More Chicago Violence: Seven People Injured In Christmas Eve Shootings

chi-new-shooting-on-the-far-south-side-20121224By Victor Trammell

On the South and West sides of Chicago, seven people were injured last night in a rash of Christmas Eve shootings. Five of the seven people suffered serious injuries. Four of the injured victims were hit by gunfire in a single shooting on Chicago’s Far South Side. A spokesperson for the Chicago Fire Department said all four shooting victims were taken to local hospitals in serious-to-critical condition.

The shooting occurred just before 7:30 p.m. in the 9400 block of South Justine Street in the Brainerd neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. An unknown male opened fire, striking four males as they walked down the sidewalk says Amina Greer, a Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer. According to Greer, (who was citing preliminary information) a 15-year-old  and a 22-year-old  were taken to Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, a 17-year old was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and a 19-year-old  was taken to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. The 15-year-old was shot in the abdomen, and the 17-year-old was shot in the chest, Chicago Police said. The other two men were shot multiple times. (The Chicago Tribune)

Later around 11:50 p.m., a 21-year-old was shot in an attempted robbery in the Gresham neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. This shooting victim was sitting in a parked vehicle in the 8200 block of South Marshfield Avenue when two males approached on foot in what was apparently a robbery. Shortly after, one or both of the suspects fired shots into the vehicle, hiting the 21-year-old male victim in the lower abdomen, Greer said. He was taken to Little Company of Mary Hospital and later taken to Advocate Christ Hospital where his condition was stabilized. (The Chicago Tribune)

Also around 9:05 p.m., a 19-year-old man was shot in the head in the 1200 block of West Washburne Avenue in the West Side’s University Village neighborhood. According to News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala, the 19-year-old was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition. Earlier Monday evening, a 37-year-old man was shot in the leg and back. This shooting also occurred in the South Side neighborhood of Gresham. Officer Zala said the shooting occurred around 5:50pm on the 700 block of West 81st Street. The man was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition, Zala said. (The Chicago Tribune)

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62 Responses to More Chicago Violence: Seven People Injured In Christmas Eve Shootings

  1. Chicago is becoming a place that is “NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY.” The epidemic of gun murders is getting worse and worse. There needs to be some kind of action from our officials and the Gov’t….for Chicago and all the places that are having these types of violence. It is not just in the schools…but has spread to many places…like theatres, temples, colleges, etc. Heaven help us all.

    • Why dont you ask your black president who has the power and the red phone to declare war to do something??? He is the Commander in Chief of the Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, head of the CIA, FBI and Justice dept that work with local law enforcement to protect everyone but american negroes.


      • There are shootings occuring all over this nation these days…not just in Chicago. But the violence in Chi-town has been going on for a long time…many years. You should pick up a book or 3 — read up on HISTORY. Black people were oppressed and made to live in sorry conditions…without education, resources, or justice.

        SO QUIT POSTING THE NONSENSE that Obama caused all these problems or he could wave a magic wand, push a button and stop it.

        There have been many efforts to try to stop it or control it…but the problem is very deep and some of it comes from illegal activities perpetrated by rich people who are running drugs and guns. If you don’t get the connection between the actions of the CROOKS ON WALL ST. and how so many people have been put into poverty…put into their privatized prisons…and used as pawns to make folks like ROMNEY, TRUMP, and RUPERT MURDOCH rich…YOU DON’T GET IT….and should quit posting nonsense.

        • TRY THIS BEFORE YOU POST ANOTHER LIE…Read up on who brought CRACK COCAINE into the Black community. If reading is a problem for you…try YOUTUBE. It was not Obama. It was rich white politicians, the CIA and others who wanted to crush the “Black Power…Civil Rights Movement.”

          • Stop living in the past dummy. There has been no black power for years.

            The same mexican, south american drug cartels who took over miami in the 1970′s and 1980′s with their cocaine cowboys were crushed by florida republicans and ronald reagen, and now they have moved on to cities like Chicago and Detroit where they CAN BE crushed again.

