Jamie Foxx Angers Christians By Calling Obama “our lord and savior”

On Sunday night when Jamie Foxx came on the stage at the Soul Train Music Awards, the audience knew they were in for some laughs and giggles but this time the comedian and Academy Award winning actor got both some laughs and some angry frowning faces. Some Christians did not think it was funny when the actor referred to President Obama as “our lord and savior”.

Foxx uttered the seemingly harmless words as a joke but he seems to have offended some Christians who believe that an elected official should not be likened to “our lord and savior”.

The BET network must not have had any problems with Foxx’s comments because they used them in a preview of the Soul Train Music Awards show. Foxx said, about President Obama,

“It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama.”

Foxx is not the first to imply that Black people seem to perceive President Obama as their “savior”. President Obama has been referred to as “the messiah” and “the second coming of Jesus” by many so one might be confused as to why Jammie Foxx is facing such a negative backlash.

According to Examiner reports, during the most recent elections at the Democratic National Convention, there was a poster for sale that called President Obama a “Prophesy fulfilled.” There were also calendars which likened the President to Jesus Christ that were being sold.

152 Responses to Jamie Foxx Angers Christians By Calling Obama “our lord and savior”

  1. People need to realize Jamie is a comedian and that was a Joke, Dang..

  2. SILLY SILLY overly sensative people. Get a clue.

  3. I think they realized it was a joke. While realizing that some things are not to be joked about.

  4. Correction mr Davis -America lost! Wait until the tax hike takes affect this Janurary and people who voted for him can’t pay for food, lights, daycare, etc.

  5. He’s a comedian people. Find something real to b***h about!

    • Jamie is a comedian, but Jesus Christ is not. To make a joke about this is not funny, and if you are a true Christian and believe who is the true Lord and Savior you would not have made the comment you made.

      • God is looking at the heart. Jamie wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I’s so glad Jesus knows that and also said He knows our frame. And I’m most glad He is God and not us!!!

  6. lawd ham mercy on these negroid xtians!!!

    If Jamie compared O’Drama to a white boy, those negroids would be okay with that, but sense he compared O’Drama to a Black god and a Black ‘jesus’, negroids got upset!!!

    Sorry azz, slave azz negroids are SICK!!! Even screachas know, the Black Messiah was a BLACK MAN, but scared to teach that Truth!

    None of those xtian negroids said anything when crackers called O’Drama and his family a bunch of apes, monkeys, hitler, a pimp, and called his beautiful wife a ‘ho!!! Where were these jackazz negroids, then?



    THESE god*da*mn ni*ggaz love them some cracker ‘jesus’!!!

    • Derrick, Jesus is pictured as White only because White people were the first to recognize him as the son of God. Quite naturally they would want their God to look like them. The slaves were forced to abandon voudon/satan worship, and other pagan religions of africa they are basically evil religions based upon satan worship. It was a good thing. Voudon followers beleve tthat the SERPENT in the garden of Eden is more powerful than the Christian God, because he seemed to prevail when he tricked Eve into going against God’s wishes and ate the fruit (apple) which possessed the knowledge of good and evil. Before the fall, all animals dwelled side by side in peace and harmony. After the apple was eaten God gave us the freedom to choose good or evil, and many chose evil, but make no mistake God is still in control.

      Modern Black churches often have a picture of Jesus as black with hair of wool. That is a good thing, and shows we are becoming enlightened.

      Religion is very necessary. Religion establishes moral codes, and sets the foundation for peaceful living, love and cooperation, but it can also set the code for destruction (for example moslems and their sharia law (cutting off your hand if you steal, etc.).

      It is obvious to me that Christianity is the BEST religion because everyone who lives in none Christian societies do everything possible to escape them. that’s why you see all of asia, africa, and the carribean wishing to escape to the Christian worlds of the U.S. and Europe.


        • I ain’t even gonna address that cracker! You’re right about sizing this demonic demon up because that’s all these yankees on this site do is instigate mischief and bullshyt.

          Some of these negroid xtians will agree with this cracker, but she ain’t worth my time.


      • @Joyce. Simply wrong of some facts. It was not an apple that was eaten. Where did you get that apple from? Secondly, white skinned humans were not the first to see what has happening along the rivers of dark skinned Africa. You’ve learned the lies coming out of western Europe. Now listen to the non European scholars on African History which is the oldest recorded we have to date. It’s apparent that you just do not have the facts and a few you have are simply erroneous.

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  8. @Bro D ..These fake luvers of OUR people really got mad at Tupac and Mel Gibson( passion for the Christ) for there depictions of the mythical Jesus. They really don’t read and study because Obama can do no wrong and he is perfect, despite no one being prosecuted for stealing 5 trillion dollars!! I guess he is their new age Christ! !! Hotep. .

  9. Some people are Very Strange they Love to Personality Worship Malcolm MLK Some Politician some Singer Anybody but the All True Wise & Living God! Y’all need to stop it,and Grow up Spiritually then you will be Mature because I don’t Trust No Politicians they just Puppets & Slaves Bought & Paid for! If they were truly free we would be,our Condition Condemns us & they Sambo Behinds lol

  10. See how devisive RELIGION can be? Wow

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  12. Every true Christian is aware that Barack Obama is NOT our Lord & Saviour and never will be. Only an idiot would think he was. Only by the grace of our Savior has he come this far and I am sure he is aware of the fact. Jamie Fox is nothing more than a comedian doing his job.

