Meet Dangerfield Newby: Was Django Unchained Based on this Man’s Fight to Save His Wife and Children?

DjangoEveryone is buzzing about the movie “Django Unchained” which has managed to stir up quite a controversy. It is very rare to see a Hollywood depiction of a Black man as the hero in a movie which manages to add humor to America’s painful history which includes slavery.

While many enjoyed the movie and some have strong opinions about it, what many may have missed is that there actually once lived a man named Dangerfield Newby and the movie was loosely based on his experiences with trying to reunite with his wife and his seven children.  WHILE WE STATE CLEARLY that we are not entirely sure if Dangerfield was the person the film was based upon, we find that their stories are similar enough that it is conceivable that Dangerfield’s fight was part of the inspiration which led to the creation of the character played by Jamie Foxx.

Dangerfield’s story, sadly, did not end in the same way as Django, but his heroism is no less admirable.  Sometimes, the heroes who don’t make it are the greatest heroes of all, for they are the ones who’ve paved the way for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today.  Benevolent whites were certainly important in our quest for freedom, but we must never discount courageous blacks in this struggle as well.  No every black person at that time had a slave mentality.

Dangerfield Newby (1815 – 1859) was the oldest of John Brown’s raiders, one of five black raiders, and the first of his men to die at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.[1] Born a slave in Fauquier County, Virginia, Newby married a woman also enslaved. Newby was later freed by his Scottish father, but his wife and seven children remained in bondage.[2] A letter found on his body revealed the motive for joining John Brown and the raid on Harpers Ferry.

Newby’s wife was the slave of Jesse Jennings, of Arlington or Warrenton, Virginia. She and her children were sold to Louisiana after the raid. Newby had been unable to purchase the freedom of his wife and seven children. Their master raised the price after Newby had saved the $1,500 that had previously been agreed on. Because all of Newby’s other efforts had failed he hoped to free them by force. Harriet’s poignant letters, found on his body, proved instrumental in advancing the abolitionist cause. Newby was six foot two.

On the 17th of October, 1859, the citizens of Harpers Ferry set to put down the raid. Harpers Ferry manufactured guns but the citizens had little ammunition, so during the assault on the raiders they fired anything they could fit into a gun barrel. One man was shooting six inch spikes from his rifle, one of which struck Newby in the throat, killing him instantly. After the raid, the people of Harpers Ferry took his body, stabbed it repeatedly, and amputated his limbs. His body was left in an alley to be eaten by hogs.[3] In 1899 the remains of Newby-plus remains of nine other raiders-were reburied in a common grave near the body of John Brown in North Elba New York.

Dangerfield Newby’s descendants are still alive today; Tyler Newby currently lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Josh Newby lives in a suburb of San Francisco, California and Drew Szrom lives in Massachusetts.


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  1. Good information to pass along. The movie was good. There was just enough humor included to balance out the detrement of the people.

  2. The old saying, “FREEDOM AIN’T FREE” is real! This man had to BUY his ‘freedom’, and STILL WASN’T “FREE”.

    This racist courst system is the same way…an innocent Black man has to BUY his freedom, even when he is the victim! These murderous pigs get away with killing Black people because they are “FREE” to do so!

    ONLY IN RACIST amerikkka!

  3. This is a good article, thanks for the information. I think these are the types of movies we need, to give tell us our history. I wonder if Django didn’t come out would we have heard of Dangerfield Newby.

  4. Please forgive my Ignorance; I failed to see ANY resemblence to the movie????? The exception was the man being free & the wife/kids(?) being kept in bondage. Excellent piece of history I do concur, relevance to the movie???? Nahhhhh!!!!

    There are others in history (untold) that could better fit the movies character……..John Horse, Wildcat, Denmark Vecsey, Tuisant L’Overature, and the immortal Nat Turner “The Sword of GOD” (now this dude killed some slave owners & their whole families) My HERO

  5. As far as I am concerned we should celebrate him as a HERO for the black race. More than anyone else, past and present.

    • Why do our heroes and sheroes ALWAYS have to be viewed in a negative image? The Help, Django, and Denzel Washington played negative roles, but were viewed as ‘heroes/sheores’. What negroids failed to realize, is that Denzel got shot in the azz by some white boys in his movie, but is that a da*mn hero? DO Y’ALL SEE WHITE BOYS GETTING SHOT IN MOVIES, LET ALONE IN THE AZZ???