            Anytime a president can claim victory on finding and killing Bin Laden up in the hills and caves of the middle east, you can’t tell me he cant stop some teenage boys, and some mexican drug cartels from ravishing the city.


            Anytime a group of black teenage boys are more powerful than your negro joke of a president something is very wrong.

      • TO Jesse: Why didn’t Bush or Clinton stop it? Why don’t YOU do something to stop it. Or stop stop those troubles men from shooting up theaters and schools. Look like we all have work to do. Your comments reveal your inner feeling and that is hate. Get rid of it before it destroy you from witin. Watch your blood pressure now.

        • I wish I would pay all these high taxes for police, and govt officials, and do their job too. You are dumber than a post.

    • It’s been tried, they locked up the thugs, then we complained they were taking black men off the streets for doing nothing.

      Remember we wanted our communities cleaned up! However we are not willing to pay the cost, but it can be done!
      Admit we have at least 2 generations that are just lost! Save the children, it hard to change the heart and mine of a 30-40 year old.
      Tell the 13 year old girls that making a baby does not make them a woman.
      Tell the 17 year old girl that rough neck she is so in love with will screw her and leave her.
      Tell the young boys they can make 1,000 time more money as a business man then a ball player.
      Tell the young men, if you don’t have a job, start your own business.
      Parents take away the computer games, check there home work, if they don’t have any go to the school and find out why the don’t.
      If they steal something, take them back to where it was taken and make them give it back!
      If they are running with thugs/ female thugs too, remove them from the so called friends and explain why.

      We all know what needs to be done we just won’t do it!
      I’ve seem young mothers (on ADC) by a $80 pair of shoes for a 7 month old baby! Or purchase a $400 baby stroller.

      Just do it, just say what needs to be said, no hitting, cursing, speak to the problem or concern, speak the truthful, be strong!

      • This is not about thugs fool.

        The problem is way bigger than that.

        Maybe you’re one of them cocaine head fools who want your crack sold at the corner store.

        There was a time when black men knew that those arab stores didn’t mean them any good, and were having gun play with them.

        Stop the crack and save the children.

        Run out the arabs, jamaican, haitian, african, who have turned your home into a place of poisoned mentally ill people, forever damaged by crack.

  2. This is by design,along with the prison industrial complex,Our people do not get it.The industrial revolution is over,the jobs have gone overseas, and they are left with a dilemma.What to do with us.Since we
    want to continue being corporate wards.The plan is to use eugenics,birth control,food deserts,pharmaceuticals on the children.Gut
    all the entitlement programs and the ones that survive that,make the situation so dire that you have to steal to eat.Take you into one of their corporate courts and throw the book at em,( brother Clinton done that 3 strikes)increase the level of homosexuality(no babies or fathers)
    and genocide almost complete,the only thing left is to get rid of the leaders,preachers,and con men that help in slave us.Not only Chicago but the entire country is going to go to h**l because all the money that’s left is gone.We are left with a president that has lied to us and would not have said anything if it were only black children that got killed.Our fault is voluntarily choosing to remain wards of this corporate state and they are treating us the same way they treated our grand and great grand parents like SLAVES>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Nothing,but the Black Truth!!!

      You are right, our people JUST DON’T GET IT!!! Negroids are so docile and weak when it comes to caucasoids, all they need are chains around their necks and ankles.

      If you look at Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and the other nations, who are REBELLING, FIGHTING and DYING for their freedom and rights, negroids, here in amerikkka are only MARCHING, SINGING, and PRAYING to a white ‘god’ to save them!!! THESE NEGROIDS ARE SCARED TO DIE!!

      You already know, they are teaching our children ‘homosexuality’ in elementary schools, and they are turning our young Black boys into ‘girls’ by having them hold hands in class. They are making toy dolls for boys and unisex clothes for them to wear and play with. They are giving our boys Ritalin in elementary school to effeminize them, drug them up so they can’t learn, and this is the gateway drug to keep them doped up for life!!!

