Is There an Agenda to Make Black Men Effeminate?

Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page debated whether or not an image of a masculine black man wearing a dress was part of an agenda to make black men effeminate.

Acquired from Orijin Culture Facebook fan page

by Maria Lloyd

Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page had a critical debate about an image of a black male model wearing a colorful dress and blazer on the runway. Many believe the image is symbolic of a hidden agenda of some sort to make black men effeminate. The discussion ran rampant a few years ago when comedian Dave Chappelle went on Oprah Winfrey’s show and discussed how he was pressured to wear a dress for a movie he was doing with Martin Lawrence.

“…When I see they put every black man in the movies in a dress at some point in their career. I be connected the dots like ‘Wow this brother wearing a dress.’ This happened to me. I’m doing a movie with Martin. The movie’s doing good. So I walk in the trailer I’m like ‘Man this must be the wrong trailer ’cause there’s a dress in here.,” Dave explained.

He then discussed the conversation between he and a writer for the film, in which the writer tells him he would dress as a female prost*tute during one of the scenes. Dave refused to wear the dress and found it peculiar that the scene wasn’t discussed beforehand — that’s when the writer summoned the producer and director to speak with Dave in an attempt to encourage him to wear the dress. “And then I started thinking about it,” he said. “All the comics I’d seen — you know strong brothers. Why are they putting us in these dresses?”  When the crew realized Dave would not put on the dress, they created a different scene. Dave was shocked by the rapid turnaround in which the writers, producers, and director were able to come up with a completely different scene after he refused to wear the dress. “They come back 10 minutes later with a whole new scene. And I’m like ‘D*mn, how did you write the scene so fast?‘” He continued: “You know it’s like, you gotta take a stand.

The image acquired from the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page acquired 200 shares, 80 “likes,” and more than 300 comments. While majority of the commenters appeared turned off by the fashion itself, the other commenters debated about whether or not the image was exuding a hidden agenda to make black men effeminate. Andrew Davis commented with a simple quote by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: “The system of racism wants to turn Black men into women…because then they will not have an opponent and not have to fear white genetic annihilation because the man has become a woman…” Kiña del Mar’s comment disagrees with Davis’ quote: “There is nothing wrong with this. Manhood and sexuality are not determined by clothing. And let’s not forget how outraged some people were when women first started wearing pants. People thought they looked masculine/un-lady-like. Now, it’s the norm. Fashion norms change with the times and it’s a little silly to get so worked up about what type of cloth someone chooses to wear.”

Do you believe there’s an agenda to make black men effeminate?

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  1. “Responses to Is There an Agenda to Make Black Men Effeminate?”

    Conscious thinkers have been asking this question 20 years ago! The effeminization of the Black man began with our forced enslavement. During our enslavement the slave maker did not allow Black men to wear belts or ropes to HOLD their pants up.

    He feared they would use them, as weapons to hang him; therefore, he kept them from wearing belts, and this is where saggin’ originated from…in the cotton and sugar fields! The more the enslaved brother would bend over; the more his pants would sag. I hate to say this, but this also allowed, that viscious, wicked pu.nk slave maker to sodomize the Black man! That caucaosid boy, qt, ain’t gonna put this Truth in that fvcked up movie!

    Now, let’s fast forward to 2013! Afrikans NEVER practiced hom.ose.xuality in Afrika!!! THESE ARE FACTS! This is why they had multiple wifes because they were the hunters and providers, who took care of their women to RAISE A VILLAGE!

    Now, these western nations have usurped Afrika, and these Black Afrikans are adapting to caucasoid culture. By a “wo-MAN” wearing a dress, this is just a sign of his femininity, and like the old slave maker did to our men; instead of him saggin’; it’s now easier to sodomize him, with a dress on; all he has to do now, is TURN UP HIS SKIRT, and BINGO!!! Instead of bingo; it’s BU.TTHOLE!!!



    • You re right on but so many of these fools participate in their own demise. How can you engage in your own negative image or the image of your race. But they will lick their masters butts to get a pat on the head.

      • I wanted to say that too. They play with the paint that they are painted with. choopz.

      • You mean massah odrama who calls negroes on the phone personally to congratulate them for declaring themselves gay?

        You mean the black president who made it clear that his mission was to promote gayness and negroes still voted for him?

        You mean oprah winfrey who obviously influenced tyler perry to have main characters in his hit shows in serious roles effeminate. Tyler dressing up as a woman in a comedy is totally different from black male actors playing effeminate characters.


    • Don’t forget what they do to our children in school, ie recruting our children to be homosexuals.

      • I believe that! A friend of mine daughter has a grandson, who the mother felt she was doing the right thing to raise him AGGRESSIVE, but the mistake she made is that she also trained him to be a BULLY.

        Consequently the child went to school bullying other kids in his predominantly white school and they forced him to go to a psychiatrist who put him on some drugs that not only took away all his aggression, but the child sounds like a girl now!!!

        Poor parenting is a bish. The mother has a lot of higher education and still she does this to her own child. Negroes need to know that higher education doesn’t give you innate intelligence, morals and ethics.

        I cant stand to see what is happening to this normal child.

        • A real black man does not need to be aggressive. I have a friend an x…he is the tallest massive bear of a character, booming deep voice, and I have seen babies and old ladies fall in love with him in the street for the way he acts towards him, and this same man is ambitious and can build a house and make a wooden bed in a day. No one messes with him too. Love that in a black man.



    • Stop being so homophobic. If you were not you would recognize that androgany was very accepted within western african culture and religion as the perfect equilibrium between genders. You would realize that there was a tribe in Sudan where woman to woman marriages were very common often when one woman was infertile and in that would marry another woman with a child and take care of it. You would also recognize that in South Africa there was commonly a shaman/witch doctor who often was effeminine, married another man, and ruled his tribe.

      It only was until western colonization that it became a taboo.

