Salary Ranges Of Megachurch Pastors Revealed

2012 Large Church Salary Report by Leadership Network, Salary Ranges, Megachurch pastors, senior pastors, tenure, geography, median age

Salary Ranges for megachurch pastors are revealed

According to the 2012 Large Church Salary Report by Leadership Network, senior pastor salaries rose about 2% per year for the last two years, indicating that salaries for megachurch pastors have increased over the last two years after a short period of stagnation. For the most part, these pastors were found to be leading growing congregations. Leadership Network has been conducting salary surveys of large churches since 2001. The study is the largest-scale project of its kind. The network began looking into the salaries of megachurch leaders as many of them asked for salary comparisons with peer churches, Leadership Network’s Director of Research and Intellectual Capital Development, Warren Bird noted.

The 2012 report looked at salary trends for 209 megachurches — which is the highest number of participants since Leadership Network began the survey — all of the megachurches had a weekend worship attendance of at least 2,000. These surveyed churches are considered “game changer” churches or “pacesetting innovative churches.” Church size was found to be the most influential factor in setting staff salaries. The larger the church, the higher the salary for its leaders. “For each additional 1,000 people in attendance, annual salary increases by roughly $8,000 on average for large church senior pastors,” the report stated. Salaries – or total cash compensation – for senior pastors ranged from over $80,000 to more than $260,000, though most of the salaries for megachurch pastors were in the $100,000 to $200,000 range. Annual giving at each of these congregations ranged from almost $2 million to over $30 million. Most of the surveyed churches have an attendance of 2,000-4,999 while 44 of them see more than 5,000 attendees each weekend.

Geography was also found to influence salary as well. Megachurch pastors in the South were the highest paid, followed by pastors in the West and Northeast. The lowest paid geographic region was the Midwest. The report also revealed that the highest salaries for megachurch leaders were found in an older residential area in the city, followed by an older suburb around the city, a downtown or central area of the city, and a newer suburb around the city, respectively. The churches that were surveyed were founded from as early as the 1800s to as late as 2005; are both non-denominational and denominational; and a majority of the churches are predominantly white. In other findings, founding pastors receive $515 more per year than successor pastors; a longer tenure doesn’t necessarily mean higher pay; the second highest-paid person in churches (usually the executive pastor) receives 66% of the senior pastor’s salary; and pastors of multi-site churches do not necessarily get paid more compared to leaders of single site churches. The median age for the senior pastors was 51 and the median tenure is 13 years at their current church. For this report, “salary” included cash paid toward housing and compensation amounts funded by love offerings. It did not include benefits such as hospitalization, book allowance or retirement.

The previous salary report in 2010 provided specific salary figures — the average salary was $147,000 for a lead pastor in 2010 — researchers chose to withhold specific salary figures in the latest report that was made public. The exact salary figures can be acquired in the second version of the report that was given to survey participants. ”Deciding what to release was a difficult decision,” said Bird. “We were mostly guided by trying to give people helpful numbers. Media reports tended to pick up the outliers, especially the very highest salary,” he continued. “Likewise we weren’t convinced that looking at the very midpoint (the average) was helpful, so we’re following what Chronicle of Philanthropy and others do by giving four percentiles.” Leadership Network pointed out that there are a few “extremely high salaries in a handful of very large churches.” But the network believes these “off-the-charts compensations” represent only a tiny percentage of the whole.

Leadership Network says its survey is not a true random sample and its findings “are not statistically accurate for all larger churches, nor are they longitudinal, meaning that the same churches did not participate each year – although some did.”




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  1. can anyone image street pimps disclosing how much money they make off of their women…i don’t think so!

    then why would anyone believe pimps in the pulpit would honestly disclose how much money they hustle out of the poor-misguided people in their congregations?

    how can anyone believe the findings in this study if the data collected comes from the very pastors who brainwash their people to focus on religion instead of how much money they are getting to purchase their expensive suits, cars, homes, planes, trips etc.

    i wouldnt be surprised if the company doing the research, (leadership network inc.) is funded by a group of pastors to conduct the study.

    on common sense alone, this study is a fraud!

    • Amen..

    • It is clear you have strong feelings about this.

      However, you are incorrect. The information is EASILY verified as anyone who deals with business, especially non-profits knows.

      It is called Form 990.

      Google it.

      Very few mega churches go for long without an audit of 990s from uncle sam.

