Is Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett the One Who Keeps Barack from Dealing with Black Issues?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Some have said that the Republican Party has been the primary obstructionist that keeps President Barack Obama from dealing with African American issues.  Even those who acknowledge that the president hasn’t said a word about black suffering are quick to find whatever excuse they can for inaction on the part of the White House.  Rather than earning the black vote by presenting a healthy track record of effort on behalf of the black community, black people are simply being told to “keep the faith” (note the religious reference) and to “have Barack’s back,” (note the hood slang reference).   It’s as if we’re being told to “stop snitching” on the White House, while Obama Administration officials sit back and laugh at how stupid we are for not asking for anything in return for unprecedented political loyalty.

We get one speech after another with Obama Administration officials reminding us of how many civil rights leaders died to give us the right to vote, and why they all wanted us to take the best political option they choose to give us.  But what they don’t tell us is that when you vote for a politician and ask him for nothing, you are worse off than if you’d abstained and held your vote for ransom.  A woman choosing between a man who beats her and a man who neglects her can always say “I’m not dating either one of you fools until you learn to act right.”  That woman will ALWAYS get more respect than the desperate woman with low self-esteem who takes whatever she can get.

Unfortunately, style and symbolism don’t pay the bills:  Black Americans have seen their economic condition worsen, while whites have watched their conditions improve.  When the recession is over, black unemployment will probably not even get down to the levels that whites are complaining about right now.  Almost nothing has been done to alleviate the mass incarceration epidemic and the President has hardly addressed all of the dead black teenagers in the killing fields of his home city of Chicago.  If those were white gay kids in the suburbs, billions of dollars would have already been allocated to help resolve the problem.

A recent New York Times article seems to imply that the bottleneck on getting to the heart of African American issues is not the Republican Party or the president himself.  Instead, some say that Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett has done all she can to keep the president from dealing with African Americans directly, and instead has been working through Al Sharpton, an unwavering Obama surrogate, who admitted in a 60 Minutes interview that he would never criticize the president, even if he isn’t doing his job effectively.  Sharpton’s political motto may as well be, “Yes, things are horrible for black people, and the Democrats aren’t going to do a d**n thing about it, but I really need you to keep voting for my boss.”

Jarrett has been called an elitist by some, and doesn’t have a strong track record on fighting for poor blacks.  For example, many noted that the president and Valerie came home for the expensive wedding of Valerie’s Harvard-educated daughter and said nothing about the black boys being killed right down the street on the South Side of Chicago.  Shortly thereafter, however, the president hopped on a jet to console the victims of the Batman shooting in Colorado…..after all, their lives are more important.

Part of the massive disagreement I had with Rev. Sharpton (we no longer speak and I don’t expect that to change any time soon) had to do with Valerie, who seems more h**l-bent on killing a critique than actually addressing it with constructive effort.  My goal was to get to the bottom of the reason that the president was not meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, which is apparently a question that black people are not allowed to ask.  Before May 2011, President Obama had only met with the CBC two times in two years, which is inexcusable, especially during the worst black economic crisis in 30 years.  But then again, why should he do anything for black people?  They’ve got over 90% of the black vote, and many African Americans will support the Obama Administration on faith and not much else.

The “inconvenient truth” for both Jarrett and Obama is that they are getting unprecedented support from black Americans and they cannot treat this support as a political welfare check that doesn’t have to be repaid.  It is nothing less than their complete obligation to return this support with effort of their own.  If they  took half the energy they spend begging us to vote in November and actually applied this to solving problems, our community would be much better off (notice how they love to fight for voting rights to get black people to the polls, but seem to forget that we exist after they’ve been elected).

Those who feel that President Obama is being held to a higher standard than President Bush are absolutely correct:  Bush didn’t get 90% of our vote, so he didn’t owe us much of anything.  Barack Obama DOES owe us something, the same way he owed (and paid) a debt to his gay and Hispanic constituents, who threatened to withdraw their support if the administration didn’t get in line with their agenda (please take notes:  Politicians only respond to credible threats, not political groupies).

When advocating for African American issues defines a person to be inherently anti-Obama, we’ve got a serious problem in which our observations may not be consistent with reality.  We can no longer live in a world where anyone who asks President Obama to do something is defined to be an enemy of the administration, and Valerie Jarrett knows this.  Any effort by Valerie Jarrett, Al Sharpton or anyone else to suppress black voices who request action from the White House is as unAmerican as the oppressive regimes that they seek to dismantle around the world.  We too have the right to speak freely about the issues that matter to our community and no one has a right to sleep on the job.

An excerpt of the New York Times article (below) features a back-and-forth between Jarrett and Prof. Cornel West.  Dr. West seems to feel that Valerie was the one who started the whole nonsense of invalidating the entire poverty critique by reducing Cornel to a bitter man who was mad that he didn’t get inauguration tickets.  Even if that were the case, it doesn’t change one fundamental fact:  Black poverty and unemployment are worse than they have been in decades, in large part because Valerie and Barack were busy fighting for gay rights instead of embracing any form of targeted economic policy.  Bush did create the economic mess we’re in, but the Obama Administration seemed to only clean up the mess in white neighborhoods.

It’s hard to show up and ask for support for work you didn’t do.  Anyone who disagrees is encouraged to tell me where I am wrong.

Here’s a snippet from the New York Times:

 Ms. Jarrett was similarly “livid,” one former White House official said, with members of the Congressional Black Caucus who accused the president of paying insufficient attention to the particular economic woes of blacks. When the writer and academic Cornel West joined in, calling Mr. Obama the “black mascot of Wall Street,” Ms. Jarrett’s response was “ruthless,” Dr. West said.

He recalled a phone call in which she dismissed his criticism as sour grapes for not receiving a ticket to the inauguration, and said he later heard from friends that she was putting out the word that “one, I was crazy, and two, I was un-American.”

“It was a matter of letting me know that I was, in her view, way out of line and that I needed to get in line,” he said in an interview. “I conveyed to her: ‘I’m not that kind of Negro. I’m a Jesus-loving black man who tells the truth, in the White House, in the crack house or in any other house.’ She got real quiet. It was clear that she was not used to being spoken to that way.”      

Those who feel compelled to attack Cornel West, a scholar who has been one of the most consistent and relentless fighters for the black community over the last 25 years, might want to think about what they are doing.  By going after West for asking Obama to address the statistically-documented issues of extreme (and worsening) poverty and mass incarceration, you are trading in an authentic leader who loves you for a more popular and powerful leader who has ignored you.  This is nothing less than the slave mentality, which leans on validation from white Americans as symbolic evidence of our own self-worth.  Black people don’t just love Barack Obama for being a great man….they love him because white people have crowned him to be our king.

If President Obama loves us, he has an obligation to show us, not to the exclusion of everything else on his plate, but to the point where the White House remembers that black people are Americans too.  Those who want Barack to succeed as an authentic African American hero are encouraged to push him to higher standards, no less than the way we should push our sons to overcome racism and still do their best.   Barack Obama is not just the president of black America, but he must be reminded that black people are part of America too. In other words, it’s time to stop making excuses.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. To check out Dr. Watkins in the Janks Morton Film, Hoodwinked, please visit this link.


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  1. I am thinking the long game: and on that thought we should hold the entire Democratic party to account if we are checking the President. Indeed, the entire political system should be checked. If he had used executive power to benefit Black people he would be packing his bags now for sure and not waiting for the elections. That last Congress would have shipped every one back to their native lands and the Indians would be left if we are to believe their rhetoric. We don’t play the game cause the game was not met to be played by everyday people. The system (The government) has been set up to be controlled and benefit the rich and powerful. The President used of the internet for fund raising maybe a crack in that wall. Our elected representatives only acknowledge being our representatives at election time. The rest of the time they represent the government. Until we become activist again, maybe like the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street, the lobbyists, the PAC’s, the Lawyers of the rich and elite would garner an overwhelming benefit from the government while protraying the government the benefactor of the poor and weak! The first step in all of this is community organization. Coalitions of community organizations to form a national organizations. We have spokepersons who “represent” our interests from their perspective, there are no true representatives of the masses of Black and poor people! If you think we are without a voice, you should check the poor whites across America. And yes, historically, you usually get more from the elected White’s. They don’t have to prove they are color blind, whereas Black elected official have held themselves up to a higher standard of fairness, often to their Black constituents detriment. Unfortunately we have very few Andrew Youngs and Maynard Jacksons in the world! If we want some more Youngs and Jacksons, we have to raise them up, educate them, train them, promote them and elect them! It can’t just be one person, even if that one person is the most powerful man in the world. That one person can take the first step,and that first step might be him just getting elected, but not all the steps to solve our many and often conflicting problems. In the end we have to be responsible, starting with our homes, blocks, neighborhoods, communities and from their we will have resolutions! There is no government panacea!

    • This is exactly right. We need to reunite. They are trying to divide the races. Divide and conquer. Holder, Sebelius and Imanuel have all written books about depopulating the world. Writing of forced abortions saying it would be difficult in third world countries because of no Dr at birth. Wrote of forced sterilization, saying it would be better to sterilize the women because men might rebel too much. The babies that Planned Parenthood are now aborting are 50% black. Obama himself said that if his daughter made a mistake he would not want her punished with a baby. Do you actually believe that he would kill his first Grandchild? No. They only want to kill our babies and want us to pay for it. Muslims aren’t getting abortions. Hispanics are not getting abortions. And they both say they will take over America because of their high birth rate.
      This is no longer a Dem party. It is a Progressive party. And they will do anything to achieve what they want. And what they want is to kill the middle class and working poor. They and plenty of Reps who have joined them think us unworthy of breathing their air. I don’t believe that every day Americans hate each other no matter what color they are. But the illuminati keep trying to make this so. It is the wealthy who want us fighting each other while they try to destroy religion, love of country, convince us the U.S is arrogant. They are trying to destroy our morals with the trash they put on TV. Our text books have turned Che Guevera into a hero. A man who personally killed at least thousands of his own people. Our children are no longer taught that America is a great country. We are headed for a communist country. Our freedoms are being taken away every day. When Obama was running for Pres I saw a video of a young black woman asking where did the money go. The money Obama gave to Rezko, the slum lord, to rehab the apartment building she lived in. But the only place you saw this video was on the net and it was quickly pulled. I saw a leaked video of Bill Gates telling a lecture room full of people that we need to depopulate the world. He said fortunately we can do that with Healthcare and vaccinations. That video was also quickly scrubbed from the net and not seen on any news station. Our only salvation as I see it is to stick together. Love your neighbor. Because we can only depend on each other.

    • Valerie Jarret probably is an uppity high yellow negro bish who thinks she is better than the average black person, but that in no way excuses obama’s behavior. He hired her, and he can fire her, but HE chooses to keep her and HE chooses to follow her advice, and HE is the one who should be held accountable.

      You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. Obama drinks long and hardy when it comes to advice that tells him to act like the Black Grand Wizard. I wonder if his grandfather and family was in the kansas chapter? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      All of us listen to the counsel of others. Everyone of us, BUT intelligent people listen and MAKE THEIR OWN DECISION IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS. When we come before the Lord in the end, WE are the ones who will be held accountable for our decisions and will answer in the end, NOT the people who counsel us.


      • The first sentence you wrote totally says who you are. You are a jealous and bitter person. With all of the civil right freedoms black folks have achieve – what have they done with it? They have to begged to vote, stay in school, not have unprotected s*x. Black folks want to be spoon fed their lives. What did black folks expect rom the president a check every month just because his black?
        Education is the key to poverty – as a former school teacher 90% of my students didnt own a computer – but 100% owned nikes – that’s Ms. Jarrett’s fault. Black parent’s didnt show up to school meetings – that’s Ms. Jarrett’s fault. You correct their child and then they would show up at school yelling at you defending their children’s lie – that’s Ms. Jarrett’s fault. Black folks have no responsibility for their lives or future. Give me a break.

        • You spoke the truth! I am soooo sick of these ‘nee grows’ blaming President OBAMA for not stating each day with what we got to do for PO blacks folks . The poor blacks are that way from disenfranchisement and not seizing their opportunities. Surely, black people knew that their was a change coming. They did not see the ‘made in China’ in everything they bought. Those things made in China used to be made by them. Most educated and uneducated blacks have worked in manufacturing. In fact manufacturing jobs described our middle class. The car industry was the first step upward that we took as a middle class group.

          The customer service voices you hear talking to you on the phone are accented from foreign languages. Manufacturing and clerical were the main stay of employment for blacks-educated or not.

          Blacks have been poor ever since I was born and long before. In fact, I believe they are in a state that can only be helped by manufacturing and clerical jobs returning. Obviously, President Obama can not turn this thing around in 4 years.

          I will never believe that a man who set through 20 years of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright could not be cognizant of all black peoples state of disenfranchisement. We would be foolish to listen to the crabs in a barrels trying to make sense-I guess- of their

          self hatred. They just have to find something to pick apart another black man and what I ask with all of their Ph.Ds have they done for blacks except TALK. Although, they certainly were not talking during the white Presidents, or riding around in air condition buses suggesting that blacks not vote for President Obama.

          And Ministers in their ignorance telling their congregation not to vote for the President of the United States because he decided to uphold The Constitution of the U.S. of America is foolish. A marriage license is the property of the government, is it not? And The Constitution guarantees the rights of all people. President Obama is charged with upholding The Constitution.
          The churches don’t issue marriage licenses do they? So, lets do as Jesus said, “render to Caesar… If the ministers don’t want to marry gay people in their church, then don’t marry them. But, don’t vote for a Black man who is the President of the U.S and probable won’t be another one in 50 more years, and one that is doing as well as President Barack H. Obama is asinine!

          Those Ph.Ds , including Boykin, West and a few others are in universities, do they encourage their students to take courses that they will find employment. Do they discourage those soft courses like psychology, social studies, mass communication, etc.? NO!
          Obama/Biden 2012

          • Critical thinking… raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, Harvard educated. Barry your next assignment join Rev. Wrights church, learn from this anti-white so called pro black minister…your future depends on it. Fast forward… the establishment labels him a racist and you turn your back and walk away… faith no business as usual

      • You don’t know Valerie Jarrett, and you have no right to make those assumptions about her. As soon as Boyce Watkins, Cornel West and others stop thinking that there are “black issues” the better off they will be!

  2. Evil will whisper in anybody ear who lets them.

    • Boyce, obviously you’re upset that the image of West was tarnished in the Black community after the election. Some of us do see you’re using your site out of frustration to hurt Jarrett for putting a sour grape label on West that he cannot seem to rid himself of. Snitching on Jarrett is not the answer if you wish to rebuild the image of your boy. lol

      Havn’t you heard, snitches get stiches. lol

      • …you are an ignorant negroe. Boyce is speaking the truth, and all you can say and do is support the master’s head negroe in charge, because he passes you the hog’s guts to eat, after the master enjoys the better cuts of pork (if there really is such a thing). You are a fool for Obama. Any man (Black or White) getting 90% or more of the vote of any group, owes that group some positive attention and results. Obama is a coward, and is afraid to speak on issues concerning black folks, for fear of losing white and Hispanic votes, which would not allow him a second term. A man with b@lls would speak the truth about the issues concerning all Americans, and know that a second term is warranted because he has been the President for all Americans, not just gay, Hispanic and white Americans.

        • @Joceeco

          Boyce might be speaking the truth, but he is also using his site to rebuild West’s image and to retaliate against Jarrett as the person responsible for his demise in the Black community.

          This piece by Boyce is not about Obama, this is a revenge piece aimed at Jarrett because West is upset that his once stellar image is now “doo doo” in the Black community and there is nothing he, nor Boyce can do to repair his image.

          I can explain to you, but I cannot understand it for you.

