Woman Gets 11 Days in Jail for Cursing in Public


We can all agree that cursing in public is not the most lady or gentleman-like thing to do, but should you go to jail for it?  A woman in Michigan has just had bond ordered after she was sent to jail for 11 days for cursing.  After a nightmarish ordeal, LaRue Ford just left the Berrien County Jail and is already considering her legal options.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a petition to get the woman released, and she’s been there since December 18th.  The county forced her to spend both Christmas and New Years away from her family because she was cursing in the court clerk’s office.

“I’m free. You know, free.” She said after being released, “I guess right now I’m just speechless, I’m tired. I’ve just been through so much.”

The ACLU says that the woman’s first amendment rights were violated by Judge Dennis Wiley, the man responsible for throwing her in jail.  He also revoked her original bond, arguably over-stepping his legal boundaries.

Ford admits that she did curse, but said that she was only cursing to herself. She was frustrated after not getting anyone to help her deal with an old traffic ticket.  She came back to the courthouse to pay the $50 for the old ticket, which is when the judge ordered her to be arrested.

In some states, attorneys say that you can be given a ticket for cursing, although it’s rare.  The situation becomes especially sensitive if you are verbally abusing a police officer or there are children around.  But cases in which someone is sent to jail for cursing are incredibly rare, and it appears that this judge went over the line.  He probably didn’t think that the case would make national media.

Perhaps she should consider filing a lawsuit.

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95 Responses to Woman Gets 11 Days in Jail for Cursing in Public

  1. Pigs can kill INNOCENT Black men, women and children, and NEVER go to jail, but a woman curses in public, and gets 11 days!!!

    What do y’all think these nasty, filthy, stanking pigs be doing when they are beating, shooting and killing Black people…CURSING!!!


    • This was a Black woman! I hear crackers cursing at judges and lawyers when I used to work at the court house.

      The judge would just tell an unruly caucasoid, if he was cursing at him, to “CALM DOWN”. That’s all they tell these crackers. Even when cracker pigs arrest an unruly caucasoid, they NEVER beat them, shoot them, or kill them…they only do this to Black people.

      I seen a cracker female, who was DRUNK, and calling the pigs all kinds of dirty names, but they just told her to be quiet, and told her to call her husband, so he can pick her up…THEY DIDN’T EVEN ARREST THIS DRUNK BYTCH!!!




  2. i dont know any pigs killing blacks who are respectful of their badge, speak courteously and in a normal voice without profanity.

    So many negroes think disrespecting the police is the way to go, and you need to stop being stupid.

    • Exactly what planet r u from STUPID to state that PIGS r lynching blks n 2013 @ the rate of 1 every other day b/c blks disrespect them! Is that one of the many many ways that crackers justify the outright murder, abuse, & mistreatment of blks by whites? About 6 mos. back a blk woman was arrested & taken off n handcuffs by police at her daughter’s graduation ceremony b/c she shouted too loudly n excitement as her daughter crossed the stage to rcv her diploma. We r back to the days, jes like after Reconstruction n the late 19th century, when blks were arrested & jailed for cursing, loitering, not stepping off the sidewalk when whites passed, etc., n order to keep blks terrorized & to force them back n2 a neoslavery system where corps. like US Steel profited fr. their cheap labor. Aint a d@mn thing changed fr those days! We r still fueling this country’s economy w. our cheap labor n the thriving very profitable prison industrial complex, The New Jim Crow. Even blk kids as young as 5 & 6 r getting arrest records for getting caught chewing gum too often n school, etc. One kid recently was wrongly accused of possessing drugs & taken n2 a school bathroom & stripped search by police who fondled his genitals while the school principal looked on. Ive seen whites talk back to cops, s****h away fr. cops when the cops were trying to apprehend them, etc. w/o whites being murdered or even arrested. So dont give me that sh*t bout how blks get bad treatment fr pigs b/c we dont act right. Surely even an ignoramus cracker like urself can come up w. something more creative than that!