      Black men and women were heroes and sheroes BEFORE they became enslaved, and also, during our forced enslavement; you had Black Rebels, who were revolutionaries, that stood up and spoke up to caucasoids, even during our forced enslavment!!! Their his-story/his-LIE books, don’t put this in their lying books because they want to keep the image of the Black man, as weak and docile.

      The Real Heroes were Rebels like Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Charmichael (Kwame Ture), and other Rebels, both male and females, who Rebelled against this racist system.


      They O’Jays, said it 40 years ago, that we must have UNITY!!!

      • Maroons and other Black people of the resistance. The Maroons were captured Africans that escaped to the islands of Jamaica and to Brazil and lived in the swamps and mountains where they were able to form communities (Jamaican and Brazil diaspora). Many reference them as runaway slaves but most were NEVER enslaved. The white savages were not unable to defeat them because the Maroons were skilled in guerilla warfare. While I won’t give all the secrets away, because that’s what’s wrong with Black people now, they talk too damm much; the Maroons existed for generations and in most cases were NEVER captured. The ones that existed in so-called America, became colonialized, watered down so-to-speak and enslaved which looks pretty familiar today. The more things change the more they stay the same. SMH!

        • Correction *white savages were UNABLE to defeat them…

        • Miss T, good OURstory!

          A person, who controls the pen, controls your mind. And, these caucasoids are controlling the minds of these negroids, who don’t research OURstory for themselves.

          The MAJORITY of negroids beLIEve that OURstory only consisted of being slaves, but they don’t OVERstand, that the FIRST slaves were caucasoids!

          Afrikans introduced civilization to the world. We invented and contributed EVERYTHANG caucasoids touch, but they stole our inventions, then claimed them as the originators!

          “The ones that existed in so-called America, became colonialized, watered down so-to-speak and enslaved which looks pretty familiar today. The more things change the more they stay the same.”



      • 8Mile, white guy gets shot. in the “azz”

  6. The director did a very good job of putting some realities of slavery on the big screen to educate the public about some other realities of slavery..very gutsy of him and tastefully done. We should know their actual experiences and feel proud to be here. Yet it really shows shallowness to focus on the N word or being so shallow to critize the presentation. When did we learn about the “hot box”, the wrestling til death for the pleasure of the white man, when did you learn about castration of the black man at the whim of whomever as punishment? Or the other creative indiginities that were visited on them. It’s in the books but we didn’t get that in our education of slavery, and still don’t. How many of our kids understand what our folks suffered? Will this movie help our kids to understand how precious life is and stop killing one another? Does it really matter if Django was a real person or a character? Did you learn anything? or are you a Gone with the Wind believer?

    • yours is the best statement so far that I have read. I think that is exactly the point of Django Unchained, to see the abuses that slaves suffered, while the “polite” white society carried on as if it was normal to abuse humans and treat them worse than they treated their animals. About how our culture was saturated with that kind of psychopathic thinking, that it was seen as “normal”. Slavery and the suffering of slaves has been so watered down and whitewashed so much, people have no idea of how truly horrendous it was. Django puts this right in your face. The scene of the slave being torn apart by dogs, I couldn’t stand to watch it, yet at the time this would not have been uncommon. People did see it and allow it to continue. And that needs to be seen and known today, just how horrible it really was, not a whitewashed, cleaned up version of history.

  7. Yes, there are many stories like DJANGO and like this man DANGERFIELD. In fact, these kinds of stories are not that unusual for those times. We might be surprised if we talk to older BLACK FOLKS…over 70 years old…and listen to their stories. I have some in my own family…that could be told…a bit more recent that the days of slavery, however.

    Until we started recording and publishing these stories…they simply went without acknowledgement.

    BILL COSBY made a classic movie that is on YOUTUBE now which helps explain how “BLACK HISTORY WAS LOST STOLEN AND STRAYED” (name of the film. You might find it under “NEGRO HISTORY: Lost, Stolen & Strayed.” (Check it out)

    INSTITUTIONAL WHITE RACISM has been at the root of why we see so many negative, degrading images of Blacks in movies, books, etc.


    “Until lions start writing down their own stories,
    the hunters will always be the heroes.”

