Raise, Her Attorney Says

  1. Black men, women and children must OVERstand, we can’t do what caucasoids do! They can get away with their dirty deeds, but when it comes to Black people (straight or gay) the law is NEVER on their side.

    Although, she was WRONG having an affair with a young female tenderoni, there have been numerous caucasoid les*bians, who have done worse, and are still working! HeII, the majority of cracker female school teachers are lesbians, who have had s*x with their students, but some of them are still teaching!

    Racism and sexism is here to stay, but what Black people MUST do, is stop trying please your enemies, because when the ship sinks, Black people will be the FIRST people to drown, while caucasoids jump in the ‘life boats’.


  2. Reginald. Hunter

    You all don’t get it she was gay point blank. And she had affair with a student not because she was black read your bibles you are going to h**l if u live that and any other life

  3. She’s a [ Predator] like Jerry Sandusky. More will come forward.

  4. Black Americans, we must hold EVERYONE accountable who’s in a position of authority and violates his or hers authority! I get so tired of us making excuses for preachers, politicians and etc. just because they are people of color, more specifically Black.
    Lesbian, Black or whatever, she was wrong and that’s the bottom line. Being a lesbian just added fuel to the fire.

    If you know you are a theif, don’t work arouind other people’s money! You get the picture!

  5. I knew early in life that “we the people who are darker than blue” can’t pull the same s**t as the crackers. The problem is we have been lulled into thinking we are as free as crackers. We have to hold ourselves to higher standards in all aspects of our lives in deference and respect to our ancestors. Hotep, Derrick, Imhotep and Sherrie.

  6. I have been reading these comments on here and I just shake my head. This is crazy, you send your daughter away to be a student athlete. You put your care and trust in this person to care for your daughter as if she were her own kid. They return the trust that you have bestowed on them by “turning out” your child. She was in a position of power and she abused the position bottom line. If she were really being honest with herself, the institution, and the young girl, she should have re-signed 10 years ago. No she just hoped the “relationship” would just be forgotten in time (just like men do in powerful positions). It or she came back to bit her in the b**t. An example of how to do this is Cheryl Swoops, her lover re-signed her position then destroyed a family, but the organization remained intact (go figure that one).

    Bev is in a world of hurt physically, emotionally and financially even after this ordeal is no longer front page news. She will always be remembered as the Lesbian who had an affair with a young woman when she was just 18 years old and she was 45 years old.

    And for you people out there saying that an 18 year old is mature enough to be in a relationship with 45 year old woman, you are out of your minds. Look at any 18 year old, including yourself, and tell me with any honesty that at that age you would have been in control of that relationship…..exactly!!! The answer is no!!!

  7. Like being Black in White America,homosexual behavior can become a problem in some quarters within White American Christan Society…..

  8. As a retired Child Protection Professional with thirty five years experience, it always saddens me when focus is placed on a young adult who has been sexually abused/exploited, as having attained the age of majority and is thus a consenting adult. While legally they are adults, be assured that intellectually and emotionally they are not. There have been females for many years who have exhibited predatory and sexually abusive behavior towards children, both boys and girls. Unfortunately, because of the nuturing role assigned to females by societal values and norms, social workers nor law enforcement professionals did not begin to consider women as potential s****l perpetrators until the last twenty plus years.. While I can appreciate the various other points of view expressed, sensitivity should be shown for the now thirty year old young woman, who was possibly vicitimized as an impressionable young lady by an indivicual in a position of authority and trust. Hopefully, healing can began for the both of them on their respective journeys.

  9. BS! I really hate to say it this way, but this is the way I’m feeling it. This lesbian relationship happened ten years ago with a woman who was her underling and who is now 30 and Bev is 45? Come on! Bev Kearney not only needed to be terminated, she needs a public a*s whipping as well! She’s worse than Sandusky! He’s crazy, but she’s stupid!
    Besides, she and all who approve of the sin of homosexuality are traveling a slippery road to h**l. Read Romans 1:18-32.
    This woman makes me want to puke! I shudder to think of what I’d be tempted to do if her prey had been my daughter!
    Nevertheless, I do find that the timing of this revelation is suspect. But we do reap what we sow!

