African American Pastors: “The Democratic Party is Not Pro-African American”

An African American leader is speaking out about the celebrations taking place after the Democratic National Convention vowed to support abortion and officially endorse “gay marriage”.

Speaking to CNA, Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said,

“As far as I’m concerned, the Democratic Party is not pro-African American.”

Owens went on to express his views saying that African Americans in the U.S. are used as “pawns” because the Democrats take their loyalty for granted even though the Democratic Party does not support their interests.

Owens also questioned why, if the Democratic Party is truly concerned about the Black community, “why are we in such bad shape,” even though Black people consistently vote for the Democrats. He went on to name education, jobs and abortion as some of the issues that Black people care about.

“We’re losing our young men to gangs,” he added, and “culturally, we’re slipping behind.” Owens cited the loss of family as an underlying issue of many issues in the Black community saying,

“If the family were intact, we wouldn’t have so many of our young men in prison [and gangs]…Education would be much better.”

Owens talked about  his involvement in the civil rights movement when there were more black families together than white families.

“But now the family has disintegrated,” he said.

In speaking out about President Obama, Owens marks the first time ever speaking out publicly to voice displeasure. He said that he is speaking out because of his concern for the implications of President Obama’s stance on many issues, especially his stance on “gay marriage”.



125 Responses to African American Pastors: “The Democratic Party is Not Pro-African American”

  1. why do black blue dog continue to give this guy a platform. he is unknown, a nobody, no different than any other black person who is in disagreement with president obama. i bet more people know derrick who frequent your sites than this guy. lol (we love you derrick)

    but you continue to cover this guy as news, when no one cares about his opinions. if you need a negative statement about obama from a black person, please use boyce, yvette, west and tavis.

    albeit no one listens to their jealousy and hate, at least they’re known in the black community. (oops..excluding yvette)lol

    • love your response Raheem!

      • Fools of a feather, flock together. The pastor is on point. Time for black people to explore their options and become independents when voting.

        • @karl

          yes fools of a feather, flock together. but in your support of this pimp pastor, you forgot to mention if you lie down with dogs, you get up with flees. you still scratching….lol

          • What dogs are you lying with? The PAID by democrats dogs that tell you to vote a straight party ticket regardless of the fact that they do nothing for you – not even give you police protection, or your civil rights???

            In the days of black illiteracy we did need MOUTHPIECES to tell us how to vote. Now that we have at least 70% of the black population with high school diplomas, bachelor and master’s degrees, we dont need people PAID to lead us down the path of destruction. They have no usefulness in today’s society.

            The Pastor is teaching us not to be lead like sheep to the democratic slaughter. He is telling us to THINK outside the box, for ourselves.

          • @karl

            like most dogs, you’re scratching and don’t even know you have flees. speak for yourself when you say the pastor is teaching us.

            like most pimp pastors he is talking to the weak minded negroes like you who still sufferring from posttramatic slave syndrome.

            now sit your a*s down and shut the h**l up until this pimp pastor and romney send new strategies on how you can help in suppressing the black vote. keep sippin on that bagger tea and you will find your black a*s back on the plantation picking cotton.

          • Thank you Raheem! This ignorant so-called baster(pastor) is as full-of-s**t as most of them regardless of their race! He and his ilk aren’t worth a piece of Dr. Kings s**t! Why aren’t they out in the streets of chicago, los angeles new york/jersey michigan to name but a few;trying to get this black-on-black crime stopped? They are too d**n busy pimpimg and whoring from their pulpits to get involved as they are called to do! They are also too d**n scared of losing their worthless lives but still saying/expecting to go to heaven! They know the onl.y way to get to heaven is to die but they already know they are going to bust h**l wide open! td snake, crefwhore dollar. slick price and all those other megachurch preachers the white ones included know they are wrong in whatg they are doing and are going to h**l fgor it but just want to get a small piece of the pie heaven here on earth!

          • Well Raheem, I hope you got innoculated because you and other blacks lying in the “bed of fleas” on gay marriage at the expense of our already deteriorating families and values will certainly lead to the dog house!!!

            Some blacks seem to accept everything this man says and does and will compromise their own religious convictions and personal beliefs just to go along with the President and the Democratic Party. Both of which allowed “God” to be effectively removed for the first time from the party’s platform and had to take a vote three times in a chorus of “boos” from DNC delegates at their recent convention to have him added back. And, with the party messages heavy on ABORTION ON DEMAND WRAPPED IN THE EUPHEMISTIC “WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE”, CONTRACEPTION AND GAY MARRIAGE, it is not hard to imagine why “God” was left out of this this debacle to begin with!!!!!

            With all the diseases and family break down pathologies that we face, why would some of us want to overlook this issue as if it will not hold any repercussions for the black community?

            I could go on and on because it is obvious that some blacks do not work in child and family/social services, mental health or education fields and just either are blind to the “s****l fluidity” problem (particularly with our young girls) or they are card-carrying or practicing members themselves and don’t mind “spreading their perversions” to our young and impressionable children.

            And, same-s*x marriage will have little or no effect on the DL phenomenon because those men (and women) will just feel empowered by our President and other advocates to just continue “swinging back and forth” between the sexes even more so because they will no longer feel any wrath or stigma from the black community or the American community.

            The transmission of diseases like HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, syphillis and others will escalate and newer and more virulent strains will emerge leading to more and more of our tax dollars spent and wasted on irresponsible s*x addicts!!!!

            Get a clue!!! Promiscuity and perverted s****l behavior and ungodly morals have deleterious and omnipresent consequences for all people. All pastors are no more “pimps in the pulpit” than President Obama or all members of the Democratic Party are veritable “Christians.”

            You want pastors to change their message and turn away from scripture, yet President Obama can get away with supporting the most extreme aspects of abortion to include partial birth and after birth abortions where innocent human lives have been snuffed out to the tune of about 55 million!!!!

            Tell me, are you proud of that? I hope not because that is nothing to be proud of and it is part and parcel of Obama’s “human rights” campaign and record both here in this country and abroad.

            You don’t have to follow “pimp pastors” but you should not blindly follow this spiritually blighted and morally bankrupt President who will lead you directly to the bowels of h**l.

            Sarcasm rules now. But, will you employ sardonic humor in your darkest hour or will you you seek refuge and comfort from a higher power?

            If you don’t know the answer, you still have time to find it. But, some things are crystal clear: President Obama, the Democratic Party or any other mere mortal will not be your saving grace.

