Teen Admits Burning Down Church Because Of Black Congregation

xlargeBy Victor Trammell

In a Danville, Virginia court room earlier this week, a young white man plead guilty to torching a predominantly black church to the ground.

Jean-Claude Bridges, 18, appeared in federal court to enter a plea of guilt for starting a fire that destroyed New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry, a predominantly black Virginia church.

At the hearing, U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy stated that Bridges confessed that “he burned down the church because of the race, color and ethnicity of its congregation.” Heaphy continued, saying:

“Mr. Bridges’ racial bias led him to commit the dangerous crime of arson. When he set fire to the New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry, he endangered neighbors and first responders. This act of prejudice offended the entire community. This office will protect the civil rights of everyone and vigorously prosecute crimes like that committed by Mr. Bridges. Racism has no place in Axton or anywhere else in the Western District of Virginia.”

Bridges was 17 years of age at the time he destroyed New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry. However, before pleading guilty, a federal court approved a request made by the U.S. government for Bridges to be tried as an adult. At his sentencing, Bridges faces a 20 year sentence in federal prison.


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  1. What do you negroid xtians have to say about this? Y’all negroids are sitting in these caucasoid entertainment centers (churches) with the same kind of racists.

    This critter should be tried as an adult! Anytime this racist court system can try a 10 year old Black youth, as an adult, then this pu.nk should be tried as an adult. He did an adult crime, now he must do the adult time.

    Where’s the screacha on this matter?


    • Sabrina Lamb, is nothing but another jealous devil worshipping Haitian, who will stoop to any kind of level to hurt a black american person.
      Black Americans need to stop being duped with this “we all one black people” lie. All the while they pretend to want black unity, foreign blacks are plotting the downfall of a successful black american person. They are only out for themselves and their ethnic group.
      One black american Miami blogger said the following and she is right on the money:
      I cant stand the arrogance and hateration from some immigrants, particularly Haitians, especially because they ARE black. There should be a kinship there, but they will eat their young (if not 100% Haitian of course) to get ahead of us. Black americans can identify with Haitians, or any minoroties for that matter, in the struggle as a minority, but for some reason they can not identify with us. They even use that to their advantage when it benefits them looking for benefits for “we black people”, but the truth is they will do any and every underhanded thing toward an american black, even backstabbing us in favor of whites, its rediculous. My neighborhood was primarily Haitians where I grew up. The part of town I lived in we all nicknamed ‘little Haiti’ for all the Haitians there, so I am not talking about what I don’t know or out of just a few interactions with them. I wish I could say different. For their attitude, and their usery, I say send them all back, we dont need that mess here to confuse and divide anymore.
      Violence against women was a problem in Haiti long before the earthquake, with rape only recognized as a crime in 2005. The earthquake has only increased the dangers for women and girls, though, and they will live with that increased risk for many months, if not years, to come.
      Single parenting, widespread in Haiti, is well accepted and closely tied to the issue of concubines. In Haitian society, a well-accepted practice is for men to have a wife and a mistress, the latter relationship is referred to as placage. Both women bear children. The mistress raises her children alone and with minimal support from the father. These children are often known by the man’s family but are not known to the wife. Haitian women in general know that their husbands are involved outside the home and pretend not to know. Health education, birth control, and safe s*x are issues that should be approached with sensitivity and acceptance within cultural boundaries.
      Sabrina Lamb needs to concentrate on her own pathetic excuse for a culture

    • Derrick if you took time to read the article correctly instead of looking for “sound bites” to make up your often ridiculous rants, you would see that the guy IS being tried as an adult.


    Since the days of the original BLACK PANTHER PARTY… which was formed to help defend Black people against so much violence that was perpetrated upon them — the violence has taken different forms…but it has not disappeared.

    Church bombings are not new…this is another act of racial violence that has hit the news !!! Another White supremacist young man was arrested this week because he was threatening to kill the Black students in his high school. He got out on $75,000. bail. Gun sales are so good that the cops are worried. White militias and the KKK is recruiting more people by complaining about the BLACK PRESIDENT (who has received more threats that any other U.S. Pres. in history).

