Dr. Boyce: Three Reasons Why I Loved “Django Unchained”


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

After reading this week about the objections that director Spike Lee had about the new film “Django Unchained,” I was both curious and concerned.  I wanted to see the film myself in order to determine if Spike actually had a point in his critique.  I also hoped that Spike would explain himself a bit more, instead of making brief, even cryptic, remarks about the project on his Twitter feed.  I love Spike and his films, but the nature of his criticism didn’t make much sense to me, given that he’d never seen the film in the first place.  I’ve seen several Quentin Tarantino films in the past, and I honestly find the man to be brilliant, creative and extremely weird.  I wondered if Spike had a point.

But after seeing the film, I have to say that I think the great Spike Lee might have been wrong on this one.  By the end of the movie, nearly everyone in the theater was clapping, the story was powerful and the cinematography was stunning.  Tarantino hit the nail on the head, and he’s probably going to win a few well-deserved awards.   If you want to understand this film, imagine a mainstream version of the John Singleton film, “Rosewood,” with a lot more action.  To be honest, only a white guy could have made this movie and convinced so many white people to pay money to see it.

I had my own reasons for loving “Django Unchained,” and here they are:

1) There was a legitimate African American hero:  Django, played by Jamie Foxx, is one of the few serious black heroes ever produced by Hollywood, a place that tends to put black people in a really degrading box.  Django wasn’t just a sidekick or comedic buffoon.  He didn’t have some ridiculous set of character flaws like Will Smith’s conflicted hero in the movie “Hancock.”  He didn’t need a white man to save him, like most other fictional or non-fictional accounts we see on screen.  Instead, Django was simply a strong, brave, highly-skilled black man who loved his wife enough to put his life on the line to save her.  In fact, I dare say he was downright inspirational, which is more than you can say about the black men in “T’he Color Purple.”

2) It had a beautiful portrayal of black love:  Far too many Hollywood films enjoy highlighting the incessant conflict between black men and women.  We live in a world where love and marriage are consistently replaced by abuse, addiction and baby mama drama (just watch nearly any VH1 show or listen to the radio to see at least 25 examples of what I’m talking about).  Django’s’ deep love for his wife and desire to save her from her slave masters struck a cord with anyone who has had a first hand experience with meaningful love.  It was awesome to watch a black man show bravery in order to protect his family.

3) An in-your-face portrayal of slavery: Most of us are given the polite story about slavery when we’re in school.  It’s as if the period of bondage was but  a moment in history, followed by Abraham Lincoln giving us our freedom, and Martin Luther King giving us a speech…..oh, then we got a black president.  This film, to the extent that it is historically accurate, probably mortified many of the people in the audience by showing the depths of dehumanization that took place during the greatest holocaust in American history.  Unfortunately, this film will be the best education on slavery that many of the audience members will ever receive, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

The bottom line is that “Django Unchained” was a great film, and I think Spike’s criticism might have been unwarranted.  I don’t think that every depiction of slavery has to be a purely educational endeavor which turns the movie theater into a history class.  It’s OK to laugh, fight, love, live and learn, all at the same time.  Even Quentin’s liberal use of the n-word in the film didn’t seem in the least bit out of context (you can’t say the same about his n-word rant during “Pulp Fiction”).  I argue that he went out of his way to be respectful.

No matter how we feel about “Django Unchained,” we should be sure to remember that the best way to have our stories told is to tell them ourselves.   Gaining the ability to finance our own projects creates both the opportunity and the responsibility to make films that present a more accurate representation of black humanity and the black experience.  Life does imitate art, and if we want to put an end to some of the shucking, jiving and buck dancing many of us still see in our communities, then managing the imagery of ourselves in both film and music might be a great place to start.  I would personally rather see young black men become inspired by brave men like Django than by the rapper 2Chainz…..Django was willing to go to the ends of the earth to protect and preserve his family….2Chainz could only appreciate Kerry Washington if she were a “big booty hoe;” those are two very different interpretations of black masculinity.

I congratulate Quentin, Jamie, Kerry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Samuel L. Jackson for an extraordinary film.  ”Django Unchained” was a classic for the ages.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Commercialized Hip-Hop: The Gospel o Self Destruction.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. Great movie, all clapped at the end.

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      • I think the efforts of Jamie Foxx are great in portraying a movie of an actual African American. Perhaps it was categorized as fictional because they didn’t have all the factual information to be categorized as a documentary. We as a people should tell the stories and history of our Ancestors whether in movies or books. Unfortunately, we do not engage in reading as we ought so telling our stories in theaters is even better. In my opinion I think that is what has happened to our youth of today. They have lost their history and their way and have become lost. We have to tell the truth and while hearing and seeing some of the torture can be difficult it is necessary. We have to remember our history because should we forget it will only repeat itself.

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  2. I am suspicious of Tarantino because of Pulp Fiction, a movie I found overwhelmingly violent in ways that trivialized the violence and made it humorous.

    The Bruce Willis character’s experience with the taxi driver who is turned on by his killing someone in the boxing ring; Willis’s experience when the ganster is being raped: he goes to look for a weapon and it is practically slapstick; the person getting his head blown off in the back of the car.

    About the only instance where a scene is played straight–showing the real ugliness is when Uma Thurman’s character overdoses. She looks like she is going to die and there is nothing poignant or funny. That is undercut by the slapstick presentation of trying to get the needle into her chest, as well as the phone call to the drug dealer who is concerned about Thurman’s character being brought to his house.

    I found the movie repulsive–very well done for no good reason.

    I haven’t seen Django Unchained and want to read, among other’s, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ take on it, if he has one.


      Boyce you disagreed polititely and respectfully, with your fellow affirmative action old negro, spike lee, who makes nothing but amateurish garbage (except for malcol x), but when it came to the young man trying hard to make a like outside of the drug culture, you were disrespectful and ignorant to the struggle of all of today’s young black people who dont have the huge hand of Uncle Sam extending down to help them up, like they did you.

      Black love story you say? A fictitious story that didn’t save black women from the slave master is a LIE

      But the young man 2chainz who decides to share his fame and wealth with the big booty sister around the way, instead of running to a white woman like kanye and the one with that amber white rose, IS A TRUE HERO.

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      • Just to correct you, Amber Rose is not white and for her to find someone outside of the immaturity of mr west in a mature younger man and marry instead of being a baby mama is commendable.

        I also realize that having a fictionous blackman during slavery at least making an attempt at saving his wife is good enough for me to be consider entertaining. How often do we see the Rambos and other bs white characters do the same while killing multitudes of black and brown men?

        As far as spike’s other creations they are his visions and are subjected as a matter of taste to the individual, personally I enjoyed some of his other works as well. Mr Singleton is another black director whose visons have excelled on the big screen as well.

        As young man that grew up in the hood, I consciously decided that I did not want this to be generational and did something about. Granted that we all cannot change our children’s destinies by ourselves, but the first step is to realize that it needs to be done and the second step is to do it and quit complaining as to why we can’t

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        • i’m not interested in fictitious la la land old timey make-believe negro men. i’m interested in TODAY, and what the negro man is doing to save his black american women and children, from the brown/black drug enslavement , drug lords who bring their poison to black american women and children to use and peddle. It is WAY WORSE than the white man’s slavery of yesteryear.

          i’m not interested in fictitious la la land old timey make-believe negro men. i’m interested in TODAY, and what the negro man is doing to save his black american women and children, from the brown/black drug enslavement , drug lords who bring their poison to black american women and children to use and peddle. It is WAY WORSE than the white man’s slavery of yesteryear.

          i’m not interested in fictitious la la land old timey make-believe negro men. i’m interested in TODAY, and what the negro man is doing to save his black american women and children, from the brown/black drug enslavement , drug lords who bring their poison to black american women and children to use and peddle. It is WAY WORSE than the white man’s slavery of yesteryear.

  3. I searched on–and read–posts from Coates and, of course, they were interesting, though it says he won’t be watching it soon. However, this article, from Adam Serwer (found through a Coates posting) is very interesting:

    “An actual black revenge flick would have to banish the myths of black cultural pathology and intellectual inferiority, much as Inglorious Basterds seeks to counter narratives of Jewish helplessness. Django Unchained isn’t a black revenge story. The Cosby Show is a black revenge story.” http://bit.ly/10hpKJY

  4. I totally enjoyed the movie. I thought that some of the violence was overwhelming however, this movie touched every emotion in me. Everyone in the theatre was captivated by the story depicted. I listened to Jaime Fox discuss an incident that occurred in his life while in Texas & this same incident, in part, was incorporated in the movie. The movie was quite credible because the task for ‘Django’ was not made to seem easy in any stretch of the imagination. Dr Boyfriend thank you for your commentary.

    • These ignorant slavery time movies do NOTHING but encourage black fools to continue the black rascism that had them voting for a black face who will do nothing to get them a job, and now the fools r going to lose their little welfare check.

      Whites were enslaved, chinese were murdered by the millions by japanese. African tribest are genociding each other right now.

      You cant move forward by opening up fresh wounds and wallowing in the past.

      Almost every negro today owe their job and everything they have to a white man.

      • Proof that there were slaves who loved their master more than they loved themselves. SMH

        • u stupid and have no comprehension/analyzation skills. how the heck did u get a computer? bill gates should be horse whipped for giving every dummy a computer. by the way bill gates is WHITE so u can thank him for your computer if you have a brain to do so. he could have said “no negro will be allowed to own my invention”

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            CHECK THIS OUT, BOY/GIRL, or whatever you are:

            Philip Emeagwali designed the program and formula for the fastest computer on earth, the Connection Machine. He designed the system of parallel computers that are used by all search engines, for example Yahoo or Search.com. The parallel computer idea was also worked on by individuals such as Burton Smith and Daniel Hillis.

            The Connection Machine with a program developed by Philip Emeagwali solved a 350 year old packing problem that was considered to be one of the great unsolved mathematics problems.

            The Connection Machine and Mr. Emeagwali also designed equations to explain how sperm swim, how polluted groundwater flows, how the Earth’s interior moves and causes volcanic eruptions, finally how to recover petroleum safer and in larger quantities.

