The Pope Says Jesus Birth is Wrong By Several Years

Pope Benedict XVI has jumped into the Jesus controversy by speaking to a matter of great interest to people of all religious backgrounds.  The Pope has revealed that Jesus may have been born before the date on which we thought he was born.  The difference is more than just a few days, and changes the manner through which we measure our calendars today.

Dionysius Exiguus, a 6th century monk, did the original calculation, and this is the one that Pope is calling into question.   Exiguus was the inventor of the Christian calendar and the pope says, that he  “made a mistake in his calculations by several years. The actual date of Jesus’ birth was several years before.”

The debate over the date and year on which Jesus was born has been subject to a great deal of debate, and this is just the latest.  Pope Benedict’s book, Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, lays out the details of his analysis.  The book has printed over a million copies and is expected to be a huge seller.  It is also expected to be translated into 20 languages for 72 countries.

Pope Benedict makes some controversial statements in the book. He writes of how the Gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus was born when Herod the Great ruled in Judea. However, given that Herod died in 4 B.C., Jesus must have been born earlier than Exiguus originally documented. Arguments surrounding Jesus’ exact date of birth have confounded scholars for centuries. Even the Gospel of Luke contends that the birth took place when Quirinius was governor of Syria in A.D. 6.

The author takes the opportunity not only to dispute the date of Jesus’ birth, but also to reaffirm the doctrine of the virgin birth as an “unequivocal” truth of faith. Reuters writes that Benedict reminds his readers that s****l intercourse did not play a part in the conception of Jesus. He states that a belief in the virgin birth of Christ is a “cornerstone of faith” and a sign of “God’s creative power.” “If God does not also have power over matter, then he simply is not God,” the Pope argues. “But he does have this power, and through the conception and resurrection of Jesus Christ he has ushered in a new creation.”


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  1. immaculate conceptions was quite prominent during Jesus time

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  2. the letter J is roughly 700 years old. so how can he have been referred to as Jesus………?

  3. @Charles Hall:

    It’s amazing how these negroids always say, ‘it doesn’t matter when this so-called ‘jesus’ was born’, but it does matter when a Black deity was born!!!

    There are Black deities, who were born thousands of years BEFORE this so called ‘jesus’, with dates of birth and when they died, but negroids don’t want to hear about these Black Gods and Goddesses, who came before this so-called fake ‘jesus’.

    THERE WAS NO CHARACTER CALLED ‘jesus’!!! These slave makers brainwashed their enslaved people with this fairytale 500 years ago, and negroids today, can’t shake this ‘habit’ called ‘jesus’ loose.

    For the unteenth time; the picture of this so-called ‘jesus’ was painted by michaelangelo, and his model was his drunk uncle, who was vincent van gogh!!! Go look at his picture and compare it to this so-called ‘jesus’ and get back with me!!!

    They [crackers] claim he died at the age of 33, which is a masonic number. Most screachas, presidents, and so-called Black political leaders are masons! When you reach 33 degrees of masonry, then you are considered knowledgable.

    CHECK: The Secret of the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry & Illuminati Bloodlines [it's only 4 minutes long]…a MUST see!!!

    This video speaks of Yzreal and Assyria, who were fighting each other during biblical times, and now today, which the illuminati and freemasons are behind this war!

    This so-called ‘jesus’ is the devil and this is why they claim he was [33] when he died, because that number is the number of lucifer!!!

    Revelation 11:17 reads: “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast [Assyria] that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them [Yzreal], and shall overcome them, and kill them.”

    I bring you Truth with Proof!!!


    • I just had to correct you on one detail, that being your claim that Vincent Van Gogh was Michealangelo’s “drunk uncle”. These two artists lived in different centuries; Van Gogh in the nineteenth, and Michaelangelo in the fifteenth and sixteenth. As for the rest of your post I have no comment, which is the smart thing to do.

      • @Pam:

        I stand corrected! Michaelangelo used a picture of Ceasar Borgia, to paint this fake character called ‘jesus’.

        I heard this statement from a white guy, who gave a lecture in my art class years ago. He claimed that artists, such as Michaelangelo and Vincent Van Gogh would paint false images of this fake’jesus’ to fool the people during their time, that ‘jesus’ was a caucasoid.

        Van Gogh was a drunk, tho, and he also said, that Michaelangelo was a gay guy. Perhaps, this guy had his information twisted [most caucasoids do lie about their his-story or his-LIE].

        Next time I will research this Truth for myself, instead of beLIEving this caucasoid’s words. Michaelangelo was born in 1475, while Van Gogh was born in 1853.

        “These two artists lived in different centuries; Van Gogh in the nineteenth, and Michaelangelo in the fifteenth and sixteenth.”

        I had to correct you on this information, also.

        WE’RE EVEN!

        • Let me add this piece to the puzzle!

          The greeks and romans use to worshipped ceasar as their god. They idolized FALSE gods, and he was one of them.

          Proof: Luke 20:25 reads: “And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be
          Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.”

          This is where the slogan “HAIL CAESAR” came from!!!


  4. @Charles Hall:

    By the way…the numbers 31 or 33 are numbers of evil. Therefore, if this pope, who is also a devil, said that he was born two years earlier, which would make this fake ‘jesus’ [31] years old, that is still a masonic number. so, if he was 31, he [jesus] was still a devil!!!

    333-1 = 666-1, which is the numbers of the devil. The [1] represents this so-called ‘jesus’, the [ONE] son of the satan called god!!!

    WAKE UP CAT!!!