    And a short while back there was the case of TRAYVON MARTIN, who was murdered by vigilante wannabe cop G. Zimmerman. Another Black teen was killed by a White man — for the music being too loud in a car.

    THE VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE has historically been at epidemic levels…and if they are going to address any forms of violence — this type should be at the top of the list.


    “The main goal of the future is to stop violence.
    The world is addicted to it.”
    ~Bill Cosby

  3. Let’s not forget the church bombings in ‘BOMBINGHAM, ALABAMA’ where four little Black angels were killed by a racist cracker!

    The old saying, ‘history will repeat itself’ is in full force today, and a lot of negroid’s minds need to be RECOLONIZED because they are nothing, but neo-c00ns beLIEving in the caucasoid’s religion of xtianity.

    I’m tired of negroids and caucasoids telling us BLACKS to ‘forget about our past’, but it looks like caucasoid’s ‘past’ NEVER ceased! I have never seen so many negroids, who eats any, and everthang the white boy puts on their plates.



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  5. No doubt some black folks will be saying to forgive these white a*s racist pieces of s**t,does,nt matter what type of evil they do to black folks.

    • You got that right! Those xtian negroids at that entertainment center (church) will be praying, singing, spitting, jumping up and down to ‘save’ this punk azz yankee!

      Those negroids in Virginia still think their slaves. I stayed in Norfolk, Virginia for two days, and got the heII outta there. Those slaves so scared of crackers, I thought they were gonna jump up on the auction block!

  6. Still burning churches! Wow! I bet these guys attend church too. No respect for the people who worship at the church. No slap on the wrist just steal bars

  7. Elder Martin Gettis

    Why is it hard to understand, that there is white on white crime, black on black crime, white on black crime and black on white crime? All fostered by one source – hatred, which emits from Satan. Whether it is whites hating blacks or blacks hating whites . . . . . just need some blood to save your life, you won’t care what color the donor is; jest gimme da blood. And biologically, it doesn’t make any difference, if the do not has the same type blood, you can do an are to arm transfusion, get up and walk away. Stop being deceived by Satan, and replace hatred and violence with love and peace!

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  9. I’ve come to this conclusion that negroids actually do have something in common with these caucasoids; they’ve all been speaking the same language for the past 400 years ago;

    WHITE MAN; ‘I hate you n****r..I’m gona kill you’
    BLACK MAN; ‘I don’t think thats hate, he just needs Jesus in his life..I loves everybody’

    BLACK MAN; ‘I hate you n***a..I’m gona kill you’
    BLACK MAN; ‘f**k you n***a..you gona need Jesus when I’m through wid’ you (BLAM-BLAM)’
    WHITE MAN; ‘I sentence you to 2 years in prison’

    BLACK MAN; ‘I love you my brother…I wish you peace’
    BLACK MAN; ‘f**k you you soft n***a..you gona need Jesus when I’m through wid’ you’
    WHITE MAN; ‘give that n***a a job!’

    WHITE WOMAN; ‘Oh my God, I just got raped…I think he was Black!’
    BLACK MAN; ‘God d**n, it wasn’t me massa’
    WHITE MAN; ‘I sentence you to life!!’

    WHITE MAN; ‘What you running for n***a?? (BLAM-BLAM)
    BLACK MAN; ‘oh s**t…’
    WHITE MAN; ‘justifiable homicide, 6 month suspension with pay!’

    WHITE MAN; ‘lets go down there and have us a good ol’ fashion barbacue at the n***a church…yeeeee-hah!!
    BLACK MAN: ‘forgive them lord, for they know not what they do, in the name of Jesus!’
    WHITE MAN; ‘after being judged by a jury of your peers, Jim-Bob Watkins, Jesse James & Abner Earp I find you not guilty!!’

    Nothing changes!!

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