Eddie Glaude, Cornel West Call Obama out for Neglect of Black America

Eddie Glaude, Cornel West and several other Black Princeton Professors in the Center for African American Studies are not satisfied with President Obama’s performance and they are not holding back. Some of them have even gone on Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction.

CAAS Chair Eddie Glaude GS ’97 has been consistent in voicing his concern and speaking up for black people on social media. On September 4, while the Democratic National Convention was going on, he tweeted,

“As folks rally to support POTUS in Charlotte, will anyone sound the alarm for what is happening in Black America?”

Glaude feels that Obama has ignored and continues to ignore the fact that African Americans are disproportionately affected by poverty and hardship.

Says Glaude,

“Of course, you have to consider the scale of the economic crisis, but when you look at housing, the job market, rates of incarceration and the health care crisis, black America has really suffered.”

Glaude said that in spite of a Black man being in the White House, Black people are not better off now than they were four years ago.

Glaude went on to explain that he is not suggesting that President Obama should govern by focusing only on Black people but pointed out that the Obama administration has not used any policies that are necessary to help the most vulnerable communities in society, saying,

“We wouldn’t think that any specific legislation for the LGBT community beyond repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and beyond questions about same-s*x marriage is needed. We can talk about the Hispanic community in the same way with the DREAM Act.”

Glaude, who is on leave at this time, says he will not actively participate in any political campaigning but will continue to advocate for the Black community.

Says, Glaude,

“I want to intervene in a substantive and culturally informed way around issues that matter to me. What I despise more than anything are efforts to short-circuit the kind of deliberation we need for people to make informed choices. As long as I am doing that kind of work, I hope I have some influence.”

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  1. U know its folks like these smart a*s idiots that could and should take this negative energy and back our president rather than finding fought in him. Some people will do anything for attention and the love of money!what happen did the GOP get to U two? if that is the case then u need to put up some of ur money built houses for those that need them!

    • Another black hero FOR THE PEOPLE has emerged. Lainey Tell obama to stop using our tax money to pay trolls to troll this internet on his behalf.

      • I have wrecked my brain trying to figure out just what is it that the Black people expect President Obama to do? When I listen to these men speak, for them to be so educated I just don’t understand. First I want you to see that out of respect for the man and the title I address my president as President Obama, I may not have as much education as the rest of the repliers but I do know this. There has never been a president more disrespected as this one and his family. We may not agree with all of his Policies but nevertheless he is never given credit for what he has accomplished. One man said, In spite of a Black man being in the White House, Black people are no better off.” Well I would like to ask you how spectacular was your life when the white presidents were there which one helped you get your education; and when did any of them sit down and say lets do this or that for the black man? Wake up! all black people, we are where we are today because of the Grace of God. When President Obama talks about the Middle Class, for those who were living as middle class people, until they lost their job or circumstances happen he is including the black man; when he talks about helping the students who want to go to college; he is also talking about the black student; when he is talking about health care for those who need it, bless your heart blacks you are included. when he talks about creating jobs, get up go get your education and present your selves as intelligent, well mannered, hard working people and see if you can’t get a job. Instead of bashing those who have succeeded for your life not changing or being like theirs. Do all you can to make your life better, pray and trust God. For it is God and only God who can and will make our lives better if we look to Him. I’m praying for our president, because if he doesn’t get back in we think we’re suffering now it will be worse. So why your trying to change proples minds about him. Tell them what they will get (or will loose) if Romney gets in who says one thing and then switches to another just to get the vote. by the way I am black

        • I agree with you dj. We need to get behind and support our President, he can not do what needs to be done alone.

          When he helps America, he helps everybody. It may take a little time but we need to get in where we fit in.

          Don’t let the media cause us to turn on each other, they want to divide and concussion us so that we can not be united.

        • Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D.J

    • Why hasn’t the President addressed the problems of the BLACK PEOPLE in america PUBLICLY, what’s the problem with him being criticized? Why is he continuing the killing policies in AFRICA ?

  2. There is always someone who is not satisfied. With the POWERS that is in the Presidents way. How can he single out a specific race of people an give them special treatment. We as a Race of people have come this far,even has a President in the Highest Position in the Country. An there is always a bunch of CRABS trying to pull him down with their Negativity. What in the h**l have they done to combat the neglect of black America? All they want to do is try to get some recognition thrown their way. Jumping on the BANDWAGON. They are nothing but a bunch of educated fools that has lost their grip on reality, an crying like a spoiled child. An now that they have got their 5 minutes of Fame please crawl back into oblivion. Not only them, but that other Uncle Tom, the one that wanted to cut the Presidents b***s out. They make me sick!