  5. I am assuming the pope was there when Jesus was born!!!!

    • Excited about Grad School!

      lol……………right………………but they are the ones who tampered with the Bible and removed books and altered scriptures to mean what they thought it should mean…….be careful of who you listen to because now you have to distinguish what’s true and what is not true historically speaking. Case in point, the stuff that derrick says <<<<<not capitalizing – emphasis intended, is way beyond false.

      • @grade school:

        I see you are still thinking like a ‘grade’ school kid, eh?

        You yankees NEVER want to deal with FACTS and TRUTH because these two words are not in your vocabulary. There is NO creature called ‘jesus’, and you know this is True.

        Unfortunately, these brainwashed negroids are so blind to the Truth, they will beLIEve anything, you crackers tell them. If you told them ‘jesus’ was Black, they would kill you, but since you caucasoids have an image of this fake azz deity, as a cracker, they love ‘him’, and you crazy crackers!!!

        • Excited about Grad School!

          Actually people like myself, NOT yankees, do deal with facts. You only spout hate rhetoric, which demonstrates your intellect, and you wonder why women look at black males the way we do? Its because you refuse to obtain any real knowledge. Some of the professors, as I told you before, laugh at the stuff you say on blogs. Next, I am African Irish Native American so do not refer to people in a racists manner. I am NOT a negroid, nor am I brainwashed. I am an multi ethnic educated young lady, who reads and knows the difference between False Evidence Appearing Real- what you try to convince people of, and the truth and nothing you say is true. I feel sorry for any children you may have because they are probably indoctrinated with the dumb stuff you spit.

          You resemble a weak, pathetic,and ignorant plantation minded black male who needs some serious education and counseling from a Shrink

          • Personally, I don’t give a da*mn what you and your professor thinks about my comments. Like I always say; there are many educated fools and slaves teaching and attending these racist institutions…you and your professors fall into this category. [I doubt that you're in college], but I’ll play the game with you.

            Next; evidently you don’t know you True OURstory about your culture because the ORIGINAL Irish people were BLACK! Where do you think they got that nappy reddish color hair and freckles from? BLACK IRISH SETTLERS, WHO FIRST OCCUPIED IRELAND!!

            As a matter of Truth, Ireland was once ruled by a Black Emperor by the name of Emperor Gormund, who ruled Ireland during the Anglo-Saxon period. These are facts because I had a professor, who was Irish and she told me that Ireland was once a Black nation. Are you hip to Tom Jones, the guy who sang “It’s Not Unusual”…well, he admitted his Blackness, and he’s from Ireland.

            Let’s continue. Being ‘multi ethnic’, whatever that is, still means YOU HAVE BLACK BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH YOUR VEINS. Therefore, you are still BLACK!

            Don’t feel sorry for me because I have a son, who I taught his real OURstory. I told him the Ancient Afrikans introduced math, algebra, science, trig, and calculus to the world when he was 3 years young. Today, he’s 23, and will be graduating from college in May with a degree in Computer Technology. He also LOVES math and he tutors high schoolers with math, so go take your un-educated azz somewhere else with your stupidity.

            Most jealous hearted negroids, such as yourself, can’t stand the Truth; therefore, what you say about me is nothing, but a JOKE; like YOU!!!

            There’s an article entitled “The Educated Slave” by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D. You can read this on-line; therefore, go read it, and get back with me.

            Most negroid fe-males, such as yourself, THINK you know your OURstory, but from your nigorant comment, you’re still wet behind the ears!!!

            You remind me of a house nig*ga fe-male…you love to kiss cracker’s azzes!!!


            By the way…the ORIGINAL native amerikkkans were BLACK, and they were the Afrikan Olmecs, who were the FIRST settlers, who occupied amerikkka over 100,000 years ago!!! The so-called native amerikkkans are johnny-come-lately, just like you.


            The Olmecs [An African Presence in Early America] by Paul Barton

            See Ya!

          • correction: YOUR s/b YOU

  6. One thing I DO NOT DO OR WILL NOT DO IN THIS LIFE is take direction nor give a confession to a d**n man. Catholics are under a satanic rule. Who ever thinks saying HAIL MARY HAIL MARY is going to solve thier problems is CA RAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. SICK PPL. I don’t need to go to NO man to send my prayers up when I can do the same for myself. SHALOME!!!!

  7. Yup, Charles Hall, He was born and on that account I am certain! Let the others argue about WHEN He was born!

  8. Like-minded and other fully awake African Americans regarding your comments. The Pope and Vatican are not to be believed or listened to about anything and especially concerning Jesus Christ and Almighty God. The Vatican has for centuries and remains a top unGodly, rich, evil, deceptive, and extremely political world power with tentacles reaching into every continent, country, and government on earth. The Catholic Pope, Jesuit Order, and numerous Catholic priests worldwide are not at all what they appear to be and no one on earth should ever confess their personal sins to them, but should confess sins only directly to Almighty God in prayer asking for forgiveness and redemption in the name of Lord Savior Jesus Christ. The Vatican and its aims are not really what they appear to be and, as is prophesied, all mankind will come to know and also see this up close in time.

    What black people should in fact be concerned about is long term unemployment and negative economic status of African Americans being far worse than what is being reported by white-owned mainstream media organizations and the fact that African Americans with and without higher education are deliberately not being hired for available jobs having nothing to do with their skills or education, are deliberately being discriminated against by the vast majority of America’s employers who are white and are overwhelmingly first hiring other whites and non-African American native minorities (Latinos, Asians, etc…).