            Finally Philip Emeagwali designed the Hyperball computer which is able to forecast long-term global warming patterns.

            Philip Emeagwali’s father went to school with Chike Obi, the first African to get a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Philip Emeagwali was born in 1954 in Nigeria. He was raised in the town of Onitsha which is located in South-Eastern Nigeria.

            Dubbed “Calculus” by schoolmates, Emeagwali at age 14 had mastered the subject, and could even out-calculate his instructors. Then a crisis struck. He had to drop out of school because his family could not afford to send all eight children. But he continued studying on his own, and after getting a general certificate of education from the University of London.

            At the age of 17, he was awarded a full scholarship to Oregon State University where he majored in math. Upon graduation, he attended George Washington University and was awarded two engineering master’s degrees, one in civil engineering and the other in marine engineering, a master’s in mathematics from the University of Maryland.

            He later achieved his doctorate from the University of Michigan in civil engineering (really scientific computing). Philip Emeagwali’s greatest achievement, that warranted him the most praise, was The Connection Machine.



          • HERE’S SOME MORE TRUTH, BOY!!!

            A Black Man Invented The PC As We Know It Today…

            “America’s High Tech “Invisible Man”"
            By Tyrone D. Taborn

            You may not have heard of Dr. Mark Dean. And you aren’t alone. But almost everything in your life has been affected by his work.

            See, Dr. Mark Dean is a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He is in the National Hall of Inventors. He has more than 30 patents pending. He is a vice president with IBM. Oh, yeah. And he is also the architect of the modern-day personal computer. Dr. Dean holds three of the original nine patents on the computer that all PCs are based upon. And, Dr. Mark Dean is an African American.

            So how is! it that we can celebrate the 20th anniversary of the IBM personal computer without reading or hearing a single word about him? Given all of the pressure mass media are under about negative portrayals of African Americans on television and in print, you would think it
            would be a slam dunk to highlight someone like Dr. Dean.

            Somehow, though, we have managed to miss the shot. History is cruel when it comes to telling the stories of African Americans. Dr. Dean isn’t the first Black inventor to be overlooked Consider John Stanard, inventor of the refrigerator, George Sampson, creator of the clothes dryer,
            Alexander Miles and his elevator, Lewis Latimer and the electric lamp.
            All of these inventors share two things:

            One, they changed the landscape of our society; and, two, society relegated them to the footnotes of history. Hopefully, Dr. Mark Dean won’t go away as quietly as they did. He certainly shouldn’t. Dr. Dean helped start a Digital Revolution that created people like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Dell Computer’s Michael Dell. Millions of jobs in information technology can be traced back directly to ! Dr. Dean.

            More important, stories like Dr. Mark Dean’s should serve as inspiration for African-American children. Already victims of the “Digital Divide” and failing school systems, young, Black kids might embrace technology with more enthusiasm! if they knew someone like Dr. Dean already was leading the way.

            Although technically Dr. Dean can’t be credited with creating the computer — that is left to Alan Turing, a pioneering 20th-century English mathematician, widely considered to be the father of modern computer science — Dr. Dean rightly deserves to take a bow for the machine we use today. The computer really wasn’t practical for home or small business use until he came along, leading a team that developed the interior architecture (ISA systems! bus) that enables multiple devices, such as modems and printers, to be connected to personal computers.

            In other words, because of Dr. Dean, the PC became a part of our daily lives. For most of us, changing the face of society would have been enough. But not for Dr. Dean.. Still in his early forties, he has! a lot of inventing left in him.

            He recently made history again by leading the design team responsible for creating the first 1-gigahertz processor chip.. It’s just another huge step in making computers faster and smaller. As the world congratulates itself for the new Digital Age brought on by the personal computer, we need to guarantee that the African-American story is part of the hoopla surrounding the most stunning technological advance the world has ever seen.. We cannot afford to let Dr. Mark Dean become a footnote in history. He is well worth his own history book.


      • @Messie: You are a MESS!!!

        First and foremost, let’s keep it righteous…BLACK PEOPLE DON’T OWE CAUCASOID MALES, A DA*MN THANG!!!

        As a matter of Truth, these demonic devils OWE every Black man, woman, and child REPARATIONS!!! In case you have forgotten, Black people (including children) worked from sun up until sun down for FREE! Now, it’s time for you caucasoids to PAY UP!!!

        The FIRST people to introduce slavery to the world were greedy, murderous, pedophile devils called…caucasoid males. Slavery was introduced in eu(rope) in the early 1400′s to poor caucasoids, who were illiterate, could not read and, who brought syphilis and the common cold when they came to amerikkka, which wiped out the Black indigenous people, that were already here!

        Caucasians invented slavery, deriving from their bondage of slavic peoples. Caucasoids were called ‘slavs’ during the greco-roman era. Caucasiods were also, the first people to build prisons and/or dungeons in Afrika, europe, asia, australia and the amerikkkas.

        Every thang that happened in the past to Black people are still happening today!!! The wounds NEVER healed because we are still being shot, hung, beaten, burned, incarcerated, by a bunch of devils, who will NEVER change!!


        • tell your black president that. not me.

        • I worked in the computer industry for more than 20 years. You need to save your gobbledy gook about the african for some fool who doesnt know better.

          Computers as we know them today were built on Bill Gate’s operating systems, and developed through his company Microsoft.

          In the software industry you have thousands of software engineers working under a company name who write code, test code, and manage the various platforms. ONCE THE INDUSTRY TOOK off, NO ONE PERSON was given exclusive rights to patents. The companies were given RIGHTS to the patents of the engineers employed by them.

          Personally, I worked on a UNIX platform which had many types of codes in use on it’s operating system. Code like Basic, UNIX, C, C++, etc.

          It took many decades for the computer to reach this level of acceptance, and innovation was initially limited to a few large companies and the government which, combined, had the resources required to develop the innovations that ultimately drove the development of the computer. This research considers the role of the government in moving the technology forward, and the role that the government might play in the future of computing innovation.


          THERE ARE “SLAVES”, WHICH MEANS, “PEOPLE HELD IN BONDAGE AND FORCED TO PERFORM THE ROLE OF”…in American right now, about 200,000 to 4 million some people estimate and they are mostly children: boys & girls and the rate is increasing. Child predators are gaining in numbers due to the internet.Instead of being angry get busy. Improve your life by becoming an activist against bondage and enslavement.


      • @jesssie, I beg to differ, I think that 246 years of slavery was a pretty nice gift to white people. If you read a tidbit of black history or World history you would be relieved of your racism or your self hatred. I’m confused because you speak like a white racist.
        In reading history you would understand that black’s free labor is what fueled the Industrial Revolution which secured whites advantages over other people.

        Only white people are allowed to wallow in the past. Everything is predicated on what the Greeks did, that is after stealing everything from black Kemit (Egypt). They salivate at anything that England does. They hear a British accent and that person’s IQ jump to genius level. But, when blacks want to mention some particulars about the past–that’s over with, or we are talking about revisionist history –all of our wounds are self-inflicted.

        I’m sick and tired of whites pretending that they earned their wealth, rather than admit that they got it the old fashion way, through preferential government treatment, exploitation of black labor, expropriation of Indian land, or simply as an inheritance from those who acquired it through one or more of those three ways.

        It’s time America understood that despite current political rhetoric, blacks are not the primary recipients of federal grants, “giveaways,” and subsidies. Historically, the largest recipients of federal government largess have been railroads, ranchers farmers, and miners. Theoretically, public lands and resources within the U.S. are owned by or held in trust for all citizens. This has not happen. for its black citizens.

        Dominant society used its power to label blacks lazy, ignorant and criminal, then enacted laws that denied them jobs, education and justice. And, through the most insidious act of all, dominant society used its social powers to assign an intensely negative human worth to black skin color, that caused millions of blacks to fear each other and hate themselves.

        And, we all know that if many whites know that an establishment is black, it is rare that they will patronize that businesses. And blacks suffering from the syndrome described by the honorable Farrakhan’s words, “that their ice is colder than our ice”, illness.

        Blacks don’t owe America nothing and if you would read just one book, Claud Anderson, Black Labor, White Wealth you would be seriously enlighten. Furthermore, you would stop speaking as an ignorant man.

        • Sorry for the errors. I simply cannot write in these little boxes.

        • I dont know why I should even bother to respond to you, since you have plenty of problems in your own homeland you should be working on instead of butting your nose in american black affairs, but I’ll just say:

          Most of what you said is true, and I do know that, but only fools continue to look backward. As long as you are looking behind you, you can not see what is in front of you.

          There just might be a reason that certain factions of the rascist white types WHO WANT NEGROES TO CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON THE PAST, SO that they will not see the destruction that lies ahead of him.

          Just like negroes have evolved, a large number of whites have evolved. In order to save our country from the haters, we must put the past behind us.

          We must take each white man as he comes, just like MLK died for us to do. We cant ask the white man to stop his rascist ways, when we’re not willing to do the same. The election of obama proved to the world that black america cannot be trusted to do the very things he complains against the white man for not doing. If we want the white man to be better, we must be better.

  5. Bro. Willie Muhammad

    It he use of the N-word is a part of the historical setting of the movie. It’s a historical fact that’s what they called, thought of and made us into. In the movie you will see that TQ makes whites shows whites in a very ignorant way. I can only think of a few movies where black folks come out on top – Hoodlum and Harlem Nights. This is a good movie. I did not see where it insulted our ancestors. I have grown so tired of seeing movies about slavery that don’t have characters that stand up and fight for theirs.

    • Brother Muhammad,

      While I don’t glorify the use of the N word, it is what was in existece during the time. However, please help me understand the love of the N word in the rap songs of today that glorify the use of the word and want to get mad when G. Paltrow is on stage with her friends (Beyonce and Jay Z) singing the song. If the N word is okay for rap then it is okay for everybody. Stop swaying with the use of the N word.

  6. Bro. Willie Muhammad

    I can’t recall ever reading about Spike Lee taking issue with the disrespect of Dr. King and Rosa Parks in Barbershop by Ice Cube. If someone has an article that shows he does please let me know.

