Professional MLB Player Torii Hunter On Homos*xuality: ‘…It’s Not Right’

Detroit Tigers MLB player Torii Hunter cited his religious upbringing for saying it would be uncomfortable to have an openly gay teammate.


Detroit Tigers right fielder Torii Hunter may have just shot himself in the foot for speaking publicly against homosexuality — citing his biblical teachings as a means of rebuking the s*xual orientation. In a country full of hypersensitivity, freedom of speech is a thing of the past, especially for individuals who are anti-gay marriage or have the slightest objection as it pertains to rights for the LGBT community.

In an article published on titled “In pro sports, gay athletes still feel unwelcome,” writer Kevin Baxter reveals the struggles gay professional athletes face with their ability to work comfortably with their teammates. In the article Baxter says “… Hunter, among baseball’s most thoughtful and intelligent players, isn’t kidding when he says an “out” teammate could divide a team.” He then reveals Hunter’s statement regarding having a homosexual teammate: “For me, as a Christian … I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right,” he says. “It will be difficult and uncomfortable.”

Former defensive back for Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, and Seattle Seahawks, Wade Davis, shared his personal frustrations with deciding whether or not he wanted to ‘come out’ to his teammates about his s*xuality. ”I would police my behavior,” said Davis, who grew up in Shreveport, La., attending services at a Southern Baptist church five times a week. “I would re-create a story that probably never even happened just to make guys think that I was as hyper-masculine as they were. I had kind of honed in on my skill of telling these fantastic lies.” Eight years after retiring from the NFL from injuries, Davis decided to be more open about his homosexuality.

How do you feel about Torii Hunter’s remark?

68 Responses to Professional MLB Player Torii Hunter On Homos*xuality: ‘…It’s Not Right’

  1. The media (mindless evil devils in action) will MAKE him apologize within the next few days!


    • Yeah Derrick. But all I see is all mouth and no action. People have had enough time to express their outrage by publicly protesting, yet they all back down when the opportunity presents itself .
      And else for Christian pastors, what a bunch of sissified black men. If it weren’t for them, we won’t be having this problem.
      Love your enemies my a double s. Fight them!

      • Betty those so called sissified Christian pastors, as you stated, are only doing their jobs as personal representives of God to deliver His Holy Word to mankind on any subject, whether it pleases man or not in order to provide man with a road map of How to Live as Christian in order to inherit His Kingdom of Heaven when we die, if a individual chooses not to obey His Holy Word, then h**l will be one’s Eternal home. We all have Choices and the Bible makes it 100% perfectly clear of what is Right and what is Wrong, no matter how man might try to alter the Word of God, it just won’t work on Judgement Day, when God says ‘Depart I Know You Not’ He knows you not for your sins of disobedience of ignoring His Holy Word. O course If one does not believe in God, they r already lost, unless they change this mentality before they die.

        • Robert you would do well to check out Dr. Ray Hagins “The In-credible Bible” on youtube. Or listen to before you parrot that religious nonsense to people. Frankly I’m sick and tired of reading and hearing about this great salvation plan which does nothing but enslave black people to ignorance.

          • Betty:

            This dumb azz xtian would call Brother Ray Hagins everythang, but a child of the Black Messiah, so don’t waste your time.

            Brother Hagins is an ex-screacha, who woke up and found the Truth.

            I HAVE ALL HIS TAPES!!!

        • @Robert Brown..You black people have talking about the bible since 1503.I see how the white man keep you under his control.The bible is nothing but a book of fables..

      • That’s all you will see is mouth from these xtian negroids!!! Why do you think these caucasoids sic the religion of xtianity on these dumb down xtian negroids? They want them to stay timid, docile and ignorant, that’s why!

        These yankees know that these weak-azz negroids ain’t gonna do NOTHING, but sing, dance and pray, while they continue to kill our people.

        You already know, these xtian negroid pastors ain’t nothing, but a bunch booty bumpin sissies!!!