            God Bless You.

          • @Jalen, Jalen, Jalen

            Like most sell out negroes, you’re so ashamed of supporting a party that shows blatant racism towards blacks, that you cannot even mention their name or say I’m a proud Republican in your blog. (Come on out the closet bruh, stop hiding behind your computer and tell your family and friends)lol

            So save all of that white mans religion talk in your justification for being a sellout negro to a party that doesn’t welcome, nor want you in their party due to your race. (You seem like the kind of confused negro that would have a picture of that blued eyed white jesus on his wall).

            Do some research genious on your hero King James and that white Jesus, the religion of your ancestors before being enslaved, and how your slave master manipulated you through that Christian religion you now using to show your ignorance in supporting a group that hates you. lol

            Good luck, I’m sure you will need that white mans religion when they put your tail back on the plantation, and to cure you from post traumatic slave syndrome. lol I

            In the words of Fred G. Sanford, you big DUMMY!

    • Raheem-On target! Black pastors only get one vote, just like the rest of us, and when black people wake up and see how these pimps have been using and abusing their own people, they will all have to get a real job.

      • I guess we should worship dead cows and have our babies in the bushes like nomalgana people.

        The pastor is a hero, who loves his people.

        • He loves them as long as they keep paying those tithes. Let them stop doing that and see if the love keeps flowing! They will quickly get a harsh sermon on Malachi!! I know I know… Your pastor is different.

          • What religion are you proposing since you hate Christian pastors so much??

            n the United States, certain Afro-Caribbean and Latin American traditions, including Santeria, Palo, voodoo, and Espiritismo, incorporate the use of elemental mercury. Uses include sprinkling mercury on the floor of a home or car, burning it in a candle, and mixing it with perfume. Metallic mercury is available at almost all of the 15 botanicas visited in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, but botanica personnel often deny having mercury for sale when approached by outsiders to these religions.

            Impacts. As a result of these practices, living spaces may become contaminated with mercury. Removal of elemental mercury from floorboards and carpets is difficult, if not completely impractical (17). These mercury practices can be a direct source of contamination not only in the users, but also in their families, people living in adjacent apartments, and any future residents of the premises. The potential liability to present and future landlords is significant, because current and prospective homeowners may raise concerns about health risks
            related to prior mercury use on the premises.Several factors affect immigrants’ willingness to participate in interviews or even to
            provide information to social researchers.
            Anti-immigrant sentiment (both real and
            perceived) makes possible respondents wary
            of outsiders, especially those who may be
            seen as representing authority. This difficulty
            may be exacerbated in urban areas where
            immigrant group solidarity is reinforced
            through differences in cultural knowledge
            between insiders and outsiders. To the
            extent that a group uses racial and ethnic
            markers to determine inclusion or exclusion,


      • MadMax! I agree with you but I have been around long enough to know that most of our people will never wake up!As the one writer said, ‘all too many of us so-called blacks are still suffering from post traumatic slave syndrome! They are more of a threat to us than the romney’s, ryan’s, palin’s and their ilk to name but a few! To sum it all up most white folks know of us better than we do ourselves! TITHOUT A DOUBT WE ARE OWN WORST ENEMY! Pimp a*s pastors such as this one regardless oif their race know how much people in general and blacks most specifically needs to have hope and something to believe in and are exploiting that and utilizing so-called religion to do it! ASnyone doubting this just look at the history of this country!For those of you who believe this hype let me know where you live and the nice things you have worked hard to get; and I will come there and discover it so by your way of thinking/believing this thing now becomes mine by right of discovery! Every where these so-called hippichristians(christians) have gone to reach so-called heathens about their so-called god; what is their status now? WAKEUP PEOPLE AND PULL YOUR COLLECTIVE HEADS OUT OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL a***s!

    • You’re a d**n idiot, Dr. Boyce, etc LOVE their people, more than they love seeing ONE negro in the white house doing nothing for his own people and downright ignoring their problems. You’ll keep loving him like a fool until he affects you directly – selfish A-hole.

      • @joyce

        if black people listen to egotistical, fame-wealth chasing, angry, self-hating, insecure, wanna be somebody important, jealous of other successful blacks like you and boyce, we will never move forward as a people. your reparation check is in the mail, now calm your black a** down!

        • Dr. Boyce and I are well educated professionals who have excelled in our endeavors WITHOUT compromising our integrity.

          However, there is a certain type of weak minded, usually incompetent SELFISH negro, who you identify with, that will sell his mother’s soul to the devil for a few dollars. Is that you? Seems like it. Selfish people have a hard time empathizing or caring about the plight of others. Is that you? Sounds like it.

          • not me! honestly i can’t say it’s you because i don’t know you. but i can say it’s boyce, this negro has some serious self esteem issues.

            you talk about selling a mother’s soul for money, what you think boyce is attacking obama on his sites (4 that i know of) out of love for black people.

            wake up, take a look at all the white advertisement dollars going into boyce’s bank account. without traffic on his sites, boyce can’t get paid, therefore he write asinine articles about obama to generate traffic to increase advertisement dollars.

            now you tell me who is selling his mothers soul for money. are you still well educated, are just another educated fool?

          • “Dr. Boyce and I are well educated professionals who have excelled in our endeavors WITHOUT compromising our integrity.”

            Well educated maybe; integrity? I don’t think so. Watkins has demonstrated that he is a “house negro” by definition. He’s a sell-out by definition. I don’t know you but if you’re putting yourself in the same category as Watkins the shoe fit’s you too. I suggest you go back and read some of Watkins articles before you crawl into bed with him.

    • I totally agree with you, tks

    • I may not agree with all of your points above, but I will say that this pastor opinion is just that. If he wants to criticize the democratic party as being against AA, then his line of work is not much better.

    • “why do black blue dog continue to give this guy a platform”
      Black Blue Dog givesvanybody or anything a platform as long as they are against the President and the Democrats. All of Boyce Watkins blog sites are headquaters for Mitt Romney and it’s all about money. Negro’s have a history of selling out in the face of money and Watkins is a perfect example. Look in the top right hand corner of this article.

      • @ james

        i looked at the top right corner of this page, romney’s official site, d**n!

        it’s all about the dollars for boyce, in the name of love for black people. negroes better start watching his feet instead of his mouth!

        like you, i understand this sell out negro boyce feet are walking straight to the bank out of false love for black people.

        he is nothing but a race hustler, using obama to get paid.

