Miami Man Fights For Survival Following Christmas Attack Where He Was Burned Alive

dbBy Victor Trammell

A man in Miami, Florida is fighting for his life after a potentially fatal Christmas Day attack that burned him alive.

44-year-old Darrell Brackett (pictured) was driving in a car with his girlfriend in Miami around 11:30pm when the vehicle ran out of gas. Brackett exited the vehicle and instructed his girlfriend to stay in the car. He walked to a nearby gas station called U-Gas and filled up a gas can. Shortly thereafter, Bracket was seen by witnesses running in the middle of the street visibly on fire.

Brackett’s mother Bridgett (last name Brackett also) was told by police that her son was surrounded by three men at the gas station who soaked him in gasoline and set his on fire. Bridgett Brackett told ABC news: It’s heartbreaking. It’s horrendous. I would never imagine that this would happen to my son.” (ABC News)

Brackett was spotted by an unidentified woman who helped him to the side of the road and assisted him in rolling over in some sand. This helped him put the fire out. Brackett’s mother also told ABC news: “If she hadn’t done that, he would have burned to death.” Darrell Brackett was then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment in the severe burn unit.

He was originally in critical condition after suffering burns on 75 percent of his body. His mother also gave an update on his condition stating: “He was semi-alert. He could hear me, moving his eyes and thrashing around in the bed. He has no skin left on his body,” Bridgett Brackett said. “The only things that didn’t burn were his feet and short jeans.”

At press time, police had not found the suspects or a motive for this tragic attack.

58 Responses to Miami Man Fights For Survival Following Christmas Attack Where He Was Burned Alive

  1. Satan is always busy.

    • satan is busiest in miami because he has a lot of followers. even in good hotels you wake up to roosters crowing and black cats prowling.

    • every time i go to miami some poor black american is on the news fighting with the cubans over his right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      one black american guy told me that to work in miami they have to say “yassah boss,” just like in slavery and yet the rich negroes feed them and pretend they dont know how the common american black is treated.

    • Stop blaming Satan for this. This is the animal’s decision to do this. Please do some research on Satan instead of blaming something that is erroneously taught in church.

  2. satan has two legs, eyes, arms, feet, hands, and an evil wicked spirit!!!

    I hope he can talk, so we can find out, who did this senseless cowardly act. Personally, I think caucasoids did this shyt. Remember, a group of crackers were riding around in Jackson, MS, who beat and ran over a Black man, just for the FUN of it!!! Let’s not forget about the two Black men, who were dragged to death in Texas years ago, and these yankees, knew these Black men!!!

    Also, let’s not forget, that Florida has had some bodacious crimes against Black men within the last two months. People must OVERstand that Florida is still considered the south.



    From 2000 through 2006 here are the stats of Black and white arrests percentage distribution for ALL crimes:

    CHECK: Total arrest distribution by race 2000-2006


    Black: 2,924,734
    white: 7,270,214

    Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (2000-2006)

    Proof: The Color of Crime by Kaythryn Russell-Brown (a must buy)

  3. What happend to this man should also be done to those three who set him on fire. The Bible says “eye for eye, tooth or tooth.” Which means what you do to me shall be done back to you….

  4. With all my heart I wish for a speedy recovery with the least pain that Glory can grant him. Still, there are issues with priorities and personal preservation. One: The fire was made worse by running around; had he heard about ‘dropping, rolling, smothering flames?’ Two: Having to literally abandon your car late at night…unless there was a hole in the fuel tank… The point is to plan and think ahead about keepnig yourself safe.

  5. The anticirist is truely here with us, we need the armor of God.

  6. This is terrible!! Something should be done to show the community’s outrage at this incident. Where is Talmadge Fair, President of the Greater Miami on this? He never shows up when something like this hnappens to an African American. But let something like this happen in the Cuban community and there he is!! Where is he?

    • positivity speaks with common sense

      And there you have it Dannyboy. The CUBAN community is full of satan worshippers who exercise their rascism to run black americans out of Miami on the regular. Black caribbeans and africans assist. The only fools they dont bother are rich negroes who spend their cash making them rich. And eventhough rich negroes like Michael Jordan know about this Cuban hatred of black americans, they still buy a cuban woman, and disregard the destruction of none rich blacks in miami. They disgust me.

  7. Talmadge Fair is President of the Greater Miami Urban League for those who don’t know who he is. He also happenms to be a good Republican!!

  8. All this God talk. Why didn’t he do anything? He knew a million years ago that this was gonna and did nothing to prevent. A wonder god, no?

  9. A war between the Cubans and African Americans. What am I missing? Is everyone suggesting that the Cubans burned this man?

  10. LOL…Kongo, you are absolutely right.

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  12. May his attackers burn in heII here on Earth!!!

  13. This is absolutely heart wrenching and I truly hope that they find the heartless, cold-blooded, evil persons that did this and put them behind bars for the rest of their lives.  This was a senseless crime.  He and his girlfriend ran out of gas and he did the “gentleman” thing telling her to stay in the car while he went to get some gas.  Something that any of us could possibly have to do and ran right into the face of “EVIL.”  That’s all that’s known at this time.  So, let’s not jump to any  assumptions/conclusions especially not the “gang or drug-related theory/stereotype!!

  14. We asked for a Black president, we got one, for 2 terms!
    When this occurred what type of message do we think was sent to everyone that is non-black, and the undercurrent being such what do we think they’re prepared to do about ‘n****s who are getting above their station…’ within the current political & social climate?

    We have a lot of angry non-blacks around who think they’re being sidelined and left out at almost every stratum of daily life simply because ‘n****s’ are getting everything…even a Black president!
    The world has ended for them and when a rabid dog is cornered it will definitely lunge after you with a vicious bite because it believes that there’s no other way out except to attack!

    We need to recognise the time in which we live, our rise is their demise and don’t be fooled for a minute that they do not harbor this maxim in their hearts & minds!


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