U Texas Professor Says Black Kids Don’t Succeed Because Most Are Raised by Women

by John Roberts, BlackBlueDog.com

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut, especially if your comments will have you labeled as a racist. A University of Texas professor put his foot in his mouth after making an analysis of the Black and Hispanic communities.  Many have found the professor’s comments to be quite offensive and are going after his job. The professor claims that Black and Hispanic youth are failing to succeed academically because they are raised in single family homes that are ran by women.

Lino Graglia is the law professor at the University of Texas that let his theory out to the BBC during a recent interview. Graglia described the rearing environment of Black and Hispanic youth from single parent homes as ‘deleterious’, claiming that these children are typically raised by poor and uneducated single mothers. Graglia went on to say that the average Black student performed 200 points worse on the SAT than the average white student. He then said that three quarters of black children are born out of wedlock, further leading to their demise. Who isn’t he trying to offend here?

Awkwardly for Graglia, the reporter that he was speaking to was Black and raised by a single mother. Disregarding the reporter, Graglia continued, ’How well do these kids do in maths and reading is basically it and they do less well. And race or segregation or history wouldn’t matter one bit if that was not the case. No doubt the race and segregation may have a lot to do why that’s the case, but it is the case and what to do about it now? And admitting them into selective schools with large gaps in qualification is not the answer.’

What the professor failed to mention is that part of the reason that so many black children are in single parent homes is because their fathers are in prison due to the War on Drugs, which has been described by President Obama and other Democrats as a set of failed policies.  So, as the professor seeks to blame black parents for their children  not having fathers in the home, he isn’t interested in understanding the role that the state of Texas has played in destroying the very families that he is criticizing.  You can’t shoot someone in the leg and then make fun of them because they are no longer able to run.  This could be the essence of racial hypocrisy.

109 Responses to U Texas Professor Says Black Kids Don’t Succeed Because Most Are Raised by Women

  1. I totally disagree with this article. I am a single mother – very educated (Double MBA) in the process of pursuing my PhD; have two young men; very educated as well – always score way above TAKS; PSAT commendable score; etc and both working on creating their business brand for themselves. When I read articles such as this, I am infuriated beyond belief. Life is what you make of it. What about the failure rate of those in two parent households? That’s never mentioned. I am sick of the messed up stygma of single parenting! My kids are the product of hard work, determination and extreme focus. And for all of you single moms out there holding down the fort and raising great men….I applaud you!

    • Life success is not solely based on academics and hard work. I wonder how your son’s will fare Vee in the most important roles of life – marriage and raising children.

      So much of the time I see men of successful single women having good careers, but they have no personal life – no wife, no children, and build no home. And then you see welfare mothers’ sons having children, sometimes wives, and I know that, that welfare mother just might have been the smartest woman of the two. Many times the welfare woman even has a man in her life, while the financially successfully woman sleeps alone in misery.

  2. i do not think this was intended to be a racist… What it was a black person sayig this… I think its all about where black people stay… Im the first in my family (on mother side) to graduate from college.. They live in chicago but i grew up here in tn the south and that it seems to be a college in a lot of project or bad areas. We have to consider what he calls success..

  3. Negro leaders get paid to tell lies on the black community, and sometimes the truth, but when a white person does it, he’s a rascist. How stupid.

    The same things this man said, have been said over and over by negroes on tv.

  4. Anytime a cracker says something about our people, you negroids never fail to agree with them.

    This yankee is LYING because I know plenty of young Black youths, who were raised by single mothers, that are succeeding in life. They have graduated from college, have decent paying jobs, and some of them have their OWN businesses.

    What this cracker failed to mention is how these caucasoid teachers (male and female) are dumbing down our children. I seen it with my own two eyes, how these honkeys treat our children versus their own kind. They tell them that they are bound for failure, they give them drugs (Ritalin) to control them, they molest, beat and make them lick their feet IN CLASS. (article on this site)

    The pigs, this racist government, this racist court system, and these bootlicking, negroid screachas are the problem. Once a Black youth has a record he is more than likely doomed! This is why the pigs arrest and incarcerate them because this is the new jim crow era.

