Petition Formed to Terminate Chicago Police Officer For Shooting and Killing 15-Year-Old Boy

Panzy Edwards is the mother of 15-year-old Dakota Bright who was shot and killed by Chicago Police Officers who alleged the teen had a gun.

Panzy Edwards (left) and Dakota Bright (right)

On November 8, 2012, 15-year-old Dakota Bright was shot in the head by a Chicago Police Officer. Officers alleged the teen pointed a gun at them. The officers later revealed the teen fled from them as they approached him and he was shot and killed during the pursuit. A weapon was recovered at the scene, police said.

Officials at the morgue said that the cause of death for the teen was a gunshot wound to the head, and they could not provide further details. The Chicago Police Department is already under the microscope following the unwarranted killing of 29-year-old Flint Farmer who was shot three times in the back by an officer who alleged the man was holding a gun. Farmer was holding his cellphone — not a gun –and the officer admitted to drinking “multiple beers” prior to starting his shift. ┬áThe city has since settled for an undisclosed amount with Farmer’s estate.

Bright’s grieving mother has created a petition online calling for the termination of the police officer(s) who shot and killed her 15-year-old son. In the heart-felt letter for the petition, the mother alleges that the Chicago Police harassed she and her relatives as they approached the crime scene. She also said the Chicago Police officers showed up to her son’s funeral and burial and pulled out pepper spray and guns to instill fear within the mourners. Multiple marches have been arranged in protest of Chicago Police Officer’s slayings of young, African-American males.

Sign the petition to have the officer(s) terminated for shooting and killing 15-year-old Dakota Bright by clicking here.

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