George Zimmerman Seeks To Delay Murder Trial; Defense Says They Need More Preparation Time

imagesBy Victor Trammell

The defense team for George Zimmerman said on Wednesday that they need more time to prepare for trial because the prosecution is taking too much turning over evidence.

The irony of this claim on Zimmerman’s behalf is that lead defense attorney, Mark O’Mara is also appealing for more time to raise money for raise money for Zimmerman’s legal fees. O’Mara says that Zimmerman’s defense in court on charges of second-degree murder will cost up to $1 million.

O’Mara attempted to substantiate his claim against the prosecution by saying a person working for the Florida State Attorney’s Office removed Zimmerman’s cell phone from an evidence locker.

O’Mara claimed that the state sent the phone to a California lab for analysis but has not given the defense any information about the lab’s agency or what kinds of tests are being conducted on the phone.

O’Mara additionally claimed that the prosecution has made it difficult for him to answer administrative questions from a chief investigator in the Trayvon Martin case. O’Mara also said the prosecution has not forwarded more information about Martin and another witness in the case. A statement on George Zimmerman’s defense fund website read:

“The state has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George. To finance his defense, however, George relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent.”

A hearing in April is scheduled to be held that will provide the defense an opportunity to plea their self-defense case. The judge in this case has said that such a hearing will be held 45 days before a trial. Zimmerman’s trial is scheduled for June. However, his defense team has requested to push the trial delayed until November. If convicted of second-degree murder charges, Zimmerman faces 25 years in prison.



17 Responses to George Zimmerman Seeks To Delay Murder Trial; Defense Says They Need More Preparation Time

  1. I believe this sack of manure will eventually be cleared of this hate crime and walk away with a manure-eating smile on his pus-ridden face.
    The Martin Family should this clown’s entire family for any and all future funds that he could even raise and place a Lien against any current and future funds he comes up with including any donations for defense! Sue for the rites to any possible financial gains on any and all publications that might arise out of this case be it by him, his lawyer or his wife! Ms Piglet.

  2. Typo error in my earlier statement, I left out the word, “Sue.”

  3. I agree with Big Papa. I hope that Trayvon’s parents do sue him and anyone else involved…like crooked cops. Zimmerman has already shown the Court that he and his wife are liars. And what is taking so long ???…this is not a complicated case. It seems like he is just trying to stay out of jail as long as he can.

  4. oh…they haven’t killed Zimmerman in jail already?my bad.

  5. If you are not careful he will walk. After all this is America. It is still legal to kill black people and walk.

  6. He will walk, then he will get popped by some yung bros on tha streets cause he will think he’s Teflon but the streets gotta way of equalizing all who dare to push the envelope, and he will ..Hotep

    • Bro Imhotep:

      These chicken-hearted si.ssies ain’t gonna do a thang to that cracker! If anythang, they are gonna continue to kill each other, while this piece of shyt goes into hiding when he walks free!

      This is why I was against Trayvon’s mother, who prayed for this worthless b*m, and his family, when he killed her son! That was a dumb azz move, and you see, who came out on top!

      These little pu.nks ain’t gonna do shyt because that’s what they are when it comes to killing crackers…a BUNCH OF FA.GOTS. Real gangstas don’t go around with their azzes showing, like they want to get fvcked in the azz!!! THESE NEGROIDS AIN’T NOTHING, BUT SLAVES, AND THE GUN IS THEIR PROTECTION…NOT THEIR FISTS!!! Half these little negroid bytches would run, if they had to fight a REAL MAN by themselves. This is why they run in packs (like wolves) because one wolf cannot bring down a strong animal without the help of the others!!!

      Let’s keep it real, my brother, how many of these chicken-hearted bytches have killed caucasoids for initiation rites? NONE!

      Peace, Truth, Respect!!!

  7. @Bro D …I was hoping for true justice but u know u know u r right! ! d**n are we that scared to kill redneck murderous punks like Zimmerboy? d**n we are weak… We grew up smacking honkeys back!! We took pride in making them respect us, by any means necessary! ! Wow.. Hotep

  8. “Peace, truth, respect” after the most hateful comments I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Let me quote you Bro Imhotep:

      “We grew up smacking honkeys back!! We took pride in making them respect us, by any means necessary..”


      Peace, Truth, Respect!

  9. By now, I believe even George Zimmerman’s supporters think something is not right about this situation. That’s why the donations dried up. People who believed in Zimmerman’s innocence gave hard-earned money for his defense, only to learn that he was using the money to pay bills. They don’t trust him any more.

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