    The government is promoting this h*m*se*xual bullshyt in the schools, which is effeminizing Black male children.

    This racist illegal unjust court system is another factor, which takes the pride out of our children. A white boy can do the same crime, as a Black youth, but he gets sent home to his mammy, while the Black youth gets sent to prison or jail. The laws for Blacks are not granted, like they are for caucasoid males.

    Last, but not least, these weak azz screachas are the MAIN problem teaching them that ‘god’ is a cracker. The image most of these screachas have of this so-called ‘jesus’ is white; therefore, these young Black men grow up LOOKING UP to crackers as being superior. They become weak and submissive instead of standing up and speaking out against these demonic devils.



  5. His right but look at the bigger picture some of us go to college to do better.If we always listen to what everybody says about black we wont be nothing its there opinion is up to us to do better.But last time i check there is a lot of single white mother that on the raise and there kids have issues with themselves killing there selves killing other folks so before the professor do another column do one why white kids doing all this killing for no reason do one why those parents dont do anything about it .

  6. Who have we left the education of our sons and daughters to? This is the real question… True education must begin at home but more so for Black kids…



  7. A lot of these responses are coming from emotion, and not logic. What this professor said is 100% true, and we all know it. Trying to justify bringing a child into this world without the safety net of a secure family structure is d**n near criminal. I respect his honesty, no matter if he’s white, black, brown or polkadotted. Truth is truth. We all make mistakes in life: and if you made the mistake of sleeping with a man you barely knew, and got a child out of it, that was a massive epic fail on your part. Thats not passing judgment. It is what it is. The best move is to acknowledge the mistake, and choose to make the best out of the situation regardless. It just troubles me whenever I see sisters making excuses for their failings instead of owning up to them.

    • @ macmajii
      Let me say this: That is not true!!! This is not just happening in single Black homes, it’s everywhere with everyone. They just don’t put their own kind out their like that. Just because you get pregnant by someone you barely knew does not make it a massive epic fail. And you are passing judgement, and you are downplaying your own kind “sisters”. You need to re-educate yourself and stop bashing black women, who the h**l raised you?

    • There are 10 myths that degrade the Black man, but this is the number one myth:

      There Are More Black Men In Prison Than In College.


      “The numbers that people quote are ALL of the Black men in prison, versus ONLY the free young Black men of college age, which spans the late teens to the early twenties.

      The misleading “evidence” comes from studies such as the one conducted in 2000 by the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), a Washington-based research group. JPI found that there were 791,600 Black men in jail or prison and “only” 603,032 of them in colleges or universities. They presented the findings as “evidence” of more Black men in prison than in college.

      Any of us can do the math: Out of the 33.7 million African Americans that the 2000 census found, less than one million are in jail or prison (.792 million).

      The reality is that while there are too many of us in prison and more of us in there than others, there are NOT more of us on the inside than on the outside.”

      You so-called educated negroids trip me out! These caucasoids don’t give a da*mn how many degrees you may have on your walls, or how fluent you speak, where you live, what you drive, or how much money you make. To them, you are just another negroid, who they HATE!!! These caucasoids don’t hate us because we are Black; they hate themselves because they are pale!!!

      That’s the psychology they use on negroids like you, who don’t OVERstand them. They have you negroids hating each other because of your BLACKNESS!!! Just look at the self-hate negroids have for one another…these long blond weaves, studs in their noses, eye lids, lips and other body parts. When I was growing up those gothics were sticking steel in their body; and wear tats, and gothic gear. Now, these sc(rappers, sports figures, entertainers, hip/slop artist, tv ‘stars’) are imitating them!!! And, these so-called educated negroids are doing the same!!!

      This uneducated white boy is the MAJORY problem of or young Black youth. How many Black pigs do you see KILLING white criminals? How many Black pigs do you see BEATING drunk caucasoids, even tho these drunks are trying to hit them? How many arabs, asians, mexicans, and people from india, and caucasoids, do you see breaking their necks to SUPPORT our businesses? WAKE UP UNCLE SAMBO!!!

