Jamie Foxx on Spike Lee: ‘…He Gets a Little Shady’

In an interview with the Guardian, Jamie Foxx called Spike Lee shady and irresponsible for his remarks about "Django Unchained."


There is a strong possibility that Spike Lee has lost some credibility behind his recent remarks about Quentin Tarantino’s highly successful film “Django Unchained.”

When asked how he feels about the film, Lee told VibeTV: “I cant speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna see it… All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors. That’s just me… I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else.” His response cames weeks after Jamie Foxx revealed that when he discussed the film with Spike Lee, the owner of 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks film production company, Lee told the actor: “I’m not going to say anything bad about this film. It looks like y’all are getting it.”  

During an interview with the Guardian, Foxx responded to Lee’s criticism saying: “The question for me is: Where’s Spike Lee coming from?” he said. “He didn’t like Whoopi Goldberg, he doesn’t like Tyler Perry, he doesn’t like anybody, I think he’s sort of run his course. I mean, I respect Spike, he’s a fantastic director. But he gets a little shady when he’s taking shots at his colleagues without looking at the work. To me, that’s irresponsible.”

Many believe Lee’s criticism stems from his ongoing “beef” with “Django Unchained” creator Quentin Tarantino since 1997. ”I will say it again and again,” Lee said during an interview after the release of “Jackie Brown,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I have a definite problem with Quentin Tarantino’s excessive use of the n-word. And let the record show that I never said that he can not use that word — I’ve used that word in many of my films — but I think something is wrong with him.

Do you believe Spike Lee has lost his credibility for criticizing “Django Unchained”?

106 Responses to Jamie Foxx on Spike Lee: ‘…He Gets a Little Shady’

  1. If Spike Lee, made a movie, where Blacks were ruling over caucasoids, and they were living a Peaceful, Spiritual, and Harmonious life with each other; you negroids STILL WOULDN’T BE HAPPY!!!

    As long as a caucasoid is DISRESPECTING you negroids; you have no problem with it, but when a BLACK MAN, tries to teach Knowledge and Wisdom, you don’t want to hear it, or believe it!


    This is the mental slave conditioning, these caucasoids have put on you negroid’s psychotic xtian minds!!!


    “Cockroaches never get justice when chicken judges.” -Jamaica

  2. I enjoyed the movie I saw a black man rising up out of the ashes of the south to redeem himself, get his wife back, and inspire other blacks (in the movie) to never ever allow someone else CHAIN YOUR MIND AND REDUCE YOU TO FEAR! BLACK FILM MAKERS GET STIRRED UP TO START MAKING MOVIES DEPICTING BLACKS AS HEROES AND NOT PIMPS AND PROSTITUTES (AS SOME, NOT ALL HAVE DONE IN THE PASS)


  4. Okay…have we forgotten that Reginald Hudlin was also behind Django Unchained or is this selective memory? Reginald Hudlin helped to produce the movie and was sought for consult by Tarentino. The feedback given to Tarentino by Hudlin was “…if it is not going to be a slave movie comparable to Spartacus then I don’t want anything to do with it.” (slight paraphrase but the gist of his response) Hudlin considers Spartacus to be one of the best slave stories told on film. Roots was sanitized to appeal to the white audience, as was Shaka Zulu. Both were good movies, but did not show any of the grittiness of slavery. I believe that Tarentino set out to show a sliver of the reality while at the same time creating a love story centered around this freed slave searching for his wife, no matter the risks, in order to free her from the chains of slavery. He couldn’t have made this movie without using the word “n***a” because then it would have come across as being unauthentic and phony. He also had to have an element of entertainment without being disrespectful. I believe that he did a great job of depicting those characters in the movie. As far as Spike Lee is concerned I hope that he has enough anger in him to make a movie which truly illustrates the institution of slavery as he sees fit, but don’t knock another man down because he beat you to it. I believe that Spike Lee has proven himself to be a very great director of movies and the story still has enough substance to be told via his perspective.

  5. Why are you negroids so geeked over being depicted as slaves? Is that all y’all know about your OURstory is being enslaved?