    The economic and social conditions in America for African Americans, for blacks in Africa, and poor people worldwide are going to get far, far worse than most can even begin to imagine and all are sitting ducks. Equally important is the fact of all white America’s highly useful black pawns including 1/2 white Barack Obama, 1/2 white Benjamin Jealous, high white-blooded Marc Morial, 1/2 white young turk master politician Newark, NJ Mayor wannabe Govenor Cory Booker, the 1/2 white Lt. Govenor of MD, the former 1/2 white D.C. Mayor Fenty thank-God-blacks-got-rid-of-him-but-way-too-late, and also other 1/2 white/black and non-biracial black politicians in America nor the Congressional Black Caucus. None of them are going to do anything at all tangible to stop or reverse the fast upcoming onslaught of deliberately escalated out of upper-income, middle-income and working-class into huge new black poverty populations joining pre-existing black poverty in America rife with anger that will become deep depression, despair, fury, poor health, sickness, riots, and ultimately blood in the streets, death, and mass incarcerations. The America government and big corporations have for a while been quitely and rapidly building more prisons in great anticipation of them being filled with hordes of angry and riotous new and pre-existing long term unemployed, revolutionary, radical and poor people. The USA is quitely readying long ago previously closed military bases and other locations.

    Why will black politicians nationwide not do anything? Because they really have no real power and can’t and if they actually seriously tried to do so, they and members of their families will be investigated, hounded, scandalized, bounced, unemployed, blacklisted, bombed, and nullified in every which way either banged six-feet into the ground or also fast into the upcoming deliberate sunami of escalated new and massively increased black poverty. So, black politicians perform just enough believable lip service and window-dressing to appear as though they are working hard, can, and will achieve valuable tangible, if not priority results, for the people. Black politicians are not in charge. They know it, those who are in charge know it, and the only ones who do not realize it are way too many millions of black people in America and in Africa. All have no real idea of who is really running America and the world, what is really going on, where those people are, what they are doing and what is going to happen, how and when.

    Black people have no clue of what the long game plan really is nor understand that black politicians are going along to get along hoping to be allowed to do what little they can and that they and their families will be spared. Who runs the world and controls world commerce, affairs, and the leaders of all world nations? Principally supernatural powers of evil together with the human Bilderberg Group, The Vatican, U.S. Council of Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission followed by back-up from their boys/girls of USDOJ CIA/FBI, USDoD, NATO, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, largest American and international corporations worldwide, and the richest people in the world.

    The vast majority of black people in America and Africa are not paying any attention to the strategic tactics completely detrimental to their prosperity and basic survival long underway and much that is quite visible right in front of them. There are two places in America of several in America and Europe that black people who can should visit and see to achieve if not full quick understanding of the long game plan in a nutshell certainly way more than a mere inkling of what it really is all about. The plan for both continued and escalated elimination and subjugation of black people in America, Carribean, and Africa is now and always been widescale.

    Black people in America, Carribean, and Africa are easily oppressed because they believe whatever the overwhelmingly white-controlled USA government, politicians, big business, education system, judicial system, banks, media organizations, television programs, movies, music, and advertisement industries want them to believe. Take a quick trip to visit, see, and thoroughly read “The Georgia Guidestones” in Elberton, Georgia. Next, go and visit the Denver Airport and spend time thoroughly viewing the massive wall art murals throughout and also see the symbols on the marble floors. Then, research and fully read about The Committee of 300, High Knights and Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

    Also, understand that HIV/AIDs was in fact deliberately created by white American and European scientists and deliberately introduced by them into Africa and America specifically to genocidedly wipe out and reduce the Black Race population (Read Dr. Francis Cress Welsing’ book The Isis Papers), which I knew long before reading Dr. Welsing’ book. Also, understand that rich white American government and private sector leaders together with those in European countries and their huge corporations are again carving up and re-colonizing Africa following covert daily wiping out of millions of African people via HIV/AIDs coupled with U.S./NATO/Europe led deliberate destruction and destabilization of the African Union (uniting of all African state countries) movement by the leaders of 54 African countries to create a united Africa via U.S./NATO/Europe paid instigation of false civil uprising in and bombing of oil rich Libya specifically to take out and murder Qadaffi who strongly fully supported, participated in, and financially supported the African Union and via paid instigation of tribal civil war genocide in Rawada and Sudan, paid economic and civil destabilization, paid subversions, and paid false civil uprisings in Somolia, Congo, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and so on, paid support and installations of certain politicians as leaders of key African countries and not for the benefit of the people of those countries, and the installation of AFRICOM (U.S. and European military bases) in Africa.

    The same goes on in Black America in numerous ways ranging from via white America’s daily delivery of white supremacy subliminal and overt psychological warfare indoctrination of white domination and superiority beginning with public school education of black children daily taught about white American and European history of leaders, conquorers, european domination of black people as slaves and up from slavery to white America’s financial and political control of the public school education system regarding curriculums, what subjects / levels of courses taught, and education materials available, control of available employment and hiring, control of military and genocidal science chemical, viral, and bacterial biological warfare programs, control of judicial system, law enforcement, banks, media organizations, entertainment industry, advertising, food/health/medicine industries, control of illegal drugs and alcohol, and control of the prison industrial complex in tight partnership Europe/Vatican/Bilderberg Group. Black children, youth, and teenagers are have since black people were first brought to America historically been taught in school all about the evolution and exploits of white America and Europe and nothing at all about Africa regarding any truth or thorough knowledge as if the huge continent of Africa and her accurate ancient history to which European knowledge and development across the board is directly tied is historically irrevelant and does not exist just as her black people have not massively contributed to the great knowledge and wealth of European, American, and world civilization. Lack of true and thorough historical knowledge of self and deliberate cover up and deceit about such of tremendous great importance is truly where the real problems of black children, adults, families, and lack of black unification really begins and from which all other negative, destructive psychological emotions, behaviors, actions flow.

