School Removes Black Girl for Tights being Brown Like her Skin

On Friday, an eleven year old African American girl was removed from class because the teacher’s aid felt that her brown tights looked too much like her skin.

Deja Tunstill, an honor’s student at Mount Gleason Middle School in Los Angeles, was sent to the principle’s office because the teacher’s aid said that her brown tights made it look like she was naked. Not only was she humiliated in front of her class mates, Tunstill missed school for the rest of the day because she was sent home.

Deja’s mother, Yolanda Tunstill was very upset by the incident and has vowed to fight back for the school’s unfair treatment of her daughter. She feels that her daughter was not only humiliated, but that she was also discriminated against and she is asking the school some tough questions, saying,

“I can understand if they said okay, this type of material, this type of clothing…But for you to make a remark to state because the pants were brown and to make a remark about my daughter’s skin color… That was not right to me.”

According to Mrs. Tunstill, her daughter has worn tights to school previously, in different colors, and has not had any problems.

Although the Los Angeles Unified School District denied that Deja was sent home because of the color of her tights, they did admit that they did not agree with the teacher’s aid or the school’s decision to remove her from school that day.

The school dress code specifically prohibits ‘sleepwear, lounge-wear, or tights worn alone, but Mrs. Tunstill insists that it was not the first time her daughter had worn tights to school, saying,

“There has never been a problem before until she wore the brown ones, and then it became a problem.”

Although the district sent home a letter explaining that the issue was not the color of the tights and also saying the teacher’s aid was reprimanded, Mrs. Tunstill still  plans to take legal action against them.

44 Responses to School Removes Black Girl for Tights being Brown Like her Skin

  1. And legal actions she should be taken, this was totally uncalled for and these sick so called school officals need to hopefully learn a lesson themselves from this horrible situation, seeing that it never happens again, no excuse for ignorance or stupidity or anything else that may be behind this situation, as we all may suspect.

    • Strippers have often worn flesh colored tights and leggings because it makes them look naked. The mother should be ashamed of herself for sending her daughter out looking like a hooker instead of a young lady. A skirt should have been over the tights.

      • Faye, you are very ignorant. I pray to God you have no children to spread your utter ignorance to.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! I have daughters and I would NEVER allow them to go to school dressed like that! See people got this freedom thing screwed up! You don’t have the freedom to do WHATEVER you want. What you DO have is the freedom to do the RIGHT thing, to set a positive example!!! I commend the teacher for her actions!

        P.S. I have brown skin!!! And if you see MY daughters in school dressed like that, PLEASE send them home OR call me!!!

      • Your mammy should’ve been ashamed of herself for shyting out a creature like you. You caucasoids are some of the UGLIEST, FILTHIEST AND SLIMIEST creatures on the planet!

        You crackers have gone crazy, since O’Drama has become prez, of this racist country! Well, I got news for you demon/devils…there’s more to come!

        There are programs on tell-a-LIE-vision, which view, how you grown a*s cracker fe-males are dressing your 5 and 6 year old ‘kids’ aka billy goats to look like ‘ho’s.

        You freaky b*****s even fight over, which daughter is the finest ‘ho!!!


        • You are an idiot

        • you all are just extreme and way too sensitive. This writer sensationalized the pure-tee c**p out of this story-to make it seem like more than what it is. 1. It should never come to a point where you base your level of class on the lack of someone else’s. 2. We are a melanin enriched people, therefore it gives our skin vibrant color. skin-tight tights that are the exact same color as your skin is pushing the envelope way too far. It is totally distracting and does give the illusion of nakedness. 3. Of course she’s never had a problem before because most of the male school teachers weren’t contemplating jail time for even looking at a d**n near half naked girl.

          Honestly rascism has gotten terrible since Obama has taken office. But just like you can’t allow a man with a black face tell you that “change” has occured; don’t allow this influx of of bigotted a******s to cloud your objective view of what the truth actually is. And Tuth be told he momma shouldna sent her out da house dat way.-in my best grandma voice.

      • Faye, have you lost your dang mind?! Have you just lost your dang mind?! This is an 11 year old child we’re talking about here. You know what? How about this. They saw the tights and liked the color, not realizing or even contemplating that the tights would somehow cause a racial reaction to her wearing them because they looked to dang much like the innocent 11 year old child’s skin tone.