      • WOW! thanks for that TRUTH! LOL i’m waiting for derrick to go off LOL

      • @Misty,

        You may be right on some level. It’s about equilibrium. This may be Mother Nature’s way of population reduction. However, I believe that it is being used as a tool for more nefarious reasons. If someone were born with these tendencies that is one thing, but it is another thing when that person is intentionally coerced. Which may be the reason for disproportionately high rates of Black male incarceration. And with a decrease in the Black male hetero population, there are less options for Black women. So I have to question who the real target is.

      • Homosexuality is illegal in Sudan. And the reason homosexuality is legal in South Africa was because whites took over.

    • Derrick,

      That’s why he will outright call another man his B.itch. This can be very problematic for the ego of the Black man. Unfortunately, in my experience, I have seen some Black men take this out on a Black woman. Due initially to shame and when he has acquiesced to the act he may then become jealous of the Black woman who he now sees as a competitor in the power struggle. He now becomes part of a system to systematically take down the Black woman. He may then be used as bait to lure the Black woman into this lifestyle. I don’t know what the answer is but as for me I feel that we need to come to some kind of understanding. We become further alienated from one another if we continue to hate each other and distance ourselves from one another, throwing that person to the wolves. This will only affirm that individuals convictions that he has done the right thing by abandoning his culture. These Black men are still our brothers, sons, nephews, uncles, cousins, fathers or just other members of our tribe. I believe there is an agenda but I don’t think that the average white or Black person is aware of this. Hate is a useful tool and can be used to manipulate, however it can also be useful to protect one’s psyche. We need to be mindful of how we use it. For instance, I hate when someone is deliberately trying to destroy everything good about me. When someone uses violence against me may provoke me to respond in kind. If I do respond, I may be accused of hating that other person, if I don’t it may seem that I hate myself. Either response may be considered a form of mental illness. When intake is done on a patient entering a mental health facility, the patient is asked if they are homicidal or suicidal. However, if someone is threatening your life and you fight back, you may be considered homicidal and be committed. What I never understood is if you don’t fight back, wouldn’t that make you suicidal? Seems like a catch 22 to me. In other words, they got you where they want.

      • u cant be the derrick who normally comments on here, because you make too much sense.

        and yes you are right about gay black men competing with black women for the attention of men. they are brutal and evilly attack black women, and it seems they all offer up their b**t holes as the bottom bish for a white man.

    • the first person i saw sagging was a white man who was usually a plumber. his b**t was to flat to hold up his pants.

    • Wow, this comment is sooo ignorant I’m not sure where to begin. I guess I have aquestion… so you have the historical records of all of Africa? So you can say that the historical testimonies of people who studied precolnial Africa as well as the stories of ACTUAL precolonial Africans doesn’t count as evidence that homosecuality existed before major European influence? What about certain s****l acts that where a part of certain coming of age rituals? I bet those are all just lies of the white man right? -Proud Afrocentric gay black man

  2. Yes the creation roles are reversed, men are more effeminate and women masculine.

  3. It infuriates, as well as perplexes, me that we are still asking this question, it’s time to stop asking ridiculous questions and remedy this while it’s still on our power to.


      • Really???? While your so-called “godly man” with 8 sons is b**t plugging the sick and elderly financially! But you are happy because he is ignoring the constitution…….stay in church and let thinking people do politics

        • still defending odrama huh? wonder if urban black america with their violence, school closing, early death, no jobs, still defending him?

          wonder if elderly black americans defending him while they pay more and more for doc visits under obamacare.

  4. yes it’s a role reversal. when men carry “man bags” which is a pocketbook/handbag/purse whatever you call it. When they where skinny jeans, capped sleeved, embellishments on their jeans it’s all girly, feminine. It’s not just men of color it’s ALL MEN clothing. I see it readily in urban areas such as Atlanta where I live. It’s disgusting.

    • lol all we had were skinny jeans until bell bottoms came out in 69.but the gawd awful hip hop fashions suck too

    • Glad you mentioned Atlanta; city with the most black shemales; anyone been by Morehouse College recently?

    • I think its funny that only 30 years from the 80′s when EVERY MANS pants where tight, tight pants on men is now feminine. I guess people continually forget FASHION CHANGES! Baggy pants doesn’t make some one a man! Nor the opposite

  5. This isn’t a black men issue. This is an all around question for all races. There’s an increase in young japanese men not interested in s*x at all with either gender.*x-japanese-teens-boys-increasingly-show-no-interest-521163.

    My theory and as off as it may sound is in the food and atmosphere changes.

  6. If you think looking like a woman is degrading to you, it’s very likely because you think BEING a woman is degrading and that says more than anything else. There is no agenda, fyi. As a man, if you can’t put foot to a*s in a dress, you can’t do it in pants, don’t matter what’s between your legs. Further, if perception were reality, racial profiling would be a valid policing technique…but it’s not…right?

    • Appearance is a very controversial topic considering it can portray much about a person in a short amount of time. This is key in understanding society and culture as people of stature are usually dressed in clothes that present said image, people of poverty also have a certain manner of dress as well as women and son and so forth. This poses the question, does manner of dress constitute reality discernment? The answer to this question is not simple as there are situations such as the incident in Florida with Trayvon Martin where a hoodie is labeled as a direct implication of someone of color’s guilt. So, a man in woman’s clothes implies that the man is essentially not a male in said sense. The fact remains that clothes play a part in someone’s perception of you regardless of how you may behave in said clothes. If you are dressed as a police officer, but are not one, then be prepared to acquire some odd responses. The same can be said of a prostitute.

  7. We dont want it to be the norm no other races putting up withethis either pump their brakes on this

  8. Yes, there is agenda. It has been going on for years and now their is an extreme occurrence of it now. It is really weakening their image and it is said. Men should not be demeaned like this but you have so many of these fools participating in this c**p that it is ridiculous.