        • U R one sick s***b. who is unteachable, and who will do anything to stop the truth! U aren’t even worth trying to have an intelligent conversation with. Pathetic piece of horsesh8t is what U R!

          • I suggest you get yourself some help immediately, you might want to start with Anger Manangement! Please don’t go home and kick the dog, there is help for you.

    • Raheem,
      The question we should be asking is why does Black Blue Dog continues to GIVE YOU a platform, at YOU are seriously an UNKNOWN taking up space on planet earth.

      • Would rather be an unknown instead of a sellout negro like you! At least I’m on planet earth, how is life going for you in the psych ward?

  2. My thing is this, we already know that no party is pro african american, we already know that for hundreds of years we have struggled to stay here, or to have the best or even to be the best but WE as a people have done that SURVIVED! We are survivors and we will continue to survive because the man taught us we better survive or we will die…Now my question to this pastor is this…all of the claims you are whining about, the family, our young boys being in gangs…well that’s family matters and family matters were always handled in the church back in my day and still to this day in some churches…if he would spend his time teaching these families values, cause that what going to church did, if he would take the time with these young men, not to abuse them but to educate them himself along with all of the deacons etc…..the church in my view owes the community, it has fallen behind in it’s duties as an institution of righteousness, compassion, justice and liberty…..go back to teaching and not politicking, the communities will change….Pastor go do your job, on your knees before the LORD and on your feet teaching the truth and educating our youth.


      • MONICA! If this is an issue with your so-called church; why do you continue going there? If your house was on fire and all your loved ones were safe would you continue going back in there? When will people learn the church is in ones heart and not a building? Actually why does one have to subscribe to any so-called religion period! This tithes thing has been relegated to money these days! I come from a very large family and was programed to think of it this way as well! However; of late I have decided to put my money toward helping those whaer I live especially our brothers and sisters from the various African Countries who are struggling much worse than we did when we were young! Look around you ath the churches regardless of their denomination or race attendees andespecially these so-called black churches with their hippocrite a***s and see what they are doing to help them! They are too d**n busy pontificating on frivilous bullshit and trying to impress each other! Thus far the Jewish community are the only ones with programs to assist them aven if only a short while! YOU IGNORANT BLACK HIPPOCRITE BASTARDS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

        • Well said african con artist. Only looking out for self LOL You should have given her your name and address so she could send you the money LOL

    • Republicans Sabotaging The American People

      ^ 5

    • Terry Cross you understand nothing about the role that govt plays in ALL of our lives. Everything from childbirth to death is controlled by govt with obama as the head of govt. If you dont believe it, try:
      having a baby without a GOVT birth certificate and social security number
      tell everyone u legally married without a govt license
      buy a house without paying govt taxes
      try to open a business without govt license/approval
      try driving a car without a govt license
      hit your child 1 time too many and watch the govt police lock you up
      dont send your child to the govt school
      etc etc

      Pastors have more of a right to speak out than anyone. They are leaders. He doesn’t need to be sanctioned by the white media to be a leader. WE need more every day people like him taking the lead.


        • Speak for your own immoral self. There are many with integrity walking this earth. However it takes one to know one. Look at your own self.

      • Not the role of a pastor or elder in the body of Christ… Their role is to preach the gospel , not entangle themselves in the affairs of this world. Furthermore, they should never use the bully pulpit to castigate another person or figure. It’s simply a means to getting his name recognized. Homiletics 101.

        • Part of teaching the gospel is to RELATE the gospel to every day life and apply the principals of religion. The pastor is a hero. He is doing good work.

          Martin Luther King was a hero and pastor. I applaud this pastor for standing up to evil. God will reward his work.

      • Stop putting these preachers on a pedestal. That is the problem with afrikan amerikkkans like yourself. Black Xtians lose all common sense when Jesus or a preacher is mentioned.

        Leave that plantation preaching alone and get your house in order. You should not have to have someone else to direct you in the right direction.

    • Oh no Terry that would be the right thing to do, The church is to busy seeing who has the largest Mega Church no room to for family concerns anymore, most pastors require appointments now to even speak to you (I’m Just Saying)

  3. Where were you when the Republican were in Office? Were we better off then? If we choose not to get an education whose fault is that…that’s the problem we always want to blame someone else for our mistakes, and we have an entitlement problem thinking the world owes us for whatever…Our ancestors are the ones who suffered to paved the road so we can get off our behind and do what we have to do to make life better for ourselves. Stop blaming President Obama for what all of you think he didn’t do for black people, blame yourself for the life you live. Look at the man in the mirror,and see if you like him and do something about it. That’s all on you!!!So sick and tired of black people attacking our President…no wonder people treat us the way their do.

    • Republicans Sabotaging The American People


    • Gerry u d**n loser. Speak for your d**n self. If YOU are a loser WE have nothing to do with that. The rest of us are trying hard in a rascist climate to survive, thrive and work, but it is hard when our civil rights are being violated, and we are the last hired and the first fired, and have no govt leadership to protect us.

      You get YOUR d**n act together. Your failures are YOUR OWN. WE aint got sh8t to do with your sorry ways.

    • Excellent point!!!!!!

    • gerry, you speak the truth!

  4. Thank you Terry!! You are so right.

  5. Love your response Raheem!!And you are right on target.

  6. These Black Pastors talk so much,about what not being done. they like to talk and they like say what the black people need. What are they doing? beside collecting 10%. They talk a good game, but that all it is, is talk. 15 min of fame. they throw table scrap to the poor on certain hollidays. They like to dress the, eat the best food, drive the best cars and live it the best houses. They love to stand on moral ground and shout from the highest mountain. If they really want to do something, beside running off at the mouth, try marching on Washington and demanding that both houses doing something to help the people get back to work, help people with housing, and training for jobs. Stop all this Show Boating. God is watching you.

    • Many of today’s pastors have Master’s of Divinity and other higher learning that they had to pay for and have big student loan bills. Many and most deserve every penny. The Pope is Rich and the Catholics give more to the poor than everyone. God wants his people to prosper.

      Devil Worshippers on this site criticize and want to destroy our black churches, so that they can usher us back into voodoo land. No thanks Satan!

      • I have some land that is growing cotton and I think you will be excellent for working my fields. If one is astute enough to really read the OT instead of worshiping the bullshit in the NT, then you would know that the Catholic religion is the biggest breaker of the commandments.

