HBCU Prof Says She Was Fired For Being White

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives a lot of complaints. But one complaint may have really gotten their attention.   This one came from a former HBCU professor who says that she was fired because she is white.

“In my opinion, had I been African-American, they would not have fired me,” Shira Hedgepeth, former director of academic technology at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina, told the New York Daily News.

“They had no documentation of any problem with my employment. I was highly regarded as a qualified employee.”

The university might end up paying a price for firing Hedgepeth, since the EEOC has reportedly ruled in her favor.   She says that she was fired after three years without so much as a warning that her employment would be terminated.

Hedgepeth was apparently fired because the university was “going in a different direction,” according to a letter received by the EEOC.

Nancy Young, a spokeswoman for WSSU, said that she can’t comment on the matter, due to an on-going investigation.   The university did write a letter stating that the matter would be taken to mediation.  If the issue is not resolved via mediation, it could be taken to federal court.

The firing occurred right after the university hired a new associate provost and chief information officer.   Hedgepeth claims that white employees were being fired for no good reason, which presented a pattern of alleged discrimination by the university.  But as of the 2010 – 2011 fiscal year, a full 23.9% of the faculty at WSSU are white, which is a statistic that far exceeds the percentage of black professors at predominantly white universities.  Many white universities have departments that have never hired a black professor at all.

80 Responses to HBCU Prof Says She Was Fired For Being White

  1. What goes around comes around!

    NO SYMPATHY FOR THIS CREATURE! Blacks have been getting FIRED for decades from these racist organizations, they work for because they were Black!

    I think this is some bullshyt, so the government aka willie lynch can get rid of the EEOC. There have been numerous Black employees, who have filed with the EEOC and NOTHING was done about their discrimination suits, but when this caucasoid files with them, her case is taken!!!


    • I don’t think calling her or any other person a creature is ever appropriate. The dehumanization of anyone based on their appearance or belief system is pure ignorance and responsible for most of the violence in the world.

      • @JB:

        Genesis 1:24 reads: “And god said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping, and beast of the earth aftherhis kind: and it was so.”

        This is from your xtian bible; therfore, y’all are beast and creatures!!!

        NOW WHAT? She’s a creature, just like YOU!

    • Derrick . . . stop displaying your ignorance for all to see.

      The EEOC finds in favor of the employee when there the firing (or other issue) is based on being a member of a federally protected class — race, gender, faith, or age between 40 and 70. Oftentime, a person will file a complaint just because that person is mad, yet the firing has nothing do with race, gender, faith, or age; in such cases, the employee will lose. Moreover, if the employee was fired for some other reason that you think is unfair, say for being a smoker or eating a Big Mac, the EEOC has no jurisdiction because it isn’t a case involving race, gender, faith, or age. With respect to allegations of racial discrimination in employment, the vast majority of cliams are filed by black (or African-American if you prefer) people. As a result of that, the vast majority of findings in favor of the employee are in cases of black complainants. Likewise, the vast majority of findings in favor of the employer are in cases of black complainants. When 90% of the race-based complaints are filed by black people (hispanics, whites, asians, native-Americans rarely file race-based complaints), it pretty-much means that most of the rulings, regardless of the winner, will involve black people.

      The white woman getting fired by a black-run school is great fodder for the news media. The news people love to report on unusual cases, situations where the typical complaint pattern (black guy getting fired by white employer) is turned on its ear.

      I’m not sure where you live. Here in my little town in Kentucky, for as long as I can remember (I’m 50), black people have held jobs, and kept those jobs for as long as they wanted them. There may have been some discrimination at some local mom & pop employers with respect to hiring in the first place, but I’ve never once even heard a rumor about a black person being fired because he/she was black. Owning a business myself, I can tell you first hand that I don’t care what color an employee is — all I care about is that he/she does a good job and doesn’t do something crazy outside of work (like getting busted for dealing drugs) that embarrasses the company — when you’re in a small town, that sort of thing does put a cloud over a business.