  13. Some things you just don’t joke about

  14. One of the main reasons why black people will always be behind. Keep putting your hopes and dreams in man, flesh. Joke or not, this is reality and people need to stop living in fantasy land and realize things are real out here and not everything is a joke.

  15. It was a joke made by a comedian. Not to be tooken seriously. People are doin too much.

    • @Majid. Those taking it too seriously are the finger pointing hypocritical christian, born again judges that their Lord has commanded them not to be nor do. They are self-righteous thinking they are holy and clean. That same Jesus said their self-righteousness is filthy in his sight. Jesus went on to say their self-righteousness as a filthy female menstrual KOTEX rags – check it out, Isaiah 64:6. I rest my case.

  16. It’s better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in a KING or President that’s brought by men.

  17. Black people first messiah was Nat Turner, a slave who wanted to be free.

  18. The Motown Sound!

    We have a “certain”political party trying to turn back the clock and a few jealous blacks (Watkins!) get all flustered over a comic’s joke……please – show us that you are the intellectual you claim to be and not a fox blue dog fanatic!!!

  19. People make a big deal out of nothing it makes good headlines. If you have any sense at all you know that the President is not our Lord or Savior. A real Christian wouldn’r be offended but pray for the person making the comment. Its obvious that he either was plaing or have no knowledge of who God is cause you cannot laiken him to any human being. All this does is give Fox news and those idiots more amonition to talk about.

  20. That is not a joke in any form or fashion! You don’t joke about the REAL GOD Like that. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Well if you voted for atheist Obama and supported his promotion of baby killing, unnatural s*x, etc., you might as well call him your lord and saviour.

  22. White folks has called President Obama, c**n,n****r Hitler, a socialist, communist, threatened his life, total outright disrespect by white Joe citizen and white business people, Governors and US Representatives alike and you media have the audacity to harp on a comedic quip and try to associate black folk as stupid like we can’t separate reality. Well white boy we as a people are to educated to your dumb a*s analogy always trying to speak for us. Crackers those days are over. You white people never knew who your Lord and Savior is because your actions during slavery and during Jim Crow you sure was no where near representative of knowing Jesus, especially present day.

  23. It takes ALL KIND to make a world!—–and that’s just what’re gonna get. PEACE!!!

  24. Comedians often speak the truth and make fun of our own people to make people laugh. There are people who feel so connected to the POTUS that they refer to him as their kin people and yes, some refer to him as the great messiah. Foxx did what comedians do and he got your attention and mine too. I like Foxx for keeping it real. He knows how many blacks put Mr. President above all else. I was entertained.

    • @Naomi. I agree with you totally. Thank you for making such good points “…above all else”, thereby articulating where the comedian was coming from. Thank you.

  25. Jamie Foxx is no dummy. He was doing it for laughs, and while I can understand that not being too funny, these Christians need to lighten up. They are so uptight from not having any s*x while the Pastors are getting most of it from every corner of the churches, that they have forgotten how to laugh and smile. We are starting to think that they are not quite human….

  26. All those who became offended is childish and immature. I am a Christian So I know who Jesus Christ is….It’s not OBAMA!.

  27. A lord and savior who assassinates American citizens and who drops bombs on babies? He more like the “powerful delusion” in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 — The Man of Lawlessness.

    9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

    • @Makheru. All that Colin Powell said and did, was that him or his Bosses’? That is the question that must must must be understood, then answered. Whoever is in that Presidential seat IS NOT IN FULL CONTROL, never has been and never will be. So many have yet to understand that simple reality. Homework about the game is in order here.

      • I’ve done my homework. Barack Obama is the most brilliant stroke of disguised hypocrisy in American political history. He executes the agenda of the oligarchic psychopathocracy without a whimper of protest. The innocent dead people from Obama’s drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya prove that point.

        • Wonder if you’ll still be yelling that none sence once something crazy start’s happening here!!!!I’m not for other ppl dieing for no reasond ,but I’m not for all our men /womam coming hm all tore up or in body
          bags tell Isreal that all the ppl they’ve killed over space,Although Gods word is true he knows that some of these ppl just feel deservent and it’s a question mark as too how many they’ve killed do to that and will they pull us in even when their wrong ???????

  28. Codrington C. Dapp

    Negroes need to stop with this hero-worship. Obama is just a man, not God.

  29. If they know anything about my jesus my lord and savior, they know he put Obama here to do a job and he’s gona guide him and watch over him/and keep and his fam safe as he continues to the work he laid out for him. As long as President Obama doesn’t start sayin he’s your Lord and Savior we good. LET A JOKE BE A JOKE AND LET GOD BE GOD,PLEASE!!!! Pick your fights accordingly !!!!

    • Wow! Another dumb xtian negroid!!! Do you know O’Drama has purchased a jail in Iowa to incarcerate more Black men? Did you know O’Drama has given 3.4 billion dollars [reparations] to the so-called indians? Do you know O’Drama has given land contracts to mexicans, so they can start building their OWN businesses? Do you know O’Drama has given government aid to the asians and lebanese, so they, too, can continue to build their businesses in OUR communities to make money OFF of us? Do you know O’Drama ain’t gave a da*mn thing so Blacks can build and make money for themselves?


  30. Oh yes! lord and saviour in their so call illuminati kingdom, our GOD is rich in mercy, i just pray He forgives them.

  31. Cut the man a little slack. If you can’t laugh, quit whinning.

    1 Peter 2:17.
    Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

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