          • Betty, dont through out the baby with the bath water! there are some issues that Serapis Jesus has brought this world, in all its incorrectness. i do not disagree with your point. however, there is a real Jesus prior to that serapis one that hold the truth…

            maybe this is why we must study to show ourselves approved?

    • And it is NASTY, filthy and full of health deteriorating factors.

  2. I think everyone has a right to speak their opinion. From their teachings if you can back it up by scripture thats your belief.I belive he is right cause I can back it up by scripture. Don’t knock someone down if you don’t believe. it becomes and opinion to those who don’t believe keep it moving.

  3. So true Robert Brown.

  4. What Torii said is his right and his opinion. people try to condole homosexuality as if it is okay. yes you love the sinner and hate the sin. Many people if they were with a bunch of thieves,drug dealers,prostitutes or even among alot of homeless people(it’s not a sin to be homeless), they would feel uncomfortable,so why is he wrong for feeling uncomfortable around a homosexual. He didn’t say he hated them. Sometimes we go so far to not offend someone that is gay that we send the message that it is okay to be gay and you don’t need to change. If you were in an organization with a lot of guys that were thieves,liars and pedophiles, would you be wrong to feel uncomfortable. They can be delivered and forgiven but yet they are who they are.

  5. Bro D….You know this the plan to divide and conquer and use the gay thing as a diversionary tactic to mask what the powers that be are really doing upon the earth. I’m not speaking as a Christian, Muslim or anybody on the religious side. I’m speaking from the scientific side( I am a healthcare professional) and the a**s is not meant to accept anything from the outside in, especially in an prodding motion. Its not even good to give yourself enemas because of the risk associated with sticking an object up the a**s(tear mucous linings, dehydration, infections, etc). Ever heard tags and tears and bacteria from feces that lie inside the r****m? Have you ever seen a protruding fistula from the a**s? I was working in surgery and we had a patient come in from the prison that was a child molester and he was raped and 8 inches of his intestine was protruding out of his a**s. It was horrible. He had to lie on his stomach for three weeks after surgery. Some women have come into the hospital for surgery after reporting loss of a**l control(defecate on themselves) from a**l s*x because the Sphincter muscle has been damaged and wore out. They will be wearing a depends for the rest of their life. The mouth is the dirtiest part of the body also, so watch whose mouth y’all are kissing and where they are putting it(esp for the ladies) because I had a co-worker tell me each time after s*x with her man, she would get a yeast infection. He gave her oral s*x each time also. I told her to tell him to brush his teeth and gargle with peroxide before intercourse and she did and she told me that the problem went away.I did visits to a women’s prison and all the women were prescribed Flagyl( and anti-fungal) prophylactic because of the recurrent problems with yeast infections among the inmates( guess why)? Know thy self and know your body folks, and take care, but the a**s is not made for that type of activity… Hotep

    • Stabmaster Arson

      For real though….people argue that it’s perfectly safe. Yeah, if you wanna p**p in your pants a lot, hah hah. The sign on the back says ‘Do Not Enter’ or should!

  6. Bro Imhotep:

    These negroids don’t want to hear the Truth. If you ain’t talking about ‘god’ or ‘jesus’ they don’t want to listen.

    Your info is well deserved, and you are right, oral s*x, a**l s*x, and sticking objects up the azz cause dis-eases. Remember, caucasoids use to do this type of behavior, now, since integration, negroids are doing the same da*mn thang.

    Our bodies are not made like caucasoids. They have an inner lining compared to a swine, and you know the swine is the nastiest animal on the planet, next to a chicken. These caucasoids body’s can fight bacteria and poison, like a pig’s body. This is why they call the pig, THE OTHER ‘white’ MEAT!!!

    I had a ladyfriend, who also, worked in a hospital, and she said, that white boys would come in with dead gerbals up their azzes!!! Some of them had the dead animals up their azzes for so long, they had skeltons in their linings, and it was hard for them to shyt.


    This is how, these herpe sores on their lips come from because; these caucasoids be kissing their animals in the mouth, and se*xing them. They even show this shyt on their tv commercials, how these crackers be kissing in their animal’s mouths. The slogan: THE DOG IS A MAN’S BEST FRIEND, never lied because caucasoids LOVE their animals more than they love a Black Hue-man!!!

