Petition Formed to Terminate Chicago Police Officer For Shooting and Killing 15-Year-Old Boy

Panzy Edwards is the mother of 15-year-old Dakota Bright who was shot and killed by Chicago Police Officers who alleged the teen had a gun.

Panzy Edwards (left) and Dakota Bright (right)

On November 8, 2012, 15-year-old Dakota Bright was shot in the head by a Chicago Police Officer. Officers alleged the teen pointed a gun at them. The officers later revealed the teen fled from them as they approached him and he was shot and killed during the pursuit. A weapon was recovered at the scene, police said.

Officials at the morgue said that the cause of death for the teen was a gunshot wound to the head, and they could not provide further details. The Chicago Police Department is already under the microscope following the unwarranted killing of 29-year-old Flint Farmer who was shot three times in the back by an officer who alleged the man was holding a gun. Farmer was holding his cellphone — not a gun –and the officer admitted to drinking “multiple beers” prior to starting his shift.  The city has since settled for an undisclosed amount with Farmer’s estate.

Bright’s grieving mother has created a petition online calling for the termination of the police officer(s) who shot and killed her 15-year-old son. In the heart-felt letter for the petition, the mother alleges that the Chicago Police harassed she and her relatives as they approached the crime scene. She also said the Chicago Police officers showed up to her son’s funeral and burial and pulled out pepper spray and guns to instill fear within the mourners. Multiple marches have been arranged in protest of Chicago Police Officer’s slayings of young, African-American males.

Sign the petition to have the officer(s) terminated for shooting and killing 15-year-old Dakota Bright by clicking here.

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48 Responses to Petition Formed to Terminate Chicago Police Officer For Shooting and Killing 15-Year-Old Boy

  1. When these filthy pigs shoot unarmed Black men in the back; it’s time to quit all this signing of petitions because ain’t nothing going to happen to these racist pigs!!!


    When these filthy bas*turds claim they always ‘find a gun’ at the scene, they PLANT them!!! A retired police officer told me this. When a Black man is gunned down with no weapon; the pigs PLANT ONE ON THEM TO COVER THEIR NASTY AZZES!!!

    Arent’ y’all tired of signing these petitions, while nothing never happens to these pigs?

    They need to go down to the pig department and DEMAND justice!!!

    Stop saying: “NO JUSTICE; NO PEACE” if you don’t mean it!!!

  2. I would definitely sign this petition if I were in America. Disgraceful. Condolences to the mother.

    • As I’ve stated several times: the only way to put an end to this brutality is to pay these scumbag pigs a home visit. Their names (full identity) is easy to locate. If black men are serious about ending this c**p then enough with the singing, dancing, clapping, shuffling and rapping. Don’t get me wrong I understand the fear that was pounded into black men by their enemy but, at some point black men need to come face-to-face with that fear and overcome it. Find out the full identity- including home address of these vicious pigs and handle your business.

  3. Keith Kysel are you a police officer? Your rationalizations regarding the shooting of anyone in the head who’s running is ridiculous. UNLESS your affiliated with the cpd. Police officers are trained to respond accordingly. The officers natural response to protect himself must be controlled due to his position/career choice.
    The police officer was wrong! Until you loose a child; you won’t understand. I pray it doesn’t take that for you to wake up! I guess you also think the shooting of the gentleman in chicago 3times in his back was justified as well.
    Psychological testing should be mandatory for officers on a regular basis! Their mentation has to be altered; as they see many sad situations.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love President Obama, but why did it take the Sandy Hook incident to clamp down on gun control when children and young adults have been killed by the boatloads in Chicago all year? I haven’t seen him come out and personally address the gun wars that the residents of Chicago are caught up in. Is that going to be treated as “routine” or is he going to clean up his own backyard?

  5. I didn’t know about the farmer case. This one sounds shaky also. Now who wants to get rid of guns and the pigs will be the only ones with em eh? England would have. used a bean bag gun or rubber bullet to knock down a person running away. Not here, u run away u die! !!! Hotep

  6. They want to restrict guns..okay…back to my comment on another article. Just because there are laws, policies, and the constitution, doesnt mean the people that enforce it are moral. At best we hope they behave morally, but they are human. Throughout history people in political and law enforcement power have abused their privileges of authority and perverted their political positions to exploit the benefits, and advantages. So when things like shooting our black youth with impunity and there are no repercussions for this, i say…..” h**l no to a ban on guns”….Hitler disarmed the Jews before they were in concentration camps, and slave masters disarmed the slaves before making them slaves. A “DISCIPLINED AND ARMED COMMUNITY” is a force that authorities and politicians must respect. You don’t hear about white kids getting shot in the head by police every other week!!