      A Strong Black woman can produce and raise a Strong Black Man!!! A Strong Black man can produce a Strong Black Woman! By the way, my educated slave; what type of future is there for a young baby, who grows up with two people of the same s*x? You think Black children have PROBLEMS now, just wait until this LBGT mess get to start adopting ALL of our children!!!

      I know people, who are well ‘educated’ but produced bad ‘stock’. They have offspring, who stay in jail, deal drugs, and live off of women! NOW WHAT?


      By the way…I’m speaking from the TRUTH!!!

  8. Let me see if I can clear this up. What the professor is saying is true but it IS clothed in racism. Studies show that the children OF ALL RACES do less well in single parent households for a number of reasons. To only address this in Black and Brown households is racists. Pointing to SAT scores and connecting it to the lower scores of Black and Brown people is racist because it says nothing about the education that the inferior education that these students receive. The military uses an information processing way and teaching and I believe the African American and Latino students have top scores in military scores. If someone knows otherwise, please correct me.

  9. The majority of white women under 30 who have children are single mothers and it is even worse for white women who did not get to go to college. White men disparaged black women and where the dead beat dads of black children for centuries. Read that last paragraph again and start fighting the criminal justice system that estimated how many beds they need by how many black children are not performing at appropriate levels in 3rd grade. If black folks used there energy for that instead of agreeing with racists we would be in a better place.

  10. No sir! Typical racist person looking at people through stained glass.

  11. I
    There are four reasons why I don’t agree with this man. When it comes to success, race don’t have anything to do with it and let me say why. One day I was thinking about Black American history. While I’m not going to pretend that I’m a history buff,I will say that we shouldn’t be so quick to say we broke up our families. White society is so quick to make it seem that we was natural born failures ,but we weren’t. When it comes to the problems you see in our community,you can trace it back to slavery. When African slaves were forcibly brought to the states a lot was snatched from them:their cultural, their families, their right to read and right and their right to peace. Slaveowners took away their worth. All they began to learn was was how inferior African culture was and they pass this many generations down to now. If the White man would not have touched Africa perhaps the state of African Americans would be probably be better.I’m not saying that Africans don’t have struggles, but most of the ones I come across are content with who they are, makes no excuses about achievement and believe in family. I’m not trying to make excuses,but the past can correlate with the present like other cultures have been violated.

    Single parentage has nothing to do with your brain. I’m glad that one of the posters on here used the Obama as example of guy who came from single mom,yet he is our president. there are Black people who come from being raised by women and are success stories and there are people who come from two parent home and are doing poorly. I can’t tell you how many of my friends came from two parent homes who are on drugs, in prison.. or dead. If anything for some people their trying situations make them work harder. It does matter who you are ,you’re not going to be successful if you don’t encourage your kids to do well and if they aren’t motivated to do it.Simple as that.

  12. oops..didn’t mean to say “4 reasons” and I wasn’t quite finished with my post. Anyway.. race or marriage has nothing to do with one’s success.Our communities may be suffering,but not every Black single mother raise failures as not every White (Black or other races of people) two parent home produce success stories. It’s up to the individual whether they/don’t want to do well with their lives. Just as much as we need to rise to the occasion of what we do, White society should also take some responsibility of how our..as well as other communities came to be and how Black people are doing their best to move forward.

    Someone should also ask this man if Black single supposed to have successful children, then how did ..presumably..married parents managed to raise an fickle minded racist like him?

  13. I am always amazed at how Americans of African ancestry keep calling one another racist when one does not agree with a topic such as this. Frances Cress Welsing teaches that white supremacy is a system and Neely Fuller who originally coin the phrase white supremacy system states that if you do not understand that those of us must understand the system of white supremacy. Which brings me to my point racism in America I can’t speak for any other country because I was born here. Racism in America is about power and control. Americans of African ancestry have never had the power nor the control to designate what neighborhood one lived in, what water fountain to drink from or for that matter when those of our community were pulling themselves up by their bootstraps as the case in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Little Africa)only to have the white community to destroy it. Now that’s power and control so how can we be racist we simply have never had that type plateform.

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