Former NBA Player Etan Thomas: Injured Redskins QB Should Not Have Been on the Field


Millions of people saw themselves cringing while watching Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (aka RG3) play in pain during this week’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  It was clear to some that the player had no business being out there on the field, but his warrior instincts kept him playing, even though he needed to sit himself down.

One person who felt Griffin’s pain was former NBA player Etan Thomas, who knows all-too well the pressure of having a major sports franchise and millions of fans looking to you to help the city to win a big game.

In an open letter to the Redskins quarterback, Thomas says that the player should understand that while playing in pain proves that you’re stupid, there’s a point where you can end up going over the line.  Instead of fans getting to cheer you on for the next 12 years, they instead might end up talking about what you could have been.

In this conversation with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Thomas explains what he meant by that letter, and why Griffin shouldn’t let his owner, his coach or anyone else tell him when his body has had too much.  The interview is below:

21 Responses to Former NBA Player Etan Thomas: Injured Redskins QB Should Not Have Been on the Field

  1. I’m not a sports man because my father told me 30 years ago, that sports are nothing, but slavery and racism, PLUS, they’re fixed.

    Remember those college players, who were shaving points for Boston College during the 1978-1979 season? AIN’T NOTHING CHANGED! These colleges and universities gamble on basketball and football more than any other sport!

    Basketball is the easiest sport to shave points, and football is the #1 sport in the world that people bet own, mainly the NFL. No Black QB has won a super bowl, since Doug Williams, and these racist yankees don’t want to see a Black hero…this is racism; plain & simple.

    Doug Williams played that game when he just had mouth surgery the night before the game. He played the whole game with his mouth wired up, and he still broke records, but you never hear any sport casters mention his name (negroids or caucasoids).

    Let’s not forget how Washington did Doug Williams when he won super bowl 22; he suffered from injuries the following season, and was replaced by Mark Rypien (white boy), who eventually won the starting job from Williams, which left Williams playing SECOND STRING! He also was the lowest paid QB in the league makeing only appox $120,000.

    Now, let’s look at Robert Griffin…why do they call him RGIII, because those sports announcers are using code language to compare him to R2D2, who was a robot in star wars, and a robot has no brain! Therefore, he’s just a robot, doing what those overseers; I mean owners, tell him to do! And they always call black ball players nicknames, such as, WORK HORSE, BEASTS, STUDS, and other degrading names, but they NEVER disrespect caucasoid ball players.

    How many caucasoid players do you see telling the world, that a Black coach is their “FATHER FIGURE”, but you hear Black ball players saying this ALL the time to the media, how a caucasoid coach is their ‘FATHER FIGURE’! NOTHING, BUT SLAVES!

    When the slave maker would give the enslaved brothers and sisters a break from working on the plantation, he would only allow the men to play sports, while the women entertained them. They would allow the men to ‘fight each other’, while the women would strip and girate for them on a wooden crate!

    The other cracker slave makers would bet each other to see, which one’s slave would win the fight! Henceforth…the sport of boxing! These per*verts would also enjoy watching the Black women girate and strip naked for them…henceforth…the sport of stripping! Black people have always been made to ENTERTAIN caucasoids, since slavery, and NOTHING HAS CHANGED, TODAY!

    As long as a negroid has a BROWN BALL in their hands, they are no threat to a caucasoid, but when he starts using his BLACK BRAIN, he’s a threat!

    By the way, what color are the ‘b***s’, that the majority of Black men handle…BROWN. I said that, to say this:

    “n****z play baseball, football and basketball, while the white boy cut off their b***s” -Last Poest

    Didn’t O.J.’s ‘b***s’ get cut off?
    Didn’t Magic Johnson’s ‘b***s’ get cut off?
    Didn’t Lamar Odem’s ‘b***s’ get cut off?
    Didn’t Doug William’s ‘b***s’ get cut off?

    I HOPE Robert Griffin’s ‘b***s’ don’t get cut off!


  2. Derrick this is nothing new and some of those that plays the games have gone forward to do good in life. The white structure is geared to keep minority down especially those of color. We can go back to the 60 amd before when those serve our country they weren’t allowed to go Woolworth dept. stores and many other of that kind be serve food. This is one of many things that goes on in these great United States. The President is catching slack because he’s Black.