    Blacks enslaved caucasoids for 1400 years! Do some research on the Black Afrikan Muurs, and learn your REAL OURstory!!!


    We need some POSITIVE movies about OURstory, enough of this slave shyt!



  6. “I’ve never seen a sincere white man, not when it comes to helping black people. Usually things like this are done by white people to benefit themselves. The white man’s primary interest is not to elevate the thinking of black people, or to waken black people, or white people either. The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.”–Malcolm X

    This movie was created to divide us. Reading over the comments, listening to the attacks on people who refuse to pay this white man to further cash in on slavery–I know that it has worked. Our own ignorance is going to be the death of our community. Keep tap dancing for these white people. You’ll soon find yourselves in the same position as our ancestors.

    • “…The white man is interested in the black man only to the extent that the black man is of use to him. The white man’s interest is to make money, to exploit.”–Malcolm X

      You are on cue with that quote from Brother Malcolm X! This is why I always say, that the game of sports is slavery! Those caucasoids are only using those Black athletes for their economic well-being…THAT’S ALL!

      YOU SEE THEY HAVE FIRED THE MAJORITY OF THE BLACK COACHES!!! They still don’t want a Black man above them (caucasoid players). Just look how Kobe Bryant did his Black coach. He disrespected this brother, but kisses the azzes of caucasoid coaches. Remember, he didn’t play as hard for Mike, like he is doing for this white boy. This movie entertained the unconscious negroids because they are already divided.

      As a matter of Truth, this movie did DIVIDE the negroids from the BLACKS, who didn’t want to go see this garbage, or who OBSERVED the racism that was in it! It’s amazing how these Uncle Sambo negroids, love caucasoids so much, but HATE their own people (haterism)!!!

      These entertainment centers (churches) have negroids so messed up, that if you mention a Black God, they’ll kill you!!! I guess after 500 years of xtian brainwashing; it’s gonna take 1000 years to de-colonize them!

      OUR PEOPLE ARE SICK!!! Medgar Evers wife is still beggin’ caucasoids to love us after they gunned him down 50 years ago!!!


  7. Who remembers Bamboozled. A Spike Lee Joint. The racist images in that dud are unforgettable.

  8. Bamboozled. A Spike Lee Joint. The racist images in that dud are unforgettable.

  9. I hate to fellow african american artis take shots at each other.
    The right wing nuts love this stuff.
    Spike is right tarentino does use n word quite a bit in his films
    But spike also uses it in some his films.
    Spike should just cool it continue to make good movies

  10. Jamie Foxx, please, please don’t make this about you and spike. Spike’s comments were directed to QT. So this is between Spike and QT. Do not make this about 2 black men,please. On a side note about Roots: it was not sanitized for white america, it was sanitized so it can be shown on t.v.. also look at the time it was made, tv images were not as graphic and risque as today. Also Roots is a classic, so to put this movie down ( made by a black man about his ancestors) to elevate a story by this white man is just heartbreaking to me

    • I agree with you Latrice.

    • @Latrice: “Also Roots is a classic, so to put this movie down ( made by a black man about his ancestors) to elevate a story by this white man is just heartbreaking to me…”

      Sister Latrice; did you know that Roots was plagiarised by Alex Haley? He got some of his info from a white boy when he wrote that book. I didn’t beLIEve it myself, but when I researched this Truth, I now see why the movie was WATERED down.


      “The massive book “Roots” by Haley won a Pulitzer Prize for its account of several generations of an African-American family living in America, a family which Haley said was his own. The writer said he did years of research into his ancestors before writing the book, but doubt has been cast by historians onto the research and whether the man Haley claimed was his ancestor, Kunta Kinte, actually existed.

      In 1978, after the book was turned into a legendary miniseries, Haley was sued by author Harold Courlander, who said that passages of “Roots” were taken from his novel “The African.” Haley said he did not plagiarize but admitted that some sections of “Roots” seemed to have originally appeared in “The African.” “Alex Haley … regrets that various materials from The African by Harold Courlander found their way into his book Roots,” said a statement by the author.”

      If you notice, in all of these slave movies, you NEVER see the enslaved people REBEL against their enslavers. But, there were 100′s of uprisings during our forced enslavement. These yankees do not want to write this or show this in their his-story/his-LIE books or movies because it would WAKE BLACK PEOPLE UP!!!