          Now tell me, how does my a*s taste! lol

          • As much as blk folk love them some Jesus, his image would also be “doo doo” in the blk community if he were to arrive today & dare to criticize Obama. That’s just how hoodwinked blk folk r when it comes to this politician. Im glad that Dr. West & others speak up for blk interests, b/c Obama certainly does not! After all, he is the prez of all the ppl, but unlike all the rest of the ppl, he’s not supposed to speak to our interests! We r jes supposed to give him all of our votes. Obama & Jarrett r both elitists & have done nothing for the African American community except dupe most into giving away their votes while ignoring them & offering absolutely nothing n return. Dr. West, Dr. Boyce & others will still b around speaking up for blk folk long after Obama & Jarrett have retired & left Washington to hobnob w. their wealthy elitist friends. What a gullible race of ppl we r to fall n love w. a politician who could care less about our plight b/c we r too stupid to demand anything of him while giving him over 90% of our vote.

          • @DaLie

            You Say: Dr. West, Dr. Boyce & others will still b around speaking up for blk folk long after Obama & Jarrett have retired & left Washington to hobnob w. their wealthy elitist friends.

            Agree, they will be around speaking up for blk folk long after Obama, but ONLY IF THEY’RE GETTING PAID. Internet, Poverty Pimps, like Street Pimps do nothing unless there is a dollar attached to it!

            Listening to Negroes like you and Boyce do nothing but divide the black community.

            Long live the story of Willie Lynch! lol

          • What a palm you are man. The facts that Boyce is pointing out is much bigger than Cornell West or Valerie Jarrett. Look around our communities see all the dismay, unemployment numbers two and three times the national average, rising violence and hopelessness and you are stuck on Jarrett. Myself like most AA are in awe at having a black president. However to ignore the fact that we have all the mentioned concerns and a president who has not responded is like staying some kind of hypnotic state. Our communities are in a crisis and our president has spoke to every crisis that has occur including gay rights and the plight of illegal aliens. Time to stop skinning and grinning and him accountable like every other group.

          • Ase’!

        • Nothing! And a conspiracy lie to booth, cut and pasted to “whisper a lie” in the ears of the
          How pray tell is President Obama trying to destroy black America. We are doing a fine job of that ourselves. Funny, these blacks didn’t see the white presidents actually destroying blacks life.

          All blacks know the sickness of that color things we have. Ain’t enough Obamas in the world to cure that sickness.

          Black people need to get a grip!

      • Nikkka Please with that. You cant see the forest or the trees. My people are suffering and he (Obama) has deliberately choosen to focus on every other interest except Ours (Black America). He (Obama) by executive order has adddressed Asian, Gay, Lesbian, and Hispanic interests. And has chosen to tell us to go back to school. We (Black People) are the most highly educated and under employed group in this nation. Have you seen the unemployment rates of different groups inside the Black community?

        • Don’t forget Barry publicly singled out and scolded Black Men, the courts are filled with white, hispanic, and other women fighting for child support. Each President has a boogie man and choose the the black man. Why not pick Levy or Bristol Palin…their your average white reckless being.

    • Prince U R so right.

      Fact is that almost all black children who grow up in white communities, pick up some black hate from their white peers and friends. They learn to see through their peers eyes. They learn to value everything that their peers value. Everyone does that. Obama is a product of his young environment. He was only in Chicago to learn about blacks, to build a coalition and support, and to find the political wife that Harvard handpicked for him. One they knew who would go along with the destruction of her people for self gain.

      He was just the wrong choice for a black president.

      • Your last sentence raises an important issue. Would a Martin Luther King, a Jessie Jackson, or even an Al Sharpton(before he drank the Obama Cool Aid) be a better President for the Black community? In that case would White America help elect an activist Presidential candidate?

      • Really? Who would you have picked, darling? Boyce and West?

    • Thank you Mr. Prince, well said!

  3. What do you expect when you create a Council For Women & Girls (which is blatantly sexist)? Feminism is a white supremacist construct. {{-_-}}


    CHECK: THE BLACK ‘SKULL AND BONES’ – The “Boule” By Lesley Terry

    December 18, 2009

    “In 1904, the first African -American Greek Secret Society was formed in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women.

    Fashioned after Yale’s Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement.

    What could the Boule offer America’s Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives.

    The upper tenth of Blacks started to live the good life as Boule members, while the majority of ordinary Blacks were disenfranchised. But what were the Boule’s objectives?


    The Boule recruits top Blacks in American Society into its ranks. Today, 5000+ Archons, (male Boule members) and their wives, (Archousais), with 112 chapters, make up the wealthiest group of Black men and women on the planet. “Archon” means “demon” – the kind that like to keep hidden.

    But to whom does the Boule really serve? The Satanic (mostly white) global elite! As long as the Black member conforms to the rules, the riches will be in abundance; if not, down comes the hatchet. Blackmail is part of the deal. This Masonic secret society has a pyramid style like all the rest. The lower ranks are kept from knowing what the upper ranks are doing.

    The early 20th century was a period of reconstruction. Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Africa” Movement was in full swing. Garvey represented genuine Black leadership. W.E.B. Dubois, founding member of the NYC chapter of the Boule said, “The Boule was created to keep the black professional away from Marcus Garvey”.

    The remaking of the House Negro was necessary to institute a group of Blacks who had a vested interest in protecting the Elite White System. It was about selling out brothers and sisters for power and money. The majority of Black lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants were members of this secret club.


    According to Bobby Hemmitt, underground Metaphysician and Occultist lecturer, “This Black elite society based on Skull and Bones (Yale) was chosen by the U.S. Government (Illuminati) to run Black neighborhoods.”

    Conspiracy Theorist and Futurologist Steve Cokely, had this to say: “Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they’re in the Boule”. Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall. See this:

    The members of the Boule pose as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists on the surface. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people.


    The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul.

    In the Greek system, the Boule was the Lower House of Parliament. Charged with organizing the affairsof the city for the King. Let that sink in.

    This is an ancient story. The New World Order is The Old World Order. The elite Blacks of the Boule are culling and controlling their own for a slice of the elite white man’s pie.


    Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homosexual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Bobby Hemmit says, “Any kind of top-notch Negro gets together and they f*ck each other.”

    These perversions are then cataloged and stored on record. Later, if needed, these abuses may be used as bargaining tools in the ULTIMATE GAME. What is the Ultimate Game? Capturing human souls.

    The enemy may appear to have a white face but it goes much deeper than that. This is a force cloaked within many facades, personas, fictions and governing powers.

    We, the people, have been handed cultural, political and religious belief systems used to great advantage by these generational Satanists and lying collectives.

    These elite systems promote dissension, division, hatred, bigotry and war. According to the ruling powers, people are objects that need to be controlled. Therefore, we have men and women in high places that are soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning processes.

    We have an ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants. The evil elite has had a good run. Though they may be certain skin colors, certain nationalities and creeds, they are apart from you and me. They have long ago abdicated any and all connections to a shared humanity.”



    • Very good information Derrick. My family is mostly all white as white people with nappy hair, high yellow, with a few light browns and medium browns. With American Indian and Irish ancestry they thought they were better than most very dark blacks, and while successful and educated they weren’t part of this boule’ group. If you were dark like me, in my family, you didn’t get treated well.

      I see this negress jarret as being like most of the women in my family. Thinking she is better than other’s of her race.

      We need to get these fools out of the white house. They’ll put us back in the cotton field faster than romney.

      • dolores,

        Where have you been all of my life?!!! :) It is so nice to read such common sense analysis of the Obama administration as opposed to the “Obama serfs” who tend to populate this site and will “cut their own mama” if she dared criticized the ” Most Omnipotent One” who is apparently virtuous and free from sin and breathes air of “another quality” than the rest of us!!

        Hopefully, some black folks can be reached and will wake up and vote this man and his band of worthless lunatics out of office. Because if we don’t wake up and Obama gets a second term, this country will morph into a third world country and, of course, blacks will fare worse than everyone else.

        • Valerie said a couple of weeks ago that Obama has “genuine love for black people”

          Y’all feeling the genuine love?
          Where are you feeling it at?

        • There are a lot of us Jalen but Hitler, Oops! I mean Obama has most of his critics afraid to speak out, in a country where freedom of speech is our constitutional right. Silence and ignorance is key in his strategy to destroy black american, obviously.

          Steve Harvey had him on the radio this morning and asked him to reiterate what he has done for black america. And just as expected the only thing he could come up with, was obamacare. The current medicaid is way better than obamacare. Obamacare is going to require the working poor to pay for healthcare just like they force us to buy auto insurance. And when they cant purchase it, they’ll get fined right into the jail house. Of course, obama left that out. Obamacare will only help fools who want to live on respirators, and heart machines FOREVER, and use up all the resources.

          • you, delores, please inform these blacks on this blog what Romney is going to do for them or for white folks, I seriously would like to know.

        • Watch out for the white snakes and want to bees/

    • What does the Boule have to do with this story?

  5. I am not suprised by the actions and the remarks of Ms. Jarrett. Having been a life long resident of the city of Chicago and I continue to reside here, her current behavior and history as related to black folk and the black community is consistent. She has never been one to advocate on behalf of said community while holding various position in government and the private sector. I have always looked upon her as having been a loyal Daley democrat who never went south of 63rd street, or the university of chicago on the southside.
    In regards to Al sharpton, lets be clear in that he is bought and paid for. I would have one question for Al and that is, does te White House have direct deposit.
    Neither one of these persons can hold a candle to Dr. West in terms of where their true loyalties lie. Hotep

    • I agree with you, BUT, Cornell West is sleeping with the enemy; therefore, how can he talk about the enemy?

      It’s like swapping the devil for the witch; and you get the son-of-a-b***h! NOTHING, LOST NOTHING GAINED!

      Remember West ‘worked’ for an ivy league college until he left. If he was DOWN FOR THE CAUSE, how come he could not ‘wake up the minds’ of his OWN people?

      Do you know Wal-Mart sponsored his last ‘poverty pimp’, I mean Poverty Tour last year? Wal-Mart is Tavis’ major sponsor on his show!!!

      The Poverty Tour is sponsored in part by AARP Foundation and HuffPost Live!!!


      • AARP is into this big time. Lots of people quit them when they backed Obamacare. They sent a man out to say no they weren’t for Healthcare but not long before they admitted it. And now quite open about it. Even tho your Dr will no longer be the one who decides if you need an operation/procedure. A govt board will decide that. If you go into a hsptl in the middle of the night and need emergency surgery you will have to wait till the govt board approves it. And yet AARP still have millions of members who don’t know this or have been convinced it isn’t true.
        Noone is looking out for us. Not black or white politicians. There are a few that I trust. West for one. At least he tells the truth about the Islamists. Very difficult to find someone you feel you can trust. And these people are very powerful and they will do anything to achieve what they want. They are vicious people who care nothing about America.

        • @Myke:

          There is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamist and a xtian because they’re one in the same! Both of these re-ligions ENSLAVED Afrikan people, and they are still brainwashing them with THEIR MAN-MADE re-ligions, today.

          You must remember, that xtians were a bunch of murderous heathens, also! Constantine killed his own son and wife over the queen james version of the bible! He was the emperor, who made the trinity ‘legal’ in 325A.D. This proves that xtianity is a man-made re-ligion, just like Islam, which was founded by Minister Fard Muhammad, who was a pale muslim! What’s the difference in a ‘pale jesus’ and a ‘pale muslim’…NONE!!!

          Afrikans DID NOT PRACTICE ANY FORM OF re-ligion…they were Spiritual Gods and Goddesses, and believed in the Soul of a man. This is how they became enslaved by beLIEving in the white boy’s lie, and [his] version of islam and xtianity.

          A pale muslim will treat you just like a pale xtian; therefore, just because you are a Black Muslim or Black xtian, does not mean these demon/devils are gonna treat you like they treat their OWN kind.

          WE NEED TO SEPARATE FROM THESE re-ligions because they are only used for mind control!

          THERE ARE ONLY TWO re-ligions: The re-ligion of RIGHTEOUS and the re-ligon of WICKEDNESS!!!

          • Perfectly said Derrick. I have lost faith in Africans/African Americans, concerning their ability and will to separate themselves from the destructive re-ligions of xtians and muslims. Our minds need to be re-programmed in order for us to separate ourselves from the greed and the materialistic desires of the human who finds that he/she has no common traits with men and women of Africa’s Black people. Even when they claim that they do not hate us, they strongly dislike us and wish to have no dealings with us. “They (whites and others) are just not that into us!” The sooner we realize this and move on, the better off we will be. Too many of us are blinded by America’s superficial value system!

      • he had no marry white. what black woman in her right mind could west get? LOL

      • All white people are not the enemy Derrick.

    • James u know that fool sharpton got direct deposit LOL LOL

  6. I wonder what Valeria Jarrett’s father, the late great Vernon Jarrett would say about his daughter today. I agree with Myron Mc comments. Until we stand up for ourseleves and stop waiting for politicans to do it, white or black, nothing will ever change.

    You can talk about the people in the Middle East and their violence, but one thing is for sure, they are not sitting down letting the imperialist Americans and British change their culture, religion or anything else. They are fighting back, unlike Native American, Africans and Blacks. I don’t condone the violence, but I understand. Anglo superiority has to stop in order to have peace in the world.

    • Resa! I want to agree once more with you. After years of White Retaliation about 20 years ago I worked for this company 6 years before management changed hands. This fellow was very radical and bold against some of us Blacks. Here I am 3rd in seniority doing the top job or let’s say the highest position for an employee receiving the lowest pay . Some Whites were hired afterwards and received top pay on the day of their hire. When I discovered this I approached management and spoke up about this issue. He ignored it and I talked with the shop steward which was Black of course didn’t anything as well. My third step was to contact the union which was no help either. When management found out that I had contact the union, I was given the most heaviest work for about 2 weeks until one specific day I injured my back and and reported to management. I was out of work for a certain amount of weeks until I return for 1 week and was told that I was fired. In 1996 I applied for Social Disability and was denied benefits. I did everything I could to get those benefits until someone gave me a tip to call my congressman and Senator for help. From that day to this day I never receive any help. Just as you forementioned ; you only hear from them when its time for re-election. How true.

      • One year I gave Jesse Jackson $2000 donation, thinking that might help him intervene on my behalf with my job, and never got a drop of help. However, at one time the EEOC was a real threat to employers, and their efforts with Clinton as president, helped me get the promotion I deserved.

        But what about Obama’s EEOC. What does it do? Nothing. Even if we voted him back in, and he created a million jobs, there is no guarantee a black would get one job without federal oversite. He wont get my vote.

        • Thats ok Suicide Negro! My son will be eligible to vote this year, he will replace you with a vote for Obama.

        • Give me a break – now blacks want to be employed even if they dont meet the qualifications – because pres obama is black? Give me a break – black folks are so confused and I’m black. The EEOC it’s not Pres. Obamas’. They have federal rules and regulations that hae been in place for years. Have black folks gotten so used to everybody fighting their battles that it’s gotten to the point that they cant even manage their own lifes. OMG!

    • Valerie Jarad’s father was Dr. James Bowman and her mother is Barbara Bowman. The massive, now demolished, housing project, The Robert Taylor Homes, was named for either or grandfather or great grandfather. Her mother describes herself as one quarter black.