    • Fools like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. You dont even know the purpose you pay taxes.Cornell and Glaude aren’t paid from all that money they take out of your check. OBAMA IS! d**n FOOL!

      • @faye, you’re right Claude and Cornell aren’t paid from all that tax money taken out of our checks; they’re paid by the Republican establishment to brainwash dumb a*s n*****s like you. Samuel Hill is correct in everything he said and you’re too stupid to understand it. It’s you that shouldn’t be allowed to vote because it’s obvious that you don’t have a clue as to what you’d be voting for. West, Claude and the rest of these educated fools are nothing more than a bunch of fame seeking, self-absorbed, sell-out house n*****s. They don’t have the guts to be real Black men and they try to make themselves look important by criticizing real Black men who they wish they were. Their only contribution to the Black community is to point out the problems and call on someone else to fix them; when the real truth is that they don’t want the problems fixed because then they wouldn’t have s**t to talk about. As Samuel L. Jackson so eloquently put it; “Wake The f**k Up; and vote for Obama”.


        • h**l YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

        • Thank you James.

          Not only would they not have anything to talk about if the problem was fixed, in addition they wouldn’t get paid..the true motive behind their hustle.

        • James, you are so right. Those guys are part of the house n*****s. People like Alan west will rot in h**l.

        • James, you are wrong. One is supposed to be critical of the President–regardless of the race of the person being critical or the race of the president. The president has experienced difficulties, but that is not where the criticism is directed. It is directed at the area in which the president has given little to no focus: Black Issues. He has refused to meet with black leaders. That is his choice: No one stopped him. He does not want to be seen with too many blacks, and he does not want to speak about black issues publicly. But he speaks about other controversial issues that are specific to other groups.

          The notion that black people should and can solve their own problems is ridiculous. No other demographic is expected to go it alone–without the President’s support. Policy initiatives are necessary to bring sweeping change to any community, especially in the black community where generations of oppressive policies (or neglect) have resulted in the problems many black communities experience, today. Only policy will remedy the problem. Trickle-down policies do not work. Black communities face unique challenges and require unique policies to address them–not a policy designed for white communities that is supposed to benefit us indirectly.

          White communities are in recovery mode, while black communities are still in free-fall. We are the highest percentages in ALL statistical categories. We are not enjoying any of the recovery and that is on the President.

          Too many blacks are confused about the President’s role. He is supposed to be there for ALL of us–even if it is controversial.

        • Thank you, thank you, thank you…

          What has Cornell West, Tavis Smiley or any of them done except hold seminars, conferences, write books and tell black people the same thing year after year.

          I think the table should be turned on THEM and ask THEM what they have done for black people. Tavis is so uppity he rejected Michelle Obama to speak at his fraud SOTBU conference he held year after year. Why didn’t his “covenant” scam work?

          The both of them never led a march except to their bank to deposit the money they have been scamming for years. They have the nerve to criticize when all their sponsor money comes from white folks. Not only that they have been addressing the issue for years so why hasn’t it been resolved? Why have they been at it for years yet expect this president to fix it in less than 4 years?

          Follow the money when you see the Tavis and Cornell show…

  3. The policies Present Obama has fought for and passed are impeccable and essential in helping all people especially African Americans Policies are concrete change all things come together in the end Clearly they’re not taking in account the whole Union Just be Patient

  4. I agree with Lainey Ray period. Shall we say ‘crabs in a barrel’. BTW, whatever happened to the convention in la. In 2007, Smiley wanted candidate Obama to attend? When Obama couldnot attend, he offered to send Mrs. Obama, Smiley refused to accept Mrs Obama. I’ ve never considered him seriously since. And Cornell West, he looks and sounds crazy. Soooo just a couple of crabs. Do their speeches on poverty reduce proverty? Where is their initive? Justwondering

    • Nancy, Cornell and Gaude dont have your tax money in their pocket. Obama does. Since you dont need anything in return for your money, please send some over by me.

  5. Boyce, using President Obama to generate traffic on your sites for profit is played out and on it’s last leg in walking you to the bank.

    With this article, apparently you’re trying to squeeze every penny out of your Obama hustle when you start using sellout, unknown negro professors to generate traffic. You even used your side piece West in the heading to draw attention, and he didn’t even have a quote in the piece.

