Ms. Robin: Why Mike Huckabee Is Right About The CT Shooting

Mike-HuckabeeBy Ms. Robin

Our country, once again, has been faced with a tragedy that sent shock waves throughout our land. Children and teachers being murdered in the school is not exactly the picture we would like to portray of America. Now many have theories of the causes and solutions for these evil acts committed by these people. Now some say that stricter gun control laws and more metal detectors in the schools are the answer. Mike Huckabee said the reason is because America has chosen to remove God from the public school system.

Those who know God know that He is sovereign and omnipresent; meaning that nothing that happens is outside his control. And God is in all places at the same time. God uses good and allows evil to accomplish His final plan and will. God has also given us the gift of free will, allowing us to make choices regarding our lives collectively and individually. God tells us in Deuteronomy 30:15, 19 that he puts before us life and prosperity, death and destruction. Choose life so that you and your children may prosper. Now whether we believe it or not or agree with it or not, there is some truth in what Mike Huckabee said. Let me explain:

America has chosen to remove prayer from our schools. Just last week, a substitute teacher was fired for giving a child a bible. During the 2012 Democratic Convention, the committee removed the acknowledgement, thanks or honor to God from their platform. They have also decided to embrace s*xu@l immorality in the form of homosexual marriages as their main focus and agenda. Now, more than 50% of Americans agreed with this bold stance of rebellion against God and his word. The evidence is in voting for this party. In that statement America has said “We don’t need God or care about what He says”. God says in His word that we will reap what we sow. If we sow seeds of righteousness, which means obeying God and His Word, we will reap a harvest of righteousness and blessings, light and life. If we sow seeds of rebellion, disobedience, s*xu@l immorality and hatred, we will reap a harvest of death and destruction. God is true to his word. We can depend on God to stay faithful to His Word.

God allows us to experience the consequences of our behavior whether good or bad. America cannot continue to turn away from God and expect God to reject what he has clearly stated in his word. America is now reaping the harvest from a culture who says “do your own thing,” “everything is relevant,” “there is no right or wrong,” “do it your way,” “you can do whatever you want to do,”  “we don’t need morals,” “we don’t need God.” This has produced a generation of angry, bitter, confused adults who have no hope. They have no problem picking up a gun and killing people and then killing themselves. We can change the gun laws,  kill the murderers, put metal detectors and police officers in the schools but we cannot change the heart of people. Only God can do that. If America wants to be blessed by God, she must repent and ask God for forgiveness. Those who know and believe God must set the example. Pray for America. Pray for the hearts of these young people.

Holy Father, we praise you for who you are. You are Holy, Holy, Holy and our sins separate us from You. Lord, send Your Holy Spirit and convict the hearts of the people of America and give us the faith to repent and honor you as the one and only true and living, all wise God of the Holy Bible. Show us how to love you Lord. It is in the mighty, powerful name of Jesus Christ that we pray. From Ms. Robin from purposeful parent: God be with you till we meet again.

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  1. “Those who know God know that He is sovereign and omnipresent; meaning that nothing that happens is outside his control. And God is in all places at the same time. God uses good and ALLOWS EVIL to accomplish His final plan and will.”

    If I was a religous freak, I would not be a fake azz xtian. Anytime you ‘follow’ a religion that uses ‘evil’ to accomplish something, I DON’T WANT TO BE NEAR THAT BULLSHYT!!!

    What these fake azz xtians don’t want to tell you xtian negroids is that ‘god’ is the devil. ALL of these murderous acts from Chicago to New York, from Colorado to Conneticut, from the hood to the suburban hood are ALL ACTS OF WICKEDNESS or the ‘devil’, who is not down in the ground with a pitchfork in his hands, but on top of the ground with an assualt weapon in their hands.


    Do the math!

  2. When did man or Democrats become more powerful than the all powerful God? Hhmmmm. …Hotep

  3. It’s TIGHT! But it’s Right Ppl POW!!!

  4. Half of these people that is saying we need God in school have no understanding of the Bible. The Bible specifically says that God’s kingdom is no part of this world, which includes the U.S. To serve God we must have, and demonstrate faith in him, this is not a school matter, but a personal choice. School’s and society is the way it is because this is satan’s world, another fact from the Bible. Everything we see and hear about today, was foretold in the Bible, that is why God say to place our faith in him, not to this world. Besides church and state suppose to be separate.

  5. Those who believe in god will forever be slaves to a myth concocted by men smart enough to control the gullible.

  6. Is prayer being taken out of the schools the reason these shootings take place in the schools? If God is no respecter of persons, then why do we value the life of of a Caucasian child over a black child. Black children continued to be murdered by the masses in Chicago, Detroit and California but we are just another number. If you have not watched the documentary by Michael Moore called Bowling for Columbine please do so. Pull it up online it is worth every minute of your time!

  7. I thought God was Omnipotent, was everywhere? Is this writer saying that the US government is more omnipotent than GOD? That with a written word they can banish a God from a building. WOW! Does this mean God is like a vampire? She has to be asked in to enter a building? NO, I know thats not what you are trying to say. You are saying that you are all such crappy teachers of your own religions that you need to have it reinforced by paid staff at your child’s school. If school staff started leader your children in prayer do you promise to pay them a living wage? Make teachers, the people that you entrust to educate your most precious symbol of your love, your children, as rich as you make your preachers?

  8. Talk about strange bed fellows. Miss Robin, you take the cake. When I hear Haters on You Tube claim that the Black women colludes with the white man for this and that I am the first person to say “nay, nay”. But you are the exception to the rule miss Robin. I can say with out a doubt that you are colluding with the illusion that all these serial killings have nothing to do with the white male’s in ability to cope with the end of white male/christian supremacy. That they have nothing to do with ‘out of control’ male violence.

    And colluding with “Huck-a-buck” no less. At least when your type colluded with Bill W’s friend George W, you were colluding with a Southern thinking white man that loved him some Black woman. I can’t imagine you and Condo sandwiching Huck-a-buck. He is not into soul-sistaz. Morman’s have some pretty rigid race issues.

    Miss Robin, do you really despise women and children so much that you are willing to gain status by pimping Christian/Male supremacy in order to keep people from addressing the REAL issue behind the slaughtering going on in this country? Do you know that since the slaughter in Newtown on Dec. 14, 2012, in this Christian country, more than 1300 people have been killed by guns? So how many of those do you think happened because we angered the Gods? Or A God? Kind of sounds like Greek mythology, huh?

    Anyway, I wonder what would happen if the rational people in this country got together and decided it was time to start teaching boys that killing children is not OK. Not, teaching them that they will go to h**l for killing LIVING babies, but that killing babies is bad for badness sake? Not that if they promise not to kill any babies they will go to heaven when they die? Or even that they will be given, like chattel, 50 virgins when they die. But plain and simple, just because it’s the wrong thing to do? That from now on males will no longer kill children. That males will no longer kill women. That males must no long kill each other? For no other reason than that it causes pain and heartache for generations? What is it about that thought that is so scary for the White Christian /Male supremacy minority and it’s followers?

    Could it be that dead babies make good press for their agenda? A new twist to The “Children’s Crusade”?

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