    (Kenya and Zimbabwe).

  8. I see the movie and I thought it was GREAT! DJango was about a man who lost his wife to the wick, evil, UnG-DLY system of slavery. He remain loyal to his family and seek to find her. I respect him for his actions to keep the Black family together. We need more pictures about really happen during slavery.

  9. Dr. Boyce are you being paid to promote this movie?

  10. I can’t deal with delusional and/ignorant white people. SLAVERY WAS REAL. IT HAPPENED. Stop trying to dilute the sting because you’re ashamed at your ancestors inhumane treatment of another set of human beings. Yes, I’m talking to you DONNIE PHILLIPS. You sound like a fool. Don’t repeat what you’ve said here.

  11. It is so tragic that black people have so little respect and honor for our Elders and Ancestors. All of our Ancestors were Heros and Sheros. Anyone who could survive the Middle Passage alone, let along endure and survive the atrocities, as touched upon in the movie such as being beaten with hammers, forced to brutalize and kill one another such as the Mandingo slaves, be eaten alive by dogs, hung from trees, burned alive, sexually violated brutally from child hood [both males and females] and a very long laundry list of other savage atrocities committed against us as a people, one would think of as being sufficient enough to honor the legacy of Dangerfield Newby and not question what else he may have done. He agreed to fight to the death, knowing that they would not get out alive, along with John Brown, his sons, and other blacks warriors. He had saved $1500 to try to purchase his family. That was the equivalent of the cost of a small mansion back in those days.

    You can’t get too many of our black men to fight for anything these days [unless they're killing one another] including to fight for their own women and children, or even support and love them. Too many black men have become so soft that they won’t hit a nail to help around the house let along risk their lives for their own women and children, so stop debasing our Ancestors, for we have become a pathetic group of losers too stuck on stupid to honor our own Elders, Ancestors, Women and Children, let alone pick up a book and learn that you are, despite of your self-loathing and ignorance as a group, the greatest people on the planet. Virtually EVERYTHING in America was invented by your ROYAL ANCESTORS.

    And………………any black person who thought and/or thinks enough of themselves to know their history could never have an inferiority complex, disrespect their Elders and Ancestors regardless of whether Mr. Dangerfield Newby was the historic figure for this movie [a fictional story designed for entertainment which sometimes offers insight into real life scenarios] or not. Despite of the sad impact that centuries of being debased, brainwashed and dehumanized has had on us Africans globally, we are an amazing people, but getting dumber and more unjustifiably arrogant by the day. You think you have arrived, but have only diminished in your royalty, common sense, and stature each and every generation. You’re too stupid to honor yourself, your Elders, and your Ancestors since the advent of integration. Since then, everything that these amazing people set up for you fools, has been devalued by you who only l**t after what is not you. How sad is that? Our Ancestors are turning over in their graves at having to witness such disrespect and ignorance.

    The legacy of Mr. Dangerfield Newby, and billions of our Ancestors before him, especially those with courage of conviction, integrity and self-pride, should be worshipped and respected by those who came after them as we [especially this generation of ignorant and self-deprecating fools who don't have a clue, but think they got it going on] CANNOT HOLD A MATCH TO OUR ANCESTORS.

    So please, STOP BEING STUCK ON STUPID, and try to have a little respect for those brave and amazing Ancestors and Elders who had the fortitude, courage, and unimaginable perseverance to deliver you ungrateful idiots from the bowels of hellwho have no respect for YOURSELF, YOUR ELDERS and YOUR ANCESTORS as WE [meaning all of us] cannot touch their coattails.

    Please stop disrespecting and disgracing their memory. Get a modicum of self-respect. Try reading a few books about your own kind and then you won’t be so ignorant of the fact that you come from greatness.

    Thank you.

    P.S. – And to all of you flocking to see the movie Lincoln, and running to participate in celebrations of his “freeing you,” let
    me say this, Lincoln did not free you, he exploited you, called
    you “n***a” in all of his correspondence on the subject of manumission, and was working on how to send your stuck on stupid behinds back to Africa after your Ancestors won the Civil War for this thankless country prior to John Wilkes Booth assassinating him. That’s the thanks blacks still continue to get in this unconscionable country for the many, many, many, many gifts your Ancestors have made to its tenuous position of global leadership — all provided as a result of those ingenious, brave, and strong people you disrespect and think of as only beasts of burden when they were, in fact, anything but. I pray for the children. Try teaching them this!