    How can any black person on earth believe this is good or healthy for black children or the Black Race? It absolutely is not and is also long term psychologically damaging and by deliberate design. Any race of people not knowing their own true history or roots is a race of people easily indoctrinated, deceived, confused, self-hating, infiltrated, divided, diluted, forever largely overwhelmed, overtaken, and suspended in an idle twilight zone of ignorance to be easily daily conquored and destroyed en mass.

    As for what Black American and Black Africa ought to do, but far too many millions likely will not to save and reverse en mass troubles and decline of every kind is to first return to and rapidly learn and live the Word of Almighty God in obedience and in daily pray to Him asking for His mercy, guidance, and protection. Second, to rapidly unite together in active moral, spiritual, social and economic solidarity to actively plan survival and prosperity by any means necessary and acceptable to Almighty God. And third, to rapidly spread as much important knowledge and survival guidance and help if possible to as many other black people in America, Carribean, and in Africa as humanly possible. Last, black people need to and should also know as well that the only unbought, unbent, strongest, unafraid, and worthy spiritual and moral leader of black people in America always speaking truth to change that more black people listen to and overwhelmingly support en mass is Minister Louis Farrakhan.


    • Jean-Francois Jean

      As a 1/2 Black American, I don’t know what so-called “Full Blooded” Black Americans think separating under the same “racial” ideas as the oppressor will accomplish for the oppressed. I can tell you what it does. It only divides us further and weakens our cause in this system of oppression. I was raised in poverty, affected by all that ails America’s dispossessed, urban centers and can honestly say that I agree with much of your portrayal of “The Problem”. But, when you point out Americans of African descent who don’t look like you, you belittle our race and ignore the dominance of melanin and the genetics of being “Black”. I am still struggling through the conditions imposed upon myself as I developed in an insane inner-city atmosphere. But, I realize, accepting my personal responsibility is the only way to make a difference. The only way I do this is by not focusing on blaming others or the problem itself, but by seeking solutions. This is done by asking for help when I need it. And, there are many people at the ground level of many different colors, cultures and nationalities being affected by the same forces you describe in your diatribe. I cannot say I ever had the opportunity to put 1/2 White on a job application. And, I cannot say a “100% Black” person exists in America whose generations goes beyond the 5th degree. Stop demonizing folk who are in the same boat you are regardless of their social status. Where are the solutions to all this?

      • Jean-Francois Jean

        And, let me just add that these designations of the degree of color within our Race are features of a Racial-Economic system devised to stratify societies in this hemisphere that did not include Anglo-America. Louisiana and Latin countries stratified their societies along the lines of blood admixture and developed intricate charts and customs to support these divisions. But, in America, the “Octoroon” rule designated you as simply Black and continues to do so today. All this house n***a s**t we have been fed over the years concerning lighter-skinned Blacks is actually a reversal of plantation realities. Mixed slaves were mostly relegated to the furthest reaches of any plantation doing the hardest labor as to not remind the White landowners’ families of their hereditarial ties. No White wife of a landowner wanted to be reminded (no less than you or your darker colleagues want to be reminded of our mixture) of the existence of her husband’s Black children and would refuse to see them mingling with her own children (their siblings, cousins, etc.) and would banish them (as you are attempting to banish us)to the furthest fields they could find. The solution does not lie in knowing all the conspiracies and plans, but in knowing why these things exist and promoting that knowledge throughout our masses. The truth is; The Masons, Illuminati, Europeans, Bilderbergers, et al, have coopted the mysteries and are using them to exclude us from our own heritage. These mysteries are not intended to do what these groups are doing with them. So why interrupt their demise as these efforts will only (and have always) backfire on them. They are literally applying spiritual and metaphysical representations. This is the knowledge of universal movements in time, space and Spirit and, if used properly, this ancient information born in “Inner Africa” and recorded in Khemet (Egypt) can restore us to our proper alignment in the universe. The problem is well known. It is based in ignorance. The solution is Knowledge…of Self! So, stop hating skin color–the illusion of your eyes. And, look deep within yourself to see others.