      • If You Think All Perks And Salary Is Conveyed On A Form 990 Then I Have Some Beach Front Property In The Gobi Desert I Want To Sell You

      • @ pastor

        you say i’m incorrect..spoken like a good soldier (and not a soldier for the lawd) or another pimp in the pulpit. you want us to believe they only file a 990 form for taxes to show their earnings? i was born at night, but not last night. you must be a pulpit pimp!

        this is what yo boy creflo had to say:

        The Rev. Creflo Dollar‘s World Changers Church International in College Park alone took in $69 million in 2006, according to a brief report his church showed The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

        This FOX5 Atlanta report on Creflo Dollar includes some of the heretic’s critics.Dollar said he is releasing some information about his and his church’s finances in light of the probe of a powerful senator into Dollar’s and other ministries’ finances.

        “I generally don’t make this public,” Dollar said.

        His income is separate from the church’s, provided by businesses he owns and from investments and real estate, he said.


      the church is always being attacked by those who do not understand spiritual matters.those of us who choose to give by faith understand that GOD is the reason we give and GOD will settle it all upon HIS return.WE MUST JUST CONTINUE TO PREACH AND PRAY GOD IS FAITHFULL.

  2. We have many many decent,good, dedicated to God, moral family men in ministry. We cant throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Satanic people are trying hard to take over Black ministry just to get the money, but we have a lot of good preachers vetting them, and weeding them out, and they are screaming b****y murder cause they cant get in the pulpit just to steal. They want to bring down the traditiional black church that has been a place of comfort and solace to the community.

    I was visiting a church in chicago on international preacher’s night. The haitian who claimed to be a preacher couldn’t even read the bible, and could barely speak english. I walked out, and everyone should JUST WALK OUT. Stand up for Jesus. Dont help satan destroy our churches.

  3. Hey, man some of these dudes make more money than Jeusu

  4. I wish to open the eyes of all the BLIND churchgoers. STOP PAYING TITHES!!!!!! It is not necessary. Jesus did not commission his disciples to collect tithes.

    Matthew 9:35-38. And Jesus was going around all the cities and the villages teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. And when He saw the crowds He was sympathetic concerning them… Then He said to His disciples. “On on hand the harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

    He then gave his disciples authority over unclean spirits, every disease and sickness and commissioned them to preach the Good News to the lost sheep of the House of Israel (Jews).


    When Jesus sent them out his told to take, because they received freely. One thing that was permissible for them to have was a meal.

    Matthews 10:5-10 states “Jesus sent these

    • I respect your insight but paying tithes is a form of worship. Yes there are a lot of Pastors that misuse those funds but the giver is not responsible for that. We will be responsible for what WE do and know on the day of judgment. I’m sure you are familiar with Malachi chapter 3 this is the only time in the Bible where God is telling us to test him..
      .”Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse…Test me in this, says the Lord almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” Malachi 3:10…don’t miss your floodgate blessing because what man chooses to do with the tithes..they will have to answer that for themselves…

      • I fully agree with you. I can testify to how many times God has blessed me for being obedient in giving. It is a form of worship to the Lord. God does not need our money but giving is a way to say “Thank You” for providing that job and taking care of us when things in the economy is not doing so well. I can testify of a 1,500 credit card debt being paid from someone else. Giving tithes and offering is a way to pay homage to God for all that HE does for us. Many preachers will suffer for their sins of using the money for wordly living. That money is supposed to be used to help the poor. Needless to say, they are helping themselves. I challenge any of you non-believers to try God.

    • Just like many who only see what they please in the scriptures to justify their hatred for liberal giving, you Donna neglect the fact that when Jesus addressed the Pharisees, he mentioned how they paid tithe while neglecting weightier matters of the Law. He did not once teach them or anyone else that tithing had, or was to cease. Your statement regarding the disciples is invalid since they were not commissioned to start or pastor churches. FYI, churches and ministries don’t run on fasting and prayer.

  5. Correction:
    When Jesus sent them out, He told them because they received freely, they give freely. A meal was only permissible for them to take.

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  7. I agree with Donna about the Tithes. It is much more important for each of us to fulfil our mission and the church mission to help someone less fortunate than you on a daily basis without judging them. I am not saying do not support your church, but your mission is always outside your church.