    In the words of Rev. Al, did you really think we wouldn’t notice you using this no name negro as a leader, and West in the title to get you paid, think again, because we GOT CHA!

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  7. While I love brother West, I am highly disappointed in his view of Obama from the start. I have to wonder if his ego is coming into play because Obama has not looked to him in the same way Clinton looked to West. Obama instead has looked to Sharpen for advice on the black community. While the last four year has not been the best for African Americans, has it been the worst? Have we fallen back a step or two? There is a time to be critical and a bit radical. Is this that time? What is the alternative, Mitt? Ready? And is this the right time to provide O’Reilly and others with bulletin points. I am highly disappointed.

    • Oh yes, this time in history has been the WORSE for black america.

      In slavery we knew we had a roof over our head and a job! h**l that is better than living under a bridge.

      During reconstruction we survived and thrived. Many black politicians were elected to office, and the family farm businesses thrived. With the poorest of us sharecropping and we had each other.

      During Jim Crow we had EACH OTHER and a home to go back to, when the northern factories laid us off, and we had stable family life. Now we have single struggling mothers either on welfare or working for welfare and strangers raising our kids. Opportunites that should go to american black youth are being given to the children of illegal aliens through the Dream Act.

      Yeah that Obama really hates us negroes just like his white kansas grandpappy trained him to do.

      I hear that he is abandoning Chicago and plan to move to Hawaii where he will be safe and sound, while the people who made him, black chicago, suffer until the end of time.

      • Yeah, everything that’s wrong and happening to Black people is Obama’s fault. When he became the President he was supposed to give Black people their 40 acres and a mule, he was supposed to wave his magic wand and release all the Black men from prisons; he was supposed to pass some legislation to make all white and foreign companies fire their white and hispanic employees and replace them with Black people; he was supposed to put a Black man back in the house to help single mothers raise their kids; he was supposed to give all Black people living in poverty a good paying job somewhere and a nice house to live in away from the ghetto. d**n, if I missed anything, h**l he was supposed to do that too. 4 years was more than enough time to get all of this done and since it hasn’t been done we need to get rid of black a*s and put another white man back in charge; then we’ll get some s**t done, yeah.

      • Maybe that roof should have been removed and would have been had it not been for slaves like you who were satisfied with the roof. Your kind always ran and told the master about the resurrection–all of them. And doing the same thing now, just in another way.
        During reconstruction we survived until organized KKK and whites who, like the ones who hate President Obama, needed Blacks gone stroke white supremacy. I know you don’t understand that.
        During Jim Crow, still no control over our lives with little hope in sight until blacks stood up and said no more of this. Opportunities are provided for black youth. It the same old lesson, black know the deal and that is get up and take control of your own life by doing the best that you can. The grants to go back to colleges that the President’s offered were for blacks too.

        I learned in a substandard school. We can too if our parents are on their job of rearing their chidden. Not that the President did not give millions to the school system. I think the public school system is mostly black and hispanics, am I right?

        It’s a black face lie that President Obama hate black people. The truth is that YOU HATE YOURSELF. Any black that can not take joy in President Obama’s policies is self-hatred sick. You wimps (I have better names for you) never heard a peek out of you with the other white presidents make me ill.

        As I said many times, you whites come to these sites to do your dirty work, and then I’m never sure with so many self-hating blacks.

      • @Karl

        Your reparations check is in the mail. Now will you please get off your a*s, look in the mirrow, stop blaming Obama and do something with your worthless self!

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  9. I’m tired of complaints too. Where is a viable solution from these two? Okay, they don’t agree with the Presiden’t policies, I get that, they don’t feel he has done enough to address the problems in Black America…I get that too. However, what I DON’T GET

  10. ..here is the rest of my comment: what I DON’T GET..about Mr.’s West, Glaude, Smiley, etc: where are their viable solutions? For all the pomp and circumstance, and ralies and conventions, and talk shows that they use as a platform to rail against the POTUS’s policies, then, my question to them is: where is your solution? What policies should be put in place to positive affect Black America the way that THEY want it to be done? I just need to know that. If you are going to…’po mouth’ (as my departed Grandmother used to say), then h**l, come up with an alternative! Otherwise, stop complaining, and do something!

    • That is not their job you DUMB TWIT! They are not being paid one cent to speak out and up for their community. They’re probably spending their own money to bring attention to the plight of black america under this pathetic president.


