Dr. Boyce: Black Unemployment Rises To Rates Nearly as High As the Great Depression


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the unemployment data for the month of December, and while things are getting better for whites, African Americans continue to suffer from unemployment rates that would be unimaginable if those being affected were of any other race.  White unemployment rose slightly from 6.8 percent to 6.9 percent, with white males seeing a decline from 6.4 to 6.2.  White women saw a slight bump from 6.2 to 6.3 percent as well.  These numbers are mildly uncomfortable, but have led to a tremendous backlash from those who feel that this is evidence that the Obama Administration has not been entirely effective in securing sustained economic growth.

While white Americans are enjoying single digit unemployment (and still angry about it), black Americans are experiencing unemployment rates that are nearly as high as they were during the Great Depression.  Black unemployment rose from 12.9 percent to an astonishing 14 percent.  Black male unemployment is highest between the genders, at 14 percent, while black women are grappling with a 12.2 percent unemployment rate.  Black teens are getting the worst of it, with an unemployment rate of 40.5 percent, nearly double that of white teens (21.6).

The numbers continue to beg the question of whether or not legislators and the Obama Administration should be expected to utilize targeted economic policy that accepts the reality that there are racial disparities in employment opportunities in America.  While the Democratic Party scoured the nation going into every black church and community organization they could find to get us to vote, they are ignoring these very same institutions when their members call for some kind of help with the unemployment crisis which exists in black America.  Billionaire Bob Johnson, among others, has openly stated that when it comes to black unemployment proposals presented to the White House, the officials agree that the proposals are a good idea and then never agree to do any follow-up.  What if black America never agreed to follow-up with the Democrats when they came begging for our votes?

One problem for the Obama Administration is that they seem to think that racism simply doesn’t exist, at least that is what is implied through their actions.  They, like some other Americans, seem to be thoroughly convinced that black people don’t have jobs because we don’t want to work, or that we don’t care about feeding our children.  But this is contradicted by stories like the one about the unemployed woman who pretended to be white and found that the number of job interviews she received suddenly skyrocketed.

I know people with PhDs and law degrees who struggle to keep employment, so the myth of the lazy negro who doesn’t want to work needs to be squashed in exchange for policy recommendations that respect our rights to equality as members of the American family.  I’m sorry people, but Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous aren’t going to be able to convince the Obama Administration to do the right thing:  They will personally benefit from having access to the White House, but the rest of us do not.  As it stands right now, the old adage of “taxation without representation” is an excellent way to describe the state of affairs in black America. Our taxpayer dollars are being taken so we can help white women get jobs and to pay for Al Sharpton to have a show on MSNBC.

Memo to the White House:  Racism is real, and we need your support.  You have hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer resources at your disposal, much of that drawn from the black community, and it is required that you utilize some of those resources for targeted economic policy which calls for the support of black-owned businesses and economic support to urban areas that are hardest hit by the unemployment epidemic.  If white Americans have the right to scream and complain about a “wonderful” unemployment rate of 6.9 percent (which black people won’t even have after our recession is over), then black people certainly have the right to be outraged about 14 percent.  Any other perception of the situation is nothing less than entirely racist.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

90 Responses to Dr. Boyce: Black Unemployment Rises To Rates Nearly as High As the Great Depression

  1. It is time for Black people, to realize, that caucasoids are going to take care of their own before taking care of us. We are the only culture begging caucasoids for employment when we have the same skills, trades, and intelligence and education to OWN OUR OWN!!!

    How can Black people continue to beg caucasoids for jobs when Black entertainment centers (churches) collect over $240 million EVERY SUN-DAY, which is tax free money? It is 40 million Black people (according their stats) here in racist amerikkka. If these entertainment centers (churches) would DISTRIBUTE 6 million dollars to each Black man, woman and child, WE could be millionaires in ONE DAY, and BUILD WEALTH for our OWN, just like caucasoids.

    Black people SUPPORTED, OWNED, and PATRONIZED each other’s businesses back in the ’60s. Rosewood, FL, and Tulsa, OK were once thriving areas, that were ALL BLACK during the early 1900s!!! We circulated our money in our OWN district, and it seldom left because caucasoids did not buy from Black people. Therefore, why are Black people, still PATRONIZING other cultures, when they only hire their own, support their own, and employ their own? ALL THEY DO IS TAKE OUR MONEY, WHILE HATING US AT THE SAME TIME!

    All these Black school closings should not be happening in our communities, especially with this type of money being collected at these entertainment centers (churches)! We could EMPLOY OUR OWN, SUPPORT OUR OWN, AND PATRONIZE OUR OWN with this kind of capital being collected in the inner cities across amerikkka! All these mega churches should have kitchens and cafeterias in the basement, so they could hire their own people, instead of Black people running to Churches, Popeyes, KFC, and the other cuacasoid establishments after church! WE DID THIS BACK IN THE DAY, WHILE FEEDING THE NEEDY AND THE HUNGRY FOR FREE!!!

    How many cultures fill out applications at Black institutions? NONE! How many buildings have been built for Black ownership in the last 30 years? NONE! Why do Black people love to take care of other cultures before taking care of their OWN?

    This is 2013, and it’s time to put up, or SHUT UP!!!

    The Honorable Minister Elijah Muhammad told us to DO FOR SELF 60 YEARS AGO!!! He wrote a book; How to Eat to Life, years ago, and he had his own farm to grow fresh vegetables for his people, but look at where we’re at today!