      You had Black women, who led revolts, and some of them killed their slave makers, after they were raped and sodomized!!! Black men did the same with their slave maker, and this is why they were not allowed to wear belts or ropes because the slave maker thought they would use these ‘weapons’ on them to hang their trivling azzes.

      This is why reading and researching OURstory, on YOUR OWN, you will be able to detect the Truth for yourself. I always RESEARCH and RE-READ what I hear, and this is why our people were not allowed to read because the slave maker did not want us to KNOW OUR TRUE STORY!!!

      I can tell you some info on MLK, that would blow your mind!!!

      Love, Peace & Truth!!!

    • Latrice Spike has hated on most all black directors/producers so he is the one who is hating on them Jamie is just one of many. Spike is not God and Jamie did not have to discuss his particpation in the movie; he did as a friend who wanted constructive advice. News to Spike stop hating and make your own dam movie about slavery and yes slave owners called slaves worse than the N word! Also tell your own people to stop using the n word in every other sentence!

  11. He has significant influence, which he is more than aware of. Consequently, one has more responsibility w/what comes out of their mouths.I know a lot of people who elected not to view the film due to Lee’s criticism! I just ask that we utilize more critical thinking in our lives & not be so influenced by other we honor as more worthy on an intellectual level . There was nothing pretty about slavery & it does not need to be sanitized or made palatable to us in order to embrace our history. We must consider the long term effects of slavery on the descendants of slaves which gives understanding to our unwillingness to deal with it(slavery) head on. Anyone of us could have write a story but we didn’t…did we!!!

  12. The real enemy here is ignorance. We live in a society that is governed by corporations and money mongers…period!!! We need to educate the masses on the real culprits manipulating our emotions and our environments. We live in a class as well as a racist environment. The poor people live in poverty, the middleclass people are one step above and the rich are out of reach. There must be an answer for all of this division…It will be perpetuated through the media, TV, and public education by those who wish to keep the system as it is. Wake-Up before it’s too late!!! We can make the mountains fall, people!!! Save the children.

  13. Don,t have too much respect for Jamie Foxx after this decable.I read his comments about why he was attracted to the movie in another magazine before the movie came out,it just seems that all he was doing was making all kinds of excuses to defend his being in the movie ,like all the other idiots that paid money to go see it his minds messed up.I’m especially disappointed at Samuel L Jackson at being in this movie ,him being a Moorhouse man and all ,i read his book biography ,i use to think he was a cool dude he should have known better.The only good thing that came out of this,is that those action figure dolls got pulled from the shelves and out of production,wonder what those fools that went to see the movie have to say about that?

    • For someone that never saw the movie you seem to know quite a bit about it, somebody told you a great deal about this movie,so everything you have said really belongs to some one else. what have you done lately to better the world. look in the mirrow you might see something, you are probably young and never experienced the real america, that’s real s_it. The truth will set you free.

      • I,m assuming that you,re directing your comments at me ,you,re d**n right i did,nt see the movie ,it does,nt take a rocket scientist to figure it out,why am i going to pay $20 to sit in a theatre to watch a movie made by a white dude and hear the n****r word mentioned over a 100 times or so? i figure you must be one of those fools that bought the dolls before they pulled them from the shelves.And since you seem to think that i,v never experienced the real america as you put it ,i’v lived in the states for a number of years ,i’v never heard the word n****r spoken so much in my life mainly from black folks ,i’m thinking all the civil rights movements,all those leaders fighting ,protesting for black folks causes for the right to be treated as human beings,and here black folks are calling each other n*****s and all other kinds of stupidness,most of the time when i was there i’m thinking black folks are seriously f****d up mentally.I,m with Spike Lee on this not so much for what he says about disrespecting the ancestors as he puts it but just the fundamental disrespect towards black people period,whose making money of of this? certainly not black folks,and when they put those slave dolls from the movie on the market before they got pulled ,don,t you think that Quentin Tarrintino had a percentage of the profits from the sales of those dolls also ? and what about Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson what if they had in their contracts a certain percentage of the merchandise profits? What does that make them? Quentin Tarrintino is laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of black folks.

