Mother’s Boyfriend is Lead Suspect in Missing Daughter’s Case, He Led Search for Her Body

The disappearance of Gabrielle Swainson is a nightmare for any parent when thinking about the things that can happen to our loved ones.  The 15-year old girl went missing, and the police are seeking to determine what might have happened to the beautiful young cheerleader.  The Richland County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina recently announced that there was an arrest in Gabbiee’s case, and the outcome surprised everyone, especially her mother.

Freddie Grant, the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, was arrested for Gabrielle’s kidnapping.  He was also named as a person of interest in two other disappearances.  Most ironic was that Freddie was involved in the search for Gabrielle’s body, leading to shock in the community who thought that the man was seeking to help the girl and her family.

Police found duct tape in Grant’s home with the Gabrielle’s DNA on it.  He was then arrested by local police.  It turns out that Grant may have been involved in an unsolved homicide back in 2011 involving Daniel Lee Wood, a man who was shot in the front yard of his home.  Additionally, Grant was also named in the disappearance of Adriana Laster, who lived with him for more than a year.   The girl disappeared in September of 2011, but was not reported missing until March 2012.

Swainson has been missing since August 18 of this year, when her mother left her home sleeping at 3 am while she went to work.  When police interviewed friends and relatives, Grant referred officers to his attorney.  That made Grant appear suspicious to police, especially since there were no signs of a forced entry.   Even sadder is that Grant even put his cell phone number as the contact in case someone found his girlfriend’s daughter.

Maria Lloyd, a contributor to Your Black World, says that the case is a reminder to single mothers about being careful about the men they bring around their children.  Lloyd notes that the rise in single parenthood in the black community has come with dangerous consequences for children who are far too often victims of s****l assault or other crimes that occur at the hands of an abuser who may have been invited into the home.

“Mothers sometimes believe that children don’t need fathers around to protect them, but there are a lot of dangerous men out here and we need to try to keep our families together,” she says.

This case gives all of us a moment of pause.

35 Responses to Mother’s Boyfriend is Lead Suspect in Missing Daughter’s Case, He Led Search for Her Body

  1. Wow such a sad story… He needs to be put under the jail.. Never too see daylight again.. He’s a menace to society…

  2. He needs to suffer the same fate as the little girl. They should throw his b**t in prison b**t naked without a cell just like throwing steak at a pack of wolf’s

  3. Some of these black fathers need to take responsibility when they make these children. Its too easy for the men to walk away. Its almost expected.

  4. ALL FATHERS Need to take responsibilities becuz there re a
    Tremendous Amount of kids OF ALL RACES Who mothers
    Actively Present…

  5. I blame the mother as much as the person who committed this crime. Why would you leave a 15 year old child unsupervised at home at 3:30 a.m.? When you have children you don’t need to have men in and out of your home. Did you give this man a key? Did you teach your daughter to trust this stranger and let him in when you were not at home.

    Pedophiles seek out women with children. They pretend they are interested in the mother but their eyes are always on the child.

    Where was her father…deadbeat as is the norm now for African-American men.

    When you work as a single mom and at night, ask someone to keep an eye on your child…it just might save their life.

    • She did give him a key a few months ago to do some floor work and he lied to her and said he lost it.

    • Really dear? All Black Fathers aren’t deadbeat Dads, just because they aren’t married to the Mom. Unfortunately, those who do the right thing, do it silently. Please remember that.

  6. Single mothers must stop!! I often advocate for single
    Mothers to really ask themselves if your loneliness trumps
    Your childs best interest. There are men who have stepped up and
    Step in to be great parents and role models, however
    We now live in a time where we must seriously consider
    The fact that the person you bring around your children
    Is there to harm them. The reasom you love them is different form
    Your childs love for them if love st all.

    • Unfortunately, Black mothers today, are NOT concerned with their children! I hate to say this, but it’s True. Most women today, only want a ‘man’ in their lives, and they THINK that would make them happy!

      They put their daughters on the back burner to please their ‘man’. A woman loves to say, ‘I HAVE A MAN’, but in actuality; they have a PREDATOR! Once, a guy like this terrorist, has been in the penal/p***s system, as many times as he has been, he’s a PREDATOR, that has been BRAINWASHED by the penal/p***s system.

      I see it ALL the time with these LONELY women, who will accept ANYTHING, just to say, they ‘got a man’. Let’s not forget, that these young girls ain’t like they used to be. Some of them are FAST and an older man, may become a ‘father’ figure to them, so the ‘little girl’ in them comes out in the form of having s*x with these predators. We must remember, they know how to MANIPULTE these young girls.