    • So… given your logic it would be justifiable to take someone’s life or freedom for being disrespectful of their position correct?
      Using this same logic, why are the politicians that have disrespected the President still free or alive?
      Let’s not even take it that far, how about the Black and minority youth who have no record that are still stopped and frisked or suspects in crimes for which they have no affiliation with?
      I could even go so far as to address the issue of minorities being harassed in the streets of Chicago, New York and LA for no other reason than the fact that they “look suspicious”. Please leave your generalizations for those who find the ignorance of yours enlightening.

    • Sister,
      Can U say Ayanna Jones, 6 year baby sleeping on here grandmother’s couch, in Detroit, MI? Talking, even cursing, is/ought not be a capital offense…unless, of course, one is in an environment where HUMAN RIGHTS are not respected, disregarded. Where the folks hired to protect those rights don’t believe HUMAN/CIVIL RIGHTS apply. These “guardians of liberty” are implementing genocidal policies during which they claim to be in “fear of their safety,” “thought the VICTIM had a gun”-poor eyesight?, or some other bullshit rationalization that is covered by “the Department’s policies,” giving them official “impunity.” Check out the websites of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement for the most recent report on law enforcement violence and October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. A BLACK person is murdered in the United States, by law enforcement or under color of law, every 36 hours…you figure. October 22nd’s Stolen Lives Project documented law MURDER of primarily Black and Brown youth over a 15 year period…it was in the thousands. If they had been WHITE there would all kinds of task forces, training, mental health and counciling programs. Time for us to police our own neighborhoods.

    • Katherine, go back to your crack pipe.

  3. the b word cursed. who never slipped in the heat of anger.
    whoopdeedo if you haven’t .give that chump a nobel peace prize
    for studying how not to use bad language .just kidden.
    i would of cried like a snotty nosed infant .
    some1 is looking.


  5. In somewhat wachier example of judicial overreach involving the first Amendment. In 2008 Rev Edward Pinkney was sentenced to prison for quoting the bible in an article for 3 to 10 years by the very same judge Dennis Wiley. The court of Appeal struck down the 3to 10 years sentence.

    Arrogance,unaccountability and far reaching control have been given to this judge Dennis Wiley. We the people must hold the judges accountable for their actions and inactions.

  6. One of the reasons we get into so much trouble is because we suffer from low information!

    Who would go into court and start swearing! The Clerk of Court is a elected office as is the judge, not only can they put you in jail they can levy a large fine against you.

    Some of us think if we get loud enough and foul enough it will intimidate someone and put us in a better position. It might work in the hood and on the street but I promise you it will not work in a court room. You might get one chance maybe two, if you are in court and told to stop you had better do it or face the consequences! We always want respect but refuse to give it and think that’s OK!

    • and why have u assumed she suffered from low information? What is low information btw? And WHAT THE f**k :) has it got to do with you being given part of the story and then going into this self righteous rant?? Sounds like u suffered from low info ya d**n self….

    • Another year of the entitled ones telling us how We should act——– I wish there were some folk out there that would beat a drum of how We taught others how to be civil and loving towards people of a different culture— nevertheless- towards people who have a darker skin. As far as respecting that bias court room of injustice-and having a hood attitude– think about this- what would the entitled people do if it wasn’t for the ignorance that they create in the hood in the public education,and prison institution they live off of?

      P. Battle

      • P. Battle asks “what would the entitled people do if it wasn’t for the ignorance that they create in the hood in the public education,and prison institution they live off of?” If the so called entitled people live off ignorance in the hood, public education and prison institution, we should educate ourselves and there by take that opportunity away from them.

      • Entitlements are for those Americans who are deemed needy, color of skin has nothing to do with that.

    • Okay… I can agree with the fact that we do into trouble with low information, but how is it that you comment with even further misinformation?

      Regardless of this being an elected office, it does not matter. The First Amendment is a constitutional right that protects citizens’ free speech. It does not matter where this particular incident took place or who it was addressing as it a right afforded to citizens regardless of what offense it may bring.

      Given this particular information, your asinine assertion that one should be jailed or having a fine levied is one of the most ignorant conclusions that one can come to. It was under her breath and not addressing anyone and not even to a judge in court so… evidently the judge is abusing his position of authority.

    • The official ACTIONS of the courts are far more outrageous than anything any one could ever SAY! They are bashions of white, male domination! Undeserving of any respect! These are the same f*****s who said “Blacks have no rights a White is bound to respect.” And, it ain’t changed dear.