        How evil they must be! Imagine, buying/wearing tights because you liked the color. I can’t even believe I’m having to type this. I’m thinking of a word that begins with the letter s and ends with the letter d.

    • Unfortunately, the child was sent home on the day she wore brown tights that, from the photo, appear several shades darker than the color of the child. That being said the school policy is no tights wore alone so she should have been sent home on the first day that she was sent to school dressed like that. How tights left the dance studio classes and the underclothing realm to become fashionable as stand alone wear is one of the great successes in advertising history. They look absolutely nasty on the majority of females, toddlers to the aged, who bypass their mirrors to appear outside in them. Some men like it because they can “see what your working with” and decide if it’s worth pursuing; some are lewd and get a vicarious thrill from the view, some are perverts and zero in on the young more easily. The women and young girls have been bamboozled into thinking they look “hot” or good no matter what their shape or lack thereof is. White, black, asian, latino, indio, indigenous, bony, fat, flat, bulging, sagging, jiggly, bow-legged, knock-kneed, bulging abdomen, anorexic, you name it, it’s walking in front of you in all it’s unsightliness. I never knew that repugnant unsightliness was fashionable. And do believe me when I say this is not prudishness. Save something for the imagination ladies. It’s way more sexy and sensual and alluring. Looking stank doesn’t conjure up any of that. It just looks cheap (as in very inexpensive), and makes it appear that you have no sense of fashion. And along this same line I hope you all realize that the skinny leg jean was developed because the stretchy material is CHEAPER than regular denim and takes less material to make. The manufacturers were only looking to maximize profit NOT make you look good.

      The situation was handled poorly and tardily but it had been a child of any color who wore tights that fir her were
      flesh colored it would/ should have been just as bad. Dressing like that for school is inappropriate. Stop it. Please.

      • No, it would not have been. I see girls of all races all the time wearing tights of every shade and hue.

        It would have been different had they sent the child home because the tights were considered inappropriate, but she wasn’t sent home for that.

        She was sent home because they were the same shade as her skin color? Is the teacher’s aid dumb or what? Even if she had felt that way, I would have handled it differently and intelligently.

  2. She is talking about the knit leggins ( I imagine) I think that is unappropiate for school, if they are worn alone without a tunic type top. The way the school handled the situation was inappropiate also.
    They are too tight and revealing to me and I am a Mother of 4 girls. just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Ms. Monica…I COMPLETELY agree. They are inappropriate for school period. We as Mom’s must show “our” daughters that they are more than their hips and b**t. Dressing in those leggins are attention getters and some of us that are….blessed….should be careful where (and please my sistas HOW) we wear these things.

      @Robert…not every offense is sue-able (for lack of a word) But your right about the officials needing to understand that their actions are borderline discriminatory and appears to air on the side of racist.

      • Seems like most of us mothers are in agreement. The girl is too young to be a s****l object, so she shouldn’t wear clothes making her look like one.

        • Ignorance is bliss

          No imagination is needed there is a picture of what the little girl is wearing. She is NOT inappropriate in any sense of the word. I am a mother of a daughter as well and clearly there are NO s****l undertones, overtones or tones period from that picture.

          It depends on what one seeks:
          The unlearned will always seek out an argument, as the wise understands the knowledge of silence.

          • RIGHT ON! That is exactly how I feel. Seriously, what is the problem here. I feel as if I’ve just been b***h slapped back to the 1950s.

      • Father of a 12 yeare old(Brown skinned) daughter

        Now if a little 11 year old white girl comes to school with flesh colored tights on revealing herself and she DOESN’T get sent home… then that’s discriminatory! But until then, I totally disagree with it being discriminatory.

        P.S. Once again, SEND MY DAUGHTER HOME if she comes to school dressed like that!!!

  3. well they sure ain’t the COLOR of her Skin!!!!!

    • FINALLY, somebody gets the root of this article! Those tights are jet Black, her skin is DARK BROWN, which is a BEAUTIFUL THANG! These crackers are using code words, to call this young beautiful lady, a ‘n****r’! I OBSERVE these crackers, this is really the message, this cracker is saying in code words! But, they are the ORIGINAL n*****s on the planet!!!


      WAKE UP, THIS IS 2012!