  7. Vernon Jarrett was her father in law. She was married to his son.

  8. Larry Prince! AWESOME Statement.

  9. I relunctantly agree with much of what Boyce has to say. I’m distracted by his obvious friendship and support of Cornel West and his well documented disdain for Barack Obama. He has consistently worked both agendas, encouraging us to love ” I can’t speak at your Black event for less than $25,000″ Cornel (who “loves” us unconditionally, sort of), and no love for Barack – who is George Bush in Blackface, according to Boyce. These extreme depictions of both men call into question Boyce’s objectivity and motives.
    That said, I cannot argue with the facts. The issues plaguing Black America have gone largely ignored by this President, which, personally, offends me. He MUST do better by us and we MUST insist on it as a condition of our support. However, Dr. Boyce, you are being totally irresponsible when you suggest that we abstain from voting, AND abstain from voting for Obama. The problem with your analogy about the woman choosing between the lesser of two evils in her choice of men is that she can walk away from both of them. In this election, we don’t have that option, we have to take one of the men home with us. And, in my view, the one who at least promises to change his behavior is a better choice than the one who promises to double down and beat you daily rather than weekly. We can at least hope for better days under an Obama second term. With Romney, the writing is clearly on the wall and if we sit out the election as Boyce is recklessly suggesting, its the same as casting a ballot for Romney. Its a terrible dilemma, but the common sense choice is obvious and any suggestion to the contrary is completely irresponsible. Boyce should be suggesting ways in which our collective voices can be heard by Obama before and after the election to make sure our issues are addressed in exchange for our vote and support. Otherwise, he’s asking us to take sides in the ego tripping among the academic and political Black elite, neither of whom truly have our interests at heart. So let’s not be pimped by anyone regardless of the sheep’s clothing they wear.

  10. Resa! I agree with you. But our first step is to learn how to have such self-esteem for one another and come together like any other ehtnic group. All this Black on Black crime each and every day just has to stop. Whites love for us to kill one another so they don’t have to. Everywhere area I know in my area Blacks killing another Black at least 3 times a week when I pick up the paper. These folks should go out and find themselves a better lifestyle instead of hanging out on street corners preying upon someone’s valuables. I see and hear about this everyday. Folks like us observe these things whereas if we were to tell some folks out there this kind of stuff, we just might get hurt.

    • Charles, this is how they are separting us. Making us think that whites hate blacks and vice versa. Whites do not love blacks killing each other. It is your politicians white and black who have created this black on black crime. They give your children no chance of succeeding. They are in a neighborhood of drug sellers, poor and without hope. They don’t school them properly. But lets don’t forget that there are plenty of poor whites who are treated the same. Our schools now are more interested in indoctrinating children than teaching them.
      A few yrs ago I saw a video of mostly black people, hoping that their child’s name would be pulled in a lottery to attend a good school. I cried when I thought of the pain these people went thru because their child’s name wasn’t called. There is something desperately wrong with this system. To have to be called in a lottery to get your child in a good school. Why don’t we find out why the other schools are bad? Why don’t we change that.
      And I cry when you say that white people like seeing blacks killing blacks. I am a 72 yr old white woman who has had black friends all her life. And I hurt for your children as much as I hurt for white children.

    • Where do black fatherless children learn to be killers?




  11. Mr. Watkins, I wish I could express my opinion about this matter as well as you did. I appreciate you for putting the fact in front of us.We as black people feel that we must keep family matters under the rug. To that I say h**l NO. If we keep it under the rug, it will never be solved. Obama, should not need an adviser to tell him about black suffrage, he is from that suffrage/struggle himself. Maybe because he is half white he had some preveledge, but I am sure he has been called the N-word in his life, h**l he is the president and they still refer to him as such.
    I hear what Mr. West and Tavis Smiley, are saying, I hear what Maxine Waters said. Silence means content, and since I am in disagreement with a lot of President Obama, policies, especially in foreign affairs,I have to say something. I said a year ago Hillary Clinton, bragging about the death of Momar Khadaffi,of Lybia, would come back to bite us, and President Obama, would get the blame for it. Well the chicken is coming home to roost. I dont see Hillary Clinton laughing over the death of the US ambassador,to Lybia, and three other Americans last week?.She is a disaster on the world schene, She look like a bad lady, LOL.
    Let me get back to Valarie Jarrett, I did not vote for her to be president, and as far as I am concerned. Everybody in position of power have their house n****r, well she is Mr. Obama, house n****r as Ms. Candelizza Rice, and Colin Powell, were to George Bush, and the NEOCONS. As I said Mr. Obama, do not an adviser to tell him about black problems black oppression, but as we were condition on the Jewish book the bible, we must pray over everything, instead of speaking about them.I did lock out that part of the conditioning, and indoctrination process, because to me it’s bull sh-t. You tell me when and where you are going to find a Jewish dying for anybody, that whole story is nothing but HOG WASH.What I always asked who killed Jesus, the same people who package him and sell him like a loaf of bread, to the fools who will buy it. And no body buy the tribal nonsense like black people. Believe what you want that is fine with me just dont sell it to me.You see black people have their heads burried so deep into the bible, they never think of asking why this book was the only book we (BLACK SLAVES) were condition on during SLAVERY, While we were denied education on everything else?.If we begin to read other books we could understand why we are where we are in the world. For example, the conference of Berlin 1884-85. When Africa was devided up amongs the Europeans, and Americans, into colonization, without even one African at the table. Knowing your history is better than reading the bible. If you know history you will know where you came from, then you can plan where you where, you are going. Knowledge is power, and power come from reading. Read so you can get some idea where to go, and who to avoid.Being obcessed with the bible, which is the history of the Jews, is something to hope for, but knowing from whence one came is a building block for the future of your people. We follow other people history, instead of making our own, while they are feasting off the wealth. The African people. I do not care where we find ourselves, we are African if your skin is black.President Obama, and Valarie Jarrett, and Al Sharpton,and many others have removed themselves from the black race. So let them be, one day they will want to come HOME, when whittie kicked them to the CURVE.

    • Outstanding. Thanks Dog.

    • Edward if you so african, what’s stopping you from returning back there? There are about a million africans lined up to take your place in america. They’d rather deal with white rascism than african dictators any day.

      Black Americans are a new tribe. A new people who have our own distinct culture that has nothing to do with african culture. Thank God we were saved from that barbarism.

      • Dolores, b***h you need to read, you are such an ignorant jackass, you would be one of the slaves who would sell your mother and father to the whit slave master. African are leaving because they cannot enjoy the resources that belong to them. The white man have set up a system that take their wealth from the none of those dictators that you call them have control over the resources. I tod you dumb a*s where to read the information, but your stupid a*s choose not to read but to telling where to go. b***h I do not have to go any where, I can stay right here and listen to jackass like you (b***h) defend racism.

      • Not all of Africa is ran by dictators. If we had not been so mis-educated we properly would recognize that African is the richest continent on earth with natural resources. If white manufacturers had not gone to get the material needed for that very computer you are using, you would not be using it today. Whites recognize the important of Africa’s resources. As we have been taught we see no value in Africa.
        Black American are a new tribe alright born and bred in the U.S. and as Malcolm X said, ” they left their minds in Africa.”

        Don’t tell me to go to Africa. I already have a home in Ghana. And, oh yes several in the U.S. And yes, born and reared in the good old U.S. of America, just re-educated myself into an Afrocentric world view.

  12. In this economy, the only people who are really doing better are the 2%. The social war today is not about black and white but about have’s and have not’s, who is on the inside and who is on the outside, the rich and the not rich and who feels ‘entitled’. So, let’s not be fooled by the same old arguments that have always been made about who is doing well and who is not.

    When we fall prey to this type of criticism of the President, we are helping the Republican agenda. As long as they can keep us fighting each other and pointing fingers at each other we will not see how the entitled and privileged few are robbing EVERYBODY.

    Remember that the President is the President for all Americans. When we do what is right and fair for all Americans, we do what is right for black people, orange people, purple and pink polka-dot people.

    If you look at what this level-headed, deliberate, steady President has done is that he has laid the foundation for equity in education and heath care (the two main areas of disparity in our society) and he is trying to do the same thing with taxes but the republicans are protecting their rich friends and themselves. They are not allowing him to ease taxes on the average person and eliminate the tax breaks for the rich.

    Be thinkers. Be wise. Back the President.

    • You d**n wrong Katie. Doing for all Americans might or more than likely, MIGHT NOT AFFECT THE LIVES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS.

      As long as we’re the last hired, and first fired, we have SPECIAL NEEDS that this negro president is not willing to address. We cant even live where we want to live. Housing is more segregated now than in the 1950′s.

      Trayvon Martin is dead because of housing discrimination. He wasn’t supposed to be in their neighborhood without permission. Govt agencies that should prosecute housing discrimination locally do nothing, because the federal govt allows them to get away with running black families out of their homes, and homeowners associations to pick and choose who can live on the block. Obama will never get my d**n vote again. HE HAS DONE NOTHING.

      In a fair world, I would have been a millionaire I DID ALL THE RIGHT THINGS AS FAR AS EDUCATION AND WORK ETHICS, AND BEING MORALLY CORRECT, but the rascism/discrimination denied me jobs, got me fired, denied me promotions, and in real estate, everytime I exercised my right to purchase I came up against extreme rascism, and the govt agencies paid to protect my rights, UNDER OBAMA THEY DID NOT A d**n THING.

      • James, please understand life is not fair. I have experienced bigotry and racism in my work and personal life as well, but I was determined not to let these obstacles prevent me from success. I decided to become an real estate , stock and mutual fund investor instead of a consumer and as a result I have built seven-figure net worth at the age of fifty-three. Obama has done something may believed was not possible, and by winning the presidency he has demonstrated to black folks that in this country anything is possible.

        Rather than looking for justice from a government agency and focusing on your negative experiences, regroup, let go of the resentment, develop a stategy to achieve your goals, and WIN! You can do it.

        • So you were lucky your investments paid off. Congrats! I went to college to work in my field, to do a job I enjoyed. Money is NOT always the priority for people. Why in the h**l should I be denied my right to work in my chosen field and be happy about a govt who allows my civil rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be taken away? I say h**l no to that. I say I deserve better.

          As far as obama being president, dont you know that white rascist have been using negroes to control the black masses since slavery. He is nothing but a d**n p**n being used, and he is willing to be used. In slavery the black men often held the whip that lashed the victim black to an inch of his life. that was done to keep inner group hatred going.

          True success comes with doing something that is for the GREATER GOOD of all people, not just one negro.

          One girl said on here last night, that obama chicago house is surrounded by guards. Who would want to live in a world where u have to ride around in bullet proof cars, with guards, because you were selfish and allowed the masses to deteriorate into lives of crime. That is not success.

          • totally on point!

          • Real Talk James. I have a hunch, regardless of majority numbers of Obama apologists and assailants of dissenting voices on this blog, that black turnout is gonna be low.

            The younger generation, first-time black voters have Obama figured out, so the young turnout is going to be much lower than 2008. The church folk too. The fallout from the gay marriage support declaration by Obama will be bigger than he calculated.

            Not to mention that he is not the transformer that he promised so eloquently in ’08 to bring tears of joy and optimism of the coming hope and to this grown man’s eyes a couple of times. Meet the new boos, same as the old boss is how I call it today..

            He really underestimated us. Somebody shoulda told him that Detroit Blacks subscribe to this creed; “Screw me once, shame on you. Ain’t ‘goin be no second Dog.

          • Right on James. Right on. I know that young people are not going to be fooled twice. Poor things with degrees are having them wasted being barbers and beauticians, IF they’re lucky. A huge per-cent have no job at all, and nothing but huge amounts of school debt, and living at home.

      • You just showed how stupid some black folks can be. If that was the case – his father would of never been able to live in that community. So now Pres. Obama is suppose to screen every homeowner association in America rules and regulation. So you deserve everything because your are black and Pres. Obama is black. No matter that the rules have been established for decades? How do you sound – ignorant. Institutional racism has been around for over 100 years. If you want them to change than take action – sue if you have to. But to believe that laws and rules were going to mysteriously change says alot about you. The rights you talk didnt appear mysteriously – it took alot of people doing alot of fighting – for today to make such stupid statement. That’s why most black folks are in the state they are in.

        • And I agree totally with you Carii and Jacques! Their attitudes and their thinking are warped. How could you live in America and get to be a black adult and not know that racism is institutionalized, practiced overtly and covertly. President Obama would have to be a God to fix all those things that ails the black community.

          He is doing the best he can with all good intentions. Shame on black people for not having his back, stewing in their self-hatred which is projected to all black people. They act as if they didn’t want him to succeed because he is black like THEM!

    • My problem Katie, is that his policies cater to the 2%.
      His cabinet is filled with the same people from wall street and other moneychangers and warmongers. He has bombed 6 different countries, including 3 on the continent of Africa, in 3 1/2 years.
      The few others in his circle that are not from the 2% do not have a dissenting whimper as instructed.
      He extended the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy after calling them immoral while running for president. (And we got a few crumbs too! Yea!)
      Change we can believe in?

      • Now he’s stealing romney’s plan to come down hard on China for unfair trade. LOL LOL He has no pride, and is such a joke. Does he have an original thought in his head?

        • James – if you would keep informed and up to date you would know that the Pres. Obama has been coming down on China for over a year. He put a new tax on china tire and part import a year and a half ago. He also put a crack down on inferior sheet rock from China -but I gues you dont read so you dont know better. Like I believe the GOP likes to keep their voters stupid, ignorant, and uneducated. How stupid do you want to be? or are you the ideal GOP voter?…….

    • Thank you Katie Gailes. Double stars for you!

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  14. Pointing the finger is a major problem in the African-American community. President Obama is America’s President, not President of black folks. Why are we as people of color asking him to do more than we have asked any other president to do…..simply because he is black. Let’s hold parents of these kids that are killing other kids responsible. I work in public education and often times, I can see the exact moment where parents are failing their kids. Try and tell these parents that and see what happens. My concern is that we need to start within our own homes and not expe t the government to fix what we should fixing.

    • Ms Howard! That’s is one of the main issues we Black have. The parents should have taught them better. Raise a child the he or she should go, not the way you want them to go.

    • Teachers are mandated to report a child in danger. Why didn’t you report the parents? That’s what we have a child welfare system and social workers for.

    • Thank you, Ms. Howard. It is the parents fault. Men gone, women dressing like hoes, coming to schools jumping all over the principals and teachers about their unteachable and disrespectful children. You said it much nicer than I ever could. Thank you!

  15. I agree with all of you at some point. As ome commentator mentioned;READ. That is the most inportant factor in todays knowledge.
    If you do not know anything about the government, it’s best that you start now because a lot of Black American do not or want to know anything about the Government. Just because we have our first Black President does not mean that he’s not for us. It is most the white politicians who are the majority of the House of Representatives as well. Knowing and learning what the House of Representatives do and the Senate are major points as to why President Obama cannot get any thing done, especially on the jobs bill;the Republican House Majority and Senate Minority leaders. If you watch some true liberal news sometime you will learn the truth about some issues. I never say something that I can’t backup. Some of us Black folk think that only because we have our first Black President that he should only deal with the Black community, and he should.Black, White, Hispanics alike.

    • Congress didn’t tell your negro president to get on national TV and tell the lie that blacks dont have jobs because they need education. We have millions of college educated people unemployed. That negro president of your’s sounds like the KKK.

  16. Dear Good Critical Intelligent Thinking (Blacks/African American people especially):

    Valerie Jarrett is a sellout and so is Pimp Rev. Sharpton. He or she dones not represent me or our community. Sharpton sell out just to get a phone call from the president and loves to get his approval. I hear him on the radio all the time and he is b**t-licking boot-licking follower of Obama no matter what Obama does or says. THEY DO NOT GIVE A d**n ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, AND THE PROOF IS LOOK AT THEIR ACTIONS! THEY COW-TOW TO RASIST WHITE LEBERAL INTEREST AND NOTHING MORE. BLACK PEOPLE IN THEIR EYES ARE INFERIOR AND THEY HAVE PROVEN IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN. HISTORY WILL REMEMBER THEM FOR THIS LONG AFTER OBAMA LEAVES THE WHITE HOUSE. Cornel is right on a lot of the issues. I just wish he would stop using that phony ‘I love the brother but I will critic him also.’ He should also stop the brothering and sistering speaking that he does to the shrill and angst of others. He sound utterly ridiculous! He(Cornell) also sound ridiculous talking about be a Jesus lover as if he needs someone else’s approval, and he trys hard to not sound too militant and not offend others especially whites. HE SHOULD STOP THIS VERBAL NONSENSE ONCE AND FOR ALL, HE SOUNDS, ONCE AGAIN UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! This is why our community is in the state it is in, look at the so-called leadership!