    • It’s really very simple. We have ALL seen black folk in court ACT THE COMPLETE FOOL, while being as guilty as sin, and then having the arrogance to mouth off, and disrespect the judge in his courtroom. At some point, you stop being a victim of racism, and start becoming the victim of your own stupidity. I have seen ALL manner of races get SERVED for just being idiots in court

  7. People kill me with thus “you better vote” c**p! The Word of God told us ” Do not put your trust in nobels nor in earthling man to whom no salvation belongs”Psalms146:3 this has been the problem with people from the start! That’s how these clowns get into office in the first place somebody voted. Man has done nothing but dominated man to his injury & now right under our noses were being stripped of our rights! Ecc8:9 Chaos is brewing & when it comes to full boil its gonna change life as we know it! Were being killed like dogs in the street by cops, security guards, white men who sag our music is to loud each other,were being locked up for cursing, expelled for writing a freakin poem, what next shoot a n***a for farting! When the pin pierces the bubble that is race relations in America all out Chaos will ensue & then the UN will emerge & shut everything down as we know it issuing one world order, law, policing, religion way of living issue the mark of the beast, giveing the appearance of order out of Chaos & then what’s prophecied @ 1Thess5:3 get played all the way out! Wake Up People, Don’t Believe The Hype!!!!!

    • “That’s how these clowns get into office in the first place somebody voted.” No he didn’t say that! an unknown contemporary author said..
      “I hate what I see happening to this country, and I hate watching the development of a culture that embraces ignorance with a stupid sense of pride.” I have to say that is a fitting statement for Mike j.

  8. Well Mike J, I see you have been following the postings. Thank you for summing it up. So… what do you propose we do now?

  9. This is typical of the treatment of African Americans in the 21st Century. It just sad really. But what can we expect, the man we trusted to our Commander in Chief and leader of the free world has been a sheep in wolfs clothing. Its the illuminati everybody. LOL!


  11. The South is not that bad. Well white people can kill by the mass, white people can threaten the president, and they have the constitution to cover their back. This is another joke on the black culture. We as black people do not enforce respect…”get alone”….refuse education…drug sales……..we support gang life-styles….sagging pants. The south is not clean, but it is better than jailing a person for real-live-racism.

  12. I was shocked when I saw the headlines, “put in jail for cursing”, but then to learn that it was in “Michissippi”, oops I mean Michigan! Yeap, since the Republican Governor Synder (more diabolical than Scott Walker just didn’t get the press that Walker did) we haven’t had justice in most of the courts in “Michissippi” nor the legislation that has “seized” most cities with a high concentration of AFrican Americans and their assets, jobs, contracts etc. Never in my entire life have I experienced such injustice, blatant racism …. and I’ve lived here most of my life! Sue their pants off! It’s got to stop somewhere!

  13. Seems like a violation of her 8th Amendment rights. “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” 11 days in jail for swearing if that’s not cruel and unusual I don’t know what is. Everyone has bad days so what! You are a judge not a God! Perhaps her swearing was inappropriate but I’ve seen far worse from others without so much as a fine. # disgusting

  14. There is a conspiracy to put decent men and women in jail. The jails are full of men and now they want to lock up the women. We should all be aware at all times.

  15. The Police can get together and beat a Black Man as if he was nothing more than a bag of trash, and never get a second in a jail cell, The Police can shoot an unarmen Black Man (in handcuffs and laying face down on the concrete) and never get a second in a jail cell, Police Officers who shoot and kill Black People because they assumed they were armed, and not get a second in a jail cell, but a Black Woman (who is non violent) cuss to herself out of frustration get 11 days in jail and is denied bail, or have it revoked, and then we act as though it is ok. Well let me leave you all with a little ditty penned by the late Great Robert Nester Marley aka Bob, Time alone only time will tell, you think you are living in Heaven, but you’re living in h**l. You run come Crucify the Dread/Black People, Time alone, only time will tell, you think you are living in Heaven, but you will be living in h**l.