        The so-called voodoo you are preaching against uses xtianity and all of your xtian idols as a tool to practice this religion.

        Question, how many commandments are in the OT?

        Since you are not going to answer my question, please sit your silly uneducated a$$ down and shut up.

  7. 100 percent correct Pastor. Keep on speaking boldly and courageously.

  8. Well spoken Mannie” I dont recieve nunna dat jaw jacking’ 4rm da creatures whom has built his ownself upon treacherous ground’ his church is a cult of distorted perceptions” fools led & fools followed” just doomed’ SWAKAJ

  9. Raheem, I am with you all the way on this one, except the part about loving this Derrick “The Caucasoid” idiot, which I hope you were being sarcastic. These ministers, never had a bad word to say about George Bush.There were just as many, if not more black men in prison, and broken black families back then, as there are now. They are coming out now, because they feel threatened by the lost of parishioners, which will mean less money in their pockets. Black men, didn’t start going to prison when Obama took office. People of the same s*x didn’t start cohabiting when Obama took office, Families didn’t start to break up,when Obama took office. These things were happening years before Obama was even born, and there is not a d**n thing that he can do about it. These black ministers, are nothing but the stooges of the republican right wing party, and serve no use to our people, and they should be shunned.

  10. Definitely some valid points that we as black people cannot continue to ignore. However, in cases of politics, unfortunately, we will have to continue to pick the lesser of the two evils. It’s bad, I agree, when it comes to our issues, we get alot of rhetoric over substance, but with the alternative we get set back 8 years for each 4 year term. IJS

    • No one has to vote a straight party ticket.

      KNOW the issues that affect your life.

      What has your candidate done to improve your life?

      What has the candidate done to improve your community life?

      If the answer is:
      He has sat idly by and watched drug dealers destroy a generation of black youth
      He has continued Bush’s No Child Left Behind that denies black children education
      He has said nothing about social issues like employment discrimination
      He says things like “I’m Not the Black American President”


    • @ Karen you are correct!

  11. He said the Demo party is not pro-black, and then he went on to mention abortion, education, and jobs as some of the interest of black people. Now correct me if I am wrong.

    Obama has given much to help fund an education, he believes in abortion, and jobs have been growing, all be it slow, but monthly growth. So I am at a lost as to what he is talking about! Is he confused?

    Then he goes on to talk about family; I remember moms and dads where the heads of families, then the single parents became the heads of homes. How does this reflect on Obama’s policies? The church should be out walking the streets and talking to people rather than living large and forgetting about the lost in the streets. You have single women, as heads of household almost running the church. How can they teach the others not to have premarital s*x and bring children into the world at a disadvantage when they are born to one parent? I am not knocking single parents, just making a comparison to what the church is and what it use to be.

    He needs to go back and start over again.

  12. Is it this Pastor (Owens) or African American Pastors with the beef with the President? Thats a huge leap to believe the Democratic isn’t pro African American. Anybody thats political astute know how politics work during an election season. Name a President that caught more flak and was disrespected more than President Obama. He won some and lost some! African American Pastor’s have alot of work to do based on the plight of our community. I was a Middle School Teacher(science and math) in Florida so education is near and dear to my heart. Either the change will start on the ground level, ie. home,church and school or it wont happen. Do you think this Pastor is being paid by the Republican Party? Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Please mute this dudes(owens) platform until he can tell us what hes doing to make the situation better….

    • Republicans Sabotaging The American People

      Oh yes, big guns, I am sure money is being put in his pockets to opose and disrespect the President. Most definitely.

    • I want to know who MISeducated you negro teachers of today? Who did it? You want to be paid like a corporate executive who ADDS to his bottom line. You dont want to be judged or paid on how well you TEACH. You dont give a sh8t about the kids. All you care about is money money money, that your sorry azz dont do anything with except coke it up, buy fancy cars, and try to live like a d**n baller and drive mercedes.

      In my day:
      Parents didn’t help with no d**n homework. The teacher set aside time to help kids lagging behind.

      The children of farmers didn’t attend school doing cropping season, yet the teacher HERO found a way to catch them up with a d**n pencil and paper, and they want on to college, and became nurses, etc.

      You are a d**n disgrace to the profession. You find every excuse to justify why a kid isn’t learning. And your sorry azzes are singlehandedly denying a whole generation the right to an education.

      Black children have been living in the homes of overworked parents every since they allowed us to be educated. Traditionally education has always been between the child and the teacher with a little oversight and discipline from the parent. Now your pathetic azz wants to draw a huge check and have it come to you easy.


  13. Owens should put up or shut up,You are so correct these African American Pastors did not critize Bush nor did they ask him what he was going to do for African Americans.

    The Presidents position on LGBT IS ALL ABOUT EQUAL AND CIVIL RIGHTS as a human being and American citizen, this is not a religious battle or who is accepted by God. Pastors please get your congragations on the right track and stop trying be Judge and Jury, you do not possess the power to judge anyone you can neither send them to heaven or h**l that will be decided in the end by God.

  14. Truth be told !

  15. Republicans Sabotaging The American People

    Try Some Motivational Approaches:
    Changing Your Game Plan! R. Kearse
    How to use incarceration as a stepping stone for SUCCESS!!!
    It’s a quick read and hit’s hard on the point!!!

  16. Uncle Ruckus has spoken!

    Stop giving this guy type!!!

  18. Some things never change. Sellouts will be sellouts and ignorant, cowardly false prophets – oh well. They are a much worse blight and have done far more collective damage than the twisted 15 year old in the news ib Oklahoma accused of raping his 59 year old grandmother.

    Characters like these so called “pastors” contributed greatly to the success of the protracted enslavement of Black Africans in America and made Jim Crow so tough to tear down. No wonder the OT prescription was……”stone them.”

    If Owens isn’t saying to the Republican Party, “Save us massa,” what pray tell is he and his AA pastor group saying?

    Heaven won’t be heaven if these sorry a**ed negroes sre there.

    • How ignorant you are. Need I remind you that all of our black heroes have been pastors. Do you even know that MLK was a pastor?

      Republicans freed the slaves.

      We all were republicans before MLK encouraged us to be democrats. JFK made MLK promise to deliver the black votes to the democrats if he wanted to get out of jail.

      Well we have paid our debts to the democrats, and now we need to consider other options.

      Keep up the good work pastor. We need another hero.