    Until we start BOYCOTTING these businesses, and go back to OWNERSHIP, like we had back in the early 1900s, we will always beg and ask the white boy for his crumbs.


    • I totally agree with what you’re saying. The problem is that we are still listening to these so-called educated scholars who have their own agendas; and that is not helping the majority of Black people. They know that if Blacks start to do well and prosper they’ll have nothing to talk about and complain about. Then you have these ignorant people following them because they’re too lazy or stupid to do things for themselves. Black unemployment rates have been traditionally higher than anyone else’s and it’s largely due to us rather than anyone or anything else. We need to start complaining to; and blaming the ones that can really help instead of blaming the Government; and especially this President

      • No we do not need to complain to a government that has history of experimenting on you. African Americans, meaning blacks in the diaspora with financial and other educational means can do to enhance economic empowerment. Africa is currently on the rise and other races have taken notice to this. Blacks MUST invest in AFRICA NOW. We have the expertise, money, farmers, doctors. AFRICA has great resources such as Chromatin, Cobalt, Manganese, Platinum, Farmland, Oil, Gas, Medicine, and Water. The black dollar in America is worth a trillion dollars. Why suffer here in America?! wake up!

        • If what you say is true, why does every african WHO IS NOT RICH want to replace your american black self??? They’d rather take their chances in rascist white america rather than live under ruthless black dictators.

          Childhood’s End
          For 19 years, Joseph Kony has been enslaving, torturing, raping, and murdering Ugandan children, many of whom have become soldiers for his “Lord’s Resistance Army,” going on to torture, rape, and kill other children. The author exposes the vicious insanity—and cynical politics—behind one of Africa’s greatest nightmares.

          Africa however continues to be the epicenter of international catastrophes, man made or otherwise. And it is all about tribes marching inexorably to survival failure and extinction. Down south the Tutsi and Hutu have created Africa’s first Genocide. Up in the North there are fears that the Arab Janjaweed may repeat the Rwanda catastrophe in the Darfur region of Sudan with the world just watching as it did before. Ivory Coast that was once the most prosperous nation South of the Sahara is in the throes of a collective self-annihilation driven by the ethnocentric and deadly tribal concept of Ivorianess. Ivory Coast is following in the footsteps of other tribally driven human suffering with unimaginable scale and frightening consequences: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Superimpose on this, the epidemics of AIDS, Malaria and TB that are flaming across the continent in hot competition with the colossal bloodletting for finishing off the African.


          • @deanna:

            If you would start reading some of OURstory instead of his-story/his-LIE, perhaps you would learn something.

            An Afrikan man, who owns a contruction company in Nigeria, is a BILLIONAIRE! He’s getting reaqdy to open another site in the near future. Another Black Afrikan, who happens to be a woman, is the richest Black woman in the world! There are many millionaires in Afrika, including an Afrikan screacha, who owns jets, lives in a mansion, and is seen on that xtian tell-a-LIE-vison station.

            An Afrikan man holds the longest time for being a leader, who lives in Afrika! One of the safest cities in the world is in Afrika! I can go and on all day, but the racist media only show the NEGATIVE side of this great continent!

            How come over 100,000 caucasoids move to Afrika each year, if it’s so bad over there? I READ HEFFA!

            They have countries and cities in Afrika, that will make New York, Chicago, and L.A. look like slum areas! GO READ SOME TRUTH ABOUT THIS GREAT CONTINENT AND GET BACK WITH ME.

            For your info, the FIRST usurpers of Afrika were caucasoids from england. They went up and down the Ivory Coast to ENSLAVE our people. John Hawkings took them back to england, and this is how Afrikans became slaves in england. By the way, this cracker was a xtian, and the slave boat was called, ‘the good ship jesus’. LOOK ALL THIS TRUTH UP FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE I’M TIRED OF REPEATING MYSELF.

            These wars in Afrika are started by amerikkka because this racist country wants to take over the whole continent! They are turning these Afrikans against one another, like they did during our forced enslavement.

            They are telling one Black Afrikan King, something another Black Afrikan King NEVER SAID, and this is how these yankees are DECEIVING Afrikans, and turning them against each other.

            By the way…guess who is supporting them with guns and training them…you already know!

            Negroids, here in amerikkka are the same way…they turn on each other just to please the white boy! This is what xtianity did to Afrikans in Afrika, and what it is doing to Black Afrikans, here in amerikkka; it has made them weak, and trustworthy of caucasoids, and docile when they once, had their OWN SPIRITUALITY, no religious jargon.

            And the image of a caucasoid ‘jesus’ have negroids mess up, also. They were Trained to Trust in the ‘lord’, which is the white boy, who is nothing, but the devil! What these negroids don’t OVERstand is that ‘god’ is a devil. What has he/she done or is doing for you negroids NOW?

            Since you THINK this racist country is so great, how come this country has taken over 130 countries world wide spreading so-called demoncracy? Where’s is OUR democracy, that’s why I call it DEMONcracy! Nothing but a bunch of demons running this racist country and world!

            Since, you THINK this racist country is so great, why were MILLIONS of Afrikan people killed, and enslaved by racist caucasoids, just because they were BLACK?

            Since, you THINK this racist country is so great, how come this is the MOST MURDEROUS COUNTRY in the world? It incarcerates more people than other countries put together! And, it is the MOST RACIST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET!