      Ritalin is the 5th largest drug in the unuted snakes of azzholes, and it is compared to heroin!!! This is why our children are dropping out of school because they are too doped up to learn…this was a plan, also. All of these dis-eases, such as, ADD, ADHD, and SED aka SPECIAL EDUCATION (which is a mental drug), have dumb down our children. This is why they are closing our schools in every major city, because they don’t want our children to READ and LEARN, but they are building schools for caucasoids in the suburban hood.

      There are three MAIN forms of Black genocide:

      1. Education (teaching them falsified OURstory)
      2. Media & TV (showing them negative images 24/7)
      3. Religion (controlling the concept of god)

      This racist educational system CONTROLS our children’s behavior, and what goes into their minds!!! Just look how this racist educational system has brainwashed our children with OURstory. They teach our children from kindergarten through college, that we were only slaves. This gives our children NO PRIDE in themselves; therefore, they grow up thinking that they are NOTHING, and this is the REAL reason they murder each other because they feel they are worthless.

      The Media and Tell-a-LIE-vision are two methods, that are the same. They only show violence, hate and s*x, which our children watch on a daily basis. There were caucasoid students, who were caught having oral s*x in class, while the caucasoid teacher looked on!!! LOOK THIS UP FOR YOURSELVES!!! But, this story never made the news. The media NEVER show our people (male or female) in heroic rols; they’re always shown acting a da*mn fool, dealing dope, or killing each other.

      Religion is the MAIN method because 80% of negroids classify themselves as xtians, which they have come to beLIEve that ‘god’ is a caucasoid. The white boy’s xtianity is FALSE xtianity, which is the most powerful pillar of global white supremacy!!! This religion locks Black people, here in Afrika and amerikkka, in MENTAL SLAVERY!!!

      “When you control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His EDUCATION makes it necessary.” -Carter G. Woodson

      Ukuthula (Peace)


    • Charles blacks have survived in the past by staying on the path of righteousness(christianity), avoiding the pitfalls/traps set for them (drugs/crimes), and working hard, at whatever.

      Survival of the fittest is what is going on. I intend to make it. What about you?

    • Then you should do your own thing and train up and take another along with you. Show the way, take the lead!

      Tell that brother who spends 18 hours a day playing computer games, he should be designing the games and making himself wealthy. Then show him or tell what he needs to accomplish all this.

    • Your dumb azz could have spoke your truth BEFORE THE ELECTion and had a chance at life under a president romney who said he was going to crack down on china and bring our jobs back home, but you decided to choose death by black face.

  3. And this is the president’s home town.

    • Obama was sent there by Harvard big whigs, to marry michelle, to study the american negro he knew nothing about since he didn’t grow up with any, and didn’t choose them as friends or girlfriends, and then go on to the presidency to destroy the black in america once and for all.

      The white man’s hands will be squeaky clean because of his enthusiasm to do the job for them. Most negroes dont seem to know that weak selfish black men are more of a danger than the white man.

      Harvard trained an indian to genocide the american indian. Whites never do anything different. Watch the movie Geronimo.

      When Osama blew up the towers and said he did it partly to revenge slavery. The white man decided to get negro obama to take him out (Osama VS Obama), and to finally take care of the negro problem for once and for all. With obama they got a two-fer

  4. Anyone who tries to put all the blame for this violence on Pres. Obama is simply misguided, misinformed and maybe a rightwinger. Shootings, drive-bys, gang wars, and all that type of mess has been going on for many, many years — long before we ever heard of Obama. These ridiculous attempts to blame Obama for every problem on Earth are pathetic. BLAME IT ON … Jim Crow…on the KKK… the Dixicrats….on the racist policies that came from many years of Klan-Govt.

    Discrimination resulted in Black folks being forced (JIM CROW LAWS) to live in bad conditions…in poverty…in substandard housing…and in many cases could not even go to good schools. READ ABOUT DR. KING’S complaints about this problem. Back in the 1960′s they set up “tent city” in Washington…. to protest these problems.