    Best to all,

    And loves yourselves above all.


    • Exactly Tony! One thing we should learn from obammy’s election is that we cant afford to vote for someone just cause they black like me. We must look at the facts, and the causes they support that help or hurt our community.

      • Please understand that whites infiltrate these sites to stir up black people. Or, they just want to say something bad about black people. They do it on all of these so- called black sites.

    • Peace Tony.

  17. I don’t know, but I do know that we need to get some 18 year old registered. Help some elderly get the necessary documents to get ID and then get them to the polls. Get our needed goals in order and stop fussing.

    • So your dumb azz wants to help give obama a job, but he’s not willing to say that you black americans need a job? LOL Either u stupid or crazy or lazy.

      • He is giving us a job and a few directives too Joyce,
        Quit whining. Quit Complaining. take off your slippers. Go vote for him. Cheer and celebrate, throw your wigs and weaves in the air if he wins.

        Then go sit your black a*s down and shut up.

      • And you are white! Says enough doesn’t it? You could not possibly be black and hate yourself as much as you have shown in your posts.

    • Ase’ (translation; and so it is) (Pronounced Ah-shay)

  18. To many African-Americans are lazy, they give up to easily. I say again and I have posted this before, where are the fathers in the home, why are our boys falling in love with jail and why do our girls want to get pregnant? Just watching MSNBC and saw a story on a pastor passing out condoms in his church neighborhood because so many African-American mn and women have HIV/AIDS. This is a disgrace! The government can’t tell us how to live, but somebody better because the African-American race is slowly sinking and it is because of our own bad decisions.

    Stop making excuses and care about yourselves. We are known as the most diseased people in America…embarassng!

    • Bish elizabeth if you are blk ask your grandma why she was married 50 years and all her daughters are single, and she’ll tell your dumb azz that the GOVT took blacks off their successful farm businesses, with promises of jobs, lured them to the cities, and laid them off FIRST, and then put the mother and children on welfare, and WELFARE SAID,


      Any more questions A-hole??? Would you choose food for you and your children, or your man??? Not an easy choice bish. Sick of people acting like they dont know sh8t.

    • The truth is that Black American women had the lowest rates of HIV in the world until the GOVT did the below.

      In the United States, new AIDS patients are relatively more likely to be men who have s*x with men (MSM); in Florida, they are relatively more likely to be female, heterosexual and black — ESPECIALLY AMONG IMMIGRANTS FROM HAITI, AND ELSEWHERE IN THE CARIBBEAN. In 2002, MSM comprised 46 percent of new US AIDS cases, but only 40 percent in Florida. New cases stemming from heterosexual s*x were 11 percent in the United States for 2002, but 20 percent in Florida.

      AIDS is now one of the leading causes of death in some of these countries, with Haiti being the worst affected. An estimated 16,000 lives are lost each year to AIDS in Haiti, and tens of thousands of children have been orphaned by the epidemic.

      In the past decade, Caribbean island nations, with a population of 35 million, have sent more than one million legal and illegal immigrants to the United States – one-sixth of the region’s population increase over the decade.
      I think people need to understand that there is a large group of Africans [living here] who are positive,” said Fick. The largest African group represented among her clients is Ethiopians. She also has Somalian and Sudanese clients, as well as small numbers of people from many other East and West African countries.

      Currently, Africa-born Africans are not separated from African Americans for AIDS case reporting in Washington State. Fick sees this as a barrier to reaching these communities. “I think it misses a whole separate population that needs a very specific approach. One that is culturally sensitive to the extreme diversity amongst the African groups. There are so many different cultures, religions, and languages.”

      “A lot of the people are not here on a legal basis. Often times, as part of their immigration process they find out they’re positive and they’re very scared. They don’t know what will happen to them. If they do get kicked out of the country now, they are really in big trouble, because they have HIV and they’ll die” [because treatment is not available in their home country

      According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are now close to one million African immigrants in the United States. The Census Bureau says more than 50 percent of them entered and settled in the country between 1990 and 2000.
      No one knows exactly how many immigrants in metro Boston hail from sub-Saharan Africa. Serwanga estimates as many as 100,000 Africans in Mass., with the largest populations from Cape Verde, Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. The prevalence rate for AIDS within this population is unknown, but MAC believes it overshadows the Commonwealth’s overall infection rate for blacks (1.2 percent). Sub-Saharan Africans now account for 3 percent of Massachusetts’ AIDS cases among immigrant groups. “People are very reluctant to get tested and come into care,” said Jean McGuire, director of the HIV-AIDS Bureau of the Mass. Department of Public Health. Many African immigrants worry that a positive HIV test would invite government retribution, including deportation.

  19. There you go again, Dr. Watkins, championing Dr. Cornel West, a fellow intellectual who is jealous of Barack Obama! I agree with Derrick and thank him for the article about the “Boule”. I ask, are you and Dr. West members of the Boule? I’d bet you are!! For some nefarious reason, you so-called “Black intellectuals” just can’t fanthom the fact that Obama is president RATHER than one of you!! Could it be that you are to narrow in your focus to understand that Obama is not just president of the Black community but the entire United States of America!!

    As far as Valerie Jarrett is concerned, just because she is a Black from the southside of Chicago doesn’t mean she has th act like the Black hoodlums and thugs who terrorize the southside. Maybe you and West need to be cOUNSELING them rather than taking pot shots at Jarrett and Obama!!


  20. Wait a minute – Where did you get the sense that President is kept away from Blacks’ issues? Of course President Obama is concerned about not only Blacks but people of all races. He cannot be President of Blacks only. He is President of people of all races and creed. If you did not know President Obama’s accomplishments here they are: President Obama gave low and middle income tax cuts. Look at your payroll check it’s bigger than when Bush was president. Is GOP going to repeal Obama tax breaks for low and middle income? No. I hope GOP will not increase taxes-or GOP and TEA Party will have a fight. TEA Party expects GOP to create jobs without adding to the deficit. Now where will GOP get money? They will have to beg President Obama for money to lend to small businesses. Obama made it easier for small business to borrow money. Third, GOP has trapped itself with Obamacare. Well-John Boehner and his friends tried to amend or repeal Obamacare. They failed. How could they repeal provisions such as: insurance companies cannot deny covering pre-existing conditions-Sarah Palin daughter had unacceptable pre-existing conditions – That will be rough for Sarah; insurance cannot deny paying for prolonged stays in hospitals, covering kids in college; if you lose your job and you can keep your doctor and insurance-Tell me where they could repeal; Obama restructured Wall Street. No more cheaters and corruption there-How can GOP explain they want to restore corruption at Wall Street? Obama reformed the banking system. Banks cannot take advantage by hitting you with fees you do not authorize. Will GOP allow banks to cheat their customers? I am now told some TEA Party officials want jobs in GOP elected officials offices. How will John Boehner and his friend find TEA Party officials government jobs without adding to the deficit? President Obama instructed SEALs to take on Bin Laden. Obama succeeded get rid of this monster and his followers. The world stopped warring about Bin Laden as threat. He is gone. President Obama made it easier for students to get loans for college education. Now poor smart kids can easily get college education and pay loans slowly. Unemployment has gone done to 8.1%. As a whole GOP and TEA Party are now dead. Their candidate – Mitt Romney is a tax-cheater, shipped jobs to China leaving his employees on welfare and then laughed at them as EBT free loaders. Paul Ryan has been labeled as pathological liar. I am asking all Blacks and people of all races and creed – Please join me to vote for President Obama on November 6.

    • Pastori Balele, Thank you for citing some of the facts about President Obama accomplishments. It appears that blacks as well as whites have just ignored what the President has done since he’s been in office.

      Whites have a invested interest in hating the President. The only thing I can come up with for blacks reasoning is that their self hatred is keeping them from respecting what the President has done for us and America by being the President of America. And I personally know some blacks that hated him before he was worn in as President. Now, would some posters explain that to me if it is not self-hatred. It could not be because he has done nothing for us.

  21. There are two things I’m sick of. One is the endless articles from Boyce about what Obama hasn’t done, isn’t doing, and probably won’t do for us. I appreciated them at first but when I began to notice that for him everything is about the president and not the guy he’s running against…well it makes me question the motivation. How about some balance at election time? Whatever Obama hasn’t done, isn’t doing and probably won’t do for us you can bet your b**t that Romney won’t do either. That point has to be stated over and over again too. But the entire subject is beaten to death. Boyce keeps saying the same thing over and over again with a different article title. It has gotten to the point where I typically skip anything Boyce writes about in regards to the president. Sing me another song.

    • Just maybe Dr. Boyce will change his tune when blacks are working, when black streets are safe, and when our children stop being murdered and given drugs/guns to destroy their lives. Ever think about that fool?

      • Did you really just call me a fool? LOL That would be ya mama and daddy, since you’re obviously alive and well, not me. Moving away from that…

        I’m not in anyway telling Boyce not speak on any of those things ailing our community, but Obama’s lack of action or even attention to it is obvious and overstated considering that he is only one of many politicians Black people have voted in who are standing by while some communities are reporting war like casualties. Romney is also a politician who is doing nothing and won’t do anything about the situation either. How about a few articles about that fact to remind people that while Obama isn’t perfect, he’s the lesser of those two evils.

        • You lie. Romeny is not the lesser of 2 evils. Romney’s record shows he is a man of extreme character. Had a Bishop title in his Christian church. Was a model husband and father. Is a self made millionaire who knows how to create jobs and hold on to wealth. And the best thing I like about him is these 2 things:

          When he was governor and asked to sign off on a bill allowing all abortions, he was too good a man to do it. He stood up for the unborn. He chose life for them. Embryos dont vote. Many people might not vote for him because they foolishly think they want the evils of abortion. He is a hero. And then he said at the NAACP conventiion, which he didn’t have to go to.

          “I can assure you that black community life will improve under my presidency.”

          And all your black obama can say is

          “I’m not the president of black america”. You’d have to be on crack or extremely stupid to vote for that.

          • “I can assure you that black community life will improve under my presidency.”

            He’s a liar and you know it. It’s just like back in the day when white folks would swear that life was so good for us under their rules and regulations, that we wouldn’t be happy first with freedom from enslavement, and then we wouldn’t be happy with freedom from Jim Crow. Romney, like many of his cronies, are cut from that type of mentality cloth. Yes, he believes we will be better off because in his mind if we were wiped off the face of the earth we’d be better off. That man doesn’t give a d**n about Black people.

          • You must be extremely genevieve, if you think we don’t know that you are white. Why, you even use the Republican lies. If you are black. Rest, you are as white as they are.

      • @Genevieve

        You Say: Just maybe Dr. Boyce will change his tune when blacks are working, when black streets are safe, and when our children stop being murdered and given drugs/guns to destroy their lives.

        Wake up fool, Black sufferring is this INTERNET PIMP bread and butter. Without crisis in the Black community, Boyce has nothing to talk about, therefore this INTERNET PIMP cannot get paid! A pimp is a pimp…just saying.

        • raheem you are sad and a poor judge of character. I have been watching boyce for years. he is a champion of the people and a hero. fighting today requires funds to travel to speaking engagements etc. why would you begrudge him a few internet dollars. boyce has never asked u for one cent. i dont even see much advertising on here.

          • I would rather be a poor judge of character than like you, “blind and ignorant” to someone’s character!

            Boyce has 4 sites, obviously you’re in the bed with Boyce. Maybe you should educate yourself on how much money he is making from advertisement before you take off your clothes and discover he isn’t what you thought. lol

          • So raheem black people shouldn’t make money off of the internet?

          • @Raheem:
            Ur beloved blk prez aint what u think he is either! The fact is not either one of these fools (Romney or Obama)who r both bought & paid for gonna do nothin for avg ppl. They r both pawns of the power elite & could care less bout those who arent of the wealthy elitist class. And as far as this voting for the lesser of two evils c**p, evil is jes evil n my book, period!

        • Ha! Ha!

    • Shut your white mouth up, genevieve!

  22. @Pastori Balele, thank you for your objectivity. Every other blogger here feels The POTUS has to do for AA’s. Well attempt to get him another term in Office first, instead of complaining. Let’s not forget this man is catching heat like no other President before him. Racist folks demanding for his Birth certificate, making claims he is not an American, being called a liar during The State Of The Union Address, and so on. So put it on pause, and show the World You Support This President come November, or there will be No One In The Oval Office that will give a good g*****n about any of Us.

    • HOUSTON — Although President Obama swept into the White House with the overwhelming support of black voters, Mitt Romney appeared before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Wednesday with a bold claim:

      “If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.”


  23. The second thing I’m sick of is the rediculous constant reiterations from many of you echoing the president’s words about him not being the president of Black America but of all America. Where was a twist on that “fact” when the gays and the Latinos were making demands of him? How many of you said “HEY! HE’S THE PRESIDENT OF ALL OF AMERICA, NOT JUST GAY AMERICA OR LATINO AMERICA!” Probably none of you because for some it’s always easier to chastise your own people than to say something to someone else. Like a bunch of p*s*ys. Please stop repeating that nonsense. Everybody knows he’s the President of the United States and not the President of Only the Black Part of the United States. He never would’ve been elected if that were the case.

    • Ran.. Romney has 0% of black support so it stands to reason that we Dnt expect much from him. What does 90% plus get u? That’s all Boyce is saying. Nothing also eh. So why we voting? Nothing from nuthin leaves nuthin right. But it feels good anyway eh?

      • HOUSTON — Although President Obama swept into the White House with the overwhelming support of black voters, Mitt Romney appeared before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Wednesday with a bold claim: “If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.”

      • Got to vote Imhotep. If we’re going to get ANY attention it’ll be under Obama. Romney may have spoke before the NAACP but you can bet the farm if he gets in that’ll be the last Black faced crowd he stands before or even views in his mind…except those in shackles and prisons.

      • Imhotep,

        Can you really say with certitude that Romney has no black support? I don’t think that you or any pollster can say that because it is impossible to discern this fact since polls only capture a snapshot at a particular time and extrapolate those numbers.

        It may surprise you but some blacks are registered Republicans, Independents or Moderate Democrats and do not subscribe to the liberal ideology of Obama and the Democrats. Some are fiscally and [MANY] are socially conservative and do not believe in abortion, same-s*x marriage, illegal immigration and the anti-religious bigotry that has emerged in this country, especially towards Christians.

        Blacks are not monolithic. We have individual interests and needs and the Democratic party may not fit the bill for all of us. I think that it is not healthy for the black community to be so aligned with one party. We should have tangible representation and support from both parties.

        And, why don’t you expect much from Romney? Is it because he is a Republican and you automatically dismiss him without taking the time to learn about what he plans to do if he were elected? Well, do you have a clearer idea of what Obama will do when he has had almost four years and almost every economic indicator has deflated or decimated and blacks are worse off than they were before he was elected with almost over 95% black support?

        So, it seems to me, Romney could be no worse and he might surprise you and turn this economy around and be the quintessential president for all Americams and that includes BLACK AMERICANS!!!!

        • Oh, please! Jalen, Romney should not even have white support. How are you going to vote for Romney, when you know that he only want power and he puts his money over seas so that he won’t have to pay taxes and a host of other things.
          Yes, he does have a small amount of black support, some want to be white more than white people.

          Seriously, black go much farther in the Republican Party because Republicans can put a black face out there. Every black I know who joined the Republican Party was asked to run for something. Not qualified I might add and they didn’t win in Mississippi.

