Zimmerman’s Attorney Denies Race Is A Factor In Trayvon Martin Case

Attorney Mark O'Mara Denies That Race Plays A Factor In The Trayvon Martin Case

Attorney Mark O’Mara (right)

When Benjamin Crump, legal counsel for Trayvon Martin’s family, interviewed with the Orlando Sentinel last month, he revealed  that he believed Martin’s race plays a factor in how the alleged murder is being handled. “Nobody believes that if you make Trayvon Martin white [and Zimmerman black], there’s no way he would not be arrested,” Cump said.  ”And that’s the unfortunate and tragic truth of the matter. There is a double standard. That’s why race is involved in this case.” Crump went on to add that coveted race factor in the case is the “elephant in the room.”

Mark O’Mara, lead attorney for George Zimmerman, fired back at Crump’s remarks via a website set-up by Zimmerman’s defense team and denied that race plays a factor in the case. “Mr. Crump has led a chorus of voices in drawing attention to the race factor in the George Zimmerman case, including comments from the President of the United States. While it can be safely argued that it is largely the question of civil rights issues that has made the George Zimmerman case a national — and international — story, there is nothing to support the contention of racism in the Zimmerman case,” he wrote  “The realelephant in the room, however, is that race should not be a factor in the George Zimmerman case, and should never have been made one.”

Let’s forget for a moment that George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white,” O’Mara continued. “What Mr. Crump is saying is that race is an issue in the George Zimmerman case because, he insists, that if a black man shot a white person in a similar situation, the black man would have been immediately arrested. This is not an indictment of George Zimmerman; this is fundamentally an accusation that the Sanford Police Department acted in a racist way, and that perhaps the criminal justice system at large is biased against black menThe truth is that there is credible evidence that black men are overrepresented in the criminal justice system, and that is evidence of an underlying problem.”

O’Mara continued to write that now is the time to have a conversation about the bias against black men in the criminal justice system at large. “This is something that needs to be discussed as a nation, and if this case has brought that conversation to the forefront, then now is the time to have that conversation. Mr. Crump is right in talking about the George Zimmerman case when he says: ‘It shouldn’t be about race.’ But by projecting race onto the George Zimmerman case, Mr. Crump is pinning a supposed civil rights victory on a Zimmerman conviction,” O’Mara wrote. “The problem is that by associating a Zimmerman conviction with a civil rights victory, Mr. Crump has framed a scenario where a Zimmerman victory in a Self-Defense Immunity Hearing or a Zimmerman acquittal will represent a civil rights defeat. That is inappropriate and dangerous to us as a nation.”

Do You Believe Race Plays A Factor In The Handling Of The Trayvon Martin Case?


6 Responses to Zimmerman’s Attorney Denies Race Is A Factor In Trayvon Martin Case

  1. I don’t recall President Obama ever mentioning race regarding this case. All he said it was tragic and if he had a son, his son would probably look like Trayvon. Man, it’s funny (bizarre) how white people hear comments from black people completely different. And of course whites react the way they only know how – overly defensive and bringing up their favorite term “race card.” It was the conservatives who took a harmless comment by the President and made it into a f*****g race issue because hey this gives white people their high. Blacks simply are stating the obvious. This monster got out of his car, followed this kid for some blocks, stalked him, confronted him with force, and murdered him when the kid didn’t get on his knees and say, “Massa.” Yes, race is all over this case. He murdered this kid for being black. Nothing else. Can’t expect whites to understand. You can only bring up race and talk about race when it is convienent and fit into the scope of how white people want to talk about it. It’s also funny how this low life attorney O’Mara suddenly brings up another truth of black men being overly represented in the criminal justice system when whites commit over 70% of crimes. See, they know the f*****g truth of their white privilege, but as always they must direct the conversation in a manner that fits them. Apparently, blacks can’t discuss racism in the Trayvon Martin case and handle the gross injustice regarding the criminal justice system at the same time. Love how whites try to make it seem like blacks can only commit to ONE issue at a time. I guess that’s about as much as they can handle: only one issue at a time but they project this type of thinking on the black race. Can’t spend too much time dissecting white people. They are a twisted race and it takes too much energy to focus on a group as twisted as them. Later.

  2. “And of course whites react the way they only know how – overly defensive and bringing up their favorite term “race card.”

    race card = minimizing the effect of racism. This word FIRST came to the surface with the o.j. simpson case, and now these yankees use it to cover up THEIR racism.

    This is a code word, that negroids now accept, along with the word racist! You have negroids so brainwashed that they now call each other a racist! When will these negroids start reading and learning the codes and language of their oppressors?


  3. Its awful funny that the state of Illinois is on the frontburner when it comes to black and Latinos being wrongfully convicted( start with Hernando Cruz and go from there.) New York’s stop and frisk policy is totally unconstitutional( 5th amendment) and evidence shows that 80% of the folks stopped are Negroes and Latinos. How is this unjust policy not brought to federal court by the Injustice Dept( Eric Holder.) We always clap when we get house Negroes in certain positions, but if it doesn’t help us ge3t a fair shake, then what good are they. I got a fair shake in my child support hearing because first I had all my facts straight, and second I had a brotha for a judge who was truly fair to me, I mean he was( she got mad and walked out of the room, if that would have been me, I know I would have gotten an contempt charge.)He even got me a lot of money back from overpayment-not many brothas can say this. So where are the good black lawyers and judges, please stand up!!! Hotep

  4. I am so sick of this murderer’s attorneys trying everything to get him off, I wonder what kind of laws they will invent to do so, and the young lady that was really trying to defend herself from her husband and shoot in the air, gets 20 years, something is wrong with that picture, maybe some one should check out the judge, what is he telling everyone there in Fla. and if he is up for re-election???

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