      • I speak from experience. I was a victim of a racist environment! I had racist crackers spit at me, lie on me, and disrespect me because I didn’t vote for a caucasoid, who I was working for, but I voted for a Black man, who ran against him!

        I went to the EEOC and they didn’t pursue the case; therfore, the yankee fired me, but that was the best thang that ever happened to me. I’m doing good now, and i ain’t looked back!

        You are one of those negroids or caucasoids, who are BLIND to justice, especially when something happens to a Black person; male or female! You are in denial and you are the type of person the white boy ‘loves.’ I went into business for myself, and my customers were 99% caucasoids, but I treated them with respect because they treated me with respect. But, if they crossed me in the wrong way…I let them know, I ain’t their ‘little boy’!!!

        The corporate world was an a*s kissing environment, and I ain’t kissing NOBODY’S a*s; Black or caucasoid! Right now, I don’t do the monkey for the honkey because I don’t need them.

        As long as those negroids are kissing those cracker’s a***s where you live; they ain’t gonna fire them, but once they SPEAK UP, THEY’RE OUT THE DOOR! Remember, you are in the south, and Kentucky ain’t no joke! I have people, who live in Louisville, and they HATE IT! Therefore, I know what those Blacks are going through in your ‘small town’.

        Now, take your NIGorant a*s back to your trailer park in your small town, and don’t forget to iron your robe!!!


        • You let his a*s have all of it!!!!! lol.

        • You are hilarious. You sling racist c**p all over the place, and then get upset about others treating you treating you badly because of race. I say those who have done you wrong were, well, wrong. I don’t quite understand why any employer would spit on his own employee — that’s the stuff a nasty lawsuit is made of. And if your employer was/is as racist as you say, why on earth did he/she/it hire you in the first place?

          None the less, I find your eagerness to place your entire existance in a racist framework a bit sad. People are people, nobody is perfect, yet most people are decent.

          I also find it curious that you claim you were fired because you voted for a black guy; my question is, how on earth did your boss know who you voted for? The answer I give in sensitive situations like this is “that’s a private matter, and I don’t wish to discuss it.”

          I will agree that Louisville is an pitiful place. I live 2 hours south of Louisville, so I rarely go there. Nashville is the big city that I go to when I need big city stuff, and I like Nashville quite a bit.

          Be glad that 99% of your customers (the white ones) don’t read your postings on these boards, or you would be left with only the 1% who aren’t white. You certainly show no respect for white people as a group, and it appears you only make nice with your white customers because you want their money. Despite your claims you don’t kiss b**t, obviously you do.

          A great number of employees are scared to speak up against their employers, regardless of the skin color of the parties. Yet, to be fair, if I had an employee that displayed your attitude, I’d fire his a*s instantly.

      • Excited about Grad School!

        Age between 40 and 70??? I was with you until I read that. All Age Ranges are vigorously protected by Federal Law.

        • Nope. You are wrong. The Age Discrimination in Employement Act only applies to age discrimination against people betweent the ages of 40 and 70. You have internet access, google it for yourself. It might seem that all ages “should” be protected, but an employer can say “we don’t hire anyone between the ages of 24 and 38, or anyone over the age of 73, and that is perfectly legal under federal law. Some companies voluntarily expand their corporate policy to include people of all ages, but there isn’t a federal law making them do so.

  2. Thank you!! They teach at OUR schools as much as we do! She NEEDS to go sit down or show proof of discrimination!!!

  3. This presents a true catch 22. HBCU’s went through a period of hiring of whites and other ethnicities in order to legitimize their existence, in the wake many opportunities for qualified Black education professionals where non existent in markets that are designed for them to succeed. Many HBCU’s administrators are refocusing in on taking back our educational institutions, though this is a silent mission if we look around we can see it undertaking. It’s unfortunate that this professor is caught up in the storm regardless of her ethnicity, she is professional and if she did nothing to be fired it presents an unfair practice. However, many whites took advantage of their superior positioning, induced with “white savior complex” applied and attained positions at HBCU’s in what they called “helping”. African American’s have struggled for centuries to gain control of their own institutions, and our current state in American society has afforded us with the opportunities to make things right in our own, it is only fitting that we do all that we can to make sure that our education is taught by us for the benefit of us.