  14. We are just crazy sometime Spike Lee hasn’t hated in not one cast member. We do not important unless white folks have a stamp on it. Spike is truly entitled to his opinion. Wake up black folks can’t you see Jamie Foxx believe he has arrived? He’s the accepted one now, all foot shuffling Negros will get their turn. We don’t come out in droves to support Mr. Lee movies as we do others. I’m a fan of Spikes movies we should be more supportive.

  15. @ Bro D ..I heard an announcer by the name of bill plasche of the LA TIMES say that the only to correct the coaching issue in football is to have more black owners cause people tend to hire those that are similar to them. Well Bomani Jones shot back saying that its about the owners not respecting the intellectual capabilities of black men and they hire a bunch of brothers for players and they don’t look like them. Plasche couldn’t say shyt! !! Now on to house boy Jaime, he was not attacked personally so he should have done a lance Armstrong and ” I’m not going there”! But he didn’t cause he wants to stay on QT good side! ! Y’all know QT has a sista for his sweety? Yes he does. ..go figure. Wonder what she says bout all that niqqa shyt. ..Maat

    • Many of these black actors/entertainers like Jamie Foxx have become nothing more than a modern day Stepin Fetchit cashing in on racial stereotypes and the use of the word n*gg*r. There are a lot of black entertainers that are scared of hurting their careers if they speak out against racism. QT had a despicable track record when it came to black people and the excessive use of the word n*gg*r. What was his reasoning for using it so much in Pulp Fiction??? We should be commending Spike Lee for his in speaking out against racism in Hollywood. But instead too many of us are supporting and defending QT and a white racist Hollywood system. A system that has spewed n**i like stereotypical propaganda against our race for decades.

      • @Bro David2001—— Stepin Fetchit was a trailblazer in the film industry— during his time of dealing with the powers to be- he had no human nor civil rights to protect him from the evilness that encompassed his everyday existence. He actually was a GENIUS– CONSIDERING all in which he stood up to in order to pave the way for these moderen day A.A. ( Black ) actors and actress.

    • Imhotep: “Y’all know QT has a sista for his sweety?”

      Good info Bro Imhotep! I didn’ know he had a negroid/negress for a mate! No wonder he likes using the word ‘niqqa’ so much. I gurantee you, he calls her all kinds of ‘niqqas’ when they get mad at each other.

      And, you are right about houseboy, Jamie ‘LeWanda’ Foxx. I heard he plays basketball with no clothes on with the guys. DO THE MATH!


  16. Correction -way

  17. Are we this stupid or is this an act? I am reading comments about negative images in the movie Bamboozled, positive images in the slave movie Django(“pronounced Jango without the D”)crazy comments by ghetto 5 percenters, the ridicule of Spike Lee because he differs in opinion, give me a break!!!! It stands to reason why we are at the bottom of every statistical category that constitutes a civilization. The notion that once a slave accept his position, it will have lasting effect for generations.

    This nonsense of taking potshots of one another over a movie is a classic example of the power of the unseen hand. We have a movie about the most tragic holacaust known to man depicted by a whiteman and because there is criticism most of us are up in arms. We have shown more energy in defending this movie than we have in fighting the institution itself. How sick is that? We need to show the same zeal for fighting for our freedom, justice and equality here in America!!! Peace to all the GODS and Earths in the universe!!!

    • Say it again!!!! You said. I agree 1@@%

    • @ordinarybrotha: “We have shown more energy in defending this movie than we have in fighting the institution itself. How sick is that? We need to show the same zeal for fighting for our freedom, justice and equality here in America!!!”

      I AGREE! These negroids have been talking about this yankee’s movie for a month; while he’s laughing all the way to the bank!

      When you try to wake-up these dead thinking negroids, they don’t want to hear the Truth. But, if it’s about football, basketball or xtianity, they will post from sun up to sun down!!!

      It’s ashame that the Conscious Thinkers always stand alone. Bobby Hemmitt said, “conscious thinkers are separated and lonely because the majority of negroes don’t want to hear the truth.”


