Majority of Blacks View Homosexuality as a Choice Not an Ascribed Status

While black mainstream media outlets are openly supporting gay issues in their coverage According to a publicized study conducted by the Opportunity Agenda, more blacks believe that homosexuality is a choice. This may be a different assertion than what the country as a whole holds collectively.

The group’s analysis focused on the country’s opinions of the LGBT community and how its issues have been evolving over time. Special attention was paid to the opinions held by the black and Latino community. The published report was called ““Public Opinion and Discourse on the Intersection of LGBT Issues and Race.”

The report shows that tensions are still present in the black and Latino communities’ support for LGBT equality. There seems to be a belief in the communities according to the study that homosexuality violates moral and religious principles. Even though homosexual relations seem to be something that society would love to have the general public accept, there really is not any getting around the fact that biblical teachings educate people against openly participating in that lifestyle.

Also in the study it was analyzed that the main sources of opposition to the LGBT community (in the forms of protests at military funerals) were carried out by groups that are mostly white. One of the more pertinent summations in the report is that most African Americans do not synonymously associate the black community’s struggles for civil rights with the battle for LGBT rights. Only 36 percent of the country believes that being gay is a choice according to the study. However, the report found that 47 percent of Black Americans thought that engaging in homosexuality is a personal choice. More Latinos believed that people are born gay than the total sample taken for the surveys conducted for the study.  About 52 percent of Latinos believing people are born gay, compared with 42 percent overall.



















21 Responses to Majority of Blacks View Homosexuality as a Choice Not an Ascribed Status

  1. Some choose it looking for the love they didn’t get from their father.
    Some are born into it genetically. It is probably like a birth defect, where the male homosexual received too much estrogen and progesterone and not enough testosterone.

    • Homosexuality is an Institution in all euroPEEan controlled countries.

      The unuted snakes is the homosexual capital of the planet Earth. Homosexuals have and still are migrating by the millions to the unuted snakes to find safe haven from what they call “homophobia” in other countries. Other countries have been supplying them, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, with an exit visa, a passport and a free one way ticket out, as long as it’s to the unuted snakes.

      Homosexuals are some of the elite of caucasoid societies. In the unuted snakes, those out the closet represent between 1 and 4% of the amerikkkan population. 59% of them are college educated. Over 51% of them make over $53,000 a year. Over 43% of them own property, businesses and land. They are not victims, but they are attempting to normalize their behavior.

      ANYTIME THESE PEOPLE CAN CONTROL CHIC-FIL-A, THAT’S POWER! They can’t compare their ‘lifestyle’ to the Civil Rights Movement, tho!!! Although, it was a homosexual man, who PLANNED the March on Washington for MLK, he stayed in the background because of his homosexuality. His name was Bernard Rustin.


      Rustin was a gay man who had been arrested for a homosexual act in 1953. Homosexuality was criminalized in parts of the United States until 2003 and stigmatized through the 1990s. Rustin’s sexuality, or at least his embarrassingly public criminal charge, was criticized by some fellow pacifists and civil-rights leaders. Rustin was attacked as a “pervert” or “immoral influence” by political opponents from segregationists to Black power militants, and from the 1950s through the 1970s. In addition, his pre-1941 Communist Party affiliation was controversial. To avoid such attacks, Rustin served only rarely as a public spokesperson. He usually acted as an influential adviser to civil-rights leaders. In the 1970s, he became a public advocate on behalf of gay and lesbian causes.

      HUMAN RIGHTS: Gay Rights

      Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Rustin worked as a human rights and election monitor for Freedom House. He also testified on behalf of New York State’s Gay Rights Bill. In 1986, he gave a speech “The New n*****s Are Gays,” in which he asserted,

      “Today, blacks are no longer the litmus paper or the barometer of social change. Blacks are in every segment of society and there are laws that help to protect them from racial discrimination. The new “n*****s” are gays. . . . It is in this sense that gay people are the new barometer for social change. . . . The question of social change should be framed with the most vulnerable group in mind: gay people.” -Bernard Rustin


      “The New n*****s Are Gays,”….he said it; I didn’t!!!


  2. @trammell

    Thank you for giving the numbers. Although, the sample size would have been helpful, (how many people were surveyed) or any information on if this was a regional or national study, I appreciate you presenting data to assist the reader in believing/or not believing the findings from the study. Credibility is paramount, continue posting the numbers and avoid the anecdotal, opinionated articles. Again,thanks.