        • Jean-Francois Jean –

          Your points are well known by me and understood. Yet, what black people must understand is that we have within the Black Race far too many who are extremely detrimental to black people en mass based on their highly brainwashed and sick preferred social, financial association, connection, and financial ties to caucasians and white supremacists also willingly helping the latter to confuse, deceive, divide, dilute, continue to conquor, and to destroy black people in America, Carribean, Africa and worldwide. Such blacks are both non-biracial and biracial 1/2 black and white. And, there is considerable and highly substantial evidence of the fact that huge numbers of 1/2 white/black individuals are not only extremely biologically, genetically, and most importantly mentally confused and torn as a result of being biracially black and white. As a result, most have been and continue to be extraordinarily useful to the diabolical negative economic, social, political, genetic, and genocidal strategies and of rich and all other white supremacists against the Black Race en mass as are also many, if not the vast majority of their black parents, as well. Moreover, one of the numerous strategic tactics of rich white supremacists over the past 15+ years via their media and advertisements has been and still is to strongly encourage and promote interracial dating, mating, marriage and procreation between black and white people, which the white power structure is definitely not doing to benefit nor to increase the Black Race. In that you appear to certainly be intelligent, I trust you should fully understand. As for the color issue problem among blacks, which has historically been one of the sick results of slavery, white culture brainwashing, indoctrination, and hatred against blacks that blacks have internalized against themselves, there is absolutely no need for you nor anyone else to try to school me about this neurosis about light and white skin being right, far more desirable, and advantageous that unfortunately still remains embedded within the psyche of far too many black people worldwide. As a light-skinned black woman whose great, great, great grandmother was a white woman and daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and doctor in Virginia, I have already well lived it! And, I strongly stand by my previous comments as uncomfortable and disturbing as they may be to biracial 1/2 black and white people because I know also based on research, living, and also as a trained past investigative journalist and public official who pays great attention to all around me and to domestic local, national, and international foreign affairs and most definitely knows what’s going on that what I previously stated and have also stated herein is factual. Peace!

  9. @ bro D.. These crazy azz Negroes will not read any of OUR PEER REVIEWED(@ exited about grad school, What is the basis of any scholarly work? That is has been peer reviewed right?!!) So let me name a few books that have been peer reviewed and that are unassailable concerning your mythical Jesus, – The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welding, Civilization or Barbarism by Dr. Cheik Ante Diop, From the Browder File, By professor Tony Browder, The Destruction of African Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams, and many others by Pro. John Henry Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Prof. John Jackson and Dr. Asa Hillard and others, too many to name here. That’s enough to get you started if you are a scholar/student and seek the truth!! Read some of these SCHOLARLY WORKS from these/OUR SCHOLARS before commenting on Bro D cause he and many of us in the CONSCIOUS(con-with, scious-knowlege) community have done our research and study and we have the truth in facts and heavy anthropological and Archeological findings form various more Scholars( Dr. Leaky!!) to back us up.!! But you are Europeanized with a fossilized Pineal Gland so you cant grasp anything that would shake your false foundation!! I’ll Keep Professor Hilton Hotema in reserve because you d**n sure aint ready for him!! Oh,neophyte(beginner),I have two degrees which mine are more scientific, I didn’t have to listen to a lot of the bullshit lies taught in most of the liberal arts c**p. All that s**t they teach on a college campus is Europeanized intended to make us all servers of the corporate world, until we realize that we can do for self and don’t need to work for massa companies!! I learned what I needed from them to become Licensed in a career but not for true Knowledge!! Ever heard of the Crusades? The Dark Ages, The Metr Netchr? Yeah I know, we see people like you all the time always spouting off what they learned through imitation(religion) instead of by education(Real Knowledge)!! The real education in life occurs own your own outside of the classroom and without being spoon-fed by imbeciles! Maat…

    • @Imhotep:

      It is useless to try to wake up dead thinking negroids. The word negro comes from the root word ‘necro’ [necromancy], which means DEATH or worship of the DEAD!!!

      These modern day slaves today, are so hooked on that religion called xtianity, they are ‘DYING’ to go to some unknown place called ‘heaven.’ Anytime a dumb azz negroid beLIEves you are going to ‘heaven’ or ‘h**l’ when you die, they got to be crazy! WHEN YOU’RE DEAD…YOU’RE DEAD!!! Heaven and h**l is A STATE OF MIND. It is right here on earth. Black folks are going through h**l, right now, while yankees continue to enjoy ‘heaven’ off the backs of Blacks, right here on earth! Does ‘Black Friday’ ring a bell. Honkeys will go to the bank, while negroids will go home BROKE!

      Speaking of popes…the FIRST popes were Black, and one of them even changed the day of easter to honor a Black Queen by the name of Queen Ester, who killed a white roman emperor! His name was Pope Victor. The other Black popes were St Miltiades (311-14), and Pope St Gelasius (492-496). These Afrikan popes were not like their caucaosid counterparts because they practiced and taught Blackness! They loved their DARKNESS [their people], and hated caucasoids.


      John 3:19 reads: “And this is the condemnation, that light has come into the world, but men loved DARKNESS rather than light because their deeds were evil.”

      These Black popes knew that the romans and greeks were evil, and they hated the ‘light’ which means ‘white’. Therefore, they HATED the light [white] RACE!!!

      Brother Imhotep, I don’t care if these negroids don’t read this Truth because they only beLIEve what caucasoids dictate for them to read. They will never become conscious because their minds don’t contain any melanin, which is the god ingredient, that the Black Messiah gave to Blacks…not negroids or caucasoids.

      Most people are not aware that the caucasoid pope today, worships the Black Madonna and kisses her feet daily! He knows that god was Black, and the ORIGINAL writers of the Scroll [bible] were Black, also. Those ignorant negroids like Neadra SweetPea Scott [above comment], are southern slaves, who obey caucasoids, and their false teachings of xtianity! Anytime a negroid does not do research on their own, I have no need to try and wake them up.

      Georgia negroids are like slaves…they still say ‘yes sir and no sir’ to caucasoids; therefore, they don’t mind getting on their knees to worship a cracker god.

      If these honkeys told these xtian negroids, that ‘jesus’ was 1000 years old; they still would beLIEve them!!!

      This is why MLK never marched in Georgia because he said those negroes were too scared to fight for their freedom!!! This Neadra is a perfect example of a chicken-hearted negro.