  7. Spike says that he can’t raise the funding for his movies. Why can’t this producer partner with Spike and help Spuke tell his stories. I have no desire to see a slave themed movie in 2012. I don’t care how many three points of goodness it is. Do Jews enjoy seeing remakes of the Holocaust?

    • So the spike lee negro needs some more affirmative action???? LOL LOL no matter how much blessings the white man has showered on blacks THEY NEVER BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT EVEN FOR THEIRSEVLES, AND CREATE JOBS FOR THE COMMUNITY.

      The owner of Walmart started with NOTHING, and created MILLIONS of jobs. That oprah with all of her afffirmative action billions creates no JOBS that make a significant impact. White folks need to take all their money back and CREATE the jobs that the american people need. Negro affirmative action fools do nothing but bury their talents and never multiply it once the white man takes his hand off of them and kicks them out of the nest.


      Your mind has to grow, your mind has to stretch to a place, a canvass, that shows all that is human and then everything will make far better sense to you. The whole of life and living is a lifetime of study.

      But let me say this: Before you curseth the acts and behaviors of ‘African’ & ‘AfricanAmerican’ Ancestry: those Americans who were held in bondage from circa July 4, 1776 on… and even opressed to this day…you must make it your life’s quest to study human(e) slavery. [HUMANITY IS ANTITHETICAL TO ENSLAVEMENT,BUT NOT 'SERFDOM' BUT 'THE AMERICAN SLAVE TRADE' WAS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED BRUTALITY (SOME SAY A WHOLE NEW BRAND) EVEN SO, WHEN ANY FORM OF IT HAPPENS IN A HUMANITY WE KNOW IT IS DYS-HUMANITY OR INHUMANITY, THUS, AUTOMATICALLY WRONG & EVIL; THEREFORE:AN ATROCITY!!] You must see that people in bondage act & behave the same throughout history: the script is actually the same. It is really easy to say what you will do when it is not happening to you. There are ‘white people’ who have said what they would have done and what they would do now if it happened; they would rise up and fight, all that. The truth of the matter is: this is not so! Individuals may give it a go but the masses will not; however, the Native Americans escaped enslavement and suffered a holocaust but the Europeans could not capture them and hold them because the Natives knew where to go when they escaped. This was their land; this was their mountains, their water and so on, and, the buffalo was their food source. They were only aprehended when their food source was destroyed, so then, they went through a holocaust. *The DEVIL/EVIL was loose in this theater. History proves that people will not escape in mass, as an automatic response unless the gates are opened to them like it was during the Civil War. It depends on the circumstances.

      In other words, I’m hoping that today’s young people (I was raised and came up in the South & had to learn that even New York had enslaved people, enslaved Americans), I’m wanting young people today to address the issue,life event,and dys-humanity called ‘slavery’ and understand it globally. With that perspective AfricanAmerican ancestry can be hailed instead of further dehumanized.

      *Do something intelligent: If you saw “D’Jango”, then spend another ten bucks and see “Les Miserables”–about another form of slaver & dys-humanity but with a white hero like D’Jango had a black hero. *Please notice there is a ‘slave’ or ‘enslaved’ song in the beginning of “LM”.

      They were never slaves, sayeth my book, they were always people held in bondage and atrocitized to no end: beaten, raped, dismembered, burned, lynched, raped, sold…all that. They were not the first and they will not be the last. There are people held in bondage today, right now, in America, and just the way we live with it today is just the way early Americans lived with “The American Slave Trade”.

      *’RACE’,the theory & concept, NEVER EXISTED; it was always a lie/ a false premise because people like me and Barack Obama existed from the word go. If the theory of ‘race’ was truly intelligent we could not have been conceived and born.–MO

  8. I could not have said it better Dr. Boyce. It was so great to see Jamie, a black man, as hero; and, of course Samuel was the ultimate Uncle Tom and more – both deserve Oscars. Quentin did it again. I too, loved this movie.

  9. F$@k Spike!!!!

  10. Django was good entertainment and a minor tour de force in the genesis of inter and intra-race relations. My view is that Tarantino and Reginald Huddlin have made a (near) great film. But a review of “Django” (the “D” is silent) is not what has motivated my comment. I watched the film and never once heard any character utter the phrase “N word”! I heard characters refer to Black slaves as “n****r” many times though! Let’s stop being so d**n cute and politically correct with the word “n****r”. It exists and is used most commonly by racist and the ignorant as a pejorative to refer most often to the African-American descendants (and other diaspora and aboriginal Africans). When we lapse into the cuteness and political correctness of “the N word” we exonerate the racist and long history of oppression inherent in “n****r”. Dr. Boyce is correct when he says that “n****r” was used in the correct context in the film. It’s use should be instructive of the correct nature and oppressive history of “n****r”. Grown (and educated) folk should be secure enough in their intellect to acknowledge the nature and history of “n****r” and rather than advocate by use the PC phrase “the N word”, we should advocate the “n****r” and it’s various derivatives never be used as terms of endearment and only in the context of reference to racist and their history and contemporary political intentions.

    • The ORIGINAL niqqers are caucasoids!

      Negroids and caucasoids don’t really know the TRUE meaning of this word! It has NOTHING to do with BLACK people!!! These caucasoids, who make stupid and NIGorant remarks know, they are the ORIGINAL ‘niqqers’ on the planet!


      A niqqa/niqqard/niqqar/niqqer is a caucasoid!!! Crackers once called themselves NIQQArds [notice the word 'n***a'] during our forced enslavement. When caucasoid’s enslaved us; they called it NIQQARDLY DEEDS. A niqqard is someone, who is STINGY; a MISER or a MEAN individual, who STEALS “OTHER” PEOPLE’S POSSESSIONS.

      Aren’t caucasoids STINGY when it comes to our justice, liberty, civil rights, and freedom? Do you see them patronizing our businesses? A MISER is a greedy person, who hoards money for his OWN sake, even at the EXPENSE of his OWN comfort. Aren’t these demonic/devils MEAN toward us? A niqqard is also a WRETCH.

      A WRETCH is a very UNHAPPY and UNFORTUNATE person. The majority of caucasoids are UNHAPPY and UNFORTUNATE! The xtian song entitled ‘Amazing Grace’ was written by an ex-slave owner!!! He wrote that song because he finally realized, that he was a ‘niqqard’ or WRETCH, and he changed his ways! This song has NOTHING to do with Black people. These caucasoids are UNHAPPY because; they HATE being pale, white, and colorless people. They are UNFORTUNATE because they are evil, and Ithey are d[evils].

      Now, let me break it down to you in street language. A niqqer/niqqar/niqqard/niqqa, is a caucasoid, who is a MEAN, STINGY, GREEDY, MISERABLE, UNHAPPY, UNFORTUNATE WRETCH, and, who STEALS OTHER PEOPLE’S POSSESSIONS. Now, haven’t caucasoids been stealing from “OTHER” people ALL of their lives, especially from BLACK PEOPLE?

      They STOLE us from Afrika, they are stealing our raw materials, such as; gold, diamonds, copper, and other Earthly goods from Afrika, to this day!!! Now, these ‘niqqers’ are stealing that BLACK GOLD aka OIL out of Afrika!!! Also, aren’t these caucasoid beasts, STINGY when it comes to giving us our rights, as Black people? Aren’t these creatures STINGY when it comes to our freedom, liberty, and justice? Arent’ they STEALING our voting rights, today?

      BLACK PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT ‘n*****s’

      Let’s get to the Divine color of BLACK! Black is a cosmic principle of life, and the ONLY COLOR, which perfectly absorbs or ACCEPTS ALL wavelengths of light and energy! The word cosmic relates to the UNIVERSE or the cosmos, such as the (sun, moon, stars and planets). What color is the Universe…BLACK!!! The word cosmos means; RARE; grandiose, or having MAGNFICENCE; GRAND QUALITY; an orderly harmonious systematic universe; therefore, we are a rare unique people, and we have a grand quality about ourselves.


      Let’s continue: ALL energy comes from the Black Messiah/God (Ra), which is the Sun, that radiates energy to the world. Psalm 84:11 reads: “For the LORD God is our SUN and our shield.” Without the Sun, there would be no plant life, hue-man life, or animal life…they ALL depend on the Sun God (Ra). Most people are not aware that DARK MATTER is inside the Sun, and that’s what Ra-diates heat!!

      The un-color ‘white’ reflects or REJECTS energy!!! In ancient times; the color ‘white’ represented the devil, evil, death, destruction and demonology!!! While, on the other hand, the color BLACK represented HOLINESS, AND THE IMAGE OF GOD; THE BLACK MESSIAH!!!

      The background of the UNIVERSE is BLACK, which is the BLACK HOLE in space! Once you leave MOTHER BLACK EARTH’s atmosphere, you enter in the BLACK UNIVERSE!!!

      Therefore, WE ARE NOT niqqers, and Black people need to stop being so accepting of this word!! Negroids are too scared to call caucasoid’s…niqqers because they have been so MANIPULATED in beLIEving, that they are ‘niqqers’.


  11. At the end of the day people have become insensitive to the black experience in America. “That ole bush just keeps on burning no one seems to be learning” (EWF). We as a people with credentials are still undermined throughout the world. A slave film just confirms that. What about gun violence in our community, poverty, homelessness. What God do we serve? Filmmakers are not glorifying people of color neither are the masses. America loved our Goddess Oprah until she step out of it’s shadow to become a network. The negative verbatim hit the airwaves. Not one African American male public figure or celebrity stepped in to defend her. Now that would have been more powerful than a slave movie. Think about it …JLK

    • Defend her???? Black american men should have called for her to be put off the air, when she aired all them dirty stereotypical shows against black men – calling them down low, and every low life vermin on the planet without balancing all that negativity with some positivity.

      She didn’t even have sense enough to know that Steve Harvey is a winner, and only recently started airing shows with black people AFTER all her white shows failed. the black community, especially black men, owe her nothing, but a boycott. iylana and sweetie pie r the only shows i watch on there.