      “Many are called, but few are chosen” I’m glad to be one of the chosen few!!!


  18. Iam not going to critizise brother Spike Lee. I love him, but he has a right to his opinion. Jamie Foxx, Samuel L jackson and Ieonado di Caprio acted thier part very well. It is true that Tarentino and them made plenty of money, but I think that, that film should wake up black and white people about African history and its aftermath up to today, and stop being in Denial.

  19. Stop being mad at Mr white man, and stop looking to celebrities for answers to why you are called n““rs, blacks colored, etc. Blame your four fathers, YOUR ancestors for your condition, if they had obeyed GOD we would not be in this situation. We are still a stiff neck people.blaming others and not ourselves. spike is a Columbia grad with a production company called 40 acres and a mule, but yet not so bright. He is not my leader.

  20. It’s bad to criticize someone’s work when you are in that type of business. Art is in the eye of the beholder and unfounded criticism sounds more like sour grapes than creative differences

  21. So now that we have expressed our OPINIONS—- are we ready to gear up and Man ( woman ) up and forge a comprehensive plan to curtail the destruction of our people – may it be PHYSICALLY or PSYCHOLOGICALLY? NOW is the time for us to create an agenda that will jump start a movement towards becoming the leaders of our own DESTINY.

    • That’s the BILLION dollar question…ARE WE READY?

      I was ready back in the ’60′s and I’m ready in 2013!


      • I’ll share the last breath in my body to be amongst my TRUE AFRICAN AMERICAN ( BLACK ) BROTHERS AND SISTERS— to walk in the spirit of our fore parents.

  22. I’m with you Derrick. I turned off my tv about a month ago, because my mind cold not take anymore “shish”. I now watch you tube videos from Dr John Henrik Clark, Dr Sertima, Dr. Asa Hilliard, III and other Pan Africanist to get my mind in a right thinking direction. Movies football and all bogus entertainment are a distraction and designed to keep black folk from seeing how deprived we really are. Our thinking is real warped when we run to the movies to see trash like Django. I recently saw it (for FREE) and felt disgusted. I am especially discusted with the actors who sell themselves for a dollar, and who still insist that black women can still be considered bi—es. We as a people have not progressed, and will not progress until we stop letting others decide what is best for us. Spike Lee should look into QueenCharlotte. Now there was a real African/German female who became a queen of England. But don’t take my word for it, read, The Mulatto Queen. For the rest of the responders READ A BOOK!

    • Brother Labimmer:

      I’m hip to Queen Charlotte. As a matter of Truth, the city of Charlotte, NC is named after her! Also, her last name, which is Mcklenberg has a county in her honor, also!


      She was a mulatto, and was the True Black Queen of England. The country of eu(rope) is also named after a Black Queen, her name is Queen Europa. L.A. is named after a Black Queen, her name was Queen Califia. Novia Scotia is named after a Black Queen, her name was Queen Scotia of Scotland!!!

      I’m not braggin and boastin’, but I’m a READER-HOLIC!!! My Dad put books, dictionaries, encylopedias, pencils and paper in my hands when I was four years young. He taught me how to read!!! I LOVE OURstory, and love to spread it!!!

      Keep reading that KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM!!!

      Check out a bad brother out of Atlanta called Bobby Hemmitt!!! HE’S DEEP!!!

      • correction: L.A. is named after a Black Queen; SHOULD BE…CALIFORNIA is named after Queen Califia, who was a Black Afrikan Indian!!!

  23. @Bro D …what do u think about all this stuff for King, but nothing for Thurgood Marshall, A Phillip Randolph, or even Johnnie Cockran who truly freed a lot of us from bondage with the legal means afforded to us. My mom gives out so much pro bono and reduced price legal help because that’s where the fight is. Where are the strong black lawyers that are willing to fight for us in court? Is it all about the money? Cockran and Marshall took many cases without getting rich because the justice for us was more important ( ask Geronimo Pratt(Jejaba) ). Our laws are being violated daily and MLK day feel good stuff is not gonna affect that. But the courts have shown they will help us. Cmon black lawyers. ..Hotep

    • Bro Imhotep: “Bro D …what do u think about all this stuff for King…”

      My Brother, this King stuff is a joke!!! I knew you would know the Truth! How come negroids only get to celebrate ONE Black leader, like King? If you think about it, these caucasoids only allow them to honor King, and not the other Rebels you mentioned!!!