    • Donna I agree with you and Larry. The only change I can see in the Church is the greed of the pastors. The church has let us down in the worst way by not addressing the problems in the Black communities.
      We are guilty of feeding the greed of the pastors by contributing our money when we know they are just filling their pockets. The Lord says “Where two or more are gathered there I shall be also.” If you want to tithe, just pick out a needy family and help them financially, or find a young person who wants to go to college and offer help. You can worship with a needy family and give your extra money where you know you are not being pimped. When you turn a blind eye to what the pastor is doing with your money, then you are just as guilty as he is. Lets help one another to be better people.

  8. The problem I find with OUR churches is not what they make it’s what they don’t do in the community. May they make as much as they can- however try to lead our youth out of darkness-can they just for starters have some type of after school program for the children in the communtiy.
    The church has been very instrumental in our ability to SURVIVE the cruelty in America-and that’s what OUR church leaders must try to emulate today-versus being a BAND OF ROCK STARS. So that said in the spirit of ccelebrating the Love of Jesus as a Prophet—

    Boycott Christmas 2012

  9. I can remember when I was young,my grand father who was a preacher would brag about how much money he collected.He called them suckers..

    • That is so sad… I pray that people wake up and read their Bibles and study their Jewish roots. It’s all there….if they would only study outside of their church and ask God for revelation.

    • Yeah….!!!! You are the first person in this blog form that makes any d**n sense… lol Suckers…! Suckers…! Suckers…lol All of them are fricken blind a*s suckers forreal…!!!! lol lol lol Wow man off the chart… None of those fools get one dime of my money’ not even a funky penny off the d**n ground…

  10. This money was not collected from people who think. People who don’t think will be separated from their money one way or another.

    • As the purpose of all religions is to control people who can’t be bothered thinking for themselves, it does not seem unreasonable that the “holy men” also receive due compensation for telling their “flock” what to think. As long as there are sheep, there will be fleecers.

  11. If you went to church and attended the business meetings you would know how the money is used and vote of the salary of your Pastors. My church provides records that show how every penny is spent ( Loans to help members, Ministries, Charities, Feeding the homeless and Elderly, e.t.c.)

    God loves a cheerful giver, to whom much is given, much is expected. I give to help because I have been blessed and I like sharing my blessing. It seems the more I share the more I have. Each of us will account for everything we did or didn’t do to help others.

    Good Pastors and bad Pastors will both be rewarded for their deeds.

  12. wow i am in the wrong business

  13. Some of these cats use These Churches like A Hustle but their Day will be coming soon, if Jesus was here he would be in the Hoodest places in the Cities not up in these Churches because it’s truer Believers in the Street! Most of these Dudes want to be seen of Men! I have Visited Churches Full of Broke-Wrists lol And these Preachers won’t try to correct these Brothers or Sisters in those Congregations! If they give some Money these Negroes Preachers happy so just go back to your Religious Cemetery lol HoodType Brothers are Hard they can’t listen to Punkass Preaching so these Cats are going to Islam Sunday is a Day when we are Divided the most as a people! Some of these Preachers don’t go near Brothers who just got out,they looking for a Brother who got it all so he can get that Charity! I seen it all the time & why a Gay Brother playing the organ in every Church lol Correct our people Brother I don’t want to hear nothing else about a Gay Preacher if so get out & go to a real Church! I saw a Gay Church in Long Beach,CA. lol I used to work in the area & saw all the Bald women walking out lol Like Keith Sweat said something just ain’t right lol

  14. The community is a reflection of the church , mosque , temple , etc. No matter how much money any of the churches acquired through leadership (ministers ,pastors) , if it not being used to help revitilize the community and its people within that
    demographics , in which these mega churches , stands its skullduggery and robbery , and molestation of the people , of the worst kind.

  15. To all of those making negative comments about the salaries of pastors, it’s obvious you’ve never pastored and have no idea what it is you’re talking about. Pastoring is difficult, arduous, tedious, and often thankless work. And though there are hustlers in the pulpit just as there are in every business, every pastor isn’t a hustler. There are yet honest servants in the pulpit today who deserve the salaries they receive and more. There are also more, like myself, who pastor and receive no salary from the church at all. But which of you reserves the right to determine what a pastor should be paid unless you know exactly what the job involves? What do you think is the requisite salary for someone who’s often up studying while you’re asleep to deliver a message of hope to people who often feel hopeless? What about the same person who drives their own car, often hundreds of miles per day to visit the sick, homeless, and incarcerated members of your family and others? How about the person who has to wake up in the middle of the night to rescue and counsel a battered spouse? Or what about the one who often has to come out of their own pocket to keep the lights on in the building you suck the heat out of on Sunday? What about the fact that many of them have paid tens of thousands of dollars for a degree to be sure they are preaching and teaching truthfully and accurately? Pasors do all this and more. So just what should they be paid?