            Take alook at these racist pigs, your racist government aka willie lynch, this racist illegal unjustice system, this racist school system, these racist arabs, mexicans, asians, and the people from india, who have taken over our communities, and let’s not forget YOU racist caucasoids, who practice white supremacy and world domination 24/7.



            Now, why don’t you go stick a DI*CK up your mouth and everythang will be ‘honkey’ dooree!

      • I don’t know what these negroids are thinking because this mulatto is not going to help Black people. We might as well, forget about that happening.

        The government aka willie lynch only gives us crumbs, and it’s time to DEMAND the whole ‘PIE’. How long is it gonna take to make some Black people realize this government only wants us to DEPEND on them; no matter what party! PoliTRICKS is a joke, and anybody, who thinks this government aka willie lynch is out to help us; they got a hole in the center of their soul.




        • Teach me,Brother.Thank You

          • Sis Katie:

            Just look at the comments coming from these nigorant negroids and soda cracker caucasoids! They hate to hear the Truth!

            Much Love and Respect!


        • Save Our Sons MARCH


          The dirty rich africans do not even take care of their own poor.

          The dirty rich african allows the white christian man to put their snotty nosed poor on the TV begging for crumbs off the white man’s table

          The dirty rich african has oprah building them a school when they know that America’s black childre need school

          The dirty rich african wont even build their poor clean water supplies, but begs 50 cents, and everybody black with a few dollars to do it for them

          The dirty poor african comes to america to steal every higher education opportunity and benefit that should go to the descendants of american slaves

          The dirty poor african uses black americans for green cards, and marriages of opportunity to steal and dont even want to support their half american children

          The dirty african comes to our jobs and sucks up to the white rascist and begs him to fire every black american in favor of hiring his TRIBE. The same sh8t they do in africa.


          • Your post about Africans is nothing but hogwash. Yuck!

          • You are an NIGorant mother/fuka!

            You don’t know shyt about the slave trade, and how it happened.

            For your information, you dirty caucasoid cracker; it was YOUR fvcked up people, who STARTED slavery; not only in Afrika, but also in england! The FIRST slaves were white boys, you godda*mn fool, and crackers enslaved them!

            For your information, you dirty caucasoid cracker, those so-called xtian missionaries were used to enslave our people with xtianity. Nothing has changed because those greedy caucasoid screachas are in Afrika RIGHT NOW spreading that bullshyt!

            For your information, your dirt caucasoid cracker, the enslavers TURNED AFRIKANS AGAINST EACH OTHER with lies, trickery and deceit, just like they are doing today!

            For your information, you dirty caucasoid cracker, these godda*mn chili chokers, asians, arabs, and the nasty people from india, are coming to amerikkka USURPING THE WELFARE SYSTEM for food stamps, insurance, and FREE hospitaliziation, while working Blacks take care of these heathens.

            For your information, you dirty caucasoid cracker YOUR racist government aka willie lynch is bringing back slavery RIGHT NOW, and you will be the first to get hung!


  2. Dr. Watson:

    You know and I know, that Obama Don’t give a d**n about black people. His actions shows that. And the so-called black leaders of ours are totally ineffective, powerless, and useless, especially the ones who are lap dogs for Obama. We have to start our own businesses and stop being consumers and giving everybody else our money. We can stop this anytime and only support our community. Businesses have to reciprocate, and if they don’t we should not patronize them, permanently, period.

    • Where did you get this non-sense that the President doesn’t give a d**n about Black people? What actions have he shown that shows that? Black people are still getting food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare checks, unemployment benefits and more. Oh you say; that’s not what Black people want, they want jobs. Okay, where exactly are these jobs supposed to come from? White people are still hiring white people and ignoring Blacks; that’s always been the case. White people have shipped most of the manufacturing job that used to employ large numbers of Blacks overseas, and everyone is screaming that the Government is too big and consequently Government jobs that were once a haven for Blacks are dwindling; so what’s next for Blacks. Neither this President, nor any President is going to create jobs just for Blacks to decrease the Black unemployment rate. If you want to talk and complain; at least know what you’re talking and complaining about.

      • wow! and a fool speaks with WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN. That obama will give $60 BILLION of our tax payer dollars to foreign born small businesses, and obama will not say one word when our civil rights are violated, and eventhough obama was a civil rights lawyers and knows that equal opportunity SHOULD BE THE LAW FOR EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN, he will enforce equal opportunity for everyone but blacks.

        My goodness, is this person even human. Is he the grand wizard??? Dont answer, HIS FIRST 4 YEARS SHOWED ME THAT HE IS.

        • Fool? It’s a fool who thinks one man, Black, White, Green, Yellow or otherwise can change 200 years of history in 4 years or even 40 years. Stop trying to judge what’s happening in Black America by 4 years of a Black President. So who’s the real fool? Certainly not me.

          • Save Our Sons MARCH

            Oh it is you!

            As unlikely as it may sound, millions of immigrants and foreign visitors are eligible for — and many are actually using — affirmative-action benefits to get a
            head-start on U.S.-born minorities, not to mention white Americans. In effect, they are getting off the plane and moving right to the head of the line.How is this possible? In the late 1960s, it simply never occurred to government planners that there would be so many aliens in the U.S. or that so many would be
            considered minorities.The results can be startling. Take, for example, a company that has a goal to hire ten blacks. Nothing says these have to be African Americans, and they well may not be. All ten may be people who until now spent their entire lives in another country.Whatever the long-term fate
            of affirmative action, Congress and the Administration should act now to put a stop to this bizarre extension of the program. A mere paragraph or two of legislation and a short executive order could end affirmative action for immigrants — the entitlement nobody planned and hardly anyone wants.