      I saw a story, where the young girl was fatherless, but the mom’s ‘boy’ friend came into her life. He raped her, but CONNED her into beLIEving what he did was ‘normal’. She had gotten to the point that, she would sneak into his bedroom, and had consensual s*x with him, even tho, she knew it was wrong!

      I think this is what happened to this young lady. He CONNED her, and took advantage of her WEAKNESS. These pedophiles learn all this, while they’re in prison, and once they’re released, they find an ideal ‘mate’ to prey on, and the rest is his-story.


      A fatherless child, male or fe-male, ALWAYS wants a father in their lives! It’s too bad, that our young children are taken advantage of buy these PREDATORS, PEDOPHILES and CON-BOYS!!!

      KEY WORD: ‘CON’

      • Hey…I am a proud single mom that is so scared of these LIARS that I am in my 12th year of being single and DON’T MIND. My daughter is 18 and my son is 11 so I have another 5 years to go but by then my shat will be all shriveled up. Hey somebody gotta make some sacrifices. Yes, I get the looks…whats wrong with you, girl you better get you a sidepiece or your stuff is going to sour. Are you a lesbian? No no no!! Its all good! God blessed me with a career that pays six figures so yes…I am probably going to be single and sexless for my remainder life but least I have a career that provides for me, and my children. Besides, meeting a good black man is si hard to find in my neck of the woods because they only date and prefer hispanic and white women (Long Island). It used to bother me but after 2 years, you get over it and I refuse to be some side piece of a man who prefers nonblack women over black. I know TMI!! But its the truth!!!

        Women please put your kids first and get background checks if you must. Our children are precious!

        • d**n! I don’t care if you were making 7 figures, because if I have to pry the p-hole open with a crow bar, I might as well, go jack up a tire!!!

          That shyt probably drier than the Sahara Desert. You need some 3n1 oil quick, fast and in a hurry baby, and some OLIVE OIL LOTION!

          Yo’ SHYT PROBABLY SO DRY, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE PERIODS!!! Yo’ shyt so dry when you walk you squeak. Yo’ shyt so dry, the fire department follows you…you might set your draws on fire!

          You said meeting a Black man is so hard to find, and that’s the problem. You need a GOOD BLACK MAN, then you will have no problems, once you find a GOOD ONE, not just any Black man.

          The same with a man, a GOOD MAN wants a GOOD LADY with value, class and style! You build the relationship up from there; once, that Trust and commitment is made…than it’s time to DANCE, PRANCE AND MAKE ROMANCE!

          In all seriouness [I was just having some fun], I don’t blame you because the way the Black woman is projected today, ain’t too many REAL Black women left out here, either. It’s a two-way street. A GOOD BLACK LADY is hard to find. They’re running to caucasoid males AND fe-males! I had a fe-male tell me, she’ll pull more women, then me!

          It’s a monster out here for a single man, also! But, I aint into the streets, church, and what have you. I like to laugh, stay clean, have fun, cook and keep a clean lay-out (my castle).

          I ain’t got time for no microwave, mickey D’s or KFC, fe-male. If a woman can’t cook; I got to book!!!



  7. Women are so needy. If we would be patient for what God has in store for us we would nnot allow any ole Tom, d**k, and Harry into our live and around our chikdren so freely. I wonder how long she knew this man before giving her trust to him. To trust my child in the house wih a man i have to really have a serious connection to him. I didnt bring men around my children unless i know there is going to be a relationship between us not just s*x. At this point in my life it has been over ten yrs sense iv been in a relationship with a man. My youngest is 10 and its been eleven years sense iv dated men. So i dont have to worry any longer. However the same applys to the women i date. You can never be to cautious. Women we have to do better. Think with your head.

    • Evidently, that’s all the ‘mother’ wanted was some ‘d**k’ that was ‘HAIRY’ from a ‘CON’, I mean, ‘TOM.’

  8. This should tell everyone why black people were together back in the day until their last kid got grown. It was not so much that they loved each other but they loved what the two of them had created their children. It was not about them but about their kids. Parents stay together and raise your children and protect them. When a man is in the home most men thing twice before they get out of line.

  9. With regard to the comment of Phoenyx, Elizabeth, Frankie and Marisa…take a moment to consider the narrow view with which you judge. First and foremost, where in the article was it mentioned that Grant was African American? Aside from the fact that he is, had I not already been following the story and known this each your bandwagon level commentary would haves painted a far worse illustration than it seems due. Are not all ethnicities subject to domestic issues, assaults, murder and crimes of the like? Are people of color, African Americans in particular, prone to the inability to be responsible and mature. What purpose is there in demonizing the many when there are only few to blame?
    Secondly, the assumption that the mother rushed into a relationship. Where is it indicated in this or any other article of the duration or quality of their relationship? Any courtship where a mother leaves for work and leaves her child(ren) in someone’s care would imply a sense of genuine trust. This includes family as potential caretakers, and also potential predators. Condemning the mother in this tragedy seems wholly misplaced and to further assume irresponsibility on her part is foolhardy. She was in an established relationship with someone who POTENTIALLY (as he’s yet to be convicted and stands as a suspect) committed egregious harm to her daughter and others, a fact that police had to investigate and are now making known. How can you fault the mother for not having these investigative details?