        • @David:

          There’s a bible scripture which says; I once was blind but now I see. My question is: when are xtian negroids gonna WAKE UP from their coma and blindness?
          I know there is no deity called god, jesus, or lord because if there were, why are we still suffering after 500 years of forced enslavement? Where were these deities?

          Proof: Deuteronomy 28:28 reads: “The lord shall smite thee with madness, and BLINDNESS, and astonishment of heart.” Would you serve a deity that smites us?

          smite = Defeat or conquer (a people or land).

          We are NOT THE CHOSEN FEW!!! We are the ORIGINAL inhabitants on this planet. We came from Alkebulan (Afrika), which is another name for Mother Land or Garden of Eden, the birth of Black Mankind.

          We are 92% of the world population, while caucasoids are only 8%; therefore, they are the FEW! Remember, the world is ran by a FEW greedy, caucasoid rich gangsters, but negroids continue to support their religion, their wicked ways, their demonic he*ll-a-days (holidays), and their gay lifestyles.

          We are the MAJORITY culture, and caucasoids are the True minorities, but negroids continue to accept the crumbs these heathens throw at them. THIS IS THE PROBLEM…THE few THAT WE LET CONTROL THE WORLD!!!

          Let’s not forget during our forced enslavement, the MAJORITY of the enslaved people let those crackerss CONTROL them. Just think if they would’ve UNITED and ORGANIZED to take over those plantations; we wouldn’t be in this condition today.

          Negroids are SCARED to organize, and this is why the FEW will continue to control the MANY!!!

          Proof: Deuteronomy 28:43-44 reads: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” [44] He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him; he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.”

          In other words: These foreigners (strangers) are within our communities and are over (above) us, and they are lending money to us, but we are not lending money to them. We are at the bottom (tail), and he is at the head (top).

          The MAJORITY is suppose to RULE; not the FEW!!!


          I’M GONE!

  10. And for those of you that say you don’t believe nuthin from the Pope, U still are sucking out of his azz because Modern day Christianity is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism( See Council of Nicaea, 325 CE)!! Then go to St. Thomas Aquinas( the father of modern theology, and of the 35 so called “doctors of the catholic church,” he is considered their greatest theologian and philosopher) and his works, Summa Theologiae and Summa Contra Gentiles and get back at me.. Happy reading…Hotep

  11. I have wondered for some time what is true and what is not true as stated in the Bible, after all, it has been re-written…how many times?? What has been added and what has been taken away?

    • @ann G.:

      There is some Truth in the bible, but there are also over 100 contradictions, also. There is a scripture in the bible, which says; “Blessed is he that readeth” [Revelation 1:3], and another scripture, which reads: “Search the scriptures…” [John 5:39]


      Over 25 Black books have been left out of the bible, that were re-written by the romans. I have a list of them!


      WE ARE GODS!!! John 10:34 reads: “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

      Psalm 82:6 reads: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

      This is the Black Messiah speaking; not me; therfore, this is Truth!

      YOU [the Black woman] are goddesses, and the Black man is a god!!!

      I’M GONE

      • Jesus is nothing but hellenized Jewish myth and all your afrocentric rhetoric and claims are just unequivocal mumbo jumbo.

        The bible is a collection of Jewish legends and patently absurd stories like revelations, the flood, Jesus crawling out of a virgins a*s etc etc.
        It’s funny how afrcentric guys like you try to co opt idiotic stories like the ones in the bible and claim you are the ” lost tribe of Israel” .

      • Try to understand and embrace real scientific knowledge that can be useful and not the dumb biblical s**t that hasn’t helped any of you black folks since the slavemasters gave your ancestors PERMISSION to worship the jesus fella.

        It’s funny how you yell cracka this and cracka that when your are still a slave to the “crackas” fairy tale.
        Anyway, today is Sunday,the descendants of slaves will go partake in their Christian delusions in various houses of ignorance across the nation.

      • Before you call mea “Cracka”, keep in mind that i’m black…………….with a real name and not a “cracka” name like DERRICK. You should change your name to Zulu Mandela…..

        • @E.T., I mean martian:

          The meaning of Derrick is “people’s ruler!!!

          I RULE, BYTCH!

          You have Afrikans born in Afrika, who still act like crackers, such as yourself. I had a dumb azz Afrikan argue with me, that ‘god’ was/is a caucasoid!!!

          Therefore, just because a person has an Afrikan name or is born in Afrika, doesn’t mean their MINDS are Black!!! Remember, those cracker missionaries fvcked up their minds, just like cracker screachas fvcked up negroids minds, here in racist amerikkka!

          As far as the name ‘martian’…it means something from outter space; not real; an alien; FAKE!

          Meaning of the name martian is; of or relating to the planet Mars or its hypothetical inhabitants. A hypothetical inhabitant of the planet Mars, especially, as a stock FICTIONAL character.

          GET OUTTA HERE, you FAKE martian!!!

          Where’s your space ship, boy?

          YOU cracker zulu martian, you ain’t shyt on a stick!!!

          I’M THE PEOPLE’S RULER, YOU’RE A FAKE LIKE E.T. (remember him?) lol

          By the way…those mad caucasoid scientist are exploring on Mars, see if you can hitch hike a ride back to your planet!

      • Derrick–

        Please cite the names of the list of books left out of the bible. Thanks.

    • Most of the KJV Bible comes from other sources. What we take away from the Bible depends on our level of understanding. The same sentence having one meaning to me, might have a different meaning to someone with a deeper understanding. The Exoteric and the Esoteric.

