Bishop Harry Jackson Explains In Video Why Our Nation Needs Much Prayer

Bishop Harry Jackson stopped going to church when he was thirteen. He began playing football and dropped out of the church choir. He graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he played football.
He tried out for the New England Patriots but didn’t make the team. After his father died, Bishop Jackson rededicated his life and decided to become a Christian minister. Bishop Jackson got married after graduating from college and was accepted into Harvard Business College. However, since he had already become licensed to preach Bishop Jackson turned Harvard down and decided to go to divinity school.
Circumstances prevented him from attending divinity school so after writing an apology letter to Harvard requesting admittance a second time, they accepted him again — this time with all tuition paid during his first year. After getting his MBA from Harvard, Bishop Jackson had the opportunity to work for a Wall Street company, but he said no after much prayer and consideration.
He and his wife moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he preached in the inner city. Soon he took a job at Corning Glass in Corning, New York, and preached in his free time. There he founded a church called the Christian Hope Center, and his parishioners were mostly white. “We really broke racial barriers for a black man pastoring white people in 1981,” he says.
During his time in Corning he says, “God increased my capacity to love the white people in my church.”  In his congregation were white farmers who grew up in Appalachian poverty. God convicted him and dealt with his heart over his racial and class issues. Bishop Jackson was recruited to Beltsville, Maryland to take over Hope Christian Church. 
Click the following link to watch Bishop Harry Jackson’s video that was posted on CBN:

2 Responses to Bishop Harry Jackson Explains In Video Why Our Nation Needs Much Prayer

  1. And this white woman has a great capacity to love you and your wife. We need more people in this world like you. Ones with hope, respect, and understanding beyond the race boundries. I don’t care what color you are. I care that we have respect for one another and that we love one another as God as instructed us.

    To disrespect someone based upon any reason i.e.; skin color, religion, is disrespecting the very God who created us. I am not in the mood to make my God angry today.

  2. If you don’t know your history, allow me to help. Some slaves loved their master more than they loved themselves. If the master got sick, the slave would say, what’s wrong master, wezz sick. lol

    This self hating house negro has Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome, he is proud to be preaching to whites as though preaching to blacks isn’t worthy of praise.

    Imagine a white preacher publicly stating he is more proud to be preaching to blacks than whites..nuff said! lol

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