      • @faye

        i think you trying to say all of your heroes have been pastors. and if you believe the only black heroes were pastors, i recommend you take a black history class or use the internet cure your ignorance.

        • U know what I meant A-hole. Our biggest heroes in modern times have been pastors.

          • No Faye, you’re the A-HOLE. Our biggest heroes have been our parents.

          • Come of Faye, think about what you’re saying. Your definition of hero could be totally different from others. For you, the biggest modern day heroes have been pastors? For others, it could be Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Elija Muhammad, Minister Farrakan, Michael Jordon, Opra Winfrey etc. Again, when you say all of our heroes have been pastors, speak for yourself.

  19. Boyce, thanks for your on-going support of this Sunday pimp. Has he hooked up with you, Tavis and Cornel?

    • we already know that obama paid a lot of black blogs with our tax dollars to give him favorable internet press. and we also know that he pays fools like you to monitor and squash free speech. how much is he paying u?

      • where are your facts that obama paid black blogs with tax dollars. put the crack pipe romney you will say anything!

  20. When black people come in with a economic agenda of solidarity, things will change for us when its implemented. Education is one reason, blacks can’t get jobs like asians who concentrate in the technical and health degrees. The drop out rate and pregnancy rates for blacks is dismal, Obama can only do so much, we must take some initative ourselves to get ahead.

    • You sound just like the grand wizard who ignores the fact that more than 50% of the unemployed and underemployed blacks have bachelors, masters and Ph.D.

  21. million pastor march

    It sure would be great if the pastor could put together, “A Million Pastor March – return to morality” march on washington, and let the better candidate with the best record WIN!

    We need a return to morality to save our people and our country.

    Make it happen pastor. Make it happen.All ethnicities should participate and all races.

    • @ million pastor march

      it will never happen because the pastors would never participate in a march unless there are financial benefits to their personal bank accounts.

      these money hungry pastors would fight like cats and dogs on who would get the most money raised from the marcch–using pimping skills to trick people into giving financially as their justification for more money. no different than street pimps, they work for money, not god! therefore they’re not going to do a march for free without compensation. (news alert to you)

      rememeber,there is no honor amongst thieves!

      • Million Pastor's March

        Shut up naysayer. You sound like one of them demons who couldn’t get approval from church hiearchy to head a church.

        We have had many marches based on morality. MLK led them, Whites had a return to morality march just a few years ago where MLK niece spoke about the evils of abortion.

        All pastors would have everything to gain with a march returning people to morality and the church, and away from the drug life.

        • shut up you sycophant, you sound like one of those pimp pastors searching for ways to cheat people out of their hard earned money.

          you say pastors have everything to gain with a march returning people to morality. really…how can immoral pastors return people to morality? i would think the pastors would first have to have morals before helping those who are immoral.

          in this case, the people should be helping the pastors return to their morals, you got it backwards. maybe you should be asking for a million peopls march to return the pastors to their morality.

          come on pimp pastor, you’re going to have to find another hustle, this dog will not hunt. lol

          • You are right Raheem, these pastors are nothing but pimps, and would sell their own mothers for a dollar, and someone else’s wife. I would trust a convict, before I’d trust one of these dirty bastards. The government, should start taxing these pimps, and audit their books, to find out what they are doing with their parishioners money. I wouldn’t trust my wife, nor my child around ant of the dirty pimps, and their slave master’s religion. Hallelujah!

          • What the h**l did pastors do to you is what I want to know??? We know the devil has slipped in some of his people, but we aren’t about to abandon churches that we need because of that. If your pastor is a devil just go to another one, and another one, and another one, until you find a true man of God. There are many of them.

        • Define morality. Are you talking about the white eurocentic version of morality or the morality of our ancestors?

          I have seen more drug addicts in the church and that includes the preacher.

          Stop promoting the white man’s religion. Why don’t you research Afrocentric xtianity?

          • @faye…”If your pastor is a devil just go to another one, and another one, and another one, until you find a true man of God.”
            Well d**n, how many churches do you have to go through to get to one good one? Seems like a whole lot of immorality to me…hence the problem.

  22. Do he and Dr. Boyce think we will be better off with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? African American are not going to be brainwashed by these people. Believe it or not some of the negative statements made here are Republican.

    • A moral man in the White house is better than an immoral one, who promotes any and every debauchery that will get him a vote.

      Romney has SAID, “Black Americans will be BETTER off under my administration.”

      I have to believe him, because we sure in h**l wont be worse off. Under obama we have:

      NO JOBS


  23. The Democratic Party does not claim to be pro-African American, but rather to be pro-American.
    And who elected the Rev.Owens and his cohorts to speak on behalf of African-Americans anyway? (of course he will claim his mystical, invisible, unprovable, absentee deity did that I guess, and no doubt millions will believe him).
    Do ALL African Americans believe there is never a case for abortion?
    Are ALL African Americans opposed to gay marriage?

    More importantly, if this pastor is genuinely concerned (rather than remotely critical)about the plight of family values, should it not be the likes of him who is doing something about it? Is that not one of the major responsibilities of his “pastoral” duties, rather than the responsibility of the nation’s president?

  24. Mr Owen’s, LEAVE GAYS ALONE. Stick to your own church.

  25. Why can’t anyone who has a issue with president Obama voice their opinion,”this man is not GOD”. Presidents have been criticized since the beginning of time when you have an issue with their politic. Why should this one be any different? What are we going to do the next time we get a white president he will not even need to address our issues and their won’t be a thing we can say because no one can state an opinion about this one. With the way so many Blacks get upset anytime you have an opinion that’s not positive about the President you’re labeled a hater; but, you just keep on and many who can’t give their opinion won’t “VOTE”

    • @charles mcghee

      when talking about president obama.

      the problem is not with the criticizers, it’s with the hypocrites like boyce, tavis and west. there is a difference between a criticizer and a hypocrite.

      don’t get it twisted!

    • LMAO black america has been brainwashed to believe we’re in africa under one of them ghoulish black dictators

  26. I think Rev Bill Owens is gay..

  27. Keep your vodoo/conjured-up/paternalistic perspective religion out of my Constitutional way of life. The Constitution trumps any Bible books. Just war? Just abortion! To each his own. We all have our 1st Amendment rights, so say what you please( including ‘your’ beliefs). Yet, if you ( Jack-legged & Pulpit pimps) try forcing c**p down on progressive( we think we are) significant others throats . . .there are 2nd amendment remedies, you’d think? For a real life example, look at what is going on in the Middle East. Religion and government don’t mix. You must learn to use Reason, logic and reality.