    • First, and foremost I ain’t no da*mn ‘minority’. Do you know the meaning of this word?


      minority = the LESSER part or SMALLER number; less than, half of a total: political group smaller than, and differing from the LARGER, CONTROLLING GROUP of which it is a part; the period or condition of being UNDER full legal age; marginal or disposable population


      Black and non-white people are the MAJORITY culture on this planet! We represent 92% of the world population, while caucasoids only represent 8%! Therefore, who are the True ‘minorities’? Also, a minorITY is still UNDER the rules of his/her parents; therefore, if you are an adult are you still under your parents rules, and regulations? If you consider yourself a ‘minority’, then you are UNDER the rules and regulations of caucasoids; in other words…you are their ‘child.’

      This is a DEGRADING word, and you negroids need to stop using this word, but you’re too da*mn scared because your massa will be beat you to death, if you call yourselves BLACK!

      How in the heII can you be a ‘minority’ when Afrikans birthed the world? This code word is designed to make caucasoids appear more dominant, than non-whites. This is also done to make Black people feel INFERIOR to caucasoids, and to give the appearance that caucasoids represent the MAJORITY of the world’s population.

      GO READ SOME REAL OURstory…you minor negroid!

  3. Derrick, Well said!

    • @Patrice Abbott:

      Much Love & Respect!

      My sister, these negroids are SICK! They HATE themselves, so much, that they need a white boy to tell them how to LOVE each other!


  4. Derrick. Why are you so angry? I understand your point and agree that he should not have been out there but not EVERYTHING has a racist undertone to it. I’ll admit, I’m one of the first to look through the fog and see racism for what it is wherever it is but at times I have to take a step back and look past my own feelings towards..let’s just say… keep it broad.
    Specifically your comment about RG3 being compared to R2D2. I love the line of thought because it fits. However, you would be remiss to not look past that to the entire picture. You always vent about caucasians and how everything they do is to mistreat all black people. You need to expand your thoughts to see the end game. White america is all about money: how to get it, keep it, and not share any of it. So the RG3 reference was started because they wanted to give him a nick name. However, it quickly morphed to a marketing tool since he is signed to Adidas. For the first time ever, the NFL is allowing players to put roman numerals on the jersey. Why? Because RG3 is signed to Adidas but the jerseys are made by Reebok. However, RG III is a sign to the three stripes that represent Adidas. Reebok can’t tell the NFL they guy can’t have his name on the back of his own jersey. It’s just a billionaire company taking a subtle dig at another billionaire company.
    Regarding the Father figure thing…come on now…really? You should know as a black man that not a lot of these athletes have stable hone situations and most are without a male role model in the home. So, if a black player as a kid is being taught how to play by his white coach, he is not only learning the game but is being taught rules and values about life. Who SHOULD be teaching that? the FATHER in the house. If there is no father, who ends up doing the teaching? the MOTHER or the POSITIVE FATHER FIGURE! In the case of athletes, it’s usually a white coach. Don’t hold it against these players that they had to find what they needed in a white coach. Clearly whatever is being taught to RG3 is working since he is an employed black man that hasn’t been in any real trouble (if any) with the law. I would think that is something that all of our black brothers need to aspire for.

    • @Sanity:

      I have a RIGHT to be angry the way my people are being portrayed, treated, and brainwashed by this racist media, educational system, and sports here in racist amerikkka.

      You don’t OVERstand, that EVERYTHANG in these uNUTed snakes of azzholes is about RACE and RACISM. If I’m lying, why are we Black people still fighting for JUSTICE, PEACE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, AND FREEDOM when this is 2013? Nothing has changed, except that we are getting paid for our labor, but our trillion dollar surplus is going right back to our enemies! We just swapped the devil for the witch and got the son-of-a-bytch.