    • According to the CBO, gays have about 1 trillion in desposable income. That’s a lot of campaign contributions isn’t it? Maybe we just Dnt buy our politicians like everyone else does eh?

      • They’re a powerful group, along with the Latinos. Whether money has anything to do with it, one thing is for certain, those two groups DEMAND action and threaten to take away support if they don’t get it. We never have and never will do that so can we really expect the same attention? No, we can’t. Whatever attention we get from the president will have everything to do with him having a Black moment of solidarity versus appeasement for votes. He has us…he has me. The thought of Romney in the white house is a scary thing. Obama giving us attention or not, I’d rather he be there. But then again when I voted for him in 2008 I didn’t do so believing he was going to pay much attention to us anyway. He is after all a POLITICIAN and the very nature of that game is disgusting, no matter what color the politician is. It’s always the lesser of two evils for me.

    • Bam! Enuf said!

  24. Derrick u r completely correct!! I have been with both Steve comely( who is from Chicago) and Bobby Hemmit and they have traveled the country abroad to share this esoteric knowledge. The Boule and local chapters of The 100 Black Men laugh at blacks while they worry about govt contracts and fake parties. I have been to a few of their parties and its a fake parade. Carter, Nixon and Clinton and LBJ a least did pass some legislation to help. Obama had unified govt his first two years and did not push a more aggressive agenda. No its gridlock. Obama has no vetos or pardons to date. Clinton had 40 vetoes and pardoned 100 plus black prisoners. h**l Haley Barbour in Miss let a bunch of brothas and sistas out and p****d off the states attorney. Go figure.Ptah Ra…!!

  25. Correction. Cokely

  26. They want the president to address black issues. What are black issues. Are black issues any different from white issues. The issues that are keeping back black folk are, 1.) The break down of the family and 2.) The ills that result from the break down of the family.

    No amount of hand outs and programs can fix the break down of the family that we see out there. It is now ok to have unprotected s*x get pregnant have a baby with no real input from the father of the child. A people that has babies at an early age will be a poor people.

    Cornell West needs to talk about thie issue.

    The social ills that are palying themselves out in the streets of the inner city to the lack of a strong family structure.

    Fatherless young men are at a greater risk of:

    1.) Incarceration
    2.) Dropping out of school
    3.) Fathering children out of wel lock himself
    4.) If emloyed stuck in low paying jobs

    This is an important election. We need to focus on the big picture. I do not see Romney being interested in me or my family.

    Get registered secure a valid form of ID and vote.

    • HOUSTON — Although President Obama swept into the White House with the overwhelming support of black voters, Mitt Romney appeared before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Wednesday with a bold claim: “If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.”


  27. Regardless to whomever is advising President Obama concerning issues affecting the Black community, the decision still lies with him. In particular, our government’s failure to address the violence in Chicago, Detroit and other cities across the U.S. is contradictive, particularly, when it concerned itself with domestic issues in Libya last year. How can we justify that when we fail to address the existing violence domestically? President Obama stated he intervened to take a proactive stand rather than a reactive one. Shouldn’t that be applicable domestically? A proactive stand at home would examine the root of the problem and determine corrective measures, rather than ignoring them and allowing them to fester.

    In addition, I recall during a Labor conference call, Dr. Julianne Malveaux posed the question to President Obama, “what have you done for me lately?” In response, during the DNC, President Obama commented that we [in general tense] should not expect anything in return, but rather to look at the big picture (whatever that is). The truth of the matter is that our government has failed to live up to its Constitutional principles, “for the people and by the people.” Instead, our government operates, for the government and by the government, and the h**l with those who are unable to fend for themselves, especially, Black folks. Our government’s inaction is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution as well as the oaths they swore to.

    • Good comment s’ann

    • Outstanding Comment.


      HOUSTON — Although President Obama swept into the White House with the overwhelming support of black voters, Mitt Romney appeared before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Wednesday with a bold claim: “If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.”

  28. Dr.Boyce what a dumb question!!! why don’t you write articles that can be positive and upbuiliding to black people with people like you,Cornel West, and Tavis Smiley you do nothing except ridicule the President what do want him too do get a Job for everyone who is out of work may I remind you while it is nothing wrong with receiving Goverment assistance there are those who perfer to receive welfare checks and food stamps as opposed to workingeven if it is at minium wage it’s better than nothing it seems to be a generational thing with some.Why on earth would Ms.Jarrett have anything to do with black people not working or better yet some how talk the President in to doing nothing too help blacks he wrote the Job bill act which is still sitting in Congress had Congress pass the bill it might would have help many not just blacks to find work and in case you hadn’t realize he is the President of the United States of America not the President of Black people although blacks and Hispanics have the highest rate among unemployed people some do realize that we are not the only ones out of work.As far as the Gang violence in Chicago it is everywhere not just there it is up too each city not the president to use their resources too curb violence.

    • Womp, womp. That record has played and played.

    • Why dont you learn about your black attorney general, eric holder, Fast & Furious program that gave machine guns to drug cartels, who in turn gave them to black children in the inner city and ordered them to shoot up only their own black commnity before you take up for your black elected officials who dont give a d**n about you..

  29. Don’t blame Valerie for Obama’s negligence. That apppears to make Mrs. Obama’s voice unimportant. I hate when all of these “we need to stick together negros” chime in. The fact is we are not sticking together when we can’t agree to disagree. Many of us live near the Obamas and Chicago is a cesspool in this community. The President’s home is around the clock protected although he’s not home however, we aren’t even safe from stray bullets while sitting in our living room watching television. The biggest error on Black people is that they don’t want Obama criticized by any means. WRONG-he has to be grounded just like everyone else! George Bush by far was the most unprepared and even stupid President of the U.S. ever but when he said no gays married-they didn’t. You just knew where he was on certain issues and that was that. Obama strays far too much-That does not mean that we won’t vote for him but idiots don’t recognize scrutiny because they are too busy fighting his cause. He doesn’t care one way or the other-he’ll leave the White House the way he went in—- rich! Maybe he’ll hit the community this term, with a Jayz rap from his Ipod and calm the storm here like he always does. It appears that a songs is all many of us need to feel that he has Black folks’ back. Clinton gave you idiots a sax-great job people keep lowering the standards.

    • Mz I’m proud of you speaking of the suffering of your community. My heart bleeds for Chicago. However, when you talk about the suffering and then turn around and say, “that doesn’t mean we wont vote for 4 more years of unemployment, murder of our babies, fear of going outside, etc.” it makes you look like you’re probably suffering from post traumatic stress. Please dont vote for someone who is likely to continue your misery. There is a good chance you might not make it through the next 4 years. Dont vote for your own demise please. And dont let his henchman make you feel guilty for not voting for him.

  30. As Bill Cosby said, “Come on, people.” We must stop this whining and musing about whites being better off than blacks under Obama. It only takes a high school education to figure out that the large middle class is whites, browns and blacks. Biden was absolutely right in alluding to us being in shackles. Only this time it will not be only blacks. Those whites (and fewer blacks) who are better off are those in a tax bracket far above the middle class. Can anyone REALLY believe we – African Americans – would have been better off or will be better off with Republicans when, by admission and actions, their self-appointed goal has been to get our President out of office after his first term.And if they could find something to impeach him on, that would have happened in a flash. The Repugs have done nothing for blacks or whites in that major hump of the the bell-shaped curve- the middle class. We are looking at our enemy and it is us. Come on people, wake up. As for Valerie Jarrett, perhpas there is some wisdom in her advice IF indeed she has been cautious as to the “landmines” upon which the President steps.

    • Obama continued Bush’s tax breaks for the rich. I guess everyone knows that but you. Everyone also knows that as soon as Bush got in office black professionals were ushered out of corporate america like it was a revolving door, and everyone knows that electing obama did nothing to right that wrong. The black community has loss a huge percent of wealth and obama has done nothing to restore us to our rightful positions in corporate america. NOTHING!

    • Thanks alma Sisco Smith, God, I’m grateful to read posts of people who can think.

  31. Rhetoric is rhetoric no matter where it comes from. We have to learn to put our money where our mouth is like the Jews do. The black Muslims in this country have the right idea as far as farms, stores and other businesses. We waste so much money buying stupid things we do not need and then go looking for the government to bail us out.

    • You buy stupid things. This black man spends his money the way he wants to. Every man has his toy. The white man has his expensive jet ski, snow mobile, boats that costs more than houses, expensive yearly vacation, and yet a dumb negro like you criticizes the black man for enjoys his tailored clothes, cadillac, and cognac. Negroes need and deserve pleasure just like the next man. YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR d**n SLAVE MENTALITY THAT SAYS ALL NEGROES SHOULD BE HAPPY WATCHING THE WHITE MAN HAVE FUN, AND ALL WE DESERVE IS HARD WORK.

  32. Watkins you,Cornell.and Tavis are all full of 369!

  33. I usually dont get too political, as its a waste of my time. Dr. Boyce is a good friend of mine and that wont change after this article. But what is interesting to me is the idea that the President HASNT dealt with “our” issues. I will digress for a second to anchor my thoughts beyond this article and into the discourse in general, about our Black President and our “Black issues” and our “Black people.” Plain and simply, Black people of all income brackets need to realize that the demise of the richness and greatness of our people and culture is not the government’s responsibility. I dont care if Pres. Obama blatantly s***s on us with a horrible policy or a lack of good policy, it cant be any worse than the local and state laws that continuously impact our people; no worse than past presidents who have s*****d on us; and ultimately and most importantly, no worse than how we s**t on each other as Black people. We cant even come together to fix our own problems, so why expect Pres. Obama (who just represents the governmental entity with certain “powers” to call the shots every now and again) to fix them or even address them? I like articles as this because they generate discussion. I dont care if folks agree with the article or not. I dont agree with it, but it generated a lively discussion, which I can appreciate as a 27 y/o college educated female. however, when will we move beyond talk? our world wont be fixed overnight. but it can be fixed one day at a time. jobs wont be restored overnight. but everyday, someone can be encouraged to take a free online course offered by stanford, berkeley or the like. with the resources at EVERYONE’S disposal to make themselves better, Black ppl arent an exception. We have to want to be better and ill tell you, from growing up in South Central LA to Princeton Univ. everybody dont want to be better. Some of us want to be just what we are. While others want it, but need help becoming better. Need a coach or mentor to stay on them. Need someone to confide in, cus ya’ll know we dont talk to nobody when we going thru stuff. Our minds need restoration. The government cant restore our minds. Our neighborhoods to be havens. The government cant do that. I read in books (and not the books from my K-12) that “back in the days” we gave each other jobs, we taught each other how to read, we sowed each other clothes, and cooked each other food, we opened our homes to those in need and we used the church as space to bring the community together. where has this gone? although i grew up in the hood, in my hood, folks still looked out for each other. its when our houses get too big and pristine to let folks in that we start to see such breakdowns. haves and have nots. pick whatever bones you like with this pres or the next, this recession is only a catalyst. trouble dont last always. we should use these “troubled times” to get better. get “resourced up.” encourage reading.encourage learning. encourage skill development. encourage entrepreneurship. encourage mentorship (starting with your own family first). encourage community gatherings on your block. encourage monetization of art. in 2008 we were all encouraged to vote, a great step in the right direction. now, lets encourage each other to want more for self. pres Obama could want for his people to get better, but what good is it if his ppl arent fighting nail and tooth for their own situations to get better. lets work on these young minds we are losing. the older folks have their own issues, too big and distant for me to comment about. but as a 27 y/o i focus my energies on the youth. those 6-21. they need the most guidance, the most encouragement. peace and love.

    • Domonique I’m surprised that Dr. Boyce would waste even an ounce of his energy associating with you after that dumb diatribe you wrote.

      Black people are not perfect people. I know you still buy into the massah’s promise of freedom IF all you negroes can just be perfect. He knew 100% of negroes would never be perfect. It was the carrot the massah dangled to get slaves to POLICE each other, and you in this modern world are still trying to police your black community, while the white, asian, hispanic, etc., communities know and understand that each group has a certain amount of less or more successful people. Stop policing. It is not your d**n job. Make sure you are doing right and not sh8tting on people. I’m not sh8tting on anyone.

      And as far as your d**n comments about black people being in complete control of their own destiny and the govt has no control, just:

      get married without a govt license
      drive a car without a govt license
      dont pay your property taxes and watch the govt take your house
      tell your boss not to take out social security and income tax and get carted off to jail like Wesley Snipes
      open a business without a govt license
      dont pass their govt inspections
      beat your kid or wife azz and watch the govt welfare office take them from you
      dont buy auto and home insurance and watch the govt stop u from driving and make u homeless

      need i say more fool??? the govt who has so much power to make or break us must be made accountable. i’m so d**n tired of telling seemingly intelligent people, what should be obvious. d**n! maybe u on that d**n crack

    • So very true Reese, I am your elder and most of this non- thinking Sh**t being said by posters are older than you and should be able to think more clearly than you. Thank you for your post. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  34. I agree with Dr. Boyce that WE (and I am a white 88 yr-old privileged white man) need to put pressure on the President and all our governments for more action on Black issues. But we also need more action on issues of equity and opportunity for white people and immigrants, etc. How do we apply that pressure. I will continue to donate money, register voters, and cast my votes mostly for Democrats because I think they are more likely to respond to our pressure. I would love to hear from Dr. Boyce (and Dr. West) how I can be more effective applying that pressure without getting a president and federal and state governments who care mostly about the top 1% – or at least those who think $200,000 is the bottom of the middle class. Tom

    • If you think the democrats so great. Why havent they done a d**n thing about jobs and took a stand against China and all the other rogue nations who take jobs from the U.S. and never give us any jobs back? They had 4 years. It is time to give someone else a chance.

      Romney is a moderate, and a moral man, who took a stand for fetuses, who can cast no vote. He is a saint and worthy of our trust.

      • Jay, now I believe you’re white and whites for the last four years have gone completely mad. You don’t really believe that any person or president cold fix what wrong with this country in 4 years do you? Really?

  35. You go, Dominique. We need more like you. All the flipping and flapping on this site avails nothing if all we do is p**s each other off.

  36. Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Cornel Watkins, will you all stop complaining about that President Obama is not doing anything for the Black community until you lay out your own case about what he could have, should have, and could do about the plight of Black poverty and unimployment? You are talking and acting like Republicans: complaining but offering no viable solutions!

    I don’t have to tell you that we do not live in a dictatorship. We live in a representative democracy. So, what have you and West done to get the folk whose interests you claim to champion to take action to improve their own lot? Are you guys lighting the torch for Black voter registration, Black affinity for higher education and for high-tech job training, traditional Black marriage and family values, and Black support of recycling Black dollars in our own businesses and community . . . like Whites and others do? Hey, we hear about your faith, but we do not see the fruits of your works!

    Barack Obama is the best thing in America for Black people, short of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. If we EVER had a role model, OBAMA is the one! If our Blacks did nothing but copycat Obama and Michelle, we’d be on the top rung of the ladder of the American economy and not perpetually on the bottom. Obama will not do more than we are willing to do for ourselves!

    The lessons that Black people need to learn about progress in an American economy is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION! Even the Proverbs teach us that education is imperative for success. So, why don’t you and Cornel West exhort Black folk to wear out the hinges on the doors of America’s schools and colleges. Then for them – as is the case for you and West – poverty and umemployment may no longer be the theme of the songs that Black folk hear and are trained to sing so much.

    And by the way, I am Black and a registered Republican who voted for and will vote again for Barack Obama. I was born dirt poor, but I “read and wrote my way out of poverty”. Not rich, but I gave and I give to OBAMA FOR AMERICA. I suggest that you and your readers do the same.