  9. Should have been a white guy in that effeminated DRESS on the runway.

  10. I agree with what ‘Derrick’ said and I would add that in general they’re feminising men but unfortunately, we tend to express the base behaviour of the European more ‘colourfully’ and therefore suffer more from it more than anyone else.

    I’m not saying that all of our brothers who are imprisoned turn out to be homosexual however we’re being locked up in jail at a quicker rate than anyone else in unprecedented numbers.
    This ‘prison culture’ impacts greatly on our brothers and it therefore contributes to many negatives within our community including homosexuality, whether the practices are ‘outed’ or ‘on the down-low’.

    Although homosexuality is widely accepted in this society it is us who suffer the most from it when we indulge in this behaviour because the sisters end up finding it hard to get a decent black man, although the very same could also be down to other issues i.e. from brothers in prison to just plain old do-nothing brothers….unfortunately the numbers within this dynamic are so great and things have got to a point where the decent brothers among us who are tryig their best to live and survive without falling victim to society’s traps appear to be a dying breed and are likened on to a rare species from the animal kingdom….and are also treated as such!

    • @Traveller, wow. I posted a comment above before I scrolled down the page and saw your comment but you and I said almost exactly the same thing. Maybe we are not as divided as everyone would like to think.

  11. It may be culturally accepted by the Scottish former to wear skirts as well as other cultures, but attempting to compare that to an agenda against the black male is ridiculous.
    The black man needs to follow Dave Chapelle and just say no to this foolishness!

  12. I pray that men wearing dresses does not become a norm. I am really sad that women wear pants. Our young girls do not know how to sit in chairs like a lady. Why? Because they have not been taught? They eear pants every day and miss out on wearubg nylons with dresses and skirts. Many ckaim they don’t own a dress. I know because
    I work in the public schools. They tell me they don’t own dresses. I watch how they sit in chairs. They act and sit just like the boys. Please help our people.

  13. To Sean Byne and others who make statements concerning the traditional attire worn by African men – The clothing comes with pants, not necessarily “western” looking, but trousers nonetheless! Yes, the garments may indeed be long and flowing, however, there is a reason for the design styles. I have NEVER seen traditional or contemporary clothing style that could or would ever be constured as looking feminine. Also it is quite obvious what is female and male clothing in the African market place! Continental Africans typically don’t mix their clothing, i.e. women don’t wear men’s attire in Africa as many sisters do in the west (women in America will wear a man’s outfit). The dress that the model is wearing is most definetly designed to look just like a female’s garment. The dress looks NOTHING like a kilt or any other ethnic male’s. Yes, western/American culture is continuing it’s assault against American African male masculinity. It’s nothing new. I’m just suprised that the handsome well-melinated male model in the blinding-colored dress wasn’t sporting dreadlocks to complete the gender-bending image! It’s a hot mess, I guess! Welcome the to end time era! Lest see how man “fashion forward” colored men who are under cover will go for the okey doke and bamboozle. Sad.

    • A poster hip me to a site where Pu.nk Diddy and Kanye Mess were wearing dresses, while they were performing!!!

      You already know that these negroids only FOLLOW, and do what these sc(rappers), and hip slop artist wear. Therefore, you are gonna see a lot of these negroid males, who were saggin’, they are gonna start ‘draggin’ this summer, as in ‘drag queens’!

      Back in the day; we brothers stayed CLEAN! We didn’t even wear jeans to school back in the day. The ladies wore dresses and skirts to school, and NO tennis shoes. That’s when a man was a man, and a woman was a woman.

      These freaks in the fashion industry and music industry, know how to control negroids. Just put a dress on one of these slave sc(rappers), and it’s money time for them.


    • I agree with alot of what the Watcher was saying until he started on the dreadlock . My brother you may want to lrean your Africa history as dreadlocks date back to ancient Egypt as well as many Africa Warriors. Also in the Old Testament the story of Samson & Delilah in which Samson had locks. As a Rastafarian I don’t agree at all on your generalization of the role of dreadlocks in the increase of the cross dressing brother.

      • @ V. Rollerson – You totally misunderstand what I was saying Bru. Allow me to apologize for the misunderstanding. I understand exactly what dreadlocks represent as I wore them for 15 years before it was JUST a fashion statement and NO they weren’t bathroom dreads! My thought was that in the eyes of mainstream society, long hair – dreadlocks or other wise – would complete the illusion/picture of anti male as a look! V.R., I didn’t make a comment about dreads and the increase of males who “cross dress”; but, since you mention it, I am very aware of males that aren’t “straight” who love their dreads because the can fling them and not because thier hair is necessarily a cultural statement (but that’s besides the point of why I initially made the comment). I throughly researched the meaning, history and culture of the dreadlocks hair style before I began wearing them. My hair was locked from the the late 70s to just before the 90s and I wore them along with full blown African attire habitually! Truth be told, everyone wearing dreadlocks DON’T wear them out of a love for history and/or culture! By the way, for those of my dear sisters and brothers that use other names for dreads – spare me the lecture and chillax – it’s just another nappy hairstyle. I can just about tell when folk started wearing them or became encutlturated to them by the various names that they use for them. If the name dreads was good enough for Bob Marley, Tosh and Muta, then the name and their meaning for the name is just fine for me. Oh, and yes, I’m totally happy that I’m nappy and have been for the past 60 years (ok, to be honest I did try the chemical and wiggy thang when I was in my formative years!) Yeah, suprise, Watcher is a new world African Sista. So Brother V.R., I hope that you and others are no longer insulted by my hair comment as I meant no harm or disrespect. I had no intention of speaking ill of dreadlocks; however, as the honorable Dr. Ben Yocohanan told me during my information quest before I locked my hair – “dreadlocks ain’t nothing more that another nappy hair style”. Peace!