  16. Darryl did you read the article? It says these salaries are mostly from predominantly white congregations.

  17. Elizabeth Adekoje

    Many of these people are so ignorant and actually do not know that they will incur the wrath of GOD by their comments. God says that He alone is the Judge and they have no right to judge the pastors. Pastoring, true pastoring is a very difficult job. they put their lives on the battle fiels with Satan because they will account for every soul that GOD gives them and they better be on their knees daily interceeding for their flock. They pray with out ceasing, counsel often times having not enough time for their own families. They must deny them selves of food many times in fasting in order to hear from GOD and many more. It is so obvious that alot of folks are so ignorant . Unfortunately, ingnorance is not an excuse even in the Court of GOD. I PRAY FOR YOU THAT IT WILL NOT BE TOO LATE FOR ALL OF YOU BEFORE YOU REALISE YOUR MISTAKES. SO REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 2 Peter 2.3 …and they will use you for their gain with made up messages in their greedy desire to have more.
    Tithes were established by God as an inheritance FOR THE LEVITES (Moses family)…given to them from the children of Israel, because He did not give them a land inheritance. In other words, the children of Israel gave tithes of livestock and produce TO THE LEVITES. Money was not involved. If they needed money, they would exchange what they received in tithes for money or whatever else they needed. Read Numbers 18:20-32, Deuteronomy 14:22-28 and 26:12-19.
    It is written….

  19. Humans are the craziest species on the planet and getting worse by the year obviously. What else is wrong with us besides everything? You’re all quite scary, but especially you who believe in superstitious deities created by retarded men in the dark ages. Some of you even believe in religions which have been created only recently like scientology or mormonism etc. We are destroying everything around us including the earth itself and all many of you do is believe in fictitious beings and think the craziest thoughts about life and death! You actually think you’re good but if you really pulled your head out of your backsides you might realize that you, (we) are very frightening beings!

    • WizardG, thanks for some sanity.

    • I agree this nonsense is a waste of time—–I say with all these responsibilities of the pastor we need go no further than the church since it supplies all our needs——What about the whole network of society——-something is wrong with this picture—–IT’S A BUSINESS!!” and like all so-called successful businesses it requires–putting your nose to the “GRINDSTONE” the church is no different!—- some small churches are humble and do struggle—-like some small businesses—–But the preacher sit up high and look down at the people because that’s the only way they know how to do it. that’s the way is always going to be. GET OVER IT. PEACE!!!!. MOVE ON!!!!!

  20. When you give your offerings to the church, you are giving to to the Kingdom of God,he will bless you for your giving. Whatever the headship of the church decides to do with your gift, is up to them. They will eventually have to answer to God in heaven or here on earth for all to see.

  21. Leave our brother and sister pimp hustler pastors alone. I rather them than drug dealers……Than again, they do peddle a religious narcotic that tranquilizes the brains of many Black folks…..into believing in a world out of this world…

    • LOL LOL LOL…. Larry J. you are too funny!!! but you sure got that right… I want all those thieving azz pimper whores to show up all at the same time at the pearly gate so I can pimp slap each and everyone of them with a hard rock upside their fricken head for every single penny they have stolen from our black communities.

  22. Why is it okay Kim k to make millions just because she’s a ho? And men of God save lives everyday are called pimps and thieves?

  23. This story reminded me of a Preacher out of TX how he drugged and raped one or more of his young female church members and when the courts put a million dollar bond on his head the other members of the church raised the MILLION DOLLARS to post his bond. He came to court in a full length Fur coat, but his a*s was convicted anyway. And I’m willing to bet these people have family members who they wouldn’t give a quarter, But anything for the PASTOR. If the small and mega churches invested in black male empowerment, by helping Black men start businesses that employed other black men, we could have millions of millionaire’s instead of a couple of hundred greedy a*s HOUSE n***a’S

    • To Bkmnsopnin, your comment reminds me of a mega pastor out here in California. His wife got a tip that her pastor husband was up to no good in the church office. She got the key to the office and found the
      pastor on his knees in front of his naked secretary who was sitting on the desk. Lord he was taking care of business alright. The next day the whole church knew about it but he was forgiven because the flesh is weak. His wife is the one who left the church in embarrassment. I help out two families and THAT is my tithes.