      • @Derrick totally agree with you. It is an inside joke mocking or downgrading the beautiful sister dark brown skin…In this picture she IS NOT THE SAME COLOR AS HER PANTS…these are completely different shades and there is nothing s****l about her clothing…I know the behavior of these cave dwellers too. They real clever about their lowdown mess in attacking our ppl esp. our children. What I do not understand why was she sent home? and why wasn’t her parents allowed to bring her a change of clothes..and why did everyone know about it…this is a minor. Its not her fault. It should have been a conference with the parents??? IF ANYONE THINK THAT THIS YOUNG LADY IS THE SAME COLOR AS HER PANTS IN THIS PIC; THEN U ARE COLOR BLIND!

  4. You people are ridiculous. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she is wearing. I’m so glad, as a mother of 3 girls, that I don’t send them to school with OUR people, because OUR people have ignorant views such as yourselves. I gladly pay over $10,000 a year each to avoid the self-hating negroes that would say this CHILD is dressed like a stripper, and that she is being objectified. She’s a kid. She’s an honor student. She should be supported, rather than stuck up negroes turning their noses up at her.

    And, to avoid ignorant responses, my daughters are BEAUTIFUL, I am part of the 1%, my children are not only Gifted, but have tested HIGHLY GIFTED, and I would have absolutely NO problem with them dressing like this to school.

    • You just joking right? You are part of the 1%, have highly gifted children, you are happy to pay over $20,000 a year for grade school to get away from negroes. Everybody ain’t able. I ain’t mad. I take you at your word.

      • Interesting that you say you are happy that you don’t send your girls to school with OUR people because of their views. My child also attends a private, Christian school and I can assure you, THEY would not allow this type of dress in THEIR schools either! It is not about the ignorance of our people, it is about educating our people to understand what is appropriate. I agree with you about the comments about stripper, etc., those were unnecessary; however, whether you believe it or not, it is NOT appropriate for a young lady to wear tights or leggings without a tunic, skirt, or something of the like over them. Train them up now, so they will make the right decisions later. Be Blessed.

    • Father of a 12 yeare old(Brown skinned) daughter

      You settin’ your daughters up to be HOES!!! (I had to use my Negro ebonics)

    • Raising a Strong Intelligent Son From Boy to Man!

      @ Real Mom – I hear what you are saying about some of our people being ignorant at times because it is true and sometimes angers me! However, you do sound self-hating and ignorant yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your kid, I travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan everyday to one of the most coveted (even by the rich) PUBLIC schools in the city so he would have the best of my ability, but that’s me, it doesn’t mean that I despise my people the way you do – poor lost soul.

      Guess what, being in the 1% is not necessarily a good thing, your children would benefit more and grow to be better global citizens and humans if they are exposed to a more diversified atmosphere. Secondly, even with a private school education they are not guaranteed a job when going up against their white counterparts in Corporate America because….that’s right – they are still BLACK.

      Finally, my 6 year old son is also in a HIGHLY GIFTED class and I pay zero! The money we save goes to a college fund, a variety of enrichment program and traveling. We plan to go to AFRICA next summer maybe you should take a trip yourself with your daughters to gain some perspective.

      • Kudos! We do not live on this planet alone, so where does she plan on sending her kids once she’s done spending her money on education them so that her kids can continue to be sheltered? My sister had a co-worker whose daughter was in medical school to become a doctor yet this ignorant thing had the adacity to say that she would NEVER go to a black doctor and my sister called her out. She asked her if she felt like that then “how is your daughter going to make it as a doctor”? How ignorant can you get? Back to the little girl and the school…its more than the actions of the teachers (aid) to embarrass the child, but we must consider that there are too many perverts looking at kids so no child should be subjected to any s****l inunendos. Just don’t put them in that situation. I’ve sent kids to the office to have their parents bring (girls) a change of clothes if they are suggestable (by pulling them aside).

    • You are right about our brained washed ppl..they are so quick to throw their own ppl under the bus and completely turn a blind eye to the injustices that are being done t..o ppl of color esp. our youth

  5. I am not a self hating person (@ Real Mom). I prefer modesty for myself and my children so I don’t like the idea of tights with nothing over them but I don’t think the child looks like a stripper either(@ Faye). I feel the teacher’s comments were inappropriate and the student is owed an apology. This is an example of the school district over reacting and criminalizing children of color for no reason. I think this could have been handled a totally different way.