      • You’re the dimwit fool, and if your a*s is laid off you probably deserve to be. Get off your lazy a*s and go find something else to do. Futhermore I don’t believe for a minute that you’re Black. You’re probably some cowardly a*s racist bigot trying to get a rise out of Black people to futher some racist agenda. As far as taxes; your a*s probably haven’t paid enough to buy a loaf of bread let alone contribute enough to pay toward the salary of the President. Take your tired a*s somewhere else and spew this s**t.

      • And just what is their job? Talk? Oh, come on Karl, you have got to be white, no sorry a*s ‘negro’ could possibly make these asinine statements. I’m not listening lalalalalalalala!

        • Being critical of Obama is not a white or black thing. I am black and I saw issues with Obama before he was elected president. I looked at his voting record and saw that he had sided with republicans and corporate America on important issues that hurt black people (e.g., credit card interest rates).

          It was touching on many levels to see the first black man become president of the United States, but I want more than symbolism.

          Obama has achieved a great deal of success in important areas. He has had to overcome the challenges of partisanship. With all of that, he has failed to speak out about black issues. He will not meet with black leaders to discuss concerns in the black community. And he has admonished blacks as lazy people who want a handout. Why did he do it? Is it to show whites that he is not the black President? I do not know, but it hurt blacks because it fed into the stereotypes.

          He should address the issues that affect ALL people and that includes black poverty, crime, incarceration, housing, education and jobs.

      • Karl, You are not Black, so stop talking your s**t. I think you really hate black people. You are two faced.
        Trust me, God put this President here for a reason, and people like you are the devil. You are sick to support the Romney and Ryan ticket. They have people like you brain washed. I am going to pray for you.

      • No Karl. After the Election YOU will be unemployed

    • That’s what black people close to them should ask, what are your solutions. Don’t say another word until you have at least one solution.
      Mis-educated’Negroes’ are the worst kind of blacks. They are Eurocentric educated and are of no use to the black community.

  11. Here’s my question: Under what scenario would it be acceptable for anyone who is black and who has a legitimate issue with Obama to speak out? Does our fear from being accused of being a “crab in the barrel” effectively mute us and remove any sort of accountability for any politician that happens to be black? Perhaps this is the reason why Obama (and many other black politicians) can take our votes for granted and/or not be accountable. In the meantime, Netanyahu comes over here to press Obama for his interests. The LGBT community can press Obama for their issues. Everyone else can lobby and criticize him except for us. Instead we either have to be quiet or sing from the same sheet of music.

    I don’t necessarily agree with West or Smiley on everything or even what to press Obama on. Quite frankly, even some of the issues they raise are better addressed by our people getting our stuff together and dealing with them as opposed to petitioning Obama and the government. But I can not agree that we should be silent and not critique Obama or any other black politician simply for the sake of “unity”. If anything, they should be more accountable to us, given our unyielding support, than any other group.


      i think almost all of you people on this internet are foreign blacks who came to america for freedom, but you can take a n8ggah out of the 3rd world but you cant take the 3rd world out of him. you are used to living under black dictators who murder you for voicing opposition.

      Instead of being silent in america, and learning something about freedom, you voice your dumb azz opinions, lead our simpleminded black americans who embrace you, down the road of stupidity and are helping to put into place the same d**n thing you said you left africa about. STFU! and listen and learn, and stop talking 3rd world sh8t.


      i think almost all of you people on this internet are foreign blacks who came to america for freedom, but you can take a n8ggah out of the 3rd world but you cant take the 3rd world out of him. you are used to living under black dictators who murder you for voicing opposition.

      Instead of being silent in america, and learning something about freedom, you voice your dumb azz opinions, lead our simpleminded black americans who embrace you, down the road of stupidity and are helping to put into place the same d**n thing you said you left africa about. STFU! and listen and learn, and stop talking 3rd world sh8t.

    • OK, then criticize him for specifics ‘just like you did with all of those other white presidents’ –right? Don’t come up here with that vague s**t about “he ain’t done nothing for us”.

      What do we think uneducated and unthinking blacks are going to do about Tavis and Smiley and other blacks crab antics? They are going to sit at home feeling justified and give their vote to Mitt (the know nothing-but against you) Romney–in absenteeism. Lord let me live long enough to witness black people who can think as a group.

      To answer your question “under what scenario would it be acceptable ….the answer is when and if the President enact (that means sign something) that is dialectically opposed to blacks we won’t need Tavis and West or anyone else going on television to tell us that we have been ‘dissed’.

