Jesse Herriott: What We Can Learn From Steve Harvey Crying On-Screen

steve-harveyBy Rev. Jesse Herriott

In a recent episode of the Steve Harvey show, the producers shocked the host by locating someone that Harvey had not seen or heard from in about 30 years. Rich and Becky Liss have a history with the superstar host, and comedian that brought out his rather soft side.

The backdrop of the story suggests that the couple did something that all of us can attest to, whether we have experienced it or not- they helped Steve during a time in his life when he needed it the most.  If one was to take a brief look at Harvey, about thirty years ago, they probably wouldn’t recognize him because it was during this time that he was still molding his gift and charting his course. Now, some thirty years later, I’m sure there were maybe about one or two folks that could’ve dreamed of the success that he has today.  If it were not for individuals such as Rich and Becky Liss that believed in Steve, and helped him to the best of their ability, perhaps his life would’ve been a bit different.

The biggest investment that you can make, other than in your own life, is in the life of someone else that’s trying to build a better future. Of course, all investments require a worthy candidate. Nevertheless, perhaps the biggest lesson from this story is that we all should remember not to count folks out so quickly because all doors seem to open in time, and you never know where a person may end up later on down the road.

Rev. Jesse Herriott is a priest; writer and adjunct professor based out of Atlanta, GA. Jesse is completing a PhD in Psychology from NorthCentral University. Jesse’s work bridges both Depth Psychology and Spirituality. In addition, Jesse is also a contributor to,, and Jesse can be heard live every Tuesday at 9am Central on Unity Online Radio on his breakout show entitled, “Living on Purpose”, where he interviews bestselling authors, teachers and speakers and shares principles for living a more fulfilling life. Learn more at

24 Responses to Jesse Herriott: What We Can Learn From Steve Harvey Crying On-Screen

  1. This negroid cries more than a new born baby! I seen this negroid crying on a caucasoid xtian tell-a-LIE-vision show, he cried on Aunt Oprah’s show, now he’s crying with some more caucasoid folks!


    I’m not saying a man ain’t suppose to cry because I have shed some tears over loved ones, and close friends, but to cry everytime you’re on tell-a-LIE-vision is a little to far, especially for a man. Is this just another ploy to effeminize the Black man? I’m not saying, he’s gay, but if we start OBSERVING, how the Black man is being demeaned, denounced, and degraded; this may be a plan!

    Our young men imitate what they see, and projection and images mean more than words!!!


    • Shut the h**l up you idiot.

    • ******Derrick,
      THIS HUMANOID mannerism personify the mindset of a lamebrain ignoramus..
      KNOWLEDGE IS LEARNED, BUT WISDOM IS OBSERVING!!!…. But some people knowledge come paling around with demons…..

    • Derrick, you have a point….

      It’s a shame that others can’t disagree without being so disrespectful.

      Look out your windows people: our young men wear their pants low-like dresses, and now rappers like P.Diddy and Kanye Wst are wearing dresses. These aren’t kilts, and they’re not Scots, they’re dresses.

      Black men are being effeminized, and black women are becoming more masculine as well. Tyler Perry wears dresses more than most women, and this is all by design….

      Respect wisdom, and open your eyes to see what is beyond what you see. That takes vision.

    • The worse thing that Steve has done is that bootcamp for the sons of single mothers. When I first heard of it, I thought it was a good thing until I looked at the sponsors – THE U.S. ARMY.

      Black boys are coming home from these wars all messed up and loony in the head, and Steve still promotes this as the best option for them. Rather than jobs in corporate America he wants our boys to lose their lives and sanity fighting for the rights of whites to live like kings in America.

      Steve did so much damage to the young boy Chris Brown, to curry favor from black man hating oprah, the boy is suicidal and so is katt williams.

      Steve is a mediocre modern day stepnfetchit with his bad grammar and poor role modeling in front of our children on how to talk like an imbecile and make all negroes look like illiterate idiots. He is in no way excellent at anything he does.

      All that calling on Jesus and claims of not being a perfect Christian has gone on far too long for this old fool with 1 foot in the grave. Time for him to grow up and stop using Jesus and these Christian networks to feed off of.

      You’d think whites never did nothing for him the way he ranted on us to vote black like a black rascist.

      All these affirmative action negroes ever do is give a charity turkey and lip service inspiration, while whites gave them REAL help in finances and shelter, and I pray for the day they all go away because they have made nothing but a mockery of Dr. King’s dream.

      How many black millionaires has good whites created???

      How many black millionaires have been created by affirmative action negroes???

  2. wearing a dress in America is not acceptable because it’s a so-called female thing—–but some other countries have no problem with it—-it seems to be where all our problems exist—–”IN THE MIND” nobody made T.PERRY wear dresses—–He’s a Business man with a gimmick to make money. “LIVE FREE and forget the nonsense—–STEVE HARVEY seems to enjoy crying —-I say let him cry—–we don’t know why he’s really crying —–MOVE ON!!!!