  12. Wow! “N****r” Really? We are that insecure that there is an auto-censor for “N****r”! Is there a censor of “ofay”, “honky”, “cracker”, “rabbit”, “white trash”, “bukrah”? An auto-censor for “N****r” is juvenile!

    • @L.AQ’82–The most salient point that can be made here is that whites are not using those appellations to describe themselves. Neither are the Chinese calling himself a ‘c***k’, nor the Italians calling themselves wops, etc. In fact, I have forgotten what the other races of people were called when they got here. It is only the black man who is degrading himself by labeling himself a ni**er. These hundreds of years of calling ourselves ni**ers has not changed the meaning of the word, just the acceptability of blacks calling each other ni**er and the continued understanding of what the word ni**er means. So why would a people use a negative derogative name created by their enemy. What an honor!

      I have not seen the movie-I have to have a few more reviews- I can say that n****r was used by white degrader and blacks who accepted its negative connotations in slavery and blacks and racist whites have passed it usage down. For sure it wasn’t a word of endearment made up by slavers. And they don’t use it as a term of endearment now. Ni**er might have many connotations, but LOVE is not one of them.

      What we need now more than any other thing is to practice critical thinking and group interest.

  13. Just as there is an auto-censor for f****t, sissy, b**ch.
    Yes! it is deplorable. You sound like a slave Mister!

  14. nice, might watch this joint today. Spike Lee had discouraged me from it, i figured it was some more c**n a*s garbage portraying us in the way they always have, but now I’m interested in seeing otherwise. Thanks a lot

  15. I wasn’t that impressed with the formulaic damsel in distress story, with exaggerated pro and con accounts of history, must say I had been tainted by viewing most of the re ran, Roots sagga, playing currently on BET,..I would say, yes , its a good entertaining film for the holidays that was just ok for me…

  16. Why do we act shocked when some people use the n-word? ESPECIALLY during SLAVERY! It sounds like this movie may help pave the way for strong black heroes and superheroes in Hollywood. How long have we been waiting for that? Ever since there even was a Hollywood?

    The only thing I don’t like is that had a black person wanted to do the same movie, there would be resistance. After this, if a black person does a same movie and the gatekeepers start whining, all he or she has to do is point to Tanrintino.

  17. Dr. Boyce, please stop “misleading” your people. “We is” easily mislead.

  18. Spike Lee is simply acting out of pure jealousy. Instead of this unnecessary jealousy, he should be happy that others have an interest in promoting Blacks as human beings with human emotions. The promotion might not be perfect, but it is an attention that Blacks badly need. Frankly, most Blacks do not even seem to care to promote their own self-worth. However, when someone of a different race does it for them, they seem to have issues with it. So, on behalf of Blacks, I would like thank Mr. Tarantino; I wish him continued success.

  19. **I would like to…

  20. I find it very interesting that a newcomer to the movie industry, Tyler Perry, can not only get financing for his movies but build a movie studio and yet the affirmative action negro Spike Lee, who was showered with advantages, cant get a movie financed????

    Spike Lee must be a bigger fool than I thought. But then, rascist whites, usually selected the dumbest negro they could find to shower with affirmative action benefits, so I shouldn’t be surprised that now that affirmative action has ended, this negro cant survive on a level playing field.

  21. WOW…while studying communications and having the opportunity to make my own films now…I am going to start with documentaries and
    then make my own movies and see how many critics I have. SMH! Black ppl always got to condemn, destroy, and tear down each other its a d**n shame.

  22. I went to the movie to see the film and both shows were sold out except the late late show and my brand new husband did not want to wait or come back. We are going to see it today.

  23. Ole Spike needs to chill and people how can you make a movie about slavery without using the N-word? No one gets made when rappers use it

    • old comedians use the “n” word more than anyone, but old negroes hate to see young rappers do anything but pray and read the bible, while they engage in all kinds of debauchery.

  24. What most people don’t realize is that the resistance was just as relevant as the enslavement itself. Not all Africans were slaves. But of course folks rely only on the images and stories taught in school houses and textbooks in order to keep you enslaved unbeknownst to the lazy. If TRUTH be told and if Black folks really learn the truths of OURstory there would be no turning back. However, nobody has to worry about that anytime soon, because worshipping the white man’s lie IS the truth!

  25. I saw Django yesterday, and enjoyed it, but I expected a thicker plot/storyline for a 2.5 hr movie. This is coming from a big Tarantino fan. I believe I’ll watch this a second time at some point, but not several times like my other Tarantino favorites. To address the “N word”, I think people need to understand a couple of things. 1) Quentin Tarantino is an over the top director, period. He’s going to exaggerate many aspects of his films, specifically violence and language. You’re not going to simply be shot in the head in his movies. You’re head will explode, and splatter. Language will be filthy and funny. He is anything but polite, and I appreciate that. 2) the use of “the N word” was the status quo at that time. Blacks were not yet black, African American, or even negroes. Those terms were introduced on a wide scale by Black activists and intellectuals years later as we started to form a unified identity as a people. I was not offended at all by the use of the word in the film. Although it may have seemed obsessive, it was pretty true to reality.

    I must also say that I love Spike Lee, but his criticism has become annoying. Unlike most people, I actually saw Red Hook Summer and was a little uncomfortable with his subject matter, ironically. Red Hook was about a Baptist preacher who after being somewhat praised and appreciated throughout the movie, was found out to be someone completely different. The film openly questioned the legitimacy of religion and the church. These two directors are both known for pushing the envelope, and I don’t mind being forced to think or rethink about my feelings on certain matters. However, if Spike can trash Quentin for Django, after Red Hook, he may have some questions to answer as well.

  26. I Agree with Dr. Boyce to a degree. It was good seeing a black man as a hero during the days of slavery;it reminded me of Nat Turner. And the length that he went to save his wife was admirable as well. The cast were dope in their executions but, it took me on turns that didn’t sit well with me. The use of the N word was cool with me because that was the reality of that time for sure, but, the way the comedy came across was odd and desensitized the slavery experience. I’ve never seen any art form depicting the Jewish Holocaust in a comedic way that desensitized their experience. Besides that “Django unchained” had more good moments than bad but something didn’t sit right in my gut nor my beautiful black wife’s after seeing it.

  27. Well made movie that was funny but was in your face about injustice. It also reminds the African American culture that there must be boldness in fighting for what you deserve and love.

  28. Thanks for calling Spike Lee out and setting the record straifht!! For Spike Lee to criticize the film without EVER having seen it speaks of jealously and envy. Slavery and what happened during that time is a part of history that we can’t erase. We need films like this to educate us about the real slavery. We certainly don’t get it in books written by white folks!! As you said, this film could only have been made by a white director/producer to give it the impact it needs to have on ALL races so that it NEVER happens again!!

  29. Ava DuVernay – gorgeous beyond words and talented just the same. Good that someone mentioned her as a film maker.

  30. I saw it yesterday and didn’t like it. My son did. After reading this essay I now see reasons to appreciate the film. Thanks, Boyce. The main thing I didn’t like was the business about the three areas of indentation differing between blacks and whites- making one subservient and the other race creative. What will probably be lost on people in reference to that is how creative Sam Jackson’s character was.

  31. I’m sure Denzel Washington used the n-word in the movie training day..more times than I heard it watching django. Dr Boyce did you go to the movie out of curiosity or did you want to go see the movie as a form of entertainment like everyone else? Keep it real bruh don’t put it off on Spike Lee!

  32. The movie’s use of the ‘n’ word pulls a double duty here- 1. It’s realistic and 2. When portrayed within the context of slavery, extremely subversive.

    I do not like the word, no matter who uses it, to refer to my people. That includes whites AND hiphop thugs singing in rap songs. Period. I look forward to the day when no one is using that word any longer to refer to a past people who were stolen from Africa and subjected to the horrors of slavery, made to work 24 hours/day FOR FREE, not allowed to be educated or even married, etc, etc.

    I do not like QT’s overuse of violence in his films, but the man is such a genius in his use of film, I watch his movies and cover my eyes when the violent scenes appear. lol

  33. Not supporting blacks to tell their own stories is just as DISTASTEFUL as whites raising black kids cause black men are too poor or incarcerated to do so. It is normal to TELL YOUR OWN d**n STORIES AND RAISE YOUR OWN KIDS. SMH

  34. Here it is 2013 and we as Black Americans are still concerned about what white people think of us?Seriously?The demographics of the country have changed.While racism does still exist amongst some,the cultures have become so intertwined that the next generation really doesn’t get what the fuss is all about.Take my son for example.He has Korean,white,black,mexican friends and they all talk,dress, and act alike.Neither has this pre-concieved notion of what each culture is “supposed”to be.They simply embrace each other as friends.Isn’t that MLK’s dream?

    • Yes it is Vernon. Negro leaders like jesse jackson, etc, MAKE THEIR LIVING ON WALLOWING IN THE PAST. Lotts wife looked back and became a pillar of salt.

      Eventhough whites helped elect a negro president, negroes still blame whites for everything. They should be demanding that obama do his job that their tax money pay him to do.

      Affirmative action negroes feel like it should never end. That whites should continue until the end of time paying back the american negro. They dont ever want to shoulder responsibility for creating jobs and helping their own community. They run around claiming to be trying to help all black people with their 2 shillings and are helping none.

      • “That whites should continue until the end of time paying back the american negro.” Did I wake up and missed reparations paid to the descendants of X slaves in America. Every penny past and present Blacks have recieved in America was earned. Even goverment entilements are earned by all American citizens(mostly whites)who recieve them.