      The President is not deserving of the crab barrel activity that many blacks are engaging in, to what purpose I do not know except unthinking psychological self-hatred.

    • OK, then criticize, but please be specific just like you did with all of those other white presidents before President Obama-right?

      What do we think all of those uneducated and unthinking blacks are going to do on November 6th, listening to Tavis and Smiley? They are going to sit at home and in absenteeism give their vote to Mitt (the know nothing, but against blacks) Romney. That’s going to work out find for crab barrel people.

      The answer to your question, “under what scenario…when and if the President enact (that means sign something) that is dialectically opposed to blacks, we will not need Tavis and West going on television telling us we have been dissed.

      The only reason that Tavis and Smiley is seen so often on TV is because they are bad-mouthing the President. The President is not deserving of this crab barrel activity that many blacks are engaging in, to what purpose I do not know other than money and engaging in psychological self hatred, and that is a shame.

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  13. Unfortunately, often Black americans are labeled as “crabs”, negativity singers, etc., when opinions are voiced about other people of color. Serious questions must not be silenced because of one’s color. The President has offered assistance (political, yes) to groups: stopping/delaying deportation for Hispanics, support for Gays, etc. What wrong with offering assistance/support for Black Americans? Unemployment, poverty still ranks highest among Black Americans. What’s wrong with the same expectation that others are given? A bullet from a weapon fired by a Black American can do the same damage as a bullet fired from any other America. During the 2008 campaign for President, Clinton call Obama a “fairy tale”. Now, the two are thicker than thieves! Politics? Yes. Why can’t Black American have the same expectations as any other American. Glaude and West: continue to raise questions. The world needs to hear, maybe one day Americans (like ostrichs) will take their heads out of the sand and see the writing on the wall: UNEQUAL TREATMENT from the White House! Please continue to educate, we need more people like Mr. Watkins, Mr. Glaude and Mr. West.

    • Very beautifully said. The fact that Obama has caused so so much division says everything about him.

      Division is a tool of satan, to divide and conquer.

      Why would anyone believe what Obama says, when the facts are: he was nurtured and loved by white grandparents, his white mother. They had to learn to hate the face of the black man who caused their daughter/mother so much pain. That is just common sense.

      Obama senior was sent back to Kenya by Harvard to help whites take over their land, but they ran him out and kicked him out of office, and now we need to do the same, in America.

    • Obviously, you don’t know the history of black people. It is evident that you have not done a cursor look at President Obama contributions that have had long positive effects on blacks. True, he didn’t do a shout out that blacks are included in the Obama Health Care. He failed to shout out that blacks are included in the grants offered, he forgot to mention to black women that equal pay was for them too. I guess the black soldiers that came home from Iraq stayed because they thought it was for white soldiers. There was no mention of them staying.
      Have black school children shunned the renovated schools, and black teachers whose jobs were saved?

      Black people need to read your history it would be a great beginning, I promise you will always know what time of day it is and the condition of your condition, and whose to blame for it.

      We do know that blacks “first black President Clinton” signed NAFTA that enabled manufacturers to out source their manufacturing jobs that blacks were mostly employed. Not to mention those clerical jobs that many blacks held. THEY ARE GONE. If we had paid any attention to the global news we would have been preparing ourselves. Nooooo! We continued to take the soft courses in college, psychology, mass communication, political science, etc. Have we used the grants offered by President Obama the past four years? Have our children quieted down and started applying themselves in school–now is all of this President Obama’s fault?

      President Obama has had unemployment extended time and time again, more people are on welfare, now, it is your turn-get up and do something for your own self!

  14. These Brothers are Right Obama is Being Turned as we Speak! He is a Beautiful Human but it is some Satanic Forces that Have Always Ran this Nation Like The Masonic Order & Shriners Secret Organizations most Remedial Negroes have no clue! Obama is somewhere with a Apple in his mouth being Rotissarized by these Devils! These Fake a*s Jews are trying to make Him go to War putting our People in Harms way! Obama has taken our people for Granted trying to get White Votes & We gotta pull a Gun on Him to Get him to a Black Event? Now he trying to play Politics to get h**o Votes? I am like Cameo “I don’t want nobody to get the wrong idea about me” lol He not doing Anything for Us because if he shows his intentions to help us they will kill Him! They Need Him or Want to use Him Against US like they always use us Against other Countrys like they did Colin Powell they used him for that fake Iraq War he knew this that’s why he Quit! After all this these Crackers want him Dead Quoting Bible Verses about killing our Brother,but I got some Bible Verses to Quote too Beware of the Ones Who call themselves Jews for they are Not! They are of the Synaguege of Satan! Let them Jews fight they own Wars & stay out White Problems!!!!