  16. Idiot disrespecting cops is the way to go, because they dont respect blk people dummy. Didnt your parents teach you dont respect people who dont respect you? ohh maybe you are just some ignorant white girl who is afraid of your own shadow katherine.. When blk people start killing this crooked abusive racist cops, is when they will start respecting blk people like they do white people.. Once a cop step outside the law on the street, then anybody have the right to defend themselves.That white racist judge i am sure has been getting away with doing what he wants for a long time, that is why he knew he could throw her in jail and nothing will happen. blk people need more Nate turners nowadays, start attacking and violating these crooked white cops, judges, DA and prosecutors and watch how fast they change their attitude.. The problem is blk people keep letting them get away with this s**t, instead of going to their homes and beating the s**t out of them and their kids…

  17. Dont try to make this a black thing, the woman should not have cursed to herself or in a public place especially a court house.And the judge was just doing to d**n much he should have fined the s**t out of her.People again I repeat People need to learn some respect, everyone on this site knows d**n well she should have not cursed in a court house and that the judge was just EXTRA and on some bullshit. So please stop making these white folks on here think that blacks are ignorant because we are not we are mad as h**l and know what some of you white folks think you know about us. So Eric write a book or some slam poetry you have something you want to say I think. LOL IJS!!!!


  18. Free speech isn’t free.

    • I agree with you Erica. Every time a story comes out like this; the ‘story-between-the-lines’ emerges! Why is it so difficult for people to understand the same world around them…right or wrong?! Yes we know all about favoritism and injustices. However, what makes you miss the point that this woman/pottymouth-in-a-public-agency..would remain free to verbally terrorize other peoples’ ears around her. Didn’t matter if she was ‘talking to herself’..that’s more fuel added to flames of uncertainty….like perhaps her next move would have been to shoot up the place. She asked to be contained! Times are getting worse, and people like her will suffer consequences if they easily lose control. Everything isn’t always ‘racist.’ They just arrested and detained a white teenager in my area for telling a friend he could shoot up his school. He didn’t get the chance to do this and they’ll never know if he would have made good. My point? Calm down, and watch your behavior..if possible.

      • Exactly! And the thing is that you have other black folk who will try to defend the stupidity and madness. One of the reasons that ANY leader. , (weather good or corrupt) is effective, is due to the ability to verbalize discontent in a mature and profund manner, without resulting to cussing, and sounding dumb in the process.

        • Being a leader is being able to resonate with a population and confidence in their ideas and ideals. While a level of maturity is desirable, we already can tell from some of our past presidents that it isn’t always the case.

      • So the logical jump is from cursing to mass murder? Interesting thought process you have there.
        She verbalized her frustration to herself. Being locked up for vocalizing frustration is adding fuel to frustration and likely to have adverse affects on their ability to contain it.
        Your logic is the reason why the moron in Newtown did what he did because he feared being “contained”.
        Everything isn’t always racist… true, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some discriminatory treatment and prejudices that consistently perpetuate this behavior.
        Watching one’s behavior doesn’t always denote positive treatment or determent of stereotypes so please save the sermon.

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  20. Freedom of speech DOES not give anyone the right to disrupt a place of business, or a place of government activity with a bunch of nonsense and NEEDLESS ranting and raving. Everyone on this thread who is IMMEDIATELY pulling the race card, knows good and d**n well that some black folk just have a ghetto minded tendency to “show out” in public when things don’t go our way. So maybe after dealing with that nonsense for the UMPTEENTH TIME, the judge says, you wanna keep cursing in this court? Then let me give your something to REALLY CURSE ABOUT.

    • Were you in the courtroom? …Then shut the fvck up!!!

      The judge was a racist pig. In case you didn’t know the klan was started with a judge, and a racist attorney in a lawyers office in Tennessee!!!

      We’re still dealing with a racist facist government system, that’s never gonna change, UNTIL WE CHANGE!!!


      • Dumb negro, go and start some revolution, and get your b*m a*s murked! You are one of these fools that feel that black folk have no responsibility to act in a civilized manner, and then wanna cry when cats get checked! Get the f**k outta here with that nonsense. Your punk behind wasn’t in that courtroom either, but you’re faking jacks as if black folk don’t ever get ghetto reckless with the mouthpiece!

        • Oo:

          I’m too old to be arguing on the www, with ignorant c@@ns like you, who has poison running through his blood, like his caucasoid counterparts!