    • I agree with everything you’ve said except your assertion that D’Jango is just an entertainment piece. Unfortunately,, it goes to your point about not respecting your own history and the horrific struggles of our elders. The DJango movie would be like making a moving about Jews (women and children) lined up to enter the furnaces and doing it interwoven with comedic scenes. What do you think the Jewish community would DO??? In theaters where I watched the movie, I heard laughter from who? – African Americans!!! I was so appalled! I tried to embarrass them by telling them to be quiet. Didn’t help, they just kept laughing. I dont know why
      we excuse this white boy or the black actors from promoting this demeaning betrayal of our history. There is NOTHING comedic about it!!!

      • I watched Django and I didn’t find it comedic at all, I don’t know why some people are saying it has comedy elements, it doesn’t at all. I thought it was a great dramatic/action film that depicted the horrors of slavery in a way most Americans have never seen. The violence on them is depicted graphically, it’s horrible, and shows how at the time it was so commonplace to see such a thing and people thought nothing of it. It didn’t whitewash the violence against slaves, or the lack of humanity of their “masters”. For white Americans who have chosen to remain ignorant of the horrors of that violence, this will be a shock and forces them to see it. For our kids, for whom history has been so purified and whitewashed, they might finally understand how horrible slavery really was.


  12. Only a fool allows the enemy to teach his children!
    Still trying to figure out if this was a slick way to use the N word (100 plus times. Really?! WE GET HOW GRAPHIC SLAVERY WAS Quentin Tarrentino…remember WE’RE the survivors of THAT legacy) or is this yet another slick version of rewriting history? If this was really a historical depiction, why not tell this story as it really ended. Now THAT (being shot in your throat) seems to me, to be way more graphic using the N word.
    I’ll believe you Tarrentino when you start making movies reminding other races of their hateful nicknames: ‘spics, wetbacks, crackas, chinks, etc…. I won’t hold my breath as you’ve been in the game 20 plus years and you have only shown a love for reminding us of the N word. Your affinity for it is not cool nor appreciated. Shame on the black people who fed into this self hating b.s. and made YOU wealthier. It’s a funny thing about white supremacy: it’s designed to always insure the white man gets paid in the end. Even if it means other races have to lose their gotdamn minds and self respect to insure it!
    This was not a history lessons folks, it was mind numbing ENTERTAINMENT: I’m not smiling, I’m not laughing, I’m not amused and I’m not feeling any lame attempts at justifying this continued attempt at pyschological warfare.

    • @Truth Speaks
      Totally agree with your comments regarding this movie.I have,nt seen it nor will i ever pay money to see this movies with the N word splattered about all over the place.Never cared for Quentin Tarrentinos work solely for the fact of his free use of the N word in his movies and yet here are black folks paying their money and supporting him in droves.I personally think black folks have lost their mind.

    • “Only a fool allows the enemy to teach his children!”

      NOTHING, BUT THE BLACK TRUTH! The average amerikkkan teacher is a white, female, elementary school teacher, in the urban school system.

      These racist female teachers are dumbing down our children. Over 80% of teachers are caucasoid females, who are in the public school system!

      “White teachers comprise an overwhelming majority of the nation’s teachers. Yet, our data indicate that white teachers were the least likely to have had much experience with racial diversity and remain remarkably isolated. Not only did white teachers, on average, attend schools when they were elementary school students that were over 90% white, they are currently teaching in schools where almost 90% of their faculty colleagues are white and over 70% of students are white.” -The Segregation of American Teachers

      We need to teach our own…PERIOD! This is why READING is so important, today because when you RESEARCH, READ, AND WRITE, you are able to COMPREHEND and THINK!

      There is NO EXCUSE why we should not be teaching OUR OWN children. These entertainment centers (churches) bring in 270 million dollars a week! That’s enough money to build schools, businesses, and PAY OUR OWN TEACHERS a good salary without depending on these racist caucasoids!



      • You sound like a real winner!! It’s black people like you that keep us from moving forward. I think segregation in schools is great. But your system of teaching your “own” will harbor and only increase the sense of “us and them” instead of we. And if I hated a race so much I would move away. We have that ability and freedom to do so in this country because of white and black men. But hey, I heard the Congo is nice this time of year, I’ll buy your plane ticket because you don’t deserve this country!