  24. I’m sorry I had no idea that these pastors whom is taking the hard earned money of these people is a black thing. Have you seen these churches that is the size of a shopping center that isn’t a “black church”? Where do you think their money is coming from as well?

    For real? really? At least she is honest with what she is doing.

    And of course bible quotes. Oooo look I got one

    2 Chronicles 15 (figure it out)

  25. A) if its not YOUR money going into their salaries and the people giving it aren’t complaining then what do y’all care???

    B) Nothing has been more destructive to the black community than the modern day drug dealer…but we have no complaints when we see their lifestyles nor do we complain about the rappers who celebrate and promote the ignorance and destruction for prophet

    C) I’m pretty sure that an organization that brings in 10, 20, or 30 million dollars a year can afford to pay a $100,000 salary and still have some money left over to help the community!!!


  26. All of this money taking is called fleecing the flock while they themselves get rich they live in their mansion, drive lavish cars, wear design clothing all of this because they are not accustomed to giving free as the bible say that they should.As for tithing that went out of effect with the mosiac law Jesus instituted a new covenant which is love because it covers everything.Most of these Mega Churches do not know the majority of their members on a personal basis Jesus say the shepherd should know the sheep The first AME Church in Los Angeles Pastor and his Wife are under investigation now for improper use of the Churches money and are no longer members my question is what happen to all of the money??

  27. I’m so sick of people judging Preachers for their earnings. If you were in a job and you worked 30-40 years, and you kept getting promoted, you had a pension, and investments, and you saved money overtime then it would be ok, right. Well preaching is a profession and not every preacher who came into preaching came in broke. Dennis Leonard was a millionaire from owning a very lucrative construction company that He sold. Td Jakes can live off the royalties from his world renown book “Woman thou are loosed”. Many Pastors are authors, professors at seminary institutions, they worked jobs before becoming preachers that merited pensions. Now some do fleece the flock and pump the congregation for funds, but not everybody. However many men of God in the bible were wealthy: Abraham, Joseph, Job, David was King, Solomon and so forth. Do a conference and charge just $5 to get in ($5), and what if 20,000 people show up. That’s $100,000. Preaching is a nonstop job, you get calls all hours of the night, you go to seminary school for a degree, you visit prisons, make court appearances,and you have to spend extensive time studying Gods word every week and consistantly reinventing yourself, week after week, after week. You live a life of suclusion, not because you want to but because you have to. On top of that, your still responsible for the affairs and business of the church, plus your also a husband and a father.Not everyone has a jet, bentley,or million dollar house and some of those that do have earned it due to their tireless sacrifice of time, years in the front line, sacrifice of energy, sleep, and sanity. I know I am a preacher and I drive a Ford Taurus( not the new one either), I work at the post office, I have a 401k, investments, mutual funds, life insurance policies. I’ve labored in prayer, fasted and studied for two days, preached for 30 mins and got a $50 offering, when I took off from work to fullfill the invitation to speak, and by taking off I lost $200 in pay for that day, I’ve done it several times. I know how hard it is to properly construct and orchestrate a exegetically sound sermon. It’s not easy though it looks to be. Preachers and Pastors definitely earn their salary. Also name me a public speaker that speaks for free, I have a cousin who is a motivational speaker who charges $10,000 per engagement. Preachers don’t even get that. Trust I know, not for one engagement. It’s much more to this than people care to realize. Pastors never have a day off, they rarely get vacation, and they are always on call. Shalom and God bless

  28. God has the last judgements.

  29. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.
    END OF CONVERSATION with Malachi 3:10

  30. These are very important subject matters.The Bible said that Vengeance is Mine;I will repay,saith the Lord.So let us pray for those whom use the church in a bad way.

  31. Fantastic website. Plenty of useful information here. I am sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks in your effort!

  32. Ministers and pastors are like politicians, politicians hypnotizes us and pockets our taxes while pastors (even how piety and holy they appear and by the way their all in for a show with their wives…)preaches “you won’t be bless if you won’t give your TITHES!” prosperity gospel and pockets our tithes.

  33. People in this world are selfish and evil. Only respect pastors that are poor. Its ok for everyone else on the world to make a quarter million but that if the pastor does he’s a pimp. This world is twisted

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