    • I smell lawsuits coming….More “victims” will be coming forward..!!! The university is only protecting itself……….For many, this will become a the money train.

  10. Whether it was resentment or not she was dead wrong so many have been affected by such behaviors. She maybe a good coach but she wrong. Point Blank it has nothing to do with who gets away with this type of behavior

  11. My feel’nz r mutual with some comments that I have read..ok granted she was da (older) adult n dis situation …it was consenting, really dnt kno how long they have been seeing each other all we kno it was a decade ago, I agree with her attorney every word.

    Da individual(s) devoted a lot of time, energy and patience ta c that she doesn’t get a raise, GRUDGES are da Heavy!

    • Joann, what kind of ignorant a*s ebonics are you speaking? It’s no wonder why some of us can’t get a d**n job. Practice makes perfect. If you constantly speak illiterate, you will be perceived as such.

      • funny..that was a good one.

      • I don’t think Jo Ann is black. No black person, no matter how ignorant or lacking in culture, would write anything like that. That is a white person perpetratin’. They are so stupid that they think that all Blacks speak AND write in Ebonics.

        Sooo stupid…

  12. Why did UT wait all those years to charge her?

    • reading is fundamental..they didn’t wait, in fact they were ready to promote her with a raise until the victim came forward with a complaint to UT about Kerney. if you read the article, UT was not out to get Kerney, her lawyer claims someone encouraged the victim to inform UT becasue they were out to get Kerney due to being envious of increase in salary.

  13. Set aside the issue of a promotion or her s****l orientation, she violated a child. Preyed in otherwords.

    • Anita Simmons Kearney

      We are the only country that treats adults like children. I for one do not see a 16 year old girl as a child and yes I have daughters and granddaughters. I remember being 16 too, do you consider an 18 year old mother of 4 a child, of course not. So this young lady was as much of an adult as any other 18 year old. Women get married at 18 years of age and start families, they are old enough to know what they want and to go after it. No she was not a predator. She was already a lesbian so the relationship did her no harm at all.

      • You’re too busy defending a family member to “get it”. You do NOT screw people you have power over! THAT is what this case is about!

  14. Professional ethics deems that you do not have s*x with co-workers or people you serve. You do not meet one on one with a person of the opposite s*x. Adultery is predatory behavior. Add the power differential of employers and supervisors and you have a hostile work environment rife with s****l harassment. This case seems to be a case of revenge by the victim on the perpetrator. Bitterness has its own fire much like jealousy. In any case there was a mutuality that did not end well. This was not a case of Stockholm Syndrome. It is clearly a relationship that always imputes criminality to the person who holds the imputed power and trust of the institution who bestows it. It is not wise to blur the boundaries and behave like an amoeba. Persons who consume each other emotionally become unaware of their circumstances and encounter a rude awakening.

    • this is not ethics..it’s written policy for state workers! therefore the university has a right to terminate her contract..which they were in the process of doing before she resigned.

  15. This accusation may be true but she deserves to resign out be terminated for the act she committed. It was wrong professionally and might I say also morally due to the age difference although they were both adults.

  16. The young lady was 20,not a teenager but vulnerable. TU should’ve took action 10 yrs ago. They don’t want to give Kearne her raise. If she was Ellen Degeneres this would’nt happened

  17. I don’t think Jo Ann is black. No black person, no matter how ignorant or lacking in culture, would write anything like that. That is a white person perpetratin’. They are so stupid that they think that all Blacks speak AND write in Ebonics.

    Sooo stupid…

  18. She never admitted and the lady is still an unidentified former lover.. Wondering how long she was a lover.. Lovers remorse after ??? Years I guess.. Hope the lover feels better about it now.. Poor thing carried it for a long time.. You ladies.. Do it to each other all the time..hate, hate, hate.. It is going to kill some of us.

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