  13. I am quite surprised that the Harper’s Ferry raid, twenty years in the making – by John Brown and his family – ended that disastrously.
    However, I continue to wish the best for John Brown’s soul, and four of his sons who agreed with their father to join that raid, as well as others who similarly perished. John Brown’s ultrism, never seen among Whites even till date, should be emulated.
    As regards Dangerfield Newby, his actions were packed with courage.May his soul and those of John Brown and those four sons of his rest in peace.

  14. In the end, it is a movie. You must take it for what it is. Now that being said, it is a work of art which now makes it part of the culture. Men of power created and distributed it so that it is in the consciousness and psyche of the peoples on a wide scale which makes this contribution an important one. But this movie didn’t appear out of thin air. It is a work of fiction based on a work of fiction which in itself was rooted in a real history. As dark and horrific as the slave trade was, surely enslaved Africans found ways and times to laugh. Surely, they learned other languages and learned to read and write sometimes. And as sure as they suffered stripes, amputations, tar and feathers, castrations, hobbling, rapes and all manner of other horrors and degradation, they also freed themselves or were freed by the help of others. They bought the freedom of their brethren. They took over slaveships by guile and force and sometimes sailed home. They raided towns and murdered their oppressors and often razed the plantations that held them bound. Yes, there was the house slave who defended the house and his master as he would himself and there was the free black man who was a vigilante who killed white folks out of revenge and there were free black men who tried desperately to free their enslaved wives and children. I wouldn’t say Django Unchained was based on any one man, but rather an amalgam of many.

  15. @ Marcus. ..You are right on point Marcus! ! Lets see if these same black folks will pay to see Danny Glover’s movie about Tussaint L’ Overture. I doubt it cause it will not the N word and our blood splattered for comedy. I will not pay for that Tarentino c**p either. But u know we are like sheep, baaaaaa …we will follow the wrong s**t to the grave ..Sankofa. .Ptah RA! !

    • Haiti is poor today because Europeans want it so. They had to pay france a billion dollars for it to recognize them. Theyn became free in 1804, America did not recognize them until 1862. Thomas Jefferson called them the Canibals from the terrible nation and he did all he could against their progress. louisiana a slave state continued slavery even after Napoleon sold the territory to America and Haitian fought to help Americans fight their kin the no good British.Napoleon said, What is to me the death of a negro when they told him Tousant was dead in the dungeon where he sentencved him in France to die of the cold.The Italian producer of Django only cares about the money not us or our history.Remember that.

  16. Lets see him make a comedy about the German Jew’s Holocaust and see if kneegroes or Jews go see it. The control Hollyhood and it wouldn’t even make casting. ..Hotep

    • Right on brother Imhotep.

    • Kneegroes will go. Dont trust Kneegroes for they will have the slave master sell you to the slave ship.Kneegroes are white folks in black skin they love white folks more than they love themselves for white folks created them,All the slave revolts in the world, it was a kneegro who went a told Bwana.

  17. Correction – Jews control

  18. SLA
    1526 San Miguel de Gualdape
    (Sapelo Island, Georgia, Victorious)
    c. 1570 Gaspar Yanga’s Revolt
    (Veracruz, Victorious)
    1712 New York Slave Revolt
    (New York City, Suppressed)
    1733 St. John Slave Revolt
    (Saint John, Suppressed)
    1739 Stono Rebellion
    (South Carolina, Suppressed)
    1741 New York Conspiracy
    (New York City, Suppressed)
    1760 Tacky’s War
    (Jamaica, Suppressed)
    1767 Battle of the Lord Ligonier
    (Atlantic Ocean, Suppressed)
    1791–1804 Haitian Revolution
    (Saint-Domingue, Victorious)
    1800 Gabriel Prosser
    (Virginia, Suppressed)
    1805 Chatham Manor
    (Virginia, Suppressed)
    1811 German Coast Uprising
    (Territory of Orleans, Suppressed)
    1815 George Boxley
    (Virginia, Suppressed)
    1822 Denmark Vesey
    (South Carolina, Suppressed)
    1831 Nat Turner’s rebellion
    (Virginia, Suppressed)
    1831–1832 Baptist War
    (Jamaica, Suppressed)
    1839 Amistad, ship rebellion
    (Off the Cuban coast, Victorious)
    1841 Creole, ship rebellion
    (Off the Southern U.S. coast, Victorious)
    1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation
    (Southern U.S., Suppressed)
    1859 John Brown’s Raid
    (Virginia, Suppressed)

  19. See the movie Nothing But a Man starring Abbey Lincoln and Ivan Dixon, if you can find it.

    Does Blazing Saddles offend anyone? Where do you stand on that comedy? Both of these movies had Jewish directors, if that matters.

