Michelle Obama Faces Heat From Angry Feminists For Quitting Her Job

Michelle Obama GardeningDuring Barack Obama’s first term as president, first lady Michelle Obama became a well-loved public figure in the United States. Recently a poll showed that the majority of Americans (73 percent) believe that Michelle has been a wonderful first lady. However, this adoration does not come without criticism. As in most disputes, the group with the largest bone to pick happens to be a group of women. It turns out that feminists have a problem with how Michelle is handling her role as first lady, and they are feeling let down by her example.

Well-known feminist Linda Hirshman was vocal about her opinions about Michelle Obama choosing to give up her career in 2008 by claiming that Michelle had “let down the team.” Feminists were not quiet about their belief that Michelle Obama had become a victim of her husband’s choices. Even black feminists parted from the main group, claiming that it has been historically impossible for a black woman to just be a mother, and pushing that Michelle has the right to do just that if she pleases.

Recently Hirshman has spoken up again since Michelle has made it clear that she is not going to live her life the way that others see fit. The first lady seems to be content with raising her children and gardening. Hirshman says, “I’ve kind of lost interest in Michelle Obama. She was trapped by assumptions about race and had limited room to maneuver. Whether that was a welcome choice or she had no choice, I will never know. It’s very difficult to envision her as running for senator from the state of Illinois as you did with Hillary Clinton running for senator from the state of New York.”

74 Responses to Michelle Obama Faces Heat From Angry Feminists For Quitting Her Job

  1. It’s not clear what the complaints are …as Michelle Obama does a lot more than just gardening. She has started some programs to help the military, and the “Obesity” program. She also is a hostess from time to time at the big dinners. And all MOMS are “working moms.”

    • Jeffrey Carl Hart

      Michelle is amongst the best!

    • She is WORKING! That is pure hate for men that is at play and racism to boot. White women want Black Families dysfunctional as everything else Black folks try to do together. As long as Black women kiss White a*s every things Ok.

  2. When will you negroids learn, that you will NEVER be able to please caucasoids…male or fe-males!!!

    They want to be in control of EVERYTHANG!!! If they ain’t in control, then you will be their enemies. They’re like Black ball players; as long as they have a ‘ball’ in their hands; you are no threat, but put on a suit and tie, and start using your brains, then you are a threat!

    The feminist movement are full of caucasoid d.ykes, and this movement messed up the minds of negroid females, up until this day!!!

  3. Jeffrey Carl Hart

    wow Derrick, it is so suprising to me that you even know the word ‘brain’, cuz yo sure as h**l aint got one boy!

    • You have me mixed up with your one-legged pappy, son!!!

      Why do you think you’re so fvcked up, GIRL?

      Have a goody, BOY…or whatever you are!

    • Jeffrey, go home and bake some cookies and stay out of black folks conversation.

      • LMBAABO!!!

        h**l NAW! Tell that pale bytch to put on an apron, too!

        Weak azz cracker fvckin’ with INTELLIGENT BLACK FOLKS!!!

        You crazy!!! lol

  4. Unfortunately the white feminist movement has already had a devastating effect over black women and the black family. When white feminist came along during the late 60s and 70s selling the kool aid to black women that they didn’t need to be married and marginalizing father figures black women drank it up. Black women have been followers of white feminist for decades abandoning traditional marriage in favor of being empowered as head of household as a single mother. That experiment turned out to be what we call babymomma today. Not the mention the dysfunctional generation that was produced by that white liberal feminist experiment. I’m glad to hear some black women are starting to think for themselves and not let white women think for them.

    The black family manage to survive slavery, Jim Crow and all the discrimination and oppression that followed but the black family didn’t survive feminism.

    • So true, Brother Man!

    • Excellent analysis, David2001.

    • Davidson, you trippin’! Followers of white women, please! Obviously, you do not know your history nor do you know the struggle of the Black woman. Ask your mother and your grandmother.

    • So very true and those who follow the white feminist lead will probably never marry or have children. I’d love to stay home and raise my children if I could do it all over again.

      Who was oppressing the black woman? I definitely wasn’t the black man. It’s the same one who was oppressing them, but most black feminists just don’t get it and never will. I can’t support an ideology that doesn’t protect children and continually destroys family life.