  35. Dr. Boyce is wrong on all 3 points. The fat is that in most states and territories free blacks were not allowed to carry guns,some didn’t even allow ownership.There may have been 1 or 2 Django’s but basically this is a fiction.The real black male hero’s resisted,worked and paid to free their families or escaped with their families.Most endured and survived the brutal system.
    Most of the black love was between mothers, their sons and siblings.
    Slavery didn’t allow bonding or love the way we think about it.
    There were breeding farms where the biggest strongest black males were paired with black women by their masters. Most women had babies with multiple men, both black and white.Most masters would sell men or women if their was any sign of bonding because they didn’t want trouble or a revolt. Relationships between mothers, sons and siblings were encouraged because they became hostages, suppressing hostility.
    Most black slave women and children were workers, baby factories or forced prostitutes.They also served the s****l pleasure of their masters,sons and paying travelers.White women and black male slaves were powerless to stop this rape and abuse. According to historical records when male slaves and indentured servants attacked or killed their masters it was mostly because the master assaulted their mother or a sibling.
    Again the film is not correct with it’s use of the N word. This word became fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of German immigrants who have a similar word in their vocabulary. Slaves were called by their assigned names or called boy, gal,mammy or pappy.
    I haven’t seen the film but I doubt that it even remotely reflects our slave experience. An experience that included Eugenics, mentally and physically handicapped slave children were routinely murdered.
    Miscegination and rape, there are no African Americans that have slave ancestors who do not show evidence by their skin color or features or name.Lynching, beatings, castration and many other unspeakable crimes are a part of our experience.A few states have issued apologies for slavery, few films, books or educational programs explain historical slavery. Most Americans would rather forget or gloss over our slave history and instead talk about the great things that our founding fathers did. The myth is that our country became great because of hard work and American exceptionalism.
    The fact is that if you take any country and give them 200 years of slavery and 100 years of involuntary servitude, that country will emerge as the richest, most powerful country in the world. Thats America.

    • Thank you Sid… I sat here cringing at the bulk of remarks praising a film that harbingers our further demise at the hand of white-racist-fantasy, all because it was ‘entertaining’ and because they got to see a Black guy kills some White people on film. Yet, Whites kill Black people by way of film everyday.

      The pathology we suffer as a people is enormous.

      No critique over the fact that supporting this industry is to support the same hollywood that has for many decades,as now continues to denigrate, Black people; in support of the came capitalist (economic exploitation) system that made us slaves in the first place; supporting the same industry that tomorrow we will exclaim “denies the story of Black people being told, except through White imagination…”. How pathetic.

      People who would cast Spike Lee to the gutter – despite his significant contribution to Black cinema and the Black voice being heard in media – for a White director who has no greater motive than that of making money off of a subject that Black people would feel compelled to see (as though this hadn’t be planned). Can you say Judas’s

      I guess some Black people really meant: “I would give anything to see a Black man shoot up some White people in a film” because in exchange for said film White folks got everything else – film industry, advertising, theaters, capital, and lots of Black supporters at the box office, and much of nothing else.

      • Excellent commentary:

        This is what integration and religion has done to the minds of negroids. When they see Jamie Foxx, in this fake role, it makes them feel good because in Reality, they’re scared to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT to their enemies.

        How, can Boyce call Django a hero?

        Roots has been shown on Buffoonery Entertainment Tell-a-LIE-vision (BET) all week. This was a plan because the True fake meaning of xmess is also, not told. The slave maker would switch roles with the slaves on December 25th, AND they would ‘play’ the role of the slave, and the slave would play the role of the master. The massa would let the slave BEAT him, and a playful way!!! This is where ‘bondage’ came into play to please caucasoids, se*xually!!!

        Notice, the movie consists of ‘slaves’ and the female caucasoid, also has power over the enslaved people, in the movie. This is done to keep chicken-hearted negroids in their place. They are showing this movie because it is a code movie to show scared negroids what will happen to them if they REBEL!!!

        This is why negroids today are so timid, submissive and chucky cheese acting today; because they love their enemies. They will cheese, skin and grin in front of their modern day massas because they have become used to being treat like shyt! THEY HAVE “CONSTIPATED” MINDS!!!

        Ukuthula! (Peace!)

    • Thank you for that enlightening report Sid. Most all black americans have been fed a bunch of one sided garbage from so-called black democratic leaders. We need to know the truth. We have way too many educated people to continue to wallow in lies. Not only that we need to know the struggles of other people.

      Whites were slaves at a time in history, and hardly any negroes know about that, because whites want to keep their superior stance, by not letting the truth get out.

      And negroes seem to have closed ears, and want to believe they are special cases because of slavery and need handouts because of slavery until the end of time.

  36. Why in the h**l would i pay money just to sit in the movie theatre to see see and hear a movie made by a white dude with the N word being bandied about like its out of style and its fictional to boot?.Some black are pathetic,they,ll find all kinds of reasons to defend this BS.I,m sick to death of hearing the N word being bandied about in the entertainment world and i,m even more sick of black celebs and other black folks defending this c**p.If it was any other nation jews,east indians asians,you,ll soon hear them shouting how racist it is and organize all kinds of protests and rallies to illustrate the fact ,not tired a*s black
    folks ,they don,t stand for anything nowadays.

  37. Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist and if he could have won the war by other means …he would have done so. Remember Kentucky and some of the other southern states were allowed to keep their slave laws as part of a compromise when he was pushing the 13th amendment. He also thought that the resettlement of blacks outside of the U.S. was a good thing for he believed that there could be no social equality between the races. I always wondered why Tony Kushner omitted that visit between Douglas and Lincoln until I saw the interview with him by Bill Moyers on PBS.

    • Big dummy if you give me one million dollars today, I guarantee you that I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      The end result is what counts you d**n fool.

      He freed your black azz and you should be grateful or take your black azz to africa so that they can enslave you right now, right here, today.

      I’m sick of dumb negro sh8t and by the way so are a lot of white folks, who are going to TAKE BACK that job and everything positive they did for you, soon and very soon.

  38. I keep reading there was humor in this movie. How could any part of slavery ever be funny? Also, can QT or anyone make a movie about a black hero who is not a slave????talk about damning with faint praise. Are we so desperate for people to see something positive about black people we will accept this pale imitation?

  39. Dr. Watkins, big ups to you on your break down and understanding of the movie project. Even thou I detest the n-word and was guilty of using it for about half of my life, I have not used it over the last 20 years. With that said, based on the historical aspect of the movie I don’t think they used the n-word as much as they could have. We are so fickle and unreal in our thought process concerning the real facts of history as it relates to man’s inhumanity to man. Can you really come to terms rather you like it or not, how many times a black person was called the n-word in one day and night of any given 24 hour period. So let’s be real as real talk goes!! There was no politicly correct speech that we presume to now have, as it relates to how one is addressed. No! I’m not worried about a White person calling me the n-word to my face and will not allow it no more than I have presently or in the past. I have Books of Black History Slave trade, as well as spoken eye witness testimony from my Great-Grandfather how Slaves were treated. So if you really don’t know how many times the n-word was used,regardless of how much you think it was overused, ask someone!

  40. Grate review Dr. Watkins. The n-word was really under used as it related to that time period. I stopped using the n-word 20 years ago, and detest anyone using it outside of a meaningful Historical prospective, such as a movie or Documentary.

    • i have heard africans say that the “n” word is a reference to people who lived along the river “niger” and is not this abomination that american negroes think it is. Any educated thoughts dr. boyce.

  41. I was lucky to have had a Black Marxist for an advisor when i was in college. When i started with him (Lee Johnson)i told him i wanted to major in Southeast Asian studies. The first things he had me read were Capital Vol.1, Ch.27 & 28. When I finished that he assigned me Gutman’s The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom. I finished the work with him by reading Dubois’ Reconstruction, Elkin’s Slavery, and CLR James’ Black Jacobins.
    All of a sudden, Southeast Asia didn’t seem quite as interesting a subject. As a 62 year old white guy I can never say how truly grateful I am that Lee educated me and taught me that there was more than enough tight here to keep me busy. It would be nice if this movie led white viewers to delve into the large number of books that show, not only how inhuman slavery was, but how the Reconstruction era has been misrepresented.
    Thank you, Lee.

  42. White folks know that negroids are entertainment junkies and they will go see a fly on sh@t as long as its a few black characters to mask the profit motive. We will never have the pull or pride of Jews or Asians or Latinos. I want to know if George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez or Ben Stiller would act for a movie that depicts the Latin or Jewish experience in an subjective manner? I doubt it. Ill not support this type of ” entertainment” with my cash and i know im in the minority but a lot of times in life u have to travel the road less traveled, and Hollyhood and QT will not get none of my money for that mess. And my Jewish coworker told me he will not see it because its not something they like to take part in, I wish we had the same cahones …Hotep

    • Bro Imhotep:

      These fake khazars (joos) are really european germans. They were born in Na*zi germany, who were the ashke[na*zi] joos, and the khazars, who were the fake joos from Khazaria!!!

      I don’t even address them a*s joos, because they ARE NOT joos! They are fake and imposters!!! They are really eu(ropeans), who left na*zi, germany to BECOME joos!!!

      Revelation 2:9 reads: “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are jews, and ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of satan.”

      Revelation 3:9 reads: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are jews, and ARE NOT, but do LIE…”

      Too long, have we accepted the word joo, as a race of people, but being a joo, IS NOT A RACE OF PEOPLE!!! They are ‘glorified’ europeans, and BECAME joos because of the mother’s seed.

      They are devils and worship satan in their synagogues, and this is why the words, satan and devil are capitalized!!! They knew that the Black Messiah was God, and this is why they spell His name g_d!!!

      The late John Henrik Clarke will explain it better than me. Check out his video: “Who Exactly Is A jew”

      Ukuthula! (Peace!)

  43. The Spirit of Truth

    What compells people of African descent to pay $8-15 to have white folk call them nigg*r over 100 times? I’m perplexed, confused and dismayed. We fought for decades to have this word removed from the everyday lexicon and here we have rave reviews for a film where it is used and abused. Call me a former passive negro who left that designation on the trash heap of yesterday. SMDH

    • It’s ashame that negroids will NEVER wake up!!! You NEVER see a negroid on tell-a-LE-vision or the big screen call these demonic devils…crackers, honkeys, niqqers, caucasoids, or even caucasians!!! They are so da*mn scared of these demons, that these words NEVER role out of their mouths.

      Just look at some of these chicken hearted negroids on this site; they attack me for calling these devils what they really are: devils and demons!! Most negroids, and Black people are not aware that caucasoids are the FIRST ‘NIQQERS’ ON THE PLANET!!! They used to call themselves ‘niqqards’ during our forced enslavement because of their ‘niqqardly’ deeds.