    Be mindful of assumptions, they often lead to tragic circumstance…

  10. Observer don’t quite get the point to your reply however as a person who worked in human. Services for 37 years & was a single parent, I say that single mother’s have to be more vigilent. He had a lengthy criminal background & in the world of technology you can research an individual’s background. I worked in a work fourlough when my son was growing up and met men in the facility who were perverts w/responsible jobs of all colors who had women visit & support them even though they had raped their children. I made a decision that I would not date because of my fear of my son’s safety. The sacrifice was worth it to keep my son safe. We are needy & consequently have blind spots that cause us to put ourselves as well as those we love in jeopardy. We must do the inner work to have peace in our lives.

  11. There are many people out there with evil hearts. Grant probably targeted this woman in order to get to her daughter.He probably did not really want the girl’s mother. Mothers with young children have to be honest with themselves and realize that the man paying attention to them may really want to molest their children.

    It is very that so many people just have children and never look back. Many men do not value the children that they produce. The children are an unwanted by product of a s****l encounter. This type of behavior will keep us poor as a people.

    Please do background checks on potential love interests

  12. I Wish Father God And Lord Jesus Would Bless Me To Get Out Here And Start Killing These Worthless Pieces Of Trash Out There Raping And Killing Our Children. I Wish The Police Had Just Shot And Killed The “n****r.” He Is Not An African American MAN But A Worthless “n****r.”


  14. That creep killed that girl. I hope they find her body so there will be more evidence to put his a*s in jail. He’s a d**n sociopath!!!!

  15. The black man must return home. Just go home to his family. Whether he has multiple families or just one, he must return to his home to raise his children, to provide and “protect” them. There must be a presence, a biological presence. If the relationship didn’t work, that has absolutely nothing to do with him being a father. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, now, if he doesn’t want you he then he doesn’t want you….but he is still a father. In addition, and more importantly, the mother of your children is NOT YOUR property. She does not owe you a booty-call every time you come to see your children nor is it a condition on paying child support. We are so quick to dispose of a Black man which has historical implications…however, if we believe what is taught, the Black man was never in the house, WHICH IS A LIE. Black families were whole until the Black man was hunted and murdered in front of his family. We cannot continue to put conditions on our family values. There is nothing more powerful than a child being able to tell somebody “my daddy loves me!” Black women we have got to let him back in. Black men, go home!

    • Miss T:

      Sometimes the fe-male DOES NOT LET THE MAN RETURN HOME, or better yet, visit his children, especially when it involves a divorce. Most fe-males ALWAYS use the child, as a weapon aganst the father. Notice I said ‘most’; not all! But, the majority rule.

      If a fe-male has more than 4 children, by 3 different males, 9 times out of 10; she’s done! Most Black men would not be caught up, in that drama because you will have ‘daddy’s’ coming out of the woodwork because, he doesn’t want the woman to be with anyone, but him, the only problem is… HE’S NOT TAKING CARE OF THE CHILD/CHILDREN! NOT ALL, but the majority rules, here, also.

      I know brothers, who took care of their child support, but the fe-male still kept them from seeing ‘THIER’ child/children. Unfortuneatley, babys are making: BABIES; therefore, no OURstory is taught in the home, and the child/children grows up feeling worthless; not only in the home, but also at school, where the MAJORITY of his time is spent with somebody, that doesn’t look like him, and HATES him as a hue-man.

      I was fortunate to come from a two parent home. My mother had dinner ready for my Dad, religiously, everyday when he came home from work. The first thang, my father would do is READ THE PAPER!!! Back in the day; we ALL ate at the table, talk and laughed. My father would tell stories about how hard it was coming up when he was coming up.

      OURstory is passed through verbal, since caucasoids burned our paperwork up. But, Blacks ALWAYS had good memories. When I became divorced, I NEVER HAD s*x WITH MY EX…NEVER! Why have s*x with somebody, once you are divorced or separated. You might as well stayed married, if you’re gonna have s*x.

      You are right about being told, you are loved, especially by your parents. Before my father died, his last words he told me on is dying bed were: “Son, I love you.” And those words are cemented in my mind.

      Peace, Miss T

      • You lying piece of dog excrement, you never knew your father. Your father was probably a Caucasoid, and that is why you hate them so much. Married! The woman that married you, must have been blind, stupid, and hard up, because she could have found better, even if she looked in the garbage dump. Also, my previous observations have now been proved true. You blame every rotten thing, that has occurred in your miserable life on someone else, and as in every case, it’s your Caucasoid ancestors.

        • @coonhead:

          I am your STEP parent. Lie down and let me STEP on your worthless, pale jackass!

          You caucasoids are so d**n NIGorant and stupid!

          Real BLACK people, on this site, know that your NOTHING, but a toothless, crackhead cracker looking for Black love.

          Close your legs; your breath stanks!

          Bye n***a!

  16. Lock the mother a*s up too. Had she not been so desperate for a man, instead of raising her child, this teenager would be alive today! SMDH

  17. If this guy is found guilty of kidnapping, and murdering this young girl, then he should receive the death penalty, and the mother should be charged with child endangerment, in the very least. I am not one of those naive, ignorant people, that believe all of our people are good, or bad. There are just some people that were born evil, just like there are some that were born stupid. For this woman, to give her key to someone, and then when the key is supposedly lost, and to not immediately change the locks is irresponsible, and careless. This animal is lucky, because if this was my daughter, I’d kill him before the state would.

    • @coonhead: “There are just some people that were born evil, just like there are some that were born stupid.”

      You finally said something worthwhile, YOU were born EVIL, just like YOU were born STUPID!

      I knew I would wake your dumb a*s up, sooner or later! Keep reading, boy, you’re learning.

      Bye ‘ho!

  18. She is 15 and able to keep herself at 3am. While sleeping. The mother has no idea some crazy man she was dating would hurt her . Single moms take this chance if they are looking for new love. Watch investigation discovery. These criminal minds would never give themselves up and they are very sneaky, he had this planned as soon as he met the girl. No way he just thought this up by mistake. He would have waited for after school if he had too.

    Only thing I blame and and all singles mothers for is not putting the bf name in google search engine. Not searching online public records it’s all there. I recently met someone who I liked but before I even told him that I searched his name. And within mintues I found out he was on parole and just got out of jail like yesterday.

    This man she was dating had a record or was being considered for the same disappearing acts. She didn’t do her research. I don’t care if he is about to be your husband. Search his name. It’s simple enough to save your own childs life.

  19. I google the name of workers who are coming to my home to repair things…..I can’t imagine not doing the same for someone you want to become intimately involved with!

    And 15 or not… baby girl would not be asleep at home alone at 3:30 a.m.

    Lord have mercy upon my people, for our brains are turning to s**t!

  20. I am a single mother. I have 3 young children. My kids come first. I never let a guy know where I live. If I am going on a date, we meet there. And my mother is the only person I trust around my children. Yes we get lonely, but you don’t have to put your personal life on hold. Like alot of the responders mentioned, you do have to do your research, you do have to be careful on who you bring around your children. No one I have ever dated has EVER met my kids. And plan on keeping it that way until I am BLESSED with a man that has the mind, soul and spiritual makes of my father. My father was a good man and took care of home.

    We blame each other “the black women, the black man, the white man, the white women.” But when are we going to stand up and take responsibilities for our own actions. In some cases, the mother should be charged with child endangerment when it comes to situations like this. But we don’t give credit where credit is do. Someone did mention that these men are con artist, but they are very good at their craft. Women were blessed with intuition. If we don’t recognize it, understand it or heed to it, then we are responsible.

    I worry about my children everyday. If I am not near them, talking to them, or see them then I’m worried. No lonliness, or no man is every more important than the safety of my kids.

    Everyone knows how important my kids are to me. Especially my job. When it came down that my kids could no longer ride the school bus to school and they had to walk to school through wooded paths and apartment buildings just to get there. I almost lost my job because I made it my business to ensure they are dropped off and picked up everyday. Din’t want to take that chance of something happening to them to save grace for a job. I will loose my $50 thousand a year and work for Kmart or Walmart to ensure my kids get to and from school safely everyday. That is what mothers are to do. Keep your kids safe at all costs. That is what I am suppose to do as a mom, protect them and provide for them at all costs.

    You should never put your kids in a situation you have to think twice about. Cause overlooking that one sign may result in a lifetime of tragedy. You just never know….

    My kids father is a hard worker, he pays his support, loves his kids and will do anything for them. But I still don’t trust him either. The devil presents himself in many forms. He can come as a nurse, pastor, a boyfriend or a seem to be nice neighbor. You always have to be ready and the world and times we live in, no race, color, age, gender, financial status or position is exempt from the hatred of the world.

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