  5. Most women ,given the choice and the chance would rather stay home and raise their children. Now having said that… feminism has NO PLACE in the black family. When white women wanted the right to vote, we couldn’t vote anyway because we were black. When white women wanted to work outside the home we were already working outside the home. We were the original nannies, housekeepers. We were taking in other peoples laundry. and don’t get me started on single motherhood. White women have a tendency to marry when pregnant, they may divorce quickly, but a divorced mother is looked at in a better light than a single mother. Any woman, black, white, pink or purple when she has kids and no husband if she is divorced she will be quick to let you know. Shee does not want to be seen as just a baby mama, she wants you to know there was once a husband on the scene. Also this provides financial help also, alimomy and child support as opposed to just child support(maybe) to just single women. Black women and black people in general we must understand just because something is good for some people does not make it good for us.

    • feminism was never good for anyone but the oppressors, because the victims took up the yoke om their own and gladly, pridefully, even belligerently, overburdened themselves and destroyed their own families and community.

    • Thank you Latrice because these are also my sentiments on feminism as it pertains to black women.

  6. Great thinking.

  7. This whole “feminist thing is getting WAY out of hand.
    The movement, while not without it’s positive goals and results, has proven to be a major reason for the dysfunction and chaotic world of Black relationships and why there has been an increase in interracial dating and the encouragement to do so. I would advise anyone who is looking for a family, not to mind the ranting of depraved lunatics.

  8. She will rise above it and continue her own agenda. There is no heat for her to take.
    Who are those naysayers anyway?

    If only people would learn to “stay in their lanes and run their races” and to
    understand that attempting to blow another’s candle out does not make their candle shine any brighter.

    Hats off awesome First Lady Michelle Obama.

  9. Since when the FLOTUS or anybody else needs to get advise from anyone about what they do with their lives? These talking heads need to get a life and mind their own business. Go First Lady. Do YOU.

  10. Earlene Ammons Harris

    My First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, attorney, health care executive, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt – can do as she d**n well pleases!!!! She has chosen childhood obesity and military families as a primary focus. In so doing, she has changed us all. I no longer pass a person in military uniform without stopping to thank them for their service.. THANK YOU MRS. OBAMA FOR HELPING TO MAKE ME A MORE CONCERNED AND APPRECIATIVE CITIZEN. If she was a white lady, the issue of her “working” would be of no concern. GET A LIFE AND LEAVE MICHELLE OBAMA ALONE!!

  11. I don’t know if this article is true or not. I just can’t believe it!!
    What dam first lady had a job? volunteering is a job, unpaid!!! Some of the garbage that come out of people mouth need to “catch a fire on the way to the trash can”. To h**l with pleasing people, please the Lord, when you do that, you gone catch h**l, but it’s justified and the rewards are breath taking. She’s a strong sister and they are maybe screaming because she probably did all the work when she was there. You know some of our other sisters are “priviledged and very lazy.”

    Michelle, you must be doing something right, keep it going and get as sharp as you can, everyday. Sweetheart, when you get up in the morning, do what you do. The Lord have blessed you tremendously, so lay it down for the sistas.

  12. SHUT UP HIRSHMAN! Now you even know what you are saying it does NOT make NO SENSE! Ms. Obama, is most lOVED, and respected. FOLKS LIKE YOU MAKE MY a*s HURT. Both of the BUSH WOMEN DID NOT WORK NOTHING WAS SAID BY YOUR UNHAPPY OUT OF ORDER a*s. Michelle, can be a stay at home mother that is not your business’s run your own broke down house. The Obama’s Children will be well rounded young ladies, with success and morals. Go focus on your life not MS. OBAMA’s

  13. this is just the typical attack on the black occupants of the whitehouse. they have rarely if ever found anything good to say about anyone in the first family BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK!!!!

    They attack her for BARING HER ARMS.
    She’s INDOCTRINATING CHILDREN on good health.
    So now, she’s NOT A PROPER FEMINIST!

    F___ these idjits and whoever thinks they are worth quoting and whoever thinks their opinions are worth publishing.

  14. This m**f diving d-y-k-e need to shut up and mind her own business. It is white men like her that make me so sick trying to run our black families as if she was black.

    It is p*n*s envy women like her is destroying the black family. This woman has no morals or scruples to lead anyone to the straight and narrow path.

    Mrs. Obama is working her a$$ off trying to get our children healthy. She is working hard for the military families and what is this thang doing? NOTHING.