    • So J.D. you think that Dr. Boyce, Cornel etc., should do that lazy azz obama job for him now??? R U a d**n r****d? He gets paid a lot of money to come up with solutions. He knew what to do for gays, and vets and immigrants but he doesn’t know how to improve black life. You are a d**n r****d who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • J.D. Hill,

      It is blasphemous to use God and Jesus Christ in the same sentence with the ultimate anti-Christ, Barack Obama. Are you proselytizing about the same man who voted in Illinois and supports abortion on demand and the MURDER of innocent unborn children in any stage of pregnancy and after birth abortions and wants to give his young daughters the option to actually commit murder if they “make a mistake?” Or, perhaps you are worshipping the man who has “evolved”(actually LIED) on his support for gay marriage when records show that he supported gay marriage in the late 1990s when her ran for political office in Chicago? Or, perhaps the man who actually knew that “God” had been removed from the DNC platform but (LIED) and feigned confusion or was it amnesia when he “demanded” that “God” be re-inserted back? Or, the man who refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act but pretends that he is a promoter of “traditional values” but does everything possible to propagate the agenda of the LGBTs and their surrogates and bow down to the left extremists in his party?

      I really don’t know who you are “halo worshipping” but it certainly can’t be President Obama because he is no more “God-like” or “Christ-like” than Satan, himself. And, anyone who thinks so, needs to open a bible and review the Ten Commandments, for starters.

      • Black Christians have finally started speaking out in the media Thank God. If they hadn’t I wasn’t going to set foot in a church again. Selling your soul to the devil just to have one negro in the white house is evil.

    • AMEN!

  37. Americans that are BLACK were broke before Mr. President Obama first term and my guest (not that it matters) is the Americans that are Black will be broke after Mr. President Obama second term. Remember Vote for what you have been getting HOPE and Change. No pennies,no nickels,no dimes,no quarters, no half dollars and no dollars. Mr. President Obama could have really change Black America his first two years in office. Remember Vote for what you have been getting a sit outside the room of the meeting call AMERICA. Oh!, remember send $3.00 to…………………………………………………..

    • That’s bull! I had a great job pre-Obama so speak for yourself. He’ll get my vote anyway but not my 3.00

      • pleased dont comment Mz. u r obviously suffering from PTSD, living in that war zone called chicago. 4 more years of war at your doorstep and u wont live through it, or be crazy as a betsy bug. we feel your pain.

  38. I don’t really care who is advising the President, he and his advisers are not getting the job done!

    My financial situation was just great until he came into office! I’ve gone from $2400 in interest per month down to $365 per month. You can say it’s not his fault, I say he is the President and he creates the tone and policy, if he had skills he could work with the other party!

    I voted for him the last time because he looks like me, (that makes me a racist, if a white (more like pink) person voted for someone only because he was white we would call that racist, correct?

    I thought about it, he does not relate to us because he is not one of us! He is not a black man but a man of color, he has not had the black experience as you and I know it, he didn’t even get to the main land until he was 18 and on his way to college, he lived with his white mother until her death then his white grandmother in Hawaii!

    You may love him and vote for him, he has not been a good President and for my money he will not get my vote, I’m to old to make the $$ I made before, I will however do something else to sustain myself, I won’t be begging for the government to help me, mainly because you get just enough to survive, not enough to prosper!

    Treat President Obama just the way he has treated you, and no one will take your vote for granted again! I’m not a Republican, I can however balance a budget, I know how to run a business and employ a few people, the President has none of these skills and neither does his advisers! Sorry if I offended.

    Oh, new topic, think what it would be like to live in a country where all of the leaders think like Derrick.

    • Onesilverbac we desperately need people like you to teach our young people and many old people how to cast an intelligent vote. Thank you for your comment. The internet has the power to reach many. Every candidate should be critiqued and examined on the policies they support, and every voter needs to understand how the policies affect them personally.

    • Oh boy Onesilverbac,

      You’re going to really love Mitt Romney. Good luck with that. Oh, I misread, you were getting $2400 in interest per month down to $365.00 per month, and President Obama had something to do with that? Or, you know that Romney take care of the rich. You’re lucky you’re getting $365.00 in interest with the way the Repug left this country for President Obama.

    • Oh boy Onesilverbac,

      You’re going to really love Mitt Romney. Good luck with that. Oh, I misread, you were getting $2400 in interest per month down to $365.00 per month, and President Obama had something to do with that? Or, you know that Romney take care of the rich. You’re lucky you’re getting $365.00 in interest with the way the Repug left this country for President Obama.


    • please be more specific on exactly what tax credit u speak of. like most obama supporters u never speak specifically, and only engage in general broad statements that dupe the simple minded.

  40. Dr. Watkins,
    This article reads like something Dr. King would write if he were alive today. (Maybe MLK would be a little more forceful)
    IMO, We have fixable, but very desperate issues in our community that are ignored by politicians, the media and us. The latter ignorant from misinformation, propaganda and self-righteousness
    Whats worse is our collective lack of rightful indignation to being s*****d on.

    One example. They tell us that black unemployment is 14.8% today.
    The real number of black unemployed/very poor is much higher. Look around your community, is 85% of blacks working? h**l no. Not even in Houston where I am now and the economy is doing well. The real black unemployment numbers are 3 times higher than advertised. The Hispanics and gays are eating our lunch. We are 2 places backward in line compared to where we were in the 70′s
    In this climate that we are in today black people, only the collectively strong will survive and thrive. Someone convince me that Obama gives a d**n, ’cause I am going to argue, in the name of love, that he does not care based on his inaction and actions as well.
    I aint talking about Obama giving us noting to eat either, Just talk to us and listen to us in a public forum. Stop telling us how to think unless it will help. Give a man a fish, he eats that day. Teach a man to fish he eats a lifetime. So Obama, put us up on game along with some targeted inquiry on our problems and honest look at solutions and we will handle it from there.

    • petefromdetroit obama wont do what u ask. he knows that even as we criticize him on this forum that white rascist will vote for him, and their vote is more important and larger than black votes. he’s probably sitting around LOL about how we helping him get rascist white votes with our criticism of him. what an a-hole.

      • @Freddie
        More than likely Romney is LOL about black people being so gullible. They are just like Fox News. They have picked up just enough to be ignorant. I would have never believed that black people were this devoid of thinking. I have Boyce to thank for that, all this nonsense about President Obama and blacks expecting him to “take care of them.” It’s astounding!
        How did this happen? Where have they been for the pass 4 years? How could they not see that President Obama has been under attack from day one. Have they not read that the Republican got together the night of his inauguration to plot the strategy for him to fail.
        They are black don’t they recognize the dog whistles? Have they not heard Newt, Donald Trump and his birthers, the tea partiers, where were they?

  41. If romney and the republicans win we are all in trouble

    We must stick with this president we cant be divided.he must win relection
    Please believe the right win,fox news orielly and shawn hannity are reading every
    Negative thing we say about president obama.divided and concour
    They have doing this to us since the beginning of slavery

  42. Some Negroes just go along to Get Along! Sambo a*s n****z you might get Tared & Feathered you sellout! You gotta jump up from h**l to get Obama to a Black Event! They are trying to Avoid Too Much Blackness Period! But these Crackers need him & are trying to turn him as we speak Especially them Jews voting for everthing for Israel ? When we need some Good for the Hood! I can only imagine what a young Brother is going through & feeling Helpless I felt the same back in the early 1990′s Obama will send you young Dummies to War for them Jews

    • ishmar you are so right. He even has Steve Harvey pimping for the military and luring young black boys into the military. I’m ashamed of steve for falling for the okey dokey.

    • He gives a lot more $$ to Egypt and Pakistan.

      I’m curious, has a Jew done something to harm you?

      Are their things you know for a fact or something you have heard so much and now believe it must be true?

      In my hood it’s not Jews who own all of the stores and gas stations although they do come from the middle east.

      If this country goes to war it will be cause the the real crazies in the middle east want to kill all of us, have you seen the news lately? They will come after the Jews first then it will be our turn. They call Israel the little Satan and America the Great Satan!

  43. We as a people should focus on unity and stop expecting someone to bail us out. It is not Obama fault when we kill ourselves, help the enemy tear down those who advances, abuse our own, don’t support our businesses abuse our families and have tossed morality and self respect out of the window. When the family unit is weak we suffer as a people. Too many households are led by women, and the community has neglected its part in seeing that these children are monitored when the parent is not around due to fear. many people don’t know how to parent and many of us don’t understand that there is a labor force that need skilled workers and we should take advantage of the education benefits Obama passed so if an opportunity opens up we will have skills. We also need to teach our youth to think about ownership vs being a consumer so we can create our own jobs and finally we need to support black businesses so they can grow and hire our people. No one can raise us and we don’t wake up and become self sufficient we lose. It is our dollars that are keeping a lot of these people in business we must realize our economic potential. Unfortunately the republicans have written us off and don’t care about our demise and Obama can’t do everthing we have mayors, assemblymen, governors, precint captains, senators and representatives, etc. that need to earn our vote and be our voice. Without a team Obama can’t do anything demand more from your local politicians, do you know them and their policies?

    • @gmamma, I agree that the Black family unit is deteriorating, but the cause is greatly attributed to social inequality. Though I admit crime and violence only perpetuate the problem. I also agree that ALL (local, state, regional, national, and international) elected officials should be held accountable, and that we need to develop and support our own businesses. I was just thinking last week to develop a national black business data base system and to hold public awareness forums bi-weekly at black-owned businesses as a networking and marketing tool. What do you think of that idea?

      • We have been supporting our black beauty, barber shops, funeral homes, convenience stores, chicken shacks, and BBQ and soul food restaurants FOREVER, until the GOVT gave business licenses to the arabs, the jerk chicken pushers, the african clothing, the african hair braider. I dont know what them fools did to run off our black businesses but when they showed up our businesses disappeared, and it was no accident. They probably decided to eliminate the competition by calling in lies to the city.

    • Let me answer that for you. h**l NO, THEY DON’T KNOW!!

  44. I agree that the African American community has been ignored by the White House and the President since day on (his election day). When I tell my friends that I plan on sitting this one out they reacte with disdain. How can you not vote for Obama’s re-election?, It’s like giving your vote to Romney they all say. Well to them I say What’s the difference? A rich white man who doesn’t give a d**n about Black people or a “First Generation African American” president who is rich and doesn’t give a d**n about black people. If I were gay, African American Latino or a woman who wants to get an abortion, he’d fight to his death for my cause, but I’m just a used to be middle class and now considered poor African American man. I wasn’t expecting “Forty acres and a mule” but at least understand that you should at least try to level the playing field a little. At least then my success or failure would hinge on my own performance in an unbiased game. When I tell the kids that they too can be the leader of this country I won’t be looked at like a fool. As a first generation African American President Obama can’t reflect upon the stories of racial injustice told to him by his elder family members. He can’t empathize with me because he suffers from six degrees of seperation. He’s just like every other “white politician” before him thinking they can count on the black vote because he’s a democrat. Well I say to you this is one black man who’s not afraid to say that I’m tired of being taken for granted and treated like a second class citizen. To answer that ghetto level political ad that asks “You got my back?” the answer is “Have you had mine?”. You could put Klansman Romney in the White House and he can’t make it any worse for black folks that the massively unemployed and underemployed in this country today. By the way, why don’t you open all the jails and give the brothers a choice to stay or get on a boat and leave. That would just about eliminate the black incarceration problem because I’m sure most would take a slow boat to nowhere versus their current situation.

    • In my mind, the difference in voting for Romney rather than Obama or not voting at all, is:

      When your black brother takes a knife and stabs you in your back, it is way more painful, a way more long lasting hurt, than if Joe Blow down the street, does the exact same thing.

      Obama has divided our people. Divide and conquer is a strategy of the devil, the enemy.

    • Sit it outI You’re in for a treat! You’re going to see how well ‘sitting it out’ serves you. Shame on you black people for sitting it out after all of those people white and black took beatings and died so you all can “sit it out”. You all are some lazy SOBs for real.

  45. Once again!
    Republican must be the most powerful organization that ever existed when it come to African-American. I keep hearing how we will be so worst off if a Republican is elected President. It seems to me since I start keeping up with our condition we are already worst off. We have been at the bottom of the economic ladder for a 100 years; however we have had Democratic and Republican administrations. We have the highest unemployment rate 14.5%, our median income is the lowest(soon to be lower than hispanics), 38% of our children live in poverty, 40% of the prison inmates of African-american males, our young Black men of slaughtering each other in the street across the country, black males have one of the highest high school drop out rates, Black females head up almost 60% of our households(where are the daddies?). My question is; we have access to everything everyone else have access to: schools, colleges, we can start our own businesses, we are Mayors, Congressman, Senators,Doctors, Lawyers,millionaires, etc..So, how have the Republican kept us down for 150 years? I guess because they are so powerful; apparently more powerful than an entire race of people. Are’ it could be unlike other groups in this country we don’t know how to work together as a race. If it’s not that, then it must be those Republicans.

    • I do not believe you are an american and make such stupid comments. However, you are right that individuals are more important than voting for parties. That’s why I’m independent. I examine the character of the candidate, and look at his congressional voting records,rather than just listen to what he says.

      Many policies and social factors allow black american to move forward, or backward depending on the individual in the white house. Some of the policies that have caused black american to regress are:

      Jim Crow – separate but equal (supposdly)l. That’s why we have black and white communities today.

      Discrimination in lending, credit rating (do u know that your credit rating and where you live determines what you pay for car insurance), hiring, firing, acceptance in to colleges etc. Still Going on.

      The Civil war ended but there is and might always be a faction of the white community who refuses to lose. That’s why the KKK is in the Board room making sure blacks are paid less regardless of performance. They are in law enforcement locking up blacks. I remember when cocaine was first brought into america in the 1970′s. White cops would lock up dealers who sold it to whites. And that’s a fact.

  46. What would be Valerie Jarrett’s strategic reason for advising POTUS to not mention or create more policies that directly benefit African Americans? I ask that because many of the President’s policies have directly benefited African Americans–specifically health reform; foreclosure relief programs; tax programs; credit reform and I could go on. Barack Obama has a heavy lift here and really couldn’t do a lot of direct programs like his executive order to help Dreamers or push to have Congress repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (or come out in direct support of marriage equality and make executive decisions on DOMA.) One thing he did do and received little coverage for was an executive order for an African American Educational program. Had Barack Obama gone way out and earmarked all these executive orders (cause Congress would have never approved a bunch of AA programs) then he would NEVER BE RE-ELECTED. I agree with the commenter earlier–let’s look at the long game. There will be so much we can do together in the next 4 years. Imagine, would a Mitt Romney America be better?

    • If Obama has done so much, WHY DOES NO ONE FEEL IT???

      Blacks have had medicaid forever. Obamacare is going to force the working poor to buy health insurance, just like we’re forced to buy car insurance, whether we can eat or not.

      Foreclosure relief – if u r talking about that d**n program the banks use to lower your interest rate on an UNDERWATER property, it aint worth sh8t. That program lowered my interest 2 points after I had to GIVE THE BANK $5000, and still my place is worth way less than I paid for it, and it’ll never be paid off.

      Tax programs – Unemployed black people dont pay taxes. U crazy as he is with that lie.

      Credit reform???? – we still need credit ratings to get good interest rates. That hasn’t changed.

    • Oh yeah, dead people dont need health insurance. Blacks dont even get govt police protection like other communities. IF WE DEAD, WE DONT NEED NO d**n HEALTH INSURANCE OBAMA.

    • I understand!

  47. Someone please tell me exactly what President Obama can do to help Black Americans? I really do not understand why Dr. Watkins nor Dr. West nor Tavis Smiley are so against President Obama regarding the state of Blacks in America. There were Blacks who struggled financially while Clinton was in office and some who advanced financially. The same can be said during both Bush administrations and believe it or not, Reagan’s administration. I really don’t get what President Obama is expected to do. I still have to go to work, spend less money than I make, be faithful to my wife, be the best father I can be to our sons and not do stupid stuff regardless of who’s in office. Will someone enlighten me on what President Obama can do to help us?