  7. It is sad this child is dead, but what i really sad is why a 15 year old was carrying a gun. It is unfortunate that children are on the street running from police instead of in a library with a book.

    We need to look at “US” adults and how we are raising our kids, how we are providing and preparing them for a future of life and not death.

  8. The average policeman isn’t trained to shoot and wound. Right front the beginning of training they are taught to shoot to kill and it surely seems like they’re taught to take down mostly Black and Brown, no matter what. Seems as though it is always considered “Justifiable” as well. Whether you’re walking, runinng or cuff and seated in the back seat of the patrol car, we as Black men seem to end up being the victim and the police officer seems to always be in “Fear” of their lives.(?)
    My question for the young victim in this case, is, where did the entry of the bullet come from? Right side left side front or rear of the head? How far away was the shooter? If the young man did have a gun, was it loaded how far from his body was the gun found? Was it in his waist belt or his pocket? Who found the gun, was there any witnesses? Surely someone other than the police seen what took place or are the police the only witness as usual?
    Sounds quite sketchy to a rational mine.
    With that being said, we as parents need to become more proactive in our children’s lives trying to make sure they don’t end up laying in the streets or by the roadside because of wrong decisions and poor choice of friends. We need to know how to consul our kids Black or Brown because there devious deviants out in the world who will take advantage of unsuspecting minds and do all sorts of things we are not ready for. Some of the worst can sometimes be the very ones we elect or pay to protect us the citizens of the world. It includes the Police and even the Elected officials of our cities!

    • “The average policeman isn’t trained to shoot and wound. Right front the beginning of training they are taught to shoot to kill and it surely seems like they’re taught to take down mostly Black and Brown, no matter what.”

      You are right! These cracker pigs can shoot, beat, and tazer Black criminals, but Black pigs are not allowed to do the same. An Black cop told me this. They will get incarcerated and fined $50,000, if they cause harm to a cracker criminal!!! THESE ARE FACTS!!!

      Why do cracker pigs get away with killing Black men, women and children on a DAILY basis. Every 36 hours a Black person is killed by a cracker pig!!!

      I get tired of these negroids talking about ‘good pigs’!!! Where are they? How come they NEVER try and stop their racist, cracker buddy klanner pigs from killing INNOCENT Black people? Where were the “good pigs” when two Black people were shot 137 times by 13 pigs? Where was the “good negroid pig”? Where was the “good” chili choker pig, who was also on the scene?



  9. Cops are paid legal killers, they have never been fair to the Black community. Historically, the system has damaged the black community of irreversible damage. Even if this country gave out reparations it wouldn’t make much of a deference because there is no amount of money that can take the place of the loses experienced in this country the black man life isn’t worth a plug nickel in America.

  10. Who is killing who in Chicago!!!!!
    Why is everyone prepared to die there in such a violent manner.

    what is going on there. Is it the Mississippi’s tempers.

  11. It’s quite interesting that it’s quicker for a 15 year old boy to buy a gun off the streets than it is for hi to buy a book!

  12. If you people don’t understand that gun violence against young black men in America by racist whites and their police is the new lynching, you need to get educated. I for one refuse to let the systematic genocide of young black men go unchecked and become the new normal in America.

  13. How about a petition to make an effort to stop Black on Black killings. Here in NYC, Blacks kill other Blacks 24/7. I, a middle age Blackman, is more than likely to get killed, assaulted, robbed or beaten by another Blackman or Black woman than by a White, Asian or Hispanic, etc,. In fact, I have already been robbed at gun point by two young Blackmen, My car has been broken into several times. And my apartment has been broken into twice. In addition, I had several confrontations with Black women in stores…….It has gotten to a point, where I moved into a gated high price co-op and I shop in “White Area Malls” I try my best to avoid “The Hood” and other areas where there is a large concentration of Black people………..

  14. if Blacks or Mexicans killed whites the way whites kill Blacks, would Obama or any president say or do someting.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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