  3. @Bro D …He still never answered the questions about when he met Marjorie, his new wife!! According to letters and to Marjorie herself, it was while he was still married to Mary! But women listen to this cheater. My wife says only weak azz women with no man as a figure in their life (uncle, father, boo, etc) would ever buy his books or listen to this fool! He’s got a church he’s building already, and plenty of weak minds to fill it. Pimpin ain’t dead and the H***s ain’t scared eh? As Goldie the Mack says. ..Maat. .

    • Isn’t it amazing, how these caucasoids will let a negroid build an entertainment center (church), but WILL NOT let them build a business?

      The entertainment center (church), like I have been saying from day one; ain’t nothing, but entertainment complexes. The choir is the ‘side show’, while the screacha is the MAIN attraction!!!

      Harvey NEVER has been a comedian to me, but these negroid females fall all over him because he stays clean (just like a screacha), talk bullshyt, and makes them laugh. These modern day pimps in the bullshyt, know how to get these church ‘ho’s in their stable, and crying azz Harvey is no exception.

      The entertainment centers (churches) are nothing, but organizations controlled by the devils in Switzerland where the MAIN headquarters of the pope, reside.


  4. Steve Harvey will go through his trials and tribulations just as well as all humans…That’s a fact of life……Steve Harvey is responsible for Steve Harvey …..I do not watch his show and would never buy his book…..but that’s just me…..Ignorance will always exist…..some learn and some don’t…. “THAT’S THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLE!”but,there’s HOPE for all. PEACE!!!!

  5. Steve my roots are in Pennsylvania and living in WV for a temporary stay due to an unfortunate situation…I did not know that you were born here in WV. (Beckley)?

  6. I agree with the FB person who said that Steve Harvey is the biggest fake of them all. I saw him on someone’s show making pretend that he had just gotten “saved” and fake crying and trying to appear humbled. KMA!!!

  7. Steve Harvey is just another punkified loving everybody negro.

  8. I agree with Marvin. I once listened the a STEVE HARVEY radio show where a preacher called in from down south and asked him if he would appear at one of
    his churches fund raisers (to help black youth). Once the minister finished his request Steve got an attitude. He cried out about how”nothing is free” and if the minister wanted him to appear for nothing he was out of his mind. He also mentioned some of his friends famous that had the same attitude. He was very curt and discurtious with the requestee to the point where his co disc jockies had to comment on how wrong he was to the preacher. From that point on I knew that Steve was a phony. All that talk about how God showed him the light. When I saw him crying on TV and telling the audience that couple gave him shelter and money when he was most needy and they did it expecting nothing in return, I d**n NEAR THREW UP. Steve is a joke and a phony. He only cares about his one god and the color of that god is green. As far as I am concerned Steve can stick those fake tears up his a**. He has shown what he is made up of and the first word is Bull I think you all know what the second word is!

  9. Sir;

    Some of the comments that preceeded mine are just a few of the reasons so many Black men attempt to hide their gentle, human side. Their compassion and their gratidude, because of thoughtless and soul less comments like those here who want to condemn and belittle. Again, as with most comments like this, it’s a simple case of jealousy. Evil, envious jealousy. Steve is a man. Steve is a Black man. He is a complicated Black man, and God is blessing him for the good he has done, and the good he is doing, and shall do. These mini minded people who have nothing to offer other than shame, gloom, doom and infectious negativity, are simply those of the devil. Steve has, through his experiences, helped a great many people. And he doesn’t publicize it. He knows that all his blessings come from God, and he has no need, other than to show respect for his fellow men and women. The comments about him crying more than a baby is one from a limited, minimal, non Christian mind. It’s these kinds of comments that have so many (males) Black men ashamed or afraid to show their humanity for fear of being called gay or any other derogatory remark that minimal minds refer to. If you’ve watch Mr. Harvey, you should have noticed, he is a very fortunate and talented man. He understands he didn’t get where he is by himself. I personally have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for Mr. Harvey. I’m very happy about the positive changes in his life. I also know, God isn’t through with him yet.

    Arthur Jones
    YourComputerNewspaper (Freepress)
    Yazoo City, MS. 39194

  10. Unfortunately Steve has a persona that could be criticized but don’t we all to some extent. Their is no perfect person and great that a black person In his own mind is successful. God Bless all brothers and sisters that brake through and make some difference which can bring forth discussion good bad or indifferent. As long as we can have discussion then we may get to where we need to go.

  11. Steve knows everything about everything except how to speak 1st grade English.
    His humor… still waiting

  12. Steve Harvey’s show is turning into the love boat. Its fake and funny to me.

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