    Ukuthula (A Zulu word meaning PEACE, LOVE, and CALMNESS)


    • Stabmaster Arson

      Swine is good, and one of the healthiest meats. Okinawans have the longest life expectancy in the world and their main source of protein is pork. So there goes your proof about that, X man.

  7. I am in total agreement with Mr. Hunter minus the bible shyt. Homosaxuality definitely is wrong. It goes against the grain. Not normal. Not everyonw ia tolerant of homos and we don’t have to be. That’s one good thing about being an American.

  8. Hunter didn’t break the law. If he doesn’t think it (homosexuality) is right, the man is entitled to his own opinion. If he’s uncomfortable with a homosexual teammate, so be it. I don’t agree, but can’t tell the man how he should feel. And I certainly don’t think Hunter’s opinion or feelings will stop homosexuals from playing major league baseball.

  9. Spirituality is a beautiful tool we may use to become better to ourselves and to others and religion is an effective tool of oppressors that teaches hatred, intolerance & war. To steal resources, power & free labor from Africa, colonialists used the bible, a book of moral teachings, to frighten, poison and control our people into buying into their nonsensical, literal interpretation. Passages in the bible were used as proof that the ‘dark savages’ were intended by God to be subservient and enslaved. Mr. Hunter has a right to his belief system and I hope as he gains experience, he’ll gain wisdom. I choose to believe that the Creator makes no mistakes and has created us ALL in his image to be decent and loving to ourselves and one another to be in sync with Him. This may have been what Jesus meant in one of his beatitudes, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God’ and he did not exempt any group of people.

  10. How come when he simply says that it would be difficult for him & that he would be uncomfortable that it is determined he’s not practicing LOVE? I don’t get that! This does mean he is not exhibiting love. Anytime someone speaks the TRUTH about homosexuality people want to villianize them. What’s wrong is wrong, point blank, whatever it is. If the two can’t reproduce that should be a clue.

  11. “Shut up slave and hit the d**n ball and entertain us! Your thoughts and opinions do not mean anything” —-MLB Owners

  12. Hypocricy to its highest level. The God I pray to is a kind, loving and non-judgemental God… I therefore have difficulty understanding where one will prefer hypocricy as opposed to honesty. Gay players should not “come out” so as to avoid your discomfort — which will be hypocritical on their part. They need to be themselves and be honest to themselves and others. This prejudice is responsible for the number of “down lows” in our community hence the high level of HIV — those who preach one thing but practise another. People get real! Understand your Bible – Live and let live. Peace always especially in 2013

    • Stabmaster Arson

      I don’t think anyone should “come out”. Why is anyone’s s****l preference discussed or important to playing on a team or being a part of the company or whatever? Keep what you do with your man or woman or whatever it is if you twisted and go beyond one of those to yourselves.

      I respect what Hunter said because it goes against the grain and it comes from his convictions. He may have already had homosexual teammates on some of his teams. That’s their business and the world would be a better place if people didn’t “come out”, whether it’s hetero or h**o.

      Tired of hearing about it.

  13. Mr. Hunter is perfectly within his rights to speak the sentiments of his personal beliefs. He should not be demonized because he believes the word of God. If you don’t believe the Bible, that is your right, however, don’t accuse the believer of hatred simply because they chose to believe and to publicly state their beliefs. So many speak publicly on their personal beliefs when they are supporting the gay movement, and the supporters are not condemned. Just as the supporters are entitled to their beliefs and opinions, so is the opponent of such behavior entitled to theirs and it is their right to publicly say what they believe. Mr. Hunter was not expressing hate toward gays, he was merely stating that he is not comfortable around them and what his beliefs are. What many of you are saying is unless one agrees with your ideals, no matter how warped they are, one is not entitled to be successful or accepted as a public figure or role model. What kind of foolishness says a prominent figure can not speak out against homosexuality? Are you saying the price of their success is to accept something that they feel strongly is morally and spiritually wrong. When did the price of success in this country become the embracing of others ideals whether of homosexuality or any kind of immorality? There are gay individuals who I love dearly, however, I hate their lifestyle.