  12. @Ann G. [sorry about that]


  14. U speak Maat bro D …and u r totally correct with the black Pope’s and the scripture reaffirming we are the Gods! !! Good scholarship bro! !! Amen RA! !!

  15. Our people need some SANKOFA immediately! !! Its like we are suffering from a form of reverse Darwin’s Natural Selection and we have the ability to redact and adapt to a new paradigm, but the chains on mental slavery are locked tight on our people’s minds! ! The Ancients are shaking their heads in disbelief! ! Hotep. ..

    • Brother Imhotep:

      I have given up on these negroids! All they talk about is this fake azz ‘jesus’, god, and prayer! NEITHER ONE OF THEM AIN’T GONNA DO SHYT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!

      These negroids are running around here somewhere laughing, skinning and grinning giving these racist crackers their money to celebrate another h*ell-a-day, which is xmess or christMESS!!!

      You can only get across to people, who think like you and me because these dumb azz negroids don’t posses a CONSCIOUS MIND!!!



    • No, the ancients are dead so there in no literal or figurative head shaking going on.
      The ancestral worship our people practiced before the advent of the Judaic faiths are just as impotent and borne out if the ignorance of those ancient people. The Egyptian religion you hold in high regard is as real as the ancient Greeks belief that Zeus lived on Mt Olympus.
      Believing in gods and venerating the ignorance of the ancients doesn’t advance the human race.
      The mental chains can only be removed when people eschew the absurd magical thinking inherent in a culture that places religion on a pedestal.
      Looking at black culture in the U.S and the diaspora, I’m almost certain that most black people can’t live without their superstitions, hence they will continue to live at the bottom of the barrel.
      Black people are like the prisoners in Plato’s allegory of the cave.

      • Hey, spaceship willie (martian), if you knew your Khemetic OURstory, you would realize that the Ancient Khemetians were GODS! They called themselves PHAROHS, which is another name for God! AND THEY WERE BLACK!!!

        Just because you are dead doesn’t mean your Spirit doesn’t continue to live. A good Spirit lives FOREVER because you will ALWAYS remember the good of that individual. My Dad’s Spirit still lives because he was a da*mn GOOD MAN! An evil spirit ALWAYS dies, or is never mentioned because it deals with d(evils) aka caucasoids.

        Therefore, take your pale cracker azz back to Mars and worship E.T. You don’t know shyt about OURstory because if you were Black; you would capitalize this word.

        Afrikans introduced mummification, burial ceremonies, and embalming to the world!!!

        By the way…Afrikans didn’t practice any relgion because they were Spiritual and practiced Cosmology, which is the science of the moon, sun and stars. The greeks copied EVERYTHING they knew from the Ancient Khemetians, then claimed it for themselves. They were only concerned with b**t popping each other in the booty.

        As a matter of Truth, everything evil came from the pale romans and greeks. They introduced the ‘best man’ concept in marriage because the groom would have s*ex with his partner before he got married.


  16. How long it tokk those drag queens to figure this out 2000 years.Maybe if he start wearing pants he could figure out some of the BS, going on in the business that he runs. Or as I would say the pimping circus that these religious nut run.

  17. It is truly amazing that in 2012, “the information age”, that so many people still believe in ridiculous myths that have no evidence to support them. It is especially embarrassing at how many Black people still buy the Jesus myth. All of those who scream in church about how much they believe in Jesus are unable to provide a shred of objective evidence to support such a belief.

    For those who still don’t know, the story of a virgin birth, crucifixion and resurrection, has been told for thousands of years before the mythical Jesus. The whole story is an encoded message about the movement of the planets and stars. See the link below and do so research!
    Complete Original ’07 Zeitgeist

    • You’re right! Afrikans practiced Sprituality, Cosmology (the study of the planets and the stars), and they were the True Gods [Pharohs]!!!

      The Sun-God Ra, is the True God of the Universe. Afrikan women studied the planets, moon, sun, and the stars. As a matter of Truth, they named them, but the greeks stole this OURstory from them and claimed it. They also, introduced astronomy and astrology to the world!!! Also, the calendar was introduced by Afrikan women.


      PROOF: Psalm 84:11 reads: “For the LORD God is a SUN and shield…”



  18. What is wrong with the Pope now – changing the dates and years Jesus was born. After all what do we Catholics really benefit when things are changed on us. Nothing. Thanks God he agreed Mary was virgin. There is information in this world that is useless to those reading. One of this is pope doubting or changing Jesus Birth day. I advise the Pope to stop engaging himself in academics. What if Christians of other religion differ to what the Pope is now saying and prove him wrong? This will generate doubts that the pope can be wrong like every other preacher. We Catholics believe that Pope is infallible. It’s not Pope’s job to change birth dates of Jesus. Pope’s job is simply blessing us, to pray for us and teach us how to get to heaven when we die. Next time he will tell us there are no saints – that will kill the Catholic religion. The Pope should stop engaging in academics.

  19. There is always someone trying to mess up something we hold dear to make a buck. Jesus WAS born,he DIED, he ROSE,he IS our SAVIOR. END OF STORY.

    • @Elle:

      If this so-called ‘jesus’ WAS born, if he DIED, if he ROSE, and if he IS our SAVIOR, where in the fvck is he, now?


      This is what this so-called ‘jesus’ stood for, right? Therefore, when in the sam he*ll is he going to treat us like he treat crackers?

      END OF STORY!!!



        • I cannot help anybody, who doesn’t want to help THEMSELVES!