      Let’s roll: You are right about amerikkka’s greed for money, but let’s look at the BIG PICTURE and see, who amerikkka is making money off of…BLACK PEOPLE! Robert Griffin III is a ‘bought’ negroid, and owned by the Washington Redskins. Here’s my point: You said that the logo, that he has to wear until he retires or quits, is the Adidas emblem. Did you know this logo has a secret meaning that is attached to the illuminati, who controls ALL these ball games, AND PLAYERS?

      PROOF: NEW 2012 Olympic Games Illuminati Commercial With Adidas (video)

      Check: As you stated, the (III) in his name represents the 3 lines in the Adidas logo, and you are right again, BUT, here’s the deal; if you turn that logo right side up, it represents a pyramid. At the top of the emblem you will see the “all seeing eye” at the top of the logo. This is a code sign, that represents evil and death, according to caucasoids, but this is far from the Truth.

      The pyramid is on the back of the dollar bill, which is the LOWEST paper currency in this country. Think about this…since Robert Griffin III, is the leader of the Skins, he is the ‘shot caller’ of the team, since he is the QB. The reason these sports announcers call him RG3 is to DEGRADE him because he is Black, and they are using their code language, and numbers to make him feel, he is the LOWEST QB in the league, although he is the most HIGHEST rated QB in the NFL, ‘above’ those caucasoid QB’s.

      These billionaire companies are making BILLIONS off the back of Robert Griffin III, and other Black players, while they are only making millions!

      Let’s get back to the logo: The “all seeing eye”, according to caucasoids means evil, which is another LIE! Therefore, in code language, Robert Griffin III, is evil, regardless, if he’s making touchdowns for these caucasoid owners/overseers. He’s being used like the rest of these Black ball players, but these sport fanatics can’t OBSERVE what is going on, right under their noses.

      I’m not taking anythang away from Robert Griffin III because I wish him well and success, but look how they did Doug Williams. When he won the super bowl for Washington, and got injured the following season, he was replaced with a white boy, and Doug played second fiddle. By the way; Doug Williams was the LOWEST paid QB in the league! He was only paid $120,000, while second hand white ball players were making 3 times that amount! Robert Griffin III, would be treated the same way, if his injuries would not allow him from returning to the game next season.

      Black ball players are just slaves on the plantation field, I mean football field, because when you get old, and can’t play any longer, they throw you to the wolves. Those white boys ‘love’ Griffin now, but if he can’t make touchdowns…he’s out the door. Just look how they are doing Mike Vick. This brother didn’t have any blockers ALL season, but he’s the man at fault for the Eagles fvcked up season. Next year, he will be replaced by a white boy, and I guarantee you, they will win a championship title or the super bowl because those negroids and caucasoids are gonna block to protect a white QB.

      Here’s the Truth about the pyramids. These caucasoids make the symbol of the pyramids evil because they can’t figure out how the Ancient Kemetians (Afrikans) built them. Also, on the very top of those pyramids were OBSERVATORY decks where Black Afrikan women were studying the sun, moon and the stars. They introduced astronomy and astrology to the world; not the romans/greeks. This is also, why they label the “all seeing eye” as a symbol of evil and wickedness!

      The real reason the NFL is using roman numeral numbers is because the 3 stripes represent the pyramids, as stated before, which is a symbol of evil, according to caucasoids!!! EVERYTHANG IS ABOUT CODE LANGUAGE, SYMBOLS, NUMBERS AND LETTERS with these caucasoids.

      In closing; the ‘father figure’ thang, is an act of slavery, as far as, I’m concerned. I had a Dad, who was in my life, and a mother, but if I didn’t have a father in my life…I WOULD NEVER CALL A caucasoid male a FATHER FIGURE…NEVER!!! These caucasoid coaches don’t give husky fvck about those Black ball players! The majority of these coaches don’t even allow them inside their homes! You don’t even hear caucasoid players calling THEIR caucasoid coaches ‘father figures’, so wake up!

      How many ‘father figure’ coaches hired Terrel Owens when he needed a job?

      There have been many caucasoid ball players, who have been in trouble with the law, but the media keeps it hidden. Remember, when that white QB raped a white gal in a bathroom; not once, but twice, and NEVER went to jail? What about those white baseball players, who were druggies and ended up homeless, but their white coaches took them in? GO LOOK THIS INFO UP FOR YOURSELF!

