Racist T-Shirt Portraying Obama as a Witch Doctor is Popular at SC Tea Party Convention


President Obama’s healthcare bill has upset millions of Americans and some of them are responding in ways that are downright disrespectful and racist.  A new t-shirt that is popular at the Tea Party convention in South Carolina features President Obama with a bone through his nose.  The shirt says that Obama is “your new doctor, coming soon to a clinic near you!”

Bob Cramer, the man who created the t-shirt, says that the shirt “isn’t racist, it’s political.”   Cramer says that decals he made of the picture on the t-shirt sold out very quickly.

Cramer continued to brag about his shirts, stating that, “I’ve had people chase me down at gas stations asking me where they can buy one, and give me thumbs up on the highway.” He also claims, “Nobody’s tried to mess with my truck, even when I’ve been in black neighborhoods and other places.”

South Carolina is also the state where Congressman Joe Wilson resides.  If you’ll recall, Wilson is the man who screamed “you lie!” at President Obama during the State of the Union speech back in 2009.  Let’s hope that these people don’t represent what this state is all about, but looking at the history of South Carolina, you can see where this kind of thinking comes from.

120 Responses to Racist T-Shirt Portraying Obama as a Witch Doctor is Popular at SC Tea Party Convention

  1. No need to get upset by the evil wicked deeds of these crazy caucasoid crackers!




    • I agree don’t get upset, it shows Obama is constantly on their minds!!!

    • Come on with the racial hate, your hate and anger towards another race is also a bigot talking who doesn’t seem to understand or respect yourself or other human beings. I’m sorry you’re so full of hate and angry but when you’re in a war you protect all human beings that have your back not just the ones that look like you. Just my thought..#9

  2. Let them show themselves for what they are. Not that anyone with a brain needs further evidence. Thank God not “all” white people are ignorant and hateful.

  3. No matter what, we’ll always and forever have the moral high ground. He’s the President and they’re insignificant. That T-shirt is their identity.

  4. My Grand Mother would say they can talk and wear crazy tee shirts, but “They Better Not Put They Hands On Him” That’s ALL I Got to Say!

  5. This tshirt is disturbing and I’m wondering why any intelligent reasonable person would stoop to so low to purchase it or wear it. I’m sorry but i can’t help but blame both Dems and,Republicans for the Tea Party even rising up thus far.

  6. This is the bulls*** that gets their racist teeth knocked out of their heads! Black people, we need to Unite and put the racist MFs back in their closets under their sheets not give them a platform to be heard. If we stand up, stick together instead of acting like dumb a** n****s because they pat us on the head or let some lost brother have one of their rejects, we can defeat this enemy that causes HTN, anger and aggravation to our daily lives. IJS

  7. Well hasn’t Romney implemented the same health care policy as “Obamacare” in Massachusetts? Where’s his bone in the nose witch doctor tee?!! But Cramer(t-shirt maker) ain’t racist, right?!

  8. …bible carrying right wing race based hatemongers and then they WONDER why the president was re-elected? UNGODLY MAN MADE race based HATE NEVER WINS..

  9. There are 2 questions:

    1. How is this not a form of “BULLYING”?

    2. Why is this type of behavior being allowed ON, the President of the USA?

    If you don’t have something nice to say, SAY NOTHING. This negative behavior is unhealthy and serves NO purpose.

    These Tea Party Villains are evil demons. They will soon find out God don’t like ugly.

    This continued nasty, arrogant, belligerent, rude, dis-respectful, hurtful, hateful, bullie behavior is stressful and will cause their illness then death.

  10. This Cramer guy is obviously a racist from my home state of South Carolina. We shouldn’t dignify him with any comment!!

  11. Another instance where freedom of speech should not be applicable. Cramer and his gang of disgusting racist pigs.

  12. This type of behavior is all the Whites down south know. The Tea Pary is made up of Klansmen and other racist. Most are uneducated and those that are educated are using those that aren’t to do their dirty work for them, they are just too dumb to realize the fact. I know of no other president that has had to tolerate this type of behavior, not even George Bush as dumb as he was, Oh! but he was White!

  13. TWO THUMBS UP for Bob Cramer, he found an easy way of exploiting the POOR WHITE TRASH and line his pockets doing it..Now you see how easy it is to attain that American success dream(just find some idiots and take their money)..YOU GO BOY!!!Your next offering should a HOOD with the same logo on it..Good luck in your venture..

  14. Some of these comments are really laughable! I’m mainly talking about the ones that are tired and upset with the things racist white people do. You people are going to be tired and upset until you all’s caskets are shut tight…with you all inside. Because that is most of white people’s nature, ignorant and racist. They toss and turn each and every night because a black couple is sleeping in Lincoln’s bed. When there’s a lot of tossing and turning going down, there’s probably a lot of sweating as well. So I’m sure there’s a lot of wild, hog smelling going on in those bedrooms. Can we all say “chitterlings!” So when ever they try to insult the black president of these racist states with whatever they have, I just laugh at them and continue on, because they will NEVER change.