    Much of it has occurred due to poor education, discrimination, poverty, and hatred of self….but it is NOT Pres. Obama’s fault.
    Pres. Obama has been fighting in his way against the greedy rich companies…and people like ROMNEY for years. But yet, we have a bunch of BLACK FOLKS who won’t even crack their lips to complain about the c**p that rightwing nuts like ROMNEY….HANNITY, REAGAN, BUSH and that crowd of vultures have done to screw us.

    • I beg to differ. It’s the Democrats’ government paternalism that destroyed the black communities. Republicans are not the ones in charge in Chicago……..or Detroit,Watts etc.
      If these people had any sense, they would use States’ Rights to legalize drugs , and end the mass incaceration of African american males for victimless crimes like the sale of marijuana.
      But with intellectual midgets like the jese jacksons, bobby rush and maine waters that are voted for, you people will continue ro cry for Obama to do something. What do you want him to do? Raise your d**n kid?!

      • this is about negro’s and white’s…not democrat’s and republicans….negro’s are off coarse

      • Thank you martian. Dont let the fools spread their stupidity and try to confuse what everyone knows is the truth. The democrates created the inner city mess, and allow it to go on.

        But raising kids in a war zone is impossible. The govt has to step in and open up the juvenile homes like they used to for children with no responsible parent, and lock up parents or get them drug treatment. When the mexican drug cartels have no children to s****h off the streets, when the kids are safe and protected, the drug selling and violence will leave. OBAMA’S GOVT HAS THE POLICING POWER TO DO THAT. IT IS HIS DUTY TO PROTECT THE HOMELAND, THE NEIGHBORHOODS AND ALL COMMUNITIES, THAT IS WHY WE PAY OUR TAX DOLLARS AND HIS SALARY.

    • How much does Obama pay you??? how much??? You’re no super sis. You’re as white as obama.

      • Since you can’t post some facts, you resort to this silly name calling, childish mess.

        You might try reading and learning some history. Read up on the KKK, WHITE CITIZENS COUNCIL, JIM CROW, DIXIECRATS …and all of those groups and their actions which oppresssed Black folks long before we ever heard of Barack Obama.

        THE FACTS are that — JIM CROW segregation, white racism, disenfranchisement, denial of education, poverty and all those issues PUT BLACK FOLKS in the position they are in today. If you want to go into what is wrong with BLACK FOLKS MENTALLY…. read a book called: “THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH”….and there are some others…one by Dr. Naim Akbar concerning “mental slavery.”

        BUT QUIT SPREADING LIES ….and trying to defend the rotten policies of the REPUBLICANS. Republicans crashed the entire economy…causing all sorts of people to have to get some food stamps or other “dependency $$$.” And all the while the REPUBLICANS have no problem dishing out trillions of dollars in subsidies to rich oil companies who are burning up this planet.

        Pres. Obama and the Democrats did NOT cause these problems.

        • Fool when you got hired to clean up that office building, did you leave it like it was, just because you didn’t make the mess????? Big azz dummy!

    • Even though it is his city? Even though he was the biggest community organizer in that city, I think you’re correct he couldn’t make things better in Chicago and more than he is able to make things better for the nation.

      He had better stop the spending, his place in history is going to have an asterisk behind his name! The 1st black President, * Barrack Hussein Obama the president who spent more than all 43 presidents who came before him combined. $6.4 Trillion in his 1st term 10.2 Trillion in his second term causing the economic collapse of the nation.

  5. stop complaining and take action!

    so sick of black people not doing s**t when this affects us all!

    black males so worried about who they’re f*****g instead of being the so-called leaders of the community.

    black women too focused on black males to even discern who they’re f*****g only to keep this vicious cycle going.

    disperse and live individually…

    • Fool the only action black people should be taking is asking for all those billions we pay in taxes to police officers to be returned to us, so that we can hire our own private policing people.

      We have no business paying taxes for services we dont get.

      • Oh, great idea, it’s not like we don’t have a bunch of non thinking, irrational black men already running around with guns in our community.

        Do you recall how out of control, and what the black cops did in New Orleans.