      PROOF: Ben Roethlisberger Rape Settlement: Steelers QB Settles Lawsuit Alleging 2008 Rape At Lake Tahoe Hotel

      Do you hear those negroid and caucasoid sport announcers bring this up, like they did Mike Vick? Since, those coaches are ‘father figures’, where was the ‘father figure’ when Terrel Owens need a job?

      PROOF: “Terrell Owens begs for a job with the Jets” (article)

      “You need to expand YOUR THOUGHTS to see the end game.”


      I’m outta here!

  5. let an athlete get injured where he cant play anymore and lets see who is a father figure. not the white coach thats for sure. professional sports are racial all day and all night. white owners, white managers, white coaches, black players, black work horses. i think i know why derrick is so angry, the same reason i am. i am so tired of my people being used and abused and sometimes we dont even know it. nor do we fight it. sometimes we even excuse it. its like a domestic violence victim who blames herself for the brutes actions

    • Latrice:

      These neroids just don’t OVERstand!

      There is a short article you would enjoy reading called: THE EDUCATED SLAVE by Dr. Kwaku-Person Lynn

      It will remind you of these educated slaves, and negroids on this site! EVERY Black man, woman and child has a RIGHT to be angry, mad, fed-up, and tired of these racist caucasoids.

      Much Love & Respect!

    • @Latrice What a great statement..

  6. @ Bro D ..These negroids are way too pacifist! ! My black conscious female coworker said yesterday that we should be angry at what is still going on to us and if we had formed a group like the Tea party and spit on some white congressman ( John Conyers spit on by tea party rebels) them maybe we could get some where. In this country, those that yell the loudest, get the attention. Sitting quietly and being meek got us where we are now. As for athletes, I played pro baseball for 6 years and I have two friends that play pro football now and they hate the way the white folks try to treat them like they are dumb and attempting steal their money! ! I mean they can’t stand them! ! And they will not date white women! ! They said they first off know that they only like them cause of their position and second they learned FROM OJ!! When I played, it was so political that I never made the big leagues cause in the late 1990′s they had very few black pitchers and that still holds true to this day
    Some may have dark skin, but they speak Spanish! ! Name me five black American pitchers? .. hard to do…Maat

    • @Imhotep:

      I knew a brother, who played for the Detroit Lions, and he said he will NEVER play sports again. He saw how the Black players were treated versus the white boys, and he quit, and moved to New York and is doing well, in his field of study that he took, when he graduated from college.

      He said they threw caucasoid females at them, made them dine at white only restaurants, buy from caucasoid real estate agents, car dealerships, clothing stores, jewelry stores, etc. etc. This is why the majority of these Black a*s-o-lets (athletes) end up with caucasoid ‘ho’s (that’s all they date).

      I saw a commentary on tell-a-LIE-vision with Tenna Marie. When her and Rick James were dating, she told her mom, that she loved Rick, and her mom told her to: MARRY HIM, HE’S RICH. When I heard that statement from her mammy, I said that’s all these white gals marry these negroid a*s-o-lets (athletes) for is their money, so they can take care of their families. Does Kitty Kat Woods (Tiger) ring a bell?

      Although Kane West is not an athlete, all he’s doing is taking care of a ‘ho and her family. The same with her ‘ho azz sister Khloe, who was dating a negroid ball player…but look where he’s at today, and she ain’t with him, since he has NO MONEY!

      Over 90% of caucasoid movie ‘stars’ marry within their own race, while 90% of negroid males marry outside their race!

      Remember when baseball had a lot of Black ball players? Now, these chili chokers are taking over this sport. Just look how they treated Willie Mays, and the other Blacks, who played for those crackers. Remember, that racist caucasoid female coach, who called her Black baseball players ‘niq*qas’, who played in SinSinNasty (Cincinnati). Her name was Margaret Schott.

      Here’s the quote she said:

      “On November 13, 1992, Charles “Cal” Levy, a former marketing director for the Reds, stated in a deposition for Tim Sabo, a former employee who was suing the team, that he’d heard Schott refer to then-Reds outfielders, Eric Davis and Dave Parker as, “million-dollar nig.gers.”