  14. Man I’m sick of this debate! Its wrong, wrong, wrong! Its unnatural & people think just because its popular its OK! Its a wrong desire that comes from the infection SIN, so just because a person has felt that way since childhood so freak in what! If had the wrong desire since. Childhood to rob a bank & as long as its a desire I don’t entertain I’m good,pedophiles say the same thing, do does serial killers, cleptos & many others who have unacceptable desires, how is it Homos are the only ones who now have rights to give in to clearly a WRONG desire & worse yet get blacklisted anyone who don’t agree or speaks out against them! This world is sick,demonic & twisted in the worse way! May the prophcey @ Daniel 2:44 come soon.

  15. This is not about homosexuality; It about a sportscaster trying for his “Gotcha” moment at a high level black athlete. Hunter is one in millions voicing his opinion, he was singled out. He must be aware that there are those out there (writers who wants to see him go down. Also, teams look at marketing and sponsorship and frown at such opinions. Therefore, I believe like Derrick said, look for an retraction or an apologize within the next few days!

  16. Excuse me, we have freedom of speech in this country which means that I have just as much of a right to speak something that you don’t agree with, as well as to speak something that you do agree with.  And, I believe, as a Christian, that homosexuality is wrong just like adultery, lying, cheating, racism, etc. as the bible says, “All souls are mine; the soul that sinneth SHALL die.” And, I applaud this baseball player for standing up and not being afraid to speak up and out about where he stands and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Now, that does not mean that one can’t be around or should hate someone that ascribes to a homosexual/lesbian lifestyle.  For me, I will walk as far with them as I can i.e. working on things in which we do agree and at the same time standing on what I believe as a Christian.  Now, if you choose to believe something else, that’s you but you shouldn’t get upset with me or try to paint me or anyone else as an evil/bad person because they don’t believe what you believe.  I also believe of “Heaven and h**l” and that we all will be judged one day based on whether or not we did or didn’t accept Jesus Christ into our life believing that the bible is the final authority on the way in which we should live our life, as Jesus is the savior of the world who was born and died for the remission/payment of our sins and by receiving him, we are reconciled/reconnected to God almighty!  However, if you don’t believe that way, that’s you!!!  And, if your belief/way is right, then you don’t have anything to worry about but if christianity is right, then there will be a consequence to what we do while living.  It’s a 50/50 chance which for me is too high of odds to not believe but if you don’t think so, just keep believing and doing whatever you want to and in his/God’s own timing, we will find out who’s right and who’s wrong.  Be blessed!!!

  17. Love the sinner, hate the sin. And they’ll know we are Christians by our LOVE.

  18. He is entitled to his opinion. Why are we considered intolerant if we don’t appove of homosexuality? What happened to America and FREEDOM?

  19. It’s his opinion! He does not have to be politically correct!

    Now just draw this picture deep in that part of your brain where thoughts come to you so vivid that you can now see two men having s*x

    Now tell me you think that’s normal!

    So now tell me why is it no one can even bring up the topic!

    If it’s normal behavior to you why would you then be offended?

    That would be like me being offended because I’m black.

    Folks, you are being primed, setup, for the new world order where you will not have the freedom to speak out on any thing that is not approved by the the government! This is the change you can believe in! Forward! Lemmings!

  20. Hunter is totally right.Homosexuality is wrong and people are not born homosexuals.Homosexuals make the choice to screw a***s and the women screw each other with d****s etc.I am not a Christian.My religion is Traditional Afrikan.Amen Ra,Mwari,Onyame,Chukwu,Amma,Olorun the Creator be praised.

  21. I agree with Torii statement that would be very uncomfortable to me also if one was on my team. The Bible speaks on that topic and that’s GOD word. I was raised in the Bible and believe in it and GOD speaks abainst it.

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