    • Yes, it is a Catch 22. While your lament over the “loss” of black exclusivity at HBCUs is fully appreciated, I doubt you would ever accept a white man lamenting the “black” (and hispanic, Indian, Chinese, etc.) infiltration of the historically “white” colleges and universities (HWCU) — and if a white man stood up and openly stated that he wanted to “take back” his school for white people, maybe you would be angered to the edge of violence; for sure there would be “peaceful” marches in the streets and lawsuits filed in every court in our nation.

      The reality is that the HWCUs have been outright forced to recruit black (and other minority) applicants at all levels of the institution. An incredible amount of black talent has been absorbed by those white institutions (sort of like virtually all of the top football and basketball talent is playing on HWCU teams these days). While there are a few “top shelf” black professors at HBCUs, the reality is that most of the best talent has taken positions at the top-shelf “white” academic institutions, and a lot of the “middle shelf” black professors are found at state institutions, where they can get paid almost double what the typical HBCU pays. The HBCUs get the left-overs — the bottom-shelf black professors (i.e., the ones that do get their PhD, yet when compared to all people with a PhD, they aren’t all that talented . . . sort of like the 3rd string bench warmer on the footballt team, he’s better than non-football players, but compared to other football players, he’s not all that good).

      Now, here is where the white people at black institutions come in. The black institutions are left with mostly bottom-shelf black faculty and staff to hire from. So why not hire a few of those middle- and top-shelf white people who were displaced by Affirmative Action at the “white” schools out there? Non-discrimination laws are a two-edged sword, so when a FAR better qualified white person applies for a job at a HBCU, what can you do? You either hire the white guy that is best qualified or you discriminate and hire the black guy.

      Non-discrimination laws and the integration that are the logical result of those laws does have the effect of breaking down “black” institutions. There was once a Negro League, where black people not only played on the teams, they also owned and managed the teams. In many cases, black people owned the stadium, too. But the Major Leagues, once opened to black people, peeled off most of the top talent, and the Negro Leagues died a rather quick death. The audience wants to see the best players, not the white ones or the black ones, the best ones. (the Negro Leagues had a LOT of white people who came to the games when the Negro Leaugues still had a lot of top talent — once that talent left for what we now call the Major Leauges, the ticket sales dropped off, and the Negro League was done for).

      Black people seem to want it both ways — keep the black institutions “pure” while also having full access and rights to everything that the white people once had all to themselves.
      Here’s an example: Fifty years ago, the University of Alabama wouldn’t admit a black student. Today, there are as many black students at the University of Alabama as there is total admission at Alabama State — the state’s top HBCU institution. We all know that U of A has the best football team in the nation, thanks in great part to a host of very talented black players. But what isn’t so obvious is that U of A also has taken much of the top black academic talent that might once have gone to Alabama State. So, the University of Alabama is now getting the top talent from all races (and Auburn also gets it’s share, too) and Alabama State only gets a tiny fraction of the talent it once got.

  4. This is foolisnness! The EEOC refuses to adress African American complaints! Infact, they have yet to investigate my complaint! They only investigate 3% of all African American complaints.

  5. racism is racism i dont care if is from whites or from blacks or from who ever you comiting racist problem you should be shot dead i dont care what color you are

    • How many times do I have to tell you creatures BLACKS ARE NOT RACIST!!!

      That b***h probably called a Black student out of his/her name. Or, talked back to one of her Black HIGHER ups.

      You know how y’all do. Think you can talk and treat Black people any kind of way…we’re getting tired of y’all’s racist bullshyt!