    Mel Brooks who directed Blazing Saddles wrote a play The Producers because he wanted the audience to laugh at Hitler. I don’t know if that adds to your discussion, or not. Can laughter inspire change?

    Art is one way to make people think. I don’t know if Django Unchained is art because I have not seen it. I am not a fan of the director. He hurts my eyes and my ears with his vulgar language and his b****y images.

    Just a movie fan who is reading your comments about the film.

  20. White institutions and white people in general wer comfortable with enslaving Africans, John Brown is the only one I know who did anything violent to stop it and white folks hung him.

    • Or, they were more comfortable looking away. The silent majority. Or, they were ignorant, and they were operating in survival mode, just working from sun up to sun down. Not everyone was politically involved either. I doubt that most could read well or had newspapers at hand. Therefore, they could not or would not form an opinion, one way or another. They might have been satisfied to let others achieve a lower status than they the poor whites held already. Read “No Where to Make Love” by Langston Hughes. I think I have the title right. I am close enough. It is in one of his short story collections. He seemed to comprehend the situation. It takes place later, but it offers insight into this class warfare idea.

      I think everyone needs to read history a whole lot more. They have part of the information, not the entire account. There is a kind of wrong-headedness to their thinking.

      We cannot condemn 19th century men/women by 21st century standards. Empower yourselves with knowledge.

  21. I saw Django and it was great! Those who haven’t seen it should do so before you talk about it. This was a love story. It was such a pure love, too. Most of the folks killed were white.

    • Take that azz fake picture down and quit trying to fool Black people with that dumb azz comment!

      Django wasn’t shyt! If, this white boy wanted to make a ‘LOVE’ story, how come he didn’t make a real love story about Black men and women? Why did it have to be about slavery? Do crackers make movies about their enslavement, and made it into a love story?


  22. Amazing grace so popular was written by John Newton the melody set from the groans he heard coming from the belly of the slave ship of which he was captain. White folks tell you John Newton wrote the song but they neglect to tell about the slave ship melody groans.Dont forget that.

    • @Haile:

      You are right about that enslaver, John Newton, but you are wrong about the groans coming from the enslaved brothers and sisters.

      I took a class in Black Ourstory, and this white boy changed his attitude from being an enslaver to becoming a ‘xtian’. I wrote this on another post on this site.

      This caucasoid boy was really singing about HIMSELF!!! He was the WRETCH.


      Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a WRETCH like me, I once was lost, but now I found, was blind, but now I see.

      wretch = a miserable, unfortunate, or unhappy person; a person regarded as base, mean, or despicable

      This yankee was unhappy, mean, and despicable, but changed his evil, wicked ways to turn the enslaved Afrikan brothers and sisters into xtians! This is why these xtian negroids, today, are so infactuated with this demonic religion.

      This cracker found a way to brainwash the Afrikan brothers and sisters to submit to HIS religion of xtianity.

      This yankee is no different from these caucasoid screachas today, who have negroids giving them their 10% tithes. By the way, a slave maker, by the name of John Hawkins was the First honkey to capture slaves along the Ivory Coast to take them back to england. He was also a ‘xtian.’



      • I’ll bet you would treat white people just the way black slaves were treated if given the chance. In fact, I’m sure of it! So that makes you a hypocrite and your entire platform null and void! You’re disgusting and if you were here my white a*s would smack you in the mouth!

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  24. This goes to the sadly confused Miscellaneous Bosslife. EVERY race on this planet has participated in enslaving other humans. Many times of their own race. In fact, when James Monroe returned blacks to Africa it wasn’t long before they were enslaved again by black Africans and sold back to the white man! No race is better than another, we are truly the same under our pigmentation. So f**k Yo Karma!