      “During the same season, a former Oakland Athletics executive assistant, Sharon Jones, is quoted in the New York Times as having overheard Schott state: “I would never hire another nig.ger. I’d rather have a trained monkey working for me than a nig.ger,” before the start of an owners’ conference call.”

      These cracker coaches feel the same way today, toward their Black ball players (football, basketball and baseball), but these dumb azz negroids always calling a cracker coach a “FATHER FIGURE”.

      “Nig.gaz play football, basketball and baseball, while the white boy cut off their b***s.” -Last Poets


  7. Correction – late 1980′s and early 1990′s

  8. Derrick:

    I respect your point of view on the role of racism in sports and politics. I also hold the author of this article Etan Thomas in high regard.

    I share your contempt for the racialized word “minority” when referring to Black people in the popular MSM naming convention. It would be more respectful to name the ethnic groups main stream media often refers to in sports, crimes, and in various political constructs – rather than the “minority” label that is commonly used to marginalize Black Americans in all forms of popular media today.

    The racist aspect of college football was on full display in the BCS Championship game between the University of Alabama v the University of Notre Dame the other day. Notre Dame has employed one Black football head coach [Tyrone Willingham] in its history, and fired him despite the coach’s (21-14) winning record over three seasons. The University of Alabama has never hired a Black person as head football coach. But the racist university was loaded with Black NFL prospects, who rolled against an overmatched Notre Dame team that was overrated in the BCS Championship game 42-14.

    Which piggy-backs to the subject of college football and basketball athletes not being compensated for generating millions of dollars annually for their respective universities and head coaches. Nick Saban the head football coach at Alabama earned almost $6 million in 2012. Most of the college football players Nick Saban recruited to Alabama came from low-income and poor Black families, who shared none of the wealth their hard work created for the head coach and university.

    Derrick – that situation reminds me of 21st century Black servitude, one step up from slavery. The NCAA rules regarding athletes being paid by member schools need to be changed. Under current NCAA rules the distribution of wealth created by student athletes in basketball and football is racially biased toward Black athletes, and the handful of Black coaching prospects especially in college D-1 football. What are we going to do about it?!!

    • @moeblues:

      Excellent commentary! This is why I always quote the Last Poets, when they said, “niq*qas play football, basketball, and baseball, while the white boy cut off their b***s.” This quote is 45 years old, but stands correct today!

      Once these redneck colleges and universites saw how they could make money off of Black ball players; they started letting them apply at their racist schools.

      Unfortunately, our people only see ‘money’ or ‘they’re gettng paid’, but look what happened to Robert Griffin III. We don’t know if he’ll be back next year or not because that’s a very serious injury. His career might be over next season, if he gets hit in that spot again. MY POINT: These young brothers don’t THINK for the future. They want to make fast money, s*x fast women, and drive fast cars! I can’t forget about the bling! This is all they dream about. The majority of them can’t read or write because they are passed on because of their ‘athletic ability’ in college. This is how these white boy accountants, who handle their money, rip them off, and they end up BROKE!

      Athletic ability is a code word that means ‘animalistic behavior’. Black athletes are groomed to play basketball and football the same way horses are prepared to run in the Kentucky Derby. The little brown basketball, football and Black males, and now females are inseparable images!

      This is why these caucasoid sport announcers always call Black ball players STUDS, WORKHORSES, BULLS, and BEASTS because an animal doesn’t use his mind, only his muscular strength. Remember, when LeBron James was shown with a caucasoid female on the front cover of a sports magazine? He was compared to King Kong, who also had a caucasoid gal in his arms in the movie King Kong.

      The majority of caucasoid players don’t want to have a Black coach OVER them! You never hear them, when they are interviewed, to give credit to their Black coaches. Remember the movie BRYAN’S SONG, which showed how racist these caucasoid players and coaches were toward Black ball players…nothing has changed.

      You asked the question; “what are we going to do about it”? WE can’t do anythang about it; it’s up to these Black ball players to SPEAK UP, and stop being treated like slaves! DEMAND a dollar amount or don’t play. All WE can do is boycott or don’t watch the games.


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