    When I learned that white soldiers in world war 2 got upset and were offended because black pilots saved their lives; and see how they act today toward a sitting black president….you should only laugh and drive on. Try not to laugh at them too long because they may go POSTAL or become suicidal. Because they can dish it out but can’t take it too well.


  15. Come on people, do you expect anything better from South Carolina?. I live in Charlotte, and I hardly expect anything positive from here what say SC.Let’s use the ink, on HUMAN BEINGS, who can be changed, or people who can think, beyond first GRADE.When I equate HUMAN BEINGS, I do not include people from South Carolina, and Some parts of GA.Those outside of Atlanta.

  16. America is divided because of racial hatred and it gets worse by the minute. Other nations are laughing as we become ripe for take over due to this division.

    I expect to see America occupied by a foreign power in my life time.

  17. Right on Goosebumps, stop dignifing these idiots with a response, it take too much precious energy. If and only if they lay hands on you and yours, then you will have to strike them down, otherwise keep it moving.

  18. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    Coming from one of the most racist backward states in America in South Carolina it should surprise no one. From Strom Thurmond on down this state is pathetic. Only Alabama and Mississippi match South Carolina in racist stupidity.

  19. @ Its all negative, racist and crass but y’all the same black folks that let QT off the hook and now he is selling slave dolls? Whats the difference? Disrespect is Disrespect! !! Oh but it was entertainment and Django was a hero . See this is what happens when y’all act like its kool to for white and blacks to say n***gr in that movie but this peckerwood makes a shirt and y’all mad! Which one is it? All or none! ! Respect due always! !! Hotep

  20. And how many blacks bought the shirt and laughed at it like in the theaters for Django? He said he rode through the black hoods there and has not had a problem! ! Are y’all serious? See, QT knew we a lot of talk without any bite, and this cracker does too! That truck wouldn’t make it out my old hood…for real ! !! Maat…

  21. This is South Carolina!!! Crackers rule South Carolina. It is in their nature. I have travelled all over the world and Caucasians of European descent are just wired that way more than any other race I have come into contact with.

  22. This is the what impotent people do when they defeated. They find inane ways toe express themselves. This is the pathetic behavior of a people too ignorant to act civilized. If anyone is offended by this they should just take a moment to consider the fact that this is South Carolina, where people still marry their first cousins.

  23. This is the what impotent people do when they’re defeated. They find inane ways to express themselves. This is the pathetic behavior of a people too ignorant to act civilized. If anyone is offended by this they should just take a moment to consider the fact that this is South Carolina, where people still marry their first cousins.

  24. South Carolina has newly appointed representative Tim Scott, a teabagger darling and their “token” negro. Wonder what his response might be…

  25. Let’s save our indignation for something important. We already knew this ishow they felt, so who gives a c**p? Let’s get our houses in order. Let’s get together and stand united. We don’t have time to worry about their t shirts and their racial rants. Let’s just start preparing ourselves for the showdown. Also, he went to the wrong black neighborhood. Let him pay a visit to other black neighborhoods,let’s say in…detroit,compton,chicago to name a few

  26. SC should go some where and suck an exhaust pipe or something. They are a bunch of greedy idiots!!!!

  27. Everybody relax and settle down in here, don’t get yourselves in a ruffle now…. This is not rscist, it is simply a shirt portreying some political satire. A poor low class choice of politics satire I will add the person wearing it is obviously judgmental and too one-sided opinionated.

    But then again so are many of the folks seemingly in here.

  28. This isn’t nothing but a money making machine for these people. they prey off of peoples ignorance and hatred. it’s very sad but so true…

  29. Whenever they get press/air time it furthers their agenda.

  30. Tea party people are too busy to hate to benefit anyone. Idiots are the whole lot of them . Obama got their minds and they cannot understand most people in USA are not holding on the racist line or holding on to the pass. The pass will never be repeated. Should have spent the money on something like a donation to the red cross since they act like they care so much. Patriots they are not. Haters and Idiots they are.

  31. It’s easy to see how uninformed these racists are: the image does not resemble President Obama at all, and the items on the image’s body are not representative of any pictures I have seen of actual witch doctors. In the word “Obamacare” there is a “strange-looking” letter “c.” Do they know what that is and what it symbolizes? I don’t believe so. The tee shirt says more about the racists than it does about the president, and it’s not positive.

  32. Meagan Washington

    Ok people first it’s just a t shirt worse shirts have come out befor this . Next if you pay attention they aren’t against Obama being the president , they are against this whole obama care system where everyone is supposed to magically be able to get healthcare even with a low to no income . If you get a chance to read the fine print about it , you will find that it does more harm then good because there are people who will still be left out . Every one focuses on the fact that he became the president . While that is true not everything he has done has been good . Like the cuts he did in California – now no college in Cali has the money to give students for financial aid , so now not only can you not apply to any colleges here but those of us already in school either have to sit out or find funds by feb 5 when they will drop anyone who doesn’t have the materials for their classes .