      THE BIG PAYBACK – James Brown

      • You do sound sexist, though.

      • You are correct in order to be rascist you have to have POWER AND WEALTH AND BE ABLE , IN OTHER WORDS TO HOLD OTHERS DOWN! Black people in America do not possess that type of power to discriminate. Read the definition of rascism in the dictionary!

      • Derrick, you try writing and sounding ghetto..but you come across as a white person. YOUR GRAMMAR IS FULL OF ERRORS IN ONE SENTENCE..THEN PERFECT IN THE NEXT.

        BLACK PEOPLE are trying to hold a SERIOUS DISCUSSION on matters that concern US and you are making a MOCKERY OF IT.

        • @pee:

          SHUT UP; YOU caucasoid, cracker b***h!!!

          Go to take your barefooted a*s to your cave, and p**s on your nasty pappy!




            WORLD? You mean “WORD”, you big dumb YANKEE?

            You dumb jackass cracker, you don’t know what WORDS Blacks have used. You’re just used to these Uncle Sambo chicken-hearted negroids, who are scared to call you racist bastards, who YOU really are:

            white n*****s

            I can go on and on, but merinate on this Truth!!!

            See Ya…you white niggard!!!

        • @pee:

          Why don’t you, jb and 123, go to your klan sites? I can tell you’re a cracker just by the way you post your b.s.

          You are the type of yankee, who don’t want my people to hear the Truth about you racist serpents! This site is for BLACK ADULTS, and if you can’t stand the heat, go to the little boys or girls site and play with the kids!



          By the way…the only Black on you is the bottom of your crusty feet!!! Put on some shoes; you worthless hillbilly CREATURE. And, take those other scumbags wit ya!

          I’m tired of you caucasoids coming on this site ‘acting’ like negroids! Real Black people know you’re a pale thang!

  6. Sure, it has happened to us more times than we can begin to count, but does that mean we have to be like those who have done us wrong. We can show them that we are better by doing better. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Stepup and show who really is the better person. I’ve been to two HBCU’s and had instructors from America, Africa, India, and Taiwan. I learned from each one and I hope that I can say that I am the better for what I learned when I learned.

    • Shut up Shahid!!! It’s that Uncle Tom, turn the other cheek c**p that will keep is on the bottom floors or out the door. People like you are so d**n annoying I swear.

      • Your reactions arent constructive. What will keep you on the floors is the attitude that you have right now. It will get you no where but angry.

    • Excited about Grad School!

      @ Shahid Raki, I agree 100% with you. I attend Clark Atlanta and went to North Carolina Central University and I enjoyed my time at both. Now I am back at CAU and a Social Work Major who will serve primarily everyone.

  7. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a d**n!!!

    MR. RICARDO JONES, SR. is a veteran and the former Senior Federal Investigator for the new York District of the EEOC from 2001 to 2010. He describes how …
    youtube.com/watch?v=qqyrvRaY4Ks – Cached
    MR. RICARDO JONES, SR. is a veteran and the former Senior Federal Investigator for the new York District of the EEOC from 2001 to 2010. He describes how the EEOC is a cesspool of corruption and racism. Blacks working in the United States have any protection from racial discrimination, because the EEOC unfairly rejects almost 97% of all cases filed by Blacks. Sellout Blacks in the EEOC and racist white workers in the government agency accept bribes and do their jobs in a sexually charged environment where s****l availability and tolerance of racial injustice places folks on the fast track. Jones was fired for refusing to play ball and accept bribes. If you want to file an EEOC complaint please watch this film.
    recorded..14 FEB 2012