      • Anyone who wears nappy, uncombed, filthy hair does not belong in corporate america or the civilized world. You take your azz back to the bush.

      • Anyone who wears nappy, uncombed, filthy hair does not belong in corporate america or the civilized world. You take your azz back to the bush.

        • Dianne,

          With your tone, you sound very civilized. Nappy don’t necessarily mean filthy. Filthy however can be applied to many things…such as…filthy mind, filthy mouth…filthy heart…filthy soul. You choose, maybe one applies to you. And of course corporate America is very civilized. They don’t actually fight in the street fights, they (some, not all) just finance them. Cuz civilized people don’t get their hands dirty.

      • dreadlocks are nasty, unsanitary,
        filthy, and only a lazy low life would wear the mess.

        • @Aurora, I wear a natural hair style but I never had dreadlocks. However, I know of a lot of Black women who have. I wanted locks but the women I know shared with me how much work goes into maintaining them. It takes a lot of work so I wouldn’t consider that laziness. I don’t know where you are from but I have seen a lot of successful Black women wear locks and have styled them in very creative and appealing type of styles. You should maybe do a little research. I can tell you of on singer who styles her locks very nicely, she goes by the name of Ledisi. Also, I don’t think you will really do any research on the subject because for some reason I don’t think you want to have anything positive to say about a Black woman who is comfortable wearing her own natural hair texture. I find that really sad that in order to get in long in society, a Black woman has to constantly try to fit into someone else’s box. However, I do think that you are entitled to your opinion, I just wish it were an educated one.

        • Any hair is nasty, & unsantitary, IF YOU DON”T WASH IT & KEEP THEM NEAT.Look up the descrption of Jesus in the Old Testament. “HIS hair was like lamb’s wool(nappy), & his Face & Feet like burnt brass. Jesus is the one who gave us NAPPY hair. maybe he even wore his in LOCKS. The word DREAD comes from white folks. We can wear it anyway we want. I have dreadlocks. I keep them clean & neat, & I wouldn’t change them..

  14. Anyone who doesnt see a problem in men wearing womens clothing has saddly been over reached by Satan! Woe to those saying whts good is bad & whats bad is good the bible also states that an able bodied man should not adorn the garbs of oa women! the sad part people seem to ignore is the fact, WE WERENT created to function properly without Godly direction its the reason the world is so messed up we feel our way & thinking Trumps our Creators. So Sad!

    • @Mike J,

      I think that the problem is that the world is run by people who think they know what god wants. Look who is in power, what religion do they profess? Whatever your religion is, what ever scripture you go by, I can almost guarantee you that someone with a different point of view will look at that same scripture and believe it says something completely different than what you see. If that were not the case, then the whole world would join in singing Kumbya. But it’s not like that is it? Why? Because everyone thinks they know the will of god. And if you don’t follow that will they will hunt you down and shove it down your throat. Now is that god’s will or the will of the the people who think they know what god’s will is. You tell me cause I keep hearing different things from people who claim they know. Personally I feel that the best way to convince someone that they represent the will of god is by persuasion, not force, intimidation or murder. Because with those options a person might say that they believe anything that you tell them, however, you might have to sleep with one eye open. From what I can see that seems to be the root of a lot of modern day problems, too many schisms. Is all of this hatred and fighting really the will of god? I’m just saying.

  15. Many African and middle eastern men wear what could be classified as a “dress” in this culture but we all know that within their cultures it’s not a “dress” and it’s not a garb that women in those cultures wear. A man in a western culture wearing the same dress that is typically worn by a female carries a different connotation, obviously.

  16. Yes, there is such an agenda. It’s time people wake from their slumber, and spell the s#!t.

  17. I think there is an attack on masculinity period. If you look at family sitcoms with white families, they always make the female the dominant character. If you remember the cosby show( I use this since so many people view this as the epitome of a black sitcom) the men always, always buckled under the women. It was meant to show, I think, that women are strong. But it came across as the men being weak. The men never ended up in the winner seat. I’m saying this to say, the attack is across the board and as with everything it end up being a BIGGER disaster for the black community.

  18. A real logical minded man will never accept being viewed as feminine or (fertile) point blank. Who wants to be seen as something there not??? So if i see a little girl dressed like a boy i should treat her a little more rough like she’s a boy even though im aware of her sounding and acting like what she is…a girl. That’s just me wanting to control someones natural life and identity, which is a very sad frame of mind to have, like im God or something. Which is what we’re dealing with in todays society, weak people trying to control strong people by shaming them for being too strong, total BS people need to grow up and stop being afraid of the dark (Blackman)!!!

  19. Sho’Nuff Look at all these Homos around! Whitemen always go in the Backdoor & now a Negro want to be like Massa lol you better get off that s****y Road Death is on the other End Aids! Colon Cancer etc! Stop it! Once you are turned into a Butterfly the Whiteman ain’t gotta worry about you Shooting & crying Revolution,because now your a two ball b***h! Game Ova once the Blackman is gone we might as well pack it in as a People!

  20. Duhhhhhh….

  21. This has been at work for a very long time. Now with the political machine at work “they” will make a good run at us IF WE LET THEM. Know who you are and be aware of what is going on. The haves, the have nots, what does it take to destroy a people. Destroy thier future and they will not be able to realize their potential. Demoralize their past and they will want no memory of it. Evenstill, the truth is right in front of us, but we decide to look away or place our attention on a priority that does not “suit” us. These are radical times and so the solution may require us to step out of the confort zone and confront the issue(s) with our men, our women and our children.