      I’m glad you finally woke up, and realized that we are the most hated culture on the planet; not because we are Black, but because caucasoids HATE that pale, mushy, gooey, hairy skin!!!

      By the way…a caucasoid female revealed this Truth to me!!!


      • You’re on to something. WHITES do HATE their skin color, that is a major source of illness and death for them.

        We are not the most hated culture on the planet. That is a lie fed to you by white supremacist and browns/blacks who are jealous of your position in America. The lowliest black in the american projects lives in a brick bldg, with heat, running water, electricity, TVs and toasters. The 3rd world people come to america and shun you before you shun them when you find out they just stepped out of a cave, a toilet in the bushes, a dirty river for drinking water, and mud huts with dirt floors. You mistake their envy for hatred. Their biggest fear is that you have the power to deport them back to the homelands that they HATE and never want to return. They know that the project dweller in america is a million times better off than they. They dont understand why you hate the white man who gives you such riches LOL, when their black/brown elite give them nothing – not even the crumbs from their table.

        The bible says that jealousy is as cruel as the grave, so I stay away from the 3rd world who will do any and every dirty thing to replace me in rascist america, and would do anything to escape their black and brown oppressors of their homelands.

  44. Bravo Dr. Watkins ! Spike sit the h**l down.

  45. I will go and see it and write my review on the film. There were plenty of Black men that fought to keep their family together during slavery . Can someone gives me the name of the books about Black men and women fighting to hold US together during slavery?

  46. I respect Dr. Boyce to a certain degree, he has a great mind and his command of economics is exquisite. However, he has a platform where he chooses to criticize Black figures with regularity,(Nas,Spike,the black athletes that are broke, etc.) while giving various white folks a pass. Do you think that the Jews will accept the portrayal of the holocaust by any Black directors? So why are we so receptive to the portrayal of the worst holocaust known to man,being directed by a whiteman?

    To view a movie and become enamored by the depiction of Black heroism and Black love being sufficient is ludicrous to me. Do we need another portrayal of slavery? How many illustrations of this institution do we need? I am always suspect of the subliminal messages that penitentiary and slavery movies produces. There has to to be a motive for Black people to accept thier position as inmates and slaves. If this is not the agenda,then why don’t we have a variety of movies that show us as heroes and sheroes?

    It seems as if there is a competition amongst Black leadership to be THE VOICE of Black America by villifying,instead of doing the work. It is THE WORK that exults individuals to position of leadership. We have to remove the slave mentality from our psychic on the daily.

    The irony of us discussing another slave movie shows me that we have not progress much. Let us continue the endless and beautiful struggle of breaking the psychological chains of slavery.

    • Back in the day we called talked like this; the NITTY GRITTY!!! Meaning the Truth.

      I have been teaching this Truth for a long time, and negroids are getting worse instead of getting better! They have become used to hearing LIES, and don’t want to accept the Truth. These slave movies only keep weak negroids WEAKER, and passive negroids more DOCILE. These caucasoids know what they are doing, but negroids are so blind to the Truth, they will NEVER be the gods and goddesses that the Black Messiah told US to be.

      You must OVERstand that, this racist educational system TRAINED negroids to beLIEve, that OURstory is only a his/story or his-LIE of being slaves, which is their LIE.

      There is a piece called the EDUCATED SLAVE, which is a good read. Look it up, and you will see why Dr. Boyce, and the other negroids love this film.

      Ukuthula! (Peace!)

  47. I saw the movie in Mississippi. Apart from Spike Lee’s criticism, I could not get past the utter cruelty of the acts to embrace the humor. If you have ANY understanding of slavery during this period, it is disrespectful to mix slapstick humor with these human atrocities. Black Intellectuals, like Dr Watkins may need to move from white academia to Black reality. Sometimes we get lost. I love Spike for his locality to the truth of the brutality and his unwillingness to by the “white boy’s truth. Imagine the portrayal of the genocide of Jews in Germany with a comedic edge, EVEN with a character located by Fox. Simply would NOT happen! Jews wouldn’t allow it and this director wouldn’t have ever thought to do it? WHY Black people? Even more disturbing to me was the laughter from the Blacks on the audience. Our CHILDREN & many adults NEED a History lesson on their own history. Then maybe it wouldn’t be so funny

    • Nothing, but the Truth!!!

      Our people are so ignorant of their glorious past. WE WERE NOT BORN INTO SLAVERY; WE WERE ENSLAVED, AND THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

      Anytime these cauasoids make movies about OURstory, they still make a mockery out of it!!! No way, this movie should’ve been shown in a comedic portrayal.

      But, what else would you expect from Jamie Foxx?


      Ukuthula! (Peace!)

    • I agree with you Wilma about the laughter from the Blacks in the audience – it was very disturbing each time the N-word was used and how many times the audience laugh. Our children and many adults need a history lesson on the lives of African American individuals and others.

    • @L.AQ’82–The most salient point that can be made here is that whites are not using those appellations to describe themselves. Neither are the Chinese calling himself a ‘c***k’, nor the Italians calling themselves wops, etc. In fact, I have forgotten what the other races of people were called when they got here. It is only the black man who is degrading himself by labeling himself a ni**er. These hundreds of years of calling ourselves ni**ers has not changed the meaning of the word, just the acceptability of blacks calling each other ni**er and the continued understanding of what the word ni**er means. So why would a people use a negative derogative name created by their enemy. What an honor!

      I have not seen the movie-I have to have a few more reviews- I can say that n****r was used by white degrader and blacks who accepted its negative connotations in slavery and blacks and racist whites have passed it usage down. For sure it wasn’t a word of endearment made up by slavers. And they don’t use it as a term of endearment now. Ni**er might have many connotations, but LOVE is not one of them.

      What we need now more than any other thing is to practice critical thinking and group interest.

    • “Imagine the portrayal of the genocide of Jews in Germany with a comedic edge, EVEN with a character located by Fox. Simply would NOT happen! Jews wouldn’t allow it and this director wouldn’t have ever thought to do it?”


  48. Well put Boyce, well put!

  49. So glad this movie got us talking…we need more Blacks to now make movies that tells the true story about the African American experience and history. Opportunity knocking…take advantage of it.

  50. I see that Dr. Boyce in on the FBI payrole to destroy Black people in America. He won’t be the first! He has no understanding of history and is only seeking to soley sell advertisment.

  51. Dr. Boyce: “n****r” was used in the correct context in the film.”

    If you don’t think, those caucasoid actors and actresses, in that movie, didn’t ENJOY using that word (niqqer), you need to go read some REAL OURstory from the late Dr. Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt, the late John Henrik Clarke, Ray Hagins and the other Black Rebels, who know the True meaning of this word, and who it really applies to.

    Do you think this white boy would’ve made a movie where the word “ki*ke” was used over and over to degrade khazars? You already know the answer to that question. Why are negroids, so accepting of this word, when it DOES NOT APPLY TO US AT ALL? Do YOU really know, who the Real True ‘niqqas’ are, Dr. Boyce? Or, do you just accept this word because caucasoids made it up for THEIR use? But, in REALITY and ACTUALITY, they are the True niqqers on the planet!!!

    We must stop listening to other people’s opinions. What may be good for you, might not be good for me. Just because you saw the movie, in a positive view, may not be a positive movie to me, or anybody else, who may go see the movie. Some conscious thinkers agree with my posts, and some un-conscious thinkers don’t. You may have enjoyed the movie, but just because you claim it is worth seeing, does not mean, that I will like it!!! THE TRUTH WAS NOT SHOWN!!!

    Did the movie director, show how Black women were raped, sodomized, hung and used for his s****l pleasure, while his wife looked on, and sometimes joined in? This is where the threesome s*ex act origninated from.

    Did they show how the slave maker would rape the Black man’s woman in FRONT OF HIM in the massa’ bedroom? This is where the ‘master bedroom’ came from (when these racist beast would rape the Black woman).

    Did the dude show, how the Black man, woman, and his children were hung from trees and telephone wires, and burned in pits? This is where ‘bar-b-que’ came from (bbq) = burn blacks quickly

    Did the cat show how they would cut off the private parts of Black men, and they were taken home as ‘souvenirs’ by their female mates? This is where the Black di*ldo came from; the caucasoid female would freeze the pe*nis, and use it later for her se*xual gratification!!!

    Did they show, how the slave maker would beat little Black children to death, raped them in front of their parents, then would burn them to death? This is where pedophilia came from…caucasoids, who have been practicing this form of child abuse, since the roman era!!!

    Did they show how the Black woman’s womb would be cut open, while the slave maker would STOMP the baby to death when it fell out of the womb? These slave makers were the Real DEAD BEAT DADS because they would impregnate a Black female slave, then would BEAT the DEAD baby to death, once he cuts it from the womb!!! I can go on forever, but you get the picture!!!

    Jamie Foxx’s role is still one of buffoonery, and I haven’t seen the movie, nor do I want to see it!!! I can read the Conscious Thinking people’s views, who have seen it, and I agree with their OBSERVATION of the movie because Real Black people know the Truth!!!

    Dr. Boyce, do you classify yourself, as a niqqer…of course not; therefore, why claim, that this word (niqqer) was used in its “CORRECT” context. Because it was coming from racist caucasoids? These caucasoid move stars will call YOU, Jamie, and other negroids a ‘niqqer’ behind your backs, but you praise this caucasoid for this movie?

    These slave movies are no different from the old slave movies, they made when they were silent movies…you always knew what caucasoids were calling Black people in those movies!!! Today, they don’t mind SAYING IT IN YOUR FACE!!!

    “We have gone from ancient slavery to modern slavery.” -Malcolm X

    Ukuthula! (Peace!)

    • It’s probably relevant to the conversation to say that the movie does show these atrocities. It positions the slaveowners as vile human beings, utter evil, caring for their slaves only as property. There is implied rape, brandings, hangings, a man thrown to dogs. These are utterly bleak, haunting images, that reveal the depth of cruelty inherent in the business.

      That the movie shows these things does not make it racist. That it liberally uses the n-word, in a time when most white men would feel superiority to any black man just for existing, when they would all use the word, is only accurate. (Tarantino has used the n-word excessively before; in this movie it is justified.)