  6. Whoever wrote this article needs an editor, stat.

  7. Comply with the school rules. Wear what they say. There was no need to remove her from school, for it, though, but that used to happen to anyone in my old school.

  8. 1 Black mans opinion

    I think a pedi “the teacher” just spoke he saw her as being naked. Please fire this teacher, teachers are hired to teach not be the fashion police. But I see it as an adult “teacher” puting s****l thought in the minds of a room full of kids. Watch how many boys try to play with this child just because of what this fool said. If what a child is wearing is not causing problems with the other kids, you should ask why is it a problem for you. maybe it’s you.


  10. This example is a bit too harsh… but I am glad that schools enforce appropriate dressing

  11. Lets think about the well being of this child. Where one parent will not allow a child to wear certain clothing another will. As far as indicatiing a kid looks like a hooker in certain clothing, please don’t say that. Make sure when you send your child to school she is dressing within the school’s dress code guidelines

  12. If the accompanying photo shown is of the child in the tights- I don’t get it! The tights are a 100 times darker than her skin and how could any IDIOT mistake them for skin!!!!!!?????????????? People what is going on!!!!!?????????

  13. Raising a Strong Intelligent Son From Boy to Man!

    Folks, I myself prefer modesty, especially in black women and more importantly young ladies. However we are so quick to judge, some of these comments are borderline bullying. Listen people this is one of our own so lets not be so quick to judge.

    Personal opinion is tights are not appropriate for school regardless of color, but it doesn’t excuse how this child was treated. Remember, it takes a village to rise a child and all of our individual actions, comments, behavior collectively affects our community.

  14. You know what is sad is that some people do not care what they daughters wear. I am from the 70. Back then i do not ever remember wearing legging to school. Ladieslets cate bow our virls look walking out the door. Why let these girls dress them selves. That right we got to blame the mother cuz she the one buying the clothes. Levginvs and mini skirts are not school attire. The school is for learning. Teacher they honma suspend for a day or two. This is for the mom who spend 10grand to get a education u r just sugar coating thongs to ur kids. Hope when school is finish dat ur child stay on the right path.1% is all u r. U should have went for a school with a mixture of all. But u just teaching ur kids that u got a problem with ur own kind.

  15. I don’t like tights in any color and would never put them on my daughter! However, the tights in this case is not the issue…it is these ignorant a*s racists have sought to demean this little girl, kill her spirit and make a mockery of her Blackness…and that WE will NOT stand for. Those that are sexualizing this are freaks and perverts…and should be jailed. She is a little girl and we should be doing all to protect her. They have to wear school uniforms where I live and at first I resisted it (many years ago). I have come to realize that some things are just not worth the fight especially if it’s going to save a life or save someone’s self esteem. Our children have come up with so many creative ways to express themselves while wearing their school uniforms and I admire them. The young ladies make their jewelry and other accessories and the young men have to wear the pants pulled up…so no “saggin” (n****s spelled backwards). So we aren’t faced with these types of issues…thank goodness!

  16. Are you all crazy there is nothing wrong with the brown girl wearing those Brown leggings tht they are showing in the picture. I think that some of the messages that are being posted are true but not in this situation……there is nothing skin color about those leggings tht this little girl has on in the picture above….

  17. This is ridiculous if the child is covered like everyone else, who gives the school to be the clothes police and determine that the shade cannot be close to the persons color. If someone wears white or off-white do they have to go home.

    This is racist and uterly ridiculous.

  18. Them tighs should be outlawed like they did spandex back in da nineties a lot of these young black women/parents (and men too)don’t know any better they think that it’s ok to come outside looking any old kinda way and it’s shameful the 80s babies didn’t have too much parenting and truthfully children that were born to teenage kids in the 80s and 90s are in bad shape and it ain’t all their fault

  19. In a world full of pediphiles and weirdos, why would you think it’s acceptable to send your young elementary school age daughter out in just some tights with nothing over them no matter what color they are… How can a young black girl grow up with respect and self esteem for herself when her momma dresses her like a tramp. That’s some dumb shyt.

  20. Another reason for mandatory school uniforms. Everyone dressed alike and this type situation would never have happened.

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