  22. Who said that a dresses should be made for only women? because she was the first to wear it? Since you are also afraid that they are trying to make women look like the strong one, tell her to take off her slacks. Wake up people our masculinity is not based on what we wear. I am so tired of the “black man” and these conspiracy theories. You can’t take my masculinity I don’t care what you do or what I wear. For the record, I personally wouldn’t wear a dress (men’s or women’s) When are we going to stand up and live and stop worrying about what “they” are trying to do to us. Haven’t “they” controlled us long enough? “They” can only do to you what you allow them to do and that is based on your mentality. I don’t think designers are holding secret meeting trying to determine what they can design to bring down the esteem or respect of “the black man”. I personally don’t like the dress idea but does it make the African American man more effeminate? Absolutely not. If you want to talk about something you should have complained about as effeminate, look at the NBA basketball shorts in the 70′s. What about the tight bell bottom that men wore during the Black Power Movement? Were those outfits better because it showed men’s prints through their pants so they were more empowered because they were well endowed? I know that sounds pretty stupid about as stupid as this effeminate topic. Someone mentioned the Old Testament and how men should not be adorned as women. How were the women adorned by then? Can you show me an actual picture that was taken in the bible days so that we can be sure? If so, please forward it to me. Actually from what was describe Jesus what was considered a purple robe or garment which is really made like a house dress without pockets or buttons and a little longer. Only his didn’t have seams either. I understand the traditional people but if you want to quote scripture the bible says that the traditions of man make God’s Word of no effect. We talk about the boys in our society. The boys are not confused because the way a man dresses. He is only confused because society forces him to think that if a man wears a certain thing skirt, dress, manbag, etc. then he is effeminate or less masculine. As a matter of fact, we go so far as to tell our children that he is gay. Gay or homosexuality is a s****l preference or not a fashion statement though some gay people might dress “femininely” but then there are also those that dress “masculine”. You are comparing apples against oranges. Instead of telling our boys what they should and should not wear. How about we build their self esteem and teach them to be comfortable in the skin that they are in?

    • @Ramone,
      I agree with some of your comments, especially the one about how we should stop worrying about what “they” think about us. But the sad reality is that “they” have the means to make our lives miserable. Although some may think that slavery happened centuries ago and we should move on, the sad fact is that we are still experiencing the repercussions of slavery whether we want to admit to it or not. We are still under a form of control due to legal, environmental, educational, financial, and other discriminatory policies. Sometimes you can overcome by using mind over matter but the sad reality is that sometimes your mind don’t matter, because if it did, everything would be all good. The problem I have with us Black folks is that we are too quick to throw stones at each other. Sometimes it is just a knee jerk reaction and we act before thinking about the consequences, it happens. But we can’t turn a blind eye to how we are conditioned to respond to certain issues. We react by pointing the finger at each other without critically thinking. These are things that have been set into motion a long time ago. You can look at someone and call them a crackpot for talking about a conspiracy but what is a conspiracy? The Bible is a story about conspiracy, it talks about how people conspired to have Jesus crucified. What about slavery. Was that a conspiracy? It was a group of people who got together and conspired about how to take over another group of people. That’s a conspiracy. Why would one have to be shut down for mentioning the word conspiracy? Isn’t that a conspiracy?

  23. I can’t remember ever seeing Johnnie Carson or Jackie Gleason dressing as women. Why the black man.

  24. We were instructed to multiply and subdue. We were NEVER instructed to decrease and make our men wear dresses or be subdued. In order to multiply and subdue we must respect Universal Law. We were also instructed not to take on any of the adversary ways.

  25. Gay or nor a man has no business in a dress but who am I to dictate those constitutional rights to express whatever they want

  26. I do not believe there is an agenda to do this. They have already done this very well. A lot of this weak black men of today has bought it hook line and simple. I noticed that there are more black gay men today than I ever thought would be alive. They give them more opportunities in the larger society. White man have always been jealous of our natural masculinity. So they have devise this skeme to take it out. And these weaklings of today have bought it.

    • @Greg,
      Exactly, they have been given incentive to turn away from Black women. Black women look like the enemy to them. Some Black men who stay with Black women constantly flaunt the threat of abandonment to control Black women to accept any type of treatment and when she is not going for it or talks a little louder when he’s not right, she is branded a loud mouth and a hater, and of course everything is all her fault. We are considered mean and nasty which is then the excuse given to leave home, date exclusively outside the race, or bat for the other team. Remember, we are the ones that “Forced them to take a bite out of that apple, so it’s all our fault. Hence, the statement…and thy desire will be for your husband and he shall rule over you…also 1Corinthians 14:34 states that women shall remain silent in the churches and she shall never speak but must be in submission as the law says. Wow we got it bad. No wonder there are so many problems in the world today. Some men never want to hear what a woman has to say. I guess that’s why everything in this world is so perfect. Sorry I don’t mean to sound snarky but someone recently told me that I was rude because I didn’t remain in submission to their nonsense. Maybe that’s why some many men want to act like women now, cause maybe they see that that plan ain’t working too good and they’re so confused because they thought they were supposed to be in control of everything. But now look where we’re at, on the brink of self implosion, mass starvation and nuclear destruction. I guess as a woman I should just keep quiet cuz what do I know?

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    • Goofy punta!. Be silent! no in their right minds would vote for a greedy Mormon btw, who can could less about your dumbass fear of gay people

    • @Denise, Please. This agenda was in play along time before the current president got into office. Who negroes voted him into office? Most people who voted for him were not Black people, we’re not that numerous. So who negroes? You consider yourself to be the weaker s*x? What is your definition of weak? From what I can see, women are very strong, we have to be, we bring babies into the world, some grow up to be men. And please don’t confuse being well connected with being strong. Being strong is having the courage to think for yourself, not the ability to pander to an influential base who has the resources to give themselves the appearance of being a strong individual. They may be strong collectively in their ability to wreak havoc on other people who have a different mindset. So if you want to place blame, do your homework and get to the root of the problem. What we have today is a manifestation of things that went awry way back when. The only difference now is that Black folk are not the only ones panicking. Welcome to the club.