    • Whites have not ever MADE NEGRO TRAITORS DO SH8T! They dont have to. They identify the selfish negro who has no loyalty or love and sells him to the masses through propaganda.

      Whites do nothing, that negroes dont LET THEM do. Obama could have said “h**l no!” I have principals. I have morals.

      In my work career, I ALWAYS stood up for my morals and principals, because no one answers to God for my deeds but ME! I watched other’s get promoted over me for selling out, but in the end, in the long run, all the idiotic negroes with no vision and no morals ended up OUT OF THE DOOR BEFORE I DID! TRUE STORY.

      Temporary gain is good while it lasts, but standing up for your beliefs, ALWAYS PAYS OFF IN THE LONG RUN OBAMA, IF YOU LISTENING!

      Obama will go down in history as the destroyer of black america.

      • Shut up, koon!

        Obama will be your President again for 2012.

        Better start packin’ now, LOL!

      • If Obama goes down in history as a destroyer it will be because the white bigots, racist and ignorant house Negro’s. Give me one example where the President has divided anything or destroyed anything. You don’t know what the h**l you’re talking about.

  15. fellas you can reach the potus, now try to reach those who are determined to derail anything this admin does, the plain truth, how to bring equality to all. you literary types all study and forums, put your boots on and head to the front lines

  16. Everything the President has gotten done, both blacks and Kneegrows have benifited. If the Haters think The President can do something for the black and kneegrow community, you need to know it has to win the vote of the obstructionist Congress. The President can only make a proposal, congress has to pass it, as well as supply the funding for what he has proposed. If the President proposed that every kneegrow get a $2000 check every month, congress has to agree and then provide the money. You best checkout who your congress representitive is and hate on him or vote him out.

    • That’s teaching Satchel.
      They also need to know what happen to John,and Robert Kennedy, Martin L. King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and many more why they had to die. If President Obama came out talking about black this and black that he would be dead by now. Accept the gifts that he has already gotten for you and look forward to many more, you know, you being American and all that that entails. And don’t do like we did in 2010 stayed at home and let the tea baggers vote in all of those racists. That is what happen-we didn’t vote, stayed at home looking for President Obama to do everything.
      Oh, please excuse me for being so harsh, but golly black folks!

    • Now, that’s teaching-Satchel!
      Kneegrows don’t have a clue, that’s why they stayed home in 2010 while the teabaggers were raging and let them vote in all those true haters. Now, kneegrows are poised to sit home and let Mitt Romney (who knows nothing) with the encouragement of Tavis’ and West’s side show win. Coupled with the suppression of black votes and kneegrows inertia we are in for quite a ride.
      Good luck ‘Kneegrows when that know nothing Romney gets in during the biddings of those racist tea baggers, you won’t be able to find a Welfare or food stamp office because there won’t be any!

      What happen with all of those blacks whose always saying “i’m just an American”. How come they became black when President Obama became president? Where’s the I’m an American now? They even have American tacked on to their name, I know they’re afraid of any connection to Africa, but ni

  17. Obama wont even say the word poor, yet he cares about the poor? The Hispanics got the dream act, the gays have equal rights and the hood is told to wait. The crack law (there is no meth law) disproportionately affects poor blacks, did he change it as promised, no. Just like everybody else. A liar who panders to those with dollars and clout. Basically he is just the lesser of two evils. Somebody who is god sent, as i hear so often would do right at all times and play politics none of the time. -livefrmdahood

    • Then you being livefrmdahood, should realize that some wounds in the da hoods are self-inflicted. What have you been doing for the past four years, mentoring our youths? Organizing on the local level? Securing neighborhood watch that are taken seriously? Lecturing our young men on responsibility? How many Rite of Passage have you offered our boys. Have you talked to merchants to try and get them to hire felons? What have you been doing? That is the question. I know what President Obama has been doing, I just don’t know what we have been doing.