      It’s not a racist movie, but a movie about racism. It’s allowed to be funny, entertaining, what have you, because it’s a movie about EMPOWERMENT. It’s about a man who overcomes the racial attitudes of the time to save the love of his life, so that they may both be free. People take issue with the fact that it does this in a method similar to blaxploitation/Westerns, with gratuitous violence and often anachronistic music, but I feel that works to its benefit. It’s an old-fashioned cowboy movie, and it’s one that deliberately subverts the racial undertones of the old Ford movies.

      It may be troubling, or shocking. Maybe the fact that it mixes horrifying moments of degradation with scenes of comedy reveals a tonal disconnect on Tarantino’s part. But I personally felt the full gamut of emotions. I felt empathy for the slaves, I was sickened by the actions of the masters, I cheered for Django becoming a fully realized person over the course of the movie.


  53. The post that stated that Lincoln had a respect for Black people is not accurate. Instead, Lincoln did not think that Black’s were fit to enter into a civilized white world because of their natural inferiority,as he claimed. Lincoln was often pressured by France due to their stance on slavery which many of them oppossed it, whereas; some were in favor of dehumanizing others. I can not see him as any type of hero. I believe many free Black’s were spreading the ills of slavery which caused an embarrassment as well as contraversy for America.Lastly, Lincoln was just like his people who did not consider Black’s as nothing more than cattle.

    • Stop talking like a d**n idiot.

      Try bringing a person from a mud hut from the jungles of africa and south america, who have not been exposed to electricity, running water, plumbing, etc., and sit them right down at their desk in corporate america and expect them to not be inferior to people who have been born into a higher civilization.

      You d**n negroes dont think about the d**n nonsense you are saying.

      And you are admitting that European whites were the ONLY ones applying pressure to white america to free the slaves. American whites are extensions of Europe.

      No blacks, browns, or yellows put pressure on white america to free you, but still the white man is your number one enemy. stop being a BIG DUMMY! The bottom line is that you OWE YOUR FREEDOM TO THE WHITE MAN, WHETHER HE IS EUROPEAN OR AMERICAN.

  54. Right on point bro D! !!! As James brown said” say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud! !”. And I am proud! ! Black is the essence (the essenes) and I am not a niqqa. .Truth to truth Dr. Boyce! ! Maat…

  55. I didn’t get the part where he let the black slave get torn by the hounds. Not hero-like. Did it ever occur to people that the bounty hunter may not have been the hero he was stacked up to be. He actually taught Django how to read, but had a hand in dehumanizing him as well. (like when he shot the man in front of his son.) had the movie gone on without him dying, he may have stolen Django’s wife.

  56. Spike Lee needs to collaborate with other film makers & stop being so jealous. His criticism of Tyler Perry has the ” crab mentality.”. He probably has alienated other producers with his jealous laden remarks. He was the only Black producer for so long. Spike should realize that there is room for more than just him.


  58. This was a d**n MOCKERY!!!I cannot believe any sane person whose ancestors had to suffer and endure slavery would find this movie enjoyable, likeable or even WATCHABLE. Say what you want about Spike but he hit the nail on the head. This d**n c**p was DISRESPECTFUL! I would have preferred the movie to have nothing to do with slavery. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING entertaining about the CRUELTY, DEGRADATION, & TORTURE that our FOREFATHERS & MOTHERS had to endure in order for us to sit our black behines down and support this Garbage. By the way BOYCE WATKINS aren’t you a college professor? What in the h**l were you thinking or were you thinking at all when you typed your review?
    This was the biggest WASTE of MONEY! This movie was PURE GARBAGE! The setting of this movie could have very well been in the middle of the hood and you would have gotten the same effect. SLAVERY was equally as serious as the HOLOCOST and no one would DARE produce a d**n SICK, TWISTED & DISRESPECTFUL c**p film like this. Can someone please shine light on the entertaining parts? No, because there d**n well weren’t any. You can’t put a COMEDIC SPIN / ENTERTAINMENT ELEMENT to something that was so d**n HORRIFIC & TRAGIC, unless you are ignorant, or insenstive, and/or just don’t get it. This movie made me SICK!!!! To Tarrentino, the next time you want to produce a movie that is this d**n OFFENSIVE choose your race/ethnic group!

    • Unfortunately, negroids will NEVER wake up. All a cracker has to do is make a comedy movie, and these dumb jackazz negroids will flock to it like a collar to a dog.

      I’m really ready to give up on these dumb azz negroids. Back in the day, we would’ve BOYCOTTED that piece of shyt film. But, these modern day negroids love to look at shyt like that because they don’t want to know their True OURstory. If you made a movie showing BLACKS in a positive role, you would not see one negroid at the movie. These new age slaves are so used to being DISRESPECTED, REJECTED, and NEGLECTED, that they are like a junkie…they can’t wait to get treated like shyt, by a cracker!

      I agree with everythang you said, but there are only a few of us, who think with our 6th melinated sense. These dumb new age adult slave negroids can’t talk about these young kids, because they’re acting just like them…NIGORANT!!!

      The only thang these new age slaves enjoy reading and looking at is shyt about ‘god’ and religion, which is what has them fvcked up!!!


    • i suspected it was just another ignorant movie to keep racial hatred going.

  59. I would support shawty any day over jamie foxx ignorant azz. All jamie’s millions are being used to care for white women and their offspring. And lately negro entertainers like usher, dwayne, etc., are too d**n low down to support the BLACK mothers of their children. Instead they’re dumb enough to take them away from the only women who will ever love and genuinely care for them – THEIR BLACK MOTHERS.
    I dont support any negro in entertainment who is not intelligent enough to understand that marriage and children are about more than temporary love. It is about leaving your legacy to care for your OWN BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN. These fools with entertainment dollars, cant wait to pass it back to the white community by mating and marrying outside their race. Then they sit around and ponder why their movies and music aren’t selling.
    Shawty is a hero for taking care of black women, and black children.

  60. I went to see the movie Django last night and I must say that Samuel L Jackson was amazing as Detroit’s EFM Roy Roberts.

  61. A black fairy tale written by a QT.. Only a white guy would create a Black hero in chains (a slave), who is in reailty, a violent brute, but I guess that is what we all are…big dumb brutes, who, given the chance would jump at the opportunity to kill Whiteey. QT played on White people’s biggest fear and the Negroes biggest hope – the chance to exact revenge.

    And with all that, good ole QT finds slapstick comedy in our African Holocaust. QT is a master manipulator, pulling on your dumbed down, consumption driven emotional chip just for his profit and fame. At the end, everyone non-conscious Negro stands up and claps, “Yeah, Massa got what’s coming to him.” Not realizing they had been played by QT, again.

  62. Blacks never understand the importance of standing for something, or setting a “Standard of Concept”.

    Would Django be a comedy if we change the name to Chango, and use the term Gook or c***k the entire movie, while we refer to the Atomic bomb and Asian culture?

    Would Django be a comedy if we change the name to Faggo, and use the term f****t or h**o the entire movie, while we refer to lynching gay people?

    • NoisyBoy:

      You are wasting your time with these dumb down negroids on this site! They are scared to talk about caucasoids because they have been TRAINED to love them by these weak-azz negroid screachas with that LOVE YOUR ENEMY BULLSHYT!!!

      Only a few conscious thinkers post on this site, but the MAJORITY of these negroids are SICK!!


  63. Wow this site censors the words C_H_I_N_K, F_A_G_G_O_T, and H_O_M_O…..but Dr Boyce supports a movie that uses the word n****r 10,000 times.

  64. Pingback: Minister Farrakhan on ‘Django Unchained’: ‘It’s preparation for race war’ | San Francisco Bay View

  65. Before WE decide to give a movie depicting our Maafa or holocaust (slavery) a thumbs up, the movie should be thoroughly (definition: in an exhaustive manner)scrutinized (definition: Examine or inspect closely and thoroughly) and criticized (definition: to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly). We should also consider the context or environment in which African American films are made or not made. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can only judge it based on the environment or context of AA film making in this country. Examining the movie from this perspective, I think this movie should not have been made. There are not many non-documentary films made about slavery in this country, and many of those that do exist are at best questionable. So my point is that because there is not a lot of serious films made about slavery, making an “entertaining” film about slavery is irresponsible (def:said or done with no sense of responsibility). In addition, if QT wanted to make a film a about an African (Black) hero who was a slave why not do a film on NAT TURNER, GABRIEL PROSSER or CHARLES DESLONDES(look him up).

  66. I tell my own story

    Really! you mean to tell me that someone actually took the time to count how many times the “N” word was used yet when we say it amongst ourselves its said so many times that you forget to count. Not only forget but its acceptable. Maybe some of you should be the fly on the wall when people of other colors talk about blackfolks. Personally I find NOTHING entertaining about abuse or over abuse of black people. To have black men fighting and gouging each other for the financial benefit and entertainment of white people is repulsive (but thats just me..others were too busy counting how many times the “N” word was used. The s****l and physical abuse of women didnt make me laugh neither did I think of it as cute. To see a black man shooting white folks is nothing new..ever since slavery and before not every black man, woman or child was so passive that they just submitted to ole massa..to escape slavery many of our people would not only kill the man but they killed the women and anything that resembled another possible slave “master” including the dog.I dont need a whiteman to take the plight, degradation and annilation of black people and make it entertaining for me. I find nothing entertaining about it then or now. I would be love for a director, producer and artist to tell the story of the “original black man and woman” contributions to society whether its by invention, writings or the very fact that if we didnt exist neither could they. Quentin Tarrantino and other like him who think they can tell “my history” about who or what my heroes and sheros did/doing can sell that c**p to the next boatload of kumbayah negroes. And yes I did see the movie.