  29. I believe there is a movement to feminize and emasculate ALL men.

  30. Rememebr that institutiona racism is not a bunch of white folks planning “consciously” to do anything towards Black people. It’s like the natural progression of what it is to be the Dominant group with the history that those who dominated the land during the time of Columbus. Its what you do when your history has produced things that you call the American Dream. Its about dominance and to put the figure of anyone and in this case the menacing “Black Beast” down. However, sagging (nigg**) spelled backwards, is really a tight skirt anyways. I heard this from Jawanzaa Kunjufu back in the early 90′s. Actually they ae like slave chains on a young brotha’ because he has to walk as if he has on ankle chains. So, it seems that as the white thought process continued the slave enatlity also persisits concurrently

  31. Dresses and sagging the same thing. White dominace and the slave mentaltiy working together!

  32. In addition, many of us have no idea why image is so very important. Whomever controls your image, as a collective group of people can formulate all kinds of ideas in your mind, as well as in the minds of others (races) without you even knowing it. It’s called “Subliminal Seduction”. I will leave everyone with a quote to contemplate. “History acts… because it is the basis of the image which is the ground of a man’s acts. This is a point of enormous importance, for men act out of their image. They respond not to the situation but to the situation transformed by the image they carry in their minds. In short, they respond to the image-situation, to the ideas they have of themselves in the situation…The image sees…the image feels…the image acts…And if you want to change a situation, you have to change the image men have of themselves and of their situation”.—Lerone Bennett, from “The Challenge Of Blackness”

    • My MOTHER created my self image, and no outside forces could touch it. She said you are beautiful, intelligent, and will do well in the world, and I did.

    • Brother Mwamba,

      It’s all about the Benjamins. But try not to be too upset, at least we can use this forum to get across some ideas. But also be aware that you are being monitored and not just by this site. So I hope you are ready when the repercussions fall cuz it’s all going into your personal data bank, Just remember I said it when the time comes cuz I know “they” will (unfortunately for me).

  33. Here is their plan, which is still in effect and judging from the comments of some here, you have no knowledge of at all. Keep in mind this plan was implemented in 1972. In February 1972 the National Coalition of Gay Organizations met at the Armitage Avenue United Methodist Church in Chicago. An invitation had been sent out to 495 homosexual organizations across the U.S. to come and prepare a “gay stance for the 1972 elections.”
    About 200 individuals from 18 states representing 85 organizations showed up for the two-day event. Conference participants adopted the 1972 Gay Rights Platform, which included 17 federal and state “demands.”
    For over 30 it has been the beacon of the homosexual movement in America.Back in 1972 their demands seemed so outlandish that nobody took them seriously. But gay activists have been extremely focused and relentless in achieving their goals.(Notice the bottom goal on the list.)
    It gives an interesting perspective. If someone back then had suggested that we would be discussing this subject today and in the position we’re in, it would not only have been considered unbelievable, it truly would have been beyond the ability of the average person to imagine it.
    1.Amend all federal Civil Rights Acts, other legislation and government controls to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and public services.
    2.Issuance by the President of an executive order prohibiting the military from excluding for reasons of their s****l orientation, persons who of their own volition desire entrance into the Armed Services; and from issuing less-than-fully-honorable discharges from homosexuality; and the upgrading to fully honorable all such discharges previously issued, with retroactive benefits.
    3.Issuance by the President of an executive order prohibiting discrimination in the federal civil service because of s****l orientation, in hiring and promoting; and prohibiting discriminations against homosexuals in security clearances.
    4.Elimination of tax inequities victimizing single persons and same-s*x couples.
    5.Elimination of bars to the entry, immigration and naturalization of homosexual aliens.
    6.Federal encouragement and support for s*x education courses, prepared and taught by Gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to heterosexuality.
    7.Appropriate executive orders, regulations and legislation banning the compiling, maintenance and dissemination of information on an individual’s s****l preferences, behavior, and social and political activities for dossiers and data banks.
    8.Federal funding of aid programs of Gay men’s and women’s organizations designed to alleviate the problems encountered by Gay women and men which are engendered by an oppressive sexist society.
    9.Immediate release of all Gay women and men now incarcerated in detention centers, prisons and mental institutions because of s****l offense charges relating to victimless crimes or s****l orientation; and that adequate compensation be made for the physical and mental duress encountered; and that all existing records relating to the incarceration be immediately expunged.
    1.All federal legislation and programs enumerated in Demands 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9 above should be implemented at the State level where applicable.
    2.Repeal of all state laws prohibiting private s****l acts involving consenting persons; equalization for homosexuals and heterosexuals for the enforcement of all laws.
    3.Repeal all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary s****l liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female.
    4.Enactment of legislation prohibiting insurance companies and other state-regulated enterprises from discriminating because of s****l orientation, in insurance and in bonding or any other prerequisite to employment or control of one’s personal demesne.
    5.Enactment of legislation so that child custody, adoption, visitation rights, foster parenting, and the like shall not be denied because of s****l orientation or marital status.
    6.Repeal of all laws prohibiting transvestism and cross-dressing.
    7.Repeal of all laws governing the age of s****l consent.
    8.Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the s*x or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of s*x or numbers.
    “The greatest single victory of the gay movement over the past decade has been to shift the debate from behavior to identity, thus forcing opponents into a position where they can be seen as attacking the civil rights of homosexual citizens.”
    From “The Homosexualization of America”, by homosexual activist Dennis Altman

    • if only u pathetic africans would spend as much time on solving africa’s humongous problems as you do trying to lead in america.

      u r not qualified. u should be following. black america screwed up when we allowed u to have a voice and we are paying a dear price for it.

      • @David,

        That was the point of slavery, to attempt to deplete the intellectual and other resources of the African continent, thereby limiting our ability to help our own from the forces that continually seek our demise. That indeed is a humongous problem and to this very day, anyone who seeks a meeting of the minds to improve these conditions is massively and systematically made a target. Now that’s what I call pathetic.