      Back in the day, we went to Black lawyers, who FOUGHT for us in court and WON cases. Now, negroids only go to kha.zarian white lawyers. BUT, what they don’t know is, that they are PAYING FOR THEIR FREEDOM, even when they are innocent because these anglo-euros only want their money!!!

      Just look at the Trayvon case. Where were the strong Black attorneys to represent her? I know for a fact, that Johnnie Cockran was poisoned!!! They claim it was his cell phone use, but those yankees poisoned him and Muhammad Ali!!! This is why I don’t go out to eat…I cook MY OWN FOOD.

      Much praise to your Mom. It’s not too many Black lawyers today that will do that; they ALL want money, too. I had two negroid attorneys, who messed me around, and didn’t do a da*mn thang to help my case. And, it was just an accident case, but it was a cracker, who was at fault!!! These negroids were scared to fight this yankee.

      If you OBSERVE this King thang out deeply, caucasoids are still making money off this negroid, while he’s dead. This is why the government pacified these negroids with a King h**l-a-day!!! If they didn’t make money; then there would be no King day. Even, these home network stations are having a ‘King Sale’!!! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

      I feel that MLK is the reason we are in this economic slavery today because INTEGRATION and RELIGION has messed up the minds of negroids. Like I said before, ALL of our so-called leaders were/are screachas. And, you aready know, that screachas are some bootlickin’, turn the cheek (all four of them), brainwashed buzzards, standing in the “bullshyt” (pulpit) every sun-day LYING to the people.

      Just look around and see what INTEGRATION did to our communities. ALL these foreigners are getting rich off of US!!! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH? And, negroids are crying about jobs!!! BOYCOTT these bast.urds, and you wouldn’t have to beg crackers for a da*mn job on their plantation.


      We should have some upscale restaurants, too! I have a friend, who is a chef, and he said there’s BIG MONEY in cooking! Negroids ALWAYS have to go to a caucasoid joint, to enjoy themselves. I remember when Blacks OWNED jazz clubs, nite clubs, dancing clubs, and served excellent food! AND WE STEPPED OUT CLEAN!!!

      Back in the day, we had Black Attorneys, who were business partners, but today, everybody is out for themselves, or running to be a member of a caucasoid firm.



  24. Quentin Terractino is an esscentric, wierd, type of white guy, He is just a younger generation version of horror writer, Stephen King. He actually admire Black People and Culture of the 70s in particular. Furthermore Terrantino can say whatever the h**l he pleases.!

    Freedom of Speech!

  25. Brother I hotel and Brother Derrick—- not many Alton Maddox– nor the likes of Adam Clayton Powell exist today. Frankly speaking those lawyers and so called political leaders have no use in the plight of the True A.A. ( Black ) man woman nor child- simply because they have arrived. Yes arrived at the service of their master-and looking forward to do what they have to do too receive their trinkets.
    May we ( all of us who love us ) take a stand amongst the ones who are the victims of this greedy racist society and fight for the right to be free of all inequalities.

  26. Why is it when a white actor play a part in a movie, black folks know it’s acting, but when a black actor plays a role we think they are being real? Crazy. Let them make the money.

  27. Money— what good is money when you have no one to share it with? Or better yet when you don’t control your dollars. Money was the motivating factor that enslaved my people. Money– apparently- the A.A. ( Black ) folk ( my people ) don’t know how to control their money – let them make money is as to adhere to the philosophy as to set them free. Frankly speaking- it’s obvious to me judging from the majority of our spending habits-indicates to one that even if we did have a substantial amount of money-all other ethnic folk would be rich before a cat can lick it’s backside.
    As a many of so called A.A. who have convinced themselves that they are a part of this great land of America– the sickness from which they suffer from is MONEY.
    Brother Stevie Wonder told them years ago- that you may have the cash but you can’t cash in your face- we don’t want your kind living in here!!!