  6. Bro D …Its all a set up and we continue to fall for if, hook, line and sinker. ..!!! We are the lost sheep, no place to call home. And we flock to see Django cause that’s the level of our mental framework, and we will call it a ” great movie” cause our standards are very low. And so goes the CHI, a place worst than Tijuana! Who would have thunk it…Maat! !!

    • @Bro Imhotep:

      This is why I call them negroids! These negroids suffer from mentacide, which is MENTAL SUICIDE! They have been brainwashed, bamboozled, bombarded, and bastardized, to beLIEve that slavery was our only ‘his-story/his-LIE’.

      These so-called educated slaves and fools, THINK looking at a cracker, in a position of authority is the norm. They don’t want to see strong Black men, like Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, and Hannibal (who was a Black Afrikan), annihilate caucasoid people, not only in the movies, but also in real life!!! They are CONSTIPATED in their thinking because they are so used to being treated like SHYT!!!

      Ukuthula! (Peace!)

      • It is not a good habit to make generalized assumptions about groups of people…calling folks “negroids.” Who are they? Have you done a survey or some research to find out what they know…or how much African History they have studied? NOT. You claim that simply by the “race & skin color” that people are either good or bad???!!! That is just not true. It is factual that Europeans have a horrible history of killing, abusing and degrading other groups of people. But some researchers don’t believe it was because they are white…but because of other reaons.

        And this idea that ALL WHITE PEOPLE (caucasoids) as you call them…are bad is not true either. During slavery, not all WHITE FOLKS were enemies of the slaves. Quakers and other ‘caucasoids’ did help Black slaves to escape. Some of the Native American Indians took them in and married the runaway slaves.

        I have read many of your posts and others who preach this “racial segregation stuff” — but I don’t see any concrete plans…nothing that would really help our cause, improve our plight in life…or much else being presented. I seldom read a good quote or some facts from a book or anything like that to back up this “racial talk.” There have already been times in history when Black folks did have SEGREGATED businesses…like BLACK WALL ST. and such… it done in reaction to JIM CROW TIMES… But EVIL, CRAZY WHITE FOLKS burned that down. So…segregation was not a panacea or protection for us.

        NO…we need to fight our battles wherever they are…and with anyone who is on our side.

        • Lott’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. Is that what u r proposing that negroes do.

          Let’s hear your VISION for the future. Let’s hear what we can do to CLEAN up problems and MOVE FORWARD, INSTEAD OF ALWAYS WALLOWING IN THE PAST.

        • These euro-anglos are still; killing, maiming, shooting, beating, stealing, usurping, and degrading Black people, and other people that DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM!!!

          YOUR WORDS: “It is not a good habit to make generalized assumptions about groups of people…calling folks “negroids.” Who are they?”


          negroid = of, like, or characteristic of the negro or negroes; sometimes, a member of any dominantly negro people.

          Key word: ‘sometimes’; when I use the word negroid it’s just another word, I SOMETIMES use instead of saying, negro. A negro is a ‘dead thinking’ individual, such as yourself. A negroid, who hates themselves for being Black.

          If caucasoids are not bad; where are the ‘good’ ones? Where are the good pigs when his buddy shoots an innocent Black youth, who has handcuffs behind his back? Where are the good caucasoids, who will defend O’Drama when THEIR OWN people talk about him, and his family worse, than a broke di*ck dog? Where are the ‘good’ caucasoids, when Black children are murdered EVERDAY? I didn’t see them bring teddy bears when our children are killed by terrorist pigs!

          By the way: Those caucasoid quakers were paid by the government to ‘free’ my people. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and other Black Rebels FREED MY PEOPLE!!! You need to stop reading their his-story/his-LIE books because they were written by a bunch of LIARS!


          The only people, who were NATIVE to amerikkka were the Black Afrikan Olmecs, who were in amerikkka 1000′s of years BEFORE the so-called indian. As a matter of Truth, the ORIGINAL amerindians were BLACK!!! Read the book entitled THEY CAME BEFORE THE MAYFLOWER by Lerone Bennett, Jr. Also, THE BLACK INDIANS by William Katz. I have BOTH of those OURstory books; therefore, I ain’t making this Truth up!!!

