Black Americans Celebrate Big Obama Victory: What Does It Mean for Us?

In the recent past, many leaders in the black community have expressed their fear that a loss for President Obama this election would have had negative affects on the esteem of Black-Americans. Now that he has secured the presidency for a second term, the community can accept the affirmation of the success of Obama as the president. It is no mistake that a black man became president of this country; he’s done it twice.

Having won the country with 303 electoral votes, President Obama dominated the election, winning two key swing-states (Ohio and Florida), guaranteeing his re-election. Chairman of the Department of African American Studies at Yale University, Elizabeth Alexander, believes that this election was more meaningful than the first. Alexander focuses on how Americans were determined to elect the best man for the job.

“In a funny way, this election is even more powerful than the first one,” said Alexander. “It proves again that the country cannot only elect a black man — but re-elect the best person for the job.”

President Obama’s re-election does not mean the end of racial tensions in America. Lonnie G. Bunch III, the founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, says, “You see the vitriolic comments, and you realize the first election of Obama didn’t change the pain and hatred. In some ways that election magnified some of it. It is not a post-racial world, but a world that would make us believe in the possibility of bringing people together.”

The re-election of President Obama is a huge win for the black community and also for black history. It shows that today, after decades of fighting for civil right in this country, the best man for the job can be elected regardless of his skin color.  This was a great day for America.

13 Responses to Black Americans Celebrate Big Obama Victory: What Does It Mean for Us?

  1. Enlightened Blackman

    Some of you blacks are straight idiots. You vote for a man, don’t state your demands but expect change! Numbers don’t lie, 1 in 4 black babies are aborted=genocide, 46% of black folk drop out of high school, the unemployment rate is 14% for blacks vs 7% for whites and blacks males make up 35% of the prision population. Keep in mind we’re only 13% of the U.S population. You d**n right I expect Obama to address those issues, especially being a black male. Black folk need to hold this negro feet to fire and demand change by any means necessary!

    • Sounds like you need a job, young brother! Somebody who is dependent upon you should “demand” that you do your part in disciplined fashion. We can depend on the POTUS. Can your dependents depend on you?

  2. In order to successfully hold his feet to the fire, YOU HAVE TO HAVE STRONG WHITE LEADERS SUPPORT, and you wont get it when black on black crimes are committed. Ask anyone in corporate america what happens when they complain about a black boss mistreating them, and they’ll tell you nothing is ever done about it. Whites wont interfere. If a white boss mistreats you, that is taken seriously because of anti-discrimination laws. That is why I wanted Romney voted in. With obama all your attempts to march will be shut down when no permit is issued, police will trample you under the feet of their horses, and all you’ll get is sore feet, and a wounded spirit for protesting.

    Black America has lost the respect of the entire world for voting for him only because he is black. There will be no European pressure put on white america to impeach obama, when black america got what they voted for, and knew what they were getting.

    Personally I intend to survive it. Anyone over 40 probably will survive if they’re not on drugs, and have some education/earning potential or eligible for social security.

    The young generations will perish ina major way, and their parents will die alone in grief with a broken heart.

    • You don’t get out much, or either don’t read much. The media from all over the world have expressed the delight that people around the world are feeling at Mr. Obama’s re-election. They were excited four years ago at this time, and they are similarly excited now. The handkerchief on your head has slipped down over your eyes, blinding you to the reality of the achievements of Black America generally, and Barack Obama specifically.

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