    Mrs. Obama embraces motherhood, which this thang does not. Mrs. Obama embraces education and this thang embraces her brand of education which is detrimental to blacks and black families in general.

    • Like I keep sayin’, these yankees (females and males) want to continue to rule and control Black people. These creatures HATE they’re in this condition when they once had our people ‘slavin’ for their lazy azzes for FREE!

      This ‘rug digger’ HATES men, and the stupid negroid females, who FOLLOW these dy.kes (feminist ‘ho’s), are now their bytches. Why do you think they are buying these long fake azz blond weaves and what-have-you? There are old negroid co.ons wearing those long weaves looking like a shaggy dog! BUT, who’s running to the bank…those asians, arabs, mexicans, people from india, and yankees.



      Much Love, Respect, & Harmony

      STAY BLACK!!!

    • CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE: September 6, 2012 by Clutch

      Are Korean Distributors Shutting Black Entrepreneurs Out of the Hair Business?

      You can’t mention wigs and weaves without eliciting a chorus of snickers from our readers, but the reality is black women wear them, love them and spend big money to own them. The business of hair extensions is a $9 billion (yes, billion) dollar industry with black women doing much of the spending and little of the selling.

      The disparity is borne from the Korean monopoly on distribution. It’s not that black female sellers aren’t there, it’s that they’re systematically shut out from acquiring product to sell in their stores by Korean distributors, according to The Florida Courier.

      “Getting hair is a huge hurdle, because the distributors are Korean and most times they will only sell to other Koreans. White said, “I have to buy hair through exchange. It is rough, but if I don’t increase my hair game, I won’t be in business next year. It is a cold business in terms of the hair game.

      Johnson said that some Korean distributors say they will not sell to stores within so many miles from their other clients, but when she tried to have hair sent to her Aliquippa location, which has no other beauty supply stores, they still would not let her purchase it. She said one distributor also told her the hair she wanted was no longer being sold, but when she went to a local Korean beauty supply store, that same hair was there. When she inquired about it she was told that a local store had told the distributor that if he sold to her, he would no longer buy from him. She said she agrees with location rules, ‘but there needs to be regulations. One Korean store should not be able to dictate the entire industry in one area.”

      Whether you personally choose to wear weaves or not, you can agree that every industry, especially a billion dollar one, should be regulated.

      And it also makes sense that black women, who make up the majority of consumers, are represented on the other side of the counter.

      White has a solution for the current state of the weave business, that reads as a call action to black business owners:

      White said Koreans succeed in the industry because they support each other, but the Black community does not. “They (Koreans) have the relationships and work within, we laugh at them when they are living
      together, then they break through and have four stores in our community.

      But we won’t help each other out. It is a culture thing.” None of the other Black-owned beauty supply stores work together to pool their resources.



  15. I have a feeling Michelle does just what she wants. I admire her, she is super intelligent and if she chooses to go back to work when her husband is out of office that is her business. I was a stay at home mom until my youngest started to school, then I went back to school and to work. I was never a person to follow the crowd but instead proceeded to do what I chose, as everyone should. If God wanted us to be zombies, he would not have given each of us a brain.

  16. The power of the dollar—— do the average Black American know that Rosa Parks (an example of Love and Respect) hit them in their pockets or are to many running around thinking it was a matter of being able to ride in the front of the bus. The way things look with so many Negros using white folk as a yard stick to measure their success- many may not understand the significants of the bus boycott. I say this to make it quit elementary as it is— We must come up with a NATIONAL AGENDA TO COMMUNICATE THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR DOLLAR IN THIS ECONOMY. Can we in Gods speed come together as one- and design a way to deter spending our money in businesses that don’t support us. Now let’s be mindful of the new consumer in America the Hispanic market-yes the ones that are raising h**l to Obama about immigration rights -and you
    best to believe they are going to get what they want, and we will be left out as usual. Time is of the essences- I plead to the senses of all those who CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE—to create a venue of communication and act immediately. I have not the means nor do I have the resources to spearheaded this mission. So I ask all those who are so connected and educated to be so loving as to help us- help us– PEACE.

  17. Mrs. FLOTUS just do you and do what makes you and your family HAPPY! You are doing one hella of job. I know you are not listening to Hirshman if she has any sense she would get her some business and get out of Michelle’s…..Now how you like those apples Hirshman?

    Speak for yourself because we love the First Lady!

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