  28. Pastor Owens argument is “right-on” in regards to the Democratic party “taking advantage” of the almost complete loyalty of the African American vote. The Democratic party is doing what any entity, person(s) are group would do if they had the total support of “non-demanding” followers, take advantage of them! It “is” the responsibility of African Americans to hold those person(s), entities or institutions (including the church) accountable when assuming the leadership of the African American community. Education goes both ways, the church teaches the congregation and the congregation (with the Holy Spirit) directs the church. Neither can do without the other and both are responsible to each other! Until the African American community in critical-mass learn the fundamentals of accountabiity, responsibility, consequence, examplification and integrity, it will continue on with its “finger pointing” not realizing that the majority of those fingers are pointing back at itself.

  29. I am the son of a coal miner and was indoctrinated with the thought that John L. Lewis and the Democratic Party was next to godliness. I’ve always voted for the Democratic Candidates because I believed that they had our best interest at heart.
    After all of these years my people have lag behind other races in Education, Finance and Family cohesion, even though we’ve had freedom since about 1863. When I was growing up in West Virginia it wasn’t like it is now with a loss of civility. We didn’t have much but we had a lot of love, owned businesses and community togetherness was vital part of our living. I’m not saying that the Democratic Party is responsible for our sorry condition but it sure has not helped us for our faithful loyalty. It has in fact made us more dependent.
    Now, I’m not terribly enthralled with the Republican Party either other than signing the Emancipation Proclamation what have they done to help the Black Man reach the so-call American Dream. The Republican Party is essentially the White Man Party with their proclivity towards States Rights. There are a few misguided, Black Intellectuals Folks who call themselves Republicans and sit around smiling and jiving while getting paid as the Black Man is being played.
    The Independent Party is about as useful as t**s on a bull. Politically, I don’t where we can go but we have come too far to be turned around now. h**l, we survived being captured, packed into holes of fowl ships, chained, beaten, shipped through the middle passage and endured slavery as our families was broken up and shipped to God only knows where.
    From the time that the White Man sat foot in Africa, alone with his guns, bullets, alcohol, disease, death and destruction we were doomed. I believe that we have done about as much as we can alone and now we need divine intervention to take us home.

    • I have always said this. When “WE” became “Integrated” that is when we lost our values and dignity. WE had businesses, we looked out for each other, we shopped at black businesses and when integration came along, we stop doing business with blacks businesses because we immediately became indoctrinated with the mentality that the white man’s ice is colder.

      It is time to stop doing business with YT and recreate our “village”, i.e. black banks, black health food stores, black book stores, etc.

  30. Here’s what I’m tired of: when our President took office, a lot of ‘us’ (speaking to Black folks) thought somehow, someway that once the President took office, all of the ills in our community was somehow going to ‘magically disappear’ and that he was going to just resolve all of our issues and give us some passes. We have had these problems in our communities well before he took office, and with the economic crisis, they have been exacerbated. When America sneezes, Black America catches the cold. In regards to the Pastor’s stance, I advise us, as a community to get informed on policy and see what it all REALLY means and how it affects our household, family, etc. I do not align myself with either party, but a lot of us (lots of my family members included) gravitate toward the Dems, b/c once the tide turned during the Great Depression, the Dems and the Repubs switched places in regards to Black people…and it’s been a love affair every since. Additionally, a lot of our people, and our Latino brothers and sisters have become faces and have made strides within politics on the platform of the Dem party. I agree that the Black family has disintegrated, and this came with the introduction of crack to our communities (what Black family has not been either directly or indirectly affected). However, I digress. I think that as a people, we have to DEMAND our voices are heard…not by merely standing by and voting, but by doing, and talk with our feet and actions, instead of our mouths and NOT buying into the nonsense (economic empowerment is KEY). We cannot expect that since our President is in office, he will dedicate himself to us and only us. That work is left up to us as well. Remember, we are not the only ones who PUT our President in office; we only account for 12% of the population.

    • “…as a people, we have to DEMAND our voices are heard…not by merely standing by and voting, but by doing, and talk with our feet and actions, instead of our mouths and NOT buying into the nonsense (economic empowerment is KEY). We cannot expect that since our President is in office, he will dedicate himself to us and only us.”

      First and foremost, the president is a politician, an elected official. While he is a black president he is not the president of the black people alone. I whole heartedly agree that as citizens your job is not over once you pull the level that puts a person in office. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. Once you install a politician, you must hold that politician accountable. If that means marching, if that means lobbying, that’s what you do.

  31. I would rather see black men and women become prominent by using reason than by becoming successful purveyors of religious insanity but that’s how it works in a world gone mad.

  32. Miss DeeGee I personally do not expect any more from president Obama than I expect from anyone else that I VOTE for, yes they may not do anything for me either:but, as least i can express my opinion about their lack of attention to my problem. You can’t even have a conversation with African-america about the president without being a hater even if you have valid points to make. We may be just 12% of the population; but, what % are gays, he personalized his assistance to them.

  33. Raheem, Travis and West are not hypocrites they are saying the same things now that were saying 10 years ago. Have you forgotten in 4 years Travis Annual Black agenda(the state of African-American) for the Presidents to address. How soon we forget when someone has an opinion about(God),I mean the President Obama.

    • @charles mcghee

      is this the same tavis who never criticized bill clinton due to his relationship with hillary. surely not the same tavis who supported hillary for president over obama, can’t be the same tavis. you mentioned the black union by tavis,is that the same event he used to make millions with walmart off of the backs of black people with nothing productive from those meetings other than a bunch of showboating negroes on stage seeing who can make the best speech for the biggest applause.

      is this the same tavis who tricked black people into bad loans with the banks while he made millions on their board. the same tavis who promised to make a donation of a million dollars to a hbcu if they put his name on a building. after putting his name on the building, he rescinded his promise and never gave the money. how soon you forget!

      is this the same west who never called for a poverty tour when bush was in office? is it the same west who supported obama for president, but he along with tavis publicly stated they were upset with obama for never being invited to any of the white house events. the same west who criticize obama about doing nothing for black people, but worked his entire career at white unversities, not once at a hbcu to mentor young black men.

      how soon we forget when someone has an opinion about(hypocrites, i mean self appointed black leaders.