    • @shun, my first inclination was to curse your dumb a*s out but then I realized that you’re just ignorant and should be pitied and not cursed.
      Black people have fought and died for equal rights in this country from the days of slavery until now. The civil rights acts, voting rights acts and every other law passed in this country was so that Black people could be; and consider themselves as true Americans just as any other person born in this country. African-American aren’t some group of people fighting for rights anymore in this country, we already have them; although we are Black we are Americans with all the rights and privileges of any other American. This bullshit about the President is addressing LGBT and Hispanic issues are totally different from addressing issues within the Black community. The President doesn’t need to address African-American issues; he needs to address American’s issues.
      As African-American’s we are disproportionately poorer, under-employed and discriminated against in almost every area in this country; but it isn’t the PRESIDENTS fault and it isn’t the President’s job to fix it. People talk about the President is dividing or destroying; when he is doing exactly the opposite. The only thing Obama has done since being in office is to try and bring Americans together and repair some to the problems facing all Americans. There hasn’t been one law or bill passed by this President to hurt Black people or any other American. That’s why it makes me so angry when I hear people; especially Black people talking this s**t about what the President hasn’t done. He’s done everything right for all Americans and he would be doing more if it weren’t for the a*****e Republican racist and bigots who are blocking everything he’s tried to do. Even with all that opposition he’s still trying. The other thing that really p****s me off is how some of these so-called educated fools like Boyce Watkins, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and others are so d**n envious, jealous and self-absorbed that they acting just like “uncle tom house negro’s. They know better, but because they’re so thirsty for some glimmer of recognition and money they have to keep talking this dump s**t about the President.

  18. Well…Like I said from the beginning… All you Afro-Americans got hoodwinked when you voted Obama into Office thinking that just because he was black..he was gone cut you some slack, and even get some Perferred Treatment as an Afro-American! Ha..He has done nothing more for you than any other. I personally never was looking for Obama to do anything for me. Many of you just voted Color: Because you thought Black President=Black Rewards!
    Think again. Now, many of you that voted him into office are disillusioned and unhappy with him, in whom you voted in!
    Some of you know that he has made things worse, and you still stay in his corner…though you SEE the damage he is doing to our country! No! But just because he is black…you still gone vote Obama. It is called stupidity…Period!

    • Cynthia, please explain how we were hoodwinked. Whether you expected anything from him or not, he has done something for you. How, please elucidate how he has made things worse and what damage has he done to this country. Wait, please do not use Republicans talking points, because we know they are all lies. Go ahead, explain. We are waiting!

    • Cynthia, you sound like some white bigot too. So who should Black people have voted for; McCain? Who should they vote for in this election; Romney? This is why I know you’re some racist, bigoted plant just trying to discourage Blacks from voting period. There seems to be a lot of that going on in this election. Romney and the Republicans are so d**n desperate they’ll do anything to keep Black people from voting. There just isn’t any end to the lies and deceit.

  19. Pingback: Dr. Boyce: Since When Did Black Advocacy Become Inherently Anti-Obama? | Your Black World

  20. Where were these idiots when Bush was robbing the Country blind. Go away already, Cornel, Boyce and others like you. Mitt needs all of you!!!!

  21. Wow, they have so much to say about Obama, but when will these ignorant n*****s talk about the black on black crime that plagues the fake black community?

    Talk about crabs in a bucket!

    It seems like our Black Power loving leaders are btches for the GOP.

    Hey Cornell, how do them boots taste?


  22. Puke times again! These cry babies are helping me clean out my digestive system.

  23. You all have made some very good points. I have written a book: Why Are Afro-Americans Afraid To Take Off The Blinders which will be released at the end of October 2012, which gives my solutions and awareness to our current conditions, A MUST READ for Afro-Americans.

    The Willie Lynch Letters has told us the Master Plan for people of color in America. For the first time in history, we have a Black man as President of these United States of America,and we have not learned from history that UNITED we stand and DIVIDED we fall.

    I never heard any out breaks or out spoken words when former president Bush was in office and we all know what he did. Instead of blasting out on our President, we Black Folks need to come together and help him to succeed. In stead of blasting him, blast out on Black America. We have enough successful black folks in this country, athletes,musicians,fraternities,sororities, College Professors,pastors and the list goes on. We should do our part and develop solutions and use our networks to start doing for ourselves.

    If we work together for a common cause then we can change our situation with the help of our current President. He is only one man but their are millions of us. You think about it.

  24. Stop with the trying to get attention!!! He is president of the United States, not just black America. Stop whining and get a life.