          MEANING OF caucasoid

          caucasoid = of, or relating to the caucasian racial classification; a member of the caucasian racial classification; white; of, or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration

          Key word: ‘light’; the Black Messiah new that ‘light’ (white) was evil, and he LOVED DARKNESS/BLACKNESS.

          PROOF: John 3:19 reads: “And this is the condemnation: that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

          Therefore, what’s wrong with me using the words negroid and caucasoid? That’s what they are, and so are YOU!!!


          • So Derrick, what is it that you believe blacks and or negroid’s should be doing.

            Try to take over the country perhaps?

            Go back to Africa?

            Try to re-create this country based upon the history of the black man?

            I don’t mean to be insulting nor do I want you to take offense, I’ve read many of your insightful and I’ve been enlighten by some of your comments. (I amazed some friend when I told them Obama was not the 1st black President) Info. was thanks to you.

            However, what is the bottom line? I get the hate and vitriol. What is it that you expect of us, what will make you say ah, it’s working!

  7. Who is the Mayor, who is the Police Chief, who is the Pastor and who and where are the Parents? Parents, it starts with you. God says teach your children the fear of God and raise them up the way they should go and thst’s respecting God’s creation, not like some wild heathen.

    • stop blaming parents who are at work, single parenting, and have to trust their kids on the streets unprotected to and from school. parents cant be in 2 places at the same time.

      use your common sense. There is a huge percentage of children on their own after school being snatched and lured into the druge life by them foreign small business owners who pretend to sell chips and dips, but whose primary goal is to sell drugs/and pass out guns to your children. use your d**n brain. poor parents dont have thousands of dollars for machine guns. most of them dont have even a cheaper gun. use your d**n brain. get the businesses closed. save the children.

  8. when is this going 2 stop

  9. Hey you guys, you can’t reasons with an insane person.Jessie is suffering from a mental illness. He can benefit from Obama’s mental illness Care. Don’t waste anynmore time responding to his craziness.His comments reveal who he is. We can refer him to a good psychoanalyst. He needs to get one ASAP before he becomes another Adam Lanza. (Netown,CT.)

    • He won the election and yet he is still using my tax dollars to pay fools to spread his propaganda just like hitler did when he killed all the jews. I’m sick of it.

  10. With a New world order global economy and skills it requires,it doesn’t look good for the masses of black people. Unfortunately we will continue this downward spiral into the abyss with more mayhem to boot. I know folks wanna be optimistic, but if you are a realist, what other path you see? Our dysfunctional government surely won’t help and our rich black folks are simply too stingy to build foundations in our communities. If! There is any hope, it’ll take decades to make a difference.

    • Everybody knows the new world order turned out to be in the best interest of no one except the chinese and indians. Romney knew his first priority was to secure America’s future, like the Europeans are making a move to do, but Obama thinks he is president of the world LOL LOL

      Rich american negroes knew at one time that their main priority is to help their own people, not spread their little wealth so thinly around the world it helps no one.

    • There is hope! Lots of it. We have always and will always have some highly intelligent people. Then we have a great pool of people who have some smarts, and believe they have more going on than they actually do. Just read some of the comments and you can easily recognize who I’m speaking of.

      Next we have a very large group who truly have no hope of having a better life because they are massively illiterate. They don’t speak the English language well, they can’t read or write well, their total world depends upon what the government does or does not do for them.

      Decide where you will expend your energy, you can’t help everyone, you should however try to help someone, and see, help, guide that one to their dream. They will pass it on.

      • Hmmmmmmmmmm so what do you propose Silverbac? That we put them on the trains to auschwitz for extermination/incineration and rob them of their wordly good and use their skin for lamp shades?. Did hitler, i mean obama, teach you that?

        Never thought I’d see the day when affirmative action and the little money it put in black pockets would turn out to be a curse for the black race.

        But then fools usually know how to turn blessings into curses.

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