    • @KBP

      You say:

      I really do not understand why Dr. Watkins nor Dr. West nor Tavis Smiley are so against President Obama regarding the state of Blacks in America.

      It’s called jealousy and self hatred cleverly disguised in love for black people. lol

      • And you are one stupid fool who doesn’t care that the blood of black children and babies are running down the streets of black america like rivers. Why! WHY! Obama’s CIA, FBI, police depts. They know. They know and dont care just like you.

    • I wish I could just star all the comments that are great, so I respond to as many as I can. Thank you!

  48. Back to my guitar. This site has gone bananas.

  49. Folks: It seems that the GW’s have really, really pulled the wool over the eyes of many of us. Let’s not forget that to the winner goes the spoils, and that the story is HISTORY (his story). Folks seem to forget that any prominent member of society that ever went out of their way to improve the plight of minorities in a big and convincing way was dealt with in no uncertain terms ( MLK, Pres. Kennedy, Malcolm, etc.). Seems to me that we are yet still in fact slaves, begging for table scraps AFTER everyone else has been well fed. The landscape has not changed. There’s just been a glamor added to the picture so that we are directed to not see things as the really are and always have been. Please don’t expect a Junior congressman coming out of nowhere to ascend to the highest office in the land to have accomplished this without many strings attached. And the back and forth about his birthplace and whether or not he is a communist or a Muslim is just window dressing to confuse you and me as to the legitimacy of his ascendancy to the throne. All the while he must do as his MASTERS bids him to do or he will be made to fall on his sword. Think about it; when have we not been SLAVES ? And why this African American (Kenyan father and white mother). Fits the definition of African American perfectly, huh ? There’s nothing new under the sun, especially how they play us like puppets for their own gain and enjoyment.

    • Enlightening Sir. Peace.

    • Gary no one has to do anything in this life but die when there time comes. So you think we are to praise a cowardly selfish negro who has no morals. He had the ability to refuse the job, just like you can refuse to be a murder for hire.

      Presidents are leaders of the armed forces. They have the power to declare war. They are supposed to be brave soldiers fighting for the RIGHT. Lincoln took a bullet for your black self. JFK took a bullet for your black self, and his brother. Reagen even took a bullet from a zealot. Clinton took a serious character assassination for trying to make blacks equal. THAT IS WHAT BRAVE, DECENT MEN DO.

      iF obama is not a brave and decent man willing to take a bullet for all the people, he has no business asking for our vote or being in that white house. Why the h**l should white men take a bullet for negroes when a black man wont.

      Obama dont have any problem sending black innocent boys into war to take a bullet for america. He has people begging them every day to sign up. It’s a d**n shame he has the power to do that.

    • Or, would you like to elucidate, I didn’t get your post. Are you saying it was some elaborate scheme that white folks concocted to get President Obama into the white house and the rest of those bastards racists didn’t understand what they was trying to do or what ever?

      You know what I think Gary Wilson, we have too much time on our! This reasoning is getting to paranoid!
      Because your post suggest that a black man could not ascend to the presidency without some elaborate scheme. We black people can’t do nothing right, not even help get a black President elected. This is hogwash.

  50. d**n n****s stop complaining and move this country forward. Vote OBAMA in 2012!

    • Romeny is not the lesser of 2 evils. Romney’s record shows he is a man of extreme character. Had a Bishop title in his Christian church. Was a model husband and father. Is a self made millionaire who knows how to create jobs and hold on to wealth. And the best thing I like about him is these 2 things:

      When he was governor and asked to sign off on a bill allowing all abortions, he was too good a man to do it. He stood up for the unborn. He chose life for them. Embryos dont vote. Many people might not vote for him because they foolishly think they want the evils of abortion. He is a hero. And then he said at the NAACP conventiion, which he didn’t have to go to.

      “I can assure you that black community life will improve under my presidency.”

      And all your black obama can say is

      “I’m not the president of black america”. You’d have to be on crack or extremely stupid to vote for that.

      • @Genevieve – The troll:
        Mitt Romney is an empty suit with no ideas on domestic or foreign affairs issues.

        Romney made his multi-million dollar fortune by shipping thousands of jobs abroad while working at Bain Capital.

        And for reasons that escape me, Romney as candidate for POTUS is afraid to release his income tax information that covers the last decade. What is Romney afraid of? See link below.

        • If Mitt has no foreign policy ideas, why did obama announce today that he is cracking down on china, AFTER mitt said he would when he gets in office??? LOL

          NAFTA and all those experimental trade agreements that ALL countries engaged in, at the time, did that. He recognizes, like the EURO union, that it wasn’t a good idea. Trusting the chinese is where everyone went wrong. He knows that now.

          I want a man in that white house who knows how to make his money and keep his money legally. Every business person knows that is a GOOD trait to have. LOL

          Everybody with some money used major tax loopholes to hold on to it except Obama LOL LOL If Romney is not legally obligated why should he? I wouldnt.

          Any time a man (obama) and his wife are lawyers, and cant even pay off their school loans in their 40′s, only a fool would trust them to make america fiscally sound.

      • No, you would have to be an idiot, a racist, or a self-hating “nee grow” to vote for Romney. He is not the President of Black America, but he has done a lot of things
        for black America, I guess he had to go on top of the White House and yell it out
        for black folks to understand.

        One poster mentions King, Malcolm X, & Kennedy, I guess we don’t know that the same thing would happen to President Obama if he say black twice in one day.

  51. Yadiyadiyadiya….I I’m sick of the same old s**t. I was as excited and as happy if anyone to see President Obama get elected. And, I hope that he is reelected. But you guys have to stop being completely blind loyalists! Yes, Dr. West’s image in the black community has been tarnished, but that is because to over 90 percent of black people no 1 can ever criticize anything President Obama does! Dr. West has spent his life fighting for a black people; Al Sharpton has the past several years completely supporting 1 black person, the president! The president can blow up as many people around the world and he can start as many wars and invade as many countries as he wants to and most black people will not criticize him. When Bush was doing it we called him the devil, and said that we should just bring out soldiers home.
    Black president or not, BLACK PEOPLE ARE HURTING! Should we want President Obama to win reelection just for the sake of winning re election? Is it enough to simply “have” a black president regardless of whether our situation improves or not?

    • You know obama is not good for the black community. You know the facts, and yet you contradicted yourself and said I hope he gets re-elected to finish taking this black community and america down? I guess the obamanauts got u scared to speak your mind. Pitiful. That’s what happened to the jews under hitler.

    • Oh, I thought I saw Sharpton down in Florida with Trayzon Martin people, and I believe he keeps talking now about voter repression by the Republicans. Maybe, that dose not count.

      Maybe you would like to become President and tell the Jews to go lump it, just before you fall on a sword!
      The Jews and Palestinians problems is cause of all the hatred of the United States it support of Jews and our economic policies that were in force long before President Obama. The President is simply trying to keep terrorists off of these shores and make the world safer for Americans abroad among a host of other things.
      I don’t know what you all thought the President could do about your situations with the world going to h**l in a hand basket the day he walked into office. Too bad blacks of all people could not discern what was happening the last four years.

  52. Jay, you a fool…trying to fool as many as you can, Folks, don’t waste ya money or time.VOTE Obama, the lesser of…! White folks ain’t no fools
    and the majority will vote their interest…a Prez that is weak/compromised instead of unchecked wealth and power/arrogance. Most of them know the war games are up and only endangers our future. Only way Mitts’ in is YOU don’t vote. Don’t worry”bout the govt doing more for ya if they not doing it to you, ya good. After the elections people will see the govt can’t do what it used to do so start thinking now how to make your life better. Everything…will be hit! The dollar is already a quarter; prison, college, welfare, jobs…what jobs

    • Did you read your own comment. You ended with the deplorable state of black america under obama, and then said vote for him anyway!!!

      Seems you might have a death wish, that you will very likely achieve with 4 more years of urban unchecked violence.

      • Go on. Try Mitt Romney! See what he can do about “urban unchecked violence” as if you live in an urban area, Mr. White man.

        You go on and vote for a man who cares enough about the country to put his money in the banks overseas to keep from paying taxes on his millions. Yeah, he’s going to do a lot for black folks. Yeah, right!

  53. Stop calling those who criticize the president for not addressing black issues “Uncle Toms”. “Uncle Tom” refers toa black person who is agains the interest of black people and supporting whites’ holding down black people. Examples of Uncle Toms are: Fla. Rep. Allen West, Herman Cain, Condalleza Rice, etc. Their very politics and words who said they have no love for black people. When people say that the president shoild address black issues, that means that they care about black people, and are NOT Uncle Toms.

  54. YO! vote Obama…he is far from being the best crab for the job. He’s the only crab. Yea,he hasn’t trickled down yet, but he hasn’t humiliated you with scandal or completely crashed and burned yet! ASK yourself all you tough talking crabs, “How would I have done”? YOU, BOULE elite, all the problems…world leaders…interest groups, powerful people everywhere;”Would I even be elgible…for a second term? Or, like many black politicians reduced to nothing.Be honest, Boyce, Smiley, all yall who take the JOB of the PREZ as a walk in the park. There is one black LEADER(who many folk listen to and trust) who has major differences with OBAMA from Chicago on Foreign and Domestic policy…but is never insulting or overcritical…can you name him, without crabbing another brother? Government, won’t solve all or even the most important problems we have!!! We’ll be shocked if they can pay the national debt and maintain(establish) justice for all at home.

    • Obama hasn’t humiliated us??? I’ll tell you the ways:

      Have you ever known a president and first lady who allows people to pick them up like they’re retarded children just to get a vote?

      With at least 40% of black americans with college degrees and still unemployed, Obama says, “blacks dont have jobs because they are lazy and dont have education.” A kkk member wouldn’t have told that lie to a worldwide audience.

      And then he criticized absent black fathers, with no mention of helping them get jobs, so they could go home and be providers.

      And he makes black Christians look like evil fools when he asks for their vote and support on Gays getting married, abortions for everyone, etc.

  55. I suspect there is an organized Internet effort by Republicans and teabaggers to promote disunity and confusion among Black voters who don’t understand the legislative process in Congress.

    1) If President Barack Obama proposed $1 million or $5 billion for jobs or aid directed to help Black Americans, the Republican controlled House of Representatives would vote it DOWN. And the Republicans would accuse President Obama of every race based slander in the lexicon to gain political advantage in the 2012 presidential election.

    2) A poster correctly stated that the Republicans in the Congress blocked a jobs bills on July 19, 2012 that would have been helpful to Americans seeking work opportunities. The following link confirms my statement in item #1.

    • Obama has Executive Order power and he uses it for everyone except black americans.

      As unlikely as it may sound, millions of immigrants and foreign visitors are eligible for — and many are actually using — affirmative-action benefits to get a head-start on U.S.-born minorities. In effect, they are getting off the plane and moving right to the head of the line.

      How is this possible? In the late 1960s, it simply never occurred to government planners that there would be so many aliens in the U.S. or that so many would be considered minorities.

      The results can be startling. Take, for example, a company that has a goal to hire ten blacks. Nothing says these have to be African Americans, and they well may not be. All ten may be people who until now spent their entire lives in another country

      Whatever the long-term fate of affirmative action, Congress and the Administration should act now to put a stop to this bizarre extension of the program. A mere paragraph or two of legislation and a short executive order could end affirmative action for immigrants — the entitlement nobody planned

      • So the president is suppose to sign an executive order againgst companies using affirmative action becaus they are not hiring black folks. That would be discrimination. Since when black folks are OK with discrimination? Today blacks want to discriminate others? What the heck is wrong with black folks? They want the president to sign a law discrimination against others, the want the president to patrol cit streets, they want the president to study for them, they want the president to rent an apartment for them. h**l what is left for black folks to do? wait in line for the next new pair of Jordans.
        Give me a break…..

    • Obama doesn’t have to direct billions to benefit ONLY blacks. He should do what president clinton, and johnson did. Insist that a percent of black AMERICANs be hired. It used to be 12%. Clinton and Johnson weren’t killed for helping black people. STOP YOUR d**n STUPID EXCUSES FOR O’DRAMA>

    • This is jobs created by obama:

      Let’s tear up all these very GOOD high ways and bridges and let them borrow govt money to create these false jobs.

      Let’s build trains in places we dont need them with govt money.

      That’s like a fool with a 2 room apt paying a maid needlessly to clean a spotless apt.

      Obama doesn’t create jobs, HE CREATES WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY.

  56. d**n!!!!
    What in h**l is wrong with the majority of you that posted some really asinine comments? I agree with one writer who stated our people need to read more and to be able to understand what they read. Several writers were on the mark in relating President Obama is not the president for Blacks and if that is what you thought or believe then you are an ignorant person regardless of the degree of education you list beside your name. Some of you who pointed out your personal situation as cause to bash the president and call for not voting for him, you need to get a clue. Millions of people have a personal story and feel just as strongly theirs is as harsh or traumatic. What do you expect that the president should do? Maybe as Mayor Cory Booker in N.J does(shoveling snow for homeowners, bringing people out of burning buildings) ….only to find out later he had an ulterior motive;plans to run for governor of Jersey. His true self was exposed when he spoke out in support of Wall Street and the two percent, they fatten his pockets. Booker is a politician as is the president and some of the issues the president acted on which several of you listed you were unsatisfied with were political moves at the least to help with his re-election. You would have seen better results for the entire country had the “Repugs” not been in control of the House of Representatives this last session since the 2010 midterm election. White folks who are Democrats need to weed out the so called Blue Dogs politicians among the Dems. who are really Repugs hiding out as Democrats such as those who helped hold up the presidents legislation during his first two years in office even though there was supposed to be a Democratic majority as the liars like to say. Black folks, we need to wake up and stop believing anything so called prominent blacks or in some cases as Derrick says, “Screachas” exclaim. Church/religion is the oldest psychological hold over humanity no matter what your denomination; it’s all fake and at the least business as usual to rake in the bucks and politics is its bedfellow which plays upon the heartfelt issues (racism, abortion, guns) of many of the populace whether they make sense or not. Black folks, think about it and answer the questions yourself. When have blacks ever had or enjoyed lots of great things favoring us? When have we felt entitled like white males who squawk when they think black males are on even keel with them even when we do the same jobs. Many things are set up to hold Blacks back or to cause dissension among us and as some of you have related they will find their “Toms, House Negras, and Snitches” to carry out their ugly agendas for financial gain. As for the lady who related she saw very little advertisement on this site, look to the left or down to the right and get a clue. What do you think FB, Google, Twitter and You Tube are besides spies that keep track of all you do which Dr. Boyce with his Blog Sites (4-as one writer stated)is helping to proliferate. Wake up lady and other Blacks leaning toward not voting for some lame reason.

    • You killed your argument when you stated, “Some of you who pointed out your personal situation as cause to bash the president and call for not voting for him, you need to get a clue. [MILLIONS] of people have a personal story and feel just as strongly theirs is as harsh or traumatic.”

      That’s the problem; there are millions of people suffering with no relief from the government.

      • LOL Thank you s’ann. Obama has Executive Order priviliges to over turn the following:

        As unlikely as it may sound, millions of immigrants and foreign visitors are eligible for — and many are actually using — affirmative-action benefits to get a head-start on U.S.-born minorities, not to mention white Americans. In effect, they are getting off the plane and moving right to the head of the line.

        How is this possible? In the late 1960s, it simply never occurred to government planners that there would be so many aliens in the U.S. or that so many would be considered minorities.

