Tawana Brawley Receives Court Order to Repay Money Owed for False Accusations 25 Years Ago


Even though Tawana Brawley was just a baby when she made a mistake back in 1987, people are still going after her for life.  Over 25 years ago, Brawley committed an act that almost ruined the career of Rev. Al Sharpton even before it began.  She lied about being raped and had the nation rallying to support her as a victim of severe brutality on the part of law enforcement officers.

Now, 25-years later, Brawley is being told to repay the money she owes to the man that she falsely accused of rape.  She’d been hiding for the past quarter century, but she can’t run any longer.  The new court order has finally arrived at Brawley’s house, and the courts aren’ t taking no for an answer.

“For at least 25 years, she has been living a major lie,” said former Dutchess County prosecutor Steven Pagones, the man who Brawley falsely accused of rape back in 1987.

“To me, this has always been about responsibility and accountability,’’ he said

Pagones is owed $190,000 from a defamation lawsuit he filed against the young girl.   Since that time, Brawley has lived under an assumed name and worked as a nurse in Virginia.    Now that interest has been applied for 25 years, Brawley owes Pagones $431,492, an amount that she will probably never be able to repay in its entirety.

Brawley was found after the New York Post hunted her down.  The Post hasn’t always been a friend to Rev. Al Sharpton, so there may be a bit of revenge laced in their motives.

Brawley was living under the assumed name of Tawana Vacenia Thompson Gutierrez in Hopewell, Va. and working as a licensed nurse.  She may be docked 25 percent of her paycheck to repay Pagones for what she did to him.


46 Responses to Tawana Brawley Receives Court Order to Repay Money Owed for False Accusations 25 Years Ago

  1. I remember this case like it was yesterday. The bottom line is that Alley Sharptongue took a BUYOUT from the white boy’s attorneys. Why do y’all think Sharptongue is in his position today…he’s just another negroid, who has been ‘bought’ by the system to keep Black people at the bottom of the ship.

    Do y’all think those khazars would let him have a tv show, 2 radio shows, and be head of the ana (amerikkkan action network). The very word ‘amerikkkan’ should be a sign, as to OWNS and CONTROLS this un-organization!!! You got it…caucasoids!

    No way, if I was a civil rights activists would I be telling my people to continuously integrate with a bunch of demonic devils, who HATE us, and mean us no good!!! Brawley was in hiding because she feared for her life, she wasn’t running from that racist court system.

    We must OVERstand that cracker males have been raping our men, women and children since our forced enslavement, and this shyt continues. Sharptongue is not the so-called leader y’all really think he is. He talks a good game on tell-a-LIE-vision, but do y’all think MSNBC was gonna let him be vocal on their media outlet when it comes to caucasoids? Do y’all actually think, if he would’ve won this case for Brawley, that he would be where he’s at, today… OF COURSE NOT!

    He’s just a mouth piece to keep weak negroids fighting for the rights of these chili chokers, and other foreigners, who have taken over our neighborhoods. Did you hear him mention about BOYCOTTING those racist dolls on his show? HE.LL NAW!!! WAKE UP FOLKS; Sharptongue is just another screacha, like these fake azz screachas in the pulpit. He LOVES HIS ENEMIES because they PAY HIM to keep quiet about the REAL ISSUES, THAT CONCERNS US BLACK FOLKS.

    Brother Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey warned us about these kind of negroids when they were fighting for our justice, equality, freedom, and liberty. Now, these new age slaves are fighting for EVERYBODY’S freedom, except the freedom for the Black man, woman, and child.


    BELIEVE ME, SHE WAS RAPED BY THAT CRACKER!!! There is a law, which protects caucasoid males from going to jail when they rape Black women. Remember, that rich honkey from England, who raped that Black maid at a New York hotel…is he in jail?

    • Since you have so much to say, why don’t you become a civil rights activist and do what you think the others can’t do?

      • Since you are running off at the jibs (mouth), what the fvck are YOU doing, beside buttin’ in grown folks business?


    • i agree with you 100% Derrick. It is a disgrace to have a minor child treated like this.

      I worked at a rape crisis center once, and white women were claiming rape when the man didn’t call them the next day or if they decided to drink one too many which lowered their inhibitions, they would blame that on the man, mostly white men. AND these men would be prosecuted under the law. One old 80 year old claimed the doctor fingered her. One middle aged white woman said something like, “i invited him in for a drink and we were messing around on the couch when he pulled my panties down, and right before he was going to stick it in, I changed my mind, and told him to stop and he didnt. I been raped!” All these men were prosecuted and labeled as s*x offenders for the rest of their days. Ruined their careers, marriages, etc., but a white woman has the power to do that, and they think it is right.

      Let’s not forget the 14 year old Emmit Till who was murdered because a white woman accused him of whistling at her, and let’s not forget the thousands of black men in the South who were hanged because white women VOLUNTARILY had s*x with them, and when the white man found out, she cried rape because it was expected of her NOT to admit she enjoyed s*x with a black man.

      • @chastain: “Let’s not forget the 14 year old Emmit Till who was murdered because a white woman accused him of whistling at her, and let’s not forget the thousands of black men in the South who were hanged because white women VOLUNTARILY had s*x with them, and when the white man found out, she cried rape because it was expected of her NOT to admit she enjoyed s*x with a black man.”

        Nothing, but the Truth! Most people were not aware that Emmit Till had a stuttering problem, and when he was getting ready to start stuttering, he would whistle. When this racist cracker bytch passed by him, she THOUGHT he was whistling at her pale, flat stankin’ azz, and she went and told her yankee red neck cracker racist husband, and the rest is “their story”!!!