  67. A movie about the Jewish Holocaust written from a comedic point of view is “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni. Benigni won the 71st Academy Award for best actor, and the movie won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. Nazis and n**i Germany have been satirized in a thousand movies, even though who Hitler was and what n**i Germany had in store for the world, had they won the war, is truly evil. Nevertheless, I watched “life is Beautiful” and laughed when the humor suited me and felt pain when Benigni pulled the curtain aside, revealing the rotten core of the concentration camp. I did the same thing whilst watching “Django Unchained.” After all, it is just a movie. When I need to find out something specific about slavery, I read a book. In 11 days when I go back to my college classroom, I will once again endeavor to get my students to study the African Diasporic experience. It would help me in my life’s work if more parents sent their young adults to me with a more fully formed idea of our historical journey, and a love for reading. This is the respect our ancestors deserve.

  68. I respect Dr. Watkins’ observations about the film. It was not the word “n****r” that was most offenive to me – I have grown up hearing that word used as a term of endearment or term of debasement. At some point you come to the conclusion that a derrogatory term has no personal impact whether it is to endear or debase. The most profound objection that I have is the failure to appeciate the magnitude of the evils of slavery and the historical impact on Black people in this country. Though Quentin may be “brilliant” in some eyes – he is brilliant at creating a movie that really masquerades the political and social evils of slavery and the blood-shed to end it. In the end, it was men playing war with their guns and making their horses dance. It was neither funny nor entertanin. People clapped at the hero who rescued the damsal in distress – though in reality she merely became his “property” under the law of the time. There are no arguments or rationalization that can inspire making slavery or acquiring freedom in a society where the “freed” slaves were really not free or equal a celebatory event – no matter how much folks like Jamie or Kerry. In addition to the historical inaccuracies pertaining to race, the film is a feminist nightmare with abject debasement of women, even “Ms. Ann” – the sister. 11 million African people died before they even made it to the shores of America – and nothing in Quentin’s film showed respect or honor to their deaths. This film is a 2013 version of the 20th Century Black Exploitation films. And, just another paycheck.

  69. My family and I went to see the movie. I think the movie was good. I do have some mixed feelings about certain things in the movie. I wished many of the characters were other actors and actresses. Jaime Fox was and is a good actor,as well as Kerry Wahington. I am a proud black person. I love myself and it took me a while to get here. What do I mean? I love my brown skin and I love the darker skin of my children and people even more. I love my features,my round button nose to my full lips and extremely curly hair. I have joy when I see brown and black on brown and black marry ,love,and reproduce. Jaime fox have kids with white women. Kerry, I believe and maybe wrong, date white men. When it comes to movies like this, I believe the right actors/actresses should represent. So many of our kids and young adults have such low self esteem of who they are, this is why they try to change who they are through interracial relations and produce interracial kids. We have so many african American adults from blue collar professionals to Hollywood entertainers confusing our black children more by marrying outside their race and having and showing pride in their interracial kids and white wives/husbands.As far as Spike Lee, he didn’t marry a white woman.He married a woman who definitely look like and represent a white woman. I know there may be someone who is in differ to my thoughts and feelings,and I understand and respect that. .Overall,, this was a movie about a man who loved his wife and wanted to rescue her from a slave owner.

  70. I have not seen Django nor plan to at the theaters, so I add two cents from a cultural point of reference. The gruesome history of American slavery has not been culturally nor socially reconciled by America. You can not sweep away 300 years of enslaving one race of people then profit from the group/race continue miserable mentallity and present and past ill social staus/condition. Its a continue slap in the face–more nails in the coffin from Americas entertainment (Reginald Hudlin) industry. And it does not matter to me, how many children of X slaves act these twisted roles out (Django’s, Kunta Kentae’s and Chicken George’s) on the movie screen. Whenever the children of x slaves fully wake up from group mental death, then and only then, will we tell our story correctly and not let others tell it mockingly.

  71. I have not seen Django nor plan to at the theaters, so I add two cents from a cultural point of reference. The gruesome history of American slavery has not been culturally nor socially reconciled by America. White America and many American Negros believe they can sweep away 300 years of enslaving Black people here in America and profit from the group/race continue miserable mentallity and present and past ill social staus/condition. Its a continue slap in the face–more nails in the coffin from Americas entertainment (Reginald Hudlin) industry. And it does not matter to me, how many children of X slaves act these twisted roles out (Django’s, Kunta Kentae’s and Chicken George’s) on the movie screen. Whenever the children of x slaves fully wake up from group mental death, then and only then, will we tell our story correctly and not let others tell it mockingly.

  72. This is the real historical Django. He was not a x slave who bought his freedom and later joined John Brown Freedom Riders hoping to liberate his wife and family that were still held captive by his former slave owner…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerfield_Newby…the myth, or story QT is passing off to entertain some low information star gazers, may be plagiarized from this true and actual fact saga of love and family commitment of a former slave.

    • Remember, these yankees have been re-writing OURstory, since Afrikans taught them how to read and write at the FIRST university, that was built in the world…THE UNIVERSITY OF TIMBUKTU in Ancient Kemet!


      They only beLIEve what this white boy shows them!


      • Eye in the sky is watching

        So true. We still celebrating MASSA’s movies like he loves us and cares about us. d**n shame.

        The only way you emancipate yourselves if you tell your own history, make your own money, build your own cities. You don’t need permission to do that. You just do it.

        Someone should ask, what was so dangerous about the real stories of our AFRICAN REVOLUTIONARIES, like DANGERFIELD NEWBY, NAT TURNER, DEMARK VESSEY, etc., etc. that they had to make a fictional character?

        Hmmm…. ANYBODY?

  73. Correction cited; He was an x slave who bought his fredom…

  74. Would somebody please count how many time the word “Neggar” is used in this movie.

  75. The movie’s name is “Thicker Than Water”


  76. Eye in the sky is watching

    DJANGO was unchained alright, but left everyone in the movie theater in chains….IMO

    They are making freaking action figures out of this, and are laughing at you for being too stupid that you’ll go and pick this up.


    THIS IS A RACE BAITING FILM TO THE FULLEST. THE ONLY THING I CAN SAY IS THAT THIS IS 1920′s BIRTH OF A NATION, but with a “Black Man as a Hero”. And “BIRTH OF A NATION” (the most racist movie of all time, Imo.. I am sure there is plenty more) was a critically nominated film that gave RE-BIRTH to the KLU KLUX KLAN. Well what do you think this movie is going to do?

    This MAKES NO d**n sense, how so many black people love DJANGO rather than hate and fear him. At the end of the movie. He doesn’t ride off into the sunset, he rides off into the darkness for a reason. He wears shades in the DARK at night! That should be a clear sign of one that risen from bondage to follow darkness for power, instead of the light. IN MY EYE, there are two films that talk openly about race in AMERICA (besides Malcolm X, which is a biography and still heavily edited in order to get made.) DO THE RIGHT THING and DJANGO. In DO THE RIGHT THING, Spike Lee does the right thing by smashing the pizza shop (i.e. SALS AMERICA and destroying the racist system found in SALS PIZZA shop once and for all. He doesn’t go and shoot up the blacks and cops on the street after police or kill everyone white person he sees..like in DJANGO) There are many other symbols in this movie, but they go right over the heads of most people, because no one reads or watches movies analytically. They go right over the head of today’s youth and young after civil right adults, which think everything is for entertainment. Bullshit!! Everything is for programming and communication. An artist always wants his message heard! Nothing is done just for laughs. Please also read up on NLE programming, the power to hypnotize through spoken word, because that is also how they are slaughtering y’all. (i.e. Advertisers use this all the time).

    I thought our African-American people were better. That they would know thy-selves enough to realize that they don’t have to be like the white man of the plantation. That they in the end don’t have to be as racist as him… THAT THEY CAN WALK AWAY FROM HIS FAKE CIVILIZATION! (don’t you see we suffer, because we keep trying to be like him. HE IS f*****g CRAZY!!) YES anybody can be a racist. It is not just a white thing. (DJANGO – where the d is silent for death and devil), but instead after watching this movie, they are running with open arms to him. As Malcolm X said, “Who told you how to hate yourself…” Oh yeah, this movie (especially if you don’t know who your own African self is. And I will give you a guess: It didn’t start in Slavery, chains or bondage… but in building most of the civilizations people would call “European?”)

    Of course everyone of you is going to say it was a Love STORY, and it DEPICTED THE HARSH SLAVE TIMES (both true and un-true.. .it was more of a white mans perspective of how black behaved their entire lives in AMERICA from SLAVERY to OBAMA and beyond) realize this:

    Who benefits from this movie? Is it us? I don’t see them handing us (BLACKS) any guns, so how are we empowered? Is it white people, who think we have a lot of guns (watch the news, it portrays us as criminals all the time. Enough where even black people believe it. Actually statistics show this is not true, with most blacks in jail are really brought in on drug crimes and not homicide or robbery. Plus whites are more likely to go for less time or have their crimes undocumented. Plus they don’t account for poverty, which always has been a contributor for why people commit violent crimes.)

    Or is it the elite establishment of this country and financial powers that be over in Europe, who would love to see this country decimated by a race war? Well Quentin just lit the match with this race-baited movie? Watch something happen in the coming months.

    Black people were ready to get up in arms over TREVYON MARTIN? How many people, before they got emotional, researched how news networks manipulated the audio tracks to make it seem that ZIMMERMAN was just blunt out racist, and then try to pigeonhole him as a white-guy when he wasn’t. In fact, Zimmerman has members of his family that are darker than him. Now I am not trying to defend the guy. Maybe he still is a racist p***k. I don’t know. Maybe Trayvon was a goon. There was considerable evidence for that too, and thus why the media is dropping the thing because it probably won’t even hold up in court. Whatever, don’t fall for the traps people!! WAKE UP!!

    They are setting us up to traps us. OBAMA being one of them (a puppet: looks at his history and who has exclusively hired or worked for. (No, black people were not able to get him into office, alone. They aren’t enough of us. But white people with lots of money sure did), Their goals (financial Europe) of bringing down America and its (White man’s burden – us) in one single stroke, are about to be recognized if people don’t wake up.

    About Tarantino: Tarantino doesn’t care about you. Look how he portrayed black people in PULP FICTION. Pulp fiction has that black guy bent over taking it in the b**t in the end… That’s how Tarantino thinks of black people. He is also well trained to sell b****y violence to people so that they like it. That my friends is the Devil’s work.

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