    • brotha finally someone black that is not scared to print the truth. my mom is going through the same thing at kaiser hospital, and she has been there 31 years. you think she getting this kind of attention, please she is a strong black woman who know exactly whats right and wrong and will not and have not “went along to get along” like you see a lot of black folks do in a position of power or in a position to do something because they dont want to get called or done how those other blacks get it. got to reserve their seat next to white folks so i can be “ACCEPTED”. thats why you see the comments of “what race has to do with it”, “two wrongs dont make it right” and so on an so on. you know how many black professors have been fired for no reason or because they were going in a different direction. where was all that lets get along talk at then, my mom best friend husband got done like that at chaffey college and he was there for 19 years, man we all have enough stories to make a dictionary sized book with small print,when you go to a all black establishment, neighborhood or whatever you always see other races around us,accepted by us, we cant keep no one out of nothing or stop them from moving anywhere, we dont have any power to prevent anyone from doing anything so how can blacks be racist? how do you expect a race of people to react when a race of people have d**n near the whole world influenced by their prejudice against us, please tell me where blacks do that at?GTFOH. TO BAD LADY, I GET TIRED OF WHITE FOLKS ALWAYS TRYING TO TEACH US SOMETHING ANYWAY, IT HASENT WORKED AN NEVER WILL BECAUSE OF THE SIMPLE FACT OF NOT BEING ABLE TO RELATE TO YOUR SUBJECTS.

      • @lavatus:

        You just spoke the Truth!

        We have NO POWER! I get tired of these steppin’ fetchit negroids calling each other racist just to please their caucasoid counterparts! This is how dumb down, they have become, while integrating with their enemies!


        I don’t have to say anythang else!

        Peace & Truth

  9. Pure and utter bullshit! You see how quick the EEOC was quick to rule in her favor, and when black people go there with grievances they almost tell you to go f**k yourself. f**k them.

  10. True,Shadid is only telling the truth and should not Never shut up for what she is saying is based upon what God has instructed us to do, of coarse If you are not a Christian, then I can sadly understand where your mentality is coming from but thats your right as a individual for we All have choices being to do what is right based on the Word of God(which does not always please man)or any Wrong to please our egos or make us feel good about our selves, whether it’s offends God or not but this choice will eventually bring a severe penalty from God beyond our control. Yes! we r well aware of the many racists pigs through out history and at present in which blacks are been discriminated by but When we become like them through our actions, then we are no better than they are, this we must not allow to happen.

  11. @Robert.. According to Skinner’s rat theory of operant conditioning, when a behavior is repeatedly done over and over it becomes ingrained in that subject( ie Skinner’Skinner rat on the wheel) and thus the subject will do the behavior without being instructed to do so. Dr Carter G Woodson stated “if u keep telling a man to go to the back door, eventually he will go without being told. ” Moral of the story is that we have already copied our captors behaviors and we will continue to do what they do also. Simple learned behavior. Not Christian, pure high science. We have become what we despise. PTAH RA. ..

  12. Addendum ..All this behavior can be classified under what is called Classical Conditioning also. Pick up any college level Psych book and learn a little science ..oooppss, that stuff is not in the Bible eh. ..?lolol…Ptah Ra

  13. s**t I think we may even suffer from Stockholm syndrome also. Look it up before u comment ..The Scarab Beetle Lives ..

  14. While discrimination exits in all instititutions. We must all remember. Women are a protected group. The University should have known better.

  15. white fear….

  16. I don’t feel that she got fired because she is white, she was probably a bad employee! There have been a number of University that I have attended and the ratio of black professors were horrible! Out of a staff of maybe 1000, there were maybe only 2 black professors there! These schools do not care about being rascist because they just do not believe in filling quotas by hiring more African American staff! I do not get why she is so adamant about teaching at a black University any way, is it because no one else would hire her or is it because she feels like it is easier to work with a black staff and she can be lazy and no one will report her if she is doing the wrong thing in class?

  17. Seeing a lot heartless comments here. But, I guess that’s the world we live in…

  18. It would be interesting to know why the university fired her. I really can’t see them doing so without a reasonable cause assuming they were aware of the potential problems that would arise if the termination was simply based on race alone.
    Time will tell.