        These caucasoid ‘ho’s back during our enslavement would DEMAND, or make a Black man have s.ex with her. She would entice him, and told him, if he didn’t have s.ex with her, she would tell ol massa, he was trying to ‘rape’ her! THEREFORE, HE HAD NO CHOICE! If she got busted by her bytch azz slave maker husband, that’s when this nasty ‘ho would cry ‘rape’, and the brother would be hung a.s.a.p.

        While he was hanging from a tree, the slave maker’s wife would cut the private parts off the Black man, then take them home as souvenirs, and freeze them!!! Henceforth, the ‘Black d***o’. She would have s.ex with this hard pe.nis and fantasize about the Black man that was previously hung!!!!!

        THIS IS REAL BLACK OURstory!!!

  2. Well it is what it is. That man she accused was human so no one knows what he actually went through or if he was ever apologized to his face by Brawley and Sharpton. I remember the story well and felt there was something odd about it when it first came out. Sharpton was seen by me as a loud mout, over emotional, overweight, race based black actvist that kicked a*s and and asked questions later. If I were the man, I would hold her accountable for paying me half, as well as, make her and her estate take out a court ordered insurance policy that makes me and my estate the beneficiary. This latter suggestion might be better, along with 15 to 20 percent of her income.

    • What do you think should happen to the judge and lawyers who billed me and my ex $32,000 in legal fees because they decided NOT to tell us that the statute of limitations was up BEFORE the case started????

  3. Bankruptcy will NOT remove a court judgment. That’s a good thing too because ALL false (rape) accusers need to convicted & jailed. SMH

  4. It ia my understanding that Sharpton also had a hudgement against him for his part in the incident, and long ago paid off the judgment. He was loaned/given the money by someone. I too remember when this happened. It tied up the news channels for weeks upon weeks. Because of her black women saying they have been raped are scrutinized and most often not believed.She should payback and be unable to file bankrupcy.

    • Black women HISTORICALLY were not allowed to claim rape because during slavery her body was not her own and was the massahs to do with as he pleases. So You can stop that lie. Every black woman I know who has been raped, licked her wounds, and kept on walking because they knew they’d never get justice from the white man or sympathy from the black man.

  5. Whites will go to the ends of the Earth to exact revenge if it’s a Black person they feel wronged them. It’s called “entitlement.” If they wrong a Black person, the reverse is true, and they quickly drop the matter from their White propoganda controlled media.

    I still believe Tawana was raped, if not by that particular White male. I still believe those White boys raped and sodomized that Black stripper girl at Duke University.

    A Black male relative of mine spent 15 years in prison when his White “girlfriend” accused him of rape when he decided to break up with her.

    It has always been White men raping Black women; but our Black community does not defend our women the way we defend our Black men. Too quickly, we “believe” what the White man says: He didn’t do it!

    • And the truth speaks.

    • I agree with you 100% about the young woman at the center of that Duke University lacrosse team incident. SOMETHING HIDEOUS AND HORRIBLE was done to that poor woman, and although the two accused boys’ s***n was not found at the scene, other boys’ s***n was found at the scene, and nobody ever did a day of time for what was done to that poor girl. She was a victim of what I call that white-boy jock/frat culture, where these guys think they can do and say whatever they want, and get away with it. I experienced abusive repurcussions myself from these a******s first-hand in high school, and have spent the last 30 years or so of my life, trying to stay away from white douchebags like this (I am a white male, by the way). Glenn Krasner in the Bronx, NY.

  6. What ignorance by Carlos B.

  7. What is did was wrong but she sure as h**l should not pay one red cent to anyone. Let them pay slave reparations first.

  8. Take it out of her reparations.

  9. I too believe that she was raped by someone. She was a minor at the time and was manipulated by Sharpton and the white man who raped her. then he turns around and sues her for defamationof character? He’s a lying a*****e. With interest he actually believes he should pay over $430K? Tell him to get a d**n life. He probably got his bank account filled after getting the media to say she lied. She was a d**n CHILD at the time who has gone on to be a productive citizen and keep a low profile. The New York Times are filled with evil bastards and were probably paid to track her down because they certainly wouldn’t do it out of the kindness of their greedy hearts. She shouldn’t be ordered to pay a d**n dime to anyone. She should also seek a bad a*s attorney and fight these people. I for one would refuse to pay, and seek an injunction until I faced another judge to see if I had to actually pay because of age and time limitations. This is bull!

    • It was proven that the Duke guys were innocent none of the dna matched those accused! The DA tried to curry favor with blacks because of the upcoming election. That meant the w***e had s*x with a couple other dudes and didn’t clean her stank ho before she went to her next trick! rev Al was the one who kept that lie going cuz it gave him a chance to jump in front of a mic. don’t forget the clothing store he tried to cause a riot at that got that jewish guy killed. Also if you or me owed the IRS a half a mill in back taxes would we be walk’in around runn’in our mouths still? Blacks have a problem with accountability quit mak’in excuses for anyone just because they are black(sorry OJ)

      • Do you beLIEve everythang these crackers say and do? If so, you are one dumb jackazz cracker or negroid!

        You know, just as well as I know, that those yankees at Duke raped that Black lady! It’s one their rituals to rape or have s*x with a Black woman, while they pledge, or have their parties.

        Those were rich son-of-a-bytches, who came from affluent familes, and this was a poor Black lady, who was used, abused, ridiculed, and accused. Their rich families ‘bought’ their freedom, and the rest in his-story/his-LIE!!!

        How many Black men, women and children, who were INNOCENT,are in jail/prison RIGHT NOW because of false DNA findings, no good attorneys representing them, and stand in front of a racist cracker judge…thousands of them; therefore, that DNA garbage you mentioned don’t mean shyt!!!

        Like I said, before; Sharptongue was ‘bought’ off, and he dropped this case because he was PAID!!!

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