  3. This issue of HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT for BLACK FOLKS shows us another reason that studying history is important. Black people have always had an unemployment rate higher than the White’s rate.

    During the American economy’s last deep recession, in the early 1980s, black unemployment soared to twice the level among whites, passing 21% in 1983. And according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, time has changed little. THAT WAS UNDER RONALD REAGAN.

    Many of our illustrious leaders, community activists, scholars, and orators…have encouraged more Black people to start their own businesses. This is a partial solution. But we also have to get POLITICAL and get to the root cause of these problems.

    There is a definite pattern of greedy companies sucking the money out of workers, paying low wages, and/or shipping jobs overseas. Reports show that most of the BIG CORPORATIONS get lots of “GOV’T WELFARE”…while ordinary small businesses can’t get a sprout. Right now the RE-THUG-LICANS are trying to CUT funds that help workers, that help students, children, and the elderly.

    And we witnessed Pres. Obama trying to create jobs…including proposing the AMERICAN JOBS BILL…last year. Guess who blocked that and every other effort. OH YES …the rightwing nuts…BOEHNER is up in our faces on TV with his cronies — pushing to protect the rich.
    THE NEW SLAVES…are those who are overseas and will work for $1.00 per hour…under poor conditions.

    WHY DO YOU THINK THE RIGHTWINGERS are trying to bust up unions?

    BLACK FOLKS NEED TO LEARN LESSONS FROM OUR PAST WARRIORS….like Frederick Douglass, Shirley Chisholm, Malcolm X, Dr. M. L. King, H. Rap Brown, Elijah Muhammad, Mary McCleod Bethune, Madame C. J. Walker, and many others — the sought to build their own business and they also fought for what was right with the GOVERNMENT.

    • When I woke up this morning, I saw a news show… LATINOS were marching in large numbers to seek “Immigration Reform.” I also saw a story where lots of women are protesting the rightwing clowns in the Congress who voted down the “Violence Against Women Act.” They are fighting back.

      So…what are you doing to solve our problems???? ….besides whining a falsely blaming Pres. Obama????

      ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS — It is time that those who are suffering stand up– quit rushing into malls to fight over “Jordan gym shoes” — get off the couch and …join with a group like: REBUILD THE DREAM, the URBAN LEAGUE, or OCCUPY WALL ST.— or others. There are people out here who are actually doing things to help themselves…to help their communities.

      The problem of economic empowerment for African-Americans has been complicated because it is not just a one issue problem. We must take action on several fronts…start businesses, seek funding, fight discrimination, and more.

      Some folks need to quit WHINING, and trying to BLAME OBAMA for all of this, when he did not cause it…he has been proposing ways to create jobs…and fighting for unions. The people who have been blocking votes, seeking to defund education, and protecting the rich — are NOT A SECRET. They also fight against Pres. Obama.

      “At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics,
      even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our
      race — economic independence.”

      ~Booker T. Washington

    • African Americans, meaning blacks in the diaspora with financial and other educational means can do to enhance economic empowerment. Africa is currently on the rise and other races have taken notice to this. Blacks MUST invest in AFRICA NOW. We have the expertise, money, farmers, doctors. AFRICA has great resources such as Chromatin, Cobalt, Manganese, Platinum, Farmland, Oil, Gas, Medicine, and Water. The black dollar in America is worth a trillion dollars. Why suffer here in America?! wake up!

    • White men like Boehner are in congress to protect their people, and love their people. They dont trust or like anyone who betrays the very black people who is responsible for his great life in the white house. They despise him for his selfish cowardly ways. White men will die for their country, their women, and their children. Obama seems confused about why his suck-up ways dont get him love. Real men like Boehner know he doesn’t deserve to be in the white house, asking for a easy life, while the people who elected him suffer and die.

      Boehner is a hero. Obama’s job bill made no requirements to hire any blacks. I’m glad Boehner stopped it.

    • Next thing she is going to tell us that obama is going to pick us up on the trains to take us on a picnic, like hitler did the jews, when they got tricked into voluntarily boardin that fateful ride to Auschwitz.

      The use of propaganda is a prominent feature of psychological warfare, and intelligence agencies often classify propaganda as one of three kinds: (1) so-called “black” propaganda which consists of planted material that makes it look like the enemy are bad people; doctored sound- or video-recordings of them saying they don’t really care about their own people or that they are cross-dressing perverts are some examples; then, there’s (2) “white” propaganda, which is usually easy to obtain and verifiable, that can truthfully point out how bad the other side is; for example, letting it be known that an enemy leader has six illegitimate kids with six different women; and finally, there’s (3) “grey” propaganda, of the half-truth, half-falsity variety, otherwise known as misinformation, which often leads to blowback, a term for the unintended consequences of secret operations. Grey PsyOps involve cover and deception, and are sometimes extremely complex and intricate affairs.

      Propaganda can have a “thermostat effect” which heats up or cools down a crisis, and propaganda can also have a “wildfire effect” when it gets out of control and produces long-term, unpredictable effects. Some of these long-term, undesirable effects include the creation of zealots who, years after a crisis, are still carrying out hate crime against a demonized enemy of years ago. Other extremists may construct conspiracy-type distortions based on “outdated” ideas from earlier propaganda.

