Does George Stephanopoulos Think All Black People Look Alike? Mistook Bill Russell For Morgan Freeman

imagesBy Victor Trammell

If you are a national journalist who has been on television reporting stories on your own show as long as George Stephanopoulos has, then you ought to be able to distinguish celebrities from one another.

The slight 51-year-old host of ABC’s This Week pulled a mishap on national television that made him look pretty silly.

In an awkward moment while he was covering the presidential inauguration, Stephanopoulos mistook retired basketball legend Bill Russell for actor Morgan Freeman. As the cameras zoomed in on Russell, Stephanopoulos said:

“That’s Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps. No, Bill Russell, I’m sorry. (

A number of bloggers defended the silly gaffe by insinuating that the two men look alike. However, Russell is much taller than Freeman and has a darker skin complexion. All the silly mix-up proves is that society still likes to generalize looks when it comes to races of people that are different than they are.

Satirical comic Jon Stewart gave his two cents on the matter on his “Daily Show With John Stewart.” He said:

Now…In George Stephanopoulos’ defense, all tall people look alike to him. I see great chins, I don’t know! Still for the rest of the morning, Stephanopoulos did a very good job.” (The Daily Show With John Stewart)

As images of black distinguished guests of the inauguration appeared on the screen, Stewart continued to mock Stephanopoulos by wrongfully naming them other famous celebrities. As an image of Jay Z and Beyonce at the inauguration appeared on the TV screen, Stewart said:

An there’s…Oh look at that! There’s General Colin Powell and his girlfriend Motown great Dianna Ross!”

To see Stewart’s hilarious tirade about the George Stephanopoulos gaffe, click the following link:


20 Responses to Does George Stephanopoulos Think All Black People Look Alike? Mistook Bill Russell For Morgan Freeman

  1. Y’all don’t get it! That was the old; WE ALL LOOK-A-LIKE racist bullshyt!! These yankees are disrespecting us on the ball courts, IN THE COURTS, AND OFF THE COURTS. That boy knew what he was doing!

    One day, you negroids will OVERstand where I’m coming from!!!

  2. Its like the hoodie c**p with Travon, Morgan Freeman has never had that scruffy of a beard. .Cmon klan man! !! Hotep

  3. Give George a break…he was not looking at the picture and only glanced at it…

  4. What a stupid question to ask I am begining to beleive that all of these writters for this Website are related to Boyce Watkins I think George knows Bill Russell from Morgan Freeman the camera was on him for about 10 seconds at best and he made his accessment from that and he is not so ignorant so as to think that all black people look a like you idiot!!!!find something else to do besides asking dumb questions I think right about now you are looking pretty silly yourself.

  5. MMy goodness! Was that really worth an article?

  6. Yes all black people the same.. Aint it a shame..aint a d**n thing change for the 1940′s

  7. Derrick, take a deep breath. Now blow it out. Feel better? I feel you. The hits just keep on comin. Like Malcolm said, “if you keep cheek turnin and enemy lovin, you’ll have knots from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet”

  8. That little piece of GREEK S–t probably does.

  9. I don
    t think George was being racist I just think he made a big mistake, beside Bill may have been a great player but as a person he is the biggest A hole you ever met….I have seen Bill on several occasions be very disrespectful to his fans who were not disrespectful to him. But the straw that broke the camels back was when he was mean to a young man, a respectful young man who attended school with his children and would hang out at his house with his kids! That did it for me…so Bill you diserved the diss because you have no problem dissing others who don’t deserve it!!!

  10. Oh, for Pete’s sake, it was an honest mistake. He was not being racist or anything of the sort. I was simply a mistake.

    I tell ya, we’ve got to become less sensitive about these matters.

    • For pete’s sake; get outta here with that bullshyt!!! That cracker knew what he was doing. You yankees are ALWAYS in denial.


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