  34. It appears that the moderator of this site does not want me to expose the “Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality” which you can Google and see for yourself. They are saying my comments are awaiting moderation. What do they need to moderate? And I wonder why? Do they have an Agenda other than exposing the facts?

  35. Clarence Hodrick

    I’m sorry, name three who are famous that have not. I have much respect for Chappell now. He is thoughtful and conscious beyond the money.only

  36. No one can Make you do anything that you dont want to be. If what you wear makes you feel less than the person you are….then dont wear it! God gave us all a Brain…lets use it to better ourselves, our children, our communities and our churches. Whatever power that we have turned over to the “White Man”….it’s time to take that power back!!!!!!!!

    Peace & Love Always

  37. There is an agenda to destroy Black men period, and in turn to destroy the Black community. Also keep in mind, the masses of homosexual men, the ones with female tendencies, do NOT wear dresses!

  38. If there is an agenda, and apparently you all are aware of it, what are you doing about it except complaining about it?

  39. There has always been an agenda to destory black men by any means possible. But as one of the remarks made above too many ignorant negros willingly assist in their own down fall. Just look how our own people behave toward each other.

    • It is true Maxx. I look at michael jordan with all his millions, willingly giving up $50 million to the cuban and her family to set them up for a lifetime and for generations to come, while all at the same time raising h**l and high water about a black teenage boy that may or may not be his blood son. He is acting like an unemployed fool. Like paying that black boy child support is something he cant afford. Even if the boy wasnt his blood son, he would rather pay white lawyers millions to fight him knowing the truth. WHAT KIND OF FOOL DOES THIS??? WHITE men take care of other white mens’ children all the time. Men with a lot less resources than he.

      And then we have the fool deion sanders, usher, dwayne wade and every other no good negro to come who are literally destroying the black women who mothered their children. You cant hurt mothers, without hurting children. Children only have one mother. A man who loves his children will take care of the mother for THEIR SAKE.

      The fools would rather feed white lawyers and judges than their black family.

      Rappers are the only REAL MEN we have, who willingly take care of all their women and children to the best of their ability. No count old n8ggah men just hate them for being a better man than they will ever be.

      • Janice,

        Most of what you say is so true. I’m not sure which rappers you’re talking about though. But the reason I believe those other successful Black men become so successful is because they make a deal. I saw a Youtube video where a Brother was talking about how Black athletes were being instructed to date and marry white women. Or if they married a Black woman, that women had to have certain requirements. I’m saying it’s all about the Benjamins and a Trick.

  40. When I read an article about how there’s a Mexican community located near San an Antonio Texas– that is thriving on a scale of upper middle class residents-who are for the most part business owners, and professionals- (may be some illegal behavior) — my point being why are we so caught up in the BS; and when the smoke clears– we as a whole have NOTHING? Can one of my Brothers or Sisters interject your know all solutions; and share them with us — so we can be as self reliant as other nationalities are. Now let’s not play the I’m from the Caribbean,or Africa,or they think they better than Black Americans (AA) mess– truth be told- there’s no major owned nothing people of African descent can stake claim to- statewide- nor internationally– and for us to talk about a dress or hair style– I see we will not be owning nothing worthwhile no time soon. As sick as we are– we should shave our heads (male and females) and wear pampers until we accomplish something that will make a difference- such as- hold our Black President accountable for creating jobs in our communities- like he did for wall street. The immigrants got a pass for 200.000 of them to come and work in America– what did we get?


  41. @Phillip Battle,

    As I said above, the first step is acknowledging what the problem is. Knowledge is power. The power of Black people has been and is now being systematically depleted. One way is to divide which is a time proven strategy that has caused us to go into separate corners, i.e. Caribbean, African, Black American, etc., Then we start to fight and scrap for limited resources. Then we get rewarded when we take each other down, whether it be monetary, inclusion in the club, s****l favors, power or infiltration, incarceration into prisons, mental institutions, homelessness, financial destruction, mass unemployment, character assassination, etc., for those who do not get on board. One solution that I can think of is for us to find a way to get along. We even have to get along with others outside of our race because trust & believe some of them are just as scared as we are. As a matter of fact, fear is the motivation for this current situation. They fear losing control. We have to figure out a way to let them know that we are only seeking our own survival and show them that their greed and fear is driving them and the rest of the world into madness and oblivion. So many people are waiting for Kingdom come but when it comes, it may not be what you think. Study, but use your critical thinking skills. Put your egos to the side for awhile because it can cause blurred vision sometimes. What you think you know may not be a Universal truth. Look at things from a different perspective because it’s all about perception.

  42. Do you really want the truth? Let’s go to the manual.
    “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

    Deuteronomy 22:5

    Evidently the cross-dressing has some type of influence on both parties.

    • @The Manual,

      Sometimes we can look at a manual and take things strictly in the literal sense, however, some things may be left open to interpretation. For Christians, Jesus did not always speak literally, he sometimes spoke in parables or allegories. It’s a matter of what is culturally accepted in society. The Bible was written a couple of millennia ago, since then culture has changed with the advent of time. There are many things that were acceptable back then that are not acceptable today, such as polygamy or human sacrifice,(depending on who you talk to). My point is, society is an ever changing phenomenon. It either changes for the better or worse, depending on who you are. I for one do not find a man in a dress to be attractive. That’s just my opinion but I sure that the men in dresses do not care what my opinion is and that’s my point. As society progresses, some things get better for some people and worse for others. I kind of like a tastefully dressed man who knows how to rock it like a grown MAN should. I guess that some of those changes are too bad for me then. ):

  43. This is right down Kanye West’s alley.

  44. Peter D. Slaughter

    By now this is old news.
    Just by me seeing those tyler perry madea cooney movies the message was being sent.
    It’s real ironic how many black’s take that as just some clown,cooning type entertaiment.
    slave massa controls the media and they have no major plans to stop the madness