  4. Sorry Dr.Boyce but as long as Obama is prez a lot of black people don’t care how high unemployment is in their community just don’t bother him with this problem ,because they just feel he’s there for us to love and admire.and then they fall in line with the racist and conditioned minds and say we are lazy and don’t want to work.i have heard 100′s of black people tell their stories of racism when they go on these jobs to work or get hired.

    • We used to have govt agenices to protect us, to keep us on our jobs. Now those agenices are used to protect only whites who complain they’re being discriminated against because of age or something else.

  5. A huge problem is not just white racism, but blacks who are put in power and rather satisfy the whiteman than to put an end to discrimination. I don’t limit this just to Obama, because he’s in a more dangerous position. I’m talking about some of these black judges, black CEOs’, etc… Black women are just as guilty of this as black men. That’s how serious this problem really is.

    It’s bad enough when high profile blacks don’t do the right thing for their people, but its worst when blacks we see e everyday refuse to do what’s right to help stop racism.

    • It stems from the TOP down. Obama’s presidency has set the mold, that will take forever to overcome.

      Afterall the black man with the most powerful position in the world, chooses to abandon his people, to make his life easier. Why wouldn’t they follow his example, when negroes re-elected him, and demonstrated that they will accept any old kind of treatment


  6. I couldn’t agree more with this article.

  7. Conquer and Divide has already taken effect many years ago, during the 1980′s…it happened to be in two stages:

    1) Separate the Black man and woman in all aspects of life, by giving one a job, and giving another a position of power, and allowing those to discriminate against their own race…

    2) The closing of Black owned businesses, and the openning of foreign owned businesses in the Black community…

    You do not have enough fingers to count the number of Blacks that eat at Chinese restaurants, and the same restaurants do not employ Blacks…this is only a very small example…

    Take a look at the Washington DC council, and you Black men and women in a position of power who are constantly committing crimes against their own race, acting like the perverted catholic, by stealing government money that is suppose to be used to help the people…

    You can look at other cities, such as Detroit, etc…where Blacks have failed their own people trying to server and be like the perverted catholic…

    Derrick is 100% correct in his writings concerning this issue…

    You ask the question, why, with some Black millionaires in this country, why they have not created any businesses to help their own people?

    The answer is simple, the USA government will not allow this to happen…especially when it comes to jobs such as operating as an ISP (telephone/cable/satellite company)…

    Remember the college defensive football player who won a medical scholarship to attend Oxford medical school?

    He had a decision to make: 1) enter the NFL draft as the number over-all pick as a defensive player and receive a guaranteed forty million dollar ($40,000,000.00) signing bonuses; or 2) attend Oxford to study as a doctor…

    Well, with all of help he received from his Black family and friends…and especially from all of the white people involved, he chose to attend Oxford medical school…

    He reasoning was that he wanted to be a doctor so could he build a hospital…

    If he would have taken the money guaranteed money from the NFL, he would have been in a position to build his own hospital and higher Black doctors and nurses…

    The end results, he finished school, could not find a job as a doctor that would pay him the same as the perverted catholic, and thus ended up going into the NFL, where he received the minimum rookie salary, and did not perform up to the NFL expectations…

    This was a missed opportunity to have financial power, and to use his education to manage his money wisely….

    Now, he knows what it feels like to be fooled by the perverted catholic and all those who love and worship him…

    Basically, we are divided by some serious illusions in this country and around the world when it comes to racism…

    Obama will do what former president reagan did in the 1980′s…he will offer a one time per person tax credit to any and every company that will hire a Black person…and to this, I say, you can take your tax credit and shove it…

    We need to boycott the perverted catholic once again, but there are too many Blacks who depends on this pervert, and will not let go…

    • Excellent commentary and Truth!

      Unfortunately, our people are too blind to see into this madness that is happening right before them.

      These government negroids don’t give a da*mn about themselves or Black people. They want that paycheck, so they can go to the mall, and spend their money with the very caucasoids, who control them! Then, ‘go’ to church on sun-day, and praise a caucasoid ‘god’.


    • You are an idiot. While you scorn the Catholics they are feeding some negro who made the same stupid decision as that fool NFL player LOL LOL What a joke that fool was – an idealistic fool. Anyone with half a brain know that most doctors go to medical school to get RICH – most dont give a sh8t about patients, except for how much money they bring in.

      I watched the reading of that fool James Brown Will last night. Every time i find a bit of admiration for a negro man he ends up being a complete selfish fool.

      Didn’t leave his children NOTHING in the Will.

      Made them fight for every little penny they got. He had to know that the white lawyers would end up with his entire legacy. If he had really loved his family, his legacy should have taken care of them for generations to come.

  8. Derrick you might be too rough for some peoples comfort. But hey you speak the TRUTH!!! I agree with you 100 percent. A lot of our people will
    defend this president at there own peril. Wake up Black People this president does not give a d**n about you nor does his civil rights cronies. The caucasians are basically punishing you in the job market because of their despise for you putting this man in office,Even though he submits to their agenda, they still hate him!!!

    Check out Dr Claude Anderson on youtube to the Black Folks walking around still with Blinders on. This president is NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLqRSqOH9LU

    • @REALITY:

      This is 2013, and if negroids can’t handle the Truth, I say fvck ‘em. They didn’t get mad with Biden when he made racist comments to them about slavery, at an naacp meeting, earlier in the year.