          All I can do is put this Truth out there, but it’s up to the individual to search this Truth for themselves.
          Some of us have power to OVERstand the Truth, but others have no power to underSTAND the Truth….they have been ‘under’ the white boy’s religious beLIEfs, they can’t shake it lose.

          This is why this site is promoting all this xtian mess because they know that the majority of these negroids ‘follow’ this slave religion called xtianity. Just sit back and read the comments that some of these xtian negroids say about their ‘god’ and ‘jesus’, who they love to death, and have not seen, but HATE their brother, who tries to wake them up, who is in the flesh.



          1John 4:20 reads: “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a LIAR: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”

          These xtian negroids are nothing but HYPOCRITES and the Spirit of the Black Messiah ain’t in them!!!

          Don’t you think it’s time for negroids to use their power, and separate from these screachas and crackers, who continue to keep negroids POWERLESS?


  20. @ Curtis, you are completely right and Zeitgeist is the truth!! Good stuff!! Maat..

  21. Derrick and Imhotep:

    It is good to see that some people are able to think objectively. People like Elle, are almost a lost cause because logic and facts bounce off of them like a ball bouncing off of a wall. There is no more evidence for the existence of Jesus than there is for Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Zeus, etc. etc. etc.

    These money hungry preachers and ministers have brainwashed our people so badly that they are no longer able to think objectively. They have been taught to “BELIEVE” rather than to RESEARCH and THINK for themselves.

    Jesus is the biggest con game in the Black community. Black people fork over billions to these Black ministers and preachers because of Jesus! In the African American community we don’t own the laundromats, the grocery stores, the nail salons, the 99 cent stores, the electronic stores, the department stores, the chicken shacks, the pizza shops, the gas stations, etc., but WE DO OWN THE CHURCHES!!! It is utterly pathetic how backward and stupid we are. While we are yelling about how much we love Jesus the Asians, Italians, and Arabs, who own the financial wealth in our communities are all laughing at us as they drive their Mercedes to their homes in the suburbs each night.

    • @Curtis: “These money hungry preachers and ministers have brainwashed our people so badly that they are no longer able to think objectively. They have been taught to “BELIEVE” rather than to RESEARCH and THINK for themselves.”

      Isn’t it amazing how these xtian negroids can let the screacha pimp, rule them, and take their money, while they are left with nothing?

      These negroids are nothing, but xtian ‘ho’s [male and female], and they can’t talk about the street ‘ho’s because they are in the same old bag! Different players; same game! They (xtians) WILLINGLY give them 10% of their earnings, while the pimp screacha rides around in his luxury automobiles, resides in his mansions, rides in his lear jets, and wears his expensive clothes and shoes.

      These entertainment centers (churches) bring in $250 million PER SUN-DAY, but what do they have to show? Just like the street ‘ho, who prostitutes her body, but has nothing to show for her loyalty to the street pimp!!!

      I REPEAT: There are 45 million Black people (men, women and children) in these unuted snakes of amerikkka. Over 270 million dollars are brought in EACH SUN-DAY from these entertainment centers. If you divide 45 million into 270 million, that would be 6 million dollars. Therefore, that would mean WE (men, women and children) could be millionaires in ONE DAY!!!

      If these greedy screachas would SHARE THE WEALTH, we could OWN our schools, clothing stores, have our OWN furniture stores, chicken shacks, pizza shops, gas stations, banks, car dealerships, grocery stores, etc. like we once had before we integrated with our enemies.


  22. Derrick:

    Absolutely! I once told a hardcore church going Black woman an African story which I thought would wake her up. It goes like this: “Before the white man came to Africa, the African had the land and the white man had the Bible. When the white man left he owned the land and the African had the Bible.” I waited for her response. She said: “Who do you think got the better end of the deal?” I was utterly speechless! She could not see the obvious message. This is the state of so many of our people. As Richard Pryor once said: “In a Black church, you get a show for your money”. What will it take for our people to finally wake up?!

    • @Curtis:

      They will NEVER wake up because these caucasoids have brainwashed them to beLIEve in their religion. These weak xtian negroids are so infactuated with this fairytale shyt, they can’t shake it loose. But, when a Black man comes with Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Facts, they don’t want to hear it!

      I had an Afrikan dude tell me that ‘god’ was a cacaucasoid!!! This is what those cracker missionaries did to those negroids in Afrika…they brainwashed them with THEIR racist religion called xtianity.

      There is an Afrikan screacha in Nigeria, who is the richest screacha in Afrika. He owns private jets, mansions, and cars, while his people are starving to death! Doesn’t this sound familiar?

      They [missionaries] came with their bibles, but left with their [Afrikans] land!!!

      These dumb azz negroids here in amerikkka are the same way…these yankees came with their ‘god’, but are treating these negroids like slaves!!! Now, these xtian negroids are worshipping their devil/god called satan!!!


  23. By the way…they even have these Afrikan screachas on that xtian channel now!!!

  24. And Jesus answered: “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word. The law is living word of living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life. God so made life and all living things that they might by the everlasting word teach the laws of the true God to man. God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. They are in your breath, your blood, your bone; in your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, your ears, and in every little part of your body. They are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the living God. But you shut your eyes that you may not see, and you shut your ears that you may not hear. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God. Wherefore do you not listen to the words of God which are written in His works? And wherefore do you study the dead scriptures which are the work of the hands of men?”

  25. Appreciate one more informative web-site. Where altogether different might I recieve that kind of info printed in such a ideal method? I’ve a assignment that i am just right now operating for, and I’ve been in the glance out there regarding these info.

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