  45. It’s mighty peculiar to me that I touched on this topic before this article ever came out in a blog concerning the assassination attempt of Rick Ross and the secret society of the illuminati. I discussed briefly how this group evidently makes cetain demands on black men wear dresses in public. I went into detail about the illuminati and how they require conformance or death in some instances. A very large segment of entertainers have aligned themselves with this secret society and part of the conforming for black males anyway has been to be put in a dress. Can you say Charles Barkley, Michael Strahan, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart……. The list goes on and on. Some have been made to perform gay scenes which allowed their careers to take off as compensation for their conformance. Will Smith is one that comes to mind. I had also made reference to the Dave Chapelle and Oprah interview. After making those particular comments in that blog I noticed that that blog was mysteriously taken down and this article suddenly appeared. So the answer is YES, h**l YES there is a conspiracy. If you want to find out more about it google a documentary called “A d**n SHAME”. Google it, rent it, buy it, bootleg it do whatever you have to do but cop it and become enlightened and then pass it on! PEACE……

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  48. We should all go back to the bible and read what it has to say concerning the end time then we would understand that the end is near, all of this things happening around us are just an indication of things to come. This goes beyond the white man trying to make the black man effeminate but it is a part of a wider agenda geared towards emasculating the man and therefore population reduction. The new world order cannot come into effect as it is because of the large population of the earth so which better way is there to reduce it if not to make the male folks more effeminate, encourage homosexuality, family planing ,and increased infertility among couples. Americans and indeed the rest of the world are falling for this trick. Time is running out TO MAKE A CHANGE BECAUSE THEY SEEM TO BE WINNING THE WAR.

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  50. hello there and thank you for your info – I have definitely picked up anything new from right here. I did however expertise some technical points using this web site, since I experienced to reload the site a lot of times previous to I could get it to load properly. I had been wondering if your hosting is OK? Not that I’m complaining, but slow loading instances times will very frequently affect your placement in google and can damage your quality score if ads and marketing with Adwords. Well I am adding this RSS to my e-mail and could look out for a lot more of your respective intriguing content. Ensure that you update this again very soon..


  52. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: There is an agenda to feminize Black men. Once the mind is conditioned to the “Anything Goes” type of society, then truly we can expect the very basest of morals, attitudes & behaviors to be on display.

    In another post on a different article I urged readers to look up COMMON CORE, the Fed’s national curriculum standards already adopted by 41 states. Included is a s*x-ed component which starts in kindergarten to introduce the idea of homosexuality as the norm. In older grades it encourages children to experiment with their s****l orientation by having them kiss, or “Make Out” with someone of the same s*x. People MUST look at what is being quietly slipped into these schools unawares.

    Fits very well into the brother’s expose here of the 1972 list of demands by the homosexual lobby. This is real and it is already happening. If my opposition makes me an adherent to prudish cultural norms, so be it! African American men in dresses? That sound you hear is the death knell for our people.

  53. Sagging did not come from slavery. It came from inmates, IN JAIL, letting other men know they are available for s*x.

  54. There certainly IS an agenda to “effeminize” Black men, and has been for a long time. Any observant, conscious man who’s ever been in corporate settings knows this. This society is MUCH more accepting of Black men who are homosexual or effeminate, and will often tell those of us who are not that we need to “loosen up,” or “smile more,” or something of the sort, even if we ARE professional and curteous and whatnot. We should be vigilant in preserving our identity and not fall for the nonsensical “gender is a social construct” arguments (which they also say about race), because EVERYTHING is a social construct, and certain fundamental constructs are NECESSARY in order for there to be a functional working society. But the hyper-individualistic western agenda is to make EVERYTHING permissible where there are NO boundaries because it’s ALL about the individual. “You can do what you wanna do. To h**l with everyone else.” Most don’t (and/or won’t) peep the implications of such a warped, hedonistic ethic, which also fuels road rage (“I’M the only one on the road who matters), capitalism (“It’s all about MY individual success! To h**l with ethics or equality”), and abusive relationships (“you belong to ME, and if you don’t do what I want, then I’ll hurt you [or worse]“). We gotta wake up and not wilt under the pressure to accept these foreign and detrimental ideologies.

  55. I have never been to this site before nor have I ever heard of OrijinCulture but it seems to me that Orijin is well aware of these corporate elitist agendas and then to pull this stunt 2 yrs after making this article post speaks volumes of their true opinion of black culture. They sound like a bunch of Sell-Outs to me…:
    “In the media, we have fewer caricatures of Black women, except for the hold outs of the stereotypical Mammy still found in films where men wear dresses, padding and makeup, and are armed with heavy doses of attitude. I will not mention any names here, but all the readers know the images that I am referring to.
    Surely, we have come a long way on the journey toward freedom from these historic and contemporary images. However, some misconceptions remain, evidenced by the films mentioned above.”

    Paddycake RN, Derrick as well as several other comments here are totally on point. And commenter Akbar hit the nail on the head in his response above:
    “Dresses and sagging the same thing. White dominace and the slave mentaltiy working together!”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. And this is coming from a white woman.
    The (Western) media wants to portray men (mostly black men) as submissive, stupid, easily controllable and weak which happens to be the same traits they portray women to have. In my opinion to be associated with the female s*x isn’t a negative thing, women are beautiful, nurturing, strong, independent, loving, intelligent and level headed but what the media has been doing for decades, thanks to Ed Bernase, is creating this false, negative, dumbed down, weak association to the female s*x, and unfortunately it works. Both on the conscious and subconscious level, Bernase was a master of manipulation, and black men are portrayed in the same light. I suggest you all watch “The Century of Self” a documentary that exposes the origin of today’s offensive and ARTIFICIAL “CULTURE”.




  57. Check out The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube, it’s “THE REAL DEAL”!!! Peace!

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