  33. So why do you really care at all? Seriously!

    I’ve heard hip hop/rap that offended me more in a car that pulled up next to me, when I looked over to see what clown would be blasting such filth and no longer am I surprised to see it’s a white kid.
    Playing the black un music.

    If you want respect, respect your self 1st!

  34. Some Americans focus on Obamacare because its a black president that REFORMED the Healthcare system and not a White President. They don’t want President Obama to help unsurers Americans such as middle class and poor. I say evryone in America should be able to purchase Healthcare.
    To show you how sick some of the people are, in Colorado the Season Wild firefighters were unable to purchase Healthcare, when President Obama visit the wild firefighter they told him that they wanted to be able to purchase Healthcare. I commented on a Colorado Blog and got a reply from a person that was interested in starting a petition and i signed the petition and forward to my friends via facebook and Hp they all signed and now the wild firefighters are able to buy healthcare insurance. Thanks to President Obama and our petition.
    Tea Beggers need to get over the Healthcare issue, its law now.

  35. I was wondering if anyone remembers all of the names called and the character drawings or insulting flung at Bush?

    It’s politic’s!!! If we are going to dish it out we have to be able to take it!

    Stop whining! The president won a 2nd term, now you want everyone to be nice to him, POTUS does not care about these insignificant tee shirts or signs or comments of haters so why do you?

    We have better things to do, or we should have.

    If you were labeled pitiful would it be correct?

  36. Tea bagger party?… Ehh.. Least their spelling is improving.

  37. D. T....Still laughing

    WOW! Call me narrow minded or whatever you like but I looked at the Tee and just fell out laughing! Heck it’s funny and only funny to me, signifies nothing more. And as one commenter said Bush was everything but a child of God, when his name come up I still cringe and wanna call him out of his name. But after reading all these comments Bob might wanna stop “Nobody’s tried to mess with my truck, even when I’ve been in black neighborhoods and other places.” expecting the same results. lmao yall over think things……….and if you’re offended by my comment you’re over thinking again! Foot note on witch doctors; how bad can they be compared to some doctors I’ve met and seen in the media? Still lol


  39. On May 2, 2000, South Carolina governor Jim Hodges signed a bill to make Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday an official state holiday. South Carolina was the last state to recognize the day as a paid holiday for all state employees. Prior to this, employees could choose between celebrating Martin Luther King Day or one of three Confederate holidays. OK THAT RACIST T SHIRT WORN AT A TEA PARTY CONVENTION EXPLAINS WHAT TEA BAGGERS DO ON CONFEDERATE HOLIDAYS BESIDE SIT N THEIR PALORS COUNT N THE MONEY THEIR ANCESTORS MADE FROM SLAVERY THEIR SOUTHERN INHERITANCE.

  40. As purposely put by Derrick, “IT’S THEIR NATURE…THEY CAN’T HELP!”

    Never has truer words been spoken!!

    People, remember this; the hate that these racist whites show us is the very same hate that they have for themselves.

    When things are going along swimmingly for them they still have a tendency to abuse people and I’m not even talking about us Black people, just check their history.
    So if this is the case then what chance do when we seek to live and survive among them??
    Its natural, they brought us to these shores from our native land and made us their property and just because they don’t lynch and murder us the same way they did back in the 16th century and they now give us a few positions in the corporate world or in government it doesn’t mean that they don’t still regard us as property.
    They will get mad with pres. Obama, or anyone else who is of our community and in his position because historically speaking they never wish for us to have any kind of leadership status within what they establish as their ‘civilisation’.
    As they do not even consider us as human beings they do expect us however to act in the manner other than human regardless to what degree you may have obtained etc.
    Us acting like animals makes them feel comfortable simply because this what they are by nature.
    Controversially speaking, I actually wish they would duplicate more of these t-shirts and start selling them in all major stores.
    Why, because to the wise & intelligent Black man & woman it would prove further what truly lies within their hearts on the most transparent of platforms, and from standing points like this we who witness such acts would not harbour any ambiguity about who they really are.
    We need to be at this point so we all know what time it is and what must be done, any other way we are lulled to sleep!

  41. The Shine Has Worn Off

    Who gives a sh*t what they say about the man who is surrounded by Wall Street bankers and corporate kingpins. This n+gga don’t care what they are saying. Why the f*ck should we. He don’t care about us! Why should we get riled up over this sensationalized distraction? Obama and his wealthy friends are fixing to party their a*ses of while many people don’t have jobs or food to eat in this fascist country.

    This is another distraction that keeps many people from seeing the game that’s being played. I wonder would Al Sharpton and Mellissa Harris-Perry still have their shows on MSNBC if Romney would have won. What would be their purpose without a black president in office? There wouldn’t be any need to use them to feed us sensationalized Tea Party type bull sh*t to get us rallying behind our plutocratic black president. Would they all of a sudden start holding Romney acountable for a continuation of Obama’s policies that they ignored previously?

    Ignore these types of stories. Obama doesn’t give a sh*t about us regular people or these stories. So I won’t be raising my blood pressure anytime soon for his concern either. It’s party time for him anyway.

  42. At the end of the day, they still have a black president running their
    country too!LOL

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