  34. If religion is the opiate of the masses then politics is the opiate of
    religious opportunists who seek to control the people rather than turning them to applying the laws of God in their lives. He sounds like the Pope and would probably advocate for subverting all authority to Rome. After all the Catholic Church claims that The Kingdom of God is only within the Catholic Church. This man would be the perfect attack dog for The Catholic Church. All they have to do is convince Protestants that they are just overactive renegade Catholics. A claim that is not far from the truth. I mean no disrespect. I am sure that the man is sincere. But the forces that shaped him are sinister.

  35. Once again. This guy is a handkerchief head. The republicans will kick his a** to the door if they win this election. They will give him a few dollars for his jive a** foundation and find a way to take it all back when he fails to read the fine print in the agreement.

  36. Don’t blame the democrats or anyone else for that matter on everything that is wrong with blacks. We as Blacks need to take responsibilty for our own lives, we should try coming together as one and supporting one another like all the other races do for their people. We are the ONLY race that does NOT come together as a whole and support one another. Don’t depend on other to make a life for you and your family, make your own life.

  37. Oh, shut up! Get over it! Men will love men, I know!!!! and the black men loving like pounding white men…

  38. ” As the good brotha Michael Rose from the reggae group Black Uhuru use to say” the wicked shall look to pounce on the downtrodden all the time”. Its time to face the facts that we lost our religion our culture our economic base( see Rosewood and Black Wall street-OK) and our identity of self a long time ago in this two faced( Dubois) society. For those who don’t like Prez Obama getting criticized, the constitution states” we have the right to petition our government for redress”. Now I don’t like pimping pastors cause they are surely pimping a lit of my own black female relatives( but these same folks will not give a dime to our college cousins or sick relatives), but we gotta do as Frederick Douglass states and ” agitate, agitate, agitate because its a critical time in world history and we must steal our resources back from the thrives that took them. Anyone heard from New Orleans after Issac? Ptah Ra..

  39. Correction- thieves

  40. Why is it that every time someone black question this presidents policies you guys get so defensive?as long as you got this guy in the white house to worship youdont care whether u or other poor black people get anything for their vote.a lot of u have manage to kick everybody who’ve been speaking up for the less fortunate like Cornell&Tavis under the bus to worship a man just because he is black and in the whitehouse who has never said he would do anything for u like he said for other races,just that he’s not the president of black people.and if Dr.King was here y’all would kick him under the bus to if he challenged this president to do something for poor black people..and sound like some of u have kicked GOD under the bus just to worship a Lying politician.

  41. Raheem, that is also the same Travis whom Foundation has educated over 6,0000 young Black Future Leaders. That’s the same West who call George Bush a traitor to this country. I do believe the two that were most critical Tom J/ Steve H, also made million off the back of Blacks.

    • @ charles mcghee

      i believe everyone we have discussed are hypocrites!

      as stated, there is a difference between criticizing and being a jealous, hypocritical charlatan.

      at the crux of the matter, they are in the public domain for fame and money, using black sufferings as a subterfuge to get paid, plain and simple!

      the difference between the two of us, i don’t have a problem saying it, from obama, harvey, joyner, boyce, tavis to west. all should be called out when their actions are blatantly hypocritical.

      now what’s your excuse charles in support of your hypocrites? lol

  42. Raheem: Checkmate!

    • Peace and love, you have good points. We are both trying to get these fools to do right by the people that they claim to love.

  43. I totally agee with Jalen. OAN: I am changing my party affiliation to Independent.

  44. When will we as black folk realize that the govt or politician will never solve our problems!

  45. I am d**n tired of all these whiny negros complaining about Obama not helping them. Help your self. That’s what he did.

  46. Jalen right on point Brillently written just have to give you a high five.

  47. “Yvette Carnell: What Did Obama Tell You Much During His Speech? Not Much” by Yvette Carnell

    YouTube: Why is the Obama Administration Adding Fuel to the Prison Industrial Complex? Published on Aug 29, 2012 by drboycewatkins

    The black community continues to be the most unrepresented, misrepresented, void of competent representation, poverty stricken, un-American community within the U.S.

    1. It is not in the best interest of Caucasians, Hispanics, Koreans, Chinese, Filipino, Jewish, Vietnamese, etc., etc., etc., American citizens to be the first to step up to the plate to uphold the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution, the rule of law, tort practice, etc., etc., to serve any U.S. born descendant of slavery. This duty to be the first to competently serve U.S. born blacks rests with our own black elected officials, lawyers, judges, journalists, etc., etc.
    When our own black elected officials, lawyers, journalists, so called university educated in positions of influence fail to respect the
    U.S. Constitution, the 14th amendment, a respective State Constitution… makes it easier for U.S. born blacks to become fodder for the system…Fodder such as unearned jail/prison time, execution of innocent men and women on Death row, contempt for and violation of property rights, breaking up law abiding black families for profit, maiming or killing of innocent black men or women with impunity, un-Equal Justice Under the Law to take place, etc., etc.
    President Barack Obama and/or elected black leaders are doing an outstanding job of destroying his or her own credibility through having contempt for the oath of office, contempt for the Constitution, etc., etc.
    …..which in some instances has resulted in long standing black Democratic Party members abandoning the Democratic Party to become members of the Republican Party, the Tea Party, you name it!
    The black community has been controlled by the Democratic Party and it’s inept leaders, many of them being self serving and elitist black elected officials…..
    Web Sources:

    “We Are Not Better Off” published September 8, 2012, by Derryck Green, Member of Project 21 Black Leadership

    1. Ceyseau and Inept Leaders

    2. CNN i-Report: Graduating Magna c*m Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency

    3. CNN i-Report: Black leaders Disregard for Constitutional Protections Make for a Dysfunctional Black community!

    4. CNN i-Report: As President, I believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights! …and Flocks of Birds Fly Backwards Against a Strong Tail Wind Too!!!

    5. CNN i-Report: Senator Kevin De León, I Thank You for Doing Your Job as an Elected Official. The same is not True as it Concerns President Obama, Clarence Thomas, the Congressional Black Clueless, and other Elected Officials or Public Servants!

    6. CNN i-Report: In Many Instances it is Agents and Officials of Government Who have been Criminal or Unethical and not the Actual Black Men, Women, or Siblings Jailed, Fined, Violated or Victimized by Serious Wrongs of Government!