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  26. Great information,even if the movie isn’t based on this man life he’s a hero in my book.


  28. Yes, we must read more. Just like myself, forcing myself to read this entire post full of interesting stories and ideals, and I am glad I did. I also saw the movie, and I love it from a filmmakers point of view. Quintin is truly a master of the art of filmmaking. I learned so much from his story telling techniques. But some parts did bring up resentments through pondering about the real suffering of our ancestors. Only through these type of movies are some of us even encouraged to look deeper into OurStory. To open a book, or doing research to inform ourselves of history. Maybe the history books have been updated since I was in grade school but none of the information I was introduced to here was ever taught. From all of the post here I have found links to begin to connect dots to answer my own questions. But, I do know that no one tells the truth and noting but the truth, we embellish, distort, and use creative rights to make us all seam better than we really are, it’s the way of the human race, the land, the culture and this country. But as the saying goes; seek and you shall find. Thanks!

  29. While Django was fiction, it served at least two positive purposes. 1. educating the masses on how terrible the black experience has been in the US, which retards black success to this day. and 2. flipping the script on black/white relations where the black person ends up on the victor. Both of these visuals help change society’s psychology of black/white relations. Everyone needs to read “American Frankenstein: How The United States Created a Monster”. It is an outstanding historical perspective on black/white relations from slavery through the RAP era. available at – Check it out for youself.

  30. Oh cry me a d**n river to the one bumping their gums about a white man making this movie. I don’t see Spike Lee, F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuquar or John Singleton breaking down doors trying to get a movie like that made. And FYI…Tarrantino DID make a movie about the mistreatment and brutalization of the Jews during the Holocaust. And they were the heroes in the end. Even popped a cap in Hitler’s crown and killed all his head henchmen. Not saying this movie was 100% legit, but leave it the h**l alone because if the movie had been made by a black person even with the N word being used the same amount of times, y’all would be so d**n quiet you could hear a mouse pi**ing on an ice cube.

  31. I take that back, even if a black man HAD made this movie, y’all gum bumpers STILL wouldn’t be satisfied! How many of y’all supported Mario Van Peebles an his father when they made that movie Posse back in the day? Y’all really need to get up offa it!

  32. good artical for me. thank you.

  33. I think 80% of the people on this blog need to take some classes because you are making very incorrect statements first off @Theresa who wrote there were some intelligent slaves you should be ashamed of your self all slaves were intelligent…. they may not have knew english because they werent from here but do we really not understand that slaves were taken from there own lives where they had there own language, schools and institutions, science, liturature, culture and religion yes at first they couldnt read and write english because the government denied slaves the right to learn and people just assumed they were incapable of learning so they began teaching themselves and other slave these things ahha the birth of afro-amer. Lit. And to all the bloggers who aid no white ppl ever cared or all white ppl are devils u are just as ignorant and dumb as the same white ppl you talk about how can u say all white ppl… all of them even the babies hate black ppl??? You can never classify a whole race of people as feeling one way you cant possibly know if thats true because you dont know all of them…. and there were many white ppl back then who never agreed with slavery and fought with their lives to end slavery one of those men were great friends with dangerfield newby his name is john brown he fought with more then 20 men only 5 of which were black at the raid on harpers ferry so before you say white people never cared ect. Ect. Go look up these names they were men who left there women and children behind to fight to end slavery

    William h leeman
    John E Cook
    John H Copeland
    Aaron D Stevens
    Albert Hazlet
    Barclay coppock
    Edwin Coppock
    Jeremiah Anderson
    Oliver Brown
    Owen Brown
    Watson Brown
    Stewart P Tidd

    Also research life in africa before europeans
    Maybe read Everyday Use by alice walker on the identity crisis of african americans

    As well as think about the fact that it might be very well that Quinton terrintino possibly read the story of Dangerfield Newby and decide to make a movie similar to his story all movies come from someones inspiration from something even chainsaw massacre came from a story about a serial killer who dug up dead bodys and made skin suit so it is possible that with any racially degrading motives that he incorperated his story into Django sheesh ppl get a grip on reality most of you on this blog preaching this and that about whites and blacks and slaves have no idea what you are talking about your just making assuptions and it p****s me off to be doing research on a person for my lit presentation and i have to read all this propaganda about nonsense

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