Dallas Police to Prostitutes: Jail or Jesus

The city of Dallas, Texas is known for many things, amongst them, the Dallas Cowboys and all the oil money. Lately, though, there has emerged a dark side to the city with illegal activity on the rise.

Because of the easy access to highways and commercial routes, Dallas has attracted a lot of illegal activity, especially prostitution.

Speaking to CBN News, Dallas Police Lt. Mike Coleman said,

“We’re in the south central part of Dallas. We’re very close to one of the major truck stops. There’s hotels; there’s a lot of traffic. We’re next to a major thoroughfare next to I-20, and so you get a lot of transient people that come in and out. It’s a fertile ground for prostitutes.”

The Dallas Police Department has taken drastic measures to tackle the problem that they are having with the high incidence of prostitution. The department is giving the prostitutes an opportunity to get off the streets and do something better with their lives rather than send them to jail.

Coleman is head of the department’s Prostitution Diversion Initiative (PDI), which is a partnership between Dallas police, Religious Organizations, Social Services and other organizations that focus on helping the prostitutes get off the streets.

The PDI program came about when the department kept arresting the same people for prostitution over and over again.

Says Coleman,

“It allows us to move the prostitutes from the wheel of going around in the criminal justice system on a regular basis to moving into a recovery mode. [We] realized we were not going to arrest our way out of this.”

The police treat the women as victims instead of criminals when they arrest them, explained Coleman, saying,

“When you treat them as a victim, that’s what allows them to get the services that they need for whatever is ailing them, be it drug addiction, be it whatever counseling needs they have, for whatever it is that’s causing them to be engaged in this lifestyle.”

Every month, one night is spent at a mobile command center close to a local truck stop and police arrest “night workers” who find a lot of their “clients” at the stop. The women are then given the option of going to jail or starting a new life through the program. Although the PDI 45-day program does have religious partners, the program does offer non-religious ways for the women to turn their lives around.

Only those who are facing misdemeanor charges can participate in the program which offers services such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation and counseling.

Renee Breazeale, a community liaison for PDI, notes that most of the street walkers are women who have endured many years of pain and suffering before turning to prostitution.

“Eighty to eighty-five percent of them will acknowledge and are able to articulate childhood victimization, s****l abuse, physical abuse, exploitation, deprivation,” says Breazeale.

41 Responses to Dallas Police to Prostitutes: Jail or Jesus

  1. Boi stop So what they are saying is get “SAVED” or go to jail Really TX where they do that at If these Ladies wanted God in their lives they would have sault him out for themselves Now I am down with the getting them off the streets and off drugs but you can’t force religion on them #DOINGTOOMUCH

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        • There is no record of who was the first prostitute.
          Rahab was a famous one and Hosea’s wife was another. But usually there is a lesson being expounded in the bible where prostitutes are involved.
          There are also the famous “Shame the Johns Programs” that other police departments have used to tamp down the demand side of the equation. But no social program can match the incomes that some of these girls make. Many average a six figure incomes and some have sugar daddies who pay all of their bills.
          The police apply pressure and the prostitutes take a little vacation with counseling. Eventually the taxpayers will no longer be able to pay for this. If you can’t protect female soldiers from their male comrades in the United States military what makes you think that t e police and religious institutions can defeat the profit motive of prostitution. It is small business and Romney would support that.

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  2. The headline of this story is bogus, or misleading at best. No where in this story does it says that these prostitutes are forced to attend any religious services, and it explicitly says that these women had the option to attend non religious affiliated programs.

  3. I think its a good idea to give those ladies an opportunity to change their life or go. To jail. However I those that choose the alternative and go Jack to the streets should not get a third chance at redemption.

    • Richetta, you should concern yourself with going back to school to learn how to spell, and proper grammar, instead of worrying about what these prostitutes are doing. You may soon have to sell your body, in order for you to survive, because with your low degree of intelligence, you certainly are unemployable.

  4. Sorry …I’ve the ladies go back to the streets after they had been given a break, they should not get another break. Further more, I think there should be a stricter punishment for backsliding. Double the time or fines.

  5. After thinking about this subject, I’d like to add another comment. The prostitutes in Dallas aren’t the whole problem .. .the paying customers are Leo at fault. I didn’t read about any murders or hold ups. These prosititutes are being paid! Right? So when a prosititute is charged , the john should be charged as well. It should be unlawful to charge one and not the other willing partner. Its not unlawful for two consentny adults . And everybody knows a woman always gets paid in one way or another for s*x. At least all the women I know that have respect for themselves.

  6. The “Johns ” should have the same options. Jail or JESUS!

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        • D. Harvey, I agree with you but he is getting so much attention that his ignorance is being fueled to continue…The message at my church this past week was titled “Christian Love” the Pastor spoke about loving people that are hard to love…So, if you are Christian guess how we should treat Derrick lol… Lawd help us…

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    • @Richetta, The police department here in Dallas,Texas is about money this been going on for many years. Prostitutes Not only during there business off I-20 but also down town.


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  9. tooblessedtocomplain

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    God is in control and believe me everyone will answer to him one day, sooner than you may think you need to get on your knees and pray!!

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    • @poorcheetah:

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  13. i am grateful that these abused persons have an avenue to get social services. Jesus peace philosophy helps. better than jail.
    its very late for the squabbling. grow up

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