  25. Republican must be the most powerful organization that ever existed when it come to African-American. I keep hearing how we will be so worst off if a Republican is elected President. It seems to me since I start keeping up with our condition we are already worst off. We have been at the bottom of the economic ladder for a 100 years; however we have had Democratic and Republican administrations. We have the highest unemployment rate 14.5%, our median income is the lowest(soon to be lower than hispanics), 38% of our children live in poverty, 40% of the prison inmates of African-american males, our young Black men of slaughtering each other in the street across the country, black males have one of the highest high school drop out rates, Black females head up almost 60% of our households(where are the daddies?). My question is; we have access to everything everyone else have access to: schools, colleges, we can start our own businesses, we are Mayors, Congressman, Senators,Doctors, Lawyers,millionaires, etc..So, how have the Republican kept us down for 150 years? I guess because they are so powerful; apparently more powerful than an entire race of people. Are’ it could be unlike other groups in this country we don’t know how to work together as a race. If it’s not that, then it must be those Republicans.

  26. My people, please be smarter than you are showing yourselves to be. Reading these comments, it is clear to me we have posers in here with the mindset of divide and conquer.

    President Obama isn’t perfect. If you are a supporter, as I am, you need to recognize this. I too struggle with his lack of presence in our community, but to say he has done nothing for our community would be false. Black folk stand to gain significantly from Healthcare reform since we are, next to Latinos, the least likely to be insured. As for crime on the streets, it smacks me as ridiculous to look to the POTUS for local issues. What precisely do you expect him to do? Place tanks on the streets of Chicago, NY or Baltimore? Black on black crime was here before him and, unfortunately, will be here after him. He can’t get anywhere with improving schools due to the opposition from across the political aisle and teacher unions (who enjoys generous support from the AA community. Ironic isn’t it?) No, he leads by example. Perhaps the issue then for us isn’t so much the leadership, but our failure to follow.

    • Failure to follow? Before we can follow, Obama must discuss what he is doing or willing to do about issues that are unique to the black community. The problem is that he is not willing to meet with black leaders to begin the dialog. The criticism is valid: Obama is not willing to speak about black issues or meet with black leaders to better understand our concerns. Obama is surrounded by white elites who have little understanding or concern about black issues. Yet, I keep hearing black Obama apologists complain that Obama is not perfect and we should not expect him to solve our problems. But he is solving other groups’ problems. I guess symbolism is our reward for being blind followers.

      Obama has weighed in on some of the most controversial issues in national and international politics and accepted the fallout as necessary to achieving his goal: reelection. He said he is the president for all Americans. He should show it by tackling black issues as he has done for other groups: issues unique to immigration, marriage equality, women’s reproductive rights and so on. I have not heard him say, “I am not the gay president or the immigration president or the women’s president. He has met with representatives and leaders of the aforementioned groups. Why not blacks? Fair is fair.

  27. What black leaders? Since I don’t go to church, I don’t have any leaders. I don’t NEED anybody to lead me. It is just so sickeningly sad to see so many black people crying becsuse Obama didn’t wave his magic wand and solve their problems.

  28. Those idiot that think like these two clown should take their thoughts and ship them to Africia. We didn’t know you had any thought like this until we elected a black man as President. You should find the good is what the President is trying to do. If you should comment about something you should look at the things he tried to get done and those REP wanted to make sure he fail. Wake up you tooken N##### I don’t like using that word but you deserve it.

  29. Althou I love President Obama there isnt enough tht has been done to stop the killing of our children. If this was a 3 world country troops would have been disburst a long time ago…. we can LOVE our President and disagree with him as well. We love our family but we have disagreements. More needs to be done period to stop the black on black crime…and others killing blacks aswell…..in a minute I think tht we may just start to take things in our own hands…I wonder if whites were being killed by every race like blacks would we be in a war right now, or the US would be locked down…

  30. Both of these dudes nedd to sit down. What the h**l are “they” doing for the Black Community, other than run their d**n mouths about what someone else is not doing.

  31. I hope i can get some of my people to understand.Please do the research.
    President Obama is the president of a corporation,of which the united
    states and its military are headquartered here.We have,since 1913 been
    owned by the British and every person here is a commodity traded on the
    New York stock exchange.Our president is merely handling white folks business.We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled,we are all slaves,black,white,brown,and Latino.They make no secret of it anymore and openly talk about eugenics ( population reduction),taking away all of the rights we have left.Are openly planning to intern a large portion of the population (patriot act,ndaa)and drone patrols over every area of the country.(Martial Law)Please do not believe me.Check it out.Maybe there is still time to appeal to the conscience of man before we start the process of human annihilation with the attack on Iraq.Pray everything else is secondary.Pray for the Prez,he is included too.

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