      They didn’t say shyt when that cracker, called O’Drama a LIAR on national tell-a-LIE-vision! They don’t say shyt about O’Drama bombing Afrikan countries, and peole, and he’s deploying over 4,000 troops in 35 Afrikan nations. WHERE’S THE CONCERN?

      REALITY, these negroids ain’t ready for the Truth, and when the Truth is told, these negroids don’t want to hear it!


    • African Americans, meaning blacks in the diaspora with financial and other educational means can do to enhance economic empowerment. Africa is currently on the rise and other races have taken notice to this. Blacks MUST invest in AFRICA NOW. We have the expertise, money, farmers, doctors. AFRICA has great resources such as Chromatin, Cobalt, Manganese, Platinum, Farmland, Oil, Gas, Medicine, and Water. The black dollar in America is worth a trillion dollars. Why suffer here in America?! wake up!

  9. The sames ones that are currently unemployed and suffering long-term unemployment are those same fools who voted Obama back in office. Why cry about it now? Why those standing in the unemployment line collecting foodstamps. Barack and Michelle will be basking in the sun of Hawaian beaches!

    Self preservation is the first law of nature! Wake up Black Man!

  10. Good Article! I expected more of myself with two MBA’s, but now I am a freelance music producer. Imagine that?

    Bobo Records

    Black Owned Black Operated!

  11. African Americans, meaning blacks in the diaspora with financial and other educational means can do to enhance economic empowerment. Africa is currently on the rise and other races have taken notice to this. Blacks MUST invest in AFRICA NOW. We have the expertise, money, farmers, doctors. AFRICA has great resources such as Chromatin, Cobalt, Manganese, Platinum, Farmland, Oil, Gas, Medicine, and Water. The black dollar in America is worth a trillion dollars. Why suffer here in America?! wake up!

  12. My brother and sister have won jobs back through litigation because of serious racism! ! Both have degrees. .Until we employ ourselves, loan money, build homes, fix plumbing, install furnaces, fix cars, own clinics and hospitals, make foodstuffs, we will always be a dependent! !!..Look at cereal isle in the store and see who owns the cereal industry. Same with the condiments. Then the bread. The eggs. Fruit and veggies. Can goods. Y’all get the picture. This is why I have never bought a pair of Jordan’s because we don’t make em. ESP at $180!!! We own nuthin in the major markets to ensure our self sufficiency and we will eventually perish because of it. And rich blacks don’t think we are of any value to invest in our businesses or open factories or malls or grocery stores to employ us. Not even the black church. Look around at who the contractors are building those entertainment centers. Preachers won’t even demand we get work on their massive structures ..Cmon man! !! Hotep

    • @Imhotep:

      Remember when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had land, which was full of FRESH fruits and veggies? The Black Muslims had land, restaurants, and property all up and down Chicago streets. Now, like everybody else, when a strong leader dies or leaves; the people are LOST IN THE FOREST…even Muslims.

      We only have a few real Rebels left on this planet, who are trying to LEAD the people in the right direction. These blind ‘shepards’ (screachas), can’t lead a blind flock! Perhaps, it’s time for YOU to take the lead, and stop depending on these 1960 negroids, who mean us no good. These old screachas, such as Jessy (Messy) and Sharptongue (Alley) had their turn, it’s time to REBUILD and UNITE and ORGANIZE before it’s too late.




      These entertainment centers (churches) are like auditoriums…their just there to ENTERTAIN the people, and the screacha is the main attraction. We must start teaching a Black Liberation Theology because this xtian shyt is old and outdated!

      liberation = to release from slavery

      Also, Bro Imhotep, when you look down the cosmetic aisle, it is now full of poison, that our women are putting on their faces. Make-up is made from umbiblical cords of a new born baby! Other parts of the baby is made for lipstick and eye shadow! This is why our babies are being slaughtered by planned parenthood because they use those dead baby body parts for make-up!!! Notice the word ‘biblical’, which means death! This religious mess, has negroids DEAD!


  13. i am and many other young black youths are so tired of you people talking about this c**p, shut up and do something about it.. allyou so called black wealthy people with your negative attitudes, start thinking positive and help your own people. Stop believing that bullshit that black people dont want to work. ITS NOT TRUE!!!!!! its naturally in us since slavery and stop thinking mexicans work harder because they DONT.. dont noboyd work harder and push harder than black people its a proven fact

    • Eric, I am apart of that black youth in america who is ready for a new route

    • You young people are going to have to speak up for yourself and fight for your own future. Old negroes knew voting a black president in office would do 2 things for them:

      get back at whitey (yes that was more important to them than your future)
      give them false pride (yes puffing their chest out is more imporant than you getting a job)
      it wouldn’t hurt their social security check (they had nothing to lose)

      And so when you cant get a job dont feel sad/suicidal, dont turn to drug selling, just stay at THEIR HOME, and dont take their bullsh8t, and make them feed you


  14. The Shine Has Worn Off

    @Derrick, T. King, Imhotep

    Keep spittiing that “hot fire” my brothers. Some people don’t like the “harsh” truth. I love it.

    Obama campaigned on lies. I’m tired of people blaming Republicans. They are all apart of the same fraternity. He said he would fight for this and for that. Has he found his soft shoes to walk the picket lines with unions? This imposter hasn’t even mentioned union workers’ struggles.

    What about the repealing of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? Now they’re basically permanent. What about reinstating our civil liberties that were destroyed through policies under the Bush administration due to the false terror war? Now he has taken it a step futher through his signing of FISA and NDAA. He demands secrecy about every ill thing he is doing even though he campaigned on an open and transparent government. He’s using the courts to keep things hidden from the people.