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  31. Having viewed this movie (once I read Spike Lee’s comments and read what other commenters had to say) here is what stood out to me:

    Things I Loved: A Black Hero figure, A Black Love Story; A Black Slave Woman who spoke German, could Read, and was not content to just sit back and wait for change to come; the German Bounty Hunter who being Foreign, did not have to comply with established Southern traditions and who used his brains first then, his guns; the scene stealing slave girl dressed in the French maid outfit when Django meets young Candie for the first time–I kept watching her face, eyes and body moving constantly though she said very little; how everyone, black and white, stared at the sight of Django riding a horse; why would a Slave man select a French livery outfit as his 1st self-selected clothing?; the stare down that occurred between Django and Mr. Candie; how Django was allowed to eat at the Dining Table with a White Southern Lady two seats to his right; that true love prevailed; that the bad guys die; how the ideal of Southern Ladydowm literally is shot out of the room; the symbolic blowing up of the Institution of Slavery.

    What I Hated: The excessive use of the N-word—even for those times; how when Slaves could escape, many chose to just stay where they were; the excessive violence during the shoot outs; Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen the Stephit/Fechit retainee(though there was one redeeming scene with Stephen where Stephen is already sitting with a brandy snifter in the big chair of the library when Mr. Candie enters and Stephen does not jump up-Mr. Candie takes the secondary chair; I thought Kerry Washington was arm candy in this film; the mini-lecture Mr. Candie gave on the difference between the Black and White craniums; that it was Mr. Candie that asked, “Why haven’t they killed us all?” because it was an excellent question being posed by the person viewers are supposed to hate; all of this discussion and arguments over Spike Lee and QT and this movie; dolls based on the Django characters.

    Spike is entitled to his opinion. Black people are not all of one mind and we need to stop reacting as if we are. This is a movie—only a movie.

  32. @ Brother Derrick, I did not know this about Roots. Thanks for the info. Now about the MLK question. There are several reasons he is so celebrated. 1. He was religious. Nothing like religion to keep black people meek and humble. 2. He was non violent. Nobody want a bunch of angry black people running around swinging. 3. He was a womanizer. Have you ever seen what happens when black people get too carried away about MLK? They use his womanizing to bring him down a peg or two. If he didn’t have this fault, white people wouldn’t love him so much. 4. He believed in integration. This gives the illusion that anything that white people have is better and must be coveted. Everytime somebody brings up MLK its in the context of trying to get in somewhere we are not wanted. I tell my kids all the time, listening to the schools and media, you would think no black person did anything except MLK and Rosa Parks.

    • Latrice:

      When my Dad was living, he admired and followed King, but I was a Rebel, and followed Malcolm X.

      The REAL REASON, the government aka willie lynch, had King killed was because he was getting ready to UNITE with Malcolm X. Him and Malcolm X talked about integration and non-violence, and he finally agreed with Malcolm X, that integration WAS NOT WORKING FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!


      Just think, if those two brothers had gotten together, we would not be in this slave-like condition, today.

      You are right about MLK and Rosa Parks; no disrespect to those people, but the FIRST Rebel, who didn’t move from her seat was Ida B. Wells, who refused to give up her seat to a white boy on a train back in 1883! As a matter of Truth, she fought 3 white boys on the train, and they put her off on the next stop. She sued the train company and won, but later they reversed the decision.

      Before King we had Marcus Garvey, and other REAL LEADERS, who didn’t turn their cheeks, and didn’t want to integrate with caucasoids.

      JUST LOOK WHAT INTEGRATION HAS DONE TO OUR COMMUNITIES ALL OVER THE uNUTed snakes of azzholes…mexicans, asians, arabs, the people from india, now the pale egyptians are making money, and building businesses in OUR COMMUNITIES, because of integration!!!


  33. Having said that I love Dr. King and I appreciate him. I may not agreewith everything he did or his methods but I love him for stepping up. He wanted to enact change and he figured out his strategy and he did it and he stood on it. Also people don’t realize just because he wanted integration does not mmean he meant for black people to totally abandon black businesses and black neighborhoods. To this day we will slit each other throat for a piece of the white pie. Case in point, this QTt and Spike debate. Instead of jamie Foxx just saying that Spike is entitled to his opinion he goes and call the brother shady. Would QT DO THE SAME FOR HIM, DOUBTFUL.

