Pro-Life Group Threatened for Exposing Abortion Clinic


A pro-life group that exposed the remodeling and other work taking place illegally at a proposed new abortion clinic in Wichita without the proper permits is now facing death threats. Cheryl Sullenger, a representative of Operation Rescue, told how a formal complaint has been filed with the City of Wichita against Julie Burkhart and two associated business entities, and presented evidence about the illegal rebuilding of the former abortion clinic run by late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

An open records request made by Operation Rescue has uncovered that no permits have been applied for or issued for improvements on the structure located at 5101-5107 E. Kellogg, which once housed a late-term abortion clinic operated by George Tiller. The Tiller clinic closed in 2009 and stood vacant until being purchased by Burkart’s organization in August, 2012.

Now, Sullenger says that Operation Rescue received a death threat in response. “Today, we received a death threat posted to our web site on that story telling us to “back off” or face retaliation. I immediately forwarded the threat, along with the poster’s IP address, to the FBI. We also received disturbing e-mails that just stopped short of threatening our lives,” she said.

“While we work across the country to stop abortion, it is our efforts in Wichita that seem to stir up the most hatred from the pro-abortion faction. “We wanted to go on the record and let the public know that this kind of thing is happening. It illustrates the disregard for human life and the law that those that promote abortion often have. The ones attempting to reopen an abortion clinic here can’t even obey simple building permit laws. Now their supporter’s are threatening us.”

“We have no intention of ‘backing off’ our peaceful, legal efforts to expose wrong-doing by the abortion industry, especially in the face of threats and bullying. Those who think we will cower and draw back over this are grossly mistaken.” Sullenger concluded.


5 Responses to Pro-Life Group Threatened for Exposing Abortion Clinic

  1. How many deaths of abortion providers can be attributed to the
    Pro Life groups? How many times did these vicious,mean,vindictive,hate mongers published names and addresses, even maps on how to get to the providers homes to do them harm. When doctors tried to speak against the state of Ga’s underhanded,lowlife ways of voting to take away ALL Funding for women’s health rights the radical zealots took to the internet printing addresses and making threats to the providers lives.When you count the number of providers that these single minded haters have killed, this woman’s protestations are what goes around comes around.I’ll bet she did not speak out when any provider was assassinated by the COWARDS and BULLIES using God as an excuse to kill someone.Everytime a prolifer group starts to bullying,someone should start printing their members names,addresses,phone numbers and map locations and let them see how it feels to be stalked and harassed.How dare she complain about anything.

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