Younger Adults Are Significantly Giving Up on Finding Jobs

By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell

The U.S. saw a slight drop in the unemployment rate in the month of August. However, the numbers may not tell the whole story. The lower rate of unemployment is not driven by more people finding jobs or corporations eagerly willing to hire. Unemployment percentage decreases are largely due to around 400,000 Americans giving up on looking for work and dropping out of the labor force.

Younger workers aged 16-24 make up a large majority of the number of those who are dropping out of the labor force. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 453,000 fewer workers had jobs in August than in the month of July. However, only 27,000 of the almost half million younger workers who lost jobs were still seeking employment. The U.S. Department of Labor also calculated that the percentage of younger workers accounted for in the labor force fell to levels that have not been seen since 1955.

Smaller amounts of job seekers drive down the unemployment rate even when fewer people are employed. This is because the U.S. Department of Labor only counts individuals with a job or actively looking for a job as genuine participants in the labor force. Younger workers leave the labor force for various reasons, mainly for having to return to high school or college. The youth are in the stage of their lives when they are discovering who they want to become and education is a larger priority. It readies them for their future better than working for the lower wages corporations pay for their inexperience.

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  1. The economy is worse than any politician will ever admit regardless of party affiliation. They do not deal in failures on any level. In fact, the “official” unemployment rate of 8.1%, is just 35% of the real unemployment rate, which is 23%. And it’s not just young people who are not counted; people don’t understand the numbers being tossed out to mislead us.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts the currently unemployed and looking for work who have been without a job the prior 4 weeks as the official number. That number excludes those marginally attached to the labor force, discouraged workers, and those working part time due to the absence of full time work. The “alternative” unemployment statistic is always higher than the official version because it includes most of the unemployed. However, even this number excludes discouraged workers after twelve months without a job. Look it up. For the REAL figure, you have to include all of these displaced workers plus all those unemployed who have given up. Right now that is 23% of the work force.

  2. To say that there are people, that have given up on seeking employment is ridiculously stupid, and disingenuous. If they aren’t looking for jobs, how are they going to support themselves? A lot of these people are young, and dropped out of school, but found out that they didn’t have enough education for today’s job market, so they are going back to school to finish their education, or for training. Stating that these people simply dropped out of the work force, seems to suggest that they are laying around collecting public funds.

    If these young people obtain the training/education needed for todays complex industries, and job markets, they should have no problem finding jobs. This is not the 60′s, 70′s or 80′s, when there were still a lot of low skill jobs available. In today’s job market you need special skills, and education to be able to find, and retain employment.

    • You are delusional at best. Wake up stupid.

    • Not to worry many will drift into the prison /industrial complex. There they will work for almost nothing.Support rual communities where the prisons are located. Get out long enough to make more kids like them.

    • You wrote: “Stating that these people simply dropped out of the work force, seems to suggest that they are laying around collecting public funds.”

      Yes, that is exactly what has happened. People these days have the luxury of government handouts that will provide them the equivalent of a lower-middle income lifestyle. Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment to begin with. There is also free food (food stamps), free healthcare (Medicaid or simply go to the nearest emergency room), free housing, free cell phone, and some cash (SSI) for spending money. You get all these handouts for doing nothing, literally; just don’t work, and the bastards in the government will take, by threat of prison, money from those who work and give it to you. If you are a good con artist, you can claim disability because of an ingrown toenail, and get a nice-sized check each month to go with all the freebees (instead of that much smaller SSI check).

      Fact: Federal spending on food stamps has literally doubled since George Bush left office. This is a combination of an increase in people getting them and the Obama administration’s increasing benefits for those already on food stamps. When George bush left office, roughly 30 million people were receiving food stamps; today, it is over 45 million — that’s a 50% increase. Fully, 1 out of 7 people in our nation gets food stamps.

  3. How is looking for a job supporting yourself? It only helps if your actually working. The truth is companies aren’t hiring, well they are hiring just not blacks. Been trying to find work as an accountant in the NJ / NYC area for the last 4 years and came up with nothing. I’ve had around 40 interviews in the last year alone and they all said no. Some were polite some were rude and others I never heard from again. When I did finally land a temp job they said my conviction of driving while license revoked in 2000 was reason enough to rescind their offer. Apparently driving has something to do with accounting. Anyhow I may have to take my chances selling drugs, utilizing my degree and CPA certification in building another BMF style drug empire. My Big 4 experience as an auditor will definitely be an asset in regards to the money laundering aspect of the organization as well as the establishment of effective financial controls. Apparently it’s the only job I can get paying more than $10 an hour and with $1000 rent and $4 a gallon gas I got to do something. At this point 30 years in federal prison or a pine box after 10 years of living good sounds better than choosing between paying the rent and having money to eat with… In regards to the Presidential election, I could care less about 2 millionaires fighting over who is going to control the money, h**l I got bills to pay!!

  4. Tony, why don’t you try searching for a job in New Jersey, there are a lot of good paying jobs in that state, but most are not publicized. I know because even though I live in NY, I travel there for work. Some people don’t want to travel that far, and prefer to stay in the hood, and complain, but if you are serious about finding a job, a little extra traveling, won’t dissuade you from finding a job. It may not be in your exact field, but with your education, you should be able to find employment there. Start your search with the INTERNET @,or try and search New Jersey. Good Luck!

    • Stupid Mooonhead:

      I lived in Montclair, New Jersey for 10 years and worked in Newark (downtown) on Clinton Street (by the Prudential building) for the State of New Jersey. I was lucky to have a job there, but of course, that was before the bottom dropped out in 2008 (I left and came back home to California in 2005… yes the bottom dropped out here too). New Jersey is a beautiful State, yes, but depressed. Have you been to Atlantic City???, Irvington????, Newark?????

      There are very few jobs there in New Jersey. New Jersey, in MANY places, looks like it should be under Martial Law… like a bomb hit it. Again, you are delusional. You idiot.

  5. How do you stop LOOKING for a job? Don’t you have to eat? When I got out of the service, way back when, with a. high school diploma and tons of electronic experience, I didn’t have the luxury of stopping. I had to eat. I had a car to pay for. I worked two jobs. Sometimes three. I have no sympathy for anyone who stops looking. Life does not promise anyone a job, just like life does not promise anyone a free meal, free education, free shelter, clothing, etc. Too many of our young people are just to d**n lazy for their own good.

  6. Whoever said that people had to JOB, yes you have to WORK. But who said that you have to work for someone else. People JOB because that’s what their parents did and their grandparents did. That is all they have to model. Listen to the “Strangest Secret” By Earl Nightingale. Do for Self, entrepreneurship is no taught in most schools or in most homes.

  7. Enjoyed reading the article, I must say that in DC we have found the right blueprint to help young adults. I run the HOPE project ( we identified the an in demand occupation (help desk), with a great entry level salary, and the skills can be taught in less than a year. As a result we have helped dozens of young people become IT professionals, they graduates work on major government contracts and corporations. Our students average salary is $35,000 a year, the average age of a HOPE Project student is 23. Several graduates are as young as 18. Here is a great clip about the program done my Leon Harris of channel 7 news.

  8. After reading through some of the posts here I can see just what part of the problem is here in America: it is full of mean-spirited, selfish individuals who do not have an ounce of empathy for their fellow citizens who are struggling to survive in these tough times. The grand coming out of the lunatic right-wing fringe element and all of their divisive and hateful views has created an atmosphere that gives those who agree with them permission to also publicly spew their venom. There is no place in a forward-thinking and forward-moving society for that, and the sooner they are dealt with, the better off this country will be.

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