  19. I have filed with the EEOC for being fired due to racism, even called a b..ch by my Director, a white male, paid much less than my co- worker who had the EXACT same title and responsibilities, a white male, and was told my complaint was not substantial. So, do I believe the government is racist….hello! Look at the current political race, it’s about RACE not politics. The only difference is Romney, Obama has remained his poised, intellectual self. This country is going to shambles! RACISTS are more forthcoming because they truly believe they have a win. If black people would stick together more and stand for what OUR forefather (those who fought for our rights) we would be much better off!

  20. Her work was inferior to the previous person in her position. Over the past 10 yrs I have worked closely with that dept. I’m not sure why she was hired in the first place. Trust me it was well deserved that she was fired. Unfortunately that HBCU is becoming more of A PWI with faculty and students so I’m not sure about the discrimination piece. To me their value is placedbon recruiting and hiring more people who are NOT African American or at least of African decent. This university fits into the mold of a traditional HBCU however in 5 yrs you would never know that even though that school has a rich legacy of African American teachers and nurses. Trust me if this person would have had a choice of working at the HBCU or a an institution such as Wake Forest University which is 5 miles away from Winston-Salem state university for the same position she would have picked wake forest a predominately white institution. Would they have hired her…no…do HBCU s hire staff and faculty who are white or who are not of African American decent who present work or teach students in an inferior matter yes! Winston-salem state university is no different.

  21. This is the most salient point, and must be repeated.

    “But as of the 2010 – 2011 fiscal year, a full 23.9% of the faculty at WSSU are white, which is a statistic that far exceeds the percentage of black professors at predominantly white universities. Many white universities have departments that have never hired a black professor at all.”

  22. Justice should apply for everyone, regardless of race. I don’t have time to waste trying to counter those so depressed, prejudiced, or stressed out that they think otherwise.

  23. Knowledge must eventually supersede one’s beliefs prescribed doctrine. I see every ethnic group here in America, use their power of ‘self preservation’ to willingly protect the integrity of their ‘cultural heritage’ through ‘private, social, and educational institutions’. Yet, the “ascendants” (Imhotep) of America’s former slave population are discouraged from exercising this integral part of being human.

    I think any HBCU that trust a person of that particular persuasion (those historically desirous of total domination of the Nubian race) to teach “our” young, takes something away from the general idea in context. Thank Mr. Jones, for his honesty, and Nina Shukuru sana, to all my ‘knowledgeable ones’. Hotep!

  24. Hate only begets more hate. Just saying.

  25. I feel you 110 percent Derrick. That chick needs to stop trying have people feel sorry for her and go to a white university. Her a*s crying a river does not get any sympathy from me.

  26. Make no mistake about it, the ONLY reason why she was at an HBCU was because I’m Certain she had been Rejected by her own. When Winston-Salem State University discovered she was sub-par, it was too late. Now she’s going to kill 2 birds with one stone; she’s going to prove to her own kind that she really has a voice, and she’s going to kick Winston-Salem State University in the azz financially. Must we Always learn everything the hard way!

  27. Imhotep, I reject that “rat theory”, no it’s not in the Bible and does not apply to humans as far as whats right or what is wrong. Our decisions are based a majority of the times on our own personal choices, which we will have to answer to God for on Judgement Day with no ‘rat theory’ being accepted period, lol

  28. Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated but there is definitely a discrepancy when it comes to how people are treated in mainstream environments.

    I was recently laid off at a mainstream institute of higher learning where the predominant demographic of students are Black but there are no Blacks in institutional leadership positions.

    I am a product of an HBCU and have taught at two HBCU’s. I interviewed a few years ago at a local HBCU where the Chair was white and also the Dean.

    The Dean actually asked me why I wanted to work at the institution. I laughed and asked if this was still and HBCU because if so then I would think the presence of an African-American male would always be welcomed.

    Hmmm, some say progress.

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