        The results can be startling. Take, for example, a company that has a goal to hire ten blacks. Nothing says these have to be African Americans, and they well may not be. All ten may be people who until now spent their entire lives in another country

        • I feel you Jay. If I could go to another country and setup house and succeed, I would, too. In fact, I have been detained by Customs in London at Heathrow and was forced to return to the States when I was simply a tourist. We are the only country that permits foreigners and visitors to have free access to employment, education, housing and medical care in the U.S. at the expense of U.S. tax payers, even though we have rigid immigration laws in place. But let a Black American try that! It is the new form of discrimination.

          And why is it, when African Americans break the law, we go to jail? But when employers fail to abide by the law in hiring illegal immigrants, no actions are taken against them.

          Conversely, our government knowingly allows it, to include providing laws to protect illegal immigrants. Why, because they are potential voters. However, it is my belief that charity starts at home and that immigration laws be enforced vigorously.

    • Well, I guess you told them! Kudos!

  57. Rev. George Brooks

    Brother Boyce, what you are saying about Valerie Jarrett is true. BUT you, and all of the black journalists, are seemingly afraid to say that she and the president are taking their orders from all of those d**n Jews who are really bossing and controlling both of them. And I cannot get a single one of you top notch black journalist (I’m just a 74-year-old retired black in the field, who ALWAYS worked for black newspapers, and owned three of my own, and am not at the level you all are. However, I am MORE FREER to speak what I please, when you others are not because de white folks and de Jews is y’all masters, and will not allow any of you to have true freedom of speech, when it comes to the anti-Jesus Jews, here or abroad. You will not bring any thing on this site about the horrible racism in Israel. Now, will you be kind and BOLD enough to talk about the Jews who are running the White House, with Jarrett just carrying out their orders in her dealing with Obama. She’s long been an Aunt Jemima for them, as well as the white power maching in Chicago. So blast her, but also include those d**n Jews, who even Jeremiah Wright said offered him $150,000 to stay quiet and out of the way. — Rev. George Brooks

    • It’s not fair to blast all the Jews. Jews have done good and evil for black people. No one forces anyone to do anything. Selfish people who only care about their own interest will do anything they’re paid to do. That is a matter of morals and principals.

  58. Thats pretty low Dr. Watkins. I will not even go to the many levels that its wrong on, but if I was I would start with the reference to what you call hood slang “I Got Your Back.” Being a product of the 60′s and 70″s, back then that wasn’t hood slang. That was a fact of life in the black community and a firm commitment within the black family. I don’t have a crystal b***s so I do not know what a 2nd term would look like for Obama, but we all know that had he been a staunch advocate for black causes his 1st term, we would be having a very different conversation. Maybe along the lines of another black leader being assassinated!

    I am going to start seeing who the author is on these stories and stop reading your stuff. You have been way over the top for far too long. Much of what you say holds true, but if you was going somewhere with it I would think you would be there by now. Serious question though. Are you on the RNC payroll or something?

  59. Can someone please tell me what are black issues. I am black and dont know what they are. If it’s education – there are schools, pell grants and loans. If employment – there is workforceOne. So please someone tell what are the black issues – what am I missing because my family & I bust our butts everyday to survive and meet our obligations. We would be doing the samething no matter whose president. But with president Obama we have pell grants, homeownership assistance, business owner assistance, and now affordable healthcare – which it helps everyone.

  60. Boyce you won’t be happy until President Obama is not in office. You are one sick man.

  61. My question is…what would Watkins, Smiley, Sharpton, Jackson or West do differently if they were president of these United States of America? Does anybody think that because we are Black and Proud that corporate America, would send any of them to stand before that old bitty across the pond. h**l no. Smiley looking and sounding like he has his tail between his legs (all the time), Sharpton sounding like a storefront preacher but looking like a pimp, Jackson sounding like he’s going to break into an old negro spiritual at any moment even during a general conversation, West looking like a Black Panther in a tie, and Watkins, white folks cringe on brown nosing because they will think you won’t be loyal to them when they see you turn against your own. Obama is the first Black “looking” President, and has opened the category for other races and ethnicities to become president…as long as they are poised, articulate, can represent whitey, we are good to go. So what do you think is going to happen if someone of Hispanic, Asian, or any other decent gets into office trying to bogart their culture on corporate American, who by the way is running this country…the same gridlock that is happening right now with Obama. Same difference!

    • @Miss T:

      The negroids you mentioned couldn’t do no more than the elite ALLOWS them to do!

      I think we would be better off, if and when we start our OWN nation building, like we had during the days of Rosewood aka LITTLE AFRIKA, when we HAD OUR OWN!!!



    • I saw no reason for you to describe Smiley, Sharpton, Jackson and West in those derogatory images.

      • This is our Black leadership. I would love to see men at this level of position UNITE for the cause and stop all this bickering. It does reduce their standing and negates the purpose…and all because everybody is hatin’ on Obama…nit picking every decision. Whatever happened to a united front, everyone is out for themselves, who can out shine whom because “I’m so intelligent.” This divisiveness is crippling and each of these men are at macro levels and can better serve our people with cohesiveness and accord. Miss T is hard on folks, a critical thinker, with high expectations of our people…and I do apologize.

  62. Thank you for calling Valerie Jarrett out! She has been a problem for a long time! Totally out of touch! I can’t stand her!

    • If she is calling the shots, don’t blame her; blame O’Drama!!! Perhaps it’s time for him to stand up and BE A MAN! HE HAS NO BACKBONE, and perhaps, when/if he starts showing some MAN-HOOD, he won’t let these caucasoids, or his staff, CONTROL him, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, he can get the Black man’s votes!

      He is NEVER in FIRST position when foreign dignitaries visit the Black House! He ALWAYS take the second seat. THAT’S HIS HOUSE FOR NOW, and they are his guest! Bushboy NEVER took second position when he had vistors. He was always at the head of the table.


      Remember, when he took office, he said; “THE BUS STOPS HERE.”

      I guess he’s been missing the bus for the last 4 years, eh?

      NONE of these poli(TRICKSTERS) ain’t gonna do NOTHING for us…NONE OF THEM. It’s been this way for the last 500 years!

      • REALLY??? He never takes the head of the table at white house dinner? It is one thing to be weak but another to be a complete wimp, when you’re supposed to be the most powerful man in the world.

  63. Excited about Grad School!

    I am laughing so hard at everyone on this site, because they continue to blame a President who is not the President of black america, he is the President of all of America.

    I wonder why black people do not take responsibility for how they live and feel like it is all up to someone else?? I am just really curious to know the answer to this question. It is not the President’s fault that half the black male population is locked up, its not the President’s fault that black children become drop outs, its not the Presidents fault that black people are not educated so that they can better provide for theirselves or families, its not the Presidents fault that black people are strung out on drugs and alcohol abuse, its not the Presidents fault that black men are abusive to women and children, etc. etc. etc……..

    I think we should take responsibility and stop blaming others for our mishaps. We also need to remember that we are our own worse enemy and we should stop making things bad on ourselves by how we live and live appropriately then we would not be blaming a world sovereign for our screw ups……..just my opinion, not fact…..

  64. @grade school:

    I am laughing at your dumb a*s for not being able to use basic grammar. You need to be in GRADE school, versus ‘grad’ school. Instead of saying: “…provide for theirselves or families…
    It should read: ‘provide for “THEMSELVES” or families…”

    Now let me answer your dumb a*s questions:

    1) “I wonder why black people do not take responsibility for how they live and feel like it is all up to someone else?”

    Answer: Black people DO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how we live and feel. Personally, I dont depend on NOBODY to help me; not O’Drama, Sharpton or any other so-called leader. I DO FOR SELF and a lot of Black people feel the same way. So, stick that question up your left nose hole because Black people, that I know, pay their OWN bills, feed their children, and are buying their homes.

    2) “It is not the President’s fault that half the black male population is locked up…

    Answer: More blacks are in jail than in college:


    “More blacks (are) in jail than college, in every state,” said Jesse Jackson in 2007. That same year, presidential candidate Sen. Obama, echoed: “More young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America.”

    “If Jackson and Obama refer to black men of the usual college-age years, their claim is not even remotely true. The Washington Post “Fact Checker” wrote: “According to 2005 Census Bureau statistics, the male African-American population of the United States aged between 18 and 24 numbered 1,896,000. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 106,000 African-Americans in this age group were in federal or state prisons at the end of 2005. … If you add the numbers in local jail (measured in mid-2006), you arrive at a grand total of 193,000 incarcerated young black males, or slightly over 10 percent.”

    “According to the same census data, 530,000 of these African-American males, or 28 percent, were enrolled in colleges or universities … in 2005. That is five times the number of young black men in federal and state prisons and two and a half times the total number incarcerated. If you expanded the age group to include African-American males up to 30 or 35, the college attendees would still outnumber the prisoners.”

    3)”its not the President’s fault that black children become drop outs

    Answer: Between 1990 and 2010, status dropout rates declined for Blacks (from 13 percent to 8 percent). Again the media does not report that Blacks from the ages of 18-24 had a lower dropout rate than their mexican and caucasoid counterparts!!!

    The reason Blacks dropout of school is because, they are given Ritalin more than any other culture. How can a student learn anything when they are DRUGGED DOWN? There was a cracker teacher, who admitted a Black male student to the principal of a school, and said, that he was too AGRESSIVE. The reason for his aggresiveness, was that he ASKED TOO MANY QUESTIONS; therefore, they put him on Ritalin, and this caused him to drop out of school!!! These cracker female teachers are in our communities to dumb down our children and introduce them to drugs via Ritalin!!!

    4) “its not the Presidents fault that black people are not educated so that they can better provide for theirselves or families

    Answer: More Black people are educated today, more than ever, and they provide for their families when they are given the OPPORTUNITY to work. More Black people are underemployed, not employed and unemployable due to racism! How come we are #1 when it comes to employment…RACISM!!!

    5)”its not the Presidents fault that black people are strung out on drugs and alcohol abuse

    Answer: For your info there are MORE crackers on drugs, than any CULTure. By the way… who produces the drugs and alcohol? Here are some more True stats on this topic: In 2006 over 1,400,000 people were arrested for drug abuse violations; of that number 484,000 were Black, while 875,000 were caucasoids! CASE CLOSED

    6) “its not the Presidents fault that black men are abusive to women and children, etc. etc. etc

    Answer: Again, your NIGorance is showing! Here are some more TRUE facts:

    In 2006 a total of 92,000 crimes were committed by abusive men; of that total 28,000 were committed by Blacks; while 61,000 were committed by caucasoids.

    I just gave you the TRUTH with PROOF, so take your dumb a*s comment and stick it up your pale, cracker FLAT a*s!!! You have no facts; only bullshyt you hear on these racist media outlets.

    We are not our own worst enemy because our REAL enemies are YOU caucasoids, and other strangers, in our communities. Remember, these cracker pigs get away with murdering our Black males EVERYDAY!!!


    The Color of Crime by Kathryn Russel-Brown
    Status Dropout Rates

  65. Wow … Great material for a movie on this thread … A documentary at that … I can feel the raw hate at all levels … Maybe it will give us an insight into how effective the behaviour has worked in our favour …

  66. Brothers and sisters, as one who loves Jesus Christ, I love all people. That said, I have a particular love for African Americans and have dedicated myself to initiatives that move us forward, economically. This article is on-point and something I’ve been saying for years now. Bob Beckel, Democratic campaign strategist, on a John Stossel program just revealed the first thing campaigns do is find out who is on their side and leave them alone until you need to get out their votes.

    The Obama legacy will be devastating for blacks. We have supported some fairly unjust policies that now sacrifices our moral standing. And we have shown a “race-based” treatment that now legitimizes white racism long after Obama is gone.

    The Dems left blacks almost 30 years ago. I discuss this in-detail and encourage your read:

  67. I am disappointed in this article and the many of the people that agree with Dr. Boyce Watkins. This article is a prime example of why we have a hard time progressing as African Americans/Black People. We don’t support each other for the right reason, or unless it’s going to benefit ONLY US. The moment we think we have the edge somewhere, or think we can get something for nothing we rush to support it, and when things don’t work out like “we think” it should then it’s NOT our fault. President Obama is the President of THE UNITED STATES! He has never pledged to lower employment for Black People, he has never pledged to lower the tax bracket for Black People, he has never pledged to stop foreclosures on Black People homes, he has never pledged to lower crimes against Black People, or lessen crimes committed by Black People. Instead he pledge to lower taxes for the MIDDLE-CLASS and he did that. He pledged to lower the unemployment rate, and finally without help from the Republican House it’s coming down. This could have happened sooner with more cooperation. Who do you think the president signed the Lilly Ledbetter act for? Large quantities of African American households are headed by women. Not to mention the fact ALL Republicans voted against the equal pay act. He has put policies and programs in place to help stop home foreclosures for ALL people. Don’t you all get it? The President has put into practice of helping all people as he is everyone’s President. Shame on you for thinking the President Obama should focus mainly on issues concerning African Americans because he is black. No president should and if they did it would be political suicide. Judging by the comments it wouldn’t matter if he did because WE would still find something to b—ch and maon about. Not only is this thinking shallow, but it is also asinine. This type of thinking is similar to thinking regarding someone that makes it out of the ghetto now owes you something when you could have use your time and effort to making your escape as well. Every day I ride the train with kids from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) and the majority of them are disrespectful, loud, obnoxious and very promiscuous. I’ve been cussed, refused a seat, and witness to kids (tongue) kissing. Not to mention encountering several young mothers. We have to take some responsibility for what happens to us. To complain that President has done anything, or isn’t doing enough just isn’t true when you look at the big picture. Furthermore, to say something stupid such as “Obama didn’t mention the murder rate in Chicago while he was there for a private function” is petty. He’s not responsible for it! The people in Chicago are! (I am originally from Chicago btw). It’s their kids, brothers, uncles’ cousins, friends, etc…They are the gangbangers, dead-beat dads, drug dealers etc… It’s also our fault as parents because we have not guided them at all. We don’t make them respectful, take their butts to school, do their homework, or keep their legs close, and thing in their pants.
    To call the president a coward because he does not come out and directly address the issues YOU want him to makes you no better because I bet you 10 to 1 you aren’t doing anything either! How many youths have you mentored, or tried to guide? It’s our fault the violence has raised, not the President’s. Black People don’t take ownership for s—t! We are the ones putting too much effort into looking good, and buying the flamboyant car when we don’t have a pot to p**s in nor window to throw it out of, or better yet buying housing we can’t afford (trying to keep up with the Joneses). Back in the day we didn’t depend on the government for those kinds of things. Back in the day we went to school, and fought to get educated. Back in the day neighbors pulled together and stood together against whatever wrong doing was going on in our neighborhood. We watched out for each other’s children and tore their a—up if they stepped out of line. Today, we are the cowards. This unwritten rule bull—t about “not snitching”, has got to be the dumbest thing ever in the black community! And now after everything, some people have the audacity to tell you not to vote. Are you serious! C’mon people, we have got to do better. President Obama has been stonewalled by the Republicans to ensure he fails and some of you are falling for it. I guess you missed the blocked jobs bills, and the hostage holding of unemployment extension by the Republicans until the president extended the Bush tax-cuts. Geesh people! We need to first learn how to help ourselves before we start blaming other people. Besides it took 8 years to create this mess and it will take more than 4 years to fix it! You can’t complain if you don’t vote. If you don’t turn out when they have elections for congress and the senate you can’t complain. It will take the President and Congress working together. Not people being uncooperative because of his color. African Americans/Black people need to take off their blinders and stop looking for a d**n hand-out! Our parents didn’t, and we shouldn’t either. We wanted to even the playing field and we have accomplished it to some extent, but the fight has to keep going. We are not there yet, and we won’t get there if we don’t support one of the few chances we have. VOTE!

  68. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually realize what you’re speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Please also visit my website =). We could have a link alternate contract between us

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