    He fails to acknowledge any poor amongst us. He’s a corporate puppet with Wall Street strings attached. Just ask his golf banking buddy from UBS. He is a deceiver in chief who has many blacks just oozing over the pictures of him and his beautiful family living in “Massa’s house”. What a joke. A big freaking joke.

  15. The Shine Has Worn Off

    Continued tax cuts and perks for the wealthy and future austerity measure for the rest of the people.

  16. The basic problem with Black folks today is the same as it was during the great depression: a lack of education and training!! There are good jobs out there but they require technological skills that Black folks don’t have. The same is true for lower level white folks, but white business people WILL hire them as opposed to us.

    Boyce Watkins, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley should be telling our folks to get some training and skills pertinent to today’s job market!! They shouldn’t be blaming President Obama and waiting for him to solve their problems!!

    • YOU STFU!!! with that lie. WE have millions of professional blacks forced off the job when Bush gave them the greenlight to do so without repercussions.

  17. In the next few months…you are all going to see who the problem really is…as the GOP…the TEA-PUBLICANS are trying to shut down the entire Government. They have lied and bamboozled you into thinking that “the U.S. is broke.” It is not…the money is being hoarded by a few millionaires and big companies. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS BROKE.

    “Spitting hot fire”….whining…complaining… attacking and arguing with other Black folks about petty nonsense…talking a lot of “Black Power”… degrading other people (calling them foul names)…. AND ALL OF THAT IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY JOBS.

    Pres. Obama is NOT the cause of these problems. He has tried to fix them…since when he went in office they handed him a pile of GARBAGE.
    And there have been millions of jobs created so far under Obama.

    Those who want to minimize this situation to “BLAME OBAMA” are blind, deaf and dumb. You are like the slaves on a plantation…who blame their plight on their own Toby (Kunta Kinte)… cause he ran away.

    We as a people better wake up and smell the doooooky that the TEA-PUBLICANS are putting upon us.

    THE QUESTION IS….What are you going to do about this situation????



    “Much talking does not make you a leader. Action speaks
    louder than words.”

    “One whose house is on fire does not hunt rats.”

  18. The Shine Has Worn Off

    p**p Poor Super Sis. You talk about calling people names but you called me and another poster idiots in another articles comment section. Ma’am there is much information out there about Obama from distinguished journalist who do not work for the corporate owned media that you seem to rely on. Republicans, Democrats…. it’s all the same. The Dems are wealthy and they serve the rich also.

    I want you to check something out for me and let’s see how open your mind is, and others like you. Go to http://www.filmsforaction.org, type in the search bar “Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy (2011)”. Then I want you to search for “Inside Job (2009)”. These are two free documentaries on a website that has a host of information and documentaries for public awareness. Please do it sister. Wake up and pay attention to the games they all are playing on us.

  19. The Shine Has Worn Off

    “Inside Job (2010)”. Sorry about the wrong year typo. And the p**p word was meant to be “poor”.

  20. If anyone is interested in an opportunity to save money on their Cell Phone bill by joining a Social Commerce Network that provides its members a unique income opportunity through its Nationwide 4G Network, I will more than happy to provide you with more information at: http://www.solavei.com/lakeeisha, and sign my guest book.
    Thank you.

  21. I gave up trying to kowtow to those employers who had no problem denying me a job and I’m now on an entrepreneurial course.

    I love the freedom.

    I love being my own boss.



    I took my power back and I will never let anybody else chart my course but me.

    It starts with the belief in myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

  22. In short, it’s lack of education. It’s like no one wants to put in that extra effort and when you lack knowledge your options are limited. I’m a black engineer and I’m sure anyone who reads this who is also an engineer or in science can confirm that companies are always looking for minority engineers. Only 3% of U.S. engineers are of black. I’m currently employed as a mechanical engineer but I consistently have companies or technical recruiters contacting me about opportunities at least one a month. Black men need to take their education serious and put in 110% because the black professionals out there busting their a*s to reach their goals. You can’t play the race card forever, you actually need to take action in a positive and legal way!

    • Save Our Sons MARCH

      White rascist been telling that, “we cant find any qualified blacks” LIE for 40 years. When they’re not telling that lie to discriminate, they’re telling black applicants, “You’re overly qualified for the position.” OR a another discriminatory lie is, “we only hire bilingual.”

      Those are just code excused to deny black people employment. Qualified blacks are in abundance. Often when they’re forced to hire one black they’ll pick the biggest black dummy, rather than a qualified black, to prove their rascist point.

  23. @derrick…the “umbilical cord” does not have the word biblical in it, lol…You say it’s poised but that’s impossible if that’s how a baby gets its nutrients. Also this is the basis of stem cell research which allows you to grow cells to manipulate any cells in human which will one day cure H.I.V., cancer, etc.

    Also the Nation of Islam females(which is not a traditional way to practice Islam) may not where make-up but many Muslim women of various cultures where make-up and that’s a fact

    • Those muslim women of ‘various’ cultures are probably orthodox muslims. You must OVERstand that there are many divisions of islam, just like there are with xtianity. The xtians call it denominations, while the muslims call it SECTS!

      Let me explain this to you one more time. MAKE-UP COMES FROM ABORTED FETUSES, mainly the umbiblical cord and the placenta!!!