    • Those slave azz negroids in hellyweird (hollywood) are nothing, but slaves. All they do is skin and grin in front of caucasoids, wear their clothes, and support their organizations.

      That cracker, QT would not have defended Jamie LaWanda Foxx, if he was attacked by a bunch of racist crackers, but LaWanda, I mean Jamiee, being the slave that he is…came to this yankee’s defense against his own kind. NEGROIDS HATE TO HEAR THE TRUTH!!!


      MLK thought he could change the minds of racist caucasoids, and this is why he ‘preached’ integration. The government aka willie lynch, knew they could use a screacha to get Black people involved with his non-violent movement. This so-called movement was and still is the reason negroids are SCARED of caucasoids to this date!

      Just look how chicken-hearted these negroids are on this site. They’re scared to speak up, and speak out about REAL BLACK issues. Look at the low number of comments about that white boy, who was gonna kill Black students versus the number of comments about Django!!! Look at the number of comments about that other white boy, who burned down a Black church versus the slave dolls.

      Keep on Pushing!


  34. You know what kills me about this dabate??? Its ok for black people to practice racisim against their own,e.g light skin v.s. dark skin, calling each other the N words but if it is perceived that a white man is racist than all h**l breaks loose! My eleven year old grand ask me all the time why all the videos use only light skin females!!!! The daughter of a friend of mine left the great Howard U because of the rascist cliques that make poor or dark skin folks lives a living h**l!

  35. @ Derrick. About 18 years ago(yep that long) I was listening to a talk radio show. This guy said that it was widely known that a group of white people sort of selected MLK to lead the non violent movement because they were getting nervous because black people were at a boiling point, as a result of Emmett Till (his mother was a true hero). They convinced MLK this was the safest and best way for black people. Eventually MLK figured out he was being used and that this method wasn’t working like he hoped and wanted to go Malcolm X route and yes they had him killed. I still remember this topic so clearly to this day. Also Ida B Wells, they named a housing project after this great lady, then let it go to s**t, disgracing her legacy. Black people, let’s do better

    • @Latrice:

      MLK was also involved with Margaret Sangers eugenics program to get rid of Black children (planned parenthood)!!!


      MEDICAL APARTHEID [The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present] by Harriet Washington


      Just look at these so-called ‘followers’ we have as leaders, today!!!

      Nothing has changed, Latrice!!!

  36. @ Cheche. You are so on point about the light skin, dark skin epidemic. Have you ever seen the video by Ludacris about him getting so drunk he will end up s******g a ugly girl. Well they start the girl off heavy and dark. So as the video progresses and he gets drunker and she gets prettier ( I use this term loosely) she gets slimmer and lighter. When I saw this video, my heart went out to every dark girl who watched this mess. To every girl who wasn’t a size 5. This is just one of many. About the college situation, I hear Spelman is also colorstruck, along with having a hair complex issue. Remember Spike Lee’s, ‘school daze’. Still relevant today

  37. Jonathan E. Hines

    Sickness in the African Diaspora after 6000 years of Pharaoh.ism is still sickness. As the fake conservatives of global.ism outsource … And we in.source and lighten up…4 the love of money and the l**t 4 money/mammon the question is still the same as it was from the beginning. Is there any hope if blacks continue to behave wickedly. If we r afflicted because of l**t.ite and s*x.ite behavior…and oralLOT.try shall we survive the coming global changes? Yes for those who find their soul and shun or abstain from sick conduct.
    the plantation seer …1619 + 400 years = ______?

  38. Spike can give his opinion. Jamie gave Spike respect and his own opinion. It seems to me it would be difficult to realize the full context of the movie without seeing it. I saw it and was really surprised.

    It depicted slavers and overseers as the most dispicable and veil and evil ugly folks.

    If had the love of a woman as the motivation. It showed incredible character development and imagery. The b****y gore was there and there was a lot of it. The violence was not entertaining however the period historically was violent perhaps not with bullets historically but was an incredible metaphor for rage, regret and revenge.

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