          You saggin pants wearing wangsters, talk loud, but say nothing. You negroids would rather shoot your own kind, steal from your own kind, disrespect your own kind, instead of protecting, feeding, and teaching your own kind, especialy our young, and elderly, how to DEFEND themselves. THAT’S THE SPIRIT OF THE BLACK PANTHERS!

          You remind me of old Uncle Sambo…a c@@n, who loves to serve his massa, and, also loves to beat, and kill his own kind, just to please his massa!

          Go back to your trailer park, because your mammy is havin’ your baby! And, go take care of that barefooted, snuff dippin’, rotten teeth, no washing huzzy. You dumb negroid!

          negroid = a chocolate covered caucasoid; a self-hating negro, who pratices HATERISM or no loyalty, love or respect for his own kind; a cracker kisser

          Bye negorid/caucasoid…whatever you are!

          The m stands for MISER! The (O) stand for NOTHING…you are NOTHING, BUT A ZERO

          • No need to respond to your nonsense, other than to say that those who are of SANE AND SOBER MINDS can clearly read and understand who THE IGNORANT ONE is in this debate. The blank panthers, like any other CREDIBLE pro-black group would not condone verbal black ignorance in a public venue. But obviously you do. And for the record my pants have NEVER sagged, I don’t talk loud, nor have I ever shot, or stole from ANYONE. but what else can you do when you start a debate, and have NO RIGHTEOUS MERITS to back up your bullcrap? You make up lies just like the establishment that you’re suppose to be fighting. Good day sir.

        • @Oo:

          Your mumblings: M1 January 3, 2013 – 3:15 pm

          “I love it when these non-descripct negroes start talking the stupidity of a violent uprising against a nation that controls the army, Air Force, navy and marines, as well as billions dollars of deadly efficient weaponry. In the meantime, the only thing youre controlling is the pc that youre hiding behind. Dude bring that noise to Washington and I will have the decency to send your folks some flowers as the lower your bullet ridden dumb behind into the ground!”

          You just stuck your foot in your BIG mouth!!! I wonder what else might fit up in there!

          Later, you dumb jerk!

  21. And by the way, neither Malcolm x nor king had to resort to vulgarity in public to get there point across, and they have done more for black folk than you ever will! Step off DERRICK!

  22. I love it when these non-descripct negroes start talking the stupidity of a violent uprising against a nation that controls the army, Air Force, navy and marines, as well as several billion dollars of deadly efficient weaponry. Dude bring that noise to Washington and I will have the decency to send your folks some flowers as the lower your bullet ridden dumb behind into the ground!

  23. I love it when these non-descripct negroes start talking the stupidity of a violent uprising against a nation that controls the army, Air Force, navy and marines, as well as billions dollars of deadly efficient weaponry. In the meantime, the only thing youre controlling is the pc that youre hiding behind. Dude bring that noise to Washington and I will have the decency to send your folks some flowers as the lower your bullet ridden dumb behind into the ground!

  24. I apologize to the forum for my rant, but if we are to be HONEST, we have some dumb people, with even dumber ideas, that need to be dealt with WITHIN OUR OWN PEOPLE, before we can truly deal with outside forces successfully.

  25. I remember once witnessing a fender bender where this black lady took a stop sign clearly causing an accident . The other guy had minimum damage to his car, and was willing to drop the issue on the spot. What does this lady do? She starts cussing up a filthy storm, creating a public disturbance, only to become even LOUDER and more belligerent when the police arrived. So the fruits of her mindless labor were, 7 legit tickets for various violations, AND they towed her car, AND took her into custody for disorderly conduct. Bottom line, is being wrong, loud, and ignorant simply doesn’t lead to a favorable outcome. And judging by the applause that was given as they took her away, there are some who still understand this. The slang term “RESPECT MINES” dose not apply in the real world. I prefer ” namaskar” “the divinity in me acknowledges the divinity in you!” A much better way to live life.

  26. Evidently, they are going to black out all TV programs.They curse more than any one I know.

  27. Like that Black Judge said on Sanford & Son “ignorance of the Law is no Excuse lol a fish only gets caught when he opens his d**n Mouth lol Selective Prosecution Racism you know if this was a Peckerwood we would not even be talking about this!

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