      Most large companies are getting collagen from aborted babies at abortion clinics, who sell these aborted babies! More than 75% of beauty products today come from aborted babies! They also use ‘baby products’ in the use of PLASTIC SURGERY!

      Go read this article called: THE SECRET INGREDIENT and get back with me!

      um·bil·i·cal cord

      1.A flexible cordlike structure containing blood vessels and attaching a human or other mammalian fetus to the placenta during gestation.

      “Blacks are connected to the UMBIBLICAL Cord of God”:

      And God spoke saying, “Ye are connected to me by my UMBIBLICAL chord. Books are for the white people who know me not.

      “The umbilical cord is the cord that connects baby to mother, and must be severed at birth. “Biblical” refers to the Bible. Perhaps it is one’s view of the sacred nature of birth that leads one to ‘umBIBLICAL’ cord.”

      By the way, they already have a cure for ALL these man-made dis-eases called AIDS, cancer, TB, etc.! If these mad white scientists would ‘cure’ these dis-eases, that would put doctors, lawyers, hospitals, and clinics out of business. You must OVERstand that, the government’s job is to make, and KEEP people sick!

      There are cures for cancer, diabetes, and other man-made dis-eases that are wiping out the planet (especially Black people), but these caucasoids will NEVER tell us!

      Why are Black people #1 when it comes to ALL of these man-made dis-eases? DO THE MATH!

      Have a goody!

  24. As I read some of these comments, I realize that the ideology of the Nation of Islam is just as outdated as the Klu Klux Klan. As A child being raised in Harlem I always read and learned about the doctrine of the NOI and other closely related factions. I was intrigued for years but it’s more about African American culture and less about Allah. The more I learned and comprehended the more I realize that Black people today are holding themselves back. You should never forget your past but if you can’t think and live in the present you will forever be at the bottom trying to find your way up. The NOI was or maybe is still just as racist and this clearly shown in the teachings. Only in mathematics can two negatives give you a positive product.

    • You just showed me how nigorant you are calling the NOI a racist organization. It’s not as strong, as it used to be, but how can a Black organization be racist?

      THAT’S A DUMB STATEMENT because only caucasoids are racist, if you knew the TRUE meaning of the word racist.

      racist = individuals, groups, and poupulatinos, who believe in, and practice white supremacy and racial domination

      racism = the belief and practice of racial domination, descrimination, degradation, and oppression

      racial warfare = the uninterrupted campagnn of racism, that has the effect of degrading, destablizing and CONFUSING Black people here and abroad

      “If you do not understand white supremacy (racism) — what it is and how it works — everything else you know will only CONFUSE you.”
      Neely Fuller, Jr


  25. Great post I wanted to share with you from another blogger, great info.

    Geneva Chapman

    You weren’t allowed to be men, couldn’t wear a belt to keep your pants up. Now our young men refuse to wear belts & let their pants sag.

    You weren’t treated like women but like pieces of meat forced by sadistic masters to bend over and shake your behinds for their pleasure. Now young women hoist their behinds in the air & shake them in rap videos.

    You weren’t allowed to learn to read or go to school. Now many of our children drop out of schools that were integrated to give them educational opportunities & can’t read.

    You weren’t allowed to worship but would “steal away” to pray & worship. Now too many have forsaken the god of Moses you looked to for deliverance.

    You were not allowed to vote or have any of the rights of citizenship. Now too many refuse to exercise their right to vote won by great sacrifice.

    You were bred like animals & not allowed to marry. Now too many of our men breed like stud horses & don’t marry any of their children’s mothers.

    You worked hard after freedom to have your own homes & to be independent. Now far too many depend on welfare living in poverty & own nothing.

    Are we free yet?

    • “You weren’t allowed to be men, couldn’t wear a belt to keep your pants up. Now our young men refuse to wear belts & let their pants sag.

      You weren’t treated like women but like pieces of meat forced by sadistic masters to bend over and shake your behinds for their pleasure. Now young women hoist their behinds in the air & shake them in rap videos.”

      Nothing, but the Black Truth!

      Saggin’ originated from slavery because the slave maker thought these brothers would use their belts or ropes to hang, choke or kill them to escape from slavery!

      These racist beast would also sod.omize them while their pants were hanging so low!!! This epidemic went from the slave plantation to the prison plantation, from the prison plantation to the street plantation, then it went to the entertainment plantation, and the rest is OURstory!

      These racist critters said, a Black slave is not fit enough to wear a belt above his waist because he was not a ‘gentlemen’.

      During breaks the slave maker would have the enslaved women girate and strip naked in front of them, while they were standing on a crate! He would touch and feel on them, while they HAD TO SMILE, so he could enjoy his freakiness. Today, these women are called ‘strippers’.

      GOOD INFO!

  26. The issue is division of wealth. Where is the Black wealth that created this nightmare we call America? Why are my slave ancestors still without their proper appreciation? Slaves wanted much more that freedom they also wanted their children and their children’s children to eat from the fruits of their hands. We can’t give America’s slaves the choice of how their unpaid wages were spent but we can still fill their collective dream and pay the debt owed them for far to long.

  27. Paradise In Home Care is without question your superior home care organization. Learn how they can aid your dearly loved one to be better.

  28. Memo to the Black community: Once the Democrats to give amnesty to help the Mexicans get citizenship, our political strength will evaporate. We have invested all our voting power being taken for granted by one group and ignored by the other. There are more Mexicans than Blacks in this country and they will vote Democrat. The Black vote will no longer be needed.

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