    7. CNN i-Report: Herb “Wesson Oil” Wesson is Only Concerned About Himself and His Cronies and not the 10th District

    8. CNN i-Report: President Barack Obama…the Statute of Liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the 14th Amendment is for the Benefit of U.S. Citizens and Legal Immigrants and not Illegal Immigrants and Anchor Babies!

    9. CNN i-Report: It is Definitely not the Black Underclass or Working Class Who have Failed or Who are Truly Disgraceful!

    10. CNN i-Report: Congresswoman Waters and other CBC Members Only Bring Up the Constitution When They Need Help!

    11. CNN i-Report: Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are Responsible for Making U.S. Born Blacks Fodder for the System!

    12. CNN i-Report: With Good Reason I’m One of Many Voters Who Will be Voting Against Governor Jerry Brown’s November 2012, Tax Initiative!

    13. CNN i-Report: Black Elected Leaders are Unethical, Inept, Sleazy, and Despotic

    14. CNN i-Report: Since it is Well Known that President Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc., etc., Don’t Serve the Black Underclass/Inner-City Residents, Robin Hood Will. This Is Our Neighborhood Stimulus Package.

    This is not to give the Republican Party a free pass, because the Republican Party has its own brand of misfits/sellout blacks to keep the black community in check, the most infamous one being U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless….AKA…the Congressional Black Caucus have been petitioned and have the power to recommend that no good U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas be impeached, but to date BO and the CBC do nothing or remain silent. President Barack Obama, the CBC, other black elected officials at the State and Local branches of government have been petitioned to use his or her influence to hold agents and officials of government accountable to our Constitution in behalf of innocent black men and women egregiously violated by government officials but to date BO, CBC, etc., etc., do nothing, remain silent, trash or ignore legitimate written or spoken petitions for redress, and/or join ranks with the perpetrators to further oppress law abiding U.S. born black men and women.

    President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless, other elected black leaders sworn under oath and mandated by law to honor his or her oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, a respective State Constitution to serve U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, U.S. born descendants of slavery being the primary segment of U.S. citizens BO, the CBC, other elected black leaders must serve is not a reality because our own leaders are inept, disgraceful, treasonous, sometimes criminal, and/or will bend over backwards to serve illegal aliens at the expense of serving any law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery.
    Be it Republican Party, Democratic Party affiliated or any other political party affiliation the most important duty or function of any elected official is upholding his or her sworn oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution, etc., etc., to serve U.S. Citizens and legal immigrants, U.S. born blacks being a subset of all U.S. citizens. This is a function that is not happening as it concerns both past and contemporary elected black leadership, from today’s President Barack “the Magic Negro/Food Stamp President/Illegal Alien (Kiss Up) Advocate”……..And the only requirement needed to make these statements about truly inept leadership by disgraceful elected officials is factual evidence and to be a law abiding property taxpaying resident, U.S. citizen or legal immigrant, in any jurisdiction within the U.S.
    Obama, no good Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless…AKA…The Congressional Black Caucus, and/or other elected black leaders who hold office at State, County, and City jurisdictions of government are a disgrace to the office or essence of what it means to be an elected official or public servant.

    A mountain of gratitude to all our troops. Furthermore this is why it is so important that all elected officials, all public servants honor his or her sworn oath of office, or official duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution, etc., etc.
    After all, the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution are paid for with the unselfish sacrifice, blood and ultimate sacrifice, meaning the maiming or death of soldiers in every war, from the American Revolutionary War, Spanish American War, U.S. Civil War, WWI, WWII (my Dad a purple heart recipient and honorably discharged disabled combat infantry soldier draftee and Buffalo Soldier served in WWII), the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, the Conflict in Irag, the conflict in Afghanistan, etc., etc.

    2016 The Movie – A Look Behind Obama’s Anti-American Mask

    With good reason I’m one of many U.S. born black men who won’t be voting for Barack Obama

  48. “When will we as black folk realize that the govt or politician will never solve our problems!” by JOHN HENRY HILL

    “When will we as black folk realize that the govt or politician will never solve our problems!” by theblackstone

    It is evident from the shallow/unintelligent comments here, that the individuals making them don’t have a good grasp of the relationship between U.S. citizen and the duty of elected officials to uphold his or her oath office to serve the people, or evidently slept though U.S. History courses, etc., etc.

    All elected officials are under oath to respect the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, etc., etc., and this is especially important in instances where agents and officials of government violate the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, U.S. born black men and women egregiously violated by the atrocities of a government seriously gone awry being inclusive.

  49. Black people do whatever is the latest trend…when a Hispanic-American becomes president, we are going to be eating more burritos, when an Asian-American becomes president we are going to be eating more chow mein and when “proclaimed” Muslim becomes President, we will be making Salat, when a Jew becomes president everything is going to be kosher, when a Buddhist becomes president we will become our own destinies, when a gay person becomes President there are going to be rainbows all over the d**n place and when one of these Preachers becomes President…watch out cause we are going to be more broke, more busted and more disgusted and taxes will be at 10%! Can we please stop placing so much emphasis on what these self-serving preachers have to say and focus on the real issues and how to fix what is going on in your own lives and in our own homes and in our own communities…that would be more than half the battle because most of our troubles have nothing to do with money.

  50. It never ceases to amaze me that preachers whos church is a 501c3 makes these types of comments. There should always be a separation of church and state (government)

    Blacks became desegragted and the family was dismantled. As for the church it has become a business instead of a place of worship. Our [Blacks] need to have had the legacy of their past brought forward. Women and men are doing their own thing, the mess being spewed about what have you done for ME lately is tiring.

    One has stated that Blacks were ‘tricked’ into signing bad loans, well where were the BLACK paralegals, and real estate lawyers (Black) helping? The subjects being discussed are the same as when Fredrick Douglass was trying to get the Civil Rights Act passed in 1864.

    We were NEVER slaves, we were ENSLAVED it is our fault parents are not parenting, preacher are silent politicians. This person needs to get his church in order, promote higher education and careers in the STEM (Science, Tecnology, Education, and Mathematics)programs for Black.

    Get Blacks of all ages need to be encouraged to seek higher education. It is easy for my to provide these suggestion for the reason this is what I do. America has not tried to assist the 38-millon to work, have quality education because we are collateral damage. STAND AND MAKE YOU PATH IN THIS WORLD STOP WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO DO RIGHT BY YOU, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    The Bible is true in saying, “…if you take the first step, He will take two.” Elanore Roosevelt states, “no one can make your feel inferior without your permission.”

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