  3. It is a choice just like giving in to every other wrong desire is a choice! A thief has an urge to still, he keeps stealing he’s a clepto! A pedofile has an urge or desire to sleep with children & say they’ve “always have felt this way” he or she does it due to its unpopularity its a crime! A serial killer has a desire or urge to kill, he or she does it its a crime. Well how the f**k is it normal for same sexes to give in to what is clearly a wrong desire or urge & get f*****g rites to protect their gross unnatural behavior because its acceptable to society & this world is SICK! its so f*****g sick your labeled as having an illness for not accepting something morally disgusting as homosexuality, your “Homophobic” man f**k all the f**s, dykes, lesbo, bi-s****l & anybody else who thinks you can just give in to a wrong desire @ random & face no consequences, when y’all day come, I’m gonna rejoice & leap for joy & for the record I’m not a bible thumper but I’m justified in hating whatever My Creator Hates & if the punishment for such action in biblical times was death! Die you f****n faggots

    • I wont agree with “die u f8cking fagg*t” but you make a very very valid point. You should debate with some of these gay rights people and speak at these churches.

  4. …and most gays in their communities think they can compare their struggle to ours, which i do not agree with.

    • white gays love to compare being black to being gay, and they need the d**n taste slapped out of their mouth. being black is being normal and natural and good, while being gay is some kind of abormality and the SOB know it.

  5. I think some choose it, even more so these days than ever. The society is encouraging them to engage in it. But I also think some are born with it. However, I believe more in the old days than now. I noticed more people are muddling it by saying that there is no s****l orientation. That people are both h**o and hetero. I think that is a bunch of bs. I believe without confusion, you are gay or straight.

    • Yes, Yes Yes Greg the young people of today are victims of Obama culture, and every ignorant A-hole old negro that votes for him and dont even understand that obama promotes gay culture needs exactly what they’re getting from their grandchildren. A bunch of lil freaks dressed like women, and a bunch of lil freaks eating puxxy and dressing like a man.

      • You are another purveyor of lies and proproganda. Obama doesn’t have a d**n thing to do with it. He is not that powerful. Don’t twist my words into your garbage agenda. I am going to vote for him. It is mostly white folks who are the ones promoting the false homosexuality. A white should ever criticize any one but their own on this subject. I don’t have a problem with a person being gay if that is what they really are. But the rest of that c**p is your nonsense. Look in your own whitewashed mirror.

        • Everyone of you negroes who is simple minded enough to be brainwashed by obama, and hate white people so much you’d vote for satan as long as he is black, should be forced to give up your american citizenship and carted off to black africa. That would be justice served.

          If everyone black is so good why does black africa and black caribbean ride a sharks back over high seas to live under the american white man, you claim to hate so much?

          No one is holding you in America, but the question is whether black africa has stretched out it’s arms to embrace you and welcome you back IF you dont have money to give them. LMAO

          • You talk like you have shyt in your mouth…bullshyt at that!

            You don’t know a d**n thang about Afrika! I see these serpents have brainwashed you to beLIEve everythang they show and tell you on tell-a-LIE-vision.


            If this continent is so broke and poor, how come china is getting ready to build a bullet train system, canada, germany, japan and the unuted snakes of a******s are STEALING THE OIL from Afrika, STEALING their land, resources, gold, silver and other raw materials.

            Over 25% of oil comes from Afrika; therefore, why are our people broke in Afrika because of these greedy cracker bastards, who have been STEALING from this country since the early 1400′s.

            These greedy missionaries are brainwashing them with xtianity; while stealing ALL of their resources.

            The crackers in amerikkka AIN’T DONE A d**n THANG for me, so stick that comment up your pale a*s sideways!


            LAUGHT THAT OFF BYTCH!!! LMMFBO (Laughing My m***a Fukin’ b***s Off) in case you didn’t know!!!

          • What does this has to do with the subject?

  6. Read the Bible and that will straighten it all out, you will get the truith, and nothing but the truith!! read Romans 1st Chapter 1: 1-32 there will be no discussions, it is plain as day!!!!

    • You need to go to these negro churches supporting obama’s gay initiative. However, I heard that obama can take away their tax exempt status. That would explain why church’s are voting for evil influences. I’m staying away from them.

  7. Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the third and forth generation of a society that sanctioned this lifestyle in the concentration camps better known as the Prison Industrial Complex and the United States Military. It proliferates and saturates until the host nation becomes Quarantined from the rest of the world and cauterized as a wound in the geo-political body. To the City of Light it is outer darkness.

  8. Wow! The Bush-s**t administration sets the USA on a crash course & then the contry hires an escape goat, Barak Obama! His biggest mistake is running for that office before it crashed like it was on course to do, like its always been said “the greatest trick the Devil has ever pulled was convincing the world he never existed” with Adam & Eve he hid behind a serpent, when destroying Jobs kids he used a natural disaster to make him think God was responsible, now he’s the Dragon who gives the Beast its power “The Beast being the United States Of America” and to read the books of Daniel & Revelation together you can see how the fatw of both play out! But the white race that are still alianated from God imitate the Dragon so well, Satans is a liar, a Murderer, a Covetous Greedy Tyrant whose thirst for power has no boundaries & the greatest Deciever known to man & as PROVEN secular history has shown the White race has PROVEN to be the same, now with a black man to point thr finger @ for chaos they’ve created once again they hide! Even having the gull to blame the man for homosexualaity something they’ve been promoting way longer than 4 years! So to the little girl who says we should go back Africa, b***h we never asked to come live amongst you Devils in the first Place!

    • @mike j:

      This is what these screachas should be ‘teaching’ about…THE REAL TRUTH! You covered all bases on this one!

      These caucasoids always use a mullato or negroid to do their dirty work. O’Drama was their ‘slave’ to do the job. He has killed two Afrikan leaders…you know who they are. One of them was getting ready to build a Black Afrikan Nationalist Army!!! That’s why they used O’Drama to kill him! IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BLACK GOLD aka OIL! The unuted snakes is suppling these pale muslims with guns to kill the ORIGINAL BLACK ARABS IN NUBIA/SUDAN.

      The elite is going to keep him in office, and blame him for their greed, corruption and the economy. What most people don’t realize is that, this country AIN’T BROKE! If it was broke wouldn’t these greedy bankers, insurance companies, and mortgage company CEO’s take a HUGE pay cut or wouldn’t take bonus pay, to please the BLACK and POOR people, who make them rich? They will continue their greed and tax cuts; while NIGorant negroids continue to support their businesses, while the ‘strangers’ run to the bank, and negroids run home BROKE!

      Most negroids don’t know how to ‘read’ into these demon/devils. This is why, they did not, and still don’t want us to know how to read!!! It’s happening in our schools, some of them are getting rid of the school libraries!!! The books they have in class are over 15 years old, and these critters blame our children for not wanting to learn. How can they learn anything, with OUTDATED materials? Some of our schools don’t have computers or toilet paper!!!

      I don’t capitalize the words satan and devil because it gives caucasoids power OVER us because, they are the REAL devils and demons on this planet! Why would these words be capitalized, even in THEIR bible, if god was OVER the devil? These caucasoids know, that the ORIGINAL Godman and Godwoman were BLACK!!! Remember, the Black Messiah KICKED them out of the Kingdom…which is ALKEBULAN/AFRIKA! Afrika was once called, THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY because it had, and still does have, so much wealth, gold, silver and oil!!!

      How can these demon/devils talk about O’Drama, when homosexuality began in Greece and Rome, BEFORE BIBLICAL TIMES! They were b**t fvcking each other when they came out of the womb. Just think about this; why would they ALWAYS want to slap a baby’s bottom, when they came out of the v****a? That was pedophile shyt, right there!

      In Greek culture the BEST man was the groom’s buttbody, and this is where having a best man, in a wedding came from…THESE FREAKS!

      Everything, that is evil and demonic, which is happening today, started with Greek and Roman culture! They introduced homosexuality to the world. Just look at their artwork of homosexual males!!! The Truth is right in front of us!

      They are know for starting wars, destruction, division, deception amongst ALL people. How many euroPEEan countries do you see them DESTROYING? They are killing Black and brown people, ALL over the world!

      The world is a beautiful place; it’s the ‘people in the world’, that fvck it up! Just ask a caucasoid…they’re the world’s greatest LIARS, CHEATERS, MURDERERS, DECEIVERS, USURPERS, TREE HANGERS, ENSLAVERS, PEDOPHILES, LGBT, DOG-LOVERS on the planet!

      And negroids have the audacity to FOLLOW them, marry their offspring (they really are OFF), imitate them, integrate with them, and DIE with them to go to ‘heaven.’

      Excellent OBSERVATION!!!

  9. Because it is a choice!

  10. Derrick you right on point about this Fagit Rustin who had the First Gay Convention in Chicago in 1972 trying to make Evil Fair seeming & to upstage the Black Convention in 1972 in Gary Indiana! This BrokeBackNegro Dissed all of the Positive Black Organizations like the NOI The Panthers SNCC this h**o went to Morehouse with MLK and wanted young Brothers to Play with these types of Negroes need to be Blown Away!!! Tired of your sick ways if you wanna be a Fagit just get up away from us! Homos Whitewomen Dogs Cats 3inch Migets got more Rights then we do My Real Black People! The Whiteman is tickled pink a Black h**o you got one foot in the grave the other on a Bananna Peel! This is Unnatural Behaviour,when the Law of Nature says that opposites Attract! Blacks when I grew up were more Conservative & Moral then Whitefolks will ever be! Go give somebody else a Shittie Deal lol CryingGameLookin’ lol Savage n****z gone Backdoor lol be yourself Blackman because true Brothers Ain